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    Never heard of the show so I looked it up: Look, fella....if you've got a chance for the great Emily Ratajkowski to have simulated sex in YOUR house, you take it. You take it and you run with it. You do it for free. You do it for us! You go live in a box under a highway bridge if you have to, but you do it. Do you hear me?
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    I do not think this means what you think it means.
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    So, I am 50% Croatian, so it's been fun watching this run in the World Cup. I went to grade school in downtown KCK that was settled by Croatian immigrants years ago. They worked in the factories around KC, and built several beautiful churches, schools, neighborhoods, etc. My grandparents, who passed many years ago, still spoke the language at home - and so did all of their friends and families. Anyway, the school and church I went to has a Catholic Club - basically a bowling alley under the school and gym that has a bar, pool tables TV's, etc. They have been hosting watch parties through the World Cup, and tomorrow they are expecting 1500 Croatians to show up and watch the game. I will be getting there about 8 am for the festivities. They are setting up tents in the parking lot and park, so it will be a fantastic gathering. Complete with Croatian food, beer, etc. And on top of that, I will get to hang with some family members I haven't seen in years, and also classmates who I went to school with back in the 70's. Should be fantastic. I will try and take some pics and post them later.
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    We grew up poor, without me realizing it. My dad worked 4 different jobs at times, so he could feed and clothe 8 kids and afford for us to go to school in a great school district. I remember him going to work after 4 hours sleep, with a 104 degree fever. Solid, salt of the earth working man, son of Italian immigrants. He worked so much, I can sadly say that I don't have any memories of playing catch with him or learning to ride a bike from him. We never went out to eat and never got fast food, but every once in a blue moon, he'd have off on a Sunday and take us out for Dairy Queen. That meant 2 sisters, my brother and I would load up in our old blue station wagon, with the back seats that faced backwards, and go for a drive around the old neighborhood. We'd roll our eyes at his stories about his dad having built that church, or done that rock wall at that house, because we'd hear the same stories every trip. Finally, we'd get to DQ and beg for a hot fudge brownie sundae or banana split and be told it was a dipped cone or a Dilly bar. We'd all stand outside and eat so the drips didn't get on the car. For some reason, it strikes me today, that I'd give anything for another Sunday ride with my old man to go get a Dilly Bar. And I'd love to hear him tell all those stories I could probably recite verbatim myself. Thinking back, my biggest hope is that I leave my kids with those kind of memories, and set the kind of example he did for me.
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    We played family poker last night - my 10-year old raised my 3 bet all-in while I was holding K’s. She had 8/5 off - damn did I laugh and then I called her a loser. She still had 30 bb’s! She hit a straight on the river so I threw my drink in her face and told her she sucked and that I was smarter than her. Learn to play!!
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    Wait until you show up and the class is just you and him.
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    You can stop with the hard-sell. I’m already in.
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    Are you seriously trying to assign Trump credit for the fruits of an investigation he has tried to discredit from the beginning? i mean, you’ve dropped some pretty stupid #### on us before but this is next level stuff.
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    This is what I don't understand. There are 2 sides here - the US and Russia. People are really siding with an ex-KGB over their own country? OUR FBI and IC are unanimous and are accusing the Kremlin of attacks against America, and some people don't know what side to believe? Are these the same people who want to lecture us on the proper methods to respect our flag and purport to be patriotic Americans who go out of their way to support our troops?
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    I'm old enough to remember when the Trump campaign's official message was no one ever had any contact with Russians.
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    I'd be more concerned about your grammar and punctuation than the relationship.
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    Has nothing to do with where you're going with this, but reading the thread title, the first thing that popped into my head.... 2 weeks ago I was in the New Orleans airport waiting on a flight back to DC. Went to get a bag of chips and a soda as the flight was delayed. Guy in front of me in line had a dog with a vest on it saying "Autism Service Dog" or something very similar - he was obviously the dog's handler and was flying the dog to it's new owners. The cashier lady even had a short conversation with the handler about the dog. He paid for his items and walked away. I put my items down and was reaching for my wallet when she looked at me and said, "I didn't know dogs could have autism."
