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    The spreadsheet is updated to reflect week 1. I'm just going to type out my thoughts as I look it over. ARI - There aren't any real surprises here aside from how much Edmonds (32% of the snaps) played relative to Johnson (68%). It looks like McCoy never once utilized 22 personnel which is IMO a mistake when you have Johnson on your team but I'm not a coach. Johnson did dominate RZ work as he was utilized 5 times. Behind Fitz and Johnson, who accounted for over 50% of Bradford's targets, it looks like RSJ may be 3rd in the pecking order. Williams and Kirk played on a bunch of snaps but didn't see much work in the passing game despite the negative game script. Oh yeah, Bradford ####### sucks. ATL - It feels like they played a month ago. The Coleman/Freeman split plus Freeman's knee injury has to be a little worrisome for Freeman owners. It is good, however, to see Freeman lead the duo in target share and RZ utilization. Julio will likely end up leading all players in target share on the week. I doubt Sanu, Ridley or Hooper will be very relevant aside for a handful of games this year, especially if Ryan continues to be wildly inaccurate/inconsistent. BAL - It's hard to read too much into this game since it was such a blow-out but if you're a Collins owners you still do not want to see a near even three-way split between Collins, Allen and Dixon in the snap percentage and utilization department. Collins did however lead the team in RZ touches. It was actually Boyle and not Andrews who lead BAL TE's in snaps (68%) and targets (6). I believe Boyle is more of an in-line TE but in TE premium leagues this situation is worth monitoring because of Mornhinweg and Flacco's proclivity to lean on the position. I think Snead's usage is pretty surprising (6 targets, tied for team high with Crabtree and Boyle) since going into the season it was thought to be a two-man show between Crabtree and Brown. Interestingly enough, Brown saw more RZ targets (2) than both Crabtree and Snead. BUF - What a ####show. I don't believe McCoy once saw as little work (utilized 10 times) or play time (53% of the snaps) as he did on Sunday and no matter how you slice it, it's concerning. Murphy ran ahead of Ivory. Benjamin (21%) lead the team in target share but I'm not sure how much that's going to matter moving forward, no one on this team is set up to succeed. We'll revisit this next week after Josh Allen has had a full game under his belt - I do think Allen is better for Benjamin. CAR - CMC didn't ascend into the 25-30 touch tier but I don't think you can complain about him being utilized 19 times, especially when he garnered 35% of the targets. Anderson saw more playtime than the preseason would have suggested. Jarius Wright (46%) actually out-snapped Moore (25%) and he tied Funchess (16%) for the second highest target share on the team. I'm assuming he's manning the slot and his usage can at least be partially explained by Olsen's foot injury. This trend of rookie WRs being uninvolved is consistent through-out the week, although Olsen's injury may lead to more targets for Moore down the road. CHI - Howard's passing game usage (5 targets, 14% target share) , and catch rate (100%) is good news for his floor in PPR leagues. He even saw more targets than Cohen (4) although I don't think that will be a common occurrence moving forward. Robinson (20%) and Burton (17%) unsurprisingly lead the team in target share although the quality of their targets was lacking. Gabriel's usage (86% of the snaps, 14% target share) makes Miller (56% of the snaps, 9% target share) droppable in redraft leagues. CIN - The Mixon (76% of the snaps, utilized 24 times, 25% market share, 3 RZ touches) to Bernard (25% of the snaps, utilized 2 times, 4% market share, 0 RZ touches) split is music to Mixon owner's ears. I would however take this opportunity to acquire Bernard on the cheap if I didn't already have him handcuffed (I'm personally going to be doing this). Green's utilization is unremarkable but Ross's was disappointing. Despite the RZ look and touchdown Ross only played on 65% of the snaps and saw 2 targets behind Boyd (87%, 5 targets). Eifert was in fact on a pitch count and split work with Kroft and Uzomah. We're witnessing the rare TEBC. CLE - Despite splitting snaps with Duke (46%), Hyde (53%) dominated in the utilization department (utilized 24 times to Duke's 11). Chubb only played on 4% of the snaps and received 3 touches. Despite finding himself on a new team, Landry still managed to dominate target share (38%) like he did in MIA. I imagine Gordon's lack of targets (8% target share, 5th in pecking order) is due to a lack of chemistry with Taylor. I don't think Gordon will stay behind Higgins (10% target share) for long. Njoku finished second with an 18% target share, Duke third with 15%. DAL - Despite playing on 92% of the snaps Elliot was only utilized 19 times which I imagine is a bit lower than his average. Swaim played on 91% of the snaps to Jarwin's 34% and out targeted him 4 to 1 - I don't think either are worth monitoring. The WR corps are a mess with no reciever playing on more than 67% (Beasly) of the snaps. Speaking of which, Beasly (28% target share) looks like the sole WR on this team who may hold value in PPR leagues. Hurns played on 59% of the snaps and saw a 10% target share, Williams 30% of the snaps and a 7% target share, Gallup 45% of the snaps and 3% target share. DEN - This week's waiver wire darling, Phillip Lindsay, was one of the more surprising stories of the week despite some off season hype. In hindsight we should have, to some extent, seen this coming after all three ran with the 1's in DEN's third preseason game. Versus SEA, Freeman played on 39% of the snaps, was utilized 15 times and saw a 0% target share. Lindsay played on 35% of the snaps, was utilized 18 times and saw a 8% target share. Booker played on 26% of the snaps, was utilized 2 times and saw a 5% target share. Optimally this will eventually turn into a Freeman/Linsday split but Freeman owners cannot be happy, especially in PPR. Sander's commanded a 28% target share to Thomas's 26%. I believe this is the beginning of a season long trend, with Sanders now the 1A to Thomas's 1B. Sutton played on 59% of the snaps and garnered a 13% target share. GB - Williams played on 62% of the snaps to Montgomery's 38% but was utilized 17 times to Montgomery's 5. We can expect this continue at least until Jones comes back from suspension in week 3. Neither Adams or Cobb's utilization/target share is all that surprising (maybe Cobb's since he was apparently going to be jobless a week ago) but I believe Allison (70% of the snaps, tied for second most with a 22% target share) is the real story. It remains to be seen if he'll remain third in the pecking order in font of Graham (11% target share) but if this continues he's sure to be a late round steal. HOU - With Foreman on the PUP Miller played on 77% of the snaps and was utilized 22 times. He also lead the team with 4 RZ touches despite not scoring. Blue played on 14% of the snaps and was utilized 5 times. With Fuller sidelined Ellington played on 88% of the snaps and commanded a 24% target share, good for the second most behind Hopkins' 32%. Griffin lead the team in RZ targets (3) while finishing third in target share (15%). I'll be more interested to see what the splits look like when Fuller returns. IND - With Mack sidelined Wilkins drew the start, played on 56% of the snaps and was utilized 17 times. However, I think Hines, who had an extremely rough preseason, is the story here. Hines played on 45% of the snaps, was utilized 14 times but most importantly saw a 17% target share. He was also targeted on 24% of his snaps which is one of the highest rates of all players this week. I'll be interested to see if he can maintain this role once Mack returns. Hilton (21% target share, 3 RZ targets) and Doyle (19% target share, 2 RZ) lead the team in each stat respectively. Grant actually saw a 17% target share as Luck spread the ball around. Despite the nice line, Ebron only played on 45% of the snaps and garnered a 9% target share. JAC - With Fournette injuring himself early on in the game, Yeldon played on 62% of the snaps, was utilized 21 times and lead the team with a 21% target share and 3 RZ touches. If you own Fournette I hope you handcuffed him with Yeldon. Grant only played on 10% of the snaps. Cole (75%) lead JAC WRs in snaps (Moncrief 68%, Westbrook 49%, Chark 21%) but finished 4th in the pecking order (12%). Westbrook was second behind Yeldon with an 18% target share. My guess is that the pecking order rearranges itself weekly. KC - Hunt played on 71% of the snaps and was utilized 17 times to