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    A quick health update (cross-posted to Facebook): It was close to a year ago that a cancerous tumor broke through my colon wall, partially invaded my abdominal cavity, and infected my blood stream. My wonderful surgeon cut the tumor out of me, taking a bit of my large intestine with it for good measure. This saved my life, but must have been a ghastly hardship for my surgeon and the other healthcare workers who were so mercilessly exposed to my colon. As punishment for putting them through the ordeal, I was sentenced to six months of chemotherapy. I served the full term and figure that the medical community and I are now basically even. Fast-forward to the present. I had a PET scan a couple weeks ago and got the results last week: I'm cancer-free. It's the result I was expecting, but my oncologist seemed a lot more relieved than I thought he should be. Apparently, based on my tumor's disposition when I was first diagnosed, my risk for recurrence within the first year was much greater than I'd realized. I'm still at an increased risk for the next few years, but I'm feeling lucky. Lucky to be alive, lucky for my recent clean imaging scan, and lucky to have such supportive family and friends. I hope you're all having a terrific summer!
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    Jack had an ultrasound this morning that showed the mass has shrunk by about 1/3. Doctor seemed pleased about the reaction. Hopefully the last of the 5 day infusion protocol starts on Monday. After that it should just be one day a week. He has tolerated the heavy chemo well, for the most part. Only experiencing some fatigue and a little nausea. He is having trouble eating enough (just never feels hungry)... need to put some meat on his bones. Continued T&Ps please...
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    And I'm out. 4 hands in dealt A10 suited. Went all in. Guy debated a call with similar stack. He called and flipped pocket 7s. 1 heart on flop, one on turn. Then nothing. On the way out I tapped Asani and told him good luck from me and the FBGs All in all a great expierence but not dying to play again. If I win my way in again, sure I'll play, but won't ever pay $10k now that I crossed it off the bucket list (unless I start making @chet money, then I'm in every year). Thanks for all the kind words, advice and cheering throughout.
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    Today is day 3 of his current 5 day regimen... making him pretty tired and a little nausea, but all-in-all, still tolerating well. We had to request a new infusion nurse because the first one was treating him like a 4 year old and frustrating him (and us). Should be a new one today and hopefully will make it go by faster for him. He got out to watch his summer baseball team play a couple games this weekend... was great to see him in the dugout hanging with his team. This kid continues to amaze me. Mrs Keerock and I were looking into cold caps... a therapy that potentially helps reduce or stop hair loss due to chemo. As we were about to pull the trigger, Jack said not to worry about it and asked us to shave his head. He's lucky that he looks like a rock star with a shaved head We are fortunate to have friends and neighbors that are offering help and support, but outside of a couple meals a week, we don't know how to take them up on their offers. One of Jack's baseball teammates' family got him a cool baseball cap... now he's "collecting" hats so we have something to tell those who want to support him.
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    Too Long - Didn't Read Version (TLDR) version: Apologies for letting the board get off track. We want to get back to Keep it PG Rated and Be Excellent To One Another and that's how we're going to moderate the board. Long Version: A few things. First. I apologize. These things I'm talking about below on how we operate the boards aren't new things in principle. But I realize they've not been consistently in place in practice. I let things drift off course too much and for that I apologize. I think we're seeing some righting of things with our sub forums and I apologize for letting us get off track. The good news is I feel completely confident we'll be back on track. Second, consider this a reset. What's past is past from us. Please let's look at this as from now going forward. I know there have been slights and wrongs. I'm asking that you let us move forward from here. Third. This is a lot of words. If something isn't clear you, please comment and let me know. But please this is not going to be an argument for "I want to say curse words" or "I want to talk about ___ and you won't let me". Lastly and most importantly, thanks for being part of the boards. If you're reading this and giving us your time, that's important to us. We want you to be able to keep reading this. But there are some strings attached in how we need to operate. Thanks. Below is a draft of our Footballguys Forums Manifesto. It's painfully long but I wanted to be clear. ************* Hi Footballguy, Thanks for being part of the Forums. They are what they are literally because of you people. Thank you. If you're new to our Forums, we should tell you that we're different. Mostly in that the forums are heavily moderated. If you want to post here, we're going to require that you abide by how we operate. Here's the short version: Keep it PG Rated and Be Excellent To One Another If you're not able to do this, your account will be suspended. Suspensions range from anywhere from a few hours to a few days to forever. Our moderators are nice people but by and large not patient. It takes a few seconds to suspend an account and that's their only real way to help keep things between the lines. So