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    I attempted suicide about 4 months ago now. I went through a brutal divorce. One that completely blindsided me due to her infidelity. I was in therapy and medicated for the past 2 years just to help mask a lot of pain. I retired in February at a younger age (37) with the dream of seeing the rest of the world. I had an open ended ticket booked starting in Sweden. About a week into my trip, I was ordered by the President to basically come home or face uncertain reentry into the US. So for the past 6 months, I sit here, doing nothing, in my house with no ability to socialize or volunteer or even find work again due to unemployment. It began to fester... I hit the bottle hard and began lashing out at people for no reason. Saying words that were hurtful. I'm going to tell you this next part, but I really hope you folks will not judge me for it. One night I use a slur for a gay person after struggling with some family issues. That being: my youngest brother (who is gay) is being pressured/bullied by our other brother and father about it. That younger brother recently attempted suicide also. I don't know why I used the word. I am and was extremely pro LGBTQ rights. I thought it was funny in the context? I was drunk? it's not funny and it had never come out of my mouth before. I felt so ashamed by it (it was in front of 7 close friends) I took a bottle of one of my prescriptions in hopes not to wake up the next morning out of shame. Turns out I just slept for 3 days and only was woken up when my dog knew something was seriously wrong. Anyway, I completed 30 days of inpatient care for mental health which really turned things around. I avoided alcohol completely (90 days without it), said my apologies and got back to a good spot where I feel like I've never been happier. Why am I saying this? There was a moment before this where I was also contemplating ending it in a more violent and assured way and none of my network was available to talk and I needed to talk immediately. I went to my 4th and 5th option. It got to the point where I just needed someone on the phone (I live alone). I got someone on the phone and it literally saved my life. Someone I'd never talked to before. I remember just sitting in my car for hours with a weapon, bawling and listening to George Harrison on repeat. Then I remember getting the call from the person in the knick of time. That call saved my life. I only know her through the internet. That's it, I found her Facebook and asked for 10 mins of her time and said it was an emergency. I'll never forget that call. If anyone ever feels that way, reach out to me. I don't mind being a 6th option. Thanks for reading my story and also sorry to anyone here I may have said something to that bothered them. I stand humbled and a different person.
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    Stop with the stupidity. Some teams have short benches and some players may be available in those leagues. So if somebody is not available in your league do us all a favor and don’t tell us about it.
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    Not sure if this has been mentioned at all since I haven’t been on here for a while, but just came across an article on msn about best hot sauces and low and behold I see one of @Hot Sauce Guy hot sauces mentioned. Congrats Hot Sauce!! For those that didn’t see it and would like to check it out here’s the link The sauce is awesome and I’d highly recommend it and I need to get some more myself!
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    I actually said these words to my son last week - “You can ignore me all you want when we’re at home and I’m asking you to do something 4 times before you do it. When we’re in this car and I ask you to slow down, you slow the #### down or you’ll be riding your ####ing bike to your senior prom.”
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    Problem is I tied with like 400 others, so my split was $567.92. I seem to always at least break even in the big FanDuel tournaments. I always do about 6-10 entries in the $1MM Sunday tournament then do a handful of the 1 gamers like the $700K Sun NFL Primetime Showdown ($150K to 1st) which I FINALLY placed 1st!!! This was a good weekend overall as I did $71 of entries and won $650. I mean, I play these enough to know that the one gamers rarely if ever have 1 sole winner but it was still disappointing to see the final payout. This is the first time I've placed first in a big payout tourney like this. I've placed 2nd-4th a few times in some of the mid range tournaments where grand prize is like $20k. Tonight was a whole new level of uber excitement quickly shot down to disappointment. I'm happy to have won some $$$ but I play those big ones for the BIG payout potential. Thanks for letting me brag a bit.
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    I assume this is a small thread because there must be a larger thread in the PSF. I'm surely not going in there to find out. I love that this thread has such positive posts and stories. As one of the few women actively posting here, I want to say that her contributions to our progress are immeasurable, and her loss is acutely felt by me and so many of my female friends. As a lawyer, and one who attended the school where she was a professor, and whose law-school roommate clerked for her, her death is especially meaningful. But how she affected the course of history wasn't limited to matters of gender, and she was a positive force for human rights. She is irreplaceable not just as a SC Justice, but as a human.
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    No, he didn't die. But he got married today, so he probably will wish he did.
