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    "People sure are dumb," said the guy who watches Love Island.
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    My version after the Pride Parade in Knoxville yesterday. This was sort of an accident. I knew Knoxville had a parade but I didn't know when it was. Turns out I realized Friday night it was planned for Saturday morning starting at 10:30. And just by "coincidence", I was planning to be downtown a half mile from the parade route for an appointment at 12:30. And I'd just happened to order this shirt a week ago after I read the article I linked to in the original post. I put quotes around "coincidence" because I think things often happen to me for a reason. So I went. I wore the shirt and I found an open spot and I gave out a bunch of Free Dad Hugs. My experience wasn't as dramatic as the Dad at the parade in Pittsburgh. Part of it I'm sure is it wasn't a novel idea anymore. Part of it is age maybe. It's a little creepy for a 55 year old man to be offering hugs. But by and large, it was a great experience. A few people seemed genuinely grateful. No sobbing or anything but you could tell there was something special. Most were just happy and appreciative. Really, it was just hugs. But sometimes that's enough. Everyone likes a hug. Some people especially like a hug from their dad. I may not have been THEIR dad. But I was A dad. And that was something. So I gave out hugs. It didn't change anything or anyone. It was erring on the side of love. And hugs. Which sounds kind of lame. And maybe it is. But it's what I'm going with.
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    You started a thread like everything once.
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    Son, we live in a world that has forums, and those forums have to be frequented by men with vocabularies. Who's gonna do it? You? You, @Arizona Ron? I have a greater responsibility than you could possibly fathom. You weep for @General Malaise and you curse the FFA. You have that luxury. You have the luxury of not knowing what I know; that @Officer Pete Malloy's banning, while tragic, probably saved likes. And my existence, while grotesque and incomprehensible to you, *saves likes*. You don't want the truth because deep down in places you don't talk about at parties, you want me on this board. You need me on this board. We use words like shuke, meh, wut. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent characterizing something. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very words that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide them! I would rather you just said "thank you" (:hug:) and went on your way, Otherwise, I suggest you pick up a thesaurus and compose a post. Either way, I don't give a *damn* what you think you are entitled to!
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    I would be tired of all those calls, too.
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    I like to hoard leroys. So far I have 3 yards full.
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It was a very weak banning but I’ve done my time and I’m ready to move on. Hopefully the irony of banning someone for defending themselves over the course of this particular holiday weekend isn’t lost on those in power.
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    Sounds silly but Saturday morning cartoons. I mean i had cartoons before and after school but something about waking up Saturday and having no school responsibilities and knowing i could sit aroybd from 7-11 watching cartoons. And evening cartoons was a wierd but good treat. Now kids can just stream whatever they feel like whenever they want
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    Honestly, just getting out on their own, playing for hours, and coming home by sundown. Unfortunately, that isn't possible anymore in many places.
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    It's not a bad look at all. It's what it is. You own a team. You paid money and that makes you the owner. You don't own the players. You own the team. If people are offended by this, that's on them. As I said in your other thread about women at bars: If you continually try to not offend every person who's easily offended, there will be nothing you can say. For the record, General Manager offends me and my family. It's like the worst thing you could possibly say. Please find a new term.
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    Glad she laughed it off and things didn't get messi.
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    The real hero is the person filming......excellent work. Horizontal view....clean camera work...... keeps the camera on the relevant subject matter at the time........not afraid to get close to the combatants. I'll watch their next film.
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    The security guards must've been on Pluto or something because this whole thing is goofy. I mean seriously. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation is this?
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    That pictures of yoga pants should be allowed.
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    Back in 2004, I had was single, and lonely, and I pretty much hated myself. Trying to learn how to talk to people on the outside, going home alone at night and fighting depression. I got a dog. I was on recruiting duty at the time, which means long hours, and not much money. That poor dog was there for me when I needed him, and I was not around enough to take care of him the way he deserved. I tried to give him affection when I was around, but sometimes, I was overwhelmed by life and even man's best friend couldn't get me out of my funk. I didn't happen right away, but the dog became aggressive. Too much isolation and not enough love. He ended up biting a neighbor, and I had to put him down. the neighbor was fine, but I was never the same. I have learned to live with the guilt, but I have never forgiven myself for that dog, who deserved so much better than I could offer him at the time. I get choked up just thinking about it, even now. After that, I learned to try not to always be selfish. To think about other's plight and feelings. I always want to treat living beings with respect, never miss an opportunity to tell them how much they mean, and to show them the affection and attention they deserve. My username is a constant reminder of that. That dog's name was Caesar. I owe him my life.
