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  1. So looking horrible for a whole season with a great line never happened?
  2. Oh did he see his shadow this year? Must be 2 more weeks of preseason football left. See you next year.
  3. Totally agree with your logic but this is what makes me think he's getting suspended for drugs. Then it makes some sense if not much.
  4. I wonder if there is a suspension coming. They basically cut him after one year. At least get a 2nd back for him.
  5. I'd say that having a bad ypc, no touchdowns, fumbling problems and a bad knee injury aren't great news. But if people want to say it's a small sample that's there opinion.
  6. They only run at half speed in practice, so he's only slightly slower than everyone else.
  7. Xue has made about a 100 posts letting everyone know that he loved Parker and hated White last year. Just making sure everyone remembers.
  8. You really believe a guy who has barely played in 2 years is just going to step right back in? And on top of that the Browns are going to make Gordon the centerpiece? I mean time to get back to reality. The Browns will do everything they can to feed Coleman and make him successful. He's the guy they are building around for the future. Gordon is just there to help and he'll be long gone in 2 years--either out of the league or on a new team. If you think the Browns are putting much time game planning for Gordon or taking away from young wrs getting repetitions in practice to help him get back up to speed you are probably in for a rude awakening. He's a cheap fill-in who either gets it back together or not. Gordon has almost no effect on Coleman unless he came back and was the same player he was before all this, and the Browns decided to resign him, and he never got suspended again. Why would anyone believe any of that is going to happen nevermind all 3?
  9. But Booker is a below average nfl back imo, with limited athleticism and a poor draft pedigree as well. But CJ Anderson has a 4.8 ypc in the nfl and Booker hasn't proved anything. So how does this favor Booker again?
  10. Lol, this almost seems serious.
  11. Personally I couldn't care less what he does but he holds out but he has no leverage with the current NFL players agreement. There is literally zero chance that any of these guys miss real games but if you believe he might, go ahead. There is no benefit for the team and the negative is less cap space. Why would any team extend a player this early unless they really believe the player is going to explode and be worth even more down the road. That's not the case with Hopkins. They own him for another 2 years, they can worry about this then.
  12. Well when he shows up in 2 weeks with no contract and a few hundred thousand in fines he'll have less.
  13. Such a below average player though. Hate to rely on someone like him for more than a year, if that.
  14. Well you got owned.
  15. Did you watch football last year? The Broncos qb can't be worse nor will the play calling be more conservative.