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  1. One word...propofol
  2. Goes without saying. And window seat with a pillow to lean on is mandatory.
  3. I find drinking heavily and then closing my eyes works pretty well. The hum of the engines is like a tonic for me too. I'm not much of a plane sleeper, but usually have no trouble if it's necessary. Usually just overnight west to east flights.
  4. One of the best scores ever done.
  5. Excited to check out this Brooklyn film now.
  6. Definitely no guilt. It was your ball and nobody saw anybody move it. We all get lucky bounces. Happens all the time.
  7. I'll bet it was small tines and light sanding. Some verticut instead of punch the small tines, but I know a lot of supers like to sand periodically through the summer for a healthier root zone. And some do the small tines a few times a summer, especially those with heavy play/impacted greens. Their big punch is definitely going to be later.
  8. The frustration by people who didn't get Tree of Life is pretty funny.
  9. Clint's talking to an empty chair in front of the world film.
  10. Pretty much. That's obvious. TWBB is a better litmus test.
  11. Ugly American takes a wholly unnecessary dump on the world stage? Uh, yeah, that's entertainment to some. Care? What does that even mean in this context?
  12. A verdict is the only resolution mandated by them doing the series.
  13. You think it's challenging to say so and so did it? It isn't. Leaving it vague gets way more people hot and bothered than any neatly tied up conclusion. Just ask David Chase.
  14. The story is the court case and the system, not who actually was responsible for the murder. I am not expecting clear resolution on who did it. Which is often how it goes in real life. A lot of murder cases are not slam dunks and end up with doubt over who did it. It was definitely that too, but people turning up stabbed 20+ times isn't exactly a common occurrence in NYC. That would be relevant to the Naz investigation but the emphasis on his proximity to retirement and with the case already at trial and nearing closing arguments - not to mention his disdain at having his credibility questioned - it's looking like he is again going to pass on following up on that.