again, Keep it PG Rated and Be Excellent To One Another and you'll be good. Here's the VERY LONG version. A Message Board Manifesto Never in history have we had more ways to express ourselves and have our message heard by others. It's a fantastic time to be alive. A message board is one of those ways. And our Footballguys Forums are our tiny corner of the world for this discussion. Whether it's NFL Talk in the Shark Pool or Grilling Recipes in the Free For All, there are some things we do differently that make us who we are. Namely, the board is heavily moderated. And we realize full well consistency is our toughest challenge when it comes to moderating. It's like the sports analogy of a referee. Some refs call a game tightly and some call the game loosely when it comes to what they'll allow. Both styles can be ok as long as they're consistent. Where it gets troublesome is if they swing back and forth between the two. We get that and we'll do our best to be consistent as moderators. But know that it's a challenge. Which probably means this: If in doubt, assume the moderators are strict. If you're about to post something and you have some hesitancy as to whether it's over the line, assume it's over the line. For specifics, here's a long list of what we're trying to do and not do and how we're operating. Let's get this out of the way early: I absolutely, totally understand this may be too strict for you. It's certainly more strict than how most sports forums operate. We get this. This isn't news to us. I understand it's counter cultural and we accept that. We've been able to build a great community over the years operating this way and this is how we are going to operate. Is it the right way? I don't know. I just know it's going to be our way. Here's what we DON'T want on the Forums: - No Illegal stuff. This probably goes without saying but I'll say it. That can mean lots of things. From how to watch pirated movies to how to obtain / use illegal drugs to how to damage things. Basically, assume the Police / CIA / FBI and everyone else are reading this. They probably are. There are places on the internet where that kind of stuff is talked about. Please don't do it here. One of the most serious ways this can happen is threats to other posters or threats to public figures. We live in an age where there is no such thing as a "joking" threat. - No personal attacks or saying mean things about posters. I know that sounds like Sunday School but I'm not sure how to say it any better. Basically don't be mean or rude. I'm especially sensitive to the group dynamics where the cool kids call out the not cool kids with the "nobody likes you here" or stuff like that. Message board cliques are sad. And maybe it's true and people don't like a guy. But I don't want that kind of thing here. And definitely no calling posters dumb or stupid or backwards or anything uncool. - No racist or sexist comments. Again, this should go without saying but I'll say it. There are gray areas where sometimes people disagree. But most people know what will work. Again, if you think to yourself, "I wonder if someone will think this is racist / sexist?" it's probably not something you want to post. And remember, you don't get to decide. Other people decide. - Please don't use aliases. We know some people have more than one name. If you are suspended, that means you, the person, are suspended. Not just your alias. And yes, there are ways to make it more difficult for us to detect. But the bottom line is if we think you're using an alias while on suspension, that alias name will be suspended too. Usually forever. - Please don't use profanity. I know this one is controversial as it's become way more accepted in society. I'm old school and I'm sticking to this. Let's make it a personal challenge to you guys as I believe it takes more effort and intelligence to write and express yourself without profanity. And it's good for you to think a little bit more. That includes abbreviations like GFY and others. And please do not use the pound signs like ### or assume the language filter will "do it's job". In other words, don't assume you can say whatever you want and the language filter will take care of everything. The language filter is an emergency thing. There is also a seriousness level attached to how it's used. "What the #### is going in here?" is not what we want but it's on one level. "Go #### yourself" is an instant suspension. We're going to operate under the assumption that you're smart and know what you're doing. As a general rule, avoid language that has to be bleeped out. And never use that kind of language in a personal attack. - Please keep it PG / Family Rated / Safe For Work. Again, this one is blurry and can be difficult as the spectrum is broad. We don't want pornography links on the board. We don't want the "would you ...?" posts. But the "who's hottest?" polls are a scale. It may be beauty pageant pics then it goes to skimpy bathing suits to the almost nude pics. Clearly, Sports Illustrated and now ESPN are in that conversation. This is one area where we'll be more conservative than SI or ESPN. I'm not sure where the right answer is but I don't think we have to cater to the lowest denominator there. And one thing that makes us different than SI or ESPN is we have comments and discussion to go with it. It's one thing to have a picture. It's another when guys are making comments. I know it's fun to laugh at my "that's someone's daughter" but it's how I want us to operate. Ask yourself if you'd be comfortable with the comments if that was your sister or daughter in the picture. - Please no Trolling or Triggers. Trolls always do the "who me?" defense when called out. But it's clear to everyone what you're doing when people are posting with the intent of trying to get a