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  1. That was the most game Corey has talked all season so far after this comp was over.Nat really only has a few options so this shouldn't be a shock to anyone but I do agree letting anybody know what the plan is before the care package is handed out is quite dumb.Supposedly it came down to James and Nat for the HOH and he possibly threw it to her(which I would have as well).
  2. I give it 2.5 stars out of 5.Promising to some extent with a bit of old thrown in but overall just a meh type of song. Was nice to not hear James do his textbook ahhhhhhhh at the end of certain notes.
  3. Natalie is the new HOH
  4. Would not surprise me in the least if Paulie end up having the 2-way ticket now given the edit they gave him.What's that old motto?Oh yeah, expected the expected Paulie at his best Poor Paulie Zingbot got in some good lines last night as well which always makes this show of the season my favorite.
  5. Paulie reminds me a little of Willie Hantz from Frank's 1st season.Didn't take much for either to snap once it got tough.
  6. As much as he loved to talk about Derrick and Cody I wonder if he knows that the both of them have to be watching this going WTF are you doing?It's really easy to play the game while you're on top and running things but the real player emerges when your back is up against the wall.What has emerged here will go down in BB history as the biggest crybaby ##### move of all time.
  7. She was put in to get in a showmance and enjoy a vacation while getting tv time,nothing else even make sense as to why she is here.Terrible game player who really doesn't think anything out but I can say that about quite a few of them in the house as well.Maybe this online new season will offer up some better players but I'm not holding my breath on it.
  8. He can cry his way right out the door.Really curious now to see the edit they give Paulie on the next few shows because they have a ton of really good stuff and some that will make him look like a real ##### to many.
  9. What was really surprising for me was how long it took them to finally figure out Paulie was behind all of the moves.It's almost as though most of them were sleepwalking through the first couple months and not paying any attention to what was going on.Have to say though watching Paulie squirm has been entertaining if nothing else.The guy never stops talking and most of the time is just digging himself deeper in the hole he has already made.
  10. I think Corey and Nicole are the secondary plan for sure but James and Nat are now in good with Paul and Victor so I don't see that going down given the current flip that went down. I just don't agree that you let a threat stay who is also very good at comps do anymore damage and who also has already sent you packing once.I also think Corey will be a lost puppy if Paulie is gone with only Nicole(who sucks at this)left.
  11. With Paulie a comp beast you really have to get him out as soon as you can no matter how much he may or may not be coming after you.Let's not forget Paulie was the one who already had sent Victor home once as well.
  12. The plan as of now is to throw up Paulie/Corey which I agree with.If one wins the POV Nicole goes up in his place with Paulie as the main target.The great thing is none of the 3 have a clue this is coming.
  13. Not sure which annoys me more.Nicole and her constant whining or Corey and his crazy eyes,dude just creeps me out with those things.