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  1. Glad I got an end. Both my drafts are on the same night so this will make it easier.
  2. Done. $20 is fine with me. A different amount would also be fine, it doesn't really matter to me.
  3. This is pretty great. It takes awhile to see everything. (Hitler in the crowd, for example.)
  4. Ah, yes. All those pro-NRA, blue collar, white male Democrats! Trump can maybe make headway into that maybe 1% of the electorate.
  5. The last two days have been seasonably cool (SI <110 both mornings) so I've been able to test out the bolded above. Unfortunately, it's looks like it's largely the latter. Sun: 14.3/7:36/146. Today: 7.3/7:56/135. I was really surprised -- these numbers are about 10 beats higher than I'd like them to be. It's amazing how fleeting fitness can be (relatively speaking). It's not like I haven't been running -- I just backed off the high mileage and the speedier stuff for a while. Anyway, I think I know what I have to do. Time to get back at it!
  6. Wait...somebody named their kid Steele Johnson?!
  7. Maybe not the right thread for this, but I'm curious due to your background, How closely do your opinions on economic policy align with the Libertarians?
  8. 2066? There is so much that can (and will) happen between now and then that it's impossible to accurately predict what the parties will be like then let alone how people will vote in 2066. Yet you're basing this solely on one demographic factor? (And who even knows what immigration policies will be like in the 2030s and 2040s?)
  9. DId you guys get an email from Strava about enhancements they were making for their Clubs? I thought I saw one but looking back I couldn't find it. Maybe I was dreaming.
  10. India: 1.3 billion people. Medal count so far: 1 bronze.
  11. I think we did it on a Sunday evening last time. Maybe the 28th would work?