reaction. Clayton gave me this definition of Trolling that feels spot on: making a deliberately offensive or provocative online post with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. If we feel you're trying to just rile up people and start a fight, you'll be suspended. Same with Triggers. People know there are words or phrases or pics that set some people off. Please don't use those. For President Obama, it was making sure to refer to him as Barak Hussein Obama. President Trump has plenty of those too. Please let's try to be cool with those. You know what they are and you know what you're doing when you use them. - Please don't make sweeping generalizations. Sweeping generalizations are always a bad idea. (see what I did there) My biggest problem with them is not just that they're lazy, but that they kill discussion. There is little upside in negative statements like the "Democrats are ..." or "Republicans are ..." type stuff. Or claiming everyone feels a certain way. "All people from this state are ..." or "If you voted for X then you are ..." Generalizations are the the hallmark of lazy writing. Be specific. And don't make assumptions for an entire group. - Please don't hold a grudge. Our boards have been going a long time and many posters have been here for much if not all of that time. That's plenty of opportunities to offend AND be offended. Sometimes, the best thing by far is to realize this is just a message board and not let something bother you. In the same way, don't intentionally antagonize other users, even if it's just small stuff. Inside joke avatars are a common way this is done. Be the bigger person and let stuff go. - Please don't use the board for advertising. We put a great deal of effort into building our community. The forums aren't a "market" to pitch your product or website. No, "check out my rankings here" or "try this app out" stuff. And yes, I know some will try to get around it with a "Can you guys recommend a website for ...." and then people magically start recommending your website. It's easy to see what's happening there and please don't do it. - Please don't waste the moderator's time. Moderating a board is zero fun. Please don't do things that you know are causing the moderators more work. I'd much rather focus on what we DO want. And I realize this will feel like hand holding "can't we just get along" type stuff. But I'm entirely convinced it helps make a board successful. What we DO want on the Forums: - Focus more on what you think and why you think it. Take advantage of this amazing chance to communicate with people from all over the world. Talk more about what YOU think than criticizing what others think. Trust me, you'll be WAY more interesting to people. - Realize this is a community. It's sappy and cliche but please don't forget these are real people posting. Many are extraordinary and / or have extraordinary things going on in their lives. So please give them the benefit of the doubt. The guy who is angry on line may very well have crushing things going on his real life. Cut him some slack. Maybe even try to understand. - Be curious. You know what you think. When someone writes something you disagree with, you have a couple of choices. The easiest is to mock and say something snarky as you tell them how wrong they are. A much better alternative is to ask the person why they think what they think. That does several things. #1 - it puts the ball in their court and let's them elaborate on the thought. #2 - they very often refine their position after thinking about it further and explaining it and #3 - you'll likely see the tone soften as they realize you'd like to have a conversation and discussion instead of an argument. - Listen - Understand - Talk. This one comes from Stephen Covey's rule of Seek First To Understand. Then To Be Understood. What he means there is make sure you are hearing what the other person is saying. Making sure you're clear on what they're saying is necessary before you make your point back to them. We've all been in conversations where the other person was more interested in talking than listening. Those conversations usually suck. You'll be surprised how many times this saves you the time of replying as what you thought they were saying wasn't what they were saying. - Think about the things that encourage and discourage conversation. I see a message board forum like a game of Scrabble. The posters I want to participate with are like the Scrabble players who play a long word that opens the board. In other words, posters that encourage more conversation. The opposite is true as well. The Scrabble player that drops a three letter word is like the forum poster that shuts down conversation. Don't be that guy. Ways to encourage? Easy. Ask things like "What do you think?" Ask for clarity. Be humble. If you pop into a thread and there are people discussing things who're more well versed on the subject, be cool and admit it. They'll be way more likely to help. Don't act like you know everything. Nobody wants to have a discussion with the guy who's arrogant. Be nice. Be kind. Basically it's like real life. Ways to discourage? Do the opposite. Tell everyone what you think without regard for what they think. Disregard other people and their opinions. Act like you know everything when you don't. Throw shade at the other posters with snarky jabs. Again, like real life. - Let it go. This is the flipside to "Don't Hold A Grudge". It's a message board. And for even the most talented writers this medium can be a terrible way to communicate. Show more grace than anger. If someone's offended you, err more on the side of letting it go instead of looking for a way to "get them back". Trust me. - Give more than you take. For this I mean be a poster that contributes to the board. This is