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    I voted for him. I don’t like him but I stomached him - just not interested in what Democrats have to say in general type of thing. But that’s beside the point. Now that he has pretty clearly lost - I just want him to shut up, finish his term, and go away. I really do.
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    2020 Thankful For My Blessings Run Pre-Run Mumbo Jumbo The purpose of this run initially was to hopefully jump start some training for myself and maybe a few others here. Obviously this year has been rough, and despite all that I have tried to stay positive as much as possible. My kids are dependent on it, even though my insides and stress level have been in turmoil since all this Covid started. So the point for me today was just take some time and think about what is really important and be thankful for that. My training coming up to this has been spotty, as you all can see everyday by my lack of Strava entries, so today was just all about running 13.1 miles. Diet was great all week, evidenced my single pre-run dump that was perfection. Had no issues the rest of the run with my GI tract. So it was good to see I still have that dialed in for a race. Woke up a really stiff back that never loosened up this whole run, and is still hurting now. In addition, my heart rate was about 30 beats higher at go time. Not good. It never really did abate during the run, so I knew pretty quick I wasn't coming in under two hours. No matter - that wasn't what this day was about. Mile 1: On this mile I was thankful for my mother. When I was 9 my parents divorced, and I'll never forget those nights for a year where she would wail at night out of sadness due to the betrayal of my dad. She never knew we heard her, but she would somehow pull it together every morning to take care of us. And she would just go, day after day, doing her best on a single income (with later help from my dad) to feed and clothe 3 boys. I don't know how she did it, but she did. We had some lean years, and a lot of hot dogs and pork and beans, and even a few very empty Christmas mornings, but we survived. I thank her for everything she did for us. Mile 2: So about my brothers - the three of us are as close as three brothers could ever be. And we still are to this day. We went through some ####, man....and came out the other side as productive men and respectful men. I'm thankful that we can still text and talk every week and flip each other #### - because that's what brothers do! But we all know we have each others back no matter what. Mile 3: I thought about how I even got into this in the first place, and every once in awhile when I see my neighbor I thank her for getting the ball rolling on this. I doubt I would have ever started running without her push (and it was pretty easy to follow her around), but that's the kick I needed. I am forever in debt to her for that. Since that first day I have lost about 20 pounds and have never put it back on. That was 8 years ago. Mile 4: This was @gruecd's mile, because right about here I was thinking "man, I just don't feel that great today." Yet all that came back at me was grue's voice: "don't be a poooosay. this was your stupid idea." So thanks, I guess....... Mile 5: My wife's turn. She has pretty much let me run when I want and how long I want without too much complaint. (though @Juxtatarot is a witness that I was close to the edge with that last marathon training). But she is the rock that holds my family together. This woman saved me 18 years ago, and has continued to support everything I do. I am not exaggerating when I say I might be dead if I hadn't met her. Mile 6: My kids are starting to come to mind now, and I'm thankful for the way they have grown up. They are respectful to other people, and are great students in school. Probably the greatest compliment I have ever received was a few years ago, and we saw the school lunch lady at a restaurant. We went over to say hi, and she said to my wife and I: "I just want you to know that your kids are the only ones in school that say please and thank you every time they come through my line." They are great kids and I'm looking forward to seeing their continued growth. Mile 7: This mile was Purple Larry's entry into my mind. You might recall my friend Larry that I posted about a few months back that passed away from cancer. This guy taught me how to work and how to be a man - something my dad never did. I owe a debt of gratitude to him, and I am thankful I got to say those words to him before he passed away. Mile 8: This was the mile where I realized God sent me on this run for a reason. I was running through my old neighborhood, and saw an older person struggling to remove something from his car. He had a two wheel cart there, so he was trying to load some stuff apparently so he could take it to the house. I stopped and yelled over if he needed some help. He said sure so I walked over and put my mask on. Turns out he has Parkinson's, and was trying to move a large case of Costco waters and a case of bleach and couple other heavy items. I ended up helping him get everything to his back door. We talked a couple of minutes, wished each other Happy Thanksgiving, and off I went. I tell this story only because as we move around in our lives, there are always opportunities to help someone or be kind to someone. I don't always "act". But this was a lesson to me to always call over and offer my help. Mile 9: This was an easy mile because I was starting to feel good about this day. I was just thinking - man, you are one lucky dude man. You've got all these great people in your life and just keep on keepin' on. This is when I knew I would at least run this all the way through to 13.1. Mile 10: I starting thinking about my running journey here. I am just thankful that I can run, and that despite a terrible mental game, I am still at this. I leaned on my experience here, and am thankful that I have those in my memory bank to help. It's amazing how much we can all take away from every run, every race, every failure, every triumph. And I'm thankful I get to experience this whenever I want to. Mile 11: This led into thinking about those who are not as fortunate as me. I thought a lot about all the poor souls who have lost their lives this year due to Covid. Of all the families that have struggled this year due to death, and job loss, and just overall mental fatigue. We all know it's hard, and somehow I have to figure out a better way moving forward to helping some of these people. This was a sad mile, to be honest. Mile 12: This led into thinking about all those people out there on the front lines to protect us - the doctors, nurses, police officers, military, firefighters - all of them. They have a tough duty right now in all phases, and I hope moving forward America can come together to help these people. I'm not sure people are thinking about all of this when making their personal decisions while they navigate everything that is going on in America today. But when I see my other neighbor, who is a nurse, come home....and I can just see the pain and frustration and anger in her makes me sad for all the selfishness in our country right now. But they aren't selfish, and I'm thankful for them. Mile 13.1: I'm just thankful this is almost over. I finish on a downhill and stop my watch at 13.2 miles. Just to make sure I wasn't short, lest one of you smartasses say I didn't complete the challenge. Summary I ran this run exactly as I planned - by heart rate. With a little heart ache and a lot of heart-full-ness. This is the best half marathon I have ever run. Thank you to all who participated, and special thanks to @gruecd for your generous offer and donation. And @Zasada as well. If anyone else was doing this I also thank you. After my run: Farmer's Market Grocery Store Quik Trip Liquor Store Need to make an apple pie from scratch for my 13 year olds birthday, followed by a nice steak dinner on the grill at his request, and then some beers, college football, and a fire in the fireplace. Have a good day gents!
