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    they weren't hugging yet, if that's what you're after.
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    I remember when my children were first born. As they grew, they looked at me for everything. The smile on their faces when I came home at night after work meant everything. They did not care what kind of day I had. They just needed me. And the smile I gave them back. And the time I gave them. I forgot that. Fast forward 11 years, and as the stress of life takes over, things change. You worry about work, and money, and the future, and the kids school, and how they act, and all the little things that drive you absolutely insane. Some days are good and I can be a normal guy, but a lot of days include myself and mom snapping at the kids, letting every little behavior turn into an argument, and not even realizing that these little blow ups turn into life changing mind-sets. I forgot my kids need smiles. And they need their daddy to be a supporter more often than not, and to encourage them. I pride myself on being a good dad, but recently I've come to the realization I need to be better. But I have also come to the realization that all the little things affect me and my wife WAY more than they need to. Kids are kids. They do things that drive you nuts. But tonight when I played catch with my 2 boys and laughed at my daughters silly jokes I knew I hadn't done enough of that lately. And that will change.
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    I understand what you're saying. I'm opposed to Trump, and I'd support impeachment at this point. At the same time, I'm not in here jumping up and down about it either. There are two reasons for that. First of all, a very large majority of us in this thread are all pretty much in agreement on the fitness of Donald Trump to serve as president. When everybody agrees, I tend to lose interest. I like arguing about "live" issues, and I consider Trump's fitness for office to be settled. Debating this topic is kind of like debating whether gravity exists or whether ending slavery was a good thing. Second, the handful of Trump supporters here aren't making a very interesting case for why I should rethink things. I'll just put this out there once and leave it alone: there are quite a few progressives on this board who I don't agree with, but they make for good, engaging sparring partners. There are no Trump supporters who fall into that category. Maybe that comes across as mean, but it's the truth. I apologize if I'm overlooking somebody, but any semi-reasonable pro-Trump people are getting drowned out by what looks like a Lazy Susan assortment of alias accounts.
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    no matter what happens you need to get her to sign something that is for another peace of property and then somehow she ends up tied up in a ghost costume and you take off the mask at the end and she says and i would have gotten away with it if it wasnt for your meddling kids and then you smoke a cigar and say i love it when a plan comes together and you drive off in a talking car listen i may not have come up with all of those ideas myself but i put them together and it would be huge take that to the bank bromigosabe
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    I'm in complete shock. I was at last night's concert at Fox Theater in Detroit and Cornell absolutely crushed it. I wake up this morning and see a headline that it was his last live show. He shows no signs of being ill last night and his vocals were as electric as ever. Best vocalist of the grunge era hands down. Spoonman - my favorite song of all time. Unbelievable, I just saw him alive and well only 6 hours ago. RIP
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    Comey did a number of unorthodox things. He held a press conference announcing that the FBI had completed its investigation of Clinton and recommended against bringing criminal charges against her. That's not standard procedure, and he apparently decided to do it on his own (without input from the DOJ). During that press conference, he criticized Clinton for being careless. That's also not standard procedure, especially since his conclusion did not depend on her carelessness, so that was just gratuitous dicta. He then wrote a letter to members of the House when the FBI reopened the Clinton investigation. Also not standard procedure. Comey explained why he did each of those things, and I thought his explanations were pretty good. I understand, though, how reasonable people could take the opposite position, concluding not only that Comey was in the wrong, but that he was wrong enough to warrant being fired. What I can't understand, however, is how anyone could think that firing Comey while he's investigating the person firing him is even remotely appropriate. Given Trump's stated thought process behind the decision to fire him ("And in fact, when I decided to [terminate Director Comey], I said to myself, 'You know, this Russia thing with Trump and Russia is a made up story'"), Trump arguably obstructed justice under the relevant federal criminal statute. It's up to Jeff Sessions to bring those charges, but of course he won't. Obstructing justice would also be grounds for impeachment. House Republicans won't initiate impeachment proceedings, but I wonder whether impeaching Trump will end up being a good platform for Democratic challengers to run on in the midterm elections.
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    I'm pretty twisted so I'd have a little fun with it. Maybe start by asking for a bunch of random documents that you claim are needed to do the title; last 6 months of bank statements, copy of latest physical, copy of high school diploma, etc. See where that takes you. When she asks why you need all of that, just blame it on Obama and all his regulations.
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    We are going to build a firewall! Who's going to pay for it? Comcast!