Ware's 4. Despite KC dealing with positive game script, Hunt's utilization in the passing game was disappointing as he only drew one target. Still, I can't imagine that this will be a common occurance. Hill's target share (30%) was monstrous and his connection with Mahommes is now undeniable. Watkins played on 91% of the snaps and finished third on the team with a 19% target share. Considering KC's defense I actually think Watkins could be a buy low. Speaking of buying low, if someone is silly enough to give you a deal on Kelce you should take it. He never performs well vs. LAC, and again, KC's defense is a sieve. LAC - I think Gordon proved in one game why he was closer to the Gurley tier than the Fournette tier in PPR. He was utilized 28 times and lead the team with a 25% market share. Ekeler continued to produce despite only playing on 27% of the snaps and being utilized 10 times (10% target share). I argued that Ekeler's touchdown to touch rate was unsustainable last year and he may prove me wrong. He was also targeted on 23% of his snaps, which similarly to Hines, is a high rate. Behind Allen, Mike Williams lead LAC WRs with a 12% target share although must of that came in the 4th quarter. Tyrell and Benjmain garnered a 10% share. Unless you are positive that LAC is going to be trailing for all four quarters I think it's going to be very hard to trust any of them as they seem to be cannibalizing one another behind Gordon and Allen. Tyrell (76%) actually lead Mike (54%) and Benjamin (57%) in snaps. Gates was non-existent. MIA - Drake (utilized 18 times) and Gore (utilized 9 times) didn't split work but Gore somehow averaged 6+ yards per carry and it doesn't look like he'll relent. Drake did play on 74% of the snaps and was utilized in the RZ 3 times to Gore's 29% of snaps and 2 RZ touches however. With Parker sidelined Stills lead MIA WRs in snaps (95%) but Amendola lead the team with a 21% target share. I'll be more interested in the breakdown once Parker returns although Stills played on ~95% of the snaps last year even when Parker was healthy. Gesiki was only utilized twice but both targets were in the RZ. MIN - Cook owners have to be happy with him playing on 80% of the snaps to Murray's 20%, him being utilized 23 times to Murray's 11 and him seeing a 19% target share to Murray's 0%. Murray was however utilized in the RZ 3 times - Cook was utilized twice. I was wrong about Thielen as it looks like he's picking up right where he left off, leading the team with a 33% target share vs. SF. Diggs was actually third behind Cook with a 17% target share. Rudolph only saw 2 targets on the day. NE - With Hill tearing his ACL early and Michel inactive, Burkhead and White split work. Burkhead was utilized 21 times to White's 14 although White lead the team with a 23% target share to Burkhead's 8%. White was also utilized in the RZ 3 times to Burkhead's 2. Gronk finished second with a 21% target share although the real story is Dorsett finishing third with a 18% share ahead of Hogan (13%). NE is unpredictable but it does look like Dorsett will hold value for as long as Edelman is out. NO - Assuming their defensive performance against TB was a fluke, it will be interesting to see what the carry distribution between Kamara, Gillislee and Williams looks like when NO is dealing with positive game script. And if it wasn't a fluke, Kamara will probably lead all RBs in receptions this year. Kamara is also leading all players with 9 RZ touches so far this week. The pecking order behind Thomas is worth mentioning but maybe not worth monitoring. Austin Carr, who was recently signed, actually played on 67% of the snaps but was only targeted twice. It looks like it will also be a while before Smith (12% of the snaps, 2% target share) overtakes Ginn (78% of the snaps, 13% target share). Watson was used sparingly. NYG - The only surprising take away here is that Stewart is still seeing the field. Odell commanded a whopping 41% of the targets, only second behind Julio on the week. Despite playing on 90% of the snaps, Engram finished fourth behind Odell, Shepard and Barkley with a 14% target share. If Odell continues to command such a large target share it may be hard from Engram to return TE1 value. PHI - Wasn't this game played months ago? Despite essentially not touching the ball in the first half Ajayi lead PHI RBs in snaps (40%) and utilization (15). He, however, didn't see a target. Sproles commanded the third most targets (20% target share) on the team and much like Hines, Ekeler, Kamara and etc. saw a target on 25% of his snaps. He also lead the team with 3 RZ touches. Per usual, he was undervalued in PPR leagues. Clement only played on 18% of the snaps, was utilized 5 times and didn't see a target. Agholor and Ertz both lead the team with a 29% target share and I wouldn't expect that to change for as long as Jeffery is out. PIT - Conner was utilized a Bell-esque 37 times (which will likely lead all players this week) and finished second behind Juju (20%) with a 15% target share. He also lead the team in RZ utilization, being utilized three times. Samuels didn't play a snap. If you drafted Conner you drafted a RB1 in the mid/late rounds, congratulations. Interestingly enough, Justin Hunter played on 61% of the snaps to Washington's 13% and looks to be the WR3/field stretcher in this offense to start the season. Once again, a rookie WR disappoints. I'll be interested to see how McDonald is used once he comes back. SEA - I don't think I've ever seen a pair of RBs with identical splits across the board. Both Carson and Penny played on 44% of the snaps, were utilized 12 times and saw a 15% target share. With Baldwin spraining his other knee it was Brandon Marshall who lead the team with an 18% target share and in RZ utilization (2). Lockett lead SEA pass catchers in snaps (98%) but only drew a 12% target share behind Marshall, Carson, Penny and Dissly. Although Vannett played on 61% of the snaps to Dissly's 58%, Dissly out-targeted him (15% target share to Vannett's 6%) and put up a large line in the process. Given the fact that Baldwin is out indefinitely and Schottenheimer likes to utilize TEs, Dissly is at least worth monitoring. SF - Similarly to Carson and Penny, Morris and Breida saw equal work against MIN. Both played on ~50% of the snaps and were utilized ~12 times. Breida saw 6% of the targets to Morris's 0%. Morris was however utilized 5 times in the RZ to Breida's 0. With Goodwin existing early, Pettis played on 73% of the snaps (second most amongst SF WRs) and garnered a 15% target share. He was still behind Garcon and Taylor who saw an 18% share each. The real story, though, is Kittle who lead the team with a 27% target share and looks to be over the shoulder injury he suffered during preseason action. TB - With Ronald Jones a surprising inactive, Barber had most of the backfield touches to himself. He played on 73% of the snaps and was utilized 19 times (3 times in the RZ). However, he didn't see a single target and relinquished 3rd down work to Quizz and Wilson. Barber will likely be at the mercy of gamescript moving forward. TB worked in all four WRs, with Evans playing on 76% of the snaps, Godwin 70%, Taylor 67% and DJax 30%. Despite playing on only 30% of the snaps, DJax garnered a higher target share (18%) than Godwin (14%). Howard and Brate were essentially uninvolved, drawing 2 targets each. As was predicted, there are a lot of mouths to feed in TB. TEN - Henry was out-utilized by Lewis 24 to 11, out-snapped 71% to 29% and even out-utilized in the RZ 2 to 1. Henry's floor is essentially bottomless, it's going to be hard to trust him moving forward. The good news for Davis is that he lead the team with a 34% target share and 3 RZ targets, the bad news is that Gabbert may be throwing him passes next week (or maybe there's no distinction between Mariota and Gabbert?). Behind Davis and Lewis, Walker saw the third most targets (18%) but is now out for the season. With Walker gone Smith is definitely worth monitoring, even if Gabbert is under center in the short-term. Matthews played on 52% of the snaps but didn't see a single target. Taylor only played on 13% of the snaps. WAS - AP showed he can still put a team on his back as he was utilized 29 times vs. ARI. He was utilized 7 times in the RZ, which may end up being the second most of the week behind Kamara. Thompson, who combined to make a potent 1-2 punch with AP, lead the team with a 23% target share. Behind Thompson was Richardson with a 20% share and Reed with a 17% share. It looks like Reed was on a pitch count (52% of the snaps) which was likely at least partially due to the blow-out. This is a team, much like JAC, in which I think the pecking order will rearrange weekly.