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    I'm not a fan of one of our two political parties trying to dismantle the system out of spite for the benefit of the biggest conman to ever occupy our most important office. I understand your concern for the average guy who happens to be a republican. I share it. I've posted it since the election. That doesn't mean the power structure allowing this should be ignored so that we don't hurt someone's feelings.
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    Tradition Turkey Trot Race Report My first official race since my marathon back in January. First 5K since this same race last year. They tried to socially distance the start times. Everyone required to wear a mask before the race. They had cones spaced 12 feet apart that spanned numerous blocks. Starting times were from 8:00-8:30. I parked and warmed up by my vehicle. After warming up, I hopped back in my car and did my 3 rounds of breathing to calm my nerves and inject more oxygen into my bloodstream (doctor stuff). I decided to run without my knee brace. First run without it in months. Bold move on my part! I get to the line and it is deeeeeeep. Had to wait until around 8:15 to start. I was listening to some nice calming music as I waited and was in a good place. Finally make it to the line, ditch my mask, and I’m off! Mile 1: Pace 6:28 HR 154 The first half of this mile was on the road. I spent the majority of that time dodging walkers, strollers, and others that weren’t running very fast. The second half merged onto the sidewalk, but I did not. I took the longer, outer path and stayed on the road. It would’ve been impossible to run had I not stayed on the road. This did add some extra distance, but it was my only option. Mile 2: Pace 6:32 HR 182 It was at this point in the race I knew I was in for some pain. I welcomed it and continued pushing through it. No knee pain. No pain anywhere on my body. That may be the first time I have been able to say that in months. Mile 3: Pace 6:39 HR 185 At this point, I’ve collected around 500-600 kills (as @tri-man 47 would call them) because I started so far back. Nothing crazy during this mile, just continuing to push and hold on. Mile .11: Pace 6:24 HR 188! Pretty sure my max HR is 189-191. I gave it all I had which is all I wanted out of this run. Overall, super pleased and just genuinely thankful for everything. I came out of this race feeling good. No injuries. I’m on the right track with my running, diet, and strength training. The weather from here on out is going to be amazing. Starting a marathon plan on Monday. Signed up for my local marathon on March 7th. I would really like to stick to this plan and run a great race come March. Funny story, I have a long-running group chat with my brother, cousin, and a few football friends. I post about my runs and they’re aware that I am pretty decent at it. My buddy asked yesterday if I was thinking I’d finish first. I said no, looking at a respectable 12th place with a time a little over 20 minutes. Wouldn’t you know it, exactly 12th place! I did finish 2nd in my AG. Hope you all have an amazing Thanksgiving! Alright, alright, alright. - Bart
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    The DNC should use this brief as a campaign ad for every election at every level for the next 50 years. It's truly remarkable. Here is your President's legal position, certified by legal counsel, and now made part of the public record as if he said it at a podium: All the votes in Pennsylvania were fine, except the votes for president. The ballots as to every other race are not being challenged. Which, for the rest of everything argued makes literally no sense at all on any level. It also means that the President of the United States is certifying that election fraud that doesn't effect him personally isn't worth pursuing, nor are those elections worth protecting. So for all you, let's vet everything guys, your president disagrees. Democratic conspirators worked in tandem to make sure that more Biden votes were counted than Trump votes because they knew where the votes were coming from, the demographics of the area, and they had knowledge of the different campaign positions of Trump and Biden. Which means, in essence, everyone knows Biden was going to get more black votes, and the fact that they actually allowed those votes to be counted is a violation of Pennsylvania law. That's a bold claim by them. Should help the GOP for years. And then my favorite. They want access to all of the votes they deem questionable or at least a representative sample of them so that they can then research to determine if their mathematical formulae that they have been using to speak numbers in press conferences are actually correct. They believe they are but they have...... no proof at all and want the court to give them access so that they can find the proof. Which, I mean to be fair, we do try as much as we can. We just usually don't have press conferences saying we have all the proof and then, hope no one reads too deep when we ask the court to help us find the proof we said we had. Oh, and their final main point. They actually do have proof. They have thousands of affidavits. Yup. They literally pled that. That's your President. Election integrity only matters when it affects me, you can't count the votes of people who don't support me, we have a ton of proof but we need the court to help us find it. And actually we have all the proof we need with these 700 pages of affidavits that have already been summarily rejected when reviewed by the court as nothing more than the childish fantasies of narcissists full of sound and fury and signifying nothing. Remarkable.
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    Covid-19 is the number one daily killer in the US, right now. Excluding bad pandemics (which occur once or twice a century), flu is never responsible for more deaths in a day than any other disease - heart attacks, lung cancer, car accidents, suicides, bacterial pneumonia, strokes, etc., etc. etc. In an average year, flu kills about 35K Americans. That’s roughly 0.01% of our population. So Covid is ~10X as deadly as the average flu, worse than every strain of influenza for over a century. But that doesn’t tell the whole story. Flu leads to ~200K hospitalizations in the US each year. 90,000 people are hospitalized with Covid-19 today, with a cumulative total over half a million. And covid patients stay in the hospital much longer than those with flu. Even if you aren’t hospitalized, covid can be bad. Over 90% of outpatients with influenza recover completely within 2 weeks. For covid, a subset of patients are “long-haulers”, with symptoms lasting 2+ weeks in about 1/3. It’s not clear if those people will suffer from permanent organ damage, but covid is certainly more debilitating than flu. Hospitals don’t get overwhelmed with flu patients every year. They also don’t run out of PPE, ICU beds and ventilators from influenza. Or places in the morgue. And 1300+ healthcare workers don’t die from flu each year, as have already perished from covid-19. By comparison, 89 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty last year, and 80-260 healthcare workers die annually from work related infections. I don’t know about S Dakota specifically, but believe me, covid is much worse than any flu we’ve seen in our lifetime. And it’s far from over, so please try to take it seriously, and listen to the guidance from public health officials.