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    This idea of, "you're only pissing people off and hurting your own cause" keeps coming up. Here's my take: It. Doesn't. Matter. People should stop wringing their hands over this. You know why? Because the "deplorables" are going to believe it anyway. They're being told it anyway. Rush Limbaugh makes his bread and butter insulting liberals and inciting his listeners. He gets them riled up by telling them how they're engaged in a war. How they have the mantle of justice and truth. And how liberals are corrupting and ruining society. They don't need any validation to be locked into their mindset. They're already there. And have been for years. Even if no liberal ever criticized them in any way, they'd hold to that mindset. So let's stop the namby pamby. Let's stop coddling them. Let's stop talking about, "OMG. This one is going to push them over the edge." Call a spade a spade. Take a stand. Energize and own your own moral system and beliefs. Because that's how Democrats are going to win this fall.
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    Thanks for the idea I'm doing this when I get home.
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    Not to bum anyone out but we shouldn’t forget one of the rescuers did die during this operation. All of the folks that assisted in these efforts are legit heroes but Saman Gunan made the ultimate sacrifice and should be remembered
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    How about we "Please don't" use this forum to cheerlead a Nazi revolt? How about we "Please don't" use this board to fantasize about WWIII? This alias and this one-note rhetoric of USA degradation involving Nazis and World War III needs to "Please stop".
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    Joe's demographic polls indicate that this site is full of older guys, presumably football fans. One owner of this site is outspokenly conservative, the other is the best kind of Christian. Both are super successful. This site and forum isn't mostly liberal, it mostly disapproves of Trump because Trump is a bad President.
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    'Member when the big foreign policy concern was Putin outmaneuvering Obama and making him look weak and ineffectual? There was all sorts of "beta cuck" talk from right wing talking heads. Now, this president is figuratively chode-gurgling Putin, and not a peep.
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    Gave him the Jersey when we got home. He was so excited. Texted all his buddies and said he just got the greatest graduation gift ever! He's meeting up with them tonight and is wearing his jersey. I think he had the biggest smile I've ever seen on him. https://ibb.co/nE65C8 Thanks a ton! You really made his night!
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    Talking about the Hand when someone is still to act is crap
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    Actually no, that's not a dilemma at all. MLK dreamed of a day when his children could be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin. We liberals like that. We think that judging someone for their skin color or sexual orientation is terrible. The content of people's character, however, is fair game. Conservatives don't get a pass on their lack of character because liberals don't want people to be judged by the color of their skin.
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    1. In 2017, the Oakland Raiders were led in receving yards by Jared Cook. Cook had 688 yards- 8 more than Amari Cooper. Yet in standard, Jared Cook managed to not even be a top 12 TE. How is it even possible for a TE to lead their team in receiving yards but not be a TE1 for fantasy? If anything, it seems to raise major red flags for Carr, Cooper and Crabtree. I mean they sucked last year. Is this a sign that the passing game has a gaping hole for a top WR and could Jordy or Martavis play the alpha target role? What could that even be worth? 2. Gio Bernard was better than running back Joe Mixon last year. There are several facts supporting this: The usage for Mixon and Gio varied throughout the year. For standard, Bernard was the leading fantasy scoring RB for Cinci for 6 weeks , Mixon was the leading fantasy scoring RB for CInci for 9 weeks (I didn't track week 17 since we don't play fantasy that week). In those games as leading scorer, Bernard averaged 12.9 ppg. During the 9 games Mixon was the leader he averaged 9.5 ppg. Gio averaged 0.55 standard points per rush, Mixon averaged 0.49. Gio averaged 1.18 standard points per reception, Mixon averaged 0.96. During the course of the season, the Bengals RBs scored 17% less fantasy points than the NFL average. During the last 5 weeks, it improved from 15.3 to 17.4- it is during those 5 weeks than Bernard recorded 4 of his games as the leading Bengals fanatsy RB. Part of the reason we saw Gio's numbers go up was his usage went up with Mixon out for injury. However, it also shows that the team was more efficient with Gio getting a larger share of the work than it was splitting the guys. Who knows how the guys will look in training camp this summer, but nothing happened last season to justify Mixon seeing his role grow. Are we really overvaluing Mixon and undervaluing Gio for the 2018 season? 3. To score points, RBs need to be on the field so we should draft RBs that don't get pulled off the field.There were 6 RBs last year to be on the field for 70% or more of their team's snaps per game. It is the most since 2013. These are typically the true foundational backs that fantasy players can be comfortable with in all game scripts and situations. There were the obvious ones: Bell, Gurley, Gordon and Zeke. The other 2 might not have been so predictable: Hyde and McCaffrey. Looking back since 2013, the RBs with the highest % also tend to be RB1s for fantasy. Players like Bell, Gordon, McCoy, Dallas RBs come up more than once on the lists. McCaffrey and Hyde actually were pretty big outliers. Hyde was RB14 and CMc was RB21. What does this mean for CMc and McKinnon? Did CMc and the SF RB get unlucky? Should they be in for some positive movement towards the mean production from an RB on the field so often or is this in some way indicative of the limitations of the player/role? 4. Marvin Jones had 1100 yards and 9 TDs. Now I realzie that doesn't seem confusing, but when you combine it with the fact he has a standard ADP of WR23, it is very confusing. How is a top 5 WR falling into nearly WR3 territory without an injury, change in role, a new QB or new team? Last year Hilton was coming off a WR5 season and entering the draft with huge questions about his QB and he was taken as WR12. Also confusing is that Jones did this on just 61 receptions. You have to go back to 2010 to find the last time a receiver had a top 5 season with less than 61 receptions. Is this a golden buying opportunity on a market that is overlooking the best RZ option and a premier deepthreat on a high powered passing offense? Or have fantasy drafters sniffed out a ridiculous outlier season?