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    JFC you guys sound ridicoulous. There are multiple law enforcement agencies doing investigations along with both houses of Congress. And probably literally thousands of journalists on top. But you guys come in here, day after day, making the same stupidass posts about us discussing the matter as if it would all go away if you could just get a couple dozen FFAers to stop talking about it.
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    My god, they got to FoxNews. This goes deeper than I thought.
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    Its crazy, Trump has an approval rating below 40%, and the only thing I can think is: "Wow, that seems really high."
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    Not sure how a male escort railing the snot out of you will split them up, but thorn seems desperate, so it's probably worth a shot.
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    This has potential. Although, it's pretty ballsy to throw this out on a Wednesday morning.
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    Does a 6 and two 2's count?
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    David, I like you a lot, but maybe you should refrain from criticizing others' sources and references in political threads after the whole pizzagate thing.
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    I've been mostly staying out of these threads but here is my current brain dump on where things stand: I don't think the full weight of this situation has really set in yet, so let's walk it back: The original issue here is Russian interference in the election, with a specific intent to help Trump win. There is no meaningful argument about that from the intelligence community, or that Russia used active measures in the form of hacks, release of both hacked but legitimate documents and the targeted spread of "fake news" on social media to aid Trump. They continue to target other western democracies in the same pattern. At a minimum, the Trump campaign actively used and promoted the information/misinformation that came from the Russians. Again, there is no real disagreement here. We also know as a matter of public record that the FBI has been investigating, since July 2016, contacts between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. We know that FISA warrants were issued, we know that the investigation continues. We know that Jeff Sessions met with Russian leaders while involved with the Trump campaign as a surrogate and that he failed to disclose those conversations during his confirmation, despite being specifically asked about it. He claimed this was an oversight and he forgot those meetings. We know that Michael Flynn failed to disclose money he received from Russian sources and his own meetings with Russian diplomats both during the campaign and during the transition, and that he remains a subject of FBI investigation. We know that Paul Manafort and Carter Page both had varying levels of contact with Russia during the campaign and both are part of the ongoing FBI investigation. None of that is direct of evidence of collusion but there is certainly an abundance of opportunity for it. Then there is Trump adviser Roger Stone who has admitted contact with actual Russian hackers and publicly tweeted about the release of the Podesta e-mails before it took place, which is the most direct evidence of collusion we know about today. In short there is a massive amount of smoke and at least a little bit of fire. We're talking about a successful attempt to swing the outcome of the Presidential election, one that likely also had an influence on down-ballot races as well, that was either just embraced by Trump and Republicans or one that at least some of them actively participated in. This isn't Watergate, it's Watergate x 1,000. The thing that makes me most unsettled is how we even move forward. Eventually more details are going to come out but a large chunk of the Republican/Trump base is ready to ignore basically anything that comes out in the press, and so far Republicans seem ready to go along with that. We're in a really dangerous situation where a tyranny of the majority could overtake our checks and balances, and ironically one achieved by a President who got a minority of the vote. I don't know how all this shakes out. My guess is eventually more info will come from the grand juries/FBI investigation. Pressure is going to continue to mount on congressional Republicans as that happens and the likelihood of Trump not doing more stupid stuff like firing the FBI and admitting that the Russia probe was at least art of the reason why is probably next to non-existent. I take the Mensch/Taylor/Schindler info with a heavy grain of salt but if even a fraction of the evidence they have alluded to becomes public I think all but the most die-hard Trump supporters will bail and/or be in jail. I also agree though that Trump is just a symptom of a deeper problem. Albeit the most horrible symptom, like explosive hemorrhagic diarrhea. We're going to need to look at all our guardrails after this though, if we make it through. Some combination of the below needs to happen: Laws requiring 10 year tax disclosure for Presidential candidates The establishment/elevation of a major 3rd centrist party Constitutional protection for the full Senate Filibuster Elimination of the Electoral College Laws requiring complete and open financial disclosure for any campaign spending including Super PACs Sorry for the novel, just needed to get that out of my head.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, I'll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests - we did. But you can't hold a whole fraternity responsible for the behavior of a few, sick twisted individuals. For if you do, then shouldn't we blame the whole fraternity system? And if the whole fraternity system is guilty, then isn't this an indictment of our educational institutions in general? I put it to you, Greg - isn't this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do whatever you want to us, but we're not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!
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    Like America would ever elect some rich dude with ZERO qualifications.
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    The FBI typically isn't big on chasing down evidence-free conspiracy theories.
