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    Got word yesterday that my ex-wife, the mother of my kids, was found dead in her apartment. She was 39. She had made some bad choices and had some struggles over the last several years and had just not taken very good care of herself on top of that. The kids have been with me the majority of the time since she and I separated about 8 years ago, and pretty much all of the last 2 years. I had made my peace with her situation long ago, and knew from the path she was on that this day would come sooner rather than later, but you're never ready for that phone call from a police officer. My heart breaks on behalf of my kids. My son turned 13 2 days ago and my daughter is 15. They didn't deserve this. I'm equal parts sad, frustrated, broken-hearted and, well, pissed off. I would appreciate thoughts and prayers and positive vibes for them (and for me). Thanks. Love y'all, man.
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    Really want that boy, don't you? Listen man, take it from me. Just stop. Otherwise you might mess around and get a double double like 'Ol GM here. Forget having enough time alone together to actually do some sex; I haven't been able to so much as get an erection after my wife said the word "twins" to me. I'm ruined, Otis. RUINED! I used to enjoy the relations, looked forward to them even. I used to chase my younger bride around the house and slap her well sculpted derriere. I'd follow her into the shower and sometimes join in. Now I am permanently exhausted and disgusted by the entire thought of intercourse. I can't unsee the two boys coming out of her Aphrodite now, I'm suffering form PTSD - ##### Turned Suddenly Distasteful. It's awful. So you wise up, Otis. You hear me? You go get snipped right now. There's a chance you may well make it where I failed. AVENGE ME, OTIS!!!!! AVENGE ME!!!
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    Keep the puke couch. Every time you do something stupid, point to the couch.
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    Saturday night let's do this
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    She’s Asian, I’m sure it was car accident
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    Had a hearing with the judge today. Padme is now legally under our custody, but I guess it's only temporary. We have another hearing at the end of March to make it permanent. I'm not sure why there has to be a delay. We have what's called an "ex parte" which gives us guardianship. One thing the judge stressed to us today was "This is the third time [Padme's] custody has come before me in court. Mr. and Mrs. [Ike], do you realize that you are expected to keep her with you at least until she turns 18?" My wife and I both agreed that we understand. When we got home I told Padme that the judge had made us promise we wouldn't be pawning her off on another family a year from now. She got a big smile. I think she liked hearing that. Poor kid, she just wants a stable home. She's 12 and has never had one.
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    Yeah, children dying really, really sucks. And you know what, when Chance died, a number of his classmates formed a club with the goal of promoting pediatric cancer awareness and raising money for pediatric cancer research. They were eighth graders. That’s right, 13 year olds. And damned if those kids didn’t make a difference, sharing stories about their friend and classmate, and educating people on statistics regarding pediatric cancer (including the dismal federal funding of pediatric cancer research). And you know what? My wife and I had absolutely nothing to do with this club. Honestly, the first we heard of it was well into their efforts when one of the kids called to invite us to a fundraiser. All of the above is just to say that kids can have voices, and powerful ones at that. They can indeed be voices of reason. And their views have validity. To marginalize them simply because they are kids, suggesting that they must be puppets given their youth, is so off the mark, I just don’t even know how to respond.
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    Honestly, I'm not surprised by this outburst. Did you see how the guy snapped when he found out Wally World was closed?
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    As someone who has held my own child’s hand as he died, I ask you - have you no shame? And make no mistake, this is not hate. It is sadness.
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    As a conservative gun owning Republican .... when the hell is the NRA going to get on the right side of the damn argument? When are our Congressmen and citizens going to force the NRA and manufacturers to stop defending semi automatics? And clips with more than 6 bullets? When are they going to force every gun to be registered and have a 30 day waiting period? When are they going to ban hollow points? When are they going to add 5 years to the sentence of anyone illegally carrying a weapon? When is it a life sentence for anyone illegally selling weapons? I get hunting and protection. I don't get weapons that don't have any purpose for doing either of those. From a firearms perspective our country might as well be Somalia. I have written numerous letter to the NRA and my Representatives. They don't get it. If they did, the problem would have been fixed 15 years ago. Before anyone goes there, the 2nd amendment does not protect the right of the individual to bear arms. It protects the right to state militias, which can then bear arms to defend their states rights. And that pretty much went away with the Civil War. So as far as I'm concerned the 2nd amendment went away in 1861. A revised one is needed.
