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    I’m 6’1”. October 2018 I was 396 lbs and 6XL shirt. Today I’m 193 lbs. Last time I went shopping I bought XL shirts, but might even be a large now.
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    I got a new job, moved back to Florida, bought a house, got married, and had a son. My life is . . . different.
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    My daughter needs acknowledgment when she texts me - it does not matter how trivial the message is, she expects me to respond. After a little while I discovered that an emoji would often suffice, so I just rolled with that for a bit, but that did not amuse me as much as my alternative has. Now instead of simply sending a 👍 I will actually snap a picture of my thumb up ans send that instead. Instead of sending a I will actually type the words "sad banana emoji". Instead of a , you guessed it, she gets "laughing out loud emoji" typed out. She thinks I have totally lost my mind and that I have no idea how the internet works. I love it.
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    2020 Celebration Marathon Race Report Pre-race: Everything was shaping up to make a legitimate attempt at an amazing time. The training kind of fell off the rails after I pulled/tore my hammy during the Turkey Trot. Before that race, I had a 20 miler that just seemed effortless. I ditched the plan after the Turkey Trot and focused more on quality instead of quantity. I think I realized during that time I am not capable of logging the volume as our friend @MAC_32 suggests. I know everyone deals with their own issues attempting to log the miles. Whether it be kids, motivation, time, etc... My issue is health. I’m almost positive it all stems from my herniated disc but cannot be too sure. With all that being said, my fitness was at an all-time high heading into the race. I feel I’ve built a strong enough base over the last 3–4 years to handle the distance regardless of the volume during this cycle. Raceday: I was under the weather but felt really good Sunday morning. Slept great but didn’t get much as I had to be up at 3 am in order to arrive on time. Handled my bathroom business and hit the road. Nerves were good, wife and I were having a great time on the way there. We arrived and walked half a mile to the start line. Used the bathroom 10 minutes before. Did a small warm-up and got into the corral. Ditched the pullover, and we’re off. Mile 1: (7:15) My heart rate was low and time was good, I’m thinking this is going to be a good day. Miles 2-7: 7:10/7:09/7:09/7:10/7:07/7:06 Holding the pace seemed to be a bit difficult. I knew I was working a tad too hard at these paces but was holding up fine. I jumped in with the 3:10 pacer and his group around mile 3. I was a bit behind them but sped up and tucked myself into the pack in order to avoid the slight headwind. During this stretch the miles seemed to fly by which I’ve never really experienced during a race. Mile 8: This mile got a bit tricky. There was a section of the course that seemed to be a nature trail of sorts. A wooden zig-zagging bridge that went through the woods. A beautiful part of the course. However, my watch was saying my pace was 10:00. WTF!?!? It felt like we were flying, and I know my pace didn’t fall off. How is this happening? I think my watch wasn’t registering the distance traveled because after this mile my watch was behind the markers. I arrived at marker 9 but my watch was showing 8.94. Also during this mile, our pacer took off after the bridge. I was assuming he was trying to make up time. I was demoralized because I knew I couldn’t catch him and thought I was falling way behind. Come to find out, he pulled a @gruecd and hit a port-a-potty without me seeing. I was relieved when he had to catch back up to me and wasn’t light years in front of me. Whew! Reel it back in @JShare87. Miles 9-12: 7:06/7:00/7:08/7:05 Sticking with the pacer and another guy. The group went from about 12 to 2. I started to feel great at this point. Cue the Meatloaf song! (I just wanted to say, this is the only Meatloaf song I have. It came on the radio a few days before the race and I was feeling the vibe, so I threw it on the playlist.) I start singing a little bit, put a smile on my face, would throw a hand or 2 up and then..... Mile 13: 7:23 This was the turning point in the race. Shortly after I begin singing, my watch goes out. No big deal, probably just glitched. I’ll power it on and get back in the groove. I spent most of this mile fidgeting with my watch only to learn that the battery is dead! WTF! I’m screwed. No chance I can do another half without my music. My mentality really took a huge hit here. Went from zoning in and an all-time high, to a demoralizing low in an instant. I know my wife is waiting at the halfway mark and I begin to ask myself if I should just walk off the course and go home with her. I have a talk with myself and was reminded of a video I saw on Twitter the other day. Basically it was a man describing how someone lived on the street. So no matter what you’re going through, quit complaint because this is someone’s life. So I thought of this homeless man I’ve never met and told myself, “you’re such a little b####, suck it up and finish this thing.” I reel my mind back in, take off the Apple Watch and headphones in order to drop them with my wife along with the gloves. The course split on a sidewalk at this