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    The problem is they left has been screaming OMG! THE WORLD IS ENDING! for 6 months now about everything. You're not giving intelligent people on the right enough credit. It's not just "the left" that has consistently opposed Trump. It's pretty much all reasonable people on the right as well: George Will, David Frum, David Brooks, Mitt Romney, Evan McMullin, Ross Douthat, Charles Krauthammer, Bill Weld, Ben Shapiro, Max Boot, David French, Bret Stephens, Dan Drezner, Mike Lee, Joe Scarborough, Greg Mankiw, Colin Powell, Bill Bennett, John Kasich, Lindsay Graham, John McCain, Jeb Bush, George W. Bush, George H. W. Bush, Condi Rice, Ben Sasse, Charles Fried, Bill Kristol, Michael Steele, Ana Navarro, Charles Murray, Meg Whitman ... and on and on and on....
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    I would like to see a retro-forum redo on the Watergate arguments circa 1972-74. "Where's the evidence? Found any yet?" The Democrats are just mad because McGovern is such a loser. Spiro Agnew was right, he was run out by the GOPe cucks. The commie sympathizers are just afraid that Nixon will finish the war with honor. WaPo only has anonymous quotes. Only. The FBI doesn't appear to be investigating anything. Patrick Gray is Nixon's man, nothing will happen. Felt is an LBJ holdover, can't trust him. Hoover would have all you hippies arrested if he was here. The real crime here is the leaks. Woodward and Bernstein were doing traffic stories just a year ago, they're just self-promoters. It was a second rate burglary. Kissinger would never be a part of this. It's not Nixon's fault Liddy wasn't properly vetted. It was all Magruder's idea. Hugh Sloan didn't quit, he was fired. Why would a President who is on his way to a record setting win get involved in that sort of thing? Whole thing makes no sense. Nixon has a personal set of secret tapes? In the Oval Office? Sure, buddy.
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    Trump got rolled in the budget deal. He got almost nothing he wanted.
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    Speaking of parents #segue Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a lot of bad stuff going on with the GMTAN denizens. Be it family problems, recent deaths, unemployment etc. Thopras to all. But I'd like to add a bit of happiness if that's ok. Tonight was my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I know many here are jaded to the whole marriage thing but I've learned a ton from my parents. They weren't and still aren't perfect. We were never rich but we got by. I still cash my $10 checks for my birthday. But that's just the values that were instilled in me. My siblings and I still fight. Hell, my parents still fight. But looking around tonight at the table of 27 (parents, kids, spouses, grandchildren), there's a solid legacy that they are/will leave behind. 50 years is a long time. They just spent 2 weeks in Italy. Alone. Together. I want to punch my wife if we have 5 minutes without the kids. Sorry, I'm probably just waxing poetic but I love my parents. Real love still exists. Don't get me wrong, there were (and actually still are) bad days. But good people are still out there that take it one day at a time. Here's you you, Mike and Ruth. I'm not a great man, but I am who I am because of you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaG5SAw1n0c
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    I'm running out of DEFCON's here. 1. Updated title search! Tell them you need an updated title search to make sure that nothing on the public record would be a problem. You don't have to say judgments, but that is the big issue. It would be about a week to do that - because you want to protect them both from any issues. 2. You could always tell them that because you are related you can't notarize your brother's signature for the deed which is kinda technically true unless you know the New Jersey Administrative Code; or if your secretary isn't a notary. 3. How about this - at least - if you feel like you have to do it because "brother" don't designate the tenancy. At least then it would be tenants in common and he owns 50% instead of survivorship. Then he at least has the chance to partition her out of the property when this blows up. I will keep thinking of something because this is vastly more intriguing then my current pile on desk.
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    I'm gluing pennies to my nipples as we speak. What is her name, I want to write it on my belly.
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    If this was a season of 24 people would complain it is too ham handed and unrealistic.
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    My daughter riley. Her 3 months on earth and subsequent passing taught me how to be a more confident, loving, selfless person. I volunteer now for a foundation and became manager to my son's little league team, two things I never thought I'd do in a million years. I don't take #### from anyone and learn that most things people complain about in life are pointless. I've also appreciated my son and my wife more and tell my family I love them more often. Riley made me a better person.
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    Trump called this guys wife ugly, insinuated that his dad assassinated JFK, but I need to find out about these Hillary emails. This man has no penis.
