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In Topic: Dynasty & Redraft: WR Allen Robinson, Jaguars

05 February 2015 - 10:08 AM



I own Robinson but if you look at his stats from last year where his best game was against the Dolphins, 5 receptions for 82 yards and 1 TD, its a nice game but nothing spectacular.  Might even be considered a regular or even ho-hum day from an A.J. Green or O'Dell Beckam or Mike Evans owner but that was Allen Robinson's high water mark from last year.  A year where he only scored 2 TDs and his highest reception game was 7. 


Jury is still out on  Blake Bortles and they won't be throwing the ball a ton with an unproven QB like that and as noted Justin Blackmon is expected back and TE Mercedes Lewis should also be back healthy and both Marquise Lee and Allen Hurns are in the picture so I see a lot of competition in an offense where their probably won't be a lot of targets to go around.



he didn't have the benefit of a full offseason. injuries kept him off the field most of the OTAs and minicamp. he was out all of August too. it's difficult to expect someone - much less a rookie - to step up like he did. the numbers say he was productive, if unremarkable, but the numbers also say something else in the proper context. he did fine in those few games under the circumstances. had a few more TDs been sprinkled into his rookie season then we'd all be more bullish on him.


the entire Jax offense sucked. they averaged 15 ppg and were near the bottom of almost every offensive statistical category. they changed OC's and want to develop Bortles. i expect them to continue to improve even if it is only marginally.


You see the bolded section above as an excuse for lack of production; I see it as a warning flag.  He ended the year with surgery  on his foot.  Foot injuries can be problematic and recur.  For a young player to be injured so much from OTAs to regular season gives me pause.


Second, as others have said, this is not a good situation. Young and unproven QB who didn't look great in his rookie year and lots of possible competition.  He was a late first to mid-second round pick last year and I don't see how he improved his stock.  If I believed in him and was prepared to wait a couple of years, I would offer late first (1.10-1.12).  If he hadn't had season ending surgery and if he didn't have what I think is a bad QB, I could see going up to 1.06.

In Topic: Bettis = Hall Of Famer?

02 February 2015 - 11:17 AM

He was a very good player but he was not elite and should not be in the HOF. Again, this is no knock on him but there were more deserving players.  As for why he got in, I don't know, but it is part popularity contest and part notoriety and part performance.

In Topic: Patriots being investigated after Colts game

02 February 2015 - 11:09 AM

N.E. was awarded the Lombardi trophy, not a silver-plated asterick.  The results are final.

It will always be an asterick both for the AFC championship game and for their dynasty.  If you want to root for cheaters, enjoy yourself.  In my experience, cheaters usually cheat much more often than they are caught.  NE has been caught twice now.  The NFL doesn't want to punish them because then they look bad for permitting the cheating in the first place and all they care about is viewers and money.  Most people are lemmings and don't care so the NFL will sweep this under the rug along with the deleted Bellicheat tapes.

In Topic: Doug Baldwin rips Cris Carter

02 February 2015 - 11:01 AM

Two thirds of the national sports "media" are former professional athletes.  Does it surprise you that they act foolishly on air?  They aren't professional journalists.  But people watch them because they are stars and the TV warrior at home knows their name.  Carter is no better nor worse than 99% of the other former athletes pretending to be journalists--you just don't like his opinion when he is trashing your team.

In Topic: Patriots being investigated after Colts game

24 January 2015 - 12:35 PM

All the cheating that goes on in the league, from PEDs to spygate, to deflategate, to bountygate, it just really is turning me off to the NFL and to fantasy football too.  NE fans are nuts if they think their team doesn't have a huge asterix in the mind of the general football public.  And what NE has done puts an asterix over the whole league.