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    Is that unusual? If so, call with an emergency and see if she picks up. If she does, you’ll need something ready. Tell her your house is on fire. Be sure to set it on fire first.
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    I sit the two women at another table, and me and my buddy sit at the bar and drink beers and watch sports.
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    This is a rookie move and a good lesson for all our friends here. ALWAYS tidy up your trail and take all the office supplies you need for the next 12 months before making any kind of move regarding your employment even if it's just a threat/negotiating tactic. Heck, all of you reading on a work computer should delete your internet history and grab a box of paper clips as soon as you are done with this post.
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    The idea that Russian propaganda couldn't have influenced people is a neat bit of Russian propaganda that seems to have influenced people.
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    For some reason, this constant belittling and and sniping at our intelligence community is really starting to get to me. I'm neither a liberal nor a conservative and while I won't normalize Trump's abhorrent behavior, I've sadly accepted it as part of being American for the time being. I'm not an overly political person, I haven't been taking part of the women's marches or whatever, etc. But the constant attempted undermining of the intelligence community by much of the GOP establishment right now is just astonishing. Mind-numbing. I'm a staunchly anti-authoritarian person and I think a certain level of distrust of authority is healthy - but what we're seeing here is simply going too far. I'm simply amazed at how these GOP congresspeople are hitching themselves to Trump like this. He is a con man. A snake oil salesman. A scam artist. Literally and figuratively. I respect that congresspeople have jobs to do, and I wouldn't expect them to go out there and torch their livelihoods at the drop of a hat, but do they not realize the long-term ramifications of what they're doing here? A country doesn't turn into an authoritarian state overnight, but when there's no checks and balances and your own elected officials are openly attempting to undermine public trust of the intelligence community....that sounds like something you'd hear from some post-Soviet puppet regime or banana republic, not the ####### United States of America. We're better than this. Individually and collectively. I've stayed out of much of the speculation in this thread because I'm not a lawyer and I don't know enough about the specific details to know whether Trump committed particular crimes, etc. But what I do know is that anyone who trusts the word of Donald Trump over the word of Robert Mueller is delusional. Full stop. Are there bad seeds inside the FBI, CIA, etc.? Sure, I bet there are. But the idea that Donald Trump and this GOP-led congress are the people going to clean that up? Come on, guys. Just take a step back, put the political bias down for a minute, and look at things objectively. This is a con man. This is what con men do. I've said since before the election that vote for Trump was a vote for authoritarianism. I suspect many Trump voters didn't view it through that lens - who wants to admit to voting for an attempted authoritarian regime? But from a 30,000 foot view....this certainly looks like a train headed in that direction.
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    Guess this is as good a time as any to update this thread. January 24th is 19 months since my wife passed. A lot has happened since my last update in September. As previously stated, had blood work done in September. While my diabetes related numbers were great, my iron and hemoglobin levels were low so my primary ordered a Fecal Occult Blood Test. That test came back as positive for blood in the stool so I was referred to a GI doc. The GI scheduled both an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy. The upper endoscopy was on 11/9. The results showed areas of non bleeding erosive gastropathy. Biopsies were negative. I was put on medication to reduce the acid in my stomach. The colonoscopy was on 11/20. The colonoscopy revealed a golf ball size mass partially obstructing the cecum (where the small intestine joins the large intestine). The biopsy came back negative. However, I think the GI doc thought it was cancer because he ordered a CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) blood test and CT scans of my chest, abdomen and pelvis. The CEA blood test came back normal indicating the Cecal mass wasn't cancer. CT scans were performed on 12/1. Had my GI follow up that same day and he had the CT scan results already. CT scan of the abdomen showed a large mass on my right kidney. At that point my GI doc essentially punted me to urologists and colon rectal specialists at the University of Pennsylvania. i made my appointments with Colon Rectal surgeon for 12/22 and Urology on 12/28 and waited seemingly forever. Bottom line was both the Cecal mass and kidney mass needed to be removed (kidney mass wasn't biopsied which is standard protocol as I understand it). Combined surgery was scheduled for 1/31 and I started the pre-op testing. The Urologist ordered an MRI of the right kidney to see how involved the mass was into the inferior vena cava. Turned out it was much more significant