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  1. Not that it matters too much but I thought we were using a flex this year. Ppr?
  2. It applies more to green Bay. Mckinnon might be a lead back, Starks is not. He won't go late but derrick Henry is an obvious answer to the original question. Spencer ware too.
  3. Nah, I like it a bit. It just gets a little tiring after a few months of it.
  4. a few days, so nothing bad. I'll probably run just to see it on Strava.
  5. I think about you guys when I do sauna sessions - y'all don't have to since you live in one. well, Thursday is in Qatar, so....
  6. Jesus... I get excited if we get into the lower 140s... I can't imagine what that range of SI is like this time of year. :jealous: And now Chicago is sharing the love with the east coast.... Forecast is for 112 SI at 5am tomorrow morning. I may not be able to fall asleep tonight! looks like 124 here at 6am Thursday: 5:00 am 92 °F temp, 81 °F dew point = 173 SI
  7. next year? If I'm still in Alabama, let's roll (tide)!
  8. Thanks for the Hanson's info @SteelCurtain Question 1 for the triathletes who also do marathons (or anyone with an opinion) - if you're training for an A race marathon, how often do you cross train? the Hanson's schedule provides one cross training day but would it be prudent to swap an easy day for a cycling day? Presuming I swim (pull heavy sets) on the cross-training day. I don't have another tri in mind but I love cycling and don't really want to give it up for months. Question 2 - The marathon is 10 Dec (110 days, 15 weeks away). I'm giving thought to doing the all-you-can-eat Century 17 Sep. I'm assuming the ride won't destroy my marathon training, but is there any reason to not do the century? This would be some redemption from last year's debacle (took a wrong turn and did only 82 miles) and without being able to do the tri next weekend, I have no more cycling races scheduled. My cycling season has been solid, so I'd like to have an event to complete it.
  9. right, so the 49ers should be really happy from last year's OT win.
  10. I'd kill a stranger (but not a dog) to have those stats.
  11. We're traveling to China next winter to finalize an adoption. We're on the fence as to bringing our biokids for the trip but pretty sure we won't at this time. In a few years we'll probably take all 5 on a heritage tour - at that point they'll be 16, 14, 11, 8, and 5. But that's a few years away so there's time to bring back our sanity.
  12. I set my car clock to the right time, then hit the minute button a few times without counting, so I just try to assume it's the right time. I don't wear a watch, my computer is set to the right time, as is my cellphone.