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In Topic: Apple Watch

Today, 08:43 AM

The moto 360 qualifies as a time piece. This is an ugly gimmick.

When the rumored android wear app comes to iOS I think I'm getting a 360

In Topic: The Three Stooges

Today, 08:38 AM

Watching the Stooges this morning there is en episode the I've never seen. 


Uncivil War Birds


It's almost bizarro Stooges .Dixie instead of 3 Blind Mice ,crazy southern accents , the boys in blackface , very strange dialogue


Moe :  "Brother , you just ejaculated a mouthful" :oldunsure:

In Topic: Paul McCartney or Eagles--Which Show to attend?

Today, 08:13 AM

nota McCartney fan but would see him for the history of who he is & what he meant to music over ham & eggers like the Eagles

In Topic: Serious Biz Dynasty (yr 8) - Mayhem redefined

Yesterday, 09:46 AM

First place!


it was a short run

In Topic: ***Official Pro Wrestling Thread***

24 April 2015 - 01:22 PM

I suspect the real reason for fazing out the curb stomp is due to a face turn.  Similar to how they stopped calling the Cena's Attitude Adjustment the F-U.

Rollins heel is pretty near perfect. So good I think he holds the belt until Wrestlemania next year