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    Baby Cappy due date November 11, FSU v. Clemson night Wtf am I going to do, if I don't get 8 hours a night I'm useless.
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    I exec produced a film project late last year. I posted a few things here at the time, but mainly talked around it, as the crew wanted to minimize advance word until we finally go it in the can. Its a romantic comedy (if you have to classify it, which is hard), called Mustang Island. Its stars Macon Blair, who also starred in Blue Ruin and Green Room. He also won Sundance this year with his feature, I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore (now on Netflix). I'm really proud of it. Its a good movie and I would like to invite all of my friends here at FFA to come to the premiere as my guest. We are also trying to get together an after party with the cast and crew. Please let me know if you can attend and I will get you passes. You are welcome to bring friends.. Its in Dallas on 4/1 at 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm really hoping for a big crowd and possibly winning some awards that could help us get into some of the bigger festivals. LINK
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    tell you wife gross is bleeding 5 days straight every month
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    Scoreboard, World Baseball Classic, USA vs. Venezuela, March 15, 2017, Petco Park, San Diego, California
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    Please stop the meta-commentary. The subject of this thread is Trump. If you want to post something about Trump, please do so here. If you want to post something about how this thread is great or terrible or boring or too full of insults, please start a new thread called something like "About that 'Trump Years' thread..." and post those comments there. TIA.
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    First of all: this is not about a FBG dying. I don't want to alarm anyone. We've lost several FBG's over the years and I've seen the outpouring of community support when it happens. I've felt bad but it's never affected me very personally because I had no prior relationship with the deceased. Today I got word that one of my iFriends in an online game I play had died. The game is Castle Clash. I am a guild leader and Tommy was one of my Vice Leaders. He'd been in the hospital for several weeks and I'd had no communication with him. He hasn't logged into the game for 15 days. Today, we got a message in the chat room that Tommy had died the previous week. I guess his family had opened his phone and taken the time to go through his messages to let people know that he was gone. This has affected me WAY more than I would have expected . I've been in a funk all day. I've never met this guy. He was a 28 year old In England, I'm a 43 year old in America. We had nothing in common other than the game we both played. Yet, I cried when I heard of his death. It's strange how we can be affected by the deaths of people we've never met. I cried when Chance died. I cried When Connor died. I cried when Riley died. But those were more sadness about a child dying, and seeing how it affected the parents. This is a friend of mine, whom I've "known" for almost 4 years. Even though I've never met him, I will miss him. I just find it odd how profoundly you can be affected by the death of someone you've ever met. Other than that, I don't have any real point to make. Thanks for hearing me out, FBG's.
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    I think the Democrats should argue that Trump shouldn't be able to nominate a SCOTUS justice during his final year in office.
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    I have a decent looking female doctor. Cute face, a little chubby with full breasts in her late 30s. When she did my prostate exam I said "Is this really necessary today?" She laughed and said "Don`t worry I have small hands" She said just "think that you are on vacation" "I said like where Frisco?" She burst out laughing...then jammed her finger in my butt.
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    [Dodds} Is Ben Carson saying we should capture a bunch of Africans and enslave them for their own good? [/Dodds]
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    With Caesar posting this on March 15th, I would have expected a two-way tie between Cassius and Brutus
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    Just a note, won't be around for a while. Scared myself last night and I don't want to be alone right now. SO I am checking myself into the local Behavioral Hospital today to get help. good thoughts and prayers will be greatly appreciated.
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    Totally disagree. I can live with policy differences. Raise my taxes, lower my taxes, fight a war i disagree with or use diplomacy in a hopeless situation. The people elect someone to make hard decisions and you're always going to disagree with some of them. This is not that. This is propaganda. I hear you that this is just a one time thing, he's just bringing attention to a story. That's what makes this so dangerous. It is the slipperiest of slopes between saying the fake news is the enemy, then banning the fake news from one event to send a message, then seeing if they change their reporting to meet your agenda. This is an attempt to control the press and free speech. What happens when cnn falls in line, but cbs doesn't? Does cnn get invited back to the party? Are they forced to write positive things about the president or lose access? This might be about sending a message, but the message being sent is that the press is not allowed to print dissenting opinions. And even if nothing ever comes of this again - even if this is literally a one time thing - there is no way to know that because he's threatened to restrict their access and their livelihoods if they don't publish what he says. And that's if it's only a one time thing. The president has effectively threatened to restrict access to press events for an indeterminate amount of time unless they print, what, my version of events? Favorable lies? Have they gotten any guidance on what is acceptable and what isn't or do they have to print more and more favorable things or risk permanently losing access? This is crossing a line that can't be uncrossed because he's broken the trust that the people will have access to the government through the press even when they don't line it. This isn't a policy debate. It's a direct attack on democracy and people on both sides of the aisle should be very afraid of the precedent that's been broken here.