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    The NFL also needs to seriously consider shutting down the Jets as well. Not because they have Covid or anything. It's just in the best overall interest of society.
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    2020 Minocqua Marathon Race Report I'm doing this on my phone so apologies for how this turns out. Not going to break it up into miles/paces like usual, both because it'll take forever and I also don't think it matters for this race. As I mentioned already, we drove the course yesterday. Just constant rolling hills that didn't seem like much yesterday but took a toll on us (and most everyone else that I could see). There were 3 specific trouble spots. Around mile 10-12, there was a section on this loose gravel with uphills. Mile 15 had a pretty decent uphill. And then mile 23 had a nasty extended uphill. Knowing those ahead of time helped, somewhat. Good night's sleep for both of us. Couple pop tarts, a banana, and a salt tab with a little GU right before race start. It was crazy how quickly the start time snuck up and next thing I knew we were racing. 1st mile was on grass around this park and honestly was not fun. It was uneven, a little wet, basically like a cross country course. I stuck to my wife and Grue for a little of it as they went out on the slower side and then quickly let them drift away. Shortly afterward as I figured I'd drop my pace and keep it slow, I see the 4:00 pacer come up with a decent sized group and figured that would be perfect. 9:10ish pace, settle in for a few miles then reevaluate. First 4-5 miles never felt comfortable, though. As I was following with him, I decided to not even look at my pace and just keep it relaxed. Finally, after seeing my HR close to 160, I looked at the time and paces and realized we were clocking 8:55ish miles. WTF? So I asked him and he said he wanted to bank some time early on because of those later hills. Well, ####. At this point, I decided to drift back just a little bit and run it in on my own while keeping them in sight. I successfully kept my HR in the 150s up until mile 12, trying to remember what a few of you told me about when to let it hit 160. It was after that mile 10-12 section, though, and that part was not fun. Footing was atrocious and felt like running in sand. It was requiring extra effort plus elevation. And then a solid headwind to boot. So I backed my pace off in this section into the 9's hoping to recover after it was done. Saw Grue's wife around mile 12 and got a boost from seeing her and getting an update on the pair. I felt good at this point. I also told her I would likely drop my hydration pack to her at mile 17 when I'd see her next because I felt like I would be better off without at that point. Next couple miles were ok but I noticed my HR climbing into the mid 160s and then hit that hill at 15. I was feeling a blow-up coming as my legs started feeling more fatigued than I thought they should and I was coming to the realization that I was likely looking at a death march at the end. I walked a water station and ended up walking a couple times in hills to see if I could salvage a bit and recover. Mile 17 I gave up the pack and we hit a 2 mile flat trail section. This was when my right quad started tightening up. At first, it was just a little knee pain on the outside but then it was getting to where it was getting harder to bend and stride. I tried changing things up with my form and it didn't work. And finally my knee gave out and I almost fell. That's when I realized I was in trouble. Walked a few times on that flat trail trying to loosen it up but it would come back after a bit of running. My paces were now in the low 10's although this was combined with walking so I was at least keeping it up somewhat when I did run. But I'm coming to the realization in this section that I still have 8+ miles to go and I'm not in good shape here. Mile 20 came uneventfully and right around mile 21 the quad tightened up for good. I couldn't bend it anymore and no amount of stretching would help. I was running with a limp and basically it dictated the rest of the race. It was 5+ miles of run until the knee seized up, then walk until I could try to get going again. I basically tried to time it with uphills but unfortunately running the downhills only made it worse. I was in the death march that I knew was coming but unfortunately nothing I could do at that point. I don't think it was nutrition or hydration as those were on point most of the race. I just think those initial rollers took more of a toll on me than expected and it just happened. Miles 23-25 were much slower with all the walking I had to do. Luckily the hill didn't impact me much since I had already slowed down. Of note, I was next to a guy here at the end that had the exact same progression as me. Legs tightened up in the trail, now had to keep run/walking because of the same issue. Most everyone at this point around is walking hills and struggling. I hit mile 26 and said I was going to try to run all of it if I could and basically ran with a straight right leg the remainder of the race. I tried to stride big to finish and was able to hold on until the finish line. I was truly worried it might give out like it did earlier but luckily I was good. Unfortunately, because of how it ended, it didn't feel like I raced hard at the end. Fitness wise I still felt fine and never got truly fatigued. My AHR of 162 shows that, I think. I obviously wish I could have had a better time, but with how things happened out there, I don't think there was much more I could do today. I feel decent now. Legs a little tired but honestly not that bad. The right quad felt fine shortly after I stopped and sat down. I don't feel much different from my 20 mile long run, which is disappointing. I wish I could have actually pushed harder at the end but there was no way around it. I haven't looked at my final official time yet or any results. Strava had me just under 4:20 at 4:19:40 and a 9:51 pace. I know I have better in me but I also knew that nothing was a given from what I learned here and the marathon distance isn't a joke. Anyway, thanks again for all the advice, support, and encouragement throughout all of this. I thought of pretty much all of you while out there and it helped the time and miles click away. We get to do this again next year on our original course if all goes well and I hope to enjoy that one more. I'll write another post later detailing @gruecd and his wife and everything they did for us leading up to and during the race because it deserves its own mention, but I really can't express enough gratitude for this experience. As disappointing as the overall result is, I wouldn't change a thing about what happened up here.
