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In Topic: timschochet's thread- A Modern History of Russia

Yesterday, 04:36 PM

Yermak Timofeyevich was a bad man

In Topic: The Death Penalty

Yesterday, 06:03 AM


Why do all of you state-loving government slobberers want to give the government the power to kill us/citizens?



Sorry bud, but murderers give up the right and privilege to be considered a "citizen". The rest of us citizens do not want them to be considered citizens any longer.



Even the wrongfully arrested? 


Like I said, you authority loving follower government lickers love letting the government make life or death decisions over us. The government, which you love, that incredibly efficient and competent institution that has all of our best interests at heart.

In Topic: Let the 2016 race begin

26 March 2015 - 05:58 PM

Some stuff on Webb.


A speech he gave at the Nat Press Club last Fall.


Webb generally has a somewhat libertarian view on social issues. He is pro choice, against all affirmative action except for african-americans based on historical reasons (my position on aff action, too), and fiscally conservative. He applauds the forward progress on gay marriage and calls it a needed evolution, or something like that. I saw one article call him the "Democrats Rand Paul" because of his non-party line positions. I dont know if that is fair because Webb is a far more accomplished and serious man than Rand Paul. 


One thing I like about him is that he is for real economic fairness and not another corporate stooge Wall Street Dem like Hillary.

In Topic: Looting in Missouri after cops shoot 18 year old

25 March 2015 - 09:45 PM


So you have black people that dont trust police.  And you have police that are more forceful with blacks because they dont trust them or are scared of them.  Whats the solution?  Well, you said that they arent born with those views.  So it starts with these groups actually interacting.  The police should be in the communities and the schools interacting with the people, getting to know them so that they arent just viewed as crooked cops and can see that there are good ones out there.   This would also help the police to view these people as more than the violent animals many of them seem to think they are.  And this isnt just for relationships between people and police.  This goes for all different groups, races and religions.  


They don't make the news.  Again, goes back to media. 



 Dumbest post of the year, or super dumbest?

In Topic: pick one thing your Political opposition might be right about

25 March 2015 - 09:42 PM


My political opposition are the KooKs.

And they arent right about anything.


You've always supported Democrats so I don't know why you would say this about them.



The enemies of my enemies often do get my vote.


You are a Super-KooK around here, everyone recognizes that. Dont fight it. You should embrace it. Love it. Be yourself. Own it.