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    Kinda? Let's unpack this. Giuliani - who was exposed on film by Sasha Baron Cohen for asking what he thought to be a 15 year old girl up to his room for drinks before 'tucking his shirtail in' just days prior to the election - started off this legal brewhaha with a press conference held at a seedy landscaping business located next to a dildo shop and a crematorium. From there, Trump's legal team - piloted by a man who looks like a The Penguin and has started leaking brake fluid from his temples - has gone a Rod Marinelliesque 1 and 40 something in the courts. His wingwoman - a one Sidney Powell who has the perpetual countenance of a "Who Farted" expression and continues to tell anybody who will listen 'she HAS something', but needs more time to say what that something is - has essentially been fired by The Donald who wants nothing to do with her 'legal expertise'. For reasons nobody can explain, she continues to run her mouth like an actor who has been cut off accepting an Oscar. And you think it's just NOW 'kinda embarrassing'?
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    I would not have a problem with this. If you have league members with holes in their lineups, perhaps they are the ones you should consider not inviting back! It grinds my gears when someone has been eliminated from playoff contention and stops making lineup changes.
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    NEW: GSA has informed president-elect Joe Biden the administration is ready to begin the formal transition process, according to a letter from administrator Emily Murphy sent Monday afternoon and obtained by CNN. -- About damn time.
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    Marc E. Elias @marceelias · 7m BREAKING: Arizona has certified the results of the 2020 general election. Joe Biden will receive state's electoral votes.
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    13 finishers x $13.10 = $170.30 (rounded up to $200) just donated to HAWS, an open-admission, no-kill animal shelter located about 10 minutes from my house. I was never a pet person until my wife convinced me to get Misia back in 2015. Now I'm one of those guys who would literally run into a burning house and risk my own life to save her. I literally can't watch those Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercials on TV. My allergies really limit my ability to do much hands-on volunteer work at the shelter, but I do try to support them financially, and I'd like eventually get involved with their BOD. Congratulations again to all of you who ran this past week, and thanks to @ChiefD for coming up with the idea.
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    4. Maybe I’m Amazed (McCartney, 1970) Spotify YouTube Also Wings - Maybe I’m Amazed (single, 1977) Spotify YouTube (Paul #1!!!!!!!) Gahhhhh, I’m really pressed on time now. Some stuff came up today work- and life-wise, and I’ve a buncha stuff… I think what I would have focused on most about this song is how he made himself, in the original version, sound like a big freaking band. Every element is terrific, but it really sounds like a gosh darned band playing together seamlessly, not a guy with a four-track weaving together a bunch of parts. Amazing achievement. And then, somehow, he even improves this with the live Wings version a few years later, which made it full and majestic, expanding in a way that this sweet ode wouldn’t have seemed able. Every sound on both versions is perfectly placed, and I can never decide which I prefer. Luckily, for countdown purposes I get both, since the first was on an initial album release and the second was released as a single. Yay, me.
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    Didn't run today, but closing out November with my second consecutive (and second-ever) 400km+ month. Feeling good going into Dec. Blew up my quads on Friday and still suffering from that. Might be a little bit of a down week this week.
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    Found one!
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    Signed up yesterday to do a turkey trot of my own. I'm loosely planning to start an 18-week marathon training block on December 7 (right before the baby comes, I know...genius), so my only real objective today was to get a feel for my current fitness level. I wasn't optimistic. The company putting on today's race is the same one that put on my 50K and the same one that's been putting on local races all year. They have a pretty good system in place. Similar to @JShare87's race, they set up 10 rows of 10 cones spaced 10 feet apart. Everyone lines up by a cone, and they release one wave (row) of 10 runners every 30 seconds. Masks stay on until you start. Got there early and did a little 2-mile warmup run. Felt like total crap at first and gave some serious thought to just bagging it and going home. But I'd told @gianmarco and @Steel Curtain that I was running, and I didn't want them to call me a poooosay, so I kept going. Fortunately, I felt quite a bit better by the end. I still had 30 minutes until the start, so I went and used the bathroom one last time, picked up my bib, and came back to the car. Changed into my Endorphin Pros (first time racing in these), ditched my long-sleeve shirt for my singlet, and headed to the start. Apparently my pre-race routine is the polar opposite of @JShare87, because instead of listening to something calm, I switched to my hip-hop playlist to get me pumped up and into the racing mindset. Did a couple of quick strides before picking a cone in the first group of ten. Off we went, and I settled pretty quickly into 5th place behind three dudes and one girl. I haven't run a 5K in so long that I forgot what those paces feel like, and I came out a little hot. I didn't want to die, so I backed it off a bit and finished the first mile in 6:13. The course was an out-and-back that's slightly (but perceivably) uphill on the "out" and downhill on the way back. I slowed to 6:30-6:35 pace during the first half of mile #2, and the 180-degree turnaround didn't help, but I managed to pick it back up a little bit afterwards and salvage a 6:25 for the full mile. Heart rate was in the low 160s by now and wouldn't end up going much higher. I felt like I was working hard, but I guess my legs were the limiting factor and not my cardio. A dude passed me here, which I didn't love, but it is what it is. Pulled it together pretty nicely for the finish, clocking 6:19 for the mile #3 and 6:02 pace for the last tenth. Overall time 19:30 (6:17/mile), good for 6th overall and 1st in my AG. There's no awards ceremony, and they discourage people from congregating after the race, so I took a quick minute after the finish to catch my breath and then jogged to my car before heading back out for a little 2-mile cooldown. I said before the race that I'd be happy just to break 20 minutes, so at least I can check that box. Extrapolating today's results, I'd say I'm probably in 1:30-1:31 half marathon shape and 3:10-3:12 marathon shape right now. With 18 weeks of training ahead of me, I should have a decent chance to get into 3:05ish marathon shape by spring. Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
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    Wanted to let folks know some news. I wrote this in the Email Update tonight. This sums it up. Nothing but love for David and I'm happy for him. And excited about the future for Footballguys.
