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In Topic: London calling: NFL wants UK team, and soon

Today, 12:01 PM

My sister lives in London.  She says most go to an NFL game like we'd go to a local event in town, like the circus.  There are some hardcore fans, but most of them have American ties somehow.  If it was an every week thing, she doesn't know anyone who would actually go every week.  When they have games it's more like "The Americans are bringing their football over here this week.  Wanna go and have a drink?"  Very few follow the NFL religiously, according to her.

It's only anecdotalI and brief but was watching a few pregame periscopes from their yesterday & it was weird seeing everybody wearing different nfl shirts going to the game. Looked like fun times but I did get the "event" vibe she told you about

In Topic: Serious Biz Dynasty (yr 8) - Offseason Rosters Locked Monday

Yesterday, 08:46 PM


Congrats Hoos

In Topic: NY Jets @ Miami in London

Yesterday, 10:15 AM

lets have a series of fades

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Yesterday, 10:02 AM


no flag

In Topic: NY Jets @ Miami in London

Yesterday, 09:45 AM

4th & 2 why not roll out maybe give Tannehill an option to pull it down & run