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    Red and blue: women Green: King Link
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    Don't want to distract from the health care bill debacle, but this is tremendous shtick from the Senate Dems: they introduced a bill today requiring disclosure of visitor logs for any location the President is visiting. It's the Making Access Records Available to Lead American Government Openness Act. The MAR-A-LAGO Act.
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    My work productivity sky rocketed today. Let's not make it a habit. TIA
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    I thought this was a FBG user. Much less distressed to find the truth.
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    WheelsUp and Phase in the Game, please don't post in this thread for a few days. Some of us are trying to read it.
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    Woohoo, something worthy of discussion in this ####show. I used to agree with this sentiment without doubt. The Founders never would indulge this current national government. Seems easy to argue. They fought like hell to break the power of a monarchy and then protected the state's, so much so that it ended up on a Civil War. But I think history disagrees. If we are willing to actually use our brains. Consider this: ultimately, the social safety net and bloated federal government exists, save military spending, because the fed has stepped in to help out states and businesses compete, make money, help people who can't help themselves, etc. And to do it we use taxpayer money. And of course the programs and policies have gotten bigger and bigger and more expensive. Hence, the huge government that we think the founders would hate. Here's the problem. First, the founders weren't monolithic. Many, like Alexander Hamilton believed in a strong central government. But that is a more theoretical road that requires a new thread. Which brings me to the other point. Literally the first massive federal law that the first Congress worked on and ultimately passed was the national assumption of state debts and a tarrif act to protect certain American industries and trade. Why? Well, because the founders in that first Congress wanted the fed to step in and help states and business to compete, make money and help people who couldn't help themselves. We don't learn the right lessons from history. You know what the Founders would really despise? The collective historical and political ignorance that most people in this country suffer. That would be the unforgivable sin. But using the federal government in the same way they did? Eh, they would debate, argue, conspire, threaten, destroy friendships, accuse each other of awful things and publish false stories about each other in the press. And if you don't believe that, I introduce you to Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, and the aforementioned Alexander Hamilton. You know... the founders.
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    hey doddarino look i was gone for a while but i am back now so you can leave the crazy stuff to me again take that to the bank bromigo
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    Huh. I usually have to bend over a table or something.
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    Just because you live in a safe, sanitized, and boring little world where most of your men friends probably wear guy liner doesn't mean that there isn't another world inhabited by rough men that you just wouldn't understand or fit into. You have an open invite to join me at the next gathering with my brothers in my MC, 100% of whom are tatted, many with full sleeves. I'll buy you a beer and a shot for each one of them you tell how "stupid" they look. You have to buy me a beer and a shot for each one that knocks out one of your teeth. You're too much of a debutant to get a sleeve, and you feel uncomfortable around people who don't run in the same little metro circles that you do. Fine. I get it. Why the hatred of people who choose to live a different (and probably better) life than you though? (Full disclosure: No sleeve. Yet. Just a single arm band with my MC's name in it on one arm, and the other shoulder inked with the unit I served with in Iraq. You wouldn't understand that group of men either.)
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    Wow, didn't even know this was a thing. I grew up learning it was 2 and have done it ever since. Less than 2 feels wrong to me.
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    I received an email from the friend saying the cat had died. Could have been the cat posing as the friend, though. Hard to say at this point.
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    So let's summarize this a bit: --Trump runs into financial trouble and owes money to Deutsche Bank -- A Russian oligarch with connections to Putin pays Trump $100 million for a property he spent $40 million just two years early. -- A dossier claims that Russia has financial and personal information that could be damaging to Trump dating back to this time -- Deutsche Bank has a $630m fine levied against it for laundering $10 billion out of Russia -- The chairman of Deutsche bank leaves after this trouble and lands in the Bank of Cyprus -- The majority shareholder at the Bank of Cyprus is Trump's close friend Wilbur Ross, the only American among other major shareholders that are Russian -- Wilbur Ross was just appointed as Secretary of Commerce -- Trump's campaign manager leaves because of ties to Russia -- Obama discusses sanctions with Putin at summit. A few days later, Sessions meets with the forgettable Kislyak. Trump has nice things to say about Russia. Shortly afterward the emails are leaked. -- Kushner and Gordon have met with same official although secretly as no one was aware of this meeting during the RNC -- Tthe only piece of the Republican platform the Trump Campaign took an interest in (at the RNC with the Russian Ambassador in attendance) was a pro-Russia plank that threw The Ukraine under the bus. -- General Flynn also met with Russians and has since resigned after discussing sanctions prior to being in office and lying about it. -- Sessions denied meeting with Russians -- Russia would love to have sanctions lifted, NATO weakened, and Brexit to help their global standing. Trump is in favor of all of those. -- Trump has denied talking to Russia over the last 10 years prior to winning the presidency. -- Six Russian diplomats have died over the last four months, one of whom was connected to the dossier above. Am I missing anything major? ETA--But, there's nothing to see here other than illegal leaks.