than anticipated so surgery was moved up to 1/17 and they were going to also have a vascular surgeon assist. The MRI report stated the mass was stage 3 Renal Cell Carcinoma. So on 1/17 I had a radical nephrectomy to remove my right kidney and a partial colectomy to remove the Cecal mass and the right side of my colon. The vascular surgeon also had to patch the inferior vena cava. Surgery was 6 hours long but went very well. I'm almost a week removed from surgery and I feel really good. Much better than I was expecting. Surgery was Wednesday and I was released from the hospital on Sunday. There really isn't a lot of pain, just some general soreness when Imstand up or cough. Getting around ok, albeit slowly. My return to work date is 3/1. I see the urologist on 1/25 for my post op visit. Im assuming the pathology reports on both masses will be in. Other fun things that happened during that time period. My 20 yo old son was diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic. He spend 4 days in the hospital in October. He came home from school thinking he has food poisoning. A trip to urgent care discovered his blood sugar was 700+ and his A1c was 16.1. He's doing great though. His endocrinologist is pleased with how well he's managing it. Started dating a woman October first. Things were going well, I thought. Sunday of thanksgiving weekend she broke it off out of nowhere. Essentially she said she couldn't give me what she felt I wanted, needed and deserved in a relationship so she ended it instead to stringing me alone. Not what I needed to hear in the middle of my medical stuff. But I eventually decided she messed up and threw away a good guy instead of facing her own issues. I'm better off in the long run. The search for a woman is on hold as I work on healing. I appreciate all the support this board has offered me the past 19 month. Thanks, Cheeseypoof
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    I support anything that shows poor decision making skills.
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    Please, for the love of baby Jesus Hector Christ, stop. This look sucks. It is not cute whatsoever. Consider this a PSA, ladies.
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    The point is that it's not similar at all. I'm guessing that if you polled 100 legitimate experts on campaign finance law regarding whether what the Clinton campaign did was illegal, about 98 would say "no way, that's ridiculous." But even if it were illegal, it would just be a campaign finance law violation. That's not at all similar to what it looks like Trump did. Britain didn't interfere in our election. Clinton's campaign officials didn't secretly meet with someone purporting to represent Britain in order to obtain dirt on her opponent and then discuss sanctions. And then lie about it. Britain didn't illegally hack anyone's computer and leak the docs to influence the election. Clinton didn't falsely deny that Britain did such a thing, and Clinton didn't change the Democratic platform to favor Britain and then lie about it. Members of Clinton's transition team didn't meet with the British ambassador to illegally discuss sanctions and then lie about it, or even try to set up a communications back channel with Britain. Finally, Clinton didn't refuse to implement Congressionally mandated sanctions against Britain. As far as we know.
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    sorry Bob, the last time I was asked if I wanted to make an easy $50, it wasn't easy and I don't like to talk about it.
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    Yay! I'm employed again! It was a nice 5 month sabbatical...but I'm ready to go back to work. Staying in cannabis and working for another software company. Happy Friday LET'S GET BOMBED!
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    The day I have to check my wife's twatlawn because I am afraid she is cheating on me is the day our marriage is over.
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    Two weeks after surgery and things are going great. I've had post op follow up appointments with both the Urologist and Colon Rectal surgeons. The staples were removed 8 days after surgery. Both surgeons are extremely pleased with how I'm doing. At this point I don't need to go back to either doctor, unless another issue arises. Pathology came back with the expected results. The cecal mass was not cancerous and the kidney mass was renal cell carcinoma. The Urologist set up an appointment with an Oncologist at Penn to see if I qualify for any studies/trials for renal cell carcinoma, otherwise there is not further treatment. I'm willing to participate in a study that involves increased surveillance but don't think I'd want to participate in chemo trial if I don't need to. Overall I feel great. No pain. Minor soreness in my abdomen, mostly when I need to cough. I'm getting stronger everyday. Eating regular food with no issues. I'm amazed at how well, and how quickly, I'm recovering. Thanks for all the kind words and your continued support. Cheeseypoof
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    Sounds like your wife needs to learn how to party. Luckily for you, I am now offering online correspondence courses. For her, I'd recommend "Introduction to Binge Drinking" (she can skip the additional lab credit for "The Freshman Fifteen : Friend AND Foe") as well as "Don't Be An A##hole-Face : A Comprehensive Guide to Party Fouls." $699 a credit - these are friend prices.
