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  1. So now he didn't vandalize property, and he was held at gunpoint by off-duty cops/security?
  2. Great data...and I've seen you point this out in a few threads, which obviously is spot on. But...does this change for a league that allows you to determine what position accounts for the greater %? Such as start 2RB-2WR-1Flex?
  3. 15-year-old I play with every weekend (son of good friend) just shot a -4 32 during his High School practice...also had his first Hole in One. I'm getting strokes next time out.
  4. The Expert Witness nailed it right? The Prosecutor seemed to fail at all attempts to discredit him, and at the end just seemed to be flirting with him (or trying to mock him).
  5. Helfrich isn't at that floor yet.
  6. AP poll is out:
  7. Winston seems to love Cam Brate...Evans is the man though.
  8. Felt like they rushed thru Sweet Child in Orlando...seems like they could do a lot with that song...are they just sick of it?
  9. The #2 Henry jerseys you see are Customs from Nike...but Nike is only making the #24s, since that's his official league-approved number.
  10. SIAP...but I got these for my 85-pound Golden, who runs with me 3 times a week and walks about 1.5 mines 3 other times a week. We've had them a month and his feet are noticably softer.
  11. Experienced 1 party there, although it was rated PG-13. What a legendary place though...and had no idea it covered as much ground as it does.
  12.,40330 What may be the least proactive celebration in football history...