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Live Long and Prosper.  RIP Nimoy and Spock

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Well, if you are facing someone, you shift your feet to face the opposite direction and move your torse with you so that you are facing the opposite way once complete.

In Topic: timschochet's thread

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Snowball Fight!!!!

In Topic: Minecraft....I don't get the love?

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Ok, you know how you're a 40 year old highly respected business owner whom other people look to to fix their lives and you are playing XBox Minecraft with your son and you are mining to find iron ore and you come up on a cavern that is pitch black and you get all nervous and tense as you try to navigate around dark corners while you hear the moans of zombies somewhere and you just know that one of them is going to get you from behind and you will lose all the ore you have on you, and then your son laughs at you, gets down there with you and puts torches everywhere so you can stop being afraid of the dark.


Yeah, that guy is a putz.