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  1. Was reading the new app has the latest algorithms. Is the adp list the same for classic and new school? If I were to implement the new school adp over would the classic behave the same as the newer version
  2. sweet so my 6 healer 25 bowler strat is still functional
  3. any reason why you didn't go with the forester
  4. is your avatar from the hobbit?
  5. how many courics do you think it weighed? was this you?
  6. when im on the kale breakfast smoothies I usually have a nice doody once a day at the same time. nice when you can plan your craps on your work calendar and schedule meetings around it
  7. had no idea forester came with turbo
  8. Obama third term tee shirt fresh off the press.. discount for fbgs
  9. I was out weed eating around the house & fence this weekend. its been a while so it was like a foot or so high ive been lazy + its been hot. I noticed a line of ants (small black ones not carpenter) walking around the house. They had a line wrapping around 3/4 the house I was like wtf. I havnt seen any ants inside but curious as hell what they were up to. I traced the path from a key spot to the yard back into my flowerbed it was a huge ### operation. looks like they have a nest where my foundation meets the siding & they're going behind the siding. also I never noticed this spot before but it appears the previous homeowner made some type of cement repair ill have to check that out later. so I went to youtube and found a cheap way to kill them all. get a old spray bottle. borac acid sugar honey water heat up some water maybe a cup mix 6 tbsp. borac acid 5 tbsp. sugar 2 tsp honey mix all 4 until its all dissolved, let it cool down. transfer to spray and apply to ant walking path. come back later and they're all gone my kid enjoyed this too was good times.
  10. I have a 04 wrx with 166k miles. strong like bull hoping to get to 250-300k miles plan on sticking with Subaru for my next car
  11. started this one today. waiting for kids to sleep so i can watch
  12. Checkout fdr. Pretty good spot