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    We grew up in a smaller town. Kids would just ride their bikes anywhere. Ball field, park, pool, gas station to buy candy etc. We also rode around looking for other kids to play with. You just had to be home before dinner/dark.
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    Shuke's Spotify Playlist Why am I doing this? Great question. I don't remember when, but at some point in our history together as FBG personalities, I became convinced that Shuke was the perfect dance partner for comedic fodder and I like to think that the two of us have done our parts to provide some laughter to this great community over the years. At the very least, our waistlines have suffered in attempts to make you all smile. But we also share a lot of tastes in things like good beers, sports (we both LOVE the Kentucky Derby and think opening day of March Madness should be a national holiday), grilling, getting outdoors with our kids and especially an affinity for good music, which is what brings us here today. After completing the herculean task of assembling 1012 of his favorite songs from 1012 different artists, I only felt it right to give the online Abbott to my Costello a proper tribute and show my respect for his hard work. So yesterday, at 3:30pm PT as I awaited the arrival of my train, I put my earbuds in, opened Spotify, fired up the Shuke 1000 and hit "Shuffle". What will follow is my reaction to each song as I work my way through it, one song at a time. I'll be listening to these songs as I commute to work and home via train/walking, sit alone in the office or am at home cooking, grilling or doing dishes (my only alone time at home which is very rare with a family of 7). I'll be making notes as I go so I can revert to them. I am 11 songs deep and I'll spend more time on certain songs than I will on others. In some instances, I'll be offering alternative songs that are my favorite from that artist, but many of these songs and artists are completely new to me, which is awesome and why I'm so interested in doing this. When I come across a new song that I like, it'll earn a green heart and will get added to my favorites on Spotify for future listening and research. If I come across a song I don't like or know already and don't want to hear again, it'll get the skip treatment. I will praise where praise is due and mock accordingly where warranted. Ready? LESSSSSSSSSSGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My review of this food cart: Dear Momma's Grub, As a long time fan of spicy food I wanted to commend you for your bold strategy of serving "the real deal" at your food truck. I have eaten raw and grilled habaneros, insanely hot jalapenos from the mercado in Mazatlan, Thai food with so many Birdseye peppers it was almost inedible and even once challenged an Indian food chef (dot, not feather) to "make it super hot". That last one was a mistake. I ordered, with confidence, your sweet and spicy habanero chicken fusion tacos. Might I suggest a name change to sweet and spicy habanero chicken NUCLEAR fusion tacos. No sooner than right after my first bite i experienced an immediate swelling of my tongue and face region, general numbness of the upper body and redness of all exposed skin. My coworker asked if I was allergic to anything. I assured him that these tacos were ####in awesome. After my second bite i lost all feeling in my hands, feet and entire body regions. This surprised me as a veteran of many many spicy meals. Usually it takes a few minutes to sort of sneak up on you but apparently your company has perfected an accelerant to speed delivery of the capsicum molecules directly through the body's cell walls. I must say I was impressed with your technological advances and am considering recommending you to the department of defense biological warfare division. Since I was already numb and still starving i decided to soldier on and finished both tacos in the fewest bites possible. Each humongous bite was followed by crying and profuse sweat, especially of the general facial regions. Being an old hand, I knew a trick to immediately stop the burn of habanero; take a pinch of salt and put it under your tongue, the heat stops in 5 seconds. So I went to the lunch room and grabbed the salt. I put a pinch in and apparently your technician knew this trick as well and put a chemical blocker in his accelerant formula, because nothing happened. I ended up eating half a shaker of salt before finally giving up. A short while later I had the sudden urge to go to the toilet. It was here that the genius of your Nobel prize winning chemist really shined. As I ran to the toilet frantically trying to get my clothes off and sit down I also had the sudden and ballistic urge to urinate. At the point of contact I experienced something I've never felt before. I had the sensation of hot lava exploding from the rear while simultaneously firing a super heated laser beam through my urethra. This was also accompanied with unending tears as mentioned previously. At one point i hallucinated flying a dragon shooting fire in all directions as I attacked the people of the sun. I feel much better now several hours later and have no desire to eat food in the next week or two so I wanted to thank your chemist for helping in my weight loss goals. Sincerely, Tommyboy Portland
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    I got a 17 day ban a while back for something I thought would fly before the current restrictions. Didn't post for a couple of months. I came back part time after that and within a day was getting posts deleted that weren't remotely off-color. That was about it. I came back to try to get people to watch my buddy's TV show and because I heard otb_lifer came back to talk Triple Crown. Now that those things are over, I don't really have anything more to do here. The only reason I really used to post here was to try to make people laugh. I derive a lot of joy from thinking that I put a smile on someone's face, especially the great people here. If I can't do that, and I can't seem to under the auspices of the new PG FFA, I have no raison d'etre. I think of amusing posts or anecdotes all the time and where I used to post them, I now swallow them. I'll still pop in from time to time and read, but likely won't post much, if at all. My time here appears to be at an end, at least in the way it once was. I wish everyone here a lifetime of happiness and laughter. I firmly believe this is the finest group of people assembled anywhere on the internet. I love you all.