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    Had to get it off my chest. I've had a really tough year personally after losing my mother to ALS and even though I have a strong family/friend network, this place made my days happier and helped me get through it. What an amazing thing to pop into a place and feel like you've got something in common to discuss with hundreds of other dudes(+Krista). Movies, music, ff...whatever it is, I learn something new every day and just enjoy the chatter. Thanks to everyone and Joe for making this place as great as it is.
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    The defense being put forth by Trump Levin Dershowitz and our own house Gary Johnson supporters is that a candidate can give unlimited funds to his own campaign. Therefore Trump can pay off the women without breaking campaign finance laws. And telling his attorney to do it and re-paying him later is effectively the same thing. Here are seven common sense, fatal faults with that theory: -Trump claimed (today) he didn’t know about the payments until after they were made. Therefore they did not, at the time they were made, constitute a candidate funding his own campaign. They were either an in kind donation to the campaign, or a loan to the campaign. -To even claim that this was Trump spending on his own campaign he would have had to actually put the money into his campaign (and report it) and then pay Cohen out of the campaign (and report it) -Trump didn’t repay Cohen, Trump Org did. They are not the same thing. A corporation cannot contribute as much as it wants to a candidate, even if the candidate owns the corporation. Bonus consideration- Trump pierces his own corporate veil if he claims he and Trump org are the same thing. -If Cohen was merely acting as an agent of Trump (necessary to support the excuse that this was really Trump contributing to his own campaign) he would have simply written a check from Trump’s accounts, or, at worst the Org. He wouldn’t have needed to go into his own home equity line -If you respond that Cohen had to go into his HELOC because he didn’t have signatory authority on Trump’s personal or business funds, then you can’t say that Cohen’s payment is simply the candidate self-financing by proxy. At that point it has to be a reportable loan. -if it was legal self financing Trump would have reimbursed directly to Cohen. Instead they made up a fictitious retainer agreement, falsified invoices, and lied about the purpose of the payments. The Org claiming this as a business expense constitutes tax fraud. That’s a felony. If this was a legit campaign self-finance, why’d they commit tax fraud to hide it? -If Cohen paid the women lawfully on behalf of Trump’s self-finance, then that would have been a business expense for his law firm. Therefore when it was repaid it wouldn’t be income - it would be reimbursement of a business expense - and therefore wouldn’t be taxable. Yet when the Org repaid they upcharged the reimbursement to account for the income tax Cohen would have to pay on the amount. Again, this is done entirely to HIDE the repayment, in order to hide the initial payoffs. Intentionally hiding campaign contributions and expenses is definitely a felony, not a misdemeanor
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    You should have yelled back "This isn't my kid".
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    As I always do, let me remind everyone of where we stood after week 1 last year to help us understand one week means nothing: Bradford and Siemien were top 5 QBs. Russell Wilson and Tom Brady were QB23 and 24. MIke Gillislee had 3 TDs and was definitely the back to own in New England. Tarik Cohen was RB4 in standard. Terrance West was RB10 and the clear lead back in Baltimore. Alvin Kamara and Dion Lewis were mostly getting dropped or left on waivers. Jonathan Stewart looked like the back to have in Carolina. Kenny Golladay was WR3, Jordy looked like the same old Jordy with 7/89/1. Amari Cooper finally scored a RZ TD and everyone saw a fantasy dream season coming. Jeramy Maclin and Corey Coleman were top 16 WRs and looked like draft day steals. All while guys like Davante Adams, Michael Thomas and Devin Funchess finished outside of the top 48 WRs. The Coby Fleener breakout season in New Orleans was happening (5/54/1). The Patriots dynasty was over. The Saints D was torched by Sam Bradford and we were all saying, "same old awful Saints D". Raiders beat the Titans in a match-up of two SB contenders. Deshaun Watson and the Texans offense looked awful only scoring 7 points.
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    I’ve hinted at this before, but I’m not sure I’ve been explicit about it... I was molested when I was a child. The preparator was an older person in my neighborhood. My parents were friends with his parents. They occasionally hired him to mow our lawn and babysit my sister and me. My mom and his mom took all us kids on a vacation together once. I didn’t speak up when it happened because I didn’t understand what was happening was wrong. He called it a game, I went along with it. It wasn’t until years later, long after we’d moved to a different city and lost contact with the family, that I pieced it all together. Once I realized I’d been a victim, my first reaction wasn’t to call the police, but to call a psychotherapist’s office. At the time I was having difficulty sustaining relationships and holding jobs, and it was more important to me to get help than to try to put him in jail. I was also reluctant to tell the police because, well, how could I prove it? I knew the name of the molester, but I didn’t know exact dates of the molesting. There weren’t other witnesses. I hadn’t told anyone about it before. I could describe the room where it happened but I suppose everyone could describe their childhood home or a neighbor’s house they visited socially on many occasions. I decided the energy I could put into this was better spent going through therapy and healing myself. So, a couple years of therapy helped a lot. I thought I’d worked up the courage to my parents about it, booked a weekend visit specifically to tell them about it, chickened out. Tried again a few months later. My parents were crushed, shared a little bit they knew about that family’s history (the perpetrator’s father young died of a heart attack), wondered if that triggered some destructive behavior. After that, told my sister about it. She didn’t believe me. She didn’t think the perp was capable of something like that. We didn’t talk for a while after that. Told my roommate about it. He believed me. Asked if I was getting help. Told him I was seeing [therapist]. Said a family member knew [therapist] and had talked about what a great person [therapist] was. Glad I was getting help. We didn’t discuss it again. As my relationship with the woman who is now my wife got serious, I told her about it. It wasn’t planned; just kind of blurted out. I knew I wanted her to know before asking her to marry me so she wouldn’t be surprised. She was supportive; had a friend who was raped at a party in high school, saw how tough it was on her, happy I was in therapy. We got engaged less than a month later. Been married almost 17 years. Crap, my anniversary is coming up. I better get her a gift. I never went to the police about it. I’m not sure my life would be better trying to prosecute the crime. I don’t know what benefit would come from reliving all that. Unless... Unless I’d found out the molester was running for office or up for a seat on the Supreme Court or something like that. Then I’d speak up. I think the molester has led an unremarkable life, but if he had ascended to a position of power, I’d challenge that. Some people would probably believe me. Some wouldn’t. But I’d speak up if the person who molested me was up for a job arbiting the fates of large groups of people. So that’s that.