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    Marathon -- 1 GMarcos -- 0 That was a challenge. The rolling hills in the beginning took a toll. For me, my right quad seized up for good at mile 21 and made running quite difficult. But, even before then, knew it was going to be a long ending. Fitness wise I felt ok once I settled in, but the legs were toast. I'll write more later, but a combo of happy and disappointed. Strange thing, though, is not a whole lot of either. Not terribly pleased but also not terribly disappointed. Right now, the stupid thing is, my right shoulder is all kinds of screwy. My legs feel fine but can't really move my arm and can't figure out how to get it to loosen up. Anyway, sorry for ####ty tracking but appreciate you guys all trying to follow along. Sorry we couldn't deliver any better but we tried.
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    Can whoever's running the pool please put me down for September 13? TIA.
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    Hey thank you! I hadn't seen that yet! Much appreciated. I guess having that sauce on Hot Ones brought some attention to it on a national scale. I'll check out the article - looks like a few of my friend's sauces are on there as well.
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    I closed. Cydy operation mountain house completed.
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    City council meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska
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    Signed a 12-month lease yesterday. Several steps to complete. Biggest obstacle is passing inspection; requested but not yet scheduled (2-5 weeks.) This apartment is perfectly fine. Recently remodeled (versus the NEW construction apartment I lost because the LL violated the law and refused to rent to three Veterans with HUD-VASH housing vouchers.) The LL is a Section 8 management company, they do Vouchers all the time. Previous LL will be facing a hearing from the respective state AND city civil rights division. I’ll probably “win” - meaning I’ll receive a letter of apology. I won’t receive any compensation and that apartment won’t be rented to a Voucher holder. They’ll have to pay civil penalties. Not gonna lie, I am wrestling with God about all of this. I trust Him. He’s a good Father, and I know He has a purpose in redirecting me. Not looking for advice or opinions, just saying I’m still a little bitter and haven’t quite figured out what was the point. This really threw me for a loop. My anxiety, depression, insomnia and panic attacks have been worse in the last 25 days than at any point of the last few years. New apartment is a 4th floor walk up. It’s a marginally less desirable part of Harlem. The subways are a few blocks further away. The shopping and restaurants are not as nice. CitiBike is a 5-minute walk instead of directly in front of my building. Everything about it is a small step down from the place I lost. I should be ecstatic I am about to end almost two years of being homeless. I should be super grateful I did not end up chronically homeless. I have no right to cling to this sense of entitlement; nobody owes me anything. Still working it out internally / emotionally. (for the NYers, Bradhurst Ave & 158th St, across from a park, 5-10 minute walk south and west from Coogan’s Bluff / Rucker Park. the other place was Columbia Hgts.) Still in the Marriott Residence Inn, will be until moving date. ALSO, immediately after moving I’m doing a cross country road trip to northern CA with some men from church. Will be my first vacation in 3+ years. should be but tbh kind of - I’m a terrible person lol 3-7 weeks. #keeppraying
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    I don't want to muck up the Stock Thread but as I posted here, the government wasn't being honest with the public. As some of you know I sell office supplies, office furniture, IT, anything in an office. As you can imagine there has been quite the demand for PPE since March. The only problem was on the morning of 2/28 I received notice that the government "allocated' all masks, sanitizer, gloves and any other item you can think of in regards to healthcare. I'm talking tens of thousands of items. All gone. At first I thought it made sense, get these things for the hospitals and front line people but then tell people to take precautions. Which is pretty much what happened. I never imagined a scenerio where being told to wear a mask for your safety would be some sort of political maneuver. I REALLY never imagined that 6 months later people would still be arguing about the merits of wearing a mask, comparing it to Nazi Germany, or that the federal government wouldn't have implemented a plan in March. The good news is that with the exception of latex gloves, there is plenty of PPE available. There were a lot of us around here 19 years ago on 9/11. We were all Americans. We were unified and there for each other. It's incredibly sad that this was made a political issue and used to further divide the country. So much worse they continue to lie while Americans die and too many still believe this is nothing to worry about.
