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In Topic: Favorite Scoring System and Roster Requirements? Anyone use Point Per

09 January 2016 - 02:16 PM

I used to advocate for more flexes/fewer required RB/WR slots, but it's been my experience that the more flexible lineups tend to reduce league trading as well.


I had not thought of how more flexible roster spots might affect trades.  Thanks.


An interesting article I read on rotoworld (link below) mentioned how just adding additional roster spots for a position would increase the value/need for that position.  


I was thinking, in addition to what is in original post, that we might eliminate the kicker position and replace it with some sort of flex.


http://www.rotoworld...r-or-not-to-ppr    Part 1


http://www.rotoworld...-system-balance   Part 2

In Topic: Favorite Scoring System and Roster Requirements? Anyone use Point Per

09 January 2016 - 02:15 PM

Straight ppfd is going to blow QB scoring through the roof, regardless of your downshift to passing TDs.

As long as that is cool with you, I think it's still a better metric than ppr, and would like to get one of my leagues to experiment with it. So far, no takers...too radical for the traditionalists...

I had not actually thought to award the QB for PPFD....if scoring was grossly suppressed for QB by giving everyone else 0.5 PPFD, I'd consider maybe 0.25 PPFD for QBs.

In Topic: Week 15 Questions for Bloom

15 December 2015 - 09:49 AM

Hey Sig, thanks again for checking out these questions.


My team has been steady/deep, but going against a guy with R.Wilson/Baldwin/Tate/ADP/...guys who could put up big days, but not sure I'm needing to swing for the fences.


PPR, already starting 3 RBs... 

DeAngelo vDEN




1. need (2) WR out of :


Fitzgerald @PHI

Michael Floyd @PHI

M.Evans @STL

Martavis v.DEN


2. which TE?

Delanie @NE

Gates v.MIA

In Topic: Week 14 Questions for Bloom

08 December 2015 - 11:04 AM

I think you should do a Spanish version of otCouch, hosed by Cecil, called "En el Sillón", and have it broadcast on Sigamundo television.  #brightIdeas #goGlobal


And NOW back to our regularly scheduled program.


PPR league..



RB: DeAngelo @CIN

WR: ODB@MIA, Amendola@HOU


Question...need (1) RB and  (1) Flex out of the following list:

S.Draughn @CLE

S.Ware v.SD

Duke Johnson v.SF

Gio v.PIT

Jeremy Hill v.PIT

Jarvis Landry v.NYG

Amaril Cooper @DEN

R.Cobb vs. DAL

In Topic: Week 13 Questions for Bloom

01 December 2015 - 08:26 AM

hey Sig,


PPR league...


1. RB (pick one)


Jeremy Hill @CLE

Spencer Ware @OAK

S.Draughn @CHI



2. WR (pick 2)

Jarvis Landry v.BAL 

Amendola v.PHI

Amari Cooper v.KC

R.Cobb @DET