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    Isn't that the whole GOP line, though? Isn't that the logical conclusion of all of their policies? "People don't deserve to have health care." "People don't deserve to have food." "People don't deserve to have shelter." You deserve only what you earn. And if you don't deserve it, there must be some relevant difference between you and them, and it can't just be that you're poor. That's not in keeping with their Christian principles. So it must be that you did things the wrong way; right? It's your fault. "I'm not saying poor people deserve to starve and die of cancer, I'm saying people who make bad choices. Like buying a new iPhone. Or an 80" tv. You see it all the time. I mean, no one actually has, but you do constantly."
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    Body slamming reporters Grabbing women by the ##### Attacking/Distrust of the free press Removing healthcare from tens of millions to give the rich tax breaks Attacking/Distrust of the Intelligence Community Massive financial conflicts of interest Russia Budgets that cut scientific and medical research significantly Not disclosing financial information such as tax returns after promising repeatedly to do so Having white house spokesmen, on tv and in the daily briefings, lie to the public Supporting a presidential candidate you have strong reason to believe is propped up by a foreign adversary. Conspiracy theories Badmouthing former Prisoners of War who are now serving in congress Putting a man-child in the white house simply to get a supreme court nomination and a few political agenda items through like tax cuts and repealing obamacare. Deficits, so long as they're created by giving tax cuts to the rich and cutting health care for the poor. Completely unrealistic growth projections used to prop up an unrealistic budget. Party over country (party loyalty is key test of members, rather than loyalty to our country and its values.) Muslim ban/database Building a ####### wall at a cost of tens of billions of dollars because it will keep the illegals out. Calling political opponents criminals and threatening to jail them if you win Attacking the judiciary, and federal judges along with a distrust of any decision they don't agree with as "judicial activism" Calling real news "fake news" and propping up true fake news as "real news", especially propaganda from Russian sources Hypocrisy to a level never seen before in our history. Take any critical Trump tweet about Obama from the past 8 years and you are almost guaranteed that it's more applicable to something he's doing than it ever was to Obama. Same thing about claims about criminality Trump/campaign lobbed at Hillary now being more true about him and his team.
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    Most likely to be crushed during sex: @Christo
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    He was the James Bond of my youth. RIP Sir Roger Moore.
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    I think it depends on the subject of disagreement. I think people should respect those who disagree with them in good faith about whether increasing the minimum wage is a good idea, or about whether abortion should be legal, or about whether marijuana should be decriminalized. I don't think people should necessarily respect those who disagree with them about whether it's cool to make fun of physically handicapped people, or to grab women by their privates without consent, or to call them bimbos and imply (without evidence) that they're menstruating, or ... do I need to keep going? I don't know exactly why the Notre Dame students walked out on Pence. I kind of doubt that it was over policy disagreements. I doubt they would have similarly walked out on Marco Rubio, for example. It's probably because Pence is associated with Trump, and Trump is a bad person. But I'm just guessing. My point is that just as it's sometimes good to respect people you disagree with, it's also sometimes appropriate to withhold respect from people you disagree with. It depends on what the disagreement is about. Whether it's fair to hold Trump's shortcomings as a person against Pence is an interesting question on which reasonable people might differ. Suppose for the sake of argument, however, that the students believe that Pence is a fair proxy for Trump given that Pence has hitched himself to Trump's wagon by voluntarily accepting the VP nomination. Suppose further that the students realize just what an awful person Trump is -- not because they disagree with his political views, but because of his awfulness. Is it really inappropriate under those circumstances to hold a peaceful protest to voice dissent from that awfulness?
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    When someone tries to argue that the media on the left and right are equally bad, keep in mind that it's a lie. There is nobody on the left as celebrated as Newt Gingrich who would spread a made-up conspiracy theory devoid of evidence over the objections of a murder victim's family. Rachel Maddow isn't perfect, but try to imagine her doing this, or Chris Hayes, or Joy-Ann Reid. None would go on TV and promote the baseless idea that Jared Kushner had Alan Colmes killed, for example. The only ones who would stoop that low are the likes of Gingrich and Hannity.
