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In Topic: What did you overcome to make your title game?

22 December 2013 - 05:47 AM

I dropped Julius Thomas end of last season after losing patience and acquired Rob Housler.

Next my Best TE was arrested on Murder Charges.  Hernandez

My Best RB was traded to the colts after week 2 and is now backup RB  Trent Richardson

My Best WR was out for the season.   Harvin 

I drafted EJ Manuel #2 overall in Rookie Draft (2QB league) to trade for RB upgrade. never happened. 

I drafted Zach Sudfeld in the 4th round. 

With Harvin out My best WR was Stevie Johnson. They traded his QB and gave him a rookie. 

My next best WR became Eric Decker...whose team acquire Wes Welker so I'm left wondering if he'll get any targets. 


I traded Reuben Randle for #14 overall pick to acquire FA Dennis Pitta during preseason to fill TE void. 

I end up taking Zac Sudfeld in round 4 of our rookie draft. Pitta was ruled out for season 3 days after I made trade. 


1st year commissioner of this 10yo dynasty league and the owners tried to mutinty over some dumb #### calling it the gayest league ever...I'm playing one of the more vocal critics in the finals.


I used my #1 Waiver option on Toby Gerhart after week 14.  Gerhart ruled out week 15. 



You know things are rough when you're pissed McCluster and Gerhart are rule OUT.  I've had to go deep... you that barely read section where they only recommend a player in "Really deep league or deep dynasty radar..."  yeah, I'm there right now.   I'm comparing Kick Return Stats among WR/RB Flex players to see who might be able to make up some ground for me since Stevie Johnson, Cecil Shorts is out.  


I have to beat:

QB Manning, Cousins      

WR: A Brown, Amendola, SMoss

RB JCharles, AMorris, 

TE Griffin

W/T Hopkins

W/R DeAngelo Williams

W/R Chris Johnson 

K Gostkowksi

DEF Denver


To this I'm starting:

Rivers, Alex Smith

DJackson, Keenan Allen, EDecker

Forte, Murray




49ers D

And 2 flex players I'm trying to decide between McCluster, Ace Sanders, Trent Richardson, Marquis Goodwin, Greg Little, Keshawn Martin, (We get KR points) for my final two spots. 


I'm also unemployed and not eligible for unemployment so I'm looking for a job. 


I actually/literally have TURF TOE.

It's a running injury that's been lingering for a solid 3 years.

This year has been the worst.  Every time i bend my toe it hurts and resprains the ligaments etc.  

You do not want your player to have this. If he does just hope they shut him down for season to get better.


I'm 6'5 275 (now) but in April during  a track workout I had my group run 40yd dash in honor of combine/draft. 

I weighed 260lbs then still had turf toe and ran a 4.9.   Maybe I could play TE for NE? I was a g





Decisions that have helped: 

I used that #14 pick to acquire Keenan Allen 

I held/hoarded starting QBs in my 2 QB. They are trade leverage. I wasn't able to trade and since then values for Rivers, Tannehill, Alex Smith have increased.... Bradford and EJ Manuel not as much.

I kept the faith! Going into week 10 with 4 hrs left of trade deadline...I was sitting a #6 and final playoff spot. Mediocre team in tough division. I am offered  #2014 1st. Arian Foster Maclin, Hopkins for Matt Forte from an owner who was tied for #1 playoff spot.  I turned him down.  Stating I hadn't given up yet. I still think I have a chance.  I finished in the #3 playoff seeding and he finished in the #4th playoff seeding.  I ended up with the best route to the title game in the actual playoffs. He just knocked off the best team and defending champion whose roster looks more like the All-Madden squad. 


Other decisions that have helped. I tried to read Football guys.com stuff w/o getting too hyped. Look for talent. Write it down and remember it.  Sometimes you try to strike too ea



Good Luck to anyone in the title game or winning any money.  All you need to do is make the playoffs and see if you can make something happen. 


I'm going to try to keep things going. I'm a 20pts underdog. I like it that way.

In Topic: RB Futures Dynasty Prospects Guys to build around.

14 November 2013 - 12:02 PM

I'm in 2QB PPR league that can start up to 4 RBs each week.  10 teams and 25 roster spots. See my signature for specifics.


