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  1. LD not available for MAC. INEXCUSABLE! A disgrace. It's been 10 good years but I'm done with this site for sure. I can't even use DD in season!
  2. I have a MAC and the MAC version of DD couldn't be used in week 1. Why? I have no idea. Why they would release a severely stripped down version of DD for the MAC that can only be used for drafting is beyond me. There are way too many people who own MACs in this country. Secondly, are they releasing LD for the MAC? PLEASE tell me they are!
  3. Bruce, I was wrong about the player pool for wide receivers not being as big on the MAC compared to PC. It's just that someone posted on here that they have a PC and was able to select WR Marlon Moore. but I logged onto my wife's PC tonight and see that Moore can't be selected on PC either.
  4. And can someone tell me why the player pool in the MAC is way smaller than the PC. WR's only go up to 177 on MAC and they're at least 217 on PC. That's ridiculous.
  5. Thanks for the response. My wide receivers on my MAC only go up to 177. I'm finding that the MAC version of DD is lacking compared to the PC version.
  6. This is my first time using DD on a MAC after years of using it on a PC. Please tell me I can still use the Team Strengths feature on the MAC that I loved sharing with my fellow players after each draft is complete. I can't seem to find it on the MAC. Just in case it's unclear what i'm talking about, i'm looking for the feature that allows you to rank each fantasy team based on Total Team, QB's, WR's, RB's, etc.
  7. Thx, one thing I don't understand is that when I go back and forth from the DD projections to PD, the point values don't change (at least for the top 4 ranked players). Will I have to upgrade to Version D from C to fix this issue or can I just keep using "get latest projections?"
  8. GoBears, thx for the helpful DD stuff. So just to make sure I'm clear, when I update DD, then update PD, and then import PD into DD, this is NOT in effect combining DD projections with PD projections, right? This would not make any sense, am I correct? I'm thinking that basically doing this erases the DD projections and makes it all PD, which includes an average of Dodds and others projections, which is what I want. Another question I just thought of: If after I do these steps and then later update only the DD projections, does this in effect erase the PD projections and makes it all Dodds projections?