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  1. He also thought Logan Thomas was more pro ready than Cam Newton. I prefer just about every other scouts take over his.
  2. IMO he would be a good signing by the Vikings. Level headed young QB with playing experience to backup Teddy. I think he is better than Shaun Hill.
  3. I Fn knew it. Who are these athletes getting their PR advice from? It is so typical to have them vehemently deny all allegations even though they are true.
  4. I don't know if Coleman being the best option on the Cleveland offense is necessarily a good thing especially if he ends up getting a quarterback carousel over the next 3 years.
  5. You better check if Soulfly or msudaisy is in your league first. You still might be able to get a 3rd round rookie for him.
  6. Choose Docson at 1.03 with Zeke and Treadwell off the board. I could see myself taking Coleman if they switched teams. Sterling Sheppard went before Coleman in my league.
  7. Faux John Madden‏ @FauxJohnMadden Darren McFadden breaks his elbow meaning we are officially closing in on football season! So true.
  8. For some reason this doesn't reassure me whatsoever.
  9. I am a Viking fan so I obviously hope this kid is the real deal but I also think he is being over drafted in almost every dynasty league. This is from Andrew Kramer ESPN'smailbag: AK: Moritz Böhringer, the Vikings sixth-round pick, has looked as you’d expect for a player who’d never been through the rigor and duration of a NFL day full of meetings and practice. On his first day at rookie minicamp, he had to take a break from drills to throw up lunch on the sideline. During one of the first Organized Team Activity sessions open to media, Böhringer dropped three passes. He certainly looks the part (6-4, 227), and that’s why he has the opportunity. Though like many of his fellow receivers, he is not a lock to make the roster. He may be the farthest behind given where he started. It’ll only intensify from here as four hours are tacked onto Böhringer’s days this week, which is six weeks before training camp and real football begin.
  10. Cutting Charles Johnson would be stupid but not out of character with the Vikings. After all, no one other that the Vikings actually thought trading for Wallace was was a good idea.
  11. There are only 53 spots on the roster and I like to think that the Vikings have enough depth at each position that they likely have to cut a talented player or two to get down to 53. So in a sense it is a roster spot and a 5th next year. Or how about Adam Thielen and a 5th next year. I think Thielen contributes more than Patterson to the Vikings winning.
  12. I wonder if Baltimore would be interested in Patterson for a 5th round pick next year. He could be their next Jacoby Jones.
  13. Goessling always so informative. Executive Summary:
  14. I agree with this. We need look no further than Toby Gerhart for a guy that looked better than he really was when he came in fresh off the bench. I do think that McKinnon fits what Turner wants to do more than Peterson.
  15. Vikings didn't excersize there 5th year option on Patterson. I am wondering if they should trade him with another team that didn't exercise their option on a their former first rounder. Ie Jon Baldwin for AJ Jefferson. How about Patterson for Chance Warmack or DJ Hayden? Change on scenery might help.