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    a couple halloween back we put out one bowl with candy (people) and one bowl with bones (dog). so jimmy and me go do our trick of treating and when we get back the candy bowl was full but all them bones were gone. I look at jimmy like dang, can you believe it? we must have had like 50 dogs come over. later that night jimmy say he gotta meet someone. so I am sitting there watching pumpkinhead and I hear some growlin in the back yard. i look out and there is somethin happening at the back fence. I grab my night vision and I see it's jimmy, pabalo and couple other dog i never met. They was dividing up the bones that we left in that bowl at our house. Just like that movie Heat. Jimmy comes in and I am waiting for him. I'm like jimmy, I saw you with them bones. Why you steal them? He played dumb but I told him I saw him in the night vision that he gave me for my birthday so he have to admit it. I'm like lol why didn't you just ask me for the bones? You didn't have to steal them. He say didnt know what the halloween rules were. He say that dogs don't get it. While he was saying that I remembered we had like 12 bags of chuck wagons suddenly disapear a few years before and I bet jimmy tipped pabalo off to teh load. dogs is mans best friend but when you aint lookin theyll take everything.
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    It's rare that anybody honks milliseconds after a light turns green. It's more likely that the person who is sitting there not moving is distracted enough not to realize that what they think is a millisecond is actually many seconds.
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    We play them in a few weeks. I will have my kid cross check Roseblatt into the boards and stand over him yelling, That is for Otis mother ####er
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    The Republican Party as we know it needs to be destroyed.
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    This is the same reason why your CIO had a 65-year-old secretary.
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    As a life long republican who voted consistently for republicans unless a very good reason not to I have now totally changed my view given the current state of the party. In 2016, I held my nose and voted for Hillary more as a no vote on Trump but generally voted republican. However, now the republican party that I used to vote for no longer exists and will not receive a single vote from me until Trump and his like are out of office and replaced by something entirely different.
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    3 to 5 seconds green, and you havent moved, you're getting a honk. I'm that guy. COME AT ME BRO
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    Now imagine you're an undocumented worker and this is a way of life rather than a momentary inconvenience. But you do it anyway because you want what's best for your family. Busting your ### and getting taken advantage of. Then you're vilified by the very people your labor profits that have every advantage you don't.
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    You can afford it, Four Column Charlie.
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    Guys, I’m a bad mother f##### again. 128:54! 1st in AG. 4th Overall.
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    How did you not put the quote in your post? "This van looks like what Steve Bannon would turn into if he was a Transformer"
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    Treasure Coast Halloween Half Marathon As I said in here recently, I’ve been running about 40 miles per week leading up to this with no real quality miles. Not sure if many of you know, but since January 1st, I’ve been Vegan. One thing I started to realize after running all this miles, is that I just wasn’t progressing at all. I remember a while back when I made my rice statement that @gruecdoffered some advice in an unpleasant manner about not having any protein in my diet. Being a Vegan, I forget to eat protein and it just hasn’t been part of my diet for a few months. With that being said, the past 2 weeks I’ve made an effort to get over 150+ grams of protein a day. Since then, I started to see some progression. My expectations for this race were unknown. I feel like I’m 10 times the runner I was last year when I PR’ed this race, but I didn’t know if I could sustain a sub 7 pace for 13 miles due to my recent runs. Here it goes.... I woke up around 4:15 and debated doing the 10 minute jog @gianmarco recommended, but I thought the extra sleep and my pre-race routines were more important. I hit the bathroom a few times and was out the door by 5:30. I arrived at the race around 5:45. I decided to listen to the doctor due to his IQ score being significantly higher than mine. I slowly jogged for about 10 minutes, and then I hit the bathroom about 15 minutes before the race. The weather was amazing and it was the first day of the season there was a chill in the air (temp 60 dew point 55). I hit the start line, and the gun went off promptly at 6:30. Around the middle of mile one, my pace was right at 