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  1. I think Paxton Lynch is terrible, so not tailing. Hope it hits for you guys though.
  2. seen about half of these. disagree with many of the rankings, but they certainly highlighted some of the best in recent years.
  3. Good luck, man. Hoping you get some positive news tomorrow.
  4. I thought there would be more shtick in here. Way too much seriousness.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_professional_sports_leagues_by_revenue $3.7 billion in revenue
  6. you should get out more.
  7. plus, the team is long overdue for a good year
  8. volleyball table tennis water polo modern pentathlon soccer
  9. I'm excited for Sammy Watkins, who could become a transcendant player based on what we saw at the end of 2015. Continued improvement from Tyrod, a bounce back from Woods, and a strong year from Clay and McCoy and this offense should be pretty fun to watch. As for the defense, they are hurting but still have one of the best CB tandems in the league and good depth behind them as well. That matters in a pass-heavy league like this. Will be up to the coaches to figure out ways to use what they have up front to stop the run and generate some heat on opposing QBs.
  10. top-5 Summer Olympic sport
  11. I think we lost Hear The Footsteps
  12. They should move up this deadline. August 15th makes it drag on forever.
  13. I don't really mind a slow draft, but it seems we have really slowed down of late. 17 picks on Saturday 18 picks on Sunday 7 picks on Monday 3 picks (so far) on Tuesday
  14. slowest draft ever?