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    Home. Some 40 hours later and the kid is basically back to normal. Amazing. She'll move up to Orlando for a few months for the radiation treatment with the Mrssus but for her the scary part is over. She was zapped 12 years ago so it's super risky to refry her bean but we've run out of options...but phase 1 went as well as possible. She's not even taking the hard meds, just Tylenol. It's unbelievable to me. Very happy dad today. Beard status: still ####ed.
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    Find a picture of an overweight chick flashing her beaver on the internet. Make sure it's close enough to your wife's weight to be at least somewhat believable, but the less attractive body, the better. Make sure it has out-of-control pubic hair. Now, photoshop your wife's face onto it from another picture. Swipe the wife's cellphone, put the picture on it, then text it to the guy. Wait for response. 1) "Ummm, why are you sending me this?" - You're in the clear. Not only that, you've damn near guaranteed the guy will never make a play for your wife going forward. Answer back - "OMG, I can't believe I did that. Please delete that photo and don't ever mention I did this, to me or anyone else. Let's pretend it never happened." Then delete the whole conversation. He'll start acting weird towards your wife and she'll never know why. Slowly, whatever relationship they have will deteriorate as he acts oddly and shows no interest in invading her panties. 2) "Damn, you let that get out of hand. Get the pruningshears ready." - They've had sex, but not for a while. Text back, "Come by and take care of it for me." Then, when he does, stab him in the throat with pruning shears. Hopefully, he'll appreciate the irony as his throat fills with blood. 3) "What? That isn't you...." - he is actively banging your wife. Just drive to his house and set it on fire. 4) "Sweet !! I love 70s bush ! That is too funny.... I'm going to go fap to this now." He's not banging your wife, but is clearly cooler than you are. You should just bow out gracefully.
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    I hope Joe ends up selling FBG to this other guy. Then we'll see who is winning.
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    Hell yeah! Just got back last night after spending the night in Chicago because of weather and cancelled flights. IT. WAS. AMAZING!!! It felt like a home game. Our section was mostly Eagles fans. The Eagles fight song and E-A-G-L-E-S chants are well documented, but what I haven't seen mentioned is that ALL the things from our home games were there: The AC/DC pre-game intro music (plus the addition of "Dream and Nightmares" when they came out of the tunnel) The Adrian "Win!" and "What are we waiting for?" clips from Rocky Swoop and the E-A-G-L-E-S flag runners after every score The fight song after every score The third-down chime I don't know if it's because the Pats just don't have as many of those things, or maybe I didn't even notice them because I couldn't care less (or they're just lame), but it felt like we got to bring EVERYTHING from The Linc with us which only compounded the taking over of the stadium. My estimate was 55% Eagles fans, 35% Pats fans, 5% Vikings fans that bought tickets before the NFC Championship game and were still salty and anti-Eagles, 5% other. The stadium was still at least half-full after the clock hit 00:00, which backs that up. We had a pair of Pats fans in the seats to my left that couldn't get out of there fast enough. Other random things: The longer the review of the Ertz TD went on, the more antsy the crowd got. They gave everyone a Bud Light plastic Tervis-type cup with a "puck" in the bottom that would light up blue when the Pats scored and Green when the Eagles scored. I think, no doubt, if that got overturned after we saw the replay 5 or 6 times where he took 4 steps with the ball before diving for the endzone, those cups would have been projectiles and we would have a new black mark on our fan reputation. Later, I heard an interview with Ertz where he said something like, "I don't even want to know what would have happened in Philly if that got overturned" and he was absolutely right. An Eagles fan in our section (345) had a heart-attack or some type of cardiac event when the game ended. Like, no joke, chest pains, couldn't breathe, passed out and they had to take him out on a gurney (when he regained consciousness.) Behind us sat two 80-some, vets and Eagles fans that paid who-knows-how-much to be at an Eagles Super Bowl, but watched 90% of the game on the giant video screen to our left because they just couldn't keep getting up and down or stand with the crowd. We tried to stand sideways, whenever we got up, so they could see the field a bit. It's fans like that that I feel the happiest for. They probably thought they would never see an