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  1. 10 of 9. Easily.
  2. If you are really passed at a company... the better way to get back at them is to keep the card and not use it. That costs them money through reserves. Closing it does them a favor. Of course, assuming you don't have an annual fee.
  3. Yes, actually. Building relationships is the majority of my days right now.
  4. Oh geez. I would think this kind of crap was fishing if I didn't have to deal with morons like this over the years. There is not an infinite supply of cash held at banks. Most banks these days have prob around $30k total in the whole branch unless they order more in for a customer request. Don't be an ###.
  5. Trupanion as well. Put in many claims and never an issue. Did my research and clearly was the best option and lived up to that. Question comes down to this: do you want to be in a position where you decide financial hit/hardship vs life or quality of life of your dog? I didn't want that decision ever.
  6. is your friend
  7. Higher risk. You don't finish and default then they are foreclosing on property with construction on it not valued nearly at what they loaned at.
  8. Literally would vote for any of them over either of the piles of poo we have from the major parties right now.
  9. Replied in other thread. It can be messy. It can be cleared in a matter of hours or I had one deal that took months. All depends on the specifics and the paper trail that you have or can get access to.
  10. Showing on the title report? A full report? This kind of thing happens. As a lender it socks cause there is no one size fits all fix. Overall, your lender should be doing a lot of footwork for you here. Provide them with all the documentation you have- paid in full, release of lien, even the mortgage instruments from the loans... anything that shows the loan was paid in full and released. In the meantime, contact the bank that shows still holds the lien and ask for a paid in full and for them to send a release of lien to the county and a copy for you (some may do this, some may not). Finally, go to the county and get the title yourself. Ideally it will be clean and you can provide that.
  11. Use rewards cards for what you would pay for anyways. Pay off balance in full. For things you need to borrow money to pay for over time use other options.
  12. Extremely little downside and a lot of upside. Accept.
  13. Use Fidelity. No complaints and I like their site. I would give the edge to Vanguard to someone wanting to establish something new. Just not that much of a difference for me to switch really.
  14. Very simple. I am not a Libertarian. Never will be.
  15. Actually the one thing that makes me reluctant to vote for him.