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    I am the guy in question who does this. I would rather have a team try to cheat to win than not fill a starting lineup. Now I am not saying every team has to follow some web projections, but if a team is starting a bye player, that is 100% inexcusable. There is nothing worse than an owner who quits as soon as their team is out of playoff contention.
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    13.1 in the books at a 10:12 pace. Farthest I’ve run in about 9 years!
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    Georgia officially certifies election results.
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    Hi all, I will be raffling of a PS5 for Chance For Hope Foundation that is for our brother @bigbottom cause. I will pay 100% for the item and shipping. All proceeds will go to the charity. I will not be reimbursed for anything. You will get entries into the raffle based on how much you donate to the C4H site below. For every 5 dollars in donations you get one ticket into the raffle. The raffle starts now and will end on 12/17/2020 at midnight west coast time in the hopes of getting the prize to the winner before Christmas. Winner will be named on 12/18. From Bigbottom: I tried a few searches and came up empty. We could do this: Folks who participate can DM me a message on FBGs with their first and last initial and donation amount. I can then validate it in our donorperfect database and confirm it in the thread (using only the screen name and not disclosing the person’s IRL name). So @encaitar sends me a DM with his initials and donation amount; I then validate it and post in this thread that encaitar donated $X.
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    I see so much negativity about 2020 but I'm really excited about it. This is an unprecedented opportunity. In your whole life, when have you had so much time available to improve your life? For people working from home, think of all the time you are getting back on your commute. For people bemoaning the fact they can't go out, think how much time you have to do pushups, or learn a language, or finally figure out how to moonwalk, or finally understand what your teenage daughter is talking about, or lose that weight or do some yoga and see if it helps with that weird thing you have been feeling that you don't talk about. This is the thread to discuss the things we are doing and to commit to some goals together. In the otis fad diet thread, a bunch of us have committed to things like tracking calories, doing 30 hours of exercise in 30 days of November, doing 30 days of Yoga with Adriene (free YouTube yoga practices that are highly recommended) and more. Right now my goals are to help my autistic son be able to fully participate in class with his typically developing peers, improve my marriage, get my house ready to sell, do 100 consecutive pushups in one set, do my first pull up since I was a kid, do 60 minutes of activity every day in November, run a 26 minute 5k, improve my career, draw better and finally start writing. And flossing. Please don't tell my dentist but I still suck at flossing. I didn't have all of these goals in 2018. I was bored, unhappy and unmotivated. I started with one goal, losing my gut, and then slowly added things to the list. I was never the guy you would follow to an exercise program. But I'm finally taking things seriously and this pandemic has put me in the position to make lemons into lemonade. It's probably doing the same for you. Let's work together in this thread to make our lives better. Commit to something and be accountable to each other. Listen to what I'm doing and others are doing and follow along. Try a 30 day challenge that matches your goals. Do something outside your comfort zone. Let's make the rest of 2020 and 2021 the best we can under the circumstances so we can be proud of the version of us that emerges when things finally maybe hopefully go back to normal.
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    I'm not trying to be a jerk here, but the whole "social media is being biased with their misinformation labels" argument is, frankly, juvenile. It reminds me of when I was a 15 year old on videogame forums and a bunch of fanboys from one side would troll and break all the rules and then argue "why is this forum biased against Sega fans?!?!" when they got punished for it. Because, let's be real here, many of the biggest names in the GOP right now are essentially trolling on those platforms. The entire strategy of people like Trump, Trump Jr, Bannon, OANN, etc is to peddle blatant unsubstantiated misinformation and hammer it into people's heads over and over again until they believe it. So it makes perfect sense that they would get slapped for peddling misinformation more often when peddling misinformation is the entire strategy they set out to do on these platforms. Like I said it's juvenile, but mostly sad that enough seemingly rational fully grown Americans can fall for a paultry trick that is the staple of 15 year olds on internet forums. When I was sitting there watching this stuff as a kid I never dreamed we'd be seeing the same thing play out in congress, but here we are.
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    In bigly. Sold a bunch around ~9.90 and BOT some back in the 4s. I believe they are going to get a COVID approval. Still have a lot of faith even though I haven't been able to be vocal here. STAY LONG AND STRONG, BROTHERS!!!
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    Your point being we should not generalize an entire party merely because half its members, and nearly all of its leaders, are disputing validity of our democratic election? Based on literally nothing? I think it’s worthy of generalizing.
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    I voted no on all 3. I think the Ravens should just have to play with their backups/practice squad. Too bad for them, but its a completely fair solution. Should have made the Titans do that a earlier this year too.
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    Gotcha. Not trying to divert the thread but I think I'd be more worried about the league in this case if that kind of thing is happening. If he's really into fantasy football and I'm assuming he is, it probably kills him to see owners with a player on bye and he's trying to improve the league.