Eagles Super Bowl win in their lifetime. When the Hail Mary was in the air I swear the entire stadium was silent for a half-second as the ball came down into the crowd of players in the endzone. I just watched the highlights on "Inside The NFL" last night and it didn't quite sound that way, so maybe I blacked out for that half-second. But I know sound didn't exist for me. And then when the ball bounced off the turf, everything came back, and loud. My brother-in-law (and many others) didn't even realize the game was over and we did it. There was 9 seconds on the clock so he didn't think the play took that long. I saw the ball bounce, looked to my right, where he was standing, and saw the zeros on the game clock behind him and said, "That's it! We won!!" and he looked at me confused and said, "Wait, what? It's over?" and then started celebrating. I didn't agree with three calls by Pederson. First, chasing the missed extra point by going for 2. Didn't like the decision and didn't like the play call, but also pissed they didn't call PI or Def Holding, especially after calling it on us the series before for a way less obvious. Second, going for it on 4th down before the end of the half. Boy was I wrong! That "Philly Special" play goes down in NFL history, not just Eagles history, for many reasons (time of game, score, down, distance, balls to call a trick play, have the QB be the receiver, and after NE tried something similar and failed spectacularly!!) And third, thought the WR screen to Agholor that lost us 8 yards was dumb. Many were upset he didn't pass with 2:03 in the 4th, after the NE timeout, but I was ok with being conservative there. Don't want to risk a strip sack (looking at you, TB12!), losing yards, or another fluky deflection for an interception. Grind it forward, maybe get a first, of not you're still in position to go up by 8. My season ticket seats are 18 rows from the field, at the 30. For SBLII, we were 11 rows up in the upper level, at the pylon and it was the most frustrating view because play after play, we could clearly see the Pats WRs getting open (by miles.) When you're almost ground level, you don't see all that open, empty field around players that are open. But from above, it was nauseating. After the game, and the post-game celebration, we drove 90 miles to our hotel in Wisconsin and walked into a lobby full of Eagles fans also back from the game. That was the theme the rest of the trip. When we stopped for lunch the next morning on our drive back to Chicago, the Culver's had Eagles fans also making a drive. When we got to the airport, there were other Eagles fans stranded there, and when we finally got a flight out Tuesday, I sat next to another fan that went to the game. I'm waiting for a full replay of the broadcast (not just the NLF Network condensed gamecast) to see the game that way. Also want to hear how bad Collinsworth was! Don't tell my wife, or my kids, but it was probably the most memorable thing of my life. Our wedding day went by so fast I only remember bits and pieces. Kids' births are a close second, but remember every detail from the game so vividly and in the days since have repeatedly seen clips, heard it discussed, etc. that it's just going to be more indelible. Yet, it still doesn't feel real...
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    I like that you have a garbage can of sugar.
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    Rooting against Trump is probably the most rooting for America thing I can think of.
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    Oh puh-lease. You can maybe say Clinton's conduct was an unconscious attempt to lower the bar, but he failed miserably. He was impeached for lying about a BJ in a deposition in a civil suit unrelated to his presidency. His affair with Lewinsky became the defining event of his presidency, dominated the headlines for a year, required him to go on national television to issue an embarrassing apology, and was investigated by an independent counsel that had initially been created to investigate a land deal (for which it ultimately found no wrongdoing). His scandals likely cost both his Vice-President and his wife the presidency and gave the opposition party a "family values" platform to run on for the next decade. If anything the public response to Clinton's behavior raised the bar. Not that he deserves the credit for that, but that was the reaction. Then, after an average presidency scandal-wise from W, Obama spends eight years raising the bar ethically to heights not seen in our lifetimes in terms of the lack of corruption and morally questionable behavior throughout the administration. Subsequently Trump, the GOP and Fox News conspire to pull it back down, dig a trench halfway to the earth's core and bury it. You can't "both sides" this ####show. That's a joke. The right owns every last bit of this disaster and the harm it causes.