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    Turn to page #128 if you want Lacy to have herpes simplex 2. Turn to page #96 if you want Lacy to live in the back of a Buick Sport Wagon.
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    PSA: with the season just a week away, I felt it important to share with you the story of a young FFB manager who wouldn’t stop rosterbating. He’d spend hours gazing lovingly at his lineups, doting on every positive update, fretting over every piece of bad news, always looking for the angle - typing up trades & clearing them before hitting submit. Then convincing himself that “THIS is the deal that puts me over the top!” And *click!* submit. He was proud of the team he’d drafted, but between the end of his draft & the start of the season, somehow it just wasn’t enough. The rush that the draft gave him was gone. As a result he’d made several odd moves - add/drops & questionable trades. By the time the season had started, his roster had changed substantially. And that was his worst FFB season ever. I’m not ashamed to admit it - that young man was me. I...i was a compulsive rosterbater. At first it was cool - “everyone does it!” I’d tell myself to make myself feel better about my habit. “I can quit anytime I want!” But it wasn’t cool. It wasn’t cool at all. And I couldn’t stop. I just couldn’t stop. So take it from me, kids - just say no to excessive rosterbation. It can do real harm to you, and to your fantasy teams. The season is just a week out - at this point it’s best to simply put the computer away. Reject all trade offers. Ignore in-league messages asking “what would it take to get __________ ? Through sheer will & determination I’ve kicked the rosterbation habit. You can too. And if you haven’t yet rosterbated, don’t start. Yeah, I know - it feels good, maaaaaaan. But it’s a one way street leading to a dead end. Also, I went blind doing it & i’m using voice-to-text to post this, so there’s that. and don’t get me started on the hairy palms.
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    A book? Ha! I've got one worse than that. A few years ago on Sept 11th I bought some coffee at an unnammed coffee drive through place. After the transaction was finished, the young lady that worked the window said "have a nice day". "Have a nice day?!?!?!" I said, then I threw the coffee in her face, called her a traitor and sped off. I figure that was the least I could do as a true murican.
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    Let's get the whole "there's a tweet for everything" deal out of the way up front:
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    Training Camp & Preseason have concluded again for another year, so my work in this thread is just about complete. I hope that the information curated here was helpful to many of those who participate in the Shark Pool community here at FBG. I would also like to thank those who also took the time to post information that they came across as your efforts were appreciated.
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    It's a good time again to thank those who contribute informed substance to the thread. There are quite a few, but randall is a superstar.
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    Jess Dweck✔@TheDweck I’m no HR professional but it’s prob a bad sign when an employee writes an anonymous letter calling you a brain-dead ####### and you can’t even narrow it down to 100 people 12:02 PM - Sep 6, 2018
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    Honey came in and she caught me red-handed creeping with the girl next door. Picture this,we were both butt naked banging on the bathroom floor. How could I forget that I had given her an extra key? All this time she was standing there, she never took her eyes off me.
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    I feel strange "liking" all these posts, but I suppose many of us are doing so as a feeble show of support for those who've experienced these traumas. I've had no such trauma, but I did have, in my senior year of college, an experience that is similar in some respects to the one that Dr. Ford describes. It was at a party thrown by a bunch of Harvard Business School guys with whom I'd become friends. There was a lot of drinking involved, including on my part. One of the guys followed me when I came out of the bathroom and pulled me into a bedroom and locked the door. I was tiny then, barely over 100 pounds, and though he wasn't a huge guy he was much larger than I was and I had no ability to fend him off physically. He did tear my shirt and get my pants undone (but not down) before a couple of the other guys started banging on the door and demanding he open it, which he eventually did. I was lucky that they had come looking for me and were able to get me out of the situation. Maybe that's why I've never felt that traumatized by the incident nor had issues with men after that - it was also men who saved me. And those guys had nothing to do with the guy in question again after that, nor did I. He was pretty well shunned and shamed. Similar to Ford, I remember some details very well, such as exactly what I was wearing, what the room looked like, etc., but I couldn't give you the date, what he was wearing, the names of all the people there or even who I went to the party with. It's interesting what you remember - I can remember what I was wearing three days in my entire college career: my first day of school, graduation day, and the day of this incident. I wasn't scared to report this but it just never occurred to me to do so or to discuss it with anyone outside of the "yeah, that guy's a creep and we don't talk to him anymore" type of conversations I had with the others later. I hadn't given him much thought for many years, but just looked him up today since this discussion has been going on. Owns a VC firm in San Francisco and has been highly successful, as you'd expect from an HBS grad. Has a wife and two sons. I don't begrudge him any of that nor would I wish for any of it to be taken from him, but you can be damn sure if he were nominated to the SC I'd have an issue with that.
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    Link to the snaps, utilization and target share spreadsheet. Link to where the videos of player touches will be uploaded. Link to my patreon. I'm looking forward to obsessing over this season.
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    My mind raced as I tried to predict what she might say and whether it would be good or bad for me. She said "you know how I told you I just moved into my place a couple of weeks ago? Wellllllllll, I still haven't gotten my furniture moved yet, because there was a mixup with the moving company, so all I have to offer you, or us, is a tiny blowup mattress in an empty apartment. I just didn't want you to be blindsided walking into that." Internally, I breathed a little sigh of relief, having avoided all of the potentially catastrophic scenarios of what she might have said, and I snickered and said "I appreciate the heads up. Sounds kinda fun actually." We left that establishment and some of the group wanted to stay, so Lacy, myself, Fred, and one other guy walked to a cool little jazz bar a couple of blocks away. We got a refreshing beverage there and she was already making eyes at me. I knew we wouldn't be staying at this place very long. The guys started chatting up a group of ladies, so I looked at Lacy and asked if she was ready to go. She said "yeah let's get out of here" and grinned at me and bit her lip. We stepped outside to summon a Lyft and, as if it was destiny, at that exact moment there was a already a taxi coming down the street in our direction. I flagged him down and we hopped into the back captain's chairs of a black Toyota Sienna and took off down the bumpy Nola streets. Her place was just a few miles from where we were. As we were en route, she leaned over towards me and we started making out. She started untying all my arm bands, and removing my accessories as we kissed. She pulled back and kind of rotated towards me some. She grabbed the v-line of her dress and starts pulling it down a little bit and whispered to me "I don't want him to see, this is only for you." Finally we arrived at her place after what seemed like the longest taxi ride of all time. She wasn't lying. She had some clothes in the closet, a few toiletries in the bathroom, and an empty rum bottle that she was using for a water jug. Oh, and a twin-sized air mattress. She excused herself to the bathroom for a minute and, trying to rehydrate a little bit, I sipped water from the rum bottle. She emerged and came directly over to me and asked if I needed anything and I said "nope, just you" and pulled her to me and planted one on her. She started grinding against me, and I slipped her red dress down off of her shoulders and past her hips and let it slink to the floor. We made out for a minute then she pulled back in what seemed to be a pensive moment for her. She then uttered a line I will probably never forget when