point. My pacer decided to run to the left where there was a gigantic red X. I noticed that, plus an arrow pointing in the other direction. I yell at him while somewhat trying to decide whether or not to follow him. He realized his mistake, adjusted as did I. My adjustment caused me to run directly into the bush that separated the 2 paths. Now I’m really thinking I need to leave with my wife. I don’t, she gives me the bottle, I drop my stuff and continue on. Miles 14-19 7:16/7:10/7:20/7:31 I know during this stretch that the finish is going to be ugly. I couldn’t help but remember the feeling I felt after my first marathon and the relay. The pain I was in after completing those runs begin to creep into my mind. Almost like a tiny human telling me to back off and stop. My throat also begins to hurt during this stretch and it’s the first time I can say the sickness had an impact on me. To make matters worse, I look at my HR and it’s in the 180s. Not good. Mile 20: 7:41 This was the 2nd turning point in the race. As I’m approaching this marker, I hear music! This stretch ran through a local high school on the track. The song that was playing was Whitney Houston’s: I Wanna Dance with Somebody. Oh s###, @JShare87 is back! I start signing and smiling. Also a weird time for @gianmarco to enter my thoughts but couldn’t help but picture him dancing around for some reason. That made me laugh. The energy at this part of the race was great and may have been the only reason I completed it. I could hear the music from about half a mile away and that carried me through the next few miles. Plus, during every water stop, the young kids kept making funny comments about how good my hair looked. That helped out as well. (The positives of not having headphones in) Miles 21-24: 7:59/7:59/8:03/8:11 I was holding on as best I could during this stretch. My legs were shot. Dragging my right leg along for the ride. I just kept doing the math in my head to get under 3:21. When I saw the first 8 minutes mile I became upset but knew it wouldn’t be the last one. Mile 25: Right at the end of mile 24, as I saw the marker is where it got ugly. Real ugly. I remember almost passing out a few times in this 400m stretch. I knew my body had nothing left. My mind starts to race. “You need to stop now, your HR has been over 180 for about 10 miles. You’re going to need an ambulance.” Pure panic mode. A mini anxiety attack. I know I’ve detailed some of my race anxiety here before, but I’ve struggle a bit with it outside of racing. No real worries or stressors just overthinking everything, following every rule, not being able to just let go and not give a ####. So I made it a resolution of mine this year to get better with it, and I have made some serious strides. I let the anxiety get the best of me for about 2 minutes, but with some self-talk I was able to calm down and put one foot in front of the other. Mile 26: 7:48 I catch a few of the runners ahead of me doing the walk/run dance. I try to encourage them as I pass thinking it will help me with my own struggles and it did. I begin to hear cheering and music again. I couldn’t help but think of my wife waiting for me at the line. Mile: .2 There’s 2 runners ahead of me, and I already know they’re soon going to be behind me whether they like it or not. I see the line and hit the gas leaving them behind. Post race: I grab my medal and my wife and tell her we need to get to the car immediately. I knew if I stopped or sat down, it would be Washington or St. Louis all over again. We make it half a mile to the car and I collapse in the passenger seat. Freezing cold, I bundle up and turn the heat on full blast. The ride home was rough and my day yesterday was not good. I threw up a few times And was t able to eat much of anything. Stayed in bed from 1:30 until I had to get up for work this morning. Still not feeling myself as of now, but I finished the race and went to work. Legs are shot. I am having a hard time walking but know it will get better. Thoughts: This was my 3rd marathon and each one was vastly different. I try and take away something from each one. 1st marathon: Gained an entirely different level of respect and perspective of the monster that is 26.2 2nd marathon: I can do beat this monster. 3rd marathon: I can push through anything. I am not at all satisfied with my time or anything time related yesterday. I don’t care that it was a PR. I don’t care that it was a sub 3:15. I don’t care because I know I’m better than that. What I am satisfied with is my ability to never quit. This was the first marathon I truly “raced” From start to finish I pushed the pace and grinded the whole way. I left it all on the course. I don’t know where I’ll go from here, but I think I’m going to focus more on quality than quantity for a while. I get want @MAC_32 was saying about volume, but I don’t think I will ever be a 60 mile a week guy. Everyone runs for different reasons. I’m like most, I want to eat what I want, when I want. I am also afraid of going back to the old me. But I’m not afraid of going back to the old me because I didn’t like the old me. I’m afraid of going back to the old me because I love this version of myself. I also love all the support everyone in here with provides me each and everyday. From reaching out to me via text or follow me during this race, it is greatly appreciated. Y’all are the real MVPs. I’m just an idiot that ran 26.2 miles yesterday while singing Meatloaf.