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    First thing is I'd start teaching your kids English before leaving this country.
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    Warriors must have gotten spooked by that Rondo signing.
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    Drive back and give her a hug
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    Today is 2 years since my wife passed. If you’re interested here is my post on FB today: So today marks the 2 year anniversary of Courtney’s passing. It seems like it was just yesterday and an eternity at the same time. I have discovered that the untimely passing of somebody you love with everything that you are changes you at a fundamental level. I lost both my parents at a relatively young age (my father when I was 16 and my mother at 29) but those events, while heart breaking in their own right, seem to be a much different kind of loss. Courtney’s passing rocked me to my core and changed me as a person. Maybe I was too young and immature to recognize the significance at the times my parents passed. I just don’t know. But the loss of Courtney was different. Life can be a difficult enough journey to travel with your soul mate, but going it solo after so many years of having the love of your life there with you has taken an inner strength I didn’t know I had. I attribute that to watching and learning the way Courtney dealt with all the various medical hardships, one on top of another, without ever complaining and with a smile on her face that hid her constant struggles, especially the last few years. These 2 years have been incredible difficult to navigate and would have been impossible with out the unconditional love and support of family and friends. You provided me with a light to follow in my darkest of days. You never let me give in to the pain, both emotional and physical. You were always there with an encouraging word, a shoulder to cry on or a timely diversion. Universally I was told that Courtney would want me to be happy. That thought got me through some dark days. Add my own personal medical issues and Ryan’s as well, it’s been a tumultuous 2 years. I will never be the same person I was on that day (that person belonged to Courtney alone), but I believe I am a better person, albeit different, for having lived this reality. I will never love somebody else the way I loved Courtney as that was a once in a lifetime love. However, I do believe I can, and will, love again. It will just be different, not better or worse, just different. So 2 years later I’m in a good place in my life. The milestone dates, like today, our anniversary, her birthday, etc. still make me sad and reflective but I’m doing well overall. I want to thank everybody for all you have done for me to get me to this point. I truly appreciate and love you all. I’d like to name you each individually but I’d miss some so I’ll just say thank you to everybody. Thank you!!!
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    Epic A little long but most definitely worth the watch...Nice jam at the end. Enjoy.?
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    Not atop the pile. More blame goes to the Russians who interfered. I think that’s obvious. Also, more blame goes to anyone who actually worked with the Russians or enabled or cooperated with them in any way. (The NRA? Wikileaks? Trump, Jr.?) After that, people who refused for partisan reasons to do anything about the problem. (McConnell.) After that, and maybe after a few more groups, come people like Obama who erred on a judgment call about how to make the correct trade-off between fighting against that interference, on the one hand, and upholding public confidence in the integrity of our elections, on the other. Obama seems to have made a bad mistake. But there are plenty of people who deserve more blame than he does.
