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  1. I think training in adverse conditions better prepares me for races so The Suck doesn't bother me too much either.
  2. Sorry, two strength training sessions. No comment on the bike/swim combo. Although I am drafting tonight with someone who just did a half ironman yesterday and is training for a full in Maryland in October as well as having a full on his radar shortly thereafter - whether it's Fall or Spring depends how the next few weeks go. I'm sure the subject will come up tonight, so I'll run it by him. For strength training, I schedule 3 per week and no matter how tired I am I make myself do one on Monday. If it gets trimmed to 2 that week then so be it. I unintentionally ended up with only a Tuesday session one week, which prompted the change. The other big change I've noticed is during weeks in which I don't have it. Whether it's general soreness or a bug, needing to prioritize the runs is something I wasn't mentally prepared for. I'm so used to just doing it, understanding that I won't be at full strength. Can't do that during marathon training. What little energy I had the week I was fighting a bug was devoted to slugging out slow moving miles. I over-did it one weekend between yard work and helping a friend of mine move and came out of it with a stiff back/neck. Usually a 1-2 day thing. During training? 4 days before I did any leg stuff, full week before I did anything else. I'm not sure I'm mentally there yet now, but I'm at least aware of it.
  3. Making it work is challenging, as I'm finding out, but I'd really try to work in at least 2 days per week.
  4. Things are really starting to click now. Mon - (lunch) Strength training (night) 9 @ 8:43, effort level was GA but I was gassed after a challenging stretch and the pace reflects that, felt great when I finished though. Tue - 5 very hot & humid recovery miles @ 8:46, wasn't fun but kinda like the day before - felt great once done. Wed – (lunch) Strength training (after work) 12 MLR @ 7:46, still hot & humid so I had no expectations for this run but as I progressed through the steady incline miles 7-10 I felt better and better. I still had some work tension to get out of my system, so I picked it up to finish (7:28-6:44). Thu - Carbon copy of Tuesday, but I had more time so I did 6 (8:29 pace) instead of 5. Similar effort for a mile longer and 17 seconds faster per mile after a challenging Wednesday? Alright alright alright... Fri – Strava data is a little wonky, but in the end it was 7 miles at probably about 8 flat pace – not quite as hot but VERY humid. I did 2 miles to a park, did some strength training, 2 miles back to the office because I was getting low on calories and mowed down some Gatorade, 1 ½ miles to the gym, more strength training, 1 ½ miles back, then finished it off with some lunges. I was beat by the time this was over. Sat – 5 much needed recovery miles @ 9:12, did these on the shaded trails so the heat & humidity wasn’t quite so bad. Sun – Mother nature finally gave me a break. Didn’t look up specific conditions, but it was a breezy 70ish outside and it could not have been that humid. It felt like Fall after navigating Suck’s around 160 all week! Hell, most of the last 2 months. I’ve been impatiently waiting to try out this route and this seemed like the right day. Run to a town in the hills 10 miles away then back. The hills start at mile 3 and don’t let up until mile 14 and even that + mile 15 are still a steady incline. Approach was to go at those miles like the typical middle section of a long run then see what’s left for the finish. Ideally I am able to pick it up, but if the hills wipe me out then so be it – a good fitness test. I figured I was in good shape because I didn’t really hit a rough spot until after the steep climb bridging miles 12 and 13 and I was able to get back to my previous pace rather quickly. Once I reached the high point on the route at mile 15 I felt real good, but reminding this was a training run I didn’t totally let loose. I was more assertive in my pacing, but I didn’t really start to focus on turning my legs over quicker until the final mile (sub 7! ). Total run – 20 miles @ 8:03 w/960’ in elevation. Another new weekly high – 64 miles, this time also with a new elevation high – 2,254’. Very happy with where I am right now. I’m going to continue to focus on volume the next 10 days or so, but will also take my mulligan with the failed MP run last Sunday. Not sure if I’ll do any other higher effort workouts though. If I feel good I will (maybe LT, probably trails/hills), but I’m not going to force it. I have a 10 mile race scheduled Labor Day weekend I want to use a dress rehearsal, so outside of the MP run that’s where my focus is for the next 2 weeks.
  5. 3 sides to every story. When one side is dead it is a lot easier for the other side to spin the truth to whatever makes them look best.
  6. Specifics don't matter, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has basically punted draft prep this year. 1st one is tonight, 2nd one Monday, last one Tuesday. Oops. Those who are actually on the ball, please post cliff notes and schtick here.
  7. I started a pitcher in Coors for the first time in probably years earlier this month. Max. And only because I am way behind on IP's and this league having 40+ man rosters the options on waivers are kinda sparse. It'll probably be at least another couple years before I start another arm there again.
  8. 7 games against the Indians in September and 3 winnable series' coming up if we can survive this weekend without losing any more ground. It doesn't look good right now though.
  9. If any of these guys go nuts over the next 6 weeks, helping to vault their team to the division title/wildcard then that's the guy.
  10. Why will we lose JD? Buying out Anibal and letting Lowe + Pelfrey walk opens up more than $20 mil by themselves. Need to develop cheap, in-house alternatives though.
  11. Ideally, the prospects he is not dealing are ready to contribute at the major league level and can replace the dead weight on the roster. Dom did some great things for this franchise, but the cupboard was bone dry up until last year's trade deadline. Thankfully his last hurrah was to get some bodies back into the system or else this year probably would have been a total disaster. It's going to take some time before enough reinforcements are ready though.
  12. I can deal with her needing to turn on Friends to go to sleep at night. If for nothing else I quickly get baseball because she passes out so quickly. Flea Market Flip first thing in the morning though? Line, crossed.
  13. This summer has been much worse than last here. IIRC it was relatively easy to map out a workout schedule to avoid the worst of it. Granted I was running much, much less than I am now but I was still doing a lot of outdoor workouts and I'm not remembering many workouts w/SI's in the 150's and I can only think of one in the 160's and I bagged that one almost immediately. This year I have been running in SI's in the 150's with relative frequency and have sort of not really gotten used to some 160's too. I won't do anything intense in those conditions, but I also don't shy away from them anymore.