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    Dude is a beast in this forum. Plain and simple. Mucho gracias man. You are the MVP of the Pool and add tremendous value day in day out. Cheers.
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    I picked my 8th grade son up from school today, and the thread title is what he said to me as soon as he got in the car. Then he told me what went down. In the middle of class the teacher abruptly paused and asked my son's buddy Ethan to meet him outside in the hall. Ethan and Mr. Smith disappeared for a couple of minutes, then returned. Mr. Smith then told the class that he had to step out for a minute, would be right back. After he left the boys asked Ethan what happened, and he told them Mr. Smith had heard him talking crap about some other boys and gave him 4 hours detention. The other boys were shocked, it wasn't like Ethan to get in trouble and it was out of character for Mr. Smith to come down so hard. Minutes passed and the conversation among the boys (9 of them) escalated, kids busting Ethan's chops and also railing on Mr. Smith..."What a ####-move!" "That's bull####!" "He must be on the rag"...they made fun of his clothes, his facial hair...it went on an on. The room was buzzing with banter until finally Mr. Smith opened the door quickly and walked in. The room went silent in an awkward way as he entered, and Mr. Smith said "Sorry I took so long, what were you guys talking about?". They glanced around at each other but nobody answered him. As they sat there he walked over to his computer, pressed a button, and the 8 minute conversation he missed started replaying on the speakers. Charlie said every kid's face turned ghost-white, a couple buried their faces in their hands and shook their heads. The recoding played for a couple of minutes, a few mild curse words were heard but it hadn't yet gotten into some of the stuff they were really dreading him hearing. At that point Ethan raised his hand and asked Mr. Smith to stop the tape, "I say some pretty bad stuff coming up soon and I really don't want you to hear it." Mr. Smith stopped the recording and said he may or may not listen to it later. And at that point let everyone know what this was all about... He had taken Ethan into the hall and told him that he was going to leave class for 10 minutes, and he wanted Ethan to go back in the room and "try to convince all of the boys to leave the classroom". So Ethan when Ethan returned to class, the boys asked him what was going on and he quickly came up with the phony story about detention. Then he made up something else about leaving something in the library and wanting the other kids to come with him to get it, but the kids were like "wtf that's stupid" so he quickly gave up. Then the Mr. Smith-bashing started, and Ethan, who was sort of in on it but had no idea about the recording, was one of the heaviest bashers! The whole point was that they are reading Lord of the Flies and Mr. Smith wanted to try to replicate the boys being on an island with no adults, and how that might effect how they speak and act. Mission accomplished Mr. Smith!!
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    Friday is tomorrow.
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    holy cow....last second call wants food for 140. taking my rig and rolling out to the Saints training facility and feeding the entire organization!!! this is tomorrow. i'll give my +/- on postion players based on how much bbq they consume for you nerds still playing FF.
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    hey original poster do you want me to call the hospital and see if they have any openings in the burn ward or what take that to the bank bromigos
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    sister and kids came through fine. they were on the north side, in san juan. no real report from her, other than they're ok.
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    this Sunday is the 17th next Sunday is the 24th
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    I volunteered for the FEMA Flood Relief team today, I asked for the most impacted area. Might be my last chance to deploy to do good for people so I took the chance. 45 to 120 days, no problem. Hoping I can give back a little to those in need.
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    I'd really say it's the new people that have changed things, not that the old people have changed. For the benefit of those that haven't been around forever like me, here's a brief history lesson on political talk in the FFA: For many years we had good political discussions between people that we considered to be left-leaning and people we considered to be right-leaning. During the Bush administration and for most of the Obama administration, we would have discussions about various policy issues. There were a lot of people involved in those debates, so hopefully nobody will be offended by my omitting them, but as a general matter on the left there would be people like bigbottom, scoobygang (a/k/a Ramsey Hunt Experience), and shiningpath (RIP ), and on the right there would be people like Yankee23fan, Rich Conway and Andy Dufresne. There was also a pretty strong contingent of libertarian types like IvanKaramazov and Maurile and RedmondLonghorn, who would often bring an interesting third perspective to our discussions. Sometimes a poster would show up who was, for lack of a better word, different. I think the best example was a poster named BGP. Now BGP was definitely right-leaning, but he didn't align with the Yankee23fans of the forum or the IvanKaramazovs. It was virtually impossible to engage him in a meaningful discussion because we couldn't agree on basic facts about the world or methods of argument or pretty much anything. The people we generally considered to be right-leaning folks didn't want anything to do with him. Pretty much everyone in the political discussions here agreed that BGP was just a nutty guy with nutty ideas and wasn't really to be taken seriously. We all continued our debates and discussions and BGP would pipe in sometimes and we would all have a good laugh or maybe be concerned about his mental health. Now the country has elected BGP as President. And a handful of BGP-like posters have shown up and said that we all changed because we're intolerant of right-leaning posters. But we've never been able to have reasonable dialogue with the BGPs of the world. It really doesn't seem possible.