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    Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Papadapolous, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Flynn Jr., Carter Page, Don Jr, Jared Kushner, Eric Trump, Roger Stone, Eric Prince, Felix Sater, Boris Epshteyn, Devin Nunes, Dana Rohrbacher [/Arya Stark]
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    Great thread @Captain Cranks One thing I did a while back. My parents divorced when I was 8. My real father is a big personality, super outgoing guy. Lifelong entrepreneur and risk taker. My mother remarried when I was 10 and I got the world's best step dad. But opposite personality from my father. My Pop is quiet, calm and steady. Worked for a corporation his entire career. I was the typical teenage snot growing up stomping out of the house on occasion with the "you're not my real dad" stuff. He never batted an eye and just loved me and my brother unconditionally. When I was a teenager, I thought my step dad was kind of not cool. Looking back as an adult, I see he was a rock star. When I was about 30 years old, I sat my mom and my step dad down and apologized for how I'd acted to him. And told him how much I admired how he showed me unconditional love and grace. He was super appreciative as you can imagine. He showed me what it was to be a man and a father. He knew he did the right thing. But me telling him I knew he did the right thing was important I think.
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    I agree. The Trump-Russia stuff is definitely weird, but there are plenty of potential explanations for the weirdness. Maybe Trump acts so favorably toward Russia because they have kompromat on him and he's afraid of doing anything to upset them. Maybe Trump acts so favorably toward Russia because he really admires Putin and wants to be BFFs with him. Or he really wants a Trump Tower Moscow. Or he wants to keep his sweet deal laundering money for Russian oligarchs. Maybe Trump acts so favorably toward Russia because he can't stand the idea that his electoral victory might be tainted by an asterisk, and he's rebelling against anyone who suggests that Russia affected the outcome. Maybe Trump acts so favorably toward Russia because he's a literal Manchurian candidate. Maybe there are other possibilities. But two things that I do know: (a) whether or not Trump himself was involved, there are a lot of suspicious connections between Russia and Trump's campaign, transition team, and administration; and (b) whatever is going on, I want Mueller to get to the bottom of it and share his findings with us.
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    I think my really short answer, having seen people that label themselves as conservatives sit in power for so long at this point in our modern age, is that conservatism within the confines of the United States government has never and can never exist as a pure form. It is a political theory that I am proud to call the foundation of my belief system in politics, but it isn't anything close to what anyone here has described it as. Because, I think, and would argue, that conservatism cannot be policy outcome based as a primary definition. It must be function based. And because of that, we are using the wrong words today to call people conservatives when they aren't. tl;dr So what do I want as a conservative? With over 200 years of evidence and the growth of technological knowledge that we possess in a interconnected world where isolationism in almost every form is deadly to the very people that would embrace it? Yeah, I'd like the states to have a little more power in the federal system on a whole; but getting bogged down in specific policies isn't my goal or desire. I'd much rather have a federal government spending plan that is more block grant to states for their own use than anything else. I'd like to get rid of the income tax structure that exploded the power of the federal government and get to a more conservative, Constitutional based federal funding mechanism like the Fair Tax. But there are specific taxing policies and structures that I'm sure if you cornered me I would support. A true conservative has to abhor the growing income and wealth disparity in the country. Not so much because the accumulation of wealth is bad by itself, but because the lack of the ability to do it in the face of growing consolidation of power and wealth makes changing it impossible and that leads to societal upheaval. And it's a waste of resources on top of everything else. I'd like to see our citizenry educated to the highest levels and corner the market on science, technology, engineering and mathematics. I want an overpowering military force that can conquer the world at a moments notice but is never actually called to do that, instead being used a sword of diplomacy whenever possible. I want foreign nations to see an honor in our diplomatic corps that stands for the belief worldwide that while we might not agree, or even be foes, there is a discourse available based in common understanding of the smallness of our planet. I want a social safety net that is neither draconian nor full of fraudulent avarice, and is geared towards uplifting the family unit however defined instead of feeding its own cycle of dependence. I want a federal domestic spending plan geared towards infrastructure, energy, transportation and growth, not political footballs to be thrown to a crowd like a roll of paper towels. I want a society so inviting and strong with the belief in its own self that the hurt and lost of the world who seek refuge here are welcomed with open arms, a loving community and a spirit so intoxicating that they want to join it and never look back. I want a society that never tries to legislate the consortium between grown consenting adults. I'd like more of the small pockets of American honor that we see from time to time. We have our warts and failures. We need to learn from them and be better. Not because we want to post to social media how much better we are, but because being better is