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  1. Those aren't officially sanctioned Trump polls though.
  2. Maybe he should have sued or tweeted about it.
  3. They target the state...yet...when its shown that certain voting blocks use a certain method...and the opposite party works to limit that method of voting. No bother.
  4. They have been shown to be targeted in certain areas...and targeting certain voting blocks in nearly every case. Anything that is aimed at lowering by definition suppression.
  5. Im electing her? all are by supporting a joke like Trump from the start. I didn't vote for her in the primaries and won't in the general. Why would I vote for a candidate who does not believe in nearly anything I do...or anything actually conservative? One who has zero clue on the issues? And one that acts like a 13 year old girl with his insults and behavior? You think he will return the country back to the people? Yes...that is hilarious that people are foolish enough to even think that. Yeah...he won't be dishing out any money at freaking wow.
  6. How is it not? Especially when it is typically done strategically in areas that utilize it...and usually targeted towards areas that vote for the other side?
  7. Faceless? He is going after journalists and people that are always on TV. People he used to praise and kiss up to when they are nice to him. Or faceless like Cruz and his family? That this appeals to you or anyone again is hilarious.
  8. So doing it here to deflect...gotcha.
  9. Don't know...ask in the Hillary thread...this one is about Trump.
  10. You don't think restricting early voting or absentee voting as suppression?
  11. No doubt...Clinton got it towards the end of his term and ever since then...Hillary always getting it from everywhere. (getting it :lmao:) Bush and Obama have been killed in the media and social media. And they all handle it well. This guy, not so much.
  12. Wait...if they were all piling on him...why would everyone be reporting that?
  13. Can they just use the "people have been saying" or "sarcasm" defense?
  14. That you think Trump handed anyone their lunch in the debates shows either your bias...or rather low expectations for a debate. The only weapon he has are ignorant 1 liner insults. Then again...I said nothing of Hillary and your whole rant here is about her.