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    Top 5 Undervalued PPR/Redraft based on FF Calculator ADP (June 17 - July 17) 1. Peyton Barber(11.10) & Bruce Anderson(>15.04) - Ronald Jones is not good at football, I've been saying it since before the 2018 draft. Fading Jones is the shark move, just like it was last year. The recent Jones hype should be music to your ears as it keeps Barber and Anderson's price at reasonable levels. 2. Nick Chub(2.09) - Second half numbers under Kitchens and Mayfield speak for themselves. I currently have Chubb ranked RB#6 ahead of Bell, Conner, Gordon etc. 3. Amari Cooper(3.04) - Another strong second half performer, I have Amari ranked WR#7 and he is currently going WR#12. 4. Tyreek HIll(4.02) - last year's #2 WR is going in the 4th round. He'll be suspended but current suspension guesstimates don't justify this slide, even if you project regression. He should be gone by the middle 3rd at the latest. 5. Tyler Lockett(5.05) - last year's #15 WR, and now he's the unquestioned #1. I have him ranked WR14, but he is the 24th WR off the board per ADP. 6. Darrell Henderson(6.08) - this is a potential league winning pick, and possibly the most polarizing player YTD. Yes he's received a lot of hype, but it's justified IMHO. Gobble this kid up before the preseason highlights put his ADP in the 4th round instead of the late 6th. Not too many league winning picks in the 6th round. Drafting Henderson is aggressive, but +EV. 7. Donte Moncrief(11.02) - There aren't too many WRs with top 20 upside going in the 11th round. Moncrief is a high floor/high ceiling selection this year. I'd also grab the rookie D. Johnson if you have a deep roster format...somebody is undervalued in Pittsburgh right now and I'm not a James Washington fan. 8. Jordan Reed(14.04) - Ranked as my #11 TE, he's going TE#19, yet finished TE#11 in ppg last year. If you get stuck waiting on TE there isn't a single better ppg proven commodity at TE this late in the draft. 9. Jameis Winston(10.04) - Top 5 upside with a QB13 price tag. Don't underestimate the impact of Arians...he resurrected the career of Carson Palmer, and made it look easy. My redraft strategy actually centers around waiting on QB and taking Winston late. 10. Josh Gordon(>15.04) - Going near the end of drafts, Gordon was WR#26 PPG last year and there is no Gronk this year. We have no idea what his status is with the NFL, but he's more than worth the dice roll at his current price tag.
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    Oh, snap! Damn, son! You just got General Managered!
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    You are in way over your head here. You don’t know how criminal law works. You don’t know what unfair prejudice means. You don’t understand the issue, the reasoning, or the conclusion of the judge’s decision.
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    Brief RR Swim kinda stunk. Got behind 3 bozos who couldn’t sight and didn’t mind banging bodies. They were fast enough for me not to pass but when I tried to draft they were all over the place. First half of the swim was just not fun. Bike was good but not good enough. Wanted 20+ got 19.9 It takes me like 40 min to get comfortable on the bike. The first 20 minutes was up hill. Not crazy slope but not nice. It wasn’t fun and I was kinda worried as I don’t really know how to pace on the bike. Close enough to my goal, but would have loved a 20.4 or something. The run came out of no where. First 3 miles were amazing. Faster pace than my Sprint tri 5k distance like a month ago. About mile 4 I was hurting some. Not crazy pain, but uncomfortable. Mile 5.5 I was ready to be done. Ran a 7:35, super stoked. Fatigued but ready for more. Fingers crossed Hip Flexor is all set. Shoulder is still fuked but not a problem in the swim, only an issue in str training. Very happy with the result
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    not to be selfish here, but ... THAT SECOND GOAL CLINCHED ME $1,076 IN WINNINGS FOR TODAY!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 💜❤🖤 ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
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    You got another season where nubile hotties walk around in bikinis, transparent sun dresses, and coochie-cutter shorts that show under-cheek?
