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    Hey Guys, I talked to a lot of you about this and also talked to @Maurile Tremblay @Aaron Rudnicki and @Memphis Foundry . We were able to change what we're doing on the quick reaction bar with the smiley face in the lower right of posts. If you hover over the smiley face now, you should be able to see a "Laughing" option. We're using the Apple set of emojis and the Apple option for it. It's a little goofy looking but it's what they offer. I ask that you guys please help with this though - please don't use it for mocking or laughing at what someone writes. That's the reason it wasn't included initially. I want it to be a laughing with thing. And I know that's likely me being too protective. But I'm 100% convinced few things kill discussion faster than laughing at or mocking what someone contributes. I don't want us to have that here. It should be live now if you hover over the smiley face. Have a great Saturday. Thanks @Memphis Foundry for the help on this.
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    Lt. DAN is the man Flies 1700 kids of fallen soldiers, all expenses paid, to Disneyworld.
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    Despite being morbidly obese and widely recognized as the EAT-OFF People's Champ, I can't eat very much. I can eat fast, but once I hit full on the belly, I'm done. So no competitive eating unless the competition is speed or taking massive bites. However, I'd like to spin a yarn about the Rose Bowl in 2010, my first and only experience at the The Granddaddy of Them All when Oregon lost a close one to Ohio State. I flew in that morning, was picked up at the terrific Long Beach Airport and was whisked away to Venice Beach where my buddy and I strolled, fired up a doobie, watched girls in bikinis play volleyball and finally settled in at the bar top of this very cool dojo overlooking the water and it's beautiful people. Many Tecates were had, friends were met, excitement for the game building deep inside of me and me droog. By 1ish, it was time to head towards Pasadena. Number of calories consumed via food products by this point? 0. Blessedly, traffic was light this New Year's Day and we cruised to our destination, parked in a parking garage, fired up another joint and then walked to an area where bus shuttles were taking fans to the stadium. Along that walk, I made a small purchase of my good friend, Mr. Jack Daniels and tucked him into my jeans pocket. We arrived at the stadium and the mood could not have been more festive. Folks, if you've never gone to a Rose Bowl before, toss that sporting event to the very top of your bucket list and find a way to go. It. Is. MAGICAL. There is nothing and I mean NOTHING like that setting in sports. The weather is usually perfect (while back home, no matter what team you typically root for, the weather dreadful), the fans are packed in and rocking and the views of the hills around the old stadium are breathtaking. Throw in some Blue Angels, the pageantry of college football and I'm telling you, this is the zenith of college football in America. Game time and it was time to augment the slight buzz I had earned earlier. The only beer for sale in the Rose Bowl is $10 plastic bottles of Bud Light. Lines were long to get them, so I purchased a large lemonade from a vendor, made my light drinking buddy gulp down half of the drink and then filled the cup up with delicious brown water. The game was back and forth, but great fun all the way. I polished off the booze by halftime and was feeling no pain. I wandered around the perimeter of the Rose Bowl instead of watching the bands and made fast friends with a bunch of Ohio State fans who also liked to imbibe in adult beverages and devil's lettuce. Another toke was shared with my friends in red and despite our bifurcation in fandom, a budding relationship had emerged. My new Buckeye friends returned the favor of sharing my contraband with two cold Bud Lights and back to the seats I went. Number of calories consumed via food product by this point? Still 0. Well, the game turned on a LeGarrette Blount fumble as he was rumbling into the OSU endzone and the Ducks were toast after that. The game ended and my buddy and I followed the crowd out of the stadium. Lines for the shuttle bus were massive and since the weather was still perfect, we opted to walk the 2-3 miles back to where his car was parked. Despite the loss, the game experience was - dare I say it - epic. The walk did us both some good and it was pretty cool to see all the beautiful old homes with orange trees and lemon trees in their front yard. Don't see much of that where I'm from. We got to the car and my buddy wanted to head back to Manhattan Beach, where he