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    It's a league of friends, it's supposed to be fun. The guy had an emergency. Let the guy drop the extra kickers and replace them with available players before the waiver period opens.
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    This is collusion...it is essentially doubling your roster size. Should never be allowed.
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    I wouldn't even think of getting her anything. Good riddance
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    A number of people have said they're staying in the path of this thing. Thought I'd put up a thread where you folks can check in and let us all know how it's going easily, since we have several days of this coming up and we will want to know that you're alive and well. I'll update as it goes if people will say who they are. So far I know for sure the following are staying: 1. @The Ref Checked in 9/12 12:00 am (Lake Worth) - No power but safe 2. @SoBeDad Checked in 9/12 9:30 am (Miami) - Power and all clear 3. @Wingnut 9/12 12:00 am (Lakeland) - Power and all clear 5. @rustycolts 9/10 9:15 pm (Orlando area) expected to be without power and without cell phone - won't hear for a while. 8. @greedygoat 9/13 9:30 am (was Orlando now Boca Raton) - Power and all clear 9. @Osaurus 9/12 6:30 am (was Tampa, now Tallahassee) - Power and all clear 10. @MindCrime 9/11 11:30 pm (Orlando) - No power but safe 11. @The Commish 9/12 9:30 am (Orlando) - Power and all clear 13. @Clown Car 9/11 11:30 pm (Tallahassee) - No power but safe 14. @Grahamburn 9/11 7:30 am (Polk) - Safe 15. @Kal El 9/11 5:30 pm (Lakeland) - Safe 16. @Gianni Verscotchie 9/13 3:00 pm (Fort Myers - went to Orlando) Power and all clear 17. @gump 9/11 3:30 pm (was Tampa, now Pensacola) - Safe 20. @Finatic 9/11 6:50 am (Bradenton) - Power and all clear 21. @got_nugs 9/1110:00 pm (Ft Myers) - Power and all clear 26. @flranger 9/12 1:45 pm (Auburndale) - No power but safe 29. @Todem 9/11 2:30 pm (parkland) - Safe 30. @E Street Brat 9/12 12:30 pm (was Lakeland, now Thonotosassa) - No power but safe 31. @JaxBill 9/11 11:30 pm (Jacksonville) - Power and all clear 32. @JShare87 9/12 1:30 am (Port St Lucie) - Power and all clear 33. @Ron Swanson 9/11 8:30 pm (New Smyrna Beach) - Power and all clear 34. @UncleZen 9/11 10:30 pm (Melbourne, FL) - No power but safe 35. @Captain Cranks 9/11 9:30 pm (Tampa) - Power and all clear Just check in here and I'll add names and check in times. Feel free to pm me instead if you'd rather and I'll add check in times. This storm is going to be nuts. I will gladly feel silly if this thread is unnecessary. From Dedfin:
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    'I was totally wrong, but my point stands.' Feel like I hear that a lot lately.
