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Yesterday, 07:11 AM

Is some of this explained by the extra animal testosterone that I hear Mexicans have pumping through their south of the border veins?

In Topic: Lady and the Trump

Yesterday, 06:12 AM






Mexican immigrants are rapists, and drunk drivers, and murderers...

The comment above was referencing those who support Trump has basically having to be xenophobes/racists

Yes, indeed, no racism among Trump supporters towards Mexican immigrants.
White Americans are rapists, drunk drivers, and murderers...
Black Americans are rapists, drunk drivers, and murderers...
Asian Americans are rapists, drunk drivers, and murderers...(I think so, anyway)
Did I miss a memo saying that Mexican immigrants don't do these things? Did the Pope say that on a visit? I am confused. What am I missing?
By that logic, you would have to agree with the statement that Trump supporters are xenophobes/racists. Unless it's your contention that not a single Trump supporter is racist or xenophobic.
Great point and entirely true.
I have no doubt that some of Trumps supporters are racist. 

But I think you know that the narrative being advanced is that the majority of his support is because people are racist.

So you're saying that people are making a technically true statement about a small subset of a group in order to create a negative perception of the overall group. That's a pretty interesting narrative strategy.



Hmmm...that sounds.....kind of......like....TRUMP IS A RACIST!!!

In Topic: HS girls stage a walkout as trans teen uses girls bathroom

Yesterday, 06:09 AM

The funny thing is, a transgender feels embarrassed because they have to go to the bathroom with "the opposite sex"...........................think about that for a minute as it relates to everyone else being subjected to members of the opposite sex using their bathroom. 


The "gender roles" of the transgender are pretty irrelevant to the girls in the bathroom who have a dude with a weiner in there, regardless of what he thinks he is or was meant to be, or lives his life as, or which roles he takes on. 


I always do a full Buffalo Bill tuck when I read one of your posts.


What do you think that means?

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Yesterday, 06:01 AM








NC Commish and Slapdash: though I am certainly no expert, my very limited understanding is that the repeal of Glass-Steagel was a bad thing for our economy. Does that mean the overall principle of trying to get rid of onerous restrictions is a bad one? Not necessarily. It is also my understanding that removing Glass-Steagel was coupled with pressure from Fannie Mae to offer loans people who never should have gotten them. That was pushed for by progressives, and it also surely contributed to what happened in 2008. I think there's truth to both accusations.
And yeah, Bill Clinton was President. So what? I think most liberally minded and progressive people would agree that, overall, he was a pretty good President.

Apparently the "onerous regulations" were necessary. The proof is out there.
I find it interesting that Sinn Fein and BassNBrew are arguing that the establishment was wrong for the bailouts because they interfered with capitalism, while you guys are arguing that the establishment was wrong for removing government restrictions on business. Seems like the only thing you guys have in common is that you know you dislike the establishment.




It seems like that because, again, you are clueless about this issue. 


We removed regulations that kept the banking industry safer.  Size was limited and activities were limited so that insured depository institutions were not allowed to lever up and take outsized risks.  Then we bailed these same companies out, left their management in place, and did not prosecute them for their crimes.  You cannot remove regulations and then also remove the consequences when those companies become so risky they fail.


And we'll bail them out next time too.  Wall Street will be the top donors to the eventual nominees.  Just like they are each year. 


The Tim beat down continues. 


Our representatives have proven over and over that they cannot be trusted.  We keep electing the same ones or same types over and over.  Money is always the answer. 


Of course, Hillary is different.  She cares about her peasants. 




Yeah I'm getting beat down, because, just as in the NSA debate, the extremists on the left have joined forces with the extremists on the right and libertarians and so I'm totally outnumbered here. That's OK. I love all you guys. But you need to show a little love in return. Have some kindness for us centrist, moderate, pro-establishment types. We're not having a good time of it these days.



When you are a centrist or a moderate we often find mutual ground. When you are pro-establishment it's a lot harder because your support of said establishment flies in the face of all logic. Have you lived through the last 30 years? I have and it has been an absolute disaster for a lot of people in this country. And the establishment has decided in it's infinite wisdom to keep right on as it has. I really don't understand your insistence. 


We call Russia a kleptocracy or an oligarchy. We ridicule them for allowing the rich and powerful to run the nation for their own benefit. And we pretend that because we get a choice between the establishment Kang and Kodos we are somehow different from them. Sadly not as much as all that. If it we were really living in a responsive democracy we would have background checks. Overwhelmingly supported by the voters at over 90%, well supported by NRA members at over 70%. Did we even get this simple sop Tim? No because the established power structure in this country is only in tune with the biggest check and so nothing is done. And we have what the FBI classifies as a mass shooting everyday. That means at least 4 people shot in a single incident. Every day. We lead the world in mass shootings. And still this is where we are.


I chose background checks because it really pisses me off but I could go on about issue after issue that has been derailed by an establishment that has lost it's way.  Can't really support it these days.



Some rich people let Timschrotus manage their monopoly houses and he is on their jock forevermore.

In Topic: Official Hillary Clinton 2016 thread

03 September 2015 - 06:25 PM

If I was the IT guy, I would take the 5th. There is lots of stuff that is very wrong here, and who knows who the FBI will nail.


Hell yeah.


I cant believe anyone would seriously argue this guy should leave himself explosed to the mercies of Hillary and the FBI.