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  1. Being born and raised a Catholic, then falling out in the church in my early 20s and my wife doing the same I tried to research many things to see if I could find something when my kids were little. Ended up reading many books including the bible and books that included the muslim and jewish faiths background and history. I came away actually more disenchanted with religion than I was before. The more I studied the more it seemed like I was reading fairy tales. I mean that with all due respect as I do not want to offend others who believe. It is my personal opinion. Also the fact that I have many friends of all faiths and some of the most "religious" are they biggest phonies that I know. They use it only when it suits them. It was at that time my wife and I decided just to try and lead a good life, be respectful and treat others around us as we would like to be treated. We have raised our children that same way and they have turned out great.
  2. Am I the only one who could care less about the Lochte story be it true or false? If it is true nobody was injured, if false nobody was injured. Sounds like a late night black out drunk story that things get real fuzzy. When I was in my 20s I had some nights that I am not sure what happened at 3am if I was pushed for every detail
  3. The bear he killed looked more like a cub. Like to see him try and spear a grizzly and watch the results of that.
  4. Have a buddy who has way too much time and money. He and his partner go on these kinds of trip every year. Last year they went to Alaska and paid tens of thousands for a guaranteed kill of a moose. Well he showed me the video and a group of guides bait the moose while the so called hunters are hiding in a blind with camo on. This huge hungry moose come walking up not bothering anyone and starts eating. All of a sudden they drop it with high powered rifles and are all cheering like they won the Super Bowl or something. Then they bring the moose head home for their company office. I asked him.."You call that hunting?" It sickened me to watch it but I guess it is legal.
  5. And Upton... What is painful to think is that the Tigers will probably lose JD but have Upton for 5 more seasons.
  6. When uneducated children have children of their own the cycle will never stop. The rate of 13,14 and 15 year olds in the Detroit Public School system that are having children is a huge issue. The majority drop out and you have a child trying to raise a child. The odds of success for that baby are very slim at best. A lady who spoke at a crisis center was a grandmother at 31. Had no idea what to do, had three kids before she was 18 and two of them had kids at 15-16. No fathers in the picture. Was worried about her son who was 15 and quit school and was running the streets. How can society possibly get a handle on that?
  7. Northern Michigan has been reporting huge increase in tourism this summer. All Traverse City hotels and condos are way up in occupancy. The restaurants are booming. Have a feeling people will be going to more places like this in the future.
  8. Another huge problem is after incidents like this the community loses many a small business that is desperately needs. And new business that is important to any community will not open there and you can`t blame them. Ferguson is reeling from lost business`s that never reopened that have made things even worse. In reality they end up destroying their own communities.
  9. Not a rookie season but this stat line from Mickey Lolich in 1971 still blows me away. GS-45, W-L 25-14 , 29 Complete games, 376 IP, 308 Ks, 1.13 WHIP 45 starts!! Think about that now as that is almost one in every three games. Tigers had 53 Complete games as a staff that season.
  10. But PF Changs tastes good.
  11. The more I watch that the worse it looks. What if the catcher was a few more steps behind Fielder...he would have dove and been embedded in the dirt 5 feet short of third base waiting to be tagged out.
  12. I do understand that the pressure is hard on a babies ears and it is painful for them. Then the babies make it hard on everybody else's ears. This is why I never get on a plane without my noise cancelling headphones.
  13. Given the fact that flying is horrible in every way now alcohol is needed to get through most flights. Plus it is almost impossible to get trashed on the airplane drinks unless you have a pint in your pants.
  14. I just picked Braun because I have a friend who lives in the same building as he does and saw him and his wife a couple weeks ago when he was leaving the building. My buddy said "Braun makes 20 million a season" I looked at his stats and they were not that good since he was busted..but the 20 million is still good.
  15. It does seem a little weird to win by that amount of time. That would be like winning the mile run by a minute. The bottom line is it pays to cheat. When people outperform their ability like Ryan Braun did 34-107 per season while juiced. 18-70 after he got caught. 18-70 are decent numbers and probably close to what Braun really is. Problem is he is getting paid as a 34-107 player and will continue to get paid. So athletes will continue to use PEDs as the risk-reward is worth it.