she said "I should probably check the air in the mattress before we get on it." We both busted out laughing at that.. She proceeded to add some air via the attached pump until desired firmness was achieved. She pushed me down on to the air mattress, but thankfully not so hard that I would bounce off. She climbed aboard as well and removed the rest of my attire.We took turns attending to each other's needs and I was deliberately taking my time until she was practically begging me to prime her pump. I turned in one of my better opening performances, and our cushion of air was a fellow soldier and withstood mightily. We took a few pulls of water from the rum bottle to try and replenish fluids, then cuddled (not like we had much choice in the matter ) and drifted off to sleep. I was roused awake a couple hours later by her spooning me (I was the big spoon). Well, that brought me to attention and initiated another fast and furious round of close-quarters combat, with a rear-flank offensive charge. Dehydrated and exhausted at that point, we crashed for the rest of the night. I woke up first the next morning and was watching her sleep peacefully next to me. I started rubbing her arm and shoulder and she didn't open her eyes but she murmured an "mmmm" and grinned a little bit. Soldiers at the ready, we engage in a fairly lengthy morning battle. I was starving at that point, so she drove me back to the hotel so I could change clothes and freshen up a little bit. Kate was awake and while I was changing I heard Josie come in to the room. We still had a couple of hours to kill before our checkout time. I told them I'm going with Lacy to get food and they tried to get details on my night but I just smirked and said "we had a great time" on my way out the door, and to their disgust. She called her friend to get a sit-rep at the balcony hangout. He said he was frying bacon and has some champagne out, and for us to come on over, so we headed that way. Out of the blue, she said "I like how you gave me your tie and said you needed it back so I would be forced to talk to you again. Don't think I didn't notice that" and I just smiled. I had the tie hanging out of my pocket, and in one of my more genius moments IMO, I pulled it out and laid it in/on her center console and said, "Well, maybe. Tell you what, I am, in fact, going to let you hold on to this momento for now, but I'm going to need it back." She flashed a big cheesy smile, and said "OK." We had bacon and champagne on the balcony, along with friend and his girlfriend, with some soft music playing over his sound system. I pull Lacy up out of her chair and we slow danced and made out for a few minutes. Kate and Josie showed up a little while later after checking out of the hotel. Fred and company roll in at some point and we all hang out for a bit before it's time for the girls and I to hit the road. I pull Lacy into the other room and hug her and kiss her goodbye for a couple of minutes, and she bit her lip and smiled really big at me and said "Mmmm I love the way you kiss me. Thank you for an amazing night and morning. Talk to you soon." We headed out and the girls grilled me for details for a good portion of the ride home, but I refused to give battle reports. Now, that Saturday night, I had made a conscious decision to move forward with a battle plan and do all this with a chick I knew there was a good chance I may never see or hear from again. This was some much needed distraction and happiness and good memories for me, but my gut told me that this tale wasn't over just yet....
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    Can someone reach out to Soulfly? I’m more worried about him than I Gordon.
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    I had a buddy ask me the same thing last weekend, and I thought it was an interesting way of deflecting the discussion away from all of the stupidity, callousness, and corruption in this administration. As a white, middle/upper class, heterosexual, male, things are pretty good for me. The gains in the stock market have continued and I am safe and healthy. I am employed and have been at the same job for almost 20 years, but my wages have stayed pretty stagnant and my take home pay has not increased in two years. I paid off my house this spring, so I plan to stash more $ away into retirement. The cost of my work health insurance is going up 8% this year, but that increase is being picked up by my employer and a 3% raise for me so it evens out. My family deductible, co-pays, and total out of pocket limits have all increased significantly in the last 2 years, but that has been an ongoing trend for 10+ years. Gas prices are about $3.25/gallon here, which is about a 30% increase over 2 years. My local taxes are going up this year due to school and road levies. College tuitions for both my kids have steadily increased while in school (about 5% per year), but I had one graduate last spring. I haven't seen any real change in my state and federal tax bills, but we'll see next spring when I file for 2018. So for me personally, things are much the same as they were under Obama, but that myopic view isn't a valid measuring stick for my government, who I expect to be a world leader in more pressing environmental, humanitarian, trade, and diplomatic areas. I want clean air and water. I don't want another financial meltdown because we've relaxed financial rules and regulations. I want an educated populace. I want to be proud - not ashamed - of my leaders, and I want them to obey and respect the law. I want them to be smart, articulate, and measured in their response to crisis. I am troubled by the growing acceptance of racially charged rhetoric, which I hear almost daily both locally and nationally. I also disagree with and the trampling of basic rights like due process and equal protection as policies and laws are applied to people of color in immigration and law enforcement contexts. That's all big picture stuff that doesn't concern me in my simple little suburban life, but it's important to me and I'm unwilling to just sit on my porch contently drinking beer while it happens.
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    He’s a former LSU player. He ought to be commended for figuring out how to tweet.
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    Editor's prologue: I realized after typing this up, it probably isn't that interesting (like the rest of my posts? ), but I wasted the time to type it, so I'm force feeding it here. Sorry in advance. TLDR: Weekend of booze and 'baseball' with a recent acquaintance. - - - I texted Lacy, at her request, to let her know that I made it home safely that evening, and thanked her for a great night/morning. She reciprocated thanks and told me that she'd like to see me again soon and that we'd have to work on that plan. Within the next few days, we checked our schedules and the upcoming weekend was wide open for me, and she only had one quick work call to make on Saturday. I arranged for my kids to stay with their aunt and uncle in south LA, who they'd been asking to visit, so all the stars aligned for me perfectly. Friday rolled around and when the kids got out of school, we headed out. I dropped them at their uncle's place and hit the road to Nola for the second weekend in a row. I rolled into the Big Easy around 9PM and found a parking spot about 2 blocks from the apartment (aka the balcony hangout from the prior weekend), our crash spot for the weekend, as her friend was out of town and insisted we stay there since Lacy's place was still in a bit of disorder with the furniture snafu. She walked to where I parked and met me with a hug and a kiss and accompanied me back to the apartment to drop my bag off. My bag had no sooner hit the floor when she grabbed my shirt, pulled me over to her, made out with me then pushed me down onto the bed (a real bed this time! And yes, I'm pretty sure there was lip biting going on.) I guess we weren't going out just yet. She was a very gracious host and made me feel at home right away. And being a gracious fellow myself, I returned the favor. After we said our extended hellos, she suggested that we just fix a drink and sit out on the balcony for a little while instead of venturing out, and I was in agreement. She sauntered off to the kitchen and came back with a couple of bourbons on the rocks. We sipped and talked and people-watched for an hour or so and she asked if I wanted to go lay down and relax and watch Justice League, which she had downloaded, so I said sure. Before we even made it to the bed she started kissing me again and we were back on the field of play once again. She displayed a great offense and hit 3 homers, but my walk-off in the bottom of the ninth sealed the deal. After some post-game refreshments, she grabbed her laptop and queued up the movie. I think we saw MAYBE the first 5 minutes. We woke up the next morning around the same time... well, after I woke her up ready to play ball again. She showed great competitive spirit and even welcomed my team to join her in some pre-game warm-up activities. This