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  1. I never really like TWBB. Just seems like a DDL showcase piece or something. Just didn't do it for me and I thought he over acted big time.
  2. 40% turnover isn't necessarily a guarantee of anything. It's different. No necessarily better or worse.
  3. Page 666. Fitting in a way as I think he's the Anti-Christ.
  4. He was cut in my 12 team Superflex. I scooped him up. Had to drop André Williams.
  5. How does a guy in handcuffs get a gun from a professional cop?
  6. Glad I cut bait to be honest. Ended up getting Yeldon in a dynasty for him.
  7. I agree. If he was shackled, how did he get a weapon. The pedo angle is sad if true. Again we will never know as he won't go to trial now. However apparently they filed for a warrant on that aspect back in July so it was at least in the radar.
  8. Changed the title. He was more an acquaintance to me. A good fried of a good fried more accurately. And if he was a pedo, well that's about as terrible a person as you can get. Also now sounds like he went for the gun. In that case, well you get killed.
  9. Content aside, was this article written by a 7th grader? I found several spelling errors and the narrative was all over the place. Content didn't match headlines in a few cases. Is this a blog or a news outlet?
  10. He was apprently he changed. You are implying that I'm trying to convince somebody of something when I'm not. I just thought it was an interesting story. Have s good day.
  11. Haven't talked with him I probably 20 years. . Hence the "old" adjective. If he went for a gun, well he had it coming.
  12. Or he's simply better than Forsett. Most likely not, but maybe. He still has an outside chance to start.