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    St. Peter "So, Mr. Dershowitz, I see you defended O.J. Simpson, Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump...." Dershowitz: "Now wait a minute. I didn't defend Donald Trump!"* *Disclaimer--not an actual conversation, yet.
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    People who thought it was a good idea to send $1k to an unemployed guy from the internet. FakeMod Durst - 5 NotPooping - 6 ALL the poop - 10 BigDeckMcGee - 2 PappyNPepper - 3 HundredDaysofHell - 2 Crazy n Chips - 5 Space Hair - 2 emo moe - 2 Feel the bern - 2 The Evil Chicago Blackhawks can lick my taint - 4 Brats N Cheese - 4 playtafade - 2 Honorary Bulldog - 2 Shelby's Homewreckers - 5 Hodor - 5 The Slumlords - 6 StonerPoodles - 4 First Ex-Mrs. Rover - 2 bell's face tolls for thee - 2 (Black) Ice and Dolls - 2 scarfed4lyfe - 2 Three-Fingered Dads Can Still Get It Done - 2 Cheese Is Funny - 3 Meat Raffles and Pull Tabs - 5 Beefy ### Crack - 2 My Winnings Will Fund a Wedding Flower - 5 (Pending $$) Me - 2
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    Ok. As I started to think about this - I came to the healthy conclusion that what would be necessary is a Chapter on Siff’s Technical Trading 101. But who has the time for that and who wants to read my ramblings - No one. So let me begin with a Cliff Notes Version. Everything I do I’m looking at it from a technical perspective. Why? Charts don’t lie. People do. So I trust the charts more than I do some analyst. I have spent years developing a series of charts and indicators that work for me. 1000’s of hours staring at these charts (likely 10's of 1000's). Because of that, I can easily identify when things seem in or out of order. I wouldn’t expect anyone else to have the same level of understanding of my charts that I do. Often I look at someone else's charts, I don’t have any clue of their interpretation. And I realize many people probably feel that same towards my own work. My work focuses mostly around TRENDs. Is $XYZ generally moving up (Bull Trend) or is $XYZ generally moving down (Bear Trend)? Trends are related to specific Time Frames (TF) too. A TF might be 1 minute (the price movement of $XYZ over a minute = 1 bar print); 1 hour; 1 day; 1 week; 1 month. I guess you could go out further, but TFs longer than 1 month are of ZERO help to any investor. The longer the TF the more weight and power it holds. So a 1 Month TF > 1 Week > 1 Day > 1 Hour > 5 Min > 1 Min. There can be conflicting trends on the same $XYZ depending on the TF. IE: The Monthly Trend could be Bullish but the Daily Trend could be Bearish. Always pay attention to the TF > than the one you are following for your primary investment decision. What I mean by this is - let’s say $XYZ gives a bear trend (short) signal on an Hourly TF. However, the Daily TF is Bullish. In this scenario we might expect $XYZ to decline over the next few days (maybe a week or 2), to a support level on the Daily TF. THAT spot represents a BUY. An aggressive trader might look to profit by shorting $XYZ on the Hourly TF down to the Daily TF Support Level, where he would close the Hourly TF Short position, and go long. It’s not a game of perfect here. It’s a war that requires patience, skill, attentiveness, and a willingness to get scarred along the way. Moving Average Lines - represent an average of Price over Time. I use moving average lines as a way to represent Value; Fair Value; and Over Value (That’s a real basic explanation). So 3 Moving Average Lines (MAL). Price within a TF has a very natural progression. In simple terms it WANTS to hug around Fair Value. Now in a Bull Trend Price will move up and towards the Over Valued MAL. That is expected. However when price extends beyond the Over Valued MAL naturally it will want to correct. When it extends far beyond an Over Valued MAL for an extended period of time when the correction comes it is probable to be deeper than a normal correction. And by correction I’m talking about correcting back to healthy levels of support within the trend. Obviously any correction phase runs the risk of flipping the trend. So imo, the best, healthiest and most profitable moves are when we have a Bull Trend that rises between a Fair Valued and Over Valued MAL - not extending too far above the Over Valued MAL for any length of time and corrective phases are moves back to the Fair Value MAL or just below that. Whew. Let’s let that all soak in for a