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    Having my picture taken. I don't think I'm a bad looking guy but I basically look awful in 92% of pictures. I always end up making a goofy face or get shot from a bad angle. And I can't fake smile without looking like a murderer.
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    Stripper broke up with me by text tonight. Totally caught me by surprise because I didn't know we were still going out.
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    Narrator: Oh ho ho! He thought. Now he's trapped himself! Haha! The old "you've admitted" game. Now the little old man with the black and white avatar would be forced to admit the unkindest truth of all. He had been trapped - brilliantly, viciously trapped - into admitting he was, in fact, a cuck.
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    Remember all the people talking #### about the Women's marches and other progressive demonstrations? "What are they trying to accomplish?" "This means nothing." "Bunch of complainers." Even Trump got in on it on twitter, asking why all those people didn't vote. Marches -> re-energized base -> phone calls to reps and angry town halls -> pressure on moderate Republicans keeps Trump/GOP from going too far to the right on health care -> embarrassing failure for Trump and the GOP and 24 million Americans get to keep their health insurance. Took two months to pay off.
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    Chuck was great. But we all know we have his cousin Marvin Berry to thank for his sound. RIP
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    It was first day of Spring Break for the boys today. I decided to take them on a couple calls, give them real life experience and all that. One of the places we stopped in at a gal I went to high school with works there. She was talking to the boys, showing them around the office, and I overhear her say to Cal "when I was in high school, I always wanted to be your dad's girlfriend". Cal, in all sincerity, replies "really, why?". Stupid kids.
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    oh we win eat-offs by eating French fries with a fork now?
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    Trump doesn't really care what the healthcare bill does. He just wants to be able to brag about passing it.
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    "An engineer, Bruce believes the profit from the scrap metal theft is a mere fraction of what it will cost to rebuild the bridge." well, no ####. i'd also think that the amount earned in scrap metal would be less than the cost to rebuild an entire ####### bridge "It's going to be expensive," he estimated. "I don't know exactly but it's probably $100,000." to rebuild a 50 foot, 40 ton steel bridge. are we sure this guy is the topic expert?
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    About a week ago, you started another thread about an employee dilemma. In an effort to assist you, I did some research on the topic of concern and posted a short summary of the legal issue and a link that I found that was helpful to your situation. You didn't even bother to return to post in the thread. So although employment law/human resources/performance management is my background, I'll pass on commenting on this and future employee situations that you may find yourself in.
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    The father of the Navy Seal killed in Yemen would like an investigation into what happened. I have no doubt that the party of Benghazi! will be spending a great deal of time on that.
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    My oldest boy (8) always seems to be into older girls. We're at a indoor Waterpark thing and he was claiming he was bored so the wife jokes that he should go find a girlfriend Comes back like 10 minutes later with some middle school girl with purple hair
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    - I have no idea but the Trump surrogates are hysterical today. Looks like freakout city, I don't even understand Hannity's claim here. I thought the Fisa warrant was about Trump? It's not now? FoxNews: Obama was wiretapping Trump. Trump: OMG, I just found out Obama was tapping my phones! He's terrible! Media: Where's the evidence that Obama was tapping Trump? Our sources say there weren't any FISA warrants for Trump. Obama's ex-staff: We weren't tapping Trump. FBI: There were no FISA warrants for Trump. Hannity: My sources tell me there were no FISA warrants for Trump. Why did the media lie about this?
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    can you guys please keep the partisan hackery in the other Trump thread? This thread has been great so far because it's mostly been news articles, unsubstantiated twitter posts, and analysis/speculation, mostly free of partisan douchebaggery. I've been seeing more of that stuff lately from both sides and it really isn't excellent. If you feel the need to call someone a snowflake or libprog (whatever the hell that means) or respond to posts with and only, or whatever, please take it elsewhere. TIA
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    Your facts, quotes, and understanding of procedure mean nothing compared to the Trump supporters' feelings about what probably happened.
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    Gif of hottie in yoga pants actually doing yoga!