the point. I want a political climate that can stand opposing voices shouting at each other to highest mountains until the bell rings, and once it rings, help each other off the field, get a drink and get ready to do it again. I want more adults. Not man babies seeking out things that they determine to be unfair like they are stuck at the age of 5 looking at a world too big to understand. I want our citizens to be the healthiest on the planet, an envy of every other nation. I don't need the liberals to lose, the Clinton's to go to jail, the MSNBC gang to be silenced and the atheists to be quiet. I need them all to keep yelling and fighting and demanding change to every injustice they see within our 50 states so that we can emerge better for the debate and argument and pain in fixing what might be broken. I want a country to leave my kids where I know I tried my best to give them something better than I had, so that they can do the same for their children. As a conservative I want what everyone wants, or should want. And when we choose every single little ****ing hill to die on and turn every single damned argument into the be all end all, and we warp language to destroy the ability to communicate, disagree, debate, function and grow as a collective society we burden ourselves with superfluous nonsense that makes us lose sight of the target. Do I want "small government?" Sure. I also want clean water and air, food that isn't poisoned, roads that are functional, bridges that won't fall down, a legal system that can handle its caseloads without trampling peoples procedural constitutional rights, police departments, fire departments, schools, and so on and so on. Government is only big when you don't like whatever it is that made you call it big. We're a nation of over 300 million people with an economic engine that generates trillions a year, in a world where we have enemies who need to see our resolve and friends who need to see our hand held out. I'd love a smaller government. You know how you get a smaller government? Get rid of the death penalty. Legalize and/or decriminalize drugs and the war we are fighting against our own people. Get out of the way of couples adopting children based on who they sleep with. Make an investment in health care for children so that you don't need to go into debt to take care them as adults. Educate more people so that they are self sufficient. Stop worrying about adults marrying each other. Stop trying to mutate constitutional maxims to limit the freedom of another human being simply because they don't look like you, sound like you, believe what you believe or live by you. Embrace knowledge, facts and evidence. Give a voice to the voiceless, a home to the homeless and hope to the hopeless. Act like a Christian and stop worrying about legislating like one. Do those things, and when you are done, then you can have your smaller government because it won't be needed to do all those things and handle the concomitant problems that arise from them that require more funding and more funding and more funding. Small government is a stupid phrase. Our federal government will never be, "small." It can't be. God help us if it ever is. But more streamlined, better functioning, and equipped to handle the challenges of the day? It can certainly do that. A true conservative needs to worry about function and process within the spirit of the Constitution and not on the hot button topic of the day. Set up systems so that they work better, fairer, and are more just. That is conservative. Wearing a red hat, laughing at the opposition and acting like a bully, complete with the ever present lack of fundamental fairness, sympathy, empathy and ability to appreciate your own self worth, isn't conservative. It's deplorable.
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    I feel bad for all the victims who went to the club who were expecting to just see naked women and were deeply scarred by being forced to touch them. God speed in their recovery.
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    One last comment before I let this go. I know there are still people who are angry with, and blame, the coach. And, I have no idea what went into the decision to go into the caves. I don't know if locally that was considered risky or whether that was something people in the area did, even a week before the rainy season. He does not seem like an overly risky person - but I don't know. But, I do know, that after the decision was made - and after the point came where exiting the cave was not a viable strategy - the coach did an admirable job - leading the kids to relative safety, and keeping them calm and hopeful for 9 days. That could not have been easy - given the absolute isolation. Based on what I have read, he seems to be a well-grounded individual, amazing since he was orphaned as a little kid. I hope that, emotionally, he emerges from this as strong as ever. I am sure he will have a lifetime of regrets, but, I hope that he finds peace, and gets back to some kind of normalcy. The soccer club seems to be welcoming him back with open arms, and I hope that he can make it.
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    Tough to take seriously any argument that still relies on the Peter Strozk angle. Congress grilled him for 11 hours but Republicans are refusing to release his transcript. His testimony must not support their theory.
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    I'm going to have to ask for the political affiliations of all FBI agents who worked on this, along with the political party of the accused. may have been some bias involved.....
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    I'm not even going to try reading that. Let punctuation and brevity be your friends. Stream of consciousness is the enemy.
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    Rojo's mom was interviewed. She said she did not believe it was her son who scored because it was a right footed shot and she said he only uses his right foot to make sure he does not fall over.
