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2 Openings in Full IDP Dynasty

24 February 2015 - 04:32 PM



I have two openings in my 12 team 4th year dynasty league.  Important info below;


link to league - http://www14.myfanta...15/home/45553#0


Open teams are Moo Thunder and Nut Sack


45/50 man in season/off season roster

No kickers!

Start 20 (9 IOP, 11 IDP)

Custom graphics

Big play IDP scoring

$57 entry fee and I do not require a future deposit

Weekly BB and FCFS waivers open March 1st through week 16

Trading open March 1st through week 10



A dispersal draft will be held to fill these rosters and then we can draft divisions and open up trading and free agency.


PM me please with any questions and/or interest in one of these teams.


Thank you,



12 Team IDP Salary Cap League

28 March 2014 - 03:55 PM

I have an opening in this league below;

League site;

http://www14.myfanta...14/home/41946#0 This is a movie themed league with a custom template and graphics and experienced knowledgeable owners.

Bylaws are extensive and are found at the bottom left on the rules tab. After you click on the rules tab you'll see a Proboards link on the bottom left and that'll get you to the bylaws. I was able to break down each category on PB so it's much easier for reference than to scroll a mile down the MFL site bylaws page.

If you're looking for a boring cookie cutter dynasty league this isn't it. Some of the features include;

Franchise tags
Transition tags
Taxi squad
Contract extensions
Toilet Bowl with cash reward

I am looking for someone who lives and breathes dynasty football. If you're an active trader and are active in message board discussions, you'd be perfect. If interested PM me with a little about yourself and your FF experience. The previous owner said he was overwhelmed and stepped down but he is already paid for 2014 so I ask just a 50% ($31) deposit for 2015 since 2014 will be free. Full entry fee is $62/yr with 100% payout.

Thank you