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    Not to hijack. As Paul Harvey would say, here's the rest of the story. Several years ago I got called in for Jury service. I've been called in the before and its usually been no big deal. Bring a book, hang out, watch people mill about, go home. That morning I was driving in and flipping around the radio and the news came on with a "so and so's murder trial is starting this morning". In the exact place courthouse that I was headed to. This was the first bad omen. The second bad omen occurred when I walked in and the check-in clerk hands me a stupid low number. Like 5. Right then and there I knew I was screwed. I was no way that I wasn't going to be heading into the courtroom. Sure enough, before I know it, I am the second juror picked to serve. In hindsight it was funny watching the the other jurors file into the deliberation room. All of them (me included) with an "Oh Crap!" look on their face, frantically dialing their bosses/SOs/whoever letting folks know they just lost the lottery and how they needed to put their lives on hold for the next week and half. The story behind case sounds like a Lifetime Channel made for TV movie. Except it was so bad, it couldn't make the prime Lifetime channel. It was like it was made for Lifetime-B filler. The major highlights were as I explained above. The dude was a frequent visitor to one of the local strip bars. Enough so that he was a regular there and had a regular round of girls. He and one particular girl got close enough to become a thing. The dude was a nurse and had made a habit of swiping pills during his shifts and then selling them on the street. Literally not giving them to the patients that needed them and just pocketing them. One of the exhibits was two or three large plastic sheets of pills, all sorts of different types. 1000s of them.This is how he had the cash to throw around at the strip club on nearly a daily basis. He decides that the stripper is the one true love of his life. Which is kinda of bummer, seeing as how he was already married with a little kid at home. All the principals were (legal) immigrants. This was what sparked the strip club romance in the first place, as they both spoke the same language. The wife on the other hand, doesn't get out much as she knows next to zero English. One night our hero eventually decides its time for a new life. Drugs the wife with some of his stash. Stuffs the body into a suitcase, drives down the highway, finds suitable embankment and chucks it out the window and into the woods. That suitcase wouldn't be seen again for 9-10 months. He then tries to set up shop with the stripper, compete with the kid in tow. Here's your new mom! Life is grand. Well, after awhile, what few friends the wife had start to get suspicious and start asking around. The cops get involved and start asking questions. The stripper gets dragged in and she starts to get worried about what hell is going on. How much she knew and when she knew it was up for tons of debate. Our hero has several interviews with the cops. Somehow this dude thought he was the smartest human on earth and could talk his way out of anything. Here's a tip... if a cop reminds you that you can stop talking at any time and walk out the door... take him up on the offer. Our hero didn't take the offer. We got to watch large portions of the interviews. I am not sure when they find the body/suitcase, but they eventually do. But after its been out for the better part of 3 full seasons, including a summer. [I am not a CSI guy, hate morgue/autopsy scenes. Not my thing. ]So one of the many lowlights of this whole thing was the video of them opening the suitcase. Which got shown to the jury. On the other hand one of the highlights was a confession letter that the dude writes. For the stripper. He has this whole things written up, kinda like a mad-lib. I <put your name here> am admitting to the murder. yada yada. You can't catch me now, I've gone back home <insert town name here>. [Our heros name] is a really great guy, he'd never do this. yada yada. This letter was three pages long. Complete with instructions om how she was supposed to re-write it in her hand, put her name in the blanks spaces, etc. All written while he was in jail after having been arrested. He eventually tried to get the letter out of the jail and into the hands of the stripper. Except the cops got it first. Then we all got a chance to read it. It was awe inspiring. The defense lawyer is relatively famous around here, defending some even more famous/infamous clients who have gotten lots of press. How he got this particular job I got no idea, as it was bit under his usual well connected client base. The stripper gets on the stand and the defense lawyer had fun tying some trial court theater "dancing" around like a stripper might. Think a late 50s-ish trial lawyer trying to mock on a stripper, as she uses her dancing skillz to entice our hero to unlawful acts and you'd probably be close. You see this stuff on tv and think, nah, this is too stupid to happen in real life... then it happens in front of your eyes. Eventually our hero takes the stand in his own defense. My second lesson learned from this: when your famous trial lawyer tells you not to get on the stand, listen to him. So my advice to the OP: You don't have a problem unless you try to take the fantasy land of a strip club and make it reals. The solution seems simple, pick a different strip club.
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    If a hurricane is going to destroy Mar A Logo, poetic justice demands it be Jose.
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    Oh okay so I need to input my personal info into an equifax site to discover if my personal info that equifax possessed, was hacked? Can you just come and take my car keys too?
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    It's literally a direct quote.
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    Most of the people I went to high school with took calculus in 12th grade. We laughed the ones taking "advanced" algebra who thought they were smart.
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    I wanted to take a moment to thank @Clown Car from the bottom of my heart for helping out a fellow fbg in need of assistance during the Irma ####storm. It was great meeting you and your crew (I forget which numbers I met) and seeing your neighbor's house and tree. Looking forward to seeing you again when I'm up there in November. Your new friend irl. O (Steve)
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    Well, I'm super glad to be born white and in the United States. You know, two decisions that I had nothing to do with but apparently make me better than others.
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    That's a price you pay for taking Defenses and Kickers so early
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    Im a middle class white guy and I miss Obama's brutal reign against my people.