a Community. Give back more than you receive. If you don't think you have something to contribute, you're wrong. Find what that is for you. Another way of looking at it is be the kind of person people will miss if you weren't here. - Realize this isn't a debate competition and you likely aren't going to change minds. There is no "winner" in threads. And if you're looking for a guy to post, "Wow, you totally changed my mind on this", you're likely to be disappointed. At best, you can hope to quietly influence a person's thinking on an issue. And that's fine. - Get real life community. I can't stress how strongly I believe in this one. As fun as the forums are, they're at best a poor substitute for real life community. You may live in a place where like minded people are hard to find. I get it. Or you may have anxiety or things that make real life community challenging. I get that too. I'll say though that it's most healthy to let these forums be an "add on" to your real life community. Focus on real life first and then here on the forums. The good news is I think you'll find the exact same principles apply. What works in real life relationships are the same things that will work here. - Last one. Know when to take a break. Social interaction online can be addicting. Know yourself and know when it's time to step away for a break. This relates to the real life community thing but please don't neglect the people closest to you in favor of a message board.
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    Dealt pocket 10s. Guy in front of me who was button bets 2500. I call. Flop 444. I bet 6000. He calls. Turn is J. I check, he bets 10k. I go all in. He ponders for 3 min and folds. I'm at 58k
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    Below is long, but I hope worth sticking with. _ Tonight was the Myocarditis Gala in NY. Just got back to the hotel. You want to know a good person. jvdesigns2002, a random dude I've never met from a message board, is a good person. Someone who doesn't even know me, designed an impeccable and exceedingly thoughtful piece of jewelry, encrusted with gems and a pearl and fashioned after the Myocarditis Foundation logo. He donated this amazing piece to the silent auction. Who. Does. That!? But that's not good enough for jvdesigns2002. He also designed a duplicate, which he had one of the directors of the Foundation surprise me with. Because... I'm welling just thinking about it. He's an amazing human being. But that's just when things started to get deep. I'm tired and will just copy and paste the email I sent to jvdesigns, because it was one of the most meaningful things that's befallen me in my lifetime: _ Dear (jvdesigns2002), One of the most profound things ever to happen to me occurred tonight, and it stemmed from your generosity. Last year, my wife and I went to our first Myocarditis Foundation event in Orlando. We met Claire, who was nineteen when she felt lethargic, ended up in the ER and she found out she needed an immediate heart transplant. I remember being struck at the time, because she is tall, striking, looked like the picture of health. How could something like that happen to this vivacious, outgoing girl? Cut to tonight. Ran into Claire and her mother. We started talking. Claire just graduated college with a degree in Philosophy. I told her I was impressed that she made the effort to stay involved in the Foundation, and that given her age and life commitments (she got her first job recently), it would be understandable if she didn't make the effort to travel cross country. Claire said she needed the connection with the community, because physically and spiritually the disease is such a prominent part of her life, she wants to be part of the Myocarditis family. In the course of the conversation, it came up that Connor died 3 years ago on June 7th. Claire said, "June 7, 2014? That's the day I had my heart transplant." We (me, her, her mom) all got chills. I asked for sake of curiosity, what time. She said she went into surgery at about 5am PDT. That's about precisely when Connor passed. I said I have no idea what to make of that, but at minimum my wife and I had just struggled with the anniversary, but in the future the fact it was the day she got her rebirth would give me a new perspective and something to celebrate. We made our way to our tables. I was pretty affected by this, had bid on your piece in the silent auction, and had made the decision that if I won I was giving the piece to Claire... When one of the Directors of the Board approached me and told me about what you had done. I struggled not to break down in tears, honestly. Kept it together enough so that me and Chris, the director, where merely welled up in time for a photographer to snap our picture. You should know that since Connor died at 8, I have considered the infinity sign and its resemblance to the number 8 meaningful. I've considered getting a tattoo. So the fact you engraved C.A. and the infinity sign floored me. I approached Claire and pulled her aside and explained that I wanted her to have the piece that had Connor's initials, and that it would give us comfort when she wears it. She accepted and said it had deep meaning to her. (I told her to please wear it in good health.) So there was that. And then I won the silent auction at $800 (wish it had been more, but we've given separately to the cause already). The original will go to my wife, who will also cherish it. I remember when BigBottom (so weird, this message board thing!) lost his son, he told me some of the kismet, metaphysical stuff that sometimes happens that is hard to shrug off to chance. You set something in motion, my friend, and it means ever so much to me, my family -- and now to Claire, and her's. Thank you doesn't cut it. You're the best.