7:00 and then my Garmin buzzed and showed me my performance level for the run was at +3. I said #### yea out loud because every big run it seems to be around a -2 or -3. Miles 1-4 were uneventful and I felt like I was working a bit too hard but stuck with it. Mile 5 was uphill, into the wind, and over a huge bridge. I had to dig deep in order to stay under 7:30 for this portion, HR is around 175! Mile 6 was mostly down hill and I had my fastest mile of the race (6:28 I believe). The next few miles were probably my best but definitely working really hard. My butt was on fire due to my Sciatica, but I said don’t be a b*#%#, just keep pushing. At mile 11, I hit the wall and hit it hard. Again, I’m telling myself, you’ve worked too hard to quit now. HR is somewhere in the 180s at this point. I survive mile 11 and 12, then during the last mile I am cooked. Also, I tweaked my lower left leg. I’ve had the issue before, like a really bad shin split or stress fracture or something. Can’t stop now! I get to mile 13 and see the line. I do my best to sprint and see the clock getting dangerously close to 1:29. I sprint and get in at 128:54! As I said on my Strava, 1st in AG and actually 5th overall. I did get chicked. She finished at 1:21 and 2nd overall! I am over the moon with my time and how I truly gutted out this race. I truly think I overperformmed this morning. I never thought I was capable of sub 90, let alone sub 89! I think this PR will stand for quite sometime. After I stopped running, I literally could not put weight on my left leg. Hopefully it will heal within the next few days. If not, maybe I’ll get an X-ray or something. I thought of y’all throughout this race. This place makes running truly special. It’s like I’m a little kid and want to just come tell you guys all about it. The support in here is amazing. Oh yea, @bushdocda, you’re a real BMF. Congrats to you and all the hard work you put in for this race. In case anyone is wondering, I wore thick socks, no gloves (although I brought them just in case), ate no rice, and only called myself a BMF once today out loud (after I saw my 6:28 mile). Thanks again, fellas!
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    Spent the better part of 30 minutes on a flight reading the first 50 pages of this thread, specifically around the dossier stuff. Yeah, some people freak out and feel that impeachment is a done deal, but it’s certainly not “in the next few days”. It was an eye-opening experience for me. After reading the beginning of the thread, I came to realize a few things: 1. My old posting style in this thread and my new posting style in this thread are dramatically different. So yeah I deserve the heat I’ve gotten whenever I’ve poked my head in. 2. HF had some very under-appreciated pee puns back when the dossier came out. Worth a second viewing. 3. As I told HF I would, I read about the Bratva yesterday. Very intriguing. Spiked my interest in this whole thing. So I’m gonna back away, read more, and come back a lot less “dooshy”.
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    Hey Folks, One of the things you guys asked for a was dark view without all the whitespace. As part of the new message board software upgrade, we asked Invision if they could help there and I'm glad to say we've got something I think you'll like if you're looking for something without the white space. Our @Memphis Foundry worked hard getting all this done for you. Big thanks there. The new view is now available to all message board members. Just click the Themes dropdown at the bottom of the page and select "Footballguys Dark". To switch back to our regular theme, select Footballguys v4.3 (Default). Hope you like it.
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    Trick or treat started at 6:00 PM and it ends here at 8:00 PM. It was sprinkling at 6:00 but we still had a TON of kids in our neighborhood so I'm giving out like 5 pieces of candy plus a little bag of cheese balls to everyone. By 7:30 we had a giant bowl of candy and cheese balls still left over (wifey bought a TON of candy this year.) Anyway, it's getting late, it's pouring raining and no-one is showing up and I really don't need the candy. So about 7:45 two kids show up, a brother and a sister, and Dad is with them and Dad looks absolutely beat. My wife notices the kids have hardly any candy and she says "oh my you guys don't have much candy what's going on? The worn out Dad looks up and says "ugh, we got a late start." My wife says "you know what? You are officially done kids! And she proceeds to fill both of those bags up, she emptied the WHOLE thing into their bags!" The looks on their faces was priceless, the Dad looks at us and says "Oh man, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, I can go home now, let's go kids, we're done! "