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    Updates: 1) Medical stuff - Peter's about 6 or 7 weeks into the testosterone so far. If there have been changes they've been pretty minor so far. But his body is handling it well and the doctor just upped his dose so I have a feeling some more noticeable changes are coming soon. 2) Social stuff - School started this week (all online) and sounds like everything's going well. I don't have too much info because Peter's been at his mother's place this week, but from what I know all his teachers are using the name Peter and there haven't been any issues with other kids. One coming out story was sorta funny I thought. Peter is a senior this year and he was elected President of this very active afterschool activity he's involved with. A few of the kids in the activity knew about his transition, but most of the team had no idea. And I was wondering how he was going to handle coming out to like 50 kids and a bunch of mentors and parents. Well, turns out that the trick is to write out a lengthy email about how things were going to work this year, etc., going into all sorts of boring details. And then in the middle sneak in one line like "oh yeah, you might have noticed that this is being sent under the name 'Peter,' that's my name now and I use he/him pronouns." And then never speak of it again. 3) Name change - we finally got organized about this so it's in process with the court right now. From what I can tell, the name change should be official in about a month or so. Then we have to deal with getting stuff like birth certificates and passports changed. Overall, Peter seems to be happy with everything and so far there have not been any unanticipated challenges. I feel pretty lucky that it's all gone fairly smoothly.
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    To say that COVID19 is unlike anything we've ever seen is a misstatement at best. Coronaviruses and their potential to cause epidemics was well understood and studied before 2019. Epidemiology and public health preparedness was also well understood and studied and extensively planned. Dealing with a probable incoming pandemic (and that's what the US had after seeing what happened in Wuhan in January) should be a central function of our federal government. The feds have control over the border, the approval process for lab testing, and all sorts of agencies that should have been organized to combat this thing. Plus the POTUS has the biggest soapbox in the world to shout out to the populace about what they should do. Instead, the executive branch stuck their heads in the sand, failed to organize, and played politics. We are seeing the results of those actions now. To throw up your hands and say, "there's no one that could have done better" is plainly ridiculous. As stated by others, look at similar nations and their response. Look at previous presidents and their response to domestic crisis. Those things are proof positive that the leadership of this country has failed the people. When leadership fails, you remove them from power. You don't reward them with another bite at the apple. Vote Biden and get this country back on track. I'd like to travel internationally again instead of being a pariah.
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    Guessing this one sounded better in your head than on paper...
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    After paying his dues, my son gets to finally officially cover Gator football. @alligatorSports: Football writer @Bfarrell727 breaks down DC Todd Grantham's two-pronged defensive strategy and how this year's roster will deliver in that regard.
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    Hell, I do this NOW. And I’m only 51. Still doing this at 97? Sign me up.
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    I have some good news about - I was able to get the MFL data to work!!!!!! Big props to @Alberta Clipper for doing all the leg work/research/setup on the MFL side of things! However, some work still needs to be done. Primarily I need to load all the FBG entries in the contest, still waiting to get that data from FBG. For now, I have 32 "entries" setup based on the NFL teams - so all the Steeler players are on entry # 27 for example. Typically I do this during pre-season to ensure I have all the mappings between FBG, calcomatic, and the source for stats (MFL this year) setup correctly. So we'll use this approach for tonight to make sure MIA and JAX players are setup correctly and then hopefully I'll get all the entries before Sunday so those can be setup. Since we have a new data source for stats, we'll need to be on the lookout for issues with scoring and the mapping of the stats to the correct player. Given all the changes on short notice with no preseason, I'm sure there will be some issues. Regardless - looks like will be running this year!
