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  1. Out today, all 3 positions.
  2. Car spinoff thread, please. I come here to find underwear and air fresheners, dammit!
  3. For Alive fans, Scott Sigler's book The Rookie (about football in the future with aliens playing alongside humans) has now been turned into a multi-voice drama, but it's not free. Here's a sample: http://www.graphicaudio.net/galactic-football-league-1-the-rookie-1-of-2.html?utm_source=scottsigler.com+subscribers&utm_campaign=906f1adc04-08-22-2016_THE_ROOKIE_Full_Cast&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_224c321e5c-906f1adc04-32143117
  4. Love it. I think people are wrong to refer to all their recent stuff together. Yes, Load to St. Anger were bad, but Death Magnetic was good. I just hope they get the drum recording/mixing right on this one - that was an embarrassment on Death Magnetic.
  5. The first time I traveled internationally for work, my wife went to work, leaving our yellow lab (Dozer) free in the house as always. She got home to an ocean of vomit, piss, and ####, and an embarrassed and miserable Dozer. Half-crying and half-laughing at how awful it was, she played detective and figured this out: She threw away almost an entire ham in the kitchen garbage the previous night (can't remember why - 17 years ago) Dozer got into the garbage and ate the entire ham Dozer got so thirsty he drank all his water and everything in the toilets. Dante's inferno ensued. She called him Ham-For-Brains the rest of his life.
  6. Had some peach lambic sorbet tonight... good stuff.
  7. I did try, Sling wasn't one of the options. I ended up adding USTVNow on to my Titanium. It's accessible as a submenu from one of the other channels, but the quality appears to be better on the direct USTVNow feed. I've been able to watch NBC using that.
  8. Pig races are the best.
  9. The white board in the background has the Cowboys' draft board on it.
  10. We're Alive has a sequel. 2 Dope Queens is good. Kind of like the funnier and less annoying version of Guys We F***ed. Adam Ruins Everything and Science Vs. are good. Both are debunking shows that challenge something we think is true. I'm enjoying The Adventure Zone - funny guys playing D&D poorly.
  11. The seminal piece of unintentional comedy in FBG history.
  12. I assume anyone who takes baths already has one of these. Gets you an extra 3 inches of water.
  13. Not your fault - google "Olympics vue sling" and you'll get 10 articles that all tell you that Sling Blue gets you all the Olympic channels. This is the world we live in - all media outlets assume you are 28, single, and live in California, Chicago, or the northeast megalopolis.
  14. Okay, this sucks. I got Sling for the month to watch the Olympics, since the blue package has all the channels other than the golf channel* *If you're in one of the top 8 markets or so in the US. Otherwise, you don't get the main NBC channel. I can't watch the opening ceremonies.
  15. I think this is Axis and Allies free online. http://tripleawarclub.org/index.php