said the nightlife would be thriving and who was I to argue? Off we went. Thoughts of grabbing dinner was never even remotely entertained. Longer drive than it seemed earlier in the day, but we hit the bars, met some cool people, fired up another J under the pier of a beach with a small crowd and life at that point was never any better for yours truly. Eventually, the night had to end, my buddy had to get back to his family who were staying somewhere in LA while I had a room waiting for me in Burbank, where I was flying out of the next day. The consummate good friend, he drove me all the way back without even a hint of protest. Dropped me off at the Best Western and headed back to his family. I checked in, got into my room and remembered one key thing - I had not eaten a morsel of food in perhaps 28 hours of time. All at once, the hunger hit me like a giant tsunami. 2 am, in the heart of Burbank, no car and no idea where I really was. In the days before the proliferation of smartphones, old timers like us relied on something called a "Phone Book". You youngsters can Google that if you like, but it's how we located things we needed and had maps and all kinds of things handy to weary travellers. Despite my state of inebriation and blissful high, I stumbled upon a little place nearby called "In & Out", which I heard was pretty famous for making hamburgers. I called and to my pleasant surprise found out that they were, indeed, OPEN! And off I went. By god's grace, I found this joint, walked in like a man rescued at sea, arms waving with excitement and possessed with a hunger so great, I meekly blurted out to the cashier "I'll take two....of.....those" and pointed to a picture of a giant burger with fries and a large soda. There was some confused back and forth, but ultimately, my stomach was able to get my brain to relay what I wanted and it wasn't long before I was handed two large sacks of food and two large fountain drinks. What happened next is a little foggy, but to the best of my recollection, I got back to the Best Western but could not remember which room was mine. Terrified of waking anybody up, I went back to the lobby where i had checked in not one hour ago and begged the desk clerk to show me to my room. I'm guessing my look of bewilderment along with my arms full of fast food provided me with enough pitty to get this poor guy to lead me to my room, which was really just a few doors down from where I checked in. At last, alone with burgers, fries and soda in my little room. I inhaled the first burger, woofed down the fries and gulped the drinks down, chasing the food into my cavernous gut. I began to unwrap burger #2, but for some reason, felt like this one would taste better if I was laying down in bed. With nobody around to shame me in my private lair, I got into bed and resumed eating. That's the last memory I have of that glorious night. I awoke the next morning with the SoCal sun beating down on me from a window I had left uncurtained. All around me were remnants of burger, lettuce stuck to my face, pickles on the was like the horse head scene from the Godfather only with food particles and more disgust. There was mayonnaise and ketchup in places they do not belong, sheets soiled with grease and fries strewn around like dollar bills at a strip club. Passers-by must have gotten a great glimpse of the fat albino passed out with his edible love interest from the night prior. When I die and my life is replayed before me, I hope to have access to a fast forward button so we can just skip ahead with this tragic display. TL;DR, I'm a big dumb animal
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    My gift to you is... me.
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    Folks like this were ready recipients of 8+ years of bashing Obama from everything from lapel pins, to suit colors, to being a muslim, a socialist, palling around with terrorists. They were told his wife was unamerican, that he was a race-baiter. Told his healthcare policies would create death panels to kill old people. He took blame from conservatives for bailing out wall street and saving our economy, following on the work GWB had done. The GOP, Fox News, and the conservative media as a whole were lying about him for almost a decade, daily, and vehemently. This kind of brainwashing doesn't come out easily, and clearly it resulted in Trump. The conservative media's golem, a mythical creature seemingly perfectly created out of idiocy, lies, and banality to perfectly embody the pure absence of substance of those who spent a decade criticizing Obama. It's no surprise he couldn't name specific things that he feels about Obama, because they weren't based in policy, they were largely based in propaganda. And the result