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    That is all
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    Dude is dying - he should do whatever the hell he wants in the time he has left. And he's celebrating his life, not his death.
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    AJ and I'm in 7th position. I bet 2000 and get a call from bb. Flop AJ8 with two hearts. He checks I bet 3 and he calls. Turn is a 9, no heart, he bets 6, I go all in, he folds.
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    I was very anti-Hillary and voted Trump. Does that make me a supporter? Maybe it does. In any event, I think this guy is crap and want him out. I was always leery of him, but like I said, I really didn't like Hillary and would vote for him again in a general election vs. Hillary knowing what I knew then, but not knowing what I know now. That make sense? I had hoped that the enormity of being president would chill him out, but he's doubled and tripled down on the stupid. Sorry all. It's my fault.
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    Hickory dickory dock This hooker wanted to suck my * I said that's not for me On my face you should pee Then I blamed everything on Barack
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    I haven't read the article you reference, but I work for Chase. I'll tell you this - if Chase saves, say, $5 billion from lowered taxes I guarantee you that $4.9 billion of that will go to the 1% and not into the economy. We've had annual salary increases frozen at 3% since the economic meltdown, despite the company making record profits every quarter for 7 years. Trickle down doesn't work. Cut taxes on the corporations and the only people who will benefit are those that are already rich.
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    Calling awful things awful is not being "triggered." :Hobo takes a dump on carpet: Me: Ah, that's awful. Get out of my house, man. Hobo: What's a matter, snowflake. Are you triggered? Me: Well, a little bit. That's legitimately awful. Hobo: Haha, it's amazing how much I'm in your head. You're hysterical. Me: I think I'm reacting with the appropriate amount of displeasure and disgust. Hobo: This is why your type never win! Me: My type? The type with nice carpets? This makes no sense!
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    That's not how bluffing works. Trump: I might have a full house! Comey: All-in. Trump: Fold.
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    I walked up and said an old friend asked me to give this to you. He opened it, started laughing and asked who was the friend. I told him evilgrin/footballguys. He laughed again and said to tell them it put a smile on his face i think he was a little shocked and he will laugh more once he thinks about it more
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    First day back in the office since last week... You guys are AWESOME!
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    I feel very good. In about the second month of chemo, a lot of my vitals and other measurements kind of went nuts: blood sugar up near 400, blood pressure around 170/110, very high cholesterol (especially LDL), extremely elevated liver enzymes ... it was pretty crazy. I was prescribed a bunch of medications that I didn't want to take (and generally didn't except for metformin). All that stuff is returning to normal now -- finally. I'm back to fasting blood sugar in the mid 80s, blood pressure around 115/75, liver enzymes much improved as of a couple months ago but not quite back to normal. (I suspect they're normal now, but I don't have the latest results yet. Cholesterol won't be tested again until September.) Subjectively, I feel like my overall health is better than it's been in a long time. My endurance (judging by bike rides) is better now than it was just before my diagnosis. My strength is still way down, but I'm improving fairly quickly. (After finishing chemo, I could do almost two full push-ups without resting. Now a few months later, I can do 20. Not breaking any world records, but going in the right direction.) My feet are still a bit numb and tingly (but improving) while my hands are about 98% back to normal. I don't really have much to complain about in terms of how I feel. I've been extremely active the last couple months -- running, walking, biking, swimming, hiking, doing calisthenics ... generally moving around for a few hours a day, pretty much every day. And I've been eating very clean. It feels like it's paying off.
