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In Topic: Loaning a chick money 11-18-15 latest update

Yesterday, 02:45 PM

This is how the new genre of slasher movies start.  Happy couple and friends do something that should be fun, sometimes including sex.  Someone gets upset at something that isn't really made clear to all parties.  Some of the parties talk about it but not all.  Then the invite out of the blue requiring someone to go somewhere they have never been before to "talk."


The script writes itself from this point.

In Topic: **Official Thread** Fallout 4 (Commonwealth)-NO SPOILER ZONE

Yesterday, 12:07 PM

In a fit of jealous rage last night I played FO3 and aced the Wasteland Survival Guide missions for Moira while reading this thread.


So there.



In Topic: timschochet's thread- My 100 favorite novels

Yesterday, 12:06 PM

The Top 100 Americans was supposed to be fixed as it relates to Andrew Carnegie.  You have Alexander Hamilton way way too low.  You have Jefferson way too high.  There are too many pop culture people that have little influence of substance but a lot of influence of romance that a list like this shouldn't reward.  Your bottom 50 was a mess but your top 50 was better.  If I did a list like this we might have 45 similar people give or take a handful.


I would grade it a B-.  Much of the better part of the grade coming from the fact that you undertook the work.  The result was less than pleasing.  To me.  But we've seen what I do to this things.

In Topic: The adventures of trump and the Muslim database

23 November 2015 - 08:50 PM






I don't come from Minnesota so I don't know the details but it seems to me that while there are certainly similarities, Jesse didn't have any of the ugly demagoguery that Trump
Is bringing to the table, which is only getting worse as time goes on.

In Trump's favor he successfully ran businesses and his Apprentice show for years.  The easy counter to saying Trump won't be able to work with people is that he worked with people on his TV show.
Define successfully ran businesses. 
He's actually lost money being a business man. What an ultramaroon.
He only made $4 billion since the late 80s. You're right, he's a moron. No, you're an idiot.
Also forgot to include his companies numerous bankruptcies which allowed to him to pass off who knows how much debt to everyone else. 
Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S Grant also filed for bankruptcy. I'm sure they are ultra morons too who would never be able to run a country. Trump owns many marquee properties across the country that are 100% paid in full, bankruptcy helped him achieve this.
Lincoln didn't file bankruptcy.

In Topic: Disney Vacation

23 November 2015 - 02:22 PM

I forgot one I saw just this trip.


Handicapped girl in a princess dress in her chair.  She was near us on a parade route in Magic Kingdom.  When the parade got to our spot and they saw her, I kid you not it was like that video when the marathon runners all shake the hand of the veteran - every character and dancer that could went over to talk to her or take a picture or something like that.  I doubt they did it with every kid - it would be impossible, but I'm willing to bet they did it for more than one.


And all of that in constrast with Buttermilk Bertha and her 750 pound thighs in a scooter dripping two ice cream cones down her "arms" while she sits there and complains about all the people there that make it hard for her to get around.