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Today, 09:54 AM

:lmao:  Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Missouri) has tweeted that she is done with the show because of the last episode.  :lmao:


This has become as entertaining as the show.

In Topic: Game of Thrones, tv only, books don't exist, no backstory

Today, 09:31 AM

Aside from a short-lived power-grab, I'm trying to see Cercei's endgame with the moves she's making. Can't imagine she's not going to get bit by all of this. and not in a rapey way.

I think she is basically losing her mind and trying to be her father, and she isn't her father.  He could think 10 moves ahead of everyone.  She thinks she can but can only go 2 and set off too many things in motion that she has no control of anymore.  

In Topic: Game of Thrones, tv only, books don't exist, no backstory

Today, 09:27 AM

I know, I know :deadhorse:


I listen to a couple GoT podcasts and one of them basically opened with an hour discussion about the episode and the scene, and I thought brought up great points on why people are upset with what they have been doing (their thoughts on the podcast):


- the main point was that it was a complete 180 from the character of Sansa that they have built up for the last season +.  This is a girl who has been through a marriage to a psycho, been getting pointers from Littlefinger, just got info that episode as to what might be going on, and had been showing signs of playing the game.  Then the wedding and bedding scene happens and she is reverted back to the shaking, crying old Sansa who has no agency in her situation.  She becomes a prop and they don't even have the balls to linger on her to show her pain/emotions during it. 


-  her trauma is turned into Reek's trauma.  The scene is shot in a way that has barely anything to do with her, and all about how poor Reek is reacting to this playing out in front of him. 


-  for a show that supposedly has great writers, this is a weak and overdone plot device.  Just about any show or movie you see where a woman "gets strong" and takes revenge for something, guess what is the catalyst for that.  It is as though the murder of her family and all the horrors she has endured just isn't enough.  This is the thing that is needed to motivate her to do something.  Also undercuts the emotion of it by using it as the catalyst in that way.


- Martin himself has stated that he wanted this to be viewed through the lens of modern times.  Sure there is the threat of rape throughout his world and books, just like women feel there is that threat for them now.  Only one maybe two women are raped in the books - it is the showrunners and HBO that are choosing to add this scene, Cersei last year, Roz getting the bolt through the vajay, Joffrey making the hookers beat each other, etc., etc.. 


I thought there was some interesting points being made (I bet some have been made here in the shuffle too).  Nothing to do with banning scenes like this, etc.. that people jump to conclusions about the other way.  Just that it is tired, lazy, and undercuts the character they were building up. 

Again, not really feeling the work aspect of my day... and this turned out to be a little longer than it should be because I really don't want to work today so I just spoilered it so people can skip over it if they want.



In Topic: Obscure Sports Moments That Really Bothered You

Yesterday, 11:24 AM

Edgar Martinez and Ken Griffey Jr. ending Mattingly's shot at a World Series.   ETA - sorry not really obscure.

In Topic: 2015 Stanley Cup Playoffs: Duck, Duck, Hampuuuus!

Yesterday, 11:20 AM

Again, I know I'm not a main poster in this one so take it for what it's worth.


I love baseball.  It's still my sports religion.  And the Yankees are my blood.  And I'm a Giants fan through and through as well.  The two latest Super Bowls were rollercoaster rides that were amazing to be a part of as a fan and I still enjoy watching the games on repeat, highlights and sticking it to Patriots fans every chance I get.


And all of that simply to say that there is no singluar game in sports that I have watched as a fan in any sport, at any time, for any reason, that is more emotionally controlling and pulls you from the edge of your seat and beyond then Stanley Cup playoff hockey.  I react more to these games than any other, including the Yankees, and I feel my heart pounding in my throat more in these games then when David Tyree caught that ball or Mariano Rivera came in to close out a series.  Just an amazing treat this sport is at playoff time.  I screamed and woke up the whole house last night when the Rangers tied the game.  Wife hates me.  Kids didn't get any sleep.  Only to lose on such a perfect wrist shot from the 'ning.


Great stuff so far.  And not just the Rangers series.  Every second of every game I've caught has been thrilling for the most part.  I don't know how to make hockey more popular but I don't know  how it's possible to not be a fan - at least - of the cup playoffs.  And Henrik best get his head out of whatever #### it's stuck in because they can't lose the next game.