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  1. Will be looking forward to ESPN showing Quad Cities River Bandits games five times a week in primetime.
  2. Sounds like Dansby Swanson is coming up Wednesday.
  3. His nephew Shaun played at my alma mater. Terrible news. RIP.
  4. Four active pitchers have reached 100 career wins before their 28th birthday: Kershaw King Felix CC Who is No 4?
  5. Did he call Harold Reynolds to tell him it was time to say goodbye?
  6. I have 3-4 FB friends that are gone that hit me the same way. One is a college friend who I hadn't seen in years whose birthday would have been last week. Reconnected with me out of the blue four years ago, then died three months later. I never knew until after the fact he was battling alcoholism and reaching out. Never met Sean. T&P to all of his friends here.
  7. Jets should have stuck with this design when they came back.
  8. Buddy of mine was an elementary school teacher and back in the '90s got the whole set of Schoolhouse Rock on VHS. We would get drunk and watch them on occasion. "Pronouns" (Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla) was the best.
  9. My favorite is "The One Where Everyone Finds Out" ... about Chandler and Monica. "They don't know ... we know they know we know!" The scene where Chandler and Phoebe try to call the other's bluff about having sex still makes me .
  10. Anyone else put a rock inside the official Wiffle ball to get it to carry farther? Our "main" field we had to carry over the street in LF for a home run but RF literally was a short porch on the back side of my friend's house. Being a lefty, playing there must be what it's like to hit in Yankee Stadium. I was every member of the Expos at some point (still think I have a cracked Expos helmet somewhere), but I also remember using Harvey's Wallbangers around 1982 (Mark Brouhard!).
  11. Wasn't a mistake. Seattle and Tampa were in the other conferences in their first seasons. 1976 NFL standings
  12. Isn't that like getting rear-ended after leaving the dealership, and then taking the car back claiming it was a lemon?