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    Just read through the last few days of posts here, and I don't even know what to say other than that I'm humbled. Tri had given me some updates on @BassNBrew's color commentary and analysis, but all of you guys following along with an iFriend's journey really means a lot. And as I told Tri, I had to finish this thing as there was no way I was coming back in here with anything other than a report of a successful race! Lying in the hotel bed now with my feet elevated and no sheets covering me, since anything that touches my legs or feet makes me practically cry out in pain. All worth it, though. Of course full report coming later this week, but a couple high/lowlights: The high country really was brutal. Snow from mile 2-14 or so, and where there wasn't snow it was 100 yard marshes fed by all the melt, or rocky trails that were like creeks. There was just no running for someone like me. I also think the altitude, being up around 7000' for 30+ miles, got to me more than I expected. Devils Thumb climb crushed me, to the point I was sitting on the side of the trail puking. That'll slow down your pace. Still kind of upset about that as I thought I had a good plan to attack that after doing the climb twice already this year. Maybe 105 degrees had something to do with that. Wouldn't have been in position to close hard after the river if not for our boy @tri-man 47 keeping me moving on the Cal St section. As he said I had a low patch in here, but he stayed positive and encouraging and got me to the river crossing within striking distance of where I needed to be. Such an honor to have him there and a part of this all. My buddy Jimmy, who I paced in 2012 and I credit/blame for this whole WS100 obsession, took it from there. He told me when he started, "I'm going to be a ####, but you need to move for the next 6 1/2 hours, so that's the way it's got to be." And he just kept me going. I likely would have ended up in that last group picked up by the sweeper sometime after mile 93 if not for him. I've never worked so hard for so long. I puked 4-5 times in the last 20 miles, a result of him pushing not only the effort but calories to try and sustain that effort. So cool to have my daughter run the track and cross the finish line with me. She wasn't that into this going in, and I don't blame her - what 13 year old wants to sit around in 100 degree heat waiting to see her smelly dad for 5 minutes? So I just asked her to "be open to the experience", and gave her my GoPro and made her the videographer so she'd have a role. I'm under no illusions she'll be much more interested in this stuff going forward, but we did just spend 30 minutes of her telling me about people's section splits and asking questions about some of the elites and the course. I almost got teary eyed....for about the 15th time today. I've been up for 45 hours straight so I'm going to try and get some fitful, painful sleep. More to come....
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    Dear Penthouse -- I always thought those letters were fake. Little did I know that one morning I would receive a phone call from my sister in law . . .
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    I've never understood this type of food snobbery. A hot dog is not some delicacy that will be tarnished by adding ketchup. and LOL at the Chicago people getting all high and mighty-- you can run your dog through a veggie garden but heaven forbid I put a little ketchup on mine. GTFO
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    "Only one Russian entered the meeting, concealing a series of five progressively smaller Russians within its brightly painted shell"
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    I yield to nobody in my hatred of Hillary and Bill Clinton, and I enjoyed the hell out of the Anthony Wiener scandal. Having said that, none of those three people ever conspired with hostile foreign government to tamper with an election. I mean, I fully supported Clinton's impeachment, and that was "just" perjury and obstruction of justice in what started off as a sexual harassment lawsuit. I don't think it's the hottest of hot takes to say that tossing the keys to Putin is kind of a bigger deal.
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    When I set the time to cook in my microwave instead of putting in 1:00, I put in 1:11 because it was easier to just keep my finger on the 1.
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    @Mr. Ham I wanted to thank you very much for the beautiful email. While I certainly didn't expect you to do this--I also wanted to thank you for the kind words here in this thread. I'm really happy that you copied and pasted the email that you sent me and put it on here--because I think that the stories of Connor and Claire are nothing short of inspirational in a world that sometimes feels dark. While you have gone out of your way to thank me for designing and donating a couple pieces of jewelry--I'd like to personally thank you, your family, the Myocarditis foundation, Claire and her family--all for spreading awareness about Myocarditis. We all owe you appreciation for doing this incredible work--and I was absolutely honored to be involved even in the small way that I was. Thank you from all of us--and thank you Connor for always enlightening us with your spirit.
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    My favorite part of this is that they actually discussed an international conspiracy to violate US law and help a hostile foreign power rig an election in writing. That is awesome.