second. As I explained above. The Monthly Chart is the One to Rule Them All. While the Bear Market of 2008-09 bottomed in March 09 - the current Monthly Trend did not confirm bullish until Dec 2010. However since then - the Bull Trend has remained in tact. Even though there have been corrective periods within that trend. May 2011-Dec 2011; May 2015-Feb 2016; May 2018-Dec 2018 - would all be examples of corrective phases within the current Bull market Trend on a Monthly TF. Currently, the market is extended far beyond the Over Valued MAL. Further than it has ever been for the past 30 years. In addition it has hopped above and outside the 10 year Bull Market Channel for the past 3 months (something I’ve never seen). On top of that there are a variety of cycles that are coming together all suggesting the odds favor a corrective move soonish. I’m in no way saying if there is a corrective move that it will flip the market to a Bearish Trend. What I am suggesting is that a corrective move is necessary and healthy in order to maintain the current Bull Trend. And that by recognizing the dangerousness of these current conditions one might better prepare himself for the emotional battle that is potentially on the horizon. And not only that- profit . Trust me a move down towards $SPY 290ish and lots of people will be ####ting their pants. Corrective moves aren’t fun even when you are on the winning side - at least to me because they bring in the possibility of a LT flip of the market trend (From Bull to Bear). My life is a hell of a lot easier in a bull trend of extended irrational exuberance. Because I don’t know what the future will bring, I acknowledge I could be wrong. However, my present interpretation of my charts suggests the conditions are ripe for a corrective move sometime in the nearish future, and I’m looking how to protect and preserve my gains without having to panic out of positions if such a move occurs, and have a plan in place if value presents to take advantage of that when most people won’t. $GYPR is meant as a joke and a heads up. Basically saying PAY ATTENTION.
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    I pick up pennies because you just never know when a FBG might want a picture authenticated.
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    Signed up for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in October. Been trying to build base miles and drop weight on the treadmill until it’s warm enough for me to run outside. Have a 5 mile race scheduled next weekend it’ll be my first outdoor run of the year Also got some NB 1080v10 that I’m a fan of.
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    Does it? I didn’t bother to check. Why are you so interested in this? It seems like 90% of your posts are about other posters rather than issues.
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    Speaking of mileage I reached a milestone this morning, 20,000 miles. # runs 2532 Average distance/run 7.9 miles Time spend running 2726 hours 58 minutes (113.62 days) Average pace 8:11 Average HR 141 Calories burned 2,153,128 First Run Dec 30 2010 Hopefully I have 40,000 more in me.
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    Just knocked out my 6 miler while carrying the 3' x 5' Chiefs flag that I hang on the front of my house. I bet I got a hundred honks and about 5-6 videos. So if you see a Chiefs weirdo on the internet today.......well......that's shovel guy.
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    What’s particularly galling about the attack on the WB is that he didn’t do what a partisan would do, which is just leak to the press. Joe Biden is a big boy. He knows this game. And he knows that extends to his family, for better or worse. But I think it’s really gross how career civil servants have been demonized in all this. They didn’t sign up for this.
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    You guys are the best. Gave it everything I had and lots more today, fellas. A tale of 2 halves. Pacer went in the wrong direction at 13 mile mark and I ran into a bush trying to correct him. Plus, my music died out at that mark as well. Apple Watch mysteriously died. I just got in a groove and started singing and out it went. I’ll do a report later. Not doing so well right now.
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    If you were cheating and Fernando Rodney still got you out in a playoff game, you should get double the punishment.
