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  1. Well Clinton and Trump are pretty exceptional. I think we may have found the only two candidates that #### this up worse than Obama did.
  2. But I get to keep my doctor right?
  3. Draft will start on Monday the 29th. This will be an MFL only draft with a 4 hour timer from 8am to midnite EDT. Don't sign up if you can't access mfl at work. Clock will be off Labor weekend. Standard survivor league rules and scoring which are posted at the top of the forum. Post here if you want in. Standard Spring Survivor rules in effect, see pinned thread at the top of the forum for detail. 1. BassNBrew 2.
  4. Interesting that I like this team much more than my own. Maybe I need to use your projections too. No issues with your first three picks. Rodgers plays well with Cobb for a playoff run. I might have gone Hilton over Miler, but then you have great running backs without huge sacrifice at WR. Well done.
  5. meh...This is the first yearn quite a while where I've actually wanted a 31 or 32 player limit. This would be a much stronger contest if you released it Monday after pre-season week 3. That said, a tough contest becomes a lottery, a flawed contest can be exploited which adds some skill, so I just as soon you released it May 1. What hasn't changed is that it's a boatload of fun and a great concept.
  6. Very nice team. Would love to see what this team would have looked like swapping Bortles for a Te and Henry for a QB.
  7. This thread demonstrates how the Nigerians are successful.
  8. Yes, really, I do find your work common and dull. I'm certain you don't speak for everybody.
  9. Last time I checked I had the highest average finishing position in these leagues. That may have dropped a couple of of spots but it's still up there and that's with Yuds sticking me with some dude on IR a couple of years ago.
  10. We are in too, however we spent an 11.12 to acquire him. He would have been a good target for u to jump into an earlier draft for
  11. Great
  12. It wasn't an analogy. Id explain it to you but as Hillary supporter you likely are in her target demographic so it would be pointless.
  13. Doubtful. I sure he has a backup plan in place. If he's alive then sending a plane with a pile of cash is still an option.