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    43rd Marine Corps Marathon report out TL:DR - 3:49:59 yeah every second matters! 28 min PR Man did I ever get a sweetheart of a weather morning. Rained overnight and was mid 40s at start, rose to mid 50s maybe. I guess it could have just stayed mid 40s to be perfecter but alas it was good. Trained up, healthy and calmly confident I had done the work spelled out by the Hanson beginner program in the yellow book. Pretty boring mile to mile as I was pretty locked in on pace and I enjoyed the crowds and went from section to section soaking it up. Went without music and loved it. It was me and my pace and some mantra help and some hype crowds in about 8 spots. Morning to Start Sleep was fine and I was up around 430 and took a walk to try to appease the neurostim gods as I wasn’t running a warmup today. I had a closer hotel this yr so less challenge getting to start than last yr. Made it through security with little delay and then obsessed on when to dump my warm gear and when take a roadside squirt in lieu of the portodumper line. Let’s Goooo! I got into my corral (3 wide across the 6 lane highway) and ended up around the 330 blow up sign but near the 345 pacers. Some intense Marine hype music and skydiving Marines preceded the anthem. I got nervous as ####. We’re off. Knew the first few miles would be thick but hoped being up further would help a lot but many others had the same idea as you would guess. Let the first miles come to me and didn’t stress the very early hill. My strava pace seems way fast for mile 2 which I dont understand bc if I ran that pace my HR would have shown it. I was getting some random pace numbers likely from buildings. Either way I knew I wasn’t burning any of my matches yet and I settled into goal pace (I had set today up as a Workout in my Garmin with first 2 miles slower and the rest to buzz me if I left 8:15-8:30 range). I was in range really solidly most the time. Some extended gradual uphills were just tough and I tried to surge twice to jolt myself faster, might have helped. I felt good and was hitting water probably at each stop and took Maurten gels about every 5-6 miles (4 total). I wore a belt and carried one bottle more for mental confidence reasons. It let me pick my spots at water stops though and it wasn’t empty at the end. Wasn’t hot but got a lovely burst each time I took a water and dumped half on my head. My HR was not doing anything alarming in the 150s but I was feeling a faint attempt at a cramp in my right rib cage so I kept a gentle eye on it but it stayed at bay. My legs felt great until about 17 but my shoulders were burning far earlier. Last year mile 17 got me and I didn’t have a retort. This year I fought it with my sick new mantra for the day ‘Tough, strong - trained to go long.’ I kept plugging and the energy from the crowds was so awesome. My mom and dad nailed spotting me 3 times and the crowds were wild and supportive. Last 5 miles or so the breeze stiffened and going into it was not great but I was gonna grind home. Sun was out but I knew I could ride the pace just needed to take the pain. ####### awesome was the feeling when I nailed my C goal of no murderous thoughts in Crystal City miles 21-24 and I fought to keep my legs from slowing too much. Beers and fireball shots and gummy bears all around. Not today ma’am, just trying to make this pace my #####. Noticed the 345 pacers and knew that beating them was the key at this point as A goal was gone. Insert mantra. Left them behind but there was another 345 group. This was the better one of the two groups apparently. Mile 24 sucked but thankfully gave way to mile 25. More mantra. I was chewing through the field which was cool and I knew it would be close to 345 B goal. There was the finish hill up ahead right at 26 and I charged it. About 1/3 up I realized I charged it a bit hard and I had to hold the #### on. Spiked my HR across the line and avoided passing out as Marines greet the finishers and keep people moving. They refuse to let you sit (unless you need medical) for like 200 yards till you get your medal and stuff. Official 3:49:59 although my strava splits look way better bc I ran an extra ~.4miles 🙃. Great day and I got to hang with my folks before and after so sweet bonus. Goal wise, my A time could have been out there on a flatter course with less runners. Who knows but I really wanted to validate my training and springboard off this race for next year. Mission ####### accomplished. And 28 minutes off last yrs 4:13. Thanks for the support and advice, it means a lot. The feeling of knowing I had some folks checking my splits and rooting me on to execute my plan was so motivating. No one else would understand it but yous guys. Sincere thanks.
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    So it has come to this. Dear I early voted today. All Democrats.....did not even hesitate. Anything to weaken this clowns power. And I am a registered Republican. Funny....but I never changed my party affiliation. Mainly so I can try and control the lunatic asylum and vote in primaries for what I would deem moderate Republicans. That is all been burned to the ground. I voted for Kasich and obviously it was a wasted vote (I felt he was one of the only rational and moderate guys in the last election). So freaking sad. State of Florida FYI. I can't take this guy....I really seriously can't believe our country has gotten to this point that a complete narcissist (with the mind and maturity of a ####### 10 year old) is in the oval office. We are living in crazy times.
