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Percy Harvin... Future?

01 December 2014 - 09:23 PM

Harvin is a guy I like a lot in dynasty even now. I think he can be a good player if get gets 7 to 9 targets a game. He was so good when this was the case in Minnesota. He then goes to Seattle a offense that is not built for passing.  He falls out of favor with the coach only to get moved to a worst situation.


What do others think of the future for Harvin? 



Geno Smith bargain price...get on board this bandwagon...

28 July 2014 - 07:33 PM

As a dynasty owner in a start 2 qb league who owns Geno Smith I am impressed with what is transpiring in New York.  Geno locked himself in a classroom all off season. Not only did he work on knowing his offence inside and out, but he watched game film of the defences he will be playing against this upcoming year. He was getting reads on the defences  and coordinators tendencies etc.  He also spent time in the gym working out hard, increasing his strength and speed as well as working on his QB footwork.


Geno now has a vet back up QB who will push him and make him better. He has a new weapon in Decker and a boost in the running game with Chris Johnson. All the news so far is he is a different QB, one who is confident in himself and gaining the confidence of his coaching staff and team-mates.  He took a beating by many people in the media and fantasy football circles which is leading to a very underrated player heading into this year.


I think Geno is poised to have a very good year. He has an outside shot at finishing just inside the top 12 fantasy QB and in dynasty he his price is cheap. His passing will be much improved and he gets you fantasy points with his legs as he did have 366 yards rushing and 6 td's on the ground in year 1. 


Phil Simms mentioned that had Geno been in this years draft he would have been the first QB taken. There is a ton of optimism for Manuel but it is rare for anyone to be on the Geno bandwagon.  I am starting up the train and there is a very good bang for your buck opportunity here.


Not to late to climb on board.

Deep Sleeper potential: Jarius Wright video included..

24 June 2014 - 09:02 PM

I just stumbled on something and this is a complete whim and long shot but who knows... 


Watch the first minute of this video with Teddy Bridgwater and they show 5 passes. 4 of them to Jarius Wright, and look at the different places he makes the plays. It is all over the field. A quick hitter for a td, a seam route a sideline route.  I get there are no pads on but he is making plays with the new franchise QB and this is a new regime.


Every year players come out of no where and you don't see it coming but when you look back at it there was signs pointing to it. Edelman, Welker, Cruz, Colston etc.  Wright last year in his second year only got 43 targets but did manage to catch 26 passes for 434 yards and 3 td's. Nothing great but maybe he ends up turning into something viable. Jennings had 4 td's on 104 targets just for comparison sake. 


Now Wright is a little guy, but perhaps he is a possession guy with the new regime and maybe him and Teddy work well together. Anything is possible, just throwing it out there.  I mean he can be had for a bag of potatoes so he is worth the long shot roster spot if you have room.


Here is the video. Wright makes 4 nice catches in the first 1 minute and 10 seconds of that video.  He is number 17.  It is worth the watch. 



Camp injuries thread relevant to fantasy and NFL...

27 May 2014 - 02:00 PM

So it begins. Cowboys Sean Lee exited practice today with an apparently bad knee injury. MRI will happen this evening at 5 pm.

Geno Smith...The write off has already started, but wait...

29 April 2014 - 10:47 AM

Some where along the line Geno has gotten a bad rap as a player and his character was brought into question. This all stemmed from the draft day debacle which was completely over blown and over scrutinized. I think many are selling Geno short both in NFL terms and charcter terms. He is not only an extremely hard worker, but he is someone who is in the film room a lot. He is willing to grind and work hard and he has always been that way. He was well respect in high school and hung out with all groups of people and he was often questioned by his football guys for giving the so called nerds some of his hang out time.   


I am willing to give Geno a pass for year one playing with one of the worst offensive situations a rookie could face.  I think the true character of Geno shined through in the last month of the season when he had one of the best QB ratings in the NFL and won 3 of his last 4 games.


Geno had every opportunity to shut down. I mean his leading WR's and TE's were beyond bad. Geno's number 1 WR last year was Jeremy Kerley. I mean seriously how many veteran QB's are going to be successful with Kerley as the lead guy. Not one starting WR on the Jets last year played more then 12 games.  The second leading WR with the Jets last year was David Nelson. David fricken Nelson. He also had to throw to the sweet TE combo of a washed up Kellen Winslow Jr and Jeff Cumberland. Veteran and  often hurt Holmes barely played. Stephen Hill is a bust. This had the recipe of a disaster from the get go yet Geno hung in there.

I get that Geno was a part of the problem with the offense last year, but I think any NFL QB would have struggled with the Jets let alone a rookie QB.  Geno has a lot to learn and he has to get better, but many expect Vick to win out in camp, but I don't think this is the case.  Geno played through injury and poor play last year. I think that will go along way in his development. He has not backed down from the challenge of Vick coming to town. He has embraced the challenge and said he can learn a lot from Vick. I think far too many due to the NY circus media are throwing Geno under the bus and don't really know who he is or actually how brutal that situation was last year in NY.


I am interested to see how things play out for Geno going forward.  The Jets have signed Decker and Chris Johnson who will both help the Jets offense. I am guessing they will add a couple of other pieces via the draft, but things are looking much brighter this year heading into the season than last.  Count me in the corner that thinks Geno Smith is going to be a decent NFL qb.