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    On your first question, I'm not sure, though there's a distinction between democratic socialism and socialism socialism, as I know you know. I'm not sure the younger generation cares so much about America being a world superpower. I don't think people want America to fail, but rather realize the fallacy of American exceptionalism. Many millennials and Gen Z'ers (though they can't really vote yet) have been dealt a #### hand financially. We (millennials) will be the first generation to have a bleaker financial future outlook than our parents. And with every passing generation, people become more and more socially progressive. We like immigrants, we like LGBTQ+ people, we believe in religious freedom, etc. Personally, I don't give a #### if I have 5% more in my paycheck if it means we're doing genuinely better for the less fortunate in society. In summation, I don't think it's being overlooked by younger voters, it's just that we have other things that we care about more. Just my two cents.
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    My 25 year old son drew a 2 foot long donger in the condensation on my windshield 4 days ago. I keep forgetting to get out the Windex so every morning it reappears.
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    41 year old father of 4 lost his life. Id feel bad no matter what his occupation.
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    I start my new gig on Monday, so flew down to DFW today to get stuff in order beforehand. 0630 flight, so no time for a morning run -- even considering my willingness to run early in the day. Anyways, great flight, get #### done, and head over to check on our house (we close a week from Friday). Planned ahead and wore my running gear so that I could explore a little of my new hood and get a run in at the same time. Probably the first time I have done a sunset run since the Vegas HM. Heck, probably the first time I've done a post-noon run since Vegas. Anyways, I'm running around my new neighbourhood, discovering where sidewalks start/stop, what roads are done, which ones aren't, etc, etc. Find my way to the West Fork Trinity River path, and head east on that. A mile or so in, I see what looks like a stray housecat on the side of the path. Get closer, and it's no housecat! It was busy getting dinner and acted like I wasn't even there. So I got some photos and watched it for a bit. Then go to resume my run, and there's an armadillo! 11 years I lived in Houston and not once did I see a (living) armadillo. Now I see one my first day in DFW as a resident. The sun went down during my run and the downside of this river path hits me: Lots of critter noises coming from both sides of the path. In the dark. Was quite disconcerting (yes, I'm a poooosaay). Got 15K in and was thrilled to have seen wildlife on just my first run from my new (soon to be) house. Oh, and in my neighbourhood, cars actively avoided me or even stopped to let me pass while running.
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    Yeah the "Dems should have used the courts!" argument has never made sense to me. The argument really should be "The House should have arrested Mick Mulvaney, Rick Perry, etc. for failing to comply with a valid subpoena." But for some reason I never hear anyone criticizing the Dems make that argument.
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    Next Sunday. Sorry I didn’t start a countdown 247 days out.
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    This is a nice sentiment but you lose a little credibility with your effusive praise of the Shark Pool.
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    It's odd to see people taking a victory lap over a miscarriage of justice, but I guess that's where we are as a nation now.
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    I'm back. I assume Annie passed on my messages? HOLD
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    I give no credit to any unless there are enough to change things. Otherwise I’m assuming everyone agreed to let her look good.
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    Good post, totally agree except for the “didn’t know in 2016” part. It’s always been apparent to me that this was a last gasp power grab, otherwise how could anyone reasonable support Trump? He was a convenient tool with built in brand recognition and appeal to...those people. Now authoritarian white minority rule will become entrenched. They have the courts, add voter suppression and state propaganda and, well, things are grim. We’ve learned what this country is about.
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    Odds and sods for my wrap-up. 15.x The Tallest Man on Earth, The Wild Hunt (2010) Burden of Tomorrow Draft helped me remember how much I loved this. 16.x Bill Callahan, Apocalypse (2011) Drover Same as the TMoE pick above. Listened to "Drover" again putting these picks together and was like "oh ####, that's right". Love Callahan's voice and songwriting. There's a stream-of-consciousness feel to it, but in a way that makes perfect sense. 17.x Future Islands, Singles (2014) Seasons (Waiting on You) I thank the FFA for introducing me to them. Think it was Marco that took 'em in a previous draft I joined late. 18.x Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else (2014) I'm Not Part of Me Curveball for my island. Glad everyone else left CN well alone after Eeph's early pick. 19.x Hurry, Guided Meditation (2016) Nothing to Say Straightforward power pop that's way up my alley. 20.x Adam Torres, Pearls to Swine High Lonesome Man, don't know what to say other than that Torres has an amazing voice.
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    I always hate it when they break down. Sometimes I'm stuck there for hours.