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    I’m a long time member who reads the board almost every day but only posts at most every couple of years. I have been thinking about this particular thread quite a bit over the last week or so, with the recent thread about how Trump supporters will feel in 20 years bringing it back to the forefront of my mind. For the first time in a long time, I believe the first time ever in the politics forum, I felt the need to comment. To put things in perspective, I am a conservative with some libertarian leanings who was raised in one of the most conservative cities in the Midwest, spent much of my formative years watching Fox News, typically has voted Republican though occasionally Independent, and has never once in my life cast a ballot for a Democrat. That being said, I cannot understand how anyone can look at Trump and seriously talk about approval of his job performance. To even suggest that approval or disapproval of his job performance is a legitimate topic of discussion, given who he is and all he has done, simply boggles my mind. Just consider what we know with nearly 100% certainty – whether through video evidence, direct quotes or Tweets, or lack of challenge from Trump and the White House regarding issues with overwhelming evidence – about Trump. These are just a handful of things we can say for sure about him: 1) He has called the free press the “Enemy of the People”, a phrase usually reserved for totalitarian dictators and antithetical to American values 2) Following a recent attempted terrorist attack against multiple current and former government officials, he failed to call any of the intended targets, he failed to name the intended targets in public speech, he whined about coverage of the incident taking away attention from his party, and then he joined calls for one of the intended targets to be imprisoned 3) He praised the person generally considered to be the most ruthless dictator in the world, a man who has brutally executed hundreds of people and who tortures thousands in gulags, by saying he loves him 4) He praised another authoritarian leader, a man who has imprisoned more journalists than any other person in the world, saying “He does things the right way” while giving him a fist bump 5) He praised a third authoritarian who openly supports extrajudicial killings. He called these extrajudicial killings “an unbelievable job.” 6) He advocated killing the families of enemy combatants 7) He hired and continues to employ a lawyer who said “Truth isn’t truth”, an absolutely chilling statement 8) He said “What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening”, an equally chilling statement 9) Just recently when challenged by reporters about the multiple outlandish claims and blatant lies he has told in the past couple of weeks (criminals and terrorist in the migrant caravan, riots in sanctuary cities, plans for a new tax cut, etc.) he multiple times dodged the question and failed to provide evidence, then called a reporter a “baby” for daring to challenge him, and eventually admitted “there is no proof of anything” 10) He hired and continues to employ a campaign manager/counselor who used the phrase “alternative facts” 11) He hired and/or employed all of the following: a. A National Security Adviser indicted and who pled guilty to a felony federal crime b. A campaign chairman who was found guilty of multiple federal crimes including Conspiracy Against the United States i. He also was involved in a joint defense agreement with this convicted felon c. A deputy campaign chairman who pled guilty to federal crimes including Conspiracy Against the United States d. A foreign policy advisor who pled guilty to a felony federal crime e. A staff secretary credibly accused of domestic violence against multiple women f. An EPA administrator who was under 14 separate federal investigations during his tenure 12) He has had his personal lawyer testify under oath that he directed the commission of federal crimes designed to influence the election 13) After calling himself the law and order candidate, as president he pardoned a political ally convicted of contempt of court without going through the usual process or providing any legitimate explanation for the pardon 14) He made multiple pro-violence statements at his rallies, including saying “I’d like to punch him in the face,” saying “maybe he should have been roughed up,” saying “part of the problem is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore”, and offering to pay the legal bills of supporters who physically harmed people protesting against him 15) Just in the last couple of weeks he praised a Republican Congressman who is a convicted violent criminal for physically assaulting a reporter 16) After repeatedly dodging the draft himself, he said that a soldier who was captured fighting in that war was not a hero 17) He gave highly classified information from one of our greatest historical allies to one of our greatest historical enemies 18) He claimed a judge couldn’t be impartial because he is Hispanic 19) He called for a complete ban of all members of a particular religion from entering the United States 20) He has become such an embarrassment on the world stage that other world leaders literally laughed at him at the U.N. 21) He heads an administration that has overseen the separation from their parents and/or incarceration of hundreds of children for the express purpose of deterrence 22) He has made multiple denigrating comments about women who criticized him, including: a. “Miss housekeeping” b. “Bleeding very badly from a face lift” c. “Look at that face…would anyone vote for that?” d. “Miss piggy” 23) He was caught on tape talking about how he gropes women without their permission 24) He endorsed a politician credibly accused of pedophilia 25) He said he does not ask God for forgiveness Those are just the things we know without any doubt are true. There are so many other things, just as bad if not worse, that we perhaps don’t know with 100% certainty, but that are supported by such a preponderance