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In Topic: The Lawyer Thread Where We Stop Ruining Other Threads

Today, 08:21 PM

Oh, I love Rule 11 so much.

In Topic: Planned Parenthood leaked video

Today, 08:09 PM


It seems almost impossible to discuss this subject without insulting or demonizing the other side. I hate it. I know that most of you here who are pro-life are well meaning, and simply want to save lives. Most of us who are pro-choice want to protect the rights of women to make their own decisions.


Is there no way that we can discuss this issue, reasonably, with respect for each other?


You are right, it's probably a losing battle.  I've rarely stayed in an abortion thread longer than 2 or 3 posts because I get fired up.  Probably should have learned my lesson, but these videos are a bit much.  Seeing doctors poke around in dead baby parts is tough to handle for me.  I personally have no idea how anyone can possibly see that and tell themselves that it's not a person.  That disconnect is the bridge that can't be overcome I suppose.


Personally, I don't see a lot of honesty coming from your side Tim.  I see blind support of an organization.  It's like you guys are digging your heels into the ground.  What if all the videos end up coming out (I think there are 9 or more) and they show clear criminal wrongdoing?  At what point will some of you admit that this organization needs to clean up it's act?


I have to constantly remind myself that somehow you guys have talked yourselves into thinking that these aren't really people, that they are just body parts or a fetus or something (I don't know what goes on when you make this decision).  You have to understand that when we see doctors poking through baby parts, it's just as disgusting at 15-20 weeks as it is if they were 50 weeks.  Just like you'd find it hard to support people that took newborn babies, killed them and dissected them, I find it hard to find common ground with people that are ok with this. 



They are absolutely potential developing people and they are killed by an abortion. Which should be legal. No denial here.

In Topic: Another killing at the hands of the Police

Yesterday, 12:46 PM

That Cincy cop had no right patrolling an urban neighborhood if that was the maximum level of stress he could take before panicking.  I usually side with the cops in these things but this guy is a POS.


He was a Univ of Cincinnati officer patrolling off campus. They have suspended the authority of those cops to do that now. He wasnt even a cop in that community.

In Topic: Another killing at the hands of the Police

Yesterday, 06:25 AM

Thousands dead, few prosecuted.


Cops have had open season on Americans for far too long. Sickening.

In Topic: timschochet's thread- Ranking of United States Presidents

29 July 2015 - 02:00 PM







I wanted to add that the film The Butler is highly critical of Reagan for continuing to trade with South Africa, implying that Reagan was in favor of Apartheid. I thought that was completely unfair, since the film failed to mention that Reagan's policies toward South Africa were only an extension of several Presidents, including Democrat icons such as JFK, who traded with South Africa (in the case of JFK, even after the massacre at Sharpesville). Yet somehow Reagan was the only one they targeted; Reagan was the only guilty party. That was crap. It was also interesting (for lack of a better word) that the film chose to have Jane Fonda portray Nancy Reagan. Now don't get me wrong; I like Jane Fonda, despite her youthful indiscretions in Hanoi, and I like Nancy Reagan, but it was kind of an insult to Nancy to have Jane play her, and since it was only a cameo role (she was on screen for less than a minute in the film) it was pretty obviously a deliberate slight.
Too bad, because overall it was a pretty good movie.

Reagan created an extraconstitutional shadow government for conducting foreign policy, tripled the national debt, gave missiles to Iran, turned tail and ran when our Marines were slaughtered in Lebanon, was the first divorced President, had 138 administration officials indicted, charged or investigated (most of any President ever), brought the religious right into mainstream politics, was a terd, and his Justice Dept Civil Rights division fought against minority voting rights for 8 years.
Thanks Obama!
Your rankings are doo doo.
So you are a bigot against divorse people? I love how your stats includes 'investigated' so that you can inflate the number by 1000 percent. Pathetic.
Being a Hollywood playboy and divorced would seem to contradict the whole "family values" doody you guys always carp about. That is you KooKs thing, not mine.
And what other Pres had anywhere near the number of major admin people investigated as Reagan? No inflation, just facts. He leads in convictions, indictments, investigations, every which way you can measure corruption.
:lol: What the hell is a major admin people. If you talk about actual cabinet members indicted, Nixon is the winner, with Clinton and Reagan tied for second. It really depends on how you categorize people as to whether there were more investigations under Reagan vs, Clinton. I am not sure what the heck that is suppose to prove anyways. It is more a measure of political discourse. But as usual your true colors as a Democrat hack show through clearly in your Kook assertions as opposed to the Independant you lie about being.
A TypiKal KooK response from you, as usual.

You mean one where I correct your misinformation and you ignore it. Yeah, pretty typical.



You didnt correct any misinformation. You tried to muddy up actual facts to defend KooKdom. Which is TypiKal.