game went on for a while and ended when I launched one into the lower deck. She got semi-dressed and headed off to the kitchen and soon I smell bacon cooking. She fixed me a couple of eggs to go along with it and after devouring that, I helped her get the kitchen cleaned up. It was around 11AM. She asked if I wanted to hit the Quarter and walk around some, and I said absolutely. We get dressed then she asked me "how do you feel about some to-go drinks for our walk since we don't have to drive anywhere or anywhere to be later?" I told her I had zero responsibility until the next afternoon, so I was down for anything. She disappeared for a minute and came back with a couple of to-go cups of bourbon and Coke and off we went. She showed me a couple of places around the quarter and we had finished up our to-go cups, so we swung by Lafitte's and each got one of their signature "Purple Drank," which is basically a grape Icee with Everclear. She said "It doesn't taste all that great at first, but it gets better, just keep drinking" and damned if she wasn't right. We headed out towards the river and Jackson Square, over by Cafe du Monde, and jumped into the takeout line for some beignets. It started thundering and dark clouds were looming nearby, thus we wanted to stay fairly close to the apartment, so we got our order of beignets and headed down the street. She said "I know a cool little spot that's on the way back to the apartment." We got there and our bartender, who bore a striking resemblance to Lou Diamond Phillips, recommended his classic margarita. Lacy being a tequila fan, opted for that, and I said that I'd have the same. Lou said "coming right up" and even brought us some water, napkins and plates on which to eat our beignets. About the time we got our drinks, the skies opened up and so we just sat and watched people walk by getting drenched as we sat nice and dry in the A/C eating beignets and sipping Lou Diamond Phillips signature margaritas. I will admit that Lou Diamond made one HELL of a margarita We finished our drinks, and by that time the rain had subsided. We were still hungry, so she said "I know a place right around the corner that has great burgers" and she took my hand and led me to the Clover Grill. She wasn't wrong. Damn fine burgers. We finished our food and I can tell that she's ready to mount an offensive again, so we bee-line back to the apartment for another intense matchup. After that round, she needed to call her work appointment, so I pour myself a little bourbon on the rocks and head out to the balcony for a little while. She joined me a little later, scantily clad and smiling at me, and said she was happy I came to see her. We talked for a little while, then decided we would head back in and try to watch the movie again. I watched it, and she made it through about half before she , but I just let her sleep. The movie ended and I get up and stretch and grab some water. I came back and she had just woken up and is smiling at me when I come in the room. She beckons me to come to her, and so I did. Again. She asked me if I was hungry, and of course I was starving. We had talked earlier about a couple of dinner options, but it was approaching midnight so we ended up just scrounging through the cabinets and whipping up some pasta with sausage and tomato sauce. I took our dishes back to the kitchen and we reconvened in the bed for a nightcap before drifting off to sleep. As had become a pattern, I awoke first the next morning and let her sleep for a little while, but then couldn't help myself and initiated some contact with her, which was again well received. This matchup went extra innings and ended with her screaming my team's name, and the crowd went wild as my team got a second wind and finished with a bang. When she got up she steadied herself on the bed for a second and said "Damn, boy, you've got me seeing stars" and without missing a beat, I said "you're welcome!" I had to head out soon, but we decided to get brunch before I left, so we dropped my bag off at my truck, which was adorned with a parking citation for parking too close to the cross walk (I was WELL within the space and NOT blocking the crosswalk at all but this ticket was cheaper than the cost of any of the paid parking lots I would've had to park in otherwise, so it was still a good deal). We got to our brunch destination and I notice she's not eating much. She said she was feeling super hungover when she woke up, and almost had to defer the final game of the weekend, but she was a team player and soldiered through it. We finished up and she walked me back to my truck and I hit the road to get the kids and then back home to reality. We've talked/texted several times since then and have tentative plans to hang out on a couple of opportunistic occasions that happen to cater to our respective schedules. She may, in fact, be coming to visit tomorrow, pending how a work appointment goes today. I have no expectations of anything substantial coming of this long-term, but I know we have both extremely enjoyed each others' company thus far, so we are just going with the flow. - - - In other news, as reported in the "happy" thread, one of the smartest, prettiest girls from back in my high school days messaged me a few weeks ago. Got her number and and we've been chatting a bit recently. She sent me a photo of her bikini-clad self on the beach drinking a beer last week. She appears to still be a smokeshow. She is fairly newly divorced and lives in Florida currently, where she works as a physician, and is coming into town next week (or the next) and wants to get together for dinner. After a couple of years of feeling like life has continually kicked me in the ###, this new development along with 2 of the most fun weekends I've had in a long, long time, I must say... life could definitely be worse right now.
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    In the shower this morning, soap in right hand, I reached back awkwardly over my right shoulder to wash the elusive area between my shoulder blades. As often happens the wet soap slipped out of my hand, so I instinctively dropped the washcloth out of my taint-washing left hand and swung it quickly behind my back, buttocks-high, hoping to snag the cascading egg-shaped bar of Dove. I'm pretty sure all athletes with elite reflexes attempt this catch regularly, but the success rate is VERY low (<1%?) even in perfect conditions (rectangular bar, other hand free, etc). With the egg-shaped bar obviously making it that much more difficult, plus the washcloth occupying the busy off-hand...it was probably a 1/1000 chance. Snagged it anyway - so pumped!!
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    I’ve typed this about a dozen times over the past few days and deleted it. I suppose it’s worth posting if I’m coming off as irrational, which is of course possible. My wife is a rape survivor. From high school. Here are the things that are different about her case from Ford’s case: 1. Her attacker was one year older, not two. 2. There was no second person in the room who jumped on them letting her escape. 3. It wasn’t in Maryland. 4. He was coked up, not drunk. Pretty sure that’s about it. Didn’t take it to the police because of the time and place and who his family was and who her family was and how things used to be. If he were nominated for the Supreme Court, she’d send a similar letter. I believe she would understand when that letter was sent what path she had taken. Partially because of what I do for a living. So I believe she would be ready and willing to testify and prepped prior to sending it. But I’m not shocked with someone who wouldn’t be.
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    I only saw a couple of reported thread reports for this. There should have been 20. Please report when you see things going wrong like this. It's sometimes the only way it will be seen. He's gone for the year and then mods will look at it then. For the record, first time a date says "No", that's the end of it. Full stop.
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    This op-ed is bull####. A privileged white man saying he and others are "unsung heroes" trying to defend the country from Trump. He makes it clear he supports massive tax cuts for the wealthy and rolling back regulations, so he’s complicit in going along with some of Trump’s worst policies. More importantly, what he describes IS a Constitutional crisis. He describes a president who cannot do the job, too mentally unstable to carry out the duties of the office. And Instead we have unelected appointees acting in that capacity. That’s a Constitutional crisis. Using a provision of the Constitution to remove the president is not a Constitutional crisis. But what is currently happening is. (And a president using his office to enrich himself and his family. And a presidential campaign colluding with a foreign power to win office. And... you get the idea.) When this administration finally ends, do not let any of these people get away with saying they were one of the good guys. They aren't.