of evidence that no reasonable person could doubt them, including: 26) He and his family misused a charitable organization for personal financial gain 27) He used illegal business practices to defraud students for his personal financial gain 28) He is using his current office for the financial benefit of himself and his family in violation of the spirit of, and possibly the letter of, the Constitution 29) His lawyers will not allow him to talk to Robert Mueller because he is so dishonest that it is nearly a 100% certainty that he would commit perjury 30) He has exposed sensitive information to adversaries like China and Russia through the use of unsecured communications devices 31) He was complicit in helping to cover up the brutal torture and murder of a journalist by another authoritarian nation 32) He has described his biological daughter as “hot” and said he would date her if she wasn’t his daughter 33) He had an affair with a porn star while his wife was raising their newborn son 34) He had multiple affairs while married to previous wives This is just the tip of the iceberg. This list of completely unacceptable words and actions by the president doesn’t even touch on his campaign’s multiple contacts with Russian agents and lies about those contacts (after being warned by the FBI to report any contact with Russians), his casino’s known ties to the Russian Mafia, his cowardly displays of fealty toward other world leaders, his cowardly blaming of Democrats for “obstruction” when his party controls the entire Federal Government, his words calling white supremacists “fine people”, his settlement of a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination by one of his companies, his call for the death penalty for 5 clearly innocent men, his description of the deaths of 3,000 Americans as an A+ success, his tacit approval of increasing federal debt, his socialist-like economic manipulations, his other attacks on people and institutions that have served our country for years, his mocking of a disabled reporter, his insults to Gold Star families, his multiple other denigrating comments about countries with non-white majorities, his statements suggesting that sexual assault allegations matter less than winning political victories, his claims that a former president created ISIS, his multiple other tasteless attacks on people who oppose him, or his multiple other attempts to obstruct justice. And it doesn’t even include the more than 5,000 other verifiably false statements he has made to the public in under two years as president (including 125 in a single day). He is, quite simply, an evil human being. Not a typical lying politician, not inexperienced and unpolished, not a “tell-it-like-it-is outsider,” not a counterpuncher, not someone who breaks a few rules to make things better, not someone who gets things done but occasionally makes an ill-advised statement. He is evil. And Republican politicians who fail to challenge him are complicit. In other threads Tim and others are debating whether he rises to the level of Hitler evil or is merely is Mussolini level. Why on earth are we debating that? Comparisons like this are not useful, because regardless of the comparisons he is completely unfit for office. The fact that we have a thread discussing approval of Trump’s job performance is ridiculous. Have we sunk so low? Are there really that many people that value a couple of policy wins over fundamental values and human decency that we are seriously having this discussion? I have been a conservative my entire life. I believe in limited government, in fiscal responsibility, in the right to life, in strong second amendment protections, in a strong military, and in an originalist interpretation of the Constitution. Next month, however, for the first time in my life, I will be voting for mostly Democratic candidates. I have given large donations to Democratic candidates in close races this year. Not because I agree with their positions. But because we have to stand up to the disgrace that is Trump and the current Republican Party. Because even more than my conservative positions, I believe in basic American values like democracy, freedom of the press, and justice. Because more than any of that, I think it’s important to be a decent human being. Sorry for the rant. Since 17% apparently approve, obviously it is worth discussing. Mostly I'm just trying to come to grips with the horribleness of what my party has become.
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    The Home Stretch? In my head it was a few miles down to the Falls Hollow Aid Station, then a few miles through some state land near the finish. But after about two miles on the fire road the markings took us off onto a singletrack trail to the side. Hmmm, I didn’t remember this at all. I caught two other runners here, and together we crossed a creek…then crossed it again….then crossed it again….wtf, were they messing with us? I realized that they must route us through a different section here, instead of running all the way down the road to the aid station, and seemingly remembered some reference to this in the pre-race meeting that hadn’t made sense to me at the time. The former RD is known for that kind of thing, and adding bonus miles, so I figured it was a Horty Special. I said something to the guys I was running with about it and cursed myself for not studying the course more beforehand. They were talking to each other, and as they pulled away I became convinced that this was all a big practical joke on me, and they were in on it! As my mental state slid again, as I realized instead of having a couple easy hours left, it was going to be more like four. This part of the course wasn’t difficult compared to what we’d done, but it wasn’t just running down a fire road. I finally arrived at Falls Hollow Aid Station, mile 97, in 33:17. I had less than 5 miles to go (yes, the course is measured at 101.85 miles) and almost 5 hours to finish before the cutoff. I had told myself once I got here I would allow myself some real food for the first time since those ill-fated