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  1. Nate Ulrich ‏@NateUlrichABJ 3h3 hours ago Here for #Browns and #Buccaneers joint practice Tony Grossi ‏@TonyGrossi 47m47 minutes ago Terrelle Pryor looking smooth beating Brent Grimes on deep out. All hands catch on RG3 bullet. Browns eager to unleash wide receiver trio of Corey Coleman, Josh Gordon, Terrelle Pryor in Tampa ... With Coleman and Gordon returning from injuries, the threesome is on track to make its preseason debut when the Browns face the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the third exhibition game for both teams beginning at 8 p.m. Friday at Raymond James Stadium. The two teams will also practice together at the Bucs’ training facility Tuesday and Wednesday. ... “That’s a really, really solid receiving corps,” Browns two-time Pro Bowl cornerback Joe Haden said. “You know, each one of them running under 4.3 [seconds in the 40-yard dash means they] can take you vertical. Those are really, really good deep threats. “Teams don’t have two players like that, and we have three of them. So just being able to challenge people vertically, not being able to put an extra safety in the box because you need to have two safeties deep to make sure the corners don’t get beat, I think that just stretches out the field for us in ways that we haven’t had before.” ...Pryor — with three catches for 107 yards and a touchdown in two exhibition games — has been one of the most pleasant surprises of the offseason in his second summer at his new position. ...Pryor must continue to progress in his transition from quarterback to receiver. It remains to be seen whether he can serve as a legitimate weapon for the Browns once their regular season begins Sept. 11. “I’m all-in with Pryor. I’m completely sold. He’s been getting better and better,” Haden said. “I always tell him the improvement he’s had from last season of just trying it out to this season being a legitimate receiver that’s starting in the NFL, it’s incredible to show the work he’s put in with his route-running, hand placement. “He was a quarterback so you know the offense probably came a little bit easier to him just being able to do that and now literally just making plays every single day. It goes without being said that he put that work in, and I think he deserves a lot of credit.”
  2. Well right now, his value has to be considered very low by any team making an inquiry especially if they think the Browns are loaded at WR and are looking to dump JG so I think that if he flashes in preseason and then serves his suspension and comes back strong that his value would increase. Maybe after the season and if Coleman and TP emerge that the teams would make more attractive offers, but right now I think they are looking for a bargain and I don't see why the Browns front office would want to serve up bargains because I think JG's value will increase.
  3. I think they see Corey Coleman, Gary Barnidge, and the development of Terrell Pryor and think that right now, they can get a bargain, I doubt the Browns new front office are looking to give away bargains and JG's value will increase. Schefter said that teams were putting out feelers so that means the Browns aren't shopping Gordon, it is other teams making inquiries.
  4. I think Dallas was mentioned a few years ago when former president Joe Banner put Gordon on the market but Haslam, the owner, put the kibosh on that because the team had already traded away Trent Richardson and he felt the fans would revolt if JG was also traded. Other teams that immediately come to mind that have a WR need are San Francisco and Minnesota where his former OC would be interested and their first round pick hasn't emerged. Philly is another team that has a glaring need at WR.
  5. The Josh Gordon, Terrelle Pryor, Corey Coleman Air Show set to debut in Browns vs. Bucs TAMPA, Fla. —The Josh Gordon-Corey Coleman-Terrelle Pryor Air Show will debut Friday night against the Bucs in the third preseason game if all goes as planned. As long as Coleman (hamstring) and Gordon (quad) are healthy enough to make their preseason debuts, the Three Amigos will serve notice to NFL defensive backs to be afraid. Very afraid. "That's a really, really solid receiving corps,'' cornerback Joe Haden said Monday. "You know, each one of them running under 4.3, they can take you vertical. Those are really, really good deep threats. Teams don't have two players like that and we have three of them.'' ... Jackson has already begun draw up new and exotic ways to hurt a defense with the Terrific Trio — and the Fab Four, including Barnidge. In addition to Pryor streaking down the field and plucking the ball away from shorter defensive backs, he can line up at quarterback and run the read option. "There are a lot of thoughts that go through my mind,'' Jackson said. "I can't tell you all of them, but they are a talented trio. We have some other guys, too, but they are [talented]. Those guys have size, they have speed, they have length, they have the ability to make plays on the ball. That's exciting.''
  7. Emory Hunt ‏@FBallGameplan 15h15 hours ago If I'm Jeff Fisher, I don't mind the placement or passing mistakes made by my rookie, but I'd be worried about how unsure he looks out there Emory Hunt ‏@FBallGameplan 15h15 hours ago If you're going to make mistakes, make them 100 mph. You can't be out there like you haven't practiced w/this team ever. Emory Hunt ‏@FBallGameplan 14h14 hours ago Don't undersell execution in these preseason games just because it's the preseason. Film is film and it is hard to argue against GOOD film.