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    Set your lineup or don’t join a league.
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    Unlike the current GOP, differences of opinion within a political party are a good thing.
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    Had to play a minimum number of games to make the title game. This one cancelled will put them under that minimum. the good news is they can still win the NFC East
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    Well, if anyone knows corrupt and incompetent lawyers its New Jersey. Wait....
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    1st (Annual?) Run For the Shovel RR So, I planned on going at this hard, but it was difficult to know exactly where I stood. Positives: In the midst of my highest mileage year, Flat course, Decent weather, I tapered Negatives: No speedwork at all, no spectators/competition, Bean Attack (see below) So, on the beans. The wife made pork and beans Thursday night, unbeknownst to us our crock pot is not working right. Things were taking forever, and when we finally went to eat them the beans were quite undercooked. So, they didn't taste the best but I figured whatever, I can choke these down, beans are good for you and no sense them going to waste. It wasn’t until I was laying awake in agony later that night that I remembered reading years ago that undercooked beans can give you some seriously bad juju. So, I got very little sleep Thursday night, then ate very lightly Friday. I tried to be good about hydrating, though. By Saturday I felt pretty decent, but with the beans still lurking bear potential was extremely high. Still, I decided to give it a go. The race: After walking about ¼ mile to warm up, I started, aiming for about 7:05 pace and go from there. Miles 1-4 (6:59, 7:09, 7:06, 7:08) Had a bit of trouble dialing in pace, and it just never felt right. I didn’t feel like I was working hard, but it didn’t feel smooth either. Also, the wind was up more than expected, and the way the course ran it was basically 1.2 miles into the wind, then 1.2 miles with the wind, etc. I rarely check my HR because mine is inaccurate so often, but I did around mile two and saw 180, and the fitbit also read 180, so that wasn’t a good sign. Oh well, nothing to do but soldier on and stop worrying. Right after the 4 mile mark I ran into a former coworker who was walking and felt compelled to stop to at least say hello, explain why I couldn’t chat and bid adieu. So, I did pause the watch here for about 15 seconds, which is why if you look at Strava the HM achievement doesn’t quite match the run. Miles 5-8 (7:06, 7:13, 7:18, 7:21) This is when I started enjoying things less. A bit of intestinal distress here but nothing too bad. I did take a mouthful of water from my car aid station at 7.5, and that didn’t sit real well so I decided I would forgo any snacking or more water for the rest of the race. Miles 9-11 (7:20, 7:27, 7:30) Just counting down to the last lap here. The sun came out for the first time during this stretch, which was unwelcome as it was already a little on the warm side (upper 50s). Miles 12-Finish (7:40, 7:47, 7:28) Demotivated myself here by figuring out I should have 1:35:xx and couldn’t realistically reach 1:34:xx. I hate when I do that. Road crossing luck also ran out here – had to cross one road 11 times and was 8/8, then all of the last 3 I had to do slight detours due to traffic. Held it together as best I could, but no last minute heroics attempted. Forgot about those extra 15 seconds, so D’oh – either 1:35:53 or 1:36:08 depending on how you account. Either way, kind of meh, but it wasn’t like I was lollygagging it. Final thoughts: Once again I want to thank ChiefD for setting this up, as I have no idea when I will have a “real” race to run. My original HM from Spring 2020 is now scheduled for Fall 2021, nothing else currently on the horizon. I’ve been really good about getting out consistently and getting nice long runs in, but I haven’t been motivated to really push myself to do intervals, hill repeats, etc. This probably highlights the need to DBAP in that regard. Regardless, family is good, life is good, so if I’m not as fast as I would like to be, need to keep things in perspective. Happy Thanksgiving!
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    I'm just going to speak for myself here, but 2020 and 2021 will end up being really good years for me overall. I'm looking forward to winter being winter. I don't go out that much in the winter anyways, and I'm getting my kid some indoor play equipment for Christmas that he will love. I do all my exercise indoors and I just got a rower. I only watch TV when I'm exercising and there's some shows I'm looking forward to binge watching. There's no pressure to go out and do stuff, no commute, and we've got a good routine finally between school, my wife and I working from home, groceries, cleaning (which for some reason is way different during the pandemic because we're home so much) and just generally living together. I'm totally committed to self improvement right now, for me and my family. Spending more time with my kid has been awesome and he's clinging to me these days, i love it. I still have some destructive habits like drinking and eating total crap but I've got a much better balance than I used to. I'm doing yoga and knocking out sets of 50 or 60 pushups when I couldn't do 10 back in March. My yard looks better, I've fixed a bunch of stuff that needed fixing but I kept putting it off, and I have still found plenty of time to #### around on the internet. I understand that not everyone has that experience or the luxury of the extra time that I'm talking about and I'm very grateful for it. For those who do, though, don't waste it. This is a rare opportunity to hit the pause button on everything but the stuff in your immediate household. There were so many times I wanted to do something but complained that I didn't have the time. For the last 8 months we've had plenty of time. For the next 6 months at least we probably will too. Use it wisely. Learn a skill. Spend time with your family. Work on your marriage. Lose the gut. Write that novel. Rekindle an old friendship over zoom. Plan that career change. Think about things that would improve your life and do them.