tater tots the day before (or was it two days before?), and I downed three quesadillas with some broth. Could I finish in 90 minutes and be done with this thing before 5:00 AM? Sure I could! The aid station volunteers reminded us that we’d be entering state land so we’d be following white blazes for the next three miles, with no other course markings. It sure hadn’t been a problem on the way out, so I limped out ready to finish this thing. But that little burst of quesadilla and “let’s finish this thing” energy would quickly fade, and the sleep deprivation had now officially taken over. From here to the finish I honestly can’t be 100% sure of what happened. But here’s what I remember…… I came out of the trees to find railroad tracks, and a runner ran by me and seemingly disappeared. I saw a couple of headlamps in the trees on the other side and headed that way. But I couldn’t find the trail. I was a few hundred yards out of the aid station and already lost! I back tracked to the other side of the tracks again, and this time went straight across and found a small opening with a little white square painted on a rock. Ok, it was going to be like this, then. It was largely fire road for the next mile or so, with the white squares painted on trees on the side of the road. I was alone again, and stopped every several hundred yards to shine the light ahead, looking for the next blaze. The markers then led me off the fire road and onto a trail, and I caught up to a runner and pacer who were struggling with navigation as well. The runner was limping worse than I was, with an audible grunt or moan that I was all too familiar with whenever his feet would hit a rock or root in the wrong way. And we kept trying to find those white blazes, which seemed to be getting smaller and more hidden. The pacer pulled out a phone or walkie talkie and started talking to somebody that was coming from the other direction who could help us find the way. We dropped down into a creek, and together tried to find where to cross, all the while the guy on the other end trying to talk us through. We eventually came upon someone, and they teamed up and began to quickly pull away, the light from their headlamps disappearing. I stopped, looking for a marking, but could find none. I called out to them, “which way do I go?”, but got no answer. I back tracked a bit, found another marker, but was basically moving through a drainage of some sort. I think it was at this point that I started thinking that none of this made sense, and that I must be asleep on the side of the trail somewhere, imagining all of this. I remember thinking that I hoped I wouldn’t fall off the trail I was sleeping on, that I had found a safe, flat spot. But what if I hadn’t? I needed to wake up….. Two runners that I had dropped when we first hit the fire road several hours ago then caught up to me. One of us would find a blaze, we’d get to it, then we’d look for the next. That went on for another mile or so, but this just wasn’t making sense. I couldn’t believe they were having us run through creeks so near the finish, and that markers were so hard to find. We finally came out onto a wider road, and there were the familiar pink markings we’d been following all race. Thank god! But how do we get back to the start/finish? We were all confused, and as we kept trying to find the next marker the confusion grew. I was convinced we had gone in a circle, and told them as much. But I also said, “my mind isn’t working right now.” A few runners passed us, and some of them seemed confident we were going the right way. I just kept feeling like we were looping around and around on ourselves. What if I got lost, a mile from the finish, and wandered around for 4 hours missing the cutoff? My unfortunate mantra was, “This just doesn’t make sense. This just doesn’t make sense.” We were passed quickly by two runners saying, “this is it!” and sure enough I recognized the dam we had crossed about a quarter mile from the start all those hours ago. Up the gravel road, onto the Boy Scout Camp lawn, and finally across the finish. 35:52:54. 180th out of 257 starters, 208 finishers. It was a surreal state I was in at the finish, like a daze but also mostly aware that I was in a daze and just deeply sleep deprived. I pondered whether I should get medical attention, but knew I was going to be alright with a nap. I limped to my car, limped back up to the camp showers where the chaffing covering most of my back and groin area made me scream a bit, and then limped back to the car again where I climbed in the back and finally laid down at about 7:00 AM and closed my eyes. Later that morning I drove to a CVS, bought a cooler, Epsom salts, and a couple of gallons of water and soaked my blistered, torn up feet. I held that belt buckle in my hand and the emotion of it all hit me in a wave. There I sat, by myself in a CVS parking lot across the country from home, feet in a cooler, exhausted and crying.
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    Our mountain bike group had been doing night rides for a few weeks, but I haven't been able to go. My brother has been pestering me to go, so I finally went last night. Using bright ### lights on your helmet and bike to light the trails, it is an absolute blast. I had more fun in the dark than I did in the daylight. I don't know what it was about it, but man I had an absolute blast last night. I even set a few segment PRs in the dark. It also helped that my energy was amazing; We rode 17mi and I felt like I could go all night. My fitness is definitely coming back slowly. That feeling is motivating as hell.
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    Kudos to @JShare87 and @bushdocda for your awesome races! My wife ran her 2nd-ever half marathon this morning. It was cold and rainy and overall pretty miserable, but she managed to break 2 hours (1:59:10, 9:06/mile) and set a 5-minute PR in the process!
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    Good buddy Fantasycurse manage to sell them on StubHub. Chaching! almost $800, so I only lost a couple of hundred.