of the GOP propaganda war, in large part, has been Trump. Funny enough, my parents are in the same boat as your FIL. While Obama was early in his term, the right were foaming at the mouth about what was SURE to be runaway inflation. SURELY the big government bailouts and borrowing when the economy was so distressed was going to cause runaway inflation! My parents bought a prius, they stocked up on supplies, and my dad had a conversation with me about investing in gold (something he never had any interest in before). I, luckily, steered him away from that and suggested investing in stocks was a better outcome. The press, their fears, were absolutely not in touch with reality, and played opposite to how things really shook out. Fast forward to Trump, the conservative answer to Obama, and you have people greedy with the gains in the stock market that have magically occured since Trump took office, where unemployment numbers suddenly became real, the bull market suddenly was something that existed, and they felt elation to invest in stocks. They forgot their concerns about debt. No issues giving tons of money to the rich, or how it affects the deficit. Russia? Old buddies/pals! And as scared as they were when Obama was in office of an economic downturn, of runaway inflation, of economic they see no end in sight to the prosperity from Trump's administration. They threw in bigtime in stocks, and bought this again hook line and sinker. While I, on the other hand, switched jobs, cashed out my IRA and left it in cash in my account strongly suspecting the market was inflated with giveaways to the rich, knowing that when interest rates began to rise the market would go down, knowing that increasing deficits in times of strong economic performance wasn't a recipe for low interest rates. And where am I now? I was greedy when stocks were low with Obama, and invested like crazy. With Trump, I've been incredibly suspicious, and have kept any new spending in cash awaiting my opportunity. It's just odd how distinct and clearly right and wrong two visions of the past 10 years have been. Incredible vitriol, lies, and propaganda lobbed at Obama, who while not perfect, was pretty damned good, and a good person to boot. The GOP has been wrong about the economy, wrong about inflation, wrong about healthcare, wrong about leadership styles, and somehow, they got their choice in power, and not only does it show how wrong they were for the past two administrations, but it shows how wrong their judgment is on their own terms. THey got their tax cuts, and it was a catastrophe and will be for years. They got their president who is likely to go down as the worst president in US history, with the distinct possibility of being jailed. Their economics are wrong, there's a stupid and unnecessary trade war going on with China, we're in a government shutdown over sane people refusing to fund an idiotic border wall. There are acting government leaders in too many posts to list easily. Well-respected and honored veteran military leaders are distancing themselves from POTUS, who is enacting major and incredibly impactful decisions by tweet, not even alerting our allies in advance of them. Good god...and people STILL don't see it. People still are more willing to rail on Hillary, and ##### about Obama, than see the absolute CATASTROPHE that Trump is here and now. And here we have news that another immigrant child being held DIED in captivity, while our government is shut down over a fake border crisis with an asinine solution. Steel slats? HOW HAVE SO MANY PEOPLE LOST THEIR DAMNED MINDS? And this isn't even the half of it. I could go on and on about the hypocrisy between #####ing about Obama saluting the troops with a coffee cup in hand and how much play that got among the GOP and conserv-o-sphere, versus Trump actively bashing prisoners of war and gold star families. How he clearly paid off women who he's been having affairs with. How he brags about boorish behavior, and assault. How so many people close to him have been convicted of serious crimes. How he's run almost every business he's touched into the ground. The man is a ####-up of colossal proportions, yet he's venerated by many people. The truth is so obvious. It's like a rattlesnake is right in front of someone, and they are cooing at it, thinking it's a baby's rattle. Damn it folks...C EM E D B D EYES? L I B, M R snakes. Jesus. And that's how I'll end it, with a reference to Jesus on this Merry Christmas day. Family is family, but ### ####...some family members can't tell their ### from their head when it comes to reality and politics (and relationships, but we won't go there).
  6. 28 points Skip to about 5:30 if you're not interested in all the tech stuff (which is awesome btw).