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    2. All Things Must Pass (All Things Must Pass, 1970) Spotify YouTube (George #2) I think these are George’s best lyrics: Sunrise doesn't last all morning A cloudburst doesn't last all day Seems my love is up and has left you with no warning It's not always going to be this gray All things must pass All things must pass away Sunset doesn't last all evening A mind can blow those clouds away After all this, my love is up and must be leaving It's not always going to be this gray All things must pass All things must pass away All things must pass None of life's strings can last So, I must be on my way and face another day Now the darkness only stays at nighttime In the morning it will fade away Daylight is good at arriving at the right time It's not always going to be this gray All things must pass All things must pass away All things must pass All things must pass away & 1. Beware Of Darkness (All Things Must Pass, 1970) Spotify YouTube (George #1!!!!!!) And I think this is George’s best vocal. It’s not that I compare the two directly, vocal over lyrics. The one with the lyrics also has a stunning vocal, and vice versa. These two are close for me; they both give me chills, and "All Things Must Pass" sometimes brings me to tears from its sheer beauty. But there’s always been something about “Beware Of Darkness” for me. Every time that vocal starts, I’m breathless until the song ends. I’m not going to try to tie it to anything – this little vocal trill here, this guitar pattern there. It’s simply the only song that, when it comes up in the mix, I stop anything I’m doing and listen every time. And every time I’m fascinated by it and can’t quite understand it. I’m going to keep trying. In the meantime, there’s no song I’d rather hear. While many songs have moved around in my countdown, there's not been any question from the beginning that this is the song that kills me. My link is to the stripped down version, which is what I listen to and am going to deem my official selection even though it breaks my rules. #### da police! I do what I want!
  35. 11 points this is literally unbelievable. Elite strike force team.
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    I'm seriously excited to see all the people who joined in. I count 34 of you. Reminder to start today if you haven't already. No obligation to post in the thread or to use any specific program or tool but it helps to stay honest. I will be using myfitnesspal to track calories and also protein and fiber. My goal is to lose 2lbs per week so I get about 1500 net calories per day. I count exercise towards my goals so I will be "earning" calories when I run or row or do yoga. I will be posting updates for people who aren't used to calorie tracking and want to use myfitnesspal like i do. Other people are doing keto, intermittent fasting, weight watchers (or the free app itrackbites which is similar) and maybe some other options and I would love to hear from all of you too. The most important thing is to find something that works for you and your needs. Also a reminder that I am not a doctor and this is not medical advice. Consult your doctor before beginning this or any diet or exercise program. @AcerFC @Peak @Clown Car @Canacuna @D-Day @Navin Johnson @BassNBrew @Wildcat @Chadstroma @AAABatteries @jm192 @brun @tuffnutt @RC94 @Angry Beavers @Dezbelief @Ministry of Pain @Bracie Smathers @FBG26 @kutta @Desert_Power @Moonlight @madshot31 @Corporation @Cold Dead Hands @matuski @Freak Show @Moe. @Alex P Keaton @The Flying Turtle @East Coast Bias @DA RAIDERS @ex-ghost
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    Or maybe, there are a lot of people who typically identify or identified as conservative or moderate who were just turned off by the disaster of the last 4 years and don't blindly support Donald Trump just because he has an (R) next to his name. There are still people who vote for/support candidates and don't feel the need to throw their weight behind whatever steaming pile of garbage "their" political party might serve up at any given time. Oh yeah babe.... Of course, you sprinkle that pile of garbage with a little Essence.... (sprinkles a bit of powder)..... oh, what the hell (throws a bunch of powder) - BAM !!! **WILD APPLAUSE** Oh could put that on a car bumper and it would taste good. When we come back.... ANOTHER NOTCH !!! STICK AROUND !!!! DOC GIBBS...............
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    That's 13 HMs and CAD21.10 per #BMF, so my wife just made a CAD275 (USD211) donation to Pawsitive Match. It's a rescue organization in Calgary. 100% volunteer (no paid staff). She volunteers there herself, coordinating all the medical care for the animals. This is what the majority of donations are used for. We also adopted our two in-house ####-disturbers from there, G and Munkee. I asked her what animals are currently in need of care, and what this donation would help with. She shared Georgia's story with me: Thank you to everyone who suffered through 13.1 miles this weekend! Thank you to @ChiefD for the idea, and to @gruecd to put some financial oomph behind it for the benefit of some animals in need.
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    Down & Dirty 5 I was debating whether to drum up the energy to write this report Saturday somewhere in between my 4 afternoon naps, but after reading Chef's epic that was enough for me to decide to wait til today. Part because I didn't want to follow up that masterpiece, but more because given its content I thought it needed to stand alone. I run for me, but he runs for everyone else. This time of year...especially in this particular year, that matters more than anything. You're good people. But, my race? I've not felt...great, lately. Part of it has been poor diet, but several different nagging problems have developed as I've reintroduced quality post injury. Sometimes it's a stiff lower back, other times tight calves, on occasion tight hamstrings, and most problematic has been my left ankle. Nothing debilitating and perhaps a better diet would help thwart those issues, but it was clear to me late October that whatever I raced this fall would be at best a B effort. I mentioned last week that one of the reasons I chose this particular race is because the kids are going remote after thanksgiving. My wife's job requires her to be on site, so this whole circus is on me. My mother-in-law can help for kid coverage purposes, but due to her condition not any of the tech stuff - it's too much for her. I don't know how much running I'm going to get done between now and christmas, so it was now or never. Race morning - my wife and I have recently gotten in a habit of having a few drinks and belting out some ballads on the couch each Friday night. No kids allowed. It's our time and really the only our time we get right now, so it being important to us I didn't want to break tradition to ensure I was more prepared for this race. Then I had a half bottle of bulleit. I broke the race morning rules and popped 3 advil. I know the risks that come with it, but I thought this was a short enough race that maybe I could control my HR long enough without blowing up because there was no other way I was going