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In Topic: ZWK's Dynasty Rankings (updated Aug 2015)

27 August 2015 - 07:45 PM

Marcus Wheaton at 85 and Bryant at 33 are upside down.  Wheaton has won the starting job and now Bryant has a four game PED suspension.  Big Ben has been praising Wheaton all off season and he could easily solidify his spot in the next four weeks.  Even if you think Bryant has more long term talent, you would have to drop him some and move Wheaton up into the mid-40s or 50s.


20 August 2015 - 09:45 PM

So west or crowell?

This situation is getting more and more muddy.

In Topic: What stopped the "Greatest Show on Turf"?

18 August 2015 - 07:19 PM

Father Time

Yes. My recollection is that the first blow was Warner's thumb. He never really threw the ball same after he hurt it.

In Topic: Dynasty & Redraft: WR Marqise Lee, Jaguars

05 August 2015 - 08:05 PM

Lee is looking like a miss and Hurns like the hit as the second receiver in Jacksonville.

In Topic: Markus Wheaton - Underrated?

05 August 2015 - 07:59 PM


A few years ago, Ben said that he expected his TE to break out and go to his first pro bowl and he wanted that for him. That next year he got 98 catches (previous high was 66) and almost 800 yards (previous high was 566). Ben isn't always talking coach speak. 


Yeah. Saying that Wheaton "will be the #2" is rather precise. 


I don't see coaches saying that a player is or will be something unless they mean it.  If they are just talking up a guy, they usually keep it somewhat generalized and ambiguous...like saying they want to get a guy more touches or that he needs to see the field more.


No more talking. Initial depth chart has Wheaton as the #2 and Bryant as second string.