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    I guess the apartment inspection is scheduled for tomorrow. I don't have to be there, the VA sends a representative because they want to make sure Veterans are moving into good quality housing. This place has new windows, fresh paint, newish appliances and recently renovated bath, so not anticipating any issues. It's in a large prewar building which appears to be well maintained. Anyway, hopefully will wrap this up in 1-2 weeks. Still about 4 items to complete but the apt inspection is typically a bottleneck, everything else is just workflow across different non-profit entities. Hopefully by October 1-3 I will be leaving the Marriott Residence Inn and be safely ensconced in my own apartment for the first time in 730+ days. 👊
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    There was nothing political about this until one side decided not to listen to consensus health and science experts. The fact that one "side" had significantly higher mask use should tell you everything you need to know. If you mean one side politicized this by saying they should listen to the experts and not politicians on this, then yeah, both sides politicized this.
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    I think you don't quite understand chicken anatomy. The drumette is part of the wing, it isn't a leg.
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    Not sure I'd take advice from a guy who buys fancy paint and drinks cheap beer.
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    Well, today we paid off the last 22 years of our mortgage. We sold/closed our investment property last week that we bought in 2013. We did well on it and rolled that money up with some savings and paid off the house. We had a 3.7% loan and thought about refinancing, but there was no way we were going to go full term on a 15 or 30 year, so it didn't make sense. Since the future is unknown I don't know if in the long run this was the best choice versus other usages of the funds, but we now are 100% debt free at 39 years old. Feeling pretty good about that.
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    I favor bringing Trump's nomination to a vote. But this is not a "both sides" situation for the most part. Four years ago, Republicans said "Justices shouldn't be confirmed in an election year." Today, Republicans are saying "Justices should be confirmed in an election year." That's pure hypocrisy. Four years ago, Democrats were saying "Justices should be confirmed in an election year." Today, Democrats are saying, "What the heck, Republicans? Pick a rule and stick to it. The rule you devised just four years ago is of your own making. Live with it." Those are pretty different positions.
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    Grue in at 4:09:18... ETA: What are Mrs. GMs initials, not seeing same last name as Gian in the results so didn't know if they share a last name. Edit #2: Looked for St. Louis and looks like Mrs. Gian in at 4:09:17! Edit #3: Nothing to worry about here! Edit #4: He's in!! It must have been updating with intermittent results. 4:19:37 for our hero!!! Congrats to our marathoners @gianmarco and Mrs. Gian!!! And well done @gruecd/ @wraith5 on some solid pacing!!!
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    Quick update: Minocqua is a beautiful town. I would love to come back some day to vacation. In fact, if anyone is looking to move from their current location to a small lake town up north, I can't think of anything more ideal. Drove the course today. Nothing terrible but lots of rolling little hills. One "bad" gravel section around mile 13-15 with a little more elevation that will be challenging, but otherwise a beautiful course. Weather will be iffy tomorrow. Looking like 55 around race time but with thunderstorms in the forecast. Initially looked like they might hold off, but latest has a 50% chance at 7am. Not ideal and hoping it's nothing that might cancel the race. Fingers crossed, I guess. Looks to get up to 63 by race end. Will just deal with whatever it is. Will be picking up packets soon, then dinner, then bed for whatever sleep we can get. Personal pacer and wife have been amazing and helped keep our minds off the race and not worry about logistics which has been a huge relief. As for tomorrow, I plan on taking it slow to start and then see how things go while keeping it conservative. My HR was higher than I would have liked this morning and not sure how much I'll be able to fully trust that, but I plan on being smart and enjoying the race. Of note, cell service was spotty at best throughout the course and not sure how well updates will get through. Anyway, hope our preparation has us ready for tomorrow and will try and execute as best as I can. Thanks again for all the support here. I'll be thinking of most/all of you tomorrow morning at some point. I'll have plenty of time for that 😜
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    ---INTERLUDE – The Traveling Wilburys--- As mentioned in the interlude for Cloud Nine, the Traveling Wilburys were born out of the sessions for that record. While recording, George and Jeff Lynne often talked about how they’d love to put together a full band together. George dreamt of adding Bob Dylan, with whom he’d been close for years, drawing even closer after Dylan contributed songs to All Things Must Pass and performed at the Concert for Bangladesh. Lynne named Roy Orbison, for whom he was then producing an album, as his dream participant, and George had known and been a fan of Orbison’s since the Beatles opened for him on tour in 1963. Both Lynne and George were close to Tom Petty, with George having frequent ukulele jam sessions at Petty’s house, and Lynne in the midst of producing Petty’s first solo album. George even mentioned his dream of a band of “me and some of my mates” called the Traveling Wilburys in an interview in February 1988, but the band’s formation ended up happening largely by accident. With very little