to overcome that pounding headache. Did the rest of the standard raceday routine, but opted out of the neurotism. And warm-up for that matter. I wanted to run as little as possible given the mistakes from the night before. Race start - They did this race in two waves, one at 9 am and one at 10:30. Each wave had 30 person pods scheduled 3 minutes apart for corral times (9:00, 9:03, 9:06, 9:09, 10:30, 10:33, 10:36) and they would send runners out individually within each pod about 5 seconds a part from one another. This isn't their first race this year and from what I observed as I waited for my 10:36 pod it went off quite smoothly. To the surprise of no one, I registered for the last possible start time. This decision was made for maximum sleep and successful plumbing purposes, but the extra time helped curb the unexpected hangover too. Cloudy, in the mid 40, with very little wind to speak of - pristine racing conditions. I went with my customary black headband, sleeveless, gloves, shorts, and neon green compression socks. I walk to the line (beep) and we're off. Mile 1 (6:30 HR 152) - The first half mile dropped 140 feet. I chose the 10:36 pod because I wanted rabbits to chase, but I also knew the course tightened up at the bottom of the hill so I needed to get in front of as many of the slower runners as I could. I did not feel comfortable at first (no warm-up), but I passed dozens on the descent and as I got to the bottom and onto the single track I began to find a groove, which was important because this is not the sorta course you can really settle in to. Knowing when to hit the brakes, put the pedal to the floor, and quickly find that groove again when opportunity arises is how you efficiently manage this track. There was one good 60' climb towards the end of this mile and while this was the first time my HR neared 160 I didn't stop to power hike. That said, I reached the bottom of that hill with 6:07 on my watch and finished the mile in 6:31 - that's just how they make these hills in these parts. Mile 2 (8:14 HR 160) - I ran these trails when I lived nearby more than a decade ago and I talked to others who have done this race before, so while I wasn't familiar with the race course I knew the next two miles were the hardest. There were constant ups and downs, creek crossings, areas of mud and standing water, and exposed roots coated in slick leaves to high step through - and this was constant throughout the first half mile, resulting in a net gain of 130' and most of the grade was double digit %'s up or down. The three power hiking stretches during this part were only a handful-dozen or so strides, but necessary as my HR kept flying up into the 160's and I was not ready for that yet. I got to the 1.5 mile point, peaked at my watch, saw 9:46, and laughed - but I knew the next half mile would be the only smooth running opportunity for a while. It was on a steady incline, so I ignored my HR sustaining in the 160's because I knew some power hiking would be in my near future. I passed several over this stretch then towards the end of the mile I scooted past 3 people before flying down a 60' hill as my watch buzzed 8:15. I shaved a minute and a half off my pace in a half mile? Niiice. Mile 3 (8:42 HR 158) - Immediately after pounding that downhill was a 50' 8% hill. With my HR into the mid 160's at this point I did a longer power hike stretch to try and get it back under control because the next quarter mile was a controlled descent of about 60'. I really wanted to smash the pedal to the floor here and did. I had to dance around other runners and skip over some few foot speed bumps along the way, but I was really cooking towards the end. Where there was a hairpin turn. I'm just making up an angle, but 10 degrees sounds about right. It was tight, at the bottom of a hill, with a creek waiting for you if you missed. Which I almost did, but was able to plant my foot a few inches from the rocks before getting back on course. I was in a good spot at this point in the mile, but here was the nastiest stretch of the course. I scooted through that creek crossing, but power hiked up the 60' 15 % hill on the other side. After about 200 meters of mud and standing water with a brief reprieve crossing the road I pounded down a 50' 12% grade hill, through another creek, and did my longest power hike of the race up a 60' 17% momentum killer. As I started jogging again I felt my watch buzz, saw the time, and just shook my head. I was peaking at my watch throughout that mile, but only to get HR readings; I don't recall looking at the time at all. But while my pacing was a mess, my HR wasn't, and I knew the hardest part of this race was behind me. Mile 4 (7:32 HR 161) - It took me a minute to find my legs again, with my pacing a mess to this point and still going up a steady incline it didn't come back instantly. But after some time on a bridle trail rather than the undulating single track they slowly came back and I began to press. I was treating this race as a 3 3/4 mile race cause I knew it was literally all down hill once getting there. This was the biggest climb of the race (>100'), but terrain and grade matter. This was smooth and only in double digit %'s for a moment, so there wasn't any more power hiking and I let my HR sustain in the 160's. Then once reaching the apex, RELEASE THE KRAKEN! I flipped screens and stopped monitoring HR and avg pace at this point - I only cared about cadence and current pace. It quickly fell to the low 6's, as I gained momentum the 5's, and my cadence constantly read high 160's (this is high for me). Mile 5 (6:23 HR 166) - My watch buzzed as the grade flattened out, but I did not take the foot off the gas. Maintain that cadence and keep picking people off. A few 170's popped up over this stretch and for most of it I stayed in the low 6's until a descent beginning at mile 4.5. I didn't check any numbers as I caromed out of control down in my water logged cement shoes nor grinding my way back up the final hill, but as I got into the final controlled descent I looked down and saw more 170's and now with 5's in pacing. Hold. That's the goal here. Hold. 170 and 5-170 and 5-170 and 5...I flew by the lead runner and turned into the final sprint. Mile 5.2 (5:46 HR 169) - I stopped looking at my watch here and just forced myself to keep doing what I was doing at the end of the last mile. Data says I held it all the way to the final step and I don't remember any of it. Official time - 38:32, 5th overall, AG win. I won the last heat, but the four fastest times were in the early wave. With less booze the night before maybe I don't power hike as much, but I'm not sure if I could have made up time anywhere else. I came into this race knowing my max effort would be a B and I think I attained that. We'll call it a successful end to a really ####### bizarre year. That said, I am going to take some time to tend to my wounds now. With all of that down hill pounding my back is a mess right now. I'll do some easy strength training today and Wednesday, maybe go for a short jog tomorrow, then decide Friday if I want to get going again or just wait until next week. I'd still like to get to 2,000 miles this year, but we'll see if the schedule will allow. Fin
