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  1. Yeah, intentionally take out our star player and then ambush us the next day with your stupid day games. Real nice.
  2. You're welcome at PieLeeg next season, where we play with a much more reasonable 1400 IP limit. And we're allowed to have fun.
  3. Oh, you wanted me to update it accurately...
  4. Here is the 2016 thread: https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/744536-2016-ffa-fantasy-college-football-league-now-open-for-year-12/
  5. ***Placeholder for Draft Results*** DRAFT RESULTS
  6. WALL OF PAST CHAMPIONS 2005- jag_player 2006- jag_player 2007- Raptors 2008- Spartans Rule 2009- boubucarow 2010- RnR 2011- boubucarow 2012- boubucarow 2013- boubucarow 2014- Aaron Rudnicki 2015- Peyton Marino
  7. 2016 FFA Fantasy College Football League: BEGINS JULY 25, 2016 IN FOR YEAR #12 1- RnR 2- Peyton Marino 3- Dickie Dunn 4- Moe. 5- Timschochet (mid August vacation) 6- Sparty (late July vacation) 7- Notorious T.R.E. (probably) 8- Aaron Rudnicki (probably) League Site http://www.fantrax.com/fantasy/league/7dsjwq0wiqpplefb/home League ID: 7dsjwq0wiqpplefb League Password: fbgffa League Dues: Will be $50 and they will be collected on the league site using the Fantrax Treasurer function. It charges 2.5% for a CC transaction ($1.25 on the $50), but checks and money orders are free. At the end of the season, Fantrax will mail out checks for free. More details on how this works here: http://www.fantrax.com/showPage.go?page=fantraxTreasurer Draft Order: Roll dem bones here 1d1000, 1 time (instead of 10 times). Lowest roll goes first. Please e-mail results to boubucarow -at- gmail -dot- com. Boub will send his role to RnR. League Payout (assuming 14 teams) 1st- $400 2nd- $200 3rd- $100 League Draft Draft will be a 30-round serpentine slow draft that will be held on the FFA message board. We will roll dice for the draft order. League Length The season will be 13 weeks long. We will use games that begin on Thurdsday, September 1 (Week 1) until games on Saturday, November 26 (Week 13). Other rules (If not specified here, follow what the league site says on Fantrax) ----All FBS players from all 128 teams are eligible to be drafted ----Position eligibility determined by Fantrax ---- 4 QB, 7 RB, 7 WR/TE starters each week for the first 13 weeks only, conference championship games and any other game after November 26 will not count. ----There will no need to worry about max games, start a full lineup all 13 weeks ----Each starter is locked separately 1 minute prior to each player's own game Total Points League ---- 6 pt td (pass, run, rec, punt ret, kick ret) ---- 0.05 pass yd, 0.1 run/rec yrd ---- (-2) interceptions ---- 2 pt per 2 point conversions (pass, run, rec) FREE AGENCY BIDDING SYSTEM 1. Each owner has $200 in free agent bidding for the entire season, 2. The minimum bid is $1. 3. Ties will go to the lower team in the standings. 4. The bidding window opens when the games begin on Saturday and the bids are processed on Wednesday at 5 PM EST. 5. For one hour after the bids are processed, claims will be locked. 6. Starting on Wednesday at 6 PM EST and ending on Saturday 5 minutes before the games begin, players can be claimed on a first come first serve basis. FCFS claims are free. 7. Players who played their games from Wednesday to Friday are not available to be picked up until the following week's bidding system. So you can not pick up the QB that scores 20 points in the first half on Thursday night. You must wait until the bidding process begins on Saturday. The system will not control this. 8. Players who play on Tuesday night later in the season can be bid on for the following day. 9. When you exhaust your $200, you can no longer bid on players. Your last bid must not take you over $200. Any transactions that occur due to this will be reversed ASAP. 10. You may claim players in FCFS even after you exhaust your $200. BIDDING 1. Go to the TRANSACTIONS TAB. CLAIM/DROP is where you will bid on players and also where you will claim players in first come first serve. 2. Search for a player and highlight the player by clicking on his tab but not his name (which is a link to his player card). 3. Enter a bid in the window and then select a player to be dropped on the right. 4. When you hit submit claim/drop, a window will pop open. Make certain that you switch the added players status to "reserve". Make a habit of doing this because if you add a player with a "active" status and that results in a illegal lineup (i.e. 8 active RB's), the system will deny your claim even if you have the highest bid. 5. Hit Ok and you will be sent to the PENDING TRANSACTIONS screen. Found under the TRANSACTIONS tab, the PENDING TRANSACTIONS will allow to see what bids you currently have in the system. ----- October 31st Trade Deadline -------Trading of draft picks and of players during the draft is allowed ----- All in season transactions will occur at Fantrax ----- There is NO free agency prior to first week of games
  8. You guys are making this so confusing, but you all deserve a chance to play in spite of your lavish vacations. I think we can squeeze it in with a start date of July 25 to include Sparty and still be (mostly) done before Tim leaves on Aug. 6. If there are no objections, I'll fire up the new thread and get people rolling for draft order and paying dues next week. Mmmk?
  9. When does it need to be? Anything for you, sir.