notice, Warner Brothers had informed George in April 1988 that he needed a non-album b-side for his “This Is Love” single out of Cloud Nine. While having dinner with Lynne and Orbison, George asked Lynne to help with the recording the next day, and Orbison decided to come along for it. But they needed a place to record on short notice, so George arranged with Dylan to use his garage studio in Malibu. On the way to record, George stopped by Tom Petty’s house to pick up a guitar, and Petty decided to come over for the recording, too. The five of them gathered with George’s half-finished song. George wrote a little vocal part in it for Orbison, because IF YOU HAVE ROY ORBISON IN YOUR RECORDING STUDIO YOU DAMN WELL WRITE A VOCAL PART FOR HIM. All of the group participated in finishing the song, then recorded it the same night, all of this accomplished in about five hours. When he brought it to Warner Brothers, they predictably said it was too good to be a mere b-side. In fact, they wondered, could they get a whole album of this? Dylan was due back on his Never-Ending Tour in June, the band gathered in early May and dedicated ten days to putting the album together. They would sit around with their acoustic guitars, each member of the group throwing out musical ideas from which they’d lay down an initial track. Then at dinner, they’d sit at a communal table and pass the lyrics around and work on those during the meal. They’d draw straws to see who would sing the initial version, and then George would generally decide whose vocal fit which parts the best. By the end of ten days, they had all of the songs written, with the basic parts and rough vocals recorded. During the summer, George and Lynne then worked on the refining of the recordings, adding Jim Keltner on drums and Jim Horn on sax, and having Petty and Orbison come over for re-recordings where necessary. This was a particularly joyous time for George, and indeed for all of the Wilburys. George’s first and most important rule in putting the band together was that he would only admit as members people that he liked to hang out with. By all accounts, the sessions were relaxed and free of ego, and the group laughed as much as recorded and shared a similar sense of humor (and a love for Monty Python). While certain songs came from ideas from one or another Wilbury, the writing was truly collaborative, the vocal parts were equally shared, and each member was participating from a pure love of making music with people whom they respected and considered friends. Preserving those friendships was most important to each of them; they were beyond a point where they needed to prove anything. Despite this “community of equals,” it was clear that George was the driving force and ultimately in charge, and he set the tone for the sessions. He had put the band together and organized all the sessions, he did by far the most promotion for the album, and he and Lynne co-produced the album together. George is the one who had, two months before that first recording session occurred, mentioned “The Traveling Wilburys,” the name coming from the Cloud Nine sessions during which, upon numerous issues with faulty equipment, George had repeatedly joked to Lynne, “We’ll bury ‘em in the mix.” He and Lynne started using the word “Wilbury” to refer to any mishaps in the recordings. George had then suggested “The Trembling Wilburys” for their dream band, which Lynne adapted to “Traveling Wilburys.” Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 was released in October 1988 to huge critical acclaim and commercial success. It went platinum quickly and eventually sold over five million copies, and it won the Grammy for Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group. In the liner notes, each of the band members adopted a fictitious Wilbury first name, and Michael Palin (under a fake name) put together a whole history of how this group of half-brothers had traveled the land for many years. That part was kinda dumb to me, but hey, they seemed to be enjoying themselves, and this “half-brother” notion had enhanced their camaraderie. About six weeks after the release, however, tragedy struck when Orbison died suddenly of a heart attack at age 52. All of the Wilburys were shocked, but Lynne remembers being devastated for years. The video for their second single from the album, “End of the Line,” was shot to show the surviving Wilburys singing to a chair holding Orbison’s guitar. Be forewarned if you watch this now: it is not an easy viewing given that three of the Wilburys have now passed. The other four Wilburys gathered two years later to record a second album, which George the little scamp insisted be called Traveling Wilburys Vol. 3. They had considered adding a new member to the group to fill Orbison’s spot – both Del Shannon and Roger McGuinn had been mentioned – but in the end remained a quartet. This second album features more vocals from Dylan and Petty, with George taking a backseat on vocals but featuring more prominently on lead guitar. The songs for the album were more fully developed rather than being put together in the kitchen sitting around a table. The songs sound good, but to me, this album is missing something. I suspect that it’s not just Orbison’s unmatched vocal, but some of the magic that he naturally brought. While there was mutual respect among all the Wilburys, Orbison was the one they all idolized the most, and I think the glee that they all evidenced in the first record was down a notch in the second one. This album still did well, going platinum, but was not the enormous success of the first. George over the course of the rest of his life would occasionally talk about recording another album, or going on tour as the Wilburys. Lynne remembers that George would say, “We’re going to get an aircraft carrier and follow the sunshine” for their Wilbury tour. Of course, it never happened, but it shows just how much pleasure this endeavor continued to give George, as he stated that from this time on he always considered himself “a Wilbury.”