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    I got caught stuck
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    So.....reading the tea leaves, this Epstein has video of both Trump and Clinton screwing underage girls, right? That's why Acosta got a cushy cabinet job, because he was able to get Epstein the "Deal of a Lifetime". And to the editor of Vanity Fair who tamped down the article in 2003 to exclude the info about child rape, what was he paid by Epstein to do that and how is his conscience today? Because that article written as it was intended might have saved hundreds or more of young girls from child rape and abuse. I hope Epstein dies a slow, tortuous death for his sins. Anybody from Clinton to Trump and all points between can rot in hell right there with him. Poor kids. Poor girls. These guys could have just used their billions and power to hire hot, of age escorts. They didn't. They preyed on vulnerable children. They destroyed lives before they even started. Forget political lines; this is pure evil and it needs to be punished to the max.
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    Stampede 5K Flat neighborhood race as part of 4th of July festivities. 3rd or 4th time I've done this course. Weather was nice - humidity finally dropped and today was mid 60's and breezy. Coming into this race, I know my fitness isn't there yet. Training has been tough with calf issues. Also, my run a few days ago where fatigue kicked my ### was a bit of scare mentally. Good news is that I had a good confident run on Friday... bad news is that that run combined with interior painting aggravated my calf on Friday. Stupid sport. Decided to use this race as an exercise in race management and pacing. Race goals were to negative split and place in my AG to win a pint glass. (I have amassed a small collection of pint glasses from breweries, so this AG award was more coveted than a typical medal). Race day - Couldn't sleep at 4am, so came downstairs to watch TV on the couch. Feel asleep watching Top Gun and get woken up at 540 as the TV shuts off mid-movie. Power is out. This is pretty rare for us and when it does happen, it's brief. I check the news on my phone to make sure the world isn't ending. It's not. Morning routine changes to cold coffee and dump in the dark. Power is still out when I leave. Mile 1 - 7:01 This was big adjustment for me to not go out too fast which usually messes me up. I was hoping to be between 7:00 to 7:15 at mile 1. So far so good. Breathing is going well. Mile 2 - 7:00 End of Mile 2 is usually where I want to kill myself. Still feeling good at this point and my place is staying steady. Mile 3 - 6:52 In my head, I was picturing crossing the mile 2 marker and then starting a kick butt 5 minute mile or something. That didn't happen. I did pick up the pace some and the pace on the watch slowly moves to 6:55 as my breathing got really laborious. Was able to finish with a near sprint, so left a decent amount out there I guess. Final - 21:57 46 / 484 overall. 2/17 in AG. One of my slowest 5K times, but I did check my 2 boxes of negative split and pint glass (2nd in AG; top 3 get glass). Surprisingly content - I wasn't setting out to run my fastest ever and my time was reflective of this. As expected, calf was fine during race and a little inflamed post race. Caught up with a couple of friends post-race and then came home and power was back on. the end.
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    I'm proud of our country as a whole, but I'm not proud of how Americans are treating Americans right now.
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    That Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. No matter how many times I look at it, it is simply a fact beyond argument.
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    Ice cream in our house can create some competition and hostile interactions. It's a constant battle to make sure no one is eating too much and not leaving enough for others. So, my 6 yo daughter came home in the early evening from gymnastics while her brother and I were home. Sitting next to my spot on the couch is an empty bowl of ice cream that I had just finished eating. My son was in the kitchen finishing his bowl. It was the last of the ice cream. Then this ensued: Daughter: "I want some ice cream too" Son: "There's no more left" Daughter (looking glaringly at him and then at my empty bowl): "That's not fair. I don't ever get ice cream" She turns to head upstairs and as she walks by her brother, she mutters "Idiot" Me: "Stop. Come back and tell me what you said" Daughter: "Idiot" Me: "You better apologize to your brother" Daughter: "I was talking to both of you" Me:
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    36. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child It's as if the electric guitar was invented solely for him.
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    Her anger was a metaphor. You are the lug nut.
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    Mostly great. Her weight is fully restored and she's really healthy. She caught up in school and is transferring to a different high school for her sophomore year. She knows more people there and she'll be able to avoid questions about why she disappeared her freshman year. Her diet drives her crazy because it's very intrusive, but eventually she'll get back to eating more normally. The nutritionist is really conservative so it's a slow process. She's sung at a couple open mic nights and is getting back into music. Taking her to NYC next week and then Chicago for Lollapalooza.