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    Ok... Pre-Race... At the wife's request, I started taking Beano on account of my regular nightly farts, which she apparently doesn't find as hilarious as me and the kids do. Must've plugged me up a bit this week. I did my darndest to release the hounds this am, but nothing doing, so I was worried about when and where the bear would show up. The wife has also been snoring it up the last few weeks, so not sleeping great. But I also only ran once this week, and did 12 or 13 slow last weekend instead of 20 (over two days) taperish as I'm going to get. M1&2....did a mile warm up, but the first couple miles still felt tight. Had the fear of bears strong in me too. Pushed in a comfortable way to continue the warm up @7:30s. With the my mind on the bear concern, I completely forgot to all. M3..loosened up and the GI felt good, dropped the pace towards 7:10, but the lack of stretching gave me concern, as my hams felt a little tight...didn't want to have to stop at this point and stretch out, so committed to just going for it. M4-8...a guy passed me slowly around m3 (right where I saw the fish swarm last weekend and near the battery) doing 7:10s...and kept running up the in the same direction I was going. I stayed on his heels for a bit and then thought better of pushing it this much at this point of the run. Decided to slowly let him pull away and settled into a more comfortable but still pushed pace. M9-10...this is where I decided to do p2p and keep running up the hudson with a tailwind instead of turning around for home and back into the wind. Also where I lost pacer #1, but found a second pacer going at my 7:20s. Legs and breathing all still felt great. M11-13..lost the pacer, but was running in my old hood, pre marriage, along the hudson which gave me a little pep. But turning back into the wind for the last couple after the path was unexpectedly closed was rough. My comfortable breathing became more race-labored and I just couldn't get the legs to turn over quicker the way I had planned for the last two miles. I concentrated on pumping the arms to keep the pace going and held on for the end. Over all, very very happy. My 1/2 PR is from 15 years ago during my IM training (1:32..something) and this was my second fastest timed run (1:36:52) including some other sub 1:40s from those days (and a bunch of low 1:40s in my 1/2 IMs). The mileage I've been doing and the approach- all learned and inspired from here and you yabos- made this feel much easier than those races in my 30s...especially the breathing (and likely the HR, which I'll figure out some day). After biking the 4 or so miles home, I played two hours of tennis with floppinha, but my legs were already completely fried...which tells me I left it all on the race course.
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    44.11 - Mike Ehrmantraut - 1991-2020 supporting man I triple checked the spreadsheet as I couldn't believe he's still there - please tell me he is because I love him.
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    I'm going to be unavailable for a few hours, so I'll leave you with my #3 and then come back later this afternoon with the big reveal. 3. What Is Life (All Things Must Pass, 1970) Spotify YouTube (George #3) George sings soul! In 1969, George was working on Billy Preston's record That's The Way God Planned It, and while driving to one of the sessions, he came up with this song, which he originally intended to offer to Preston for recording, as he did with "My Sweet Lord." Instead he ended up keeping this classic for himself, which must have been the way God planned it. Not sure what I could say about this song even if I had more time, as it's nearly perfect from the beginning fuzzy guitars through the build to the cacophony at the end. I even love the use of horns in this one. The word "nearly" comes from the place you might expect - the huge Wall of Sound makes George too lost in the song for me. Still it's one of my favorite songs from anyone, ever.
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    An easy example: not providing police departments with military equipment such as tanks does not require funding. Some reforms cost money, some save money, some are a monetary wash.
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    And the MAGA crowd is turning on him. Tons of Twitter postings saying they knew he was a turncoat just like the rest of FoxNews, etc. On one hand, good on Carlson for finally taking a reasonable position (or maybe just a carefully researched one that said this is the time to jump off the Trump Train), but it’s going to be interesting if the fires he has stoked for years now turn and burn him to the ground. And FWIW, I don’t think I’m the only former Republican voter in this thread who has totally turned away because of Trump and the direction of the party. Which is why you don’t see many Republicans in here speaking out against what is currently going on. Those of us that rejected the over the top antics and hysterics did so long ago now leaving behind the true believers. Now, I don’t think we should paint all Trump voters/Republicans with that brush because I know there are still many who held their nose while voting for him and agree that he lost, but you won’t see those folks being political on social media or posting in political threads on online message boards.
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    7. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (Living In The Material World, 1973) Spotify YouTube (George #4) Three songs in a row from 1973! Where is tim’s Best of 1973 thread? It’s another gorgeous devotional from George, which he described as having been written in a stream of consciousness as “a prayer and personal statement between me, the Lord, and whoever likes it.” It’s safe to say most everyone likes it, as this became George’s second #1 and continues to be among his most beloved works. This time, he stripped most of the Spector effects that had been featured in All Things Must Pass and instead presented this as a simple and plaintive plea, with his loving, fervent vocal supplemented most prominently by his amazing slide guitar work, which forms its own counter-melody in between the guitar solos. The main melody here is stunning, and the interplay between it and the guitar work is stellar. The lyrics are affecting in their simplicity and universality; this isn’t George haranguing us to be as spiritually enlightened as he, but relaying a common desire for inner peace and love through his own struggle to find it. It also features an old George trick that gets me every time, which are the frequent time signature changes that make me feel for poor Jim Keltner. Overall it’s just a phenomenally warm work that makes me smiling and happy every time I hear it, and since George was kind enough not to add any gibberish that sounds like French, I can even sing along! Intra-thread tie-in alert! Guess what song this one knocked from the top of the US charts? Yep, “Spies Like Us” “My Love.”
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    Chris Krebs was amazing on 60 Minutes. He answered every lie, every falsehood with quiet, indisputable fact.
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