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    Well it's been an interesting 6 months. Today (Christmas Eve) marks the 30 month point since my wife's passing. Medically I think I'm doing good. In July routine blood work as part of the post kidney cancer surveillance program my iron and hemoglobin were low. The Oncologist sent me back to my GI doc for testing to see if there was any microscopic GI bleeds. Also her sent me to an Endocrinologist for evaluation of a few nodules they saw on my thyroid. He also had me start taking iron supplements. So in the months of August-October I got to enjoy the following procedures: Thyroid Ultrasound Thyroid Biopsy (results were benign) Repeat Colonoscopy Repeat Upper Endoscopy Small Bowel series X-ray Capsule Endoscopy. All of the test came back as normal with no GI bleeding sources found. The iron pills seem to be working as my iron and hemoglobin are still low but much closer to normal than in July. The CT scan in November did show a couple of lung nodules that had been present the entire time had gotten slightly bigger. Still very small (less than 5mm). They are to small to be biopsied. The radiologist is concerned that it may be a recurrence of the cancer. The Oncologist stepped up surveillance from every 4 months to every 3 months so I go back for new scans in March. Trying not to whig out about it but it's still a scary proposition. Personally, the past 6 months have been a roller coaster. Shortly after my last update, the relationship with the woman I was dating started to unravel. By the middle of October we had broken up. Looking back after the fact I really don't think there was long term potential so it was for the best. It was a mutual decision so it was a very amicable parting. Black Friday I got a friend request from a woman I dated for couple of months in the fall of 2017. We started talking again. We went out Wednesday night and have started dating again. So we'll see what happens but it's all been very positive so far. Overall, I'm in a good place. Feeling optimistic about the coming year. Merry Christmas Everybody
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    We have people that complain about this forum on a daily basis and some of those days I’m the one complaining. But most of us keep coming back because it’s a unique little part of the internet where we share our lives and commiserate with people that we mostly don’t know because they are going through similar things in life and life is meant to be shared. I sit here reading this story about a brave man I’ve never met and probably will never meet. Someone I respect as being smarter and more patient than I’ll ever be. And I sit here in tears typing this, I realize there’s nothing I can do other than offer my sincere hope that you beat this mother####er. That you and your wife and boys have many more years together. That you know that this little part of the internet has your back and is wishing nothing but the best for you. This place is special because of people like you Randall.
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    (blows out) i quit my job last month at purr and woofs because it so stressful and making me crazy. a last straw came when me and jimmy was at wendys and I hear a woman say to a child "don't eat like a pig". it was instinct that I walk right over and tell her she can't say that because it is disrespectful to pigs that are reading. teh lady just look at me and that's when jimmy come over and say hey studs, this aint purr and woofs. this is wendys. I was so embarrassed. I apologize and say to jimmy let's just take our large frostys home today. it's been about 5 weeks and i couldnt be happier except you gotta pay them bills. and jimmy need a new tooth which I have to pay cash for because I dont have pet insurance through purr and woofs no more. they tell you when you in school to study hard and I wish i listened because modtrating is only job i can get now. I apply to a few places and have interview at after new year. any ways merry chistmas. slunks p and s teh whole time i was writin this jimmy was playing jingle bell on the zylophones...awwww
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    Randall, I sincerely wish you (and most importantly your wife and family) the best. My grandfather lived with ALS for close to 30 years. I have fond memories of him, pre-ALS, however the bulk of my memories stem from post ALS, as I was maybe 7-8 when he was diagnosed. Watching him slowly degrade over a two year period, from a 6 foot strapping man, to being confined to a wheelchair, than ultimately bed...was very difficult for my family, especially my grandmother. That said, they made a choice to live with ALS, and for that, me, my siblings and cousins are forever thankful. Although he could never do the physical activities he used to do, he was a huge part of our lives. He was there for all of our family celebrations, able to witness, and participate ( as best as he could) in our daily lives. He saw all his grandchildren graduate high school, college, and more. He comforted me when I was diagnosed with cancer as a young man. He gave me strength I never knew I had. Unfortunately, he never got to see his great grand children, however they know him better than they could have if he was able bodied. They know him for his fearlessness, lust for life, and strength. He is my hero, and in many respects theirs too. Although I had great memories, i must say it wasn’t very easy....there is no sugar coating this sucks. Challenges no person should ever have to endure. But, they (my grandparents) accepted the challenges, and embraced them. My grandmother wouldn’t let go; she dedicated her life to him...literally. Sacrificed everything they knew, for the unknown. They were a living example of love, and sacrifice...real love...real sacrifice. But, most of all, they learned to live with the disease, and they made it work. They were happy, really happy. Happy to be together. Happy to look into each other’s eyes, heart, and soul. They found a new love; a love that didn’t require words, a whole other plane. It was theirs, and theirs alone. They were special, their love was special; it was the most unfortunate gift, but they made it theirs, and for that I am truly blessed. When I am going through a tough time, I look to him ( and my grandmother) to give me their strength, their courage. I hope you find peace with this horrible disease. God Bless You
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    Update on Jack. He's home from school after a 4.0 first semester - brainiack. He's currently feeling really good. Has put on weight and has no restrictions on his activity. Unfortunately, his last scans showed some progression of the disease... mostly in his lung. This indicates that his current chemo treatments are not effective (enough) so we are researching alternative treatments. His primary oncologist has a couple options and we have reached out to Dana Farber, Sloan Kettering, and (thanks to @bigbottom) Texas Children's/MDAnderson for their recommendations. There are no standard treatments beyond what he has already had so we are looking at what other options are there, including clinical trials. I appreciate all of you keeping Jack in your thoughts and prayers... he deserves to be done with this.