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    On this day in 1776, some of the world's greatest political thinkers stood up to one of the greatest empires in world history and said no more. John Adams stood amongst his contemporaries and, in support of a political rival from Virginia, begged his fellow Americans to break from the crown. He said (paraphrasing) " Sink or swim, live or die, survive or perish, I give my hand and my heart to this vote. It is true, indeed, that in the beginning we aimed not at independence. But there’s a Divinity that shapes our ends…Why, then, should we defer the Declaration?...You and I, indeed, may rue it. We may not live to see the time when this Declaration shall be made good. We may die; die Colonists, die slaves, die, it may be, ignominiously and on the scaffold. Be it so. Be it so. If it be the pleasure of Heaven that my country shall require the poor offering of my life, the victim shall be ready at the appointed hour of sacrifice, come when that hour may. But while I do live, let me have a country, or at least the hope of a country, and that a free country. But whatever may be our fate, be assured, be assured that this Declaration will stand. It may cost treasure, and it may cost blood, but it will stand and it will richly compensate for both. Through the thick gloom of the present, I see the brightness of the future as the sun in heaven. We shall make this a glorious, an immortal day. When we are in our graves, our children will honor it. They will celebrate it with thanksgiving, with festivity, with bonfires, and illuminations. . . Sir, before God, I believe the hour is come. My judgment approves this measure, and my whole heart is in it. All that I have, and all that I am, and all that I hope, in this life, I am now ready here to stake upon it; and I leave off as I began, that live or die, survive or perish, I am for the Declaration. It is my living sentiment; by the blessing of God it shall be my dying sentiment. Independence now, and Independence forever." - John Adams On this true independence day it is time for our political leaders to show the courage, strength, purpose, and unity in goal if not path, that our founders did and protect this land from the power that sits upon its throne. Anyone aligned with Donald Trump needs to be removed from office in their next election cycle. The GOP that enables him needs to be broken like the Whigs generations ago. And articles of impeachment must be issued. There is not a single law, policy or seat on the Supreme Court worth this national embarrassment. And if this is what it takes to get those policies, laws and seats on the Supreme Court, then it might be time for some serious introspection. If you consider yourself a conservative you cannot support this. You simply can't. And there needs to be political hell to pay now.
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    Western States "Crew B" and Pacer #1 Report What an outstanding experience! I flew into Sacramento on Thursday and drove up into the mountains and headed to my hotel in Reno, which is quite a pit of a town. (But I did bet on myself that night and hit all the numbers in my first craps roll and won $300. I also played numbers 1, 9, and 4 in roulette - thinking that was Duck's number - and hit strong on a 4 just before leaving. Duck was 193, but hey, it worked out). We all hooked up on Friday in Squaw Valley, which is quite a stunning location, for pre-race activities. This is when the decision was made that I'd be the first pacer. Crew B After watching the 5 am start, the two crews (family, and friends) headed down the road. For our crew, our focus was to park a couple of the cars and head in one vehicle to the backside of the mountains. From Squaw, it took about three hours to get to the first aid station, which was mile 24 of the course. Temp was already in the mid-90s, so it was interesting to see the crews and spectators jostle to be in the shade of a few scraggly pines. In these early stations, we were also supporting another friend of the guys, and he arrived first. When Duck arrived, our crew kicked into action. Help get the shoes and socks off, use some wipes to clean off the feet, lube them back up, and help get some clean socks and new shoes on. The aid station captain was amused by our diligence, asking is we needed nail polish to add a pedicure as well. We made sure fluids and gels were loaded up, suntan lotion reapplied, and sent him off. Our next stop was at mile 38. It was essentially the same routine. It struck me that we'd all traveled quite a ways to be there, and put in a big chunk of time that day to be at the station and ready to act ...all that for a few quick minutes of support! No matter - totally worth it. At both stops (and subsequent ones), Duck was amazing calm and collected, if increasingly worn down. Crew A had covered a couple other stations. For the latter half of the race, we had more of a mix and match approach. Pacer #1 So I it was decided I'd pace miles 62-78. 16 miles through the dead of night. I met Duck at an aid station along a paved road (a rare connection to civilization). Off we went! Well, no. He was nursing a can of Coke and walking along. So what do I do? Scream at him to ditch the can and take advantage of the downward sloping road and starting running? Allow him to walk? Pacer decision crisis! I let him walk. After stopping with his crew, we were officially off at 11:24 pm for our jaunt over the next five hours. As we chatted in the first mile, we missed an early turn. Thankfully, a team behind us saw it right away and called us back. Great start, pacer-man. The big issue for me was lighting. I'd brought a good headlamp but waited to see if I was pacing to deal with a flashlight. I planned to pick one up Friday afternoon. After buying crew groceries, I saw an auto parts store next door, so checked there. They did have a flashlight, which I bought - but I learned early in our first segment that it was woefully inadequate for nighttime trail running. I spent the first few miles being frustrated with my poor lighting, which affected my running, and embarrassed that I might not perform well and hinder Duck. By the second segment, I gave up on the flashlight and just held the headlamp in my hand, and that worked well enough. Heading into our miles (four segments), we knew Duck was behind schedule for a successful finish. I was unsure how to approach this. As it worked out, I let him run in front at the pace he wanted. As I followed, I chattered away with a variety of stories and tales and offered positive support. (In contrast, his second pacer for the final 22 miles took the tough love approach.) I also kept a close eye on pacing, knowing we needed to make up some time. Fortunately, Duck has a brisk walking pace. And other than some hard miles in the second of our four segments, he dug deep and kept a decent jog going for long segments. We passed a number of other runners when he did so. We finished our miles at 4:20 am. As mentioned already, this was incredibly challenging. Part of it was my inability to train at all with hills and trails. But it was more the mix of the physical demands, the mental stress of the night running, and pressure to keep pushing. And for Duck, these were late miles in a long, long event. The pacing highlighted for me the amazing accomplishment of what Duck did. I'm in total awe!!! So thrilling to see him finish. Can't wait for the real race report ...