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    Run for the Roses 5K An enjoyable morning! Always good to see Juxt, and it was a pleasure to meet fast Brony as well. I was the slacker of the FBG trio. Weather was great for racing. I haven't raced since late October, and haven't done any sort of training for a 5K, so my expectations were low. The only benchmark was a 7:38/mile four mile tempo run a week or two ago. We met early and jogged a couple miles and then hung around for the race start ...an odd two-minute early start! I hung back just a bit in the starting pack. As we rounded the first turn and settled in, I saw two fellow gray hairs just in front of me. Since I couldn't anticipate the race pace, I decided my race would be beating them. One was a long loper, and he faded after a half mile. The other was a stocky-leg plugger, who I didn't expect to have a big kick, but I passed him easily around the halfway point. It only got interesting with a half mile to go. I picked up the pace, since I was feeling rather decent, and saw a younger guy in front of me. <Ned> Game on!!! </Ned> As I caught him with a quarter mile to go, he decided to make a race of it. :sigh: #amateur He picked up his pace and actually bumped my elbow. He apologized, and I just mentioned he wasn't in my AG anyway. But geez, dude, it's a wide street. We turned for the last couple hundred yards, and I was flying in my new Saucony's. A couple early finishers were there, and they were screaming "c'mon dad! Don't let him beat you, dad!" ...meaning me, the old guy. The guy was hanging with me, but as we hit the incline finish, I got onto the balls of my feet and popped in for a very fast finish. I AARPed him. Mile 1: 7:15 Mile 2: 7:18 Mile 3: 7:10 .1: 5:45 pace Total: 22:07(7:12/mile) ...1st in AG, 13th/150 overall Very pleased, given the lack of training! A fun morning with the boys.
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    This was far and away the worst riddle ever.
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    The value of EBF's analysis is to provoke thought and discussion. If you don't see it that way, you can ignore it. Regardless, this is an unnecessary response.
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    This is bigger than Watergate. THe implications of what has actually transpired (just the parts we KNOW OF!) are already bigger real crimes than anything Nixon did. Republicans in congress tried to impeach CLinton over a damn affair with an intern. Trump kept a man he was warned was a likely traitor in a key position of power until someone leaked it to the press. That alone, if it were the one and only piece of information we had, is already more alarming and more worthy of public censure than anything ever made public about either CLinton. And the audacity to fire the man investigating is almost beyond comprehension. Nothing short of impeachment will do at this point.
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    My wife.. I had ZERO direction/push/interest/encouragement from my parents on helping me maneuver my way into "Adulthood".. At 18, when I was a senior in High School, when I told them I was going to drop out for a $9/hour job, which compared to friends who were making $4/hour made me "Rich" .. all I got was "I hope you know what your doing, good luck" ... A year later I met my now wife... After dating her for 6 months she "gently" pushed me to go to the local Technical college to see about getting my High School Diploma. The Counselor there helped me enroll in their Computer/Electronics Associate degree that started in the Fall explaining that by doing so I could receive my High School Diploma and my College Degree on the same day. Without her, who knows if I ever would have done anything other then trudged along in one meaningless job after another.
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    One thing that consistently amazes me: this administration is so ####ed that stories that should be huge scandals actually get buried under bigger scandals. This Kushner-China thing is amazing. The White House is trying to bar refugees from immigrating even if they go through two years of vetting, while the family of a key member of the White House and son-in-law to the President are selling visas for $500,000 in investments in Kushner projects, using White House influence as a selling point. Oh, and they're attempting to bar the press from covering it all. It's a perfect story. In a normal administration the press would run with this for months. I'm betting it gets buried the moment Yates sits down at that table.
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    #### you Putin...it didnt work this time.
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    Feel bad for the mom and pop search engines out there.
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    Obamacare wasn't secret. Every version got a CBO score. The overall reform effort lasted over a year and a half. There were televised, bipartisan summits where key issues were discussed. The idea that they were both similarly secretive is horse ####.
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    Obamacare was not secret. It was debated for months. The bill was out for the public to read. This bill today was unknown to everyone except those that wrote it until late last night. The CBO has not had time to analyze it. There is absolutely no comparison between the two situations.
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    First half went great. Rough second half. Blown quads on the way down to the river, and blisters on both feet. Finished 16:40:53, almost an hour and a half faster than last year. I'll take it.
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    So we are complaining about an upcoming Finals match-up between two dynasties, one with the first player with an argument as the best of all-time since Jordan, and one with two of the five best players in the game, four of the best like 20, and an unselfishness and team-wide passing reminiscent of the era so many pine for? A 3-match where each team has one win, where each team can point to injuries or suspension as to why they lost, leading to an absolute showdown as to who is the best team of this era? Two teams that are so dominant that they both might be undefeated in the playoffs going into the finals? This is a bad thing? In the future they'll be discussing this trilogy of Finals the same way people talk about the Lakers/Celtics era, and you dummies are whining about it.