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In Topic: Greg Cosell: When will he start talking about 2015 Draft in detail?

Today, 11:57 AM


He's the man.  Podcasts with Doug Farrar and with John Hansen are both evergreen.  I'll be listening to those old matchup shows all off season.
edit: On the Couch is already rolling pretty good, though.

Does Doug Farrar do any podcasts right now? I lost track of him a bit after he left the Shutdown Corner.



He does, but haven't seen any in offseason yet.  Watch his or Cosell's twitter for new ones.  They are not posted in iTunes.

In Topic: Dynasty 1.01 Chaos - The big "IF"

22 February 2015 - 09:06 PM

I'm not feeling the DGB.  Looks like David Boston, smells like this year's Josh Gordon...'boom or busted'.  Seems like you have to factor in some missed games at a minimum, missed season (or worse) at worst.


Also, I would not think NE is a team that's going to blindly feed a WR1 type.  I remember Randy Moss, too, but I think they had nothing else that year.  I'd think there are much better landing spots for a prospective WR1.


If you are going WR, I think Kevin White's the pick, then Cooper, Parker.  I'd assume Gordon and Gurley would be in the top 5 also.


Just my opinion, but I'm not touching DGB until the mid-late 1st, and that could change depending on landing spots of some of these other RB & WRs.

In Topic: [Dynasty] 2015 Draft Prospects

08 February 2015 - 09:16 PM




Crowell was 21 as a Rookie. Let that sink in. He's 3 years younger than both of those guys as well. Funny how you fail to mention that.



I didn't mention it because it wasn't relevant to my point.


My point was that if you put too much emphasis on one variable without considering the player as a whole then you risk missing the bigger picture.


We know that most UDFA backs do not even make a roster, much less contribute. If all someone did was zero in on draft position as their only variable then they would've determined that Crowell was a very bad prospect because he was undrafted and most undrafted backs are crap.



And this is why you and others missed on Crowell.



In Topic: What Will You Do this FF Offseason?

25 December 2014 - 08:52 PM

Finish Homeland, watch True Detective, the Americans. Watch news for dynasty stuff, follow the combine and draft. Read some books.

In Topic: Anyone else wanna punch Hauschka?

23 December 2014 - 09:12 AM

Parkey missed two FGs, including a 34 yarder.