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  1. Praying for strength and resolve. We're here for you.
  2. Unfortunately, I suspect that a fair number of Democrats have rolled over on the issue because they think it is to their advantage to do so, namely that they will get a more liberal nominee than the relatively (arguably) moderate Garland when Hillary takes office. If Trump were leading the polls and the odds on favorite to win, I suspect you'd be hearing about it a lot more. It's pretty sad all the way around, IMO.
  3. Huh? A majority of REPUBLICAN Senators voted to confirm him to the DC Circuit (along with every Democratic Senator). What has changed?
  4. Yes. Thankfully he didn't actually do it since it was hypothetical. And in the same speech maintained that the President and the Senate should work together to meet their Constitutional obligations. Context: Biden's subsequent statement: “Nearly a quarter century ago, in June 1992, I gave a lengthy speech on the Senate floor about a hypothetical vacancy on the Supreme Court. Some critics say that one excerpt of my speech is evidence that I oppose filling a Supreme Court vacancy in an election year. This is not an accurate description of my views on the subject. Indeed, as I conclude in the same statement critics are pointing to today, urged the Senate and White House to work together to overcome partisan differences to ensure the Court functions as the Founding Fathers intended. That remains my position today.”
  5. Welcome back Crosseyed. It's good to see you.
  6. Yeah, I agree 100% on Death Magnetic. Technically good, and a throw back to the style that made them famous, but not a hook to be found. What made them so great back in the day was that nearly every song had a signature riff or signature vocal hook that was catchy and memorable. Their more recent attempts to get back to that sound feels like they were generated by a computer - the tunes have all the necessary ingredients and algorithms, but there is simply no magic.
  7. Next time you're in Houston, try the beef ribs at Killen's. Best I've ever had.
  8. Plenty of Kill 'Em All swagger, but missing the hook.
  9. And he will indeed debate very badly!
  10. Second most corrupt then?
  11. MT:. So glad to hear that you're dealing with this well mentally. I know you wouldn't say it if it weren't true. Rest and heal and enjoy some down time before the next round. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.
  12. For sure you're right as far as investments go. But it's not an investment, as it generates zero revenue and is really too modest to result in long term gains of any significance. It's simply a place we like to spend our weekends.
  13. We have a modest vacation home and I absolutely love it. We don't rent it out though. The thought of strangers using our toilets and barebacking it in our bed skeeves out my wife. (Yes, we go to hotels - it's somehow different to her when it's your own home.)