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    I've officially entered bonus time - mother nature's violent blows over the last 3 days made getting to the end challenging, but it's now a new record of 42 days in a row. Everything's been 5+ miles too. Fatigue's there, but it's been there for a couple weeks and if anything I think I have more energy now than most others times the last 2 weeks. I am a little sore, but I think that's more from all the weekend shoveling (chef>hi) than general fatigue and snow running all weekend. We'll see how everything feels tomorrow though. Because I am 2-a-day'ing today and am going to the mill for the first time today, but it's because I'm overdue for speed work and (**looks outside**) that isn't happening out there. It looks like this week's variable is the same as last week - will whatever is falling from the sky Saturday be ice or something else? As long as it isn't the former I expect the streak to at least go into next week, but if conditions aren't conducive to long run this weekend I may need to consider getting creative with my work schedule next week. 2 weeks between runs of > 12 miles at this stage is fine, but I'd like to avoid going much longer than that. Overall, currently sitting on 153 miles in January (255 over the last month/7 weeks in a row of 50+) and barring something unforeseen even in the worst case should still eclipse my goal of 210 this month.
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    Poll needs a “I just don’t care” - seems like people just want to be outraged, talk about outrage or make fun of people for being outraged. It’s exhausting. I no longer care.
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    Also, in all honesty @Man of Constant Sorrow - despite me gravitating to the movie threads more, I think the best thing about the FFA is probably this collection of people in the music drafts. So many smart people that have a passion for and keep up on music. There is not a draft that goes by that I don't get a new band or song from as I listen to the playlists. I don't say it enough, but these drafts and the people participating are amazing.
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    A few years ago this would've sounded insane, today not so much. Some of you may have seen Bill Maher's closing remarks on Friday, they were chilling to say the least. Basically what he said is that when you switch over to a dictatorship, it still has the appearance of a democracy. Showed pictures of Russia and North Korea, how they still technically had a "parliament" but obviously they're just for show. I realize some people here indeed still think this is a crazy thought. But how far have we already gone? The checks and balances of our 3 branches no longer exist. The President is impeached and witnesses aren't even allowed at the "trial". The President is instructing the DOJ to do his bidding, whether it's sending Guiliani to dig up dirt on Biden or trying to lessen Roger Stone's sentence. Say Trump loses the election but refuses to leave office, siting voting "irregularities". What happens next? What do we have in place to stop him?
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    I wish Taylor Cornelius had played college ball at Connecticut so he could be 😎 UConn Cornelius
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    day 10 and i am doing this brohans take that to the bank
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    I didn’t drink from Jun 2013 - Dec 2018. I had severe sleep issues due to anxiety and drinking made the anxiety and sleep much worse, so I gave it up. In that time my 2nd child was born, my wife survived stage 3b colon cancer, we relocated for my job, had our 3rd child, then relocated for my job again. I learned how to manage my anxiety quite well, and decided to start drinking again for the social aspect of it mostly, but also because I love craft beer. I drink socially now and on Fri and Sat night at home I’ll have a few with my wife.
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    I think that is harsh. He has a different opinion than most of us and he is entitled to that. I never get the sense @matttyl is being disingenuous. Personally I like hearing a contrarian point of view to make me consider things in a different light.
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    like others I am very impressed about the fact that she is asking about it. Just substitute weed for alcohol and most kids that age will just try and sneak it. The making up stories is a red flag for me. Girls, especially attractive ones at that age, can become addicted to attention. That is not something that translates well into adulthood. I would be focusing more of my worries on that, than on the relatively meaningless weed. I would handle weed the same way parents handle alcohol, tatoos or any other like activity that is better for teens to wait on.