2014 Prospects:  Haven't done a ton of research. Bleacher report has these guys to watch:


Lache Seastrunk, Baylor 5'10 210lbs

Ka'Deem Carey,  Arizona, 

DeAnthony Thomas, Oregon 5'9 176lbs

Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin 6'1 203

Bishop Sankey, UofWashing, 

Jeremy Hill, LSU 6'2 235

Marion Grice, ASU 

Charles Sims, WVU, 

Devonta Freeman, FSU 5'9

James Wilder JR, FSU

*Karlos Williams, FSU, 

Andre Williams, Boston College, 6'0 227



Current Rookies and Younger Players

Doug Martin -injured but this guy is tough and runs hard.

Gio Bernard- I like his burst and Rec. He seems to run hard whenever he can even though smaller.

Eddie Lacy- Fused toes or not this guy is playing well for a rookie.

Trent Richardson- I like this upside. WTF is going on currently is concern. Patience.

Spiller - Great talent. Not 100%. 

Morris - Not too familiar. Runs well and likely to improve as WAS off gets back to 2012 form. 

DMurray- Great when healthy. Biased as owner. Nervous about injury but not as much as people make of it.

LV Bell -Who else is there in PIT. Liked research on him from FBG don't know enough though.

Stacy- Liked FBG pre season info. Great last month.

Ben Tate - Tough, runs hard, bigger. Not great situation RBBC. Stock continues to rise.

Vereen- Waldman liked this guy. We haven't really seen what he can do yet.

C Michael- Another Waldman guy that is perfect for SEA style but 3rd on depth chart.

Lattimore- Very interested but will he return to Sophomore self or will he be LeShoure-like and not impressive.

Ellington- Taking advantage of oppty. Read good info just didn't focus on him vs other players.

Ingram - Haven't given up on him. Disappointment but dont' believe we've seen what he can do.


Since I already own Richardson and Murray I'll put them on my list. Next 2 are realistic guys I might be able to trade for and a rookie that I think I could draft.

1. Richardson-I own. Not necessarily open to trading.

2. Murray- I own. Would be open to trading.

3. Stacy - Attainable but not elite. Seems to be clear starter.

4. Lattimore- before he's proven, take a gamble on him with upside hopes. 

5. Seastruck  based on size/speed and what little I know.

6. Sankey from UW Solid 25+ rush/game guy with good hands dual threat.


I don't know about FA contracts etc. That hasn't been factored in. I live in OREGON and like DeAnthony Thomas's talent but don't like his size. If he's drafted by PHI then you have to look at him closer.  I like the bigger guys that can move around and take a hit. Hill from LSU has potential but I hate off field issues. QBs are favored in my league so I know RBs will drop regardless of where I pick from so I assume I can acquire any of them.

In Topic: What's up with Da'rick Rogers

14 November 2013 - 10:50 AM

What if Incognito and Martin were both acquired by the Colts? Not that they did a great job protecting Tannehill....


For Da'Rick Rodgers The FBG daily players in the news mentioned he could challenge for WR3. So, it's currently on my radar.  Apparently talented and has been a dip####. But in the blurb the team said that he's done what they asked and earned a chance or something.  That's at least progress in the right direction that could pay off.  My thoughts when a knucklehead like that hits it's not a bad idea to sell.   So consider your exit strategy when you acquire him.

In Topic: 1 Flex out of (TY Hilton - MJD - Woodhead)

14 November 2013 - 10:38 AM

In PPR Woodhead has scored double digit every week he's played except week1.  He's gotten a #of TDs and they'll use him in RZ. He's small but gritty to get extra yardage.  


If you need this flex to go big I'd say TY Hilton has higher ceiling.   If you need a guaranteed avg flex points scored Woodhead might be the way to go.


I haven't been paying attention to MJD lately and he hasn't been grabbing my attention that I can tell for good or bad. I think cause their team sucks ### at the moment.

In Topic: Vincent Brown - What Happened?

28 September 2013 - 03:49 PM

Waldman also liked him. Before all this stuff happened and he's been the rookie guru. I'll hang on to him a bit.