  8. MileHighReport ‏@MileHighReport 11m11 minutes ago Well that was too easy. #Broncos defense getting shredded right Christian Ponder. Melissa Jacobs ‏@thefootballgirl 8m8 minutes ago Very honored to be at Mile High for the restart of Christian Ponder's HOF career #savingthestub
  9. Will Brinson ‏@WillBrinson 7m7 minutes ago Trevor Siemian stared that throw down for 30 seconds Benny Bash ‏@TheBennyBash 10m10 minutes ago Sanchez is a much better tackler... This might come down to fundamentals. . #Broncos
  10. Zach Zaidman ‏@ZachZaidman 49m49 minutes ago #Bears coach John Fox says Jeremy Langford has a foot injury and Kyle Long has a shoulder injury. Zach Zaidman ‏@ZachZaidman 8m8 minutes ago #Bears coach John Fox on RB Jeremy Langford's foot: "I think he got landed on [in New England]. It got sore after the game."
  11. Hue Jackson said the same thing about Coleman in rookie mini-camp directly after the draft. Coleman had suffered a sports hernia and had minor surgery and wasn't able to run or lift and he hit the banquet trail. Coleman had lost some endurance and needed a rest in between reps in Hue Jackson's fast-paced offense and Hue got on his case and publically stated that Coleman was out of shape. That made headlines and people took it and ran with it. Josh Gordon is many things but out of shape is ridiculous. Guys that hold out typically do suffer more soft tissue injuries so that is a legitimate concern no matter what Soul Dawg is trying to sell but he is right that JG is in excellent physical shape. If anything, he probably has lost some endurance just as Coleman had due to the long layoff from his quad injury.
  12. Don't get the cart too far in front of the horse on the TP bandwagon. Last year he only caught one pass. This preseason he basically has only caught balls on GO routes. His footwork needs improvement because he's so tall that he doesn't make quick-choppy steps and we saw him get blown up on a screen last night when he caught the ball behind the LOS. Basically, I'd like to see him do something with the ball in space behind the LOS or on a comeback but the only time we've seen him is on GO routes. I'd like to see him work the middle of the field and catch something in traffic. I'd like to see a whole hell of a lot more from Terrell Pryor before I'd say he's a threat to the NFL leading receiver from a few years ago who missed the first two games of that year due to a suspension so he lead the league in only 14 games instead of the rest of the WRs he beat that year who played full 16 game schedules. JG is the real deal when he's healthy and has his head screwed on right. TP is only in his second year learning the WR position.
  13. If the guy can make a couple designed scrambles and continue to slide and not take punishment then it forces the safety to stay home and opens up the deep ball. RG III in a post-game interview hits the right notes on where his head is at but also explains the interception last week and how everything works when the offensive linemen open holes which opens up backside running plays which open up the deep ball. He always has a solid media presence but looked especially impressive here due to the fact he just got divorced and took heat last week. LINK to short post-game RG III interview. Cleveland Browns ‏@Browns 26m26 minutes ago “You can see what we can do when we’re clicking.” 1-on-1 with QB @RGIII:
  14. Starting a thread for this kid because he is going to need one. First game he made an incredible shoe-string tackle on a screen that would have gone for at least another 15 yards but he made a fantastic pursuit shoe-string tackle. Then he scraped down the LOS and made a nice stick on a running play before making another shoe-string sack on a highly mobile back-up QB. You should have seen the look on the QB's face like, 'How the hell did that guy get me?'. Last night he looked impressive once again. Instantly on his first play, he knocked a pass down for a PD. Later, was on the far backside of a passing play and left unblocked and SPRINTED at full-speed and wallopped the QB before he could release the ball, caused a fumble, then made a nice recovery. This kid was the Lombardi Award winner last year and lead the NCAA with 15.5 sacks, the all-time Pen State single-season record. He just leaps off the screen anytime he comes into the game. He is not currently listed as a starter but I think he'll be in every pass rushing sub-package. His name is getting out there but if you want to get in at bargain prices then get him now.
  15. Mary Kay Cabot ‏@MaryKayCabot 42m42 minutes ago #Browns Pryor on beating #Falcons Desmond Trufant for 50-yard TD:'I knew I had him when we called the play, I knew I was going to beat him.' Quick post-game video interview with Pryor. This is worth watching just to see TP's shirt. Cleveland Browns ‏@Browns 11m11 minutes ago “I’m just trying to do my part and do it to the best I can.” 1-on-1 with @TerrellePryor