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    Ha ha ha. That is all there is? A hostile superpower spreading propaganda to benefit the candidate of their choosing who refuses to take action to punish the crimes and does nothing to stop ongoing foreign operations in our election system while denegrading the FBI and impedeing the investigation into the crimes committed by the hostile foreign country and crimes committed by senior staff members? That's it?
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    "honey I need to check your cooter before you leave"
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    Send your wife this text: ”Absolutely. She’s out drinking with the girls. She won’t be home for hours. See you then.” Report back with what happens.
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    James Comey‏Verified account @Comey FollowingFollowing @Comey More All should appreciate the FBI speaking up. I wish more of our leaders would. But take heart: American history shows that, in the long run, weasels and liars never hold the field, so long as good people stand up. Not a lot of schools or streets named for Joe McCarthy. 2:51 PM - 1 Feb 2018
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    With Vince dropping the big announcement today of the reemergence of the XFL, thought it would be a good passage of time (boss> ) to come up with jersey nicknames for us here in the FFA. Feel free to suggest names for other posters, as well as yourself. I guess I'll have to go with: HE HUG ME
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    I was watching the news tonight and my 13 year old autistic son heard them talking about giving teachers guns. "Daddy, I hope they they don't give teachers guns. There's only one teacher I have that I would trust with a gun, and that's only because she's so old she probably forget where she put it."
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    Almost 30 years ago my mother told me she had thrown out my baseball card collection. It wasn't a big deal, though I was slightly annoyed, and I just figured "well, that's the end of that." I moved on with my life. In an utterly weird twist, today I heard from my brother that he was cleaning out an old storage locker and found my baseball card collection - still in binder sleeves, mint condition, which he had rescued when my mother threw it out and was holding onto to surprise me with but forgot all about it.
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    What were you told to expect? Incompetence, loss of standing on the world stage, loss of international trade, burgeoning trade deficits, volatile economic indicators, inflation, Russia attacking our troops with impunity, and increased global significance for China and Russia while the top 1% continue to stockpile more and more of the wealth of the nation and Trump uses his office to make money? Because... [gestures around]
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    Dude. When there's ####### noobs doing stupid #### you gotta let them ####### know how its done!!! JESUS ####### christ!!!!!!
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    I'd like to point out, if this is all true I've gotten a lap dance from a presidential mistress. Pretty proud moment in the FDAS houseshold.
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    Otis, Many people don't like bigoted statements being made against places they live in. A tragedy shouldn't give someone the right to go off on a tangent against southern rednecks. As someone who has grown up in the South, never considered myself a redneck, but known many...I know that there are many people that assume that people from Bama are dumb and idiotic. We shouldn't accept this kind of talk against a race, nor should we against a group of people. Columbine was in Colorado. Sandy Hook was in Connecticut. Mandalay Bay was in Vegas. The NRA was started in New York and is currently headquartered just outside Washington DC. The same Washington DC that is full of congressman who have seen these shootings happen for years, and do nothing about them. I realize you hate the "gun culture" of the South. But there are plenty of other gun cultures too. How about the gun culture of the inner cities? The gun culture of Breaking Bad, the wire, and all the other "cool" TV shows that the entire country eat up? How about movies, which are incredibly violent and often promote it. Or video games, created out in Silicon valley, where you can walk around and shoot people and learn tactics for how to do it. And as I mentioned, the government, which makes it easy for everyone in their country to arm themselves. So yeah, I realize that you are angry. So am I and so is everyone else on this board. But this thread shouldn't be the thread where you jump in and express your bigoted dislike for a certain group of people that you perceive in a particular way. Because that's not helping things. There are 17 dead children tonight. Please be a bit more respectful.
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    Oh no you don't, Scaredy Cat - You have to answer to me on this uranium BS in this thread. You were spewing this same crap in another thread and when I called you out on it by dismantling your turd speak point by point, you ran away and wouldn't answer me. So you will do so now or you will stop with this garbage once and for all. LINK: TEXT: Go go go boy, don't waste time.
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    Yo memo so bankrupt, it used to be a Trump casino. #YoMemoJokes Yo Memo is so dirty, the @GOP is considering endorsing it for Senate. #YoMemoJokes Yo memo so juvenile, @realdonaldtrump walked into its dressing room while it was changing! #YoMemoJokes