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  1. Getting some likes here. I will take the keys to do this...
  2. Its finest not It's finest Carrie on.
  3. What is the eta of the main event, ET?
  4. Bowling baseball softball team golf keep wrestling and rugby 7s yachting off road bicycling Triathlon
  5. Some thoughts to include in the statement: sorry to fans, family, teammates (especially guys with him that he put on the spot with this BS story), Brazilian authorities, USA swimming, IOC, and USOC. had a great time in brazil and will always cherish his time here. mistakes were made any others
  6. So when does he come clean? Someone please consult the playbook here for the rehabilitation statement.
  7. we should do a holiday one this year, but with sweatshirts.
  8. my package to righetti included some of the bag o crap stuff he sent me a couple of years ago. the kingston mines shirt is my go to shirt for this thing, as is the giardinera.
  9. try now or in a couple of minutes (I told them to change the setting)
  10. what do i need to do? the link was sent to me,
  11. Got a great box from Lehigh98! A six pack sampler from the Colony Meadery, and two shirts, one from the Meadery (an homage to the Sex Pistols) and the other from Funk Brewing. Last, a mug from Bethlehem Music Fest. Pics to follow. Thanks, bro! O
  12. FTR, I have gotten stiffed, in a bad way, on this at least once, maybe twice.