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    Unbelievable to watch this presidency compared to the last. 47 year old black man takes the job in the middle of a crisis, steers the country through rough waters, gets Bin Laden, absolutely makes some mistakes but is moral, builds alliances, and turns a financial disaster into the most consistent economic growth in decades. Makes the US - after invading Iraq - beloved in Europe, Canada, Africa, and most of South America and Asia again, creates the first major multilateral agreement and treaty with Iran really since the Shah. 70 year old white man gets handed a situation he just needs to not screw up and it takes less than two years to set the economy, stock market, foreign policy, internal consensus in his own party, the legal system, and ethics on fire.
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    Also, this notion that General Mike Flynn, former Director of the DIA, somehow was bullied and bamboozed by the system is a complete farce. He’s not a victim of anything other than his own stupidity and greed.
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    I find it helps to have them dig the hole in which you will bury them if they cross any lines. The digging time provides ample opportunity to discuss expectations as a good hole takes quite a while to dig. working together on a project like that can be a bonding experience, building mutual respect.
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    I read this late last night, and went into deep thought about you. When I looked back at the clock, almost an hour had gone by. I decided to go to bed, and post today. You were in my dreams last night, and all I can remember is that a bunch of people were at a tavern in Rhode Island hanging with you, Good Vibrations was playing in the background, and although I have never met you in person, you were wearing a Duke shirt and you looked like Tom Selleck. Randall, I am really sorry about your diagnosis. I have always liked you a lot, and I think highly of you. It takes courage to share with us something so private. I hope it serves as therapeutic for you, and if it does, I hope that you continue to share your thoughts and feelings through your journey. I agree with the above sentiments that your story does make us pause and examine our own lives. Thank you for the self check. You're in my thoughts, and I reckon my dreams too. There are so many things I wish for you on your journey. Keep on keeping on the best you can, and soak up the love that surrounds you. ❤️
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    Actually the opposite. His whining about it held things up.
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    We have “Like.” We have “love,” thanks and a bunch of other stuff. But the one that is so obviously missing is the original emoticon — some kind to LOL variant. 80% of the time I read a post around here that makes me care enough to want to hit the like button, and that’s the correct emotion in response, but instead I have to do the stupid handshake “thanks” or some other nonsense that doesn’t really apply. How is this option missing from the list? Can we get Keith on this, pronto?
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    wuz. and a coma after which
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    I'm torn. Obviously, closing the border would be the dumbest, most egregious, useless, self-defeating abuse of authority the President has attempted so far, but... my mother-in-law is currently in Mexico and wouldn't be able to get back.
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    What I get one terminal illness and I’m not a bank-taking bromigo anymore?
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    It's a bunch of people piling onto a truck for a ride. Why in the world would that be "racist"?
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    Teachable moment. "Kids, the world is full of #######s, self-inflated ####s who have no perspective on life. Get use to it now for this is true. As to these next two minutes, to each his own. If you are the bigger person I congratulate you. If you are of a mind to charge one of his stars, so be it. I will back you fully either way." After the game if any local press comes around even before they ask any questions start out by saying: "I would like to say, before any questions are asked, that I have no information whatsoever about Coach __ having bet on the game and needing to beat the spread, none. Any suggestion otherwise is scurrilous and should be roundly condemned, now ....questions."