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  1. Workforce management guy here. Not only should you take the time, but filing for family leave will actually provide protection for you against your employer in the event they become heartless sob's. Thoughts are with you and Riley tonight...
  2. ....and drops the mic.
  3. In a 2018 interview, former Presidential candidate and returning reality star, Donald Trump had this to say: "I think we did make America great again. In fact, I think we made it super-great. Before I ran, ultra conservative lunatics held our country hostage, much like ISIS, by controlling Congress and running candidates like Lyin' Ted Cruz. We had a lot of racists in America - a lot of them. All kinds of racists. I unified the country against them, and and we're better off for it. Now we have the best country in the universe - believe me."
  4. Then why does he keep hiring garbage?
  5. The difference is that the Podesta group registered with the US government to have dealings with the Russian bank and was transparent about it. You need to do this so it can be monitored. Manafort apparently did not register and got under-the-table payments. That would be illegal.
  6. The hits keep coming: WASHINGTON (AP) — Donald Trump's campaign chairman helped a pro-Russian governing party in Ukraine secretly route at least $2.2 million in payments to two prominent Washington lobbying firms in 2012, and did so in a way that effectively obscured the foreign political party's efforts to influence U.S. policy.
  7. Reading all the symptoms in your second paragraph, believe it or not, could be anxiety/panic attack. If the stroke isn't the cause, have the doc give you some Xanax or Ativan. If you are posting about it here, it is obviously stressing you out. Crazy as it sounds, panic attacks can cause all the physical symptoms you mention. Either way, I'd get back to your doc.
  8. Same place as Trump is getting his new minion - Breitbart.
  9. At that time, he was viewed as a bit of an entitled kid - escaped military service, history of drinking (which seems like nothing today), perceived as less intelligent than his brother, Jeb. A lot of people didn't like Gore, but at least he tried to get people inspired for a cause. By the way - I think the one cause W. got behind that he actually didn't get as much credit for was his assistance for AIDS in Africa.
  10. I sincerely think Trump is worse than all, but Perot, W. and McCain (because of Palin) would have been close behind. Hillary is like Kerry or H.W. For me. She isn't going to inspire America, but she won't run it into the ground either.
  11. I live in Vegas, and while it's 110 here, there's no humidity. I'd rather be smoked low and slow than be braised.
  12. Did you see the DEMOCRATIC convention, where all the military love, flag waving and USA! chants were going on? That wasn't the Democrats of 20 years ago. I think it has already started.
  13. I would have gone with brownies, but then again, I'm fat.