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Geno Smith what does future hold?

14 November 2015 - 11:26 AM

I searched some old threads and the discussion in them was dated and did not help.


In dynasty, I am trying to evaluate who or what I have in Geno Smith.  There are obviously a ton of negatives at the present moment in regards to Geno and who he is. Part of that comes from NY media and fantasy football fans lambasting anyone who even remotely under achieves. 


Geno is still young (25 years of age).  He was pressed into one ugly situation his first couple of years with a defensive minded coach and not a ton of weapons at all.  In his lone action this year coming in after the first drive as Fitz was hurt he played decent. Geno did some good things as he completed 27 of 42 attempts for 265 yards with 2 td's and 1 int and a qb rating of 87.9.  He also had 2 rushing attempts for 34 yards.  He still made some young qb mistakes as he did not throw the ball away a couple of times and took some unnecessary hits while scrambling down the sideline. But young qb's make mistakes see Andrew Luck for a comparison.  Yet after the game all some people wanted to do with Geno was talk about the negatives.  Had another 25 year old qb come in and played this way does he face that same criticism?


At some stage the Jets need to turn to Geno this year to have a look at what they have going forward. Bowles is trying to follow what Bruce Arians did in Arizona by playing a veteran qb to have success.  The only problem is Arians has Carson Palmer (an actual good NFL qb) and Bowles has Ryan Fitzpatrick (should have been a career back up and spot starter).  The Jets have zero chance of winning a championship this year and Fitz has zero chance of ever leading them to a championship going forward, so the play seems to make the move to Geno. Keep in mind Geno was in line to start this upcoming year prior to being punched by a teammate. Now I get you need not put yourself in situations like that, but it happened and it is time to move on. He did not get a DUI, he did not beat his wife and he had an immature disagreement with a teammate.  One which caused the team to cut the teammate. 


There are only 4 starting QB's in the entire NFL that are 25 years of age or younger: Bortles 23, Carr 24, Teddy 23, and Winston 21.   Geno just turned 25 years old a month ago. The Jets have a 5 and 4 record at the present time with Fitz as the starter. The Jets still have not beat a team over .500. I have no doubt in my mind that Geno could have had this team at 5 and 4.  In 2013 as a rookie Geno lead the team to an 8-8 record. Fitzpatrick has been who he has always been through his career, a below average starter. He is completing less than 60% of his passes and is not going to take you to places you want to get.  With Fitz hurt and the Jets being an average team that does seem however to be moving in the right direction it seems like the perfect time to play Geno in the back half of this year.  


What do you think? 







List the 5 worst head coaches in the NFL right now.

03 October 2015 - 09:17 PM

1) Ken Whisenhunt

2) Jim Caldwell

3) Mike Pettine

4) Joe Philbin

5) Gus Bradley



1) Whisenhunt took a team in 2013 that was 7 and 9 and managed to go 2 and 14 the following year.  He has a head coaching record of 48 and 67.  The Titans week in and week out like the worst coached team in the NFL.  His team has shown zero improvement since he took over. They look so bad every week.


2) Jim Caldwell is just not good. IN college at Wake Forrest he had a 26 and 63 head coaching record. In the NFL he has a 37 and 30 record, but that is with inheriting Manning in his first year as a head coach and going 14 and 2 in 2009. I think he gets fired after the Lions under perform all year. 


3) Mike Pettine although he has not coached a ton of games he boasts a 7 and 9 record.  The thing that gets you fired though is trotting out a 35 year old journeymen qb when your first round qb with a much higher upside does not start the game after leading the team to a win.  You don't last long in the NFL as a coach playing middling talent that keeps your franchise in limbo.


4) Joe Philbin.  He actually had done an ok job in Miami with a 24 and 26 record as he helped develop Tannehill a college WR who became his starting QB.  However, he seems to struggle to lead and his team has looked shaky to start the year after going all in with some big signings. He may not make the year.


5) Gus Bradley inherited an awful situation, but he has amassed a 8 and 27 record as a head coach.  If the team does not show any improvement this year he jumps up this list to number 2.



Indy Colts.....road to failure....

13 September 2015 - 12:30 PM

This thread will be started to talk about the worst GM in the business..... Terrible O line, terrible D, and you draft a WR in round 1.... Luck has hidden a lot of these teams flaws the last 2 years.  


This team may win a lot of games this year and make play offs, but they stand no shot at going deep into play offs. They are built so poorly. 

Cameron Artis-Payne SEC leading rusher....

05 May 2015 - 09:10 PM

I guess this is the time of year to bring up a guy like RB Artis-Payne the 5th round rookie pick for the Carolina Panthers.


Artis-Payne is the kind of player I like to take a flier on and let me tell you why. Now I get that most late round rb's end up being waiver wire fodder and are lucky to even make the squad they were drafted to.


However, who is Artis-Payne... 


-He lead the SEC in rushing last year. The same SEC that had Gurley, Yeldon, and Chubb in it. Now I know he had more carries than those guys but it is still a note worthy stat especially showing he is durable and can handle a big work load. Also in the SEC it is not as if he was playing a cup cake schedule.


-His stats this year: 303 carries, 1608 yards rushing for a 5.3 ypc and 13 tds. He also added 13 receptions for 147 yards.


-Combine stats: 5'10, 212 lbs, and he ran a 4.53 forty time. 36.5 inch vertical, 118 inch broad jump and 7.13 three cone.


-Artis Payne was a late bloomer. Took some time off then played 2 years of JUCO before playing his final 2 years at Auburn. He is an old rookie as he will be 24 when the NFL season starts.


-Stewart is number 1 on the depth chart but for the last 5 years Stewart has not managed to have more than 178 rushes in a season.


-He is in competition with Fozzy Whitaker who is on his 3 team and Jordan Todman who is in his 5th year in the league and has done absolutely nothing.


-There is a real chance that Artis-Payne wins the back up role behind Stewart and could be an injury away from being pretty good.  All of that at a bargain price.


Just throwing out a name that maybe is not high profile that you can get for cheap. If he does not pan out, no big deal. 



McFadden Stars aligning...Chapter 2 (Dallas)

01 May 2015 - 10:22 PM

Ok I know how many times he has burnt fantasy owners time and time again. He has teased with potential throughout his career. He has been often injured and often under performed. He has had many threads started on him but it is time to start Chapter 2 of his career. The Dallas Cowboys chapter.


When Murray left the Cowboys and Dallas picked up McFadden that at least gave him a pulse. As of right now it looks as though he is RB1 on the depth chart with arguably the best run blocking unit in the league. The thing that really has given this thing more legs after tonight is Dallas passed on RB's in the first 3 rounds. 


Is this the year that he arises from dead to make some noise? There is at least a chance of it happening now even if it is a small chance there is one there. I really don't know what to think I have in McFadden at this stage, but things look a lot better now than 4 months ago.