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    this is me. i had to build em a house. of course, i have a story about this - my favorite adult moment with my baby sister. sis & i are very different and she was very timid growing up. i would make up characters which embodied whatever she was afraid of in order to take it down a peg and help her deal widdit. one thing i noticed about the characters is that it felt like they sprung up wholecloth - i knew exactly where they were going as soon as they occurred to me. this helped alot when i got my comedy show on radio - boiling down long improvs was how we did most of the writing. me & sis grew up without much in common, kept only loose contact thru the decades. when we did talk, they were long conversations and she would usually want to revisit one or another of my characters or elicit a new one if she was blue. once when i visited, i started doing the inner monologue of her very nervous chihuahua dog just for grins and, after the pet died, she would call me just to "talk" to Cisco again. sis never married. in her early twenties, she fell in love with an older, married man and they had a 25yr affair. when her beau's wife died, she assumed that her day had finally come - tho it was too late to start a family. that wasn't the case - the dood immediately started hunting for a new slave to keep the homefront and told sis, "this wont stop our Mondays & Thursdays, though". sis found the heartbroken courage to break up with him. my parents call me worried about sis, said she was so inconsolable they didn't know if she might do something. i called her, found her almost entirely inarticulate with pain, knew i had to send someone special to the rescue. what my mind conceived was almost miraculous. out of my mouth came the only lady more pitiful than my sister at that moment. addled, agoraphobic, criminally lonely, all she had beside her fears to keep away the jet nether of the void was the mad facts she'd accumulated from gossip mags and happytalk shows and the thrill of buying any ol' thing she wanted on mail order (Amazon hadn't quite taken over yet). for some reason, this character had always just bought a new pair of pink slippers to tell sis about when she called, so much so that sis called her the Pink Lady. it did indeed seem to get sis out of her funk and i called her every few days as Pink Lady til the fog lifted. to this day, in person or on the phone, sis regularly asks after "her". i moved back east, to a carriage house on my best friend's property outside Boston, not long after the Pink Lady thing. sis lived about 20 minutes away and invited me, my pal & his young wife over for dinner soonafter, and my pal's wife quickly returned the favor. the wife liked to have bigtable dinner parties so there were their social friends, including the unofficial "mayor" of the neighborhood, a blustery well-to-do guy who was a strong presence on local talk radio. he had already commented quite often on how vociferously i played with my host's 4yo son in the yard, on how odd it was to watch a 60yo, 300+lb man swordfighting a toddler while wearing a bathrobe with epaulets and sandbucket helmet. the dinner was pleasant & cordial, my shy sis contributing as little as possible. i can't remember how the subject came up, but somebody mentioned pink slippers. that gave sis an opening to chime in. "one of my brother's personalities wears pink slippers" if you look up "gobsmacked" in the dictionary, i'm guessing you'll see a picture of the people at that dinner table. from that day, the "mayor" talked to me like Mel Torme to Kramer, the other neighbors would point & talk as i passed, even my hostess has looked at me mostly bemusedly ever since. i dont laugh unsolicited very often, but i been giggling the entire time i've spent writing this up, thinking about em. don't know if it translates but, there you go...
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    Jeez mang. Can you dial it down a notch or twenty?
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    Ted Cruz carrying water for the guy who publicly called his wife ugly AND suggested his father was involved in the JFK assassination is one of my favorite wrinkles in the modern GOP.
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    CNN on XM just made me giggle audibly: they called Bolton’s revelation the giant white mustache in the room
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    He's in!!! 3:14:19 (7:25) I know not what he was hoping for but still a big PR. Congrats, @JShare87!!
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    Back in MY DAY: My Dad took me to SB 3 when I was 10 in Miami. Joe Willy's guarantee game. He bought two tickets outside the stadium for $10 each. At the time he thought the price was a little high as we were used to going to Fins games for $5...
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    Same reason Nikki Haley gets hundreds of thousands a year to be on Boeing’s board. She had no aviation experience. But she does have influence and proximity to power, and Boeing is buying it. I’m not a fan of it, but it happens and is legal. I know right wing media tells you it’s all the same and you feel comfortable equating the minor indignity of what Hunter Biden did with mass dereliction of responsibly of two branches of GOP government, and bless you if that’s your choice.
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    With my framed Mr. Rogers picture on the shelf, I'm probably not the best judge of cheesy, but that's not cheesy to me at all. in some ways, it's the same kind of striving to be better I've tried to implement here. From little I know, it seems like Buttigieg has sort of the same take as I do on it: Will it work? I don't know. But it's what we're going to try and do.
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    As much as I enjoy seeing my own improvement, I love seeing my wife's improvement that much more. Here's her run from 9/11/19 (just 4 months ago) while doing MAF with me Here's her run with me yesterday. Longer distance as well. ETA -- To be fair, that run in September was brutally hot in the upper 90's. Here's another one from 9/20/19 where it was 74 degrees and not too humid.
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    And just like Joe, in the hope to show equanimity, puts equal responsibility on the arsonists and the firemen.