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    This is such a horrible name being used by journalists, it diminishes what these children have gone through . I agree. "Lolita Express" at = 0 results "Lolita Express" at = 2 results "Lolita Express" at = 21 results "Lolita Express" at = 62 results
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    Stabbing... your wife may actually be embarrassed to call it "pegging"
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    I'll share here (this is a safe place, right?) Wife and daughter come home tomorrow after >4 months at St Jude's. Daughter is doing awesome, she's almost back to being herself it's going to take a little adjusting, having the 5 guys has been interesting for sure. If any of you are fans of chip and jo Gaines, you might have seen their donation to St Jude's (if not, Google it), the story has been shared thousands of times across Facebook. The picture shown is my girl. It's really weird seeing your daughter on news stories and Facebook feeds from sites including southern living, Nashville news, people magazine, etc. She's a princess. Also, she's eligible for make a wish, so we'll probably hit a Disney cruise next year. Wouldn't be my choice but like I said, she's a princess.
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    2. Led Zeppelin - In the Light Reminds me of cruising the suburban streets at 17, smoking cigarettes in my '77 Chevy Impala. Led Zeppelin is the soundtrack of my life during high school. I have such an emotional attachment to them. Not sure what really needs to be said about this band. Just freaking incredible. Other favorites: Ten Years Gone, The Rain Song, Stairway to Heaven, Tangerine, No Quarter
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    Yeah, we have earthquakes, homes sliding into the ocean, hideous state taxes, the highest gas taxes in the nation, a bunch of liberals - still Southern California is awesome. Tonight I was sitting on the patio of a phenomenal Mexican restaurant (I mean real, not the kind found in 40+ of the 50 states) having a great margarita. Looked around and soaked it in. Crisp, cool. Not a bead of sweat. Not a mosquito in sight or touch. No need for a meshed net around me. Not a raindrop headed our way for 3 months. Pretty sure I'll stay. Some tequila talkin', but pretty sure I'm stayin'.
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    Not that I'm advocating car theft and kidnapping but... once you stop the perp and rescue the kids, I think you should dial down the murdering.
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    So...some clarity has emerged. Had a long talk with my wife regarding my next marathon. And so we have agreed that Chicago will be my next marathon the fall of next year (provided I get in, which I should). @Juxtatarot was pretty much already privy to the conversation (it hadn't changed , as he heard it at Carmel in the spring) I'll have to train in the mornings during the summer, with my speed work done during cool mornings or on a treadmill (we may be buying one this year). So as discussed with @MAC_32 earlier, I'm really liking this progression: 1. HM this fall. 2. HM in spring with the full 18 week Hansen 1/2 marathon plan. Goal here would be to be at 1:40. 3. Chicago in fall. Goal dependent on the work over the next year. Right now thinking 3:50ish. Should have a great base going into training. Excited about this plan. What I needed to pull me out of this funk. Apparently running is more important to me than I thought.
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    After your incel post the other day and now this, I seriously think you need to talk to someone. Things ebb and flow, it’ll get better. As as far as the weight loss stuff goes. I used to be a big guy, right a 300 lbs. I did 1200 calories a day, hard cap. I walked at a high incline on the treadmill for an hour every day and twice on Saturday and Sunday. 10 months after I started I was 170 lbs. It can be done.
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    It doesn't make any difference whether this guy writes straight news or opinion columns, where his work is published, whether he was filming anybody or not, or whether he was wearing a fedora with an old-timey card that says PRESS stuck in the brim. Violence against peaceful observers is wrong. Those of you who are getting hung up on side issues and dodging that simple point should stop and ask yourself why.
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    1. Grateful Dead - Eyes of the World Ate the ripe age of 16 years and one month, my parents let me go with 3 other guys from Dayton to Cincinnati to see the Grateful Dead. My life would never be the same. I didn't know many of the songs I heard at the time, but I loved it all, including this song played in the second set and straight into drums. The live album I linked to was released in April 1991, right before I graduated high school. I bought it immediately. Later that fall, my good friends and I drove up to Cleveland to see the Dead play at the Richfield Coliseum. I can't remember if I had started school at UC yet, but this was with my high school friends, and were all parting different ways. The show was where the Cavs used to play, but was out in the middle of nowhere. There was a campground nearby where we stayed with thousands others, and we able to walk to and from the show(s). I believe there were two that weekend but can't remember if we went to both. Regardless, it was one of the greatest weekends of my life. I know others may point to better versions of the song, there are some great ones with Branford Marsalis on sax. But I've listen to this live album more than anything in my life. And probably this song more than any other. Not sure how Nipsey knew this.