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    You're not going to believe what I'm about to tell you.
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    **official I can do whatever I want and have a bunch of money thread**. Braggers
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    Shuke in a lake, shaving, while dreaming of shuke with a mustache.
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    Fox news deleted the story from their website. They literally HellToupee'd it and are just pretending it never happened.
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    Huh -- my middle school English teacher did the same thing when we were reading Lord of the Flies. Things went a little differently with us because we ended up murdering the fat kid in our class and none of us has ever really been the same since, but it definitely helped us relate to the story.
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    Maebh stormborn, the unburnt, Pourer of Guinness and mother of potatos.
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words. It is always nice to know that my work here is appreciated.
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    this is the owners fault. Every software system I know allows an owner to set up their own rankings prior to the draft in case they have to auto draft. He clearly didn't do this. What did he expect you to do draft his team for him? He sounds like a whiney loser.
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    Also, I am absolutely not a McCain fan politically. But as far as his loyalty? Jesus, you'd have to be an idiot to question that in my opinion.
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    About 15 years ago, my buddy Dean and I drove down from Portland to Eugene for a Ducks game. At the time, I was engaged to a woman who was a touch controlling and didn't really like it when I was out having fun. In her mind, trips to a strip club were akin to adultery or signs of a problem (unless she went with me, which is another bizarre story). Pro-tip to you guys out there - don't engage yourself to somebody like this. Anyhow, game was a bit of a blow-out, so Dean and I decide we should spend what little is left of our free time away from spouses at the local scrip club. We'll have a beer or two, let traffic die down and then head back north to our balls & chains. Well, your trusty pal here overserved himself before, during and after the game (not driving) and while at the club, I decided it would be a good idea to play some video poker. As our free time was winding down like the sand in an hourglass, I struck video poker gold in the form of a Royal Flush, perhaps the first, last and only time I've ever hit anything massive playing video crack. Payout was $650. I was elated! That was until I went to collect the $650 and was told by the bartender that she would have to pay me in singles and fives. I didn't really think much of it until she handed me this gigantic wad of dirty bills. Keep in mind that Dean and I were supposed to be on the road, close to Portland and nowhere near a strip club. I tried like hell to spend this money as fast as possible, like Brewster's Millions, lap dances, shots, making it rain, MORE video poker (frigging won another huge hand, MOAR dirty singles and fives). Finally Dean said we had to go. We were supposed to be in Portland an hour or so ago. We had a two hour drive ahead of us. You see where this is going. Dean gets me home after I passed out in his car. I literally have wads of cash coming out of my pockets. I get tot he front door, slowly and quietly open it hoping my lady is asleep and BOOM! There she is, arms folded, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!!!". Me: "Uh, we uh, hit a bar after the game and traffic was bad and......" Her: "LIAR!!!!!!!" Me: Her: "WHAT'S IN YOUR PANTS???" Me: "Uh, I played some video poker at this, uh, bar". Her: "LIAR!!!!!" Me: "Can I just go to bed, I'm really exhausted, we can argue in the morning". She let me go to bed. When I woke up at the crack of 11, she was gone. Also gone was all the money I had won. All of it. Not one dirty single left, not even the ones I stuffed in my socks. And yet, I still married her. TA DA!!!!!!
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    Edith runs into the room: "Daddy! Sam [our 6-month-old] said his first word!" Me: "Really?! What did he say?" Edith: "'New backpack.'" (Edith wants a new backpack.)
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    Trump punches a baby panda on live television. Normal people: "that's horrible!" Trump fans: "Bill Clinton lied about sex" "Hilary sold plutonium to ISIS" "Obama did something once" "let's look at John Locke's definition of punching" "ha ha good" "fake news" "typical liberal hysteria" "Soros paid the panda" "he's draining the bamboo swamp MAGA!" Normal people: "are you idiots serious with this?" Trump fans: "that's not excellent. You should be banned"
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    So I am part of a historic FEMA effort that is sending up to 5000 people to various places for hurricane relief. This "tier 4" is made up of all agency volunteers working for agencies outside Homeland Security. I'm in the 2nd waive, first waive left today. Almost all of them are going to Florida main and the keys. So they asked today for 60 volunteers for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. There were 150 of us in a room and I positioned myself to bolt to the front of the line. I was first, so to the islands I go. This was exactly what I signed up for.