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    I know this has been said before. I can't understand how someone who claims to love America can possibly support Trump. Every day he finds new ways to trash all that is great about this country. It's disgusting. It really is. I say this as a man who voted for Dole, GWB, McCain, and Romney.
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    He was tired of people coming up to him in public and handing him napkins with numbers on them.
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    Exactly how insecure and petty does one have to be to answer no to this question?
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    Salma Hayek - From Dusk till Dawn
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    I only did it so when I bust out you guys are at least proud of me for something I did while here ??
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    In college, my buddy Fat Rob and I were watching football for like 10 hours straight. We were on opposite couches, neither of us wanted to get up. Somehow, we convinced one of Fat Rob's roommates to bring us a bag of chips that we shared by tossing the bag back and forth. Eventually, the bag got stuck halfway between us. Rather than get up, i took off my belt (apparently I was still in yesterday's clothes as that couch is where I typically ended up crashing), fashioned it into a lasso and managed to snare the chips back to within reach. Later that night Fat Rob successfully convinced the neighbor girls to go to McDonalds for us. Neither of us legitimately got off the couch between the 1:00 and 8:30 games. It was glorious.
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    Make her smoke a whole pack in one sitting.
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    "NYT should tell Don Jr. they're running a story about 'that other thing,' then wait to see what incriminating docs he tweets"
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    Hey guys - only time for a quick update as my fiancé just woke me up to drive us to the Grand Canyon (Ive been to vegas over 40 times and have never even considered going so guess how thrilled i am, haha). Anyway - I moved onto day 2, which for me, will be Tuesday. Started with 50k chips, I now have a whopping 54.3k chips. No hands too crazy. Highest I got was around 72k, lowest probably 42k. I played tight and did a lot of watching. Most the time worked out but there is one hand that is killing me. With 30 min left in the day, I got switched to a new table for the first time. I was definitely low stack and was dealt A4 of clubs my first hand. I hadn't seen anyone play yet and two people bet it to 2k before my turn to act. Id been folding hands like that all night, and not knowing anyone at the table yet it was an easy fold. Of course flop is 3 Q72 all clubs. Guys bet big again before it would have been my turn. I had him. Oh well, at that point I was just happy to say I was going to make round 2. Im going to have to play a little looser day 2 as the blinds and antes will be 300-600 and 100 for ante I think. If think of anything newsworthy on my 3 hour drive each way today ill update when I get home. Thanks for following along! -apologies in advance that this isnt in perfect "poker speak." I really dont play that often so dont speak it fluently!
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    So went out again with ChiefD Jr, and his goal was 1 mile. My goal for him was 1.5, but didn't tell him. Went out at a nice slow pace, which was perfect for me coming off the run yesterday. We cruise past 1 mile no problem, and after we get to about 1.2 (which is what we ran a couple of days ago), he asks if we have hit a mile yet. I say no, just a little bit more. At 1.5, I look at him and say: "Congrats. You just ran 1.5 miles." He smiles big and says: "I think I can do more daddy." Me: So we keep going. As we get to 2 miles, I tell him when we cross that barrier. He looks at me and says: "I think I can make it back to house without walking. Let's keep going." Me: So we make it back. 2.38 miles. Pretty proud of this kid that he was willing to push it. And the SI was about 150, but with a nice breeze. Good day of work.