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    The last 4 months, as I recall them... Some people here have had genuinely ####ty years and could use thoprawishes. Consider giving them some. Unless you've bet money on a sporting event. In which case, don't waste your calls to jeebus. berndog shamed his school into adding his kid to the honor roll hack's selling weed again if you need some GM's eighth son is now the face of fingerblasting and watersports I'm told there are funny things on Twitter, but Binky the Doormat seems to be finding little evidence of it. K4's new bumper sticker Sweet J is on the ballot for the next NBA All-Star game Mrs furley is angry about something VERY important Tanner and dickey moe used to do teppanyaki home delivery until they were caught by ICE and forced to teach middle school and/or perform erotic sock puppet plays The Drunk History with Lin-Manual Miranda getting drunk and telling the tale of Hamilton is pretty good if you like drunk people. And history. Seriously. SLB sent a sample to 23AndMe, and they sent back a message saying his ancestors wished to remain anonymous We're all donating to the High Gluten Quackers Kickstarter. PM shuke for details. Tanner extended an open invitation to go wine tasting with anyone who might be interested. He prefers something a little fruit forward with hints of asphalt and shoe leather. Not a nice, polished shoe leather, but a brushed leather more reminiscent of those brown Eastland boots everybody used to wear back in the late 80s or early 90s (Was that the 90s? I think it was. I can't keep these things straight anymore). He likes a solid structure, a long finish, and not-too-subtle notes of beer. You may, on the other hand, want to rethink any invitations to taste wine with the kristas. Or at least contact Thorn about getting a will first. Lambskin's MIL met a guy on SasquatchOnly.com. They haven't seen her since, but she sends a blurry picture that might be her every couple of months. Some of us have had to be concerned about cougar attacks, while others of us are dumb as rocks and ugly as sin. EG hired a police sketch artist to show us all what chet's shvantz looks like Abe's at Home Depot having a beer if you need advice on how to run your own small business. There's a rumor floating around that some women have taken to "punching their rhodys" in the absence of good men, but you can prevent this need if you're only willing to "eat the bugles like Nabisco needs their bags back." To my third favorite poster behind B!G BEN'D and TrubiskyToHoward, You know who you are, and I enjoyed having you on the innerwebs this year. Signed, Mr. Malloy Getzlaf's Facebook friends threw a very nice baby shower for his daughter's SIL without any help from his daughter whatsoever. Thomas the Skank Engine thinks Cold Pizza is disgusting. I'm working under the assumption he just hates Skip Bayless, which seems reasonable. Kids lie about cake and broken glasses and stuff. But not about peeing on the couch. An inappropriately young girl deep throating a bottle can keep restaurant staffs amused for years. Unrelated: Homer J Simpson recently re-entered the food service industry. heckmanm's dad was your high school shop teacher and has an easier time delivering a shocker than you do. Probably. Nobody around this place but fish has any idea how to do effing divorce. It's incredible, really. stryker's buddy has a giant wiener he'd love to explode in your mouth, and it'll only cost you a couple of bucks plus shipping and "handling".
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    My dad died when I was 7. He had MS and it took over his nervous system very quickly. Sadly I don’t have any memories of him being able to walk. So no trips, no playing catch, fishing, riding on his shoulders. None of that. I also lived with my mom (they got divorced when I was 2 and we moved 1,000 miles away from him and his parents). He was paralyzed for the last 3 years of his life in a bed full time with oxygen mask. I have lots of memories of sitting in his hospital bed that was set up in a room in my grandparents house. We watch game shows like Price Is Right and Family Feud. He was sooooooo positive all the time. The one memory I have with him in a wheel chair - they picked me up at the airport when I flew out to visit. I was probably 3. I was riding on his lap and in the airport he decided to race ahead pumping the wheelchair wheels hard with his hands. It felt like we were going 100 miles an hour. My grandmother was screaming at him to slow down - ‘Rick!!! Stop!!!’ My grandfather was laughing hysterically. Its the only ‘active’ memory I have of him being mobile. I used to know all of his nurses names, all the medicines he had to take and when etc.
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    Biggest Nigeria-Iceland game ever in the storied history between these long-time rivals.
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    Looking forward to Belgium and England fielding the same second-team lineups in the meaningless third-place game rematch of their meaningless Group Round finale.
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    hey Tim trump just tweeted something you better head on back now. thanks for stopping by.