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    Good evening, paisans. I tried to pm a few of you, but for some reason it wasnt working, so i just put it here. I have to go away for 30 days, & it doesnt take a genius to figure out why.* Sadly, my bads puns have to come along with me. Anyways, im just telling all you "knuckleheads"( @roadkill1292) because you have always been a welcome respite from the tangled webs i weave inside my head, & i thank you for it. You give me a humorous outlet for my introversion, as well as a forum to discuss this greatest of games. I dread being away from my wife & children, but they're also why i must do it, as well as for myself. So, buon fortuna to all of you & your respective clubs (yes, even all you Anglos) Forza Roma! *because I'm a Roma fan, of course! What else could it be, amirite?....now if i come out of rehab a Laziale, well, @Ned, you're close enough in proximity, and an archer, so just shoot me in both eyes. Seriously.
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    So I'm heading off in a little bit to play in a charity golf tournament. I come downstairs dressed and ready to go, and here is the conversation with my 11 year old son: 11 yo: Where YOU going? Me: Going to play golf in a tournament. 11 yo: You're playing in a tournament?!?!!? Me: You bet. (and feeling that I'm a cool dad because I get to play in a tournament) 11 yo: What is it, the Old Man Open? Me:
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    Honestly we need to make sugar and processed foods MORE EXPENSIVE than healthy foods. It's way too easy and cheap (and pleasurable) to eat the wrong stuff.
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    GOOD NEWS!! my wife's awesome knockers are cancer free!! benign mass that was really fast!! 24 hour turn around. very good, but very expensive hospitals down here. now...to ignore my lack of a kidney, or find out more details...decisions, decisions..the real worry was my wife's biopsy. i've been fine so far with whatever kidney function i've got, should be good for a while.
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    Just a sprained MCL. It should heal on it's own, but officially ruled out for 4 weeks with a follow-up appointment on 9/27. :whew:
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    This could be fun. There are some fascinating constitutional issues here about the scope of the power to pardon that haven't been tested yet, but this could bring them to the fore. (No right or power is absolute. The power to pardon shouldn't be an exception.) Suppose the Constitution said that criminal defendants have a right to a jury trial, and can't be detained indefinitely without being charged and convicted. The Arizona legislature passes a law to similar effect. Suppose an Arizona sheriff starts arresting all black people and jailing them indefinitely without ever charging them. A judge tells the sheriff to stop. He refuses. He's held in contempt but is pardoned and continues the practice. A judge instructs the county jailer to let the detainees go, but he refuses, is held in contempt, is pardoned, and keeps everyone locked up. This would not be a legitimate use of the power to pardon, would it? It completely overrides Marbury v. Madison, effectively eliminating judicial review, and allowing the executive branch to act completely lawlessly, without any checks on its power by the judicial branch. A judge has to have some way of getting state actors to comply with the Constitution... It doesn't take much imagination to see how some of those same issues are raised in this case. If a judge can't order a sheriff to comply with the Constitution (or, what amounts to the same thing, if such an order can be disobeyed with impunity), the executive branch is no longer constrained by the Constitution, and we are no longer a nation of laws. (I'm not saying the pardon is definitely invalid. But there are some difficult and interesting issues raised by it.)
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    Update - Lost power 3 am Monday morning. Not much sleep . Sounded like somebody threw you in the trunk of a 72 Olds98 and then went thru a never ending car wash. Every once in a while you hear wood or metal or something but have no idea what is hitting the house. Result was a bunch if small to medium size limbs down but nothing major. Biggest problem was flooding. They called for 8 to 10 inches of rain and 2 feet of surge. Comparable or a little less than Matthew. They didn't factor in the NorEaster we got Thursday thru Sun. Or Irma being to the West and Matthew to the east. Heavy flooding downtown and anyplace that flows into St. Johns. They got 5.7 feet of surge, more than Donna which was a direct hit. Our creek in the back is normally 3 feet wide and about a foot deep. It was about 50 feet across today. We had several feet of standing in backyard. House is high and dry though. Cell signal spotty. Exhausted from cleanup and helping a couple elderly neighbors. Nobody knows quite sure when colleges will start back. Roads are in bad shape. Most of city without power yoday. Some have been restored, but not me. Thankful that's my biggest worry right now.
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    1. New law that says I can make as many laws as I want from now on.
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    Ah, the Republican Party. "We want to stop as many abortions as possible, as long as it doesn't involve paying for programs that actually reduce the number of abortions in this country."