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  1. Just wait until he gets REALLY desperate and tweets out a photo of him eating rice squinting and holding chopsticks.
  2. Check for freshly turned soil. They could be burying their #### in your yard.
  3. I just think his ego makes him only want to go places where he talk about how is winning already.
  4. Aren't they releasing a new PS4 soon? What's the deal with that? Does that affect us original PS4ers in anyway?
  5. Careful with Ambien if you're a light sleeper. Had a co-worker freak out on a flight from Tokyo. He took it 30 minutes after boarding and an hour after take off he woke up completely out of it mumbled some crazy ####. Finally he went to sleep, but it was really weird.
  6. WHAT IS GOING ON!?!!?!?!?
  7. Trumpkins saying the other side is melting down? This is after their Orange Cheeto Man is already saying that if he loses it's because the other side is cheating?
  8. I just came.
  9. No Man's Sky UK sales down 81% in its second week.
  10. That's because he only hires the best.
  11. 3rd world countries don't have any kids so it's not likely they could survive there.
  12. Still dog for me.
  13. Goff needs Higbee. He actually seemed to have a good report with him.