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    Go to Animal Control and talk to whoever runs things there and explain the situation. That should take care of the current problem. long term if you really want to get back at this women sell your house to Hasidic Jews
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    I officially introduced myself to Lacy and we exchanged pleasantries. We both mingled around the group but I made sure I made eye contact and smiled each time I was in her vicinity. Eventually I made my way back to my prime balcony spot and she soon came over to where I was and we chit chat a bit. She invited me and one other person standing nearby to play her favorite balcony people watching game "What's Their Story?" where you pick a person or couple out on the street below and predict where they are from and what they do for a living. One funny one was when we spotted 2 dudes talking across the street and she tapped them for the game, so we all make our guesses. I guessed Financial Planner for one of the guys. We laugh and move on to another couple and then the previous 2 dudes separated and one of them walked in our direction and Lacy said "hey I actually know that guy!" and got his attention and waved and talked to him for a minute. After the guy walked off, I said "Ok you know that guy, right? What's his profession?? Let's see who won that round!" She starts laughing to herself and said "he actually IS a financial planner" and I celebrated raucously. So we played a few rounds of that, and I got some more laughs from her, which is always a good sign. I had noticed 2 other guys in our group, both friends of Kate (one of them was who Josie had paired up with the previous night) whom I had met before, but didn't know well, had also been sticking fairly close to Lacy and chatting her up. So I am aware at that point that they are also vying for her attention, but I feel like I'm doing pretty well so far. Maybe an hour or so later, with dusk coming on, the group was getting antsy and wanted to take to the streets. Before we left the balcony, Lacy took off my Mardi Gras bead tie and puts it back around my neck and said "I like the way this looks on you better than on me" and grinned at me and I shot back "well, thank you, and to be honest, the view is better when you don't have that tie on." As we filed outside, I got in line behind Lacy, of course. As we walked, she leaned into me and got close a few times as she was talking. I knew this was a good sign too. She asked me some questions like where I was from, if I had kids, how I was part of this group, where we were staying, etc.. I answered her questions and, very intentionally, informed her of our hotel situation and then I quizzed her a little bit as well. She was a lifelong friend of the guy whose place we were hanging out at and she had moved to Nola a couple years ago. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend and was kind of down about it so her friend had invited her to come hang out with all of us and have some fun to try and cure her blues. I knew she was younger than me, but didn't want to directly ask. At some point she had mentioned having a younger sister that was 26, so I figured that she was probably early 30's. I would find out later that she's actually 28. We hit up a nearby club and the group goes upstairs to a balcony overlooking the dance floor area but it was crowded so part of the group headed back down. Lacy and I grabbed a spot along the balcony railing and observed for a bit, talking and laughing. The group was ready to forage in search of food so we hit the streets again, and somebody in the group suggested a nearby place, so we headed out in that direction. One of the guys in our group of about 12 people was wearing a skirt and suspenders (no shirt) and the host/manager of restaurant we were trying to go to wouldn't seat him without a shirt. All his shirts were at his hotel which was too far to walk to, so we turned around and filed back out to find a plan B. We got across the street and the manager of the place we just exited yelled at us and waved us back over. Dude had gone to the back and gotten a white dress shirt from one of his workers and loaned it to our friend, so that we would stay and eat at his restaurant. (aside: That's kickass managing right there.) I took a seat at the table next to Lacy. One of the other aforementioned guys, Josie's "friend,' was on the other side of Lacy, but Josie was sitting next to him, so I was hoping she'd keep his attention. Lacy and I chat a little and put my arm on the back of her chair and placed my hand on her back, which was exposed due to the cut of her dress. As we talked, I lightly caressed her bare back with my fingers. A couple of minutes later she leaned over and said "I feel like you might be trouble for me, because I should probably tell you to stop that, but I really don't want you to stop." I grinned and said "well I will stop if it's making you uncomfortable in any way" and she places her hand on my knee under the table, looked me in the eye and said "no, you're fine, you don't have to stop." We finished dinner and the other guy that had been chatting Lacy (not the one sitting next to her) up bought dinner for the entire table. We shall call him Fred. The group headed over to another popular establishment for some of the crew, including Lacy, who were wanting to dance, and have more beverages of course. The group kind of got separated a bit inside the place, as it was huge. I said to Lacy, "let's go get a drink before we find our spot in here" and we walk around to the side bar which had no line. She bellies up to the bar and I get behind/beside her and put my arm around her and flagged the bartender down. She ordered a shot of tequila and I got a beer. I pay the man his money and she looks at me and shyly said "So.... hypothetically... and I'm not saying this is what we're doing, I'm just thinking through this.... if you were to come stay at my place tonight, would that be helpful for your sleeping arrangements?" I grin and said "well, hypothetically, I think it certainly would be very helpful and that is a very polite offer. Hypothetically." She smiled and said "Ok, I will keep that in mind" and bit her lip. Good signs +1. I took this opportunity, since we were close to each other in a reasonably quiet area and away from the crowd, to pull her in and kiss her. She grins and bites her lip again. I put my arm around her and said "let's go find our people" and we head to the other end of the place where our crew was posted up. I'm not much of a dancer normally, and I let Lacy know that, but I can go with the flow and I'm a team player. Just about everyone, except for Kate who refuses to dance, was on the floor so I got out there with the group and we were all acting a fool and having a good time. Lacy sticks close to me for the most part, but Fred is nearby as well. Fred is a ball of energy. A little bit older (than me) guy (guessing mid to late 40's), but one of those guys that has 2 speeds: wide-open and asleep. He was bouncing all over the place and was dancing with everyone nearby, including Lacy, intermittently. I danced to a few songs and retreated to the sidelines to drink my beer and observe for a bit. Lacy had some moves and was rocking that red dress, so i didn't mind just sitting back and watching her out on the dance floor at all. I saw Lacy walk over to the bar with Fred and he buys both of them a beer. She came back over and stood beside me a few minutes later, sans Fred, and leaned in and said to me "I hope you aren't upset because I was dancing with Fred. That was just dancing, and I want you to know that. He's a nice guy but there's nothing there for me." Then she looked me in the eye and said, while gesturing in the air between herself and me, "I like this." I said "Good. Me too." She said "I admit I am a little drunk, and this is very out of character for me, but I seriously think you're one of the nicest guys I've ever met and that is very very attractive to me. And I do want you to come home with me." I said, trying to play it cool, "I'd like that a lot." She kind of giggled to herself and said "in the interest of full disclosure, I do need to tell you one thing though." Oh ####, I think to myself, trying to predict what she might be about to tell me...
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    Why don't you spend a little more time with your son instead of whining on a football message board? You %^&amp;*@&#33;. They don't live forever, you know?
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    Bet it was good for plantation owners’ 401ks though.
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    Tell Lindsay Dion Lewis isn't on the wire.
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    I still pick the wrong guys to put in my starting lineup
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    Trump, by his own admission, is the worst leader ever. If he is to be believed, he hired a campaign chairman who he barely knew, a deputy campaign chairman he never met, an attorney who is a fraud, a hack, and can't be trusted, he appointed an incompetent attorney general who doesn't do his job, he's surrounded himself by traitors in the White House, and he's had more turnover in his administration than any other in history because they're all incompetent, disloyal or crooked. Gonna go shout at a cloud now.
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    Breaking news, conspiracy theorist who believes in a nationwide political cabal of child sex traffickers and that Donald J. Trump is the superpatriot who will save the day thinks this board is full of uninformed people.
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    I am not a fan of former Presidents criticizing current Administrations, not at all. The Bushes were gracious in this regard, Clinton, a bit of an ###. Given the current state of affairs I suspend my general rule on this. How could anyone expect an involved politico to refrain from commenting during these tumultuous times.
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    It's a dangerous slope that should never be protected by the general public. The purpose of the criminal justice system we have is not to punish the guilty above all - it's to protect the innocent from governmental destruction of individual liberty above all. In that the system's rules are designed to make the state prove it's case, not the accused to prove theirs. And that difference from any other prior justice system in human history is a fundamental necessity to the security and stability of a free state. Justice is not the verdict, justice is everything the system does leading up to the verdict.
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    In order of likelihood: Has a kid Keeps her surgically removed penis in a pickle jar on her kitchen counter Lives with her parents Secretly hates the Saints Owns a pet raptor Took a vow of front hole chastity, but is open to exploring the semicolon Period
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    Kind of ironic isn't it? NFL tells Gordon to lay off the weed and he can't. Owner of this website tells you to lay off your hot takes and you can't.
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    Have you considered printing t-shirts with fantasy football excuses on them?
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    I should post more over here but for the life of me I don't know which thread to post in anymore. I've played darts while drunk in an Irish pub with people signing and shouting all around and two women draped on me (one became my wife) and managed to hit the targets I was aiming for enough to win a decent amount of coin that night. So I have the ability. I guess not so much the desire. But this post, and the idea of what is happening struck me. When William Henry Harrison died and John Tyler assumed the office there was a political constitutional crisis over just how exactly it was supposed to happen. The cabinet - Harrison's cabinet - believed that Tyler should just be an acting President signing off on their actions which would make them a council of the executive. Congress, mainly the opposition party, refused to recognize Tyler as a legitimate President right away. John Quincy Adams even gave a speech on the floor deriding the idea that Tyler was anything more than an acting President sitting in the office but void of any power conferred upon Harrison by election. Henry Clay was furious about the entire affair as he assumed he would run the country behind the scenes with Harrison and when Tyler refused to acknowledge that setup, he exploded. The Senate initially ratified a resolution whereby they would only refer to him as the Vice President, and not President, prompting a fight over whether that meant that he could be both sitting in the office of President as the acting President and then also presiding over the Senate as the Vice President. In the days and weeks that followed the death of Harrison, John Tyler stood against the rising political tide of the opposition to force through the recognition that he was, in fact, the President of the United States. Had he not done that, there is a real possibility that the office would become nothing more than a figure head, dancing at the mercy of the Congress and in that dance, the cabinet becoming the President by default. The Article II executive envisioned by the founders would have been obliterated and our system would have mutated itself into a republican parliament looking like a wolf in sheep's clothing and acting likely worse. The force that John Tyler used to assume his command of the office is one of the unspoken truly important moment in our political history. It was only 20 years later that a Civil War tore the country apart as we know. And had there been no true singular executive in charge of the country, the results of that civil war are far, far different. Later President's have in their story times of being unable to perform the duties of the office either in fact or by rumor. FDR during his last days, Reagan in his second term, Wilson in his final two years, and on and on. We've all read the stories, but the ideal behind them is that the President needs to be a singular person, a singular office, and act within the confines of the Article II office created by the Constitution, and the staff and advisers of each of the men that have held the office have pretty much acted in that capacity for almost 180 years. If we are now, in the midst of this administration, going to gloss over the very real danger of the President of the United States being basically overruled and commanded by his own staff in order for the daily administration of the government to continue, we have a serious problem. They might be morally and/or factually right for doing it, but there is going to be a political hell to pay for this that will reverberate through administrations long after this. And we have people blowing it off as fake news, or something that is at least better than Hillary Clinton being President. We are so ****ing short sighted politically in this country it's amazing sometimes. Short term political wins, a few electoral victories, tax cuts and a few judges are not worth this. Nothing is worth this. When Daniel Webster told John Tyler in a cabinet meeting that the cabinet would control policy by majority vote, Tyler is quoted as saying, "I beg your pardon, gentlemen; I am very glad to have in my Cabinet such able statesmen as you have proved yourselves to be. And I shall be pleased to avail myself of your counsel and advice. But I can never consent to being dictated to as to what I shall or shall not do. I, as president, shall be responsible for my administration. I hope to have your hearty co-operation in carrying out its measures. So long as you see fit to do this, I shall be glad to have you with me. When you think otherwise, your resignations will be accepted." Tyler's quote isn't the oath of office, but it is certainly the spirit of the oath. To preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States is an oath that is supposed to transcend the person giving it. It is supposed to stand for something more than electoral votes and tax cuts. It is supposed to mean more than just beating your political opponent. It is supposed to be better than that. We are supposed to be better than that. And the President is supposed to be the standard bearer for that oath - not for his party, his fame or his own personal name. There is very little good precedent here.
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    You guys BOTH bolded the wrong parts! The part that should be in big bold letters is the part where Trump said "Cohen flipped"!! He didn't say "Cohen lied", or "Cohen made up a story to get a better deal" or "Cohen did these illegal things without my input". No, Trump said that his lawyer "flipped" on him. And you don't "flip" on innocent people.
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    I switched from defense work to Prosecution after victimizing a victim on the stand. I tore her apart, he got off, and he did it again, allegedly. I could not forgive myself for what I did. Lots of folks tried to convince me it was my job, he had a constitutional right to a defense, the judge was there to keep things proper, the system doesn't work without zealous advocacy, yada, yada, yada. All I knew is I victimized her as surely as if I had physically assaulted her violently in a dark alley, and he got off of the charges, got off on getting off on the charges, and he did it again, allegedly, to another young woman who deserved far better. 30 years and I still cannot forgive myself for what I did.
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    The answer to this is yes, for much the same reason that Neville Chamberlain should have gone to war with Germany (for Czechoslovakia!), and that Winston Churchill was correct to go to war with Germany (for Poland!). We need bright-line rules that aggressors will know, with great clarity, not to cross. Hitler didn't think that Britain and France would go to war with him after he invaded Poland. They should have made it clearer ahead of time that they would. And we, right now, should make it clear ahead of time that Putin may not attack Montenegro. Appeasement is a poor long-term strategy with aggressors. Being unclear about how we'll respond to their aggression is likewise a poor strategy. We should try to avoid violent conflict with Russia. But sometimes the best way to avoid violence is to commit -- credibly (i.e., truthfully) -- to retaliate against their aggression. That's what Article V does, and for that reason it has great value.
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    The number of morons in the country that eat this stuff up by the ladle full should be keeping us all up at night.
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    Without evidence to support your sweeping assumption that these accounts were funded by "desperate liberals" (especially when you consider the fact that 2 of your 3 examples are known to be Republicans), I'm going to have to cite you with a Trolling violation.
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    My sister owned Boardwalk and Park Place..with hotels on both. I was on Water Works and knew an 11 would put me on Boardwalk.. I rolled an 11.. I didn't think she was paying attention so when I got close, I skipped over Luxury Tax, counted "10" on Boardwalk and hit the "GO" on 11... Thought I got away with it clean.. That's when my other ##### of a sister caught me red handed.. Made me count over again.. I went bankrupt, flipped the board over and stomped off to my room...
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    With HellToupee's show this morning, and your performance this afternoon, I find myself more frustrated than ever that people like you have the representatives you want running this county, a country I am guiding a now young adult daughter into. You disgust me. I know you don't care how I feel, why should you, I'm just some random guy on the internet, but I feel compelled to say it anyways. I truly hope we have better days ahead, because I have never been more disappointed in this country. The fact that voices like yours have found a place of prominence in our society, through our elected leadership, absolutely frightens me.
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    He was very credible when he wrote books critical of the Clinton and Obama Administrations but now Bob Woodward is just a lying, Democrat operative hack. SAD!