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    I don't like doing these until the week's slate is done since I haven't done all the research yet (aDoT, Air Yards, etc.), but here are some clear options. For reference, I usually play non-PPR 14 team redraft leagues with 2 Flex spots and this year I'm in a 12 teamer so my picks are more tailored for that range: Justin Jefferson, Vikings WR - played 51/65 of the snaps (78%) compared to Olabisi Johnson (5/65, 8%) and boomed. That's a clear changing of the guard to me; I'd love to see how much of those snaps were played in the slot since the Vikings are a 12-personnel type of team. Considering Chad Beebee also had more snaps than Johnson to me he's the clear #2 WR on an O without a real clear-cut #1 WR. Jefferson is a 6'1 dude who wins with 4.4 speed, good route running and can YAC it with the best of them. Tee Higgins, Bengals WR - First Auden Tate was inactive for him, now John Ross was healthy scratched to get him targets and he produced on 9 of them. He played the most snaps of any WR (57/72, 79%), one more than A.J. Green, whose role he should start to eat into if A.J. doesn't start resembling his previous self. Joe Burrow has 141 pass attempts this year with the Bengals constantly playing from behind. If the Bengals are openly giving Higgins (A.J. Green clone; 6'4 and 216 but wins more with size/physical traits) a chance to shine I'll take it. Brandon Aiyuk, 49ers WR - Aiyuk FINALLY had the Deebo Samuel role I envisioned last week (unfortunately dropped him after last week ). He played the second most snaps of the 49ersa WRs (56/77, 73%) and basically was used exactly how Deebo was, winning on slants/crosses/misdirection wide runs. Keep in mind Deebo and Kittle should come back in a week or so, but he should be on rosters in 12-14 teamers. Jimmy Graham, Bears TE - Hello darkness, my old friend... I've come to talk with you again... Because a vision softly creeping... Left its seeds while I was sleeping... And the vision that was planted in my brain... Still remains... Within the sound of silence... *sigh*. The Bears have around 13 tight ends but the corpse of Jimmy Graham can't be ignored if he's going to get around 7-9 targets a week (he got 10 this week) and a clear QB upgrade in Nick Foles (who is known for throwing to TEs as an Iggle). Graham ran 42 pass routes in the game vs. Atlanta (NextGen Stats has him all over the field + 2 RZ incomplete targets also) and he has a legit path to being the #3 passing option for this team assuming Foles is the starter. You could do worse at TE than add him. Greg Ward Jr., Iggles WR - Jalen Reagor is out a month, Alshon Jeffrey isn't close to being a productive WR yet, DeSean Jackson hurt a hammy last game, Dallas Goedert is going to "miss some time" due to a ankle sprain and J.J. Arcega-Whiteside... is J.J. Arcega-Whiteside. Somebody has to catch balls at WR for this team and unless you want to play around with John Hightower (Deeper Dive stash candidate?), former AAF standout is the guy to play. Note you can probably get him for free after waivers since he's dealing with horrible QB play and the uncertainly of the O. 9/27 EDIT: Nah that ship has passed, you'll need to spend some FAAB on him. Deeper Dive: Nab them before the Rise K.J. Hamler, Broncos WR - People might be more focused on Jerry Jeudy and turned off on Hamler due to his size (5'9) but he was used exactly how I hoped he'd be used; manufactured touches and a presence in the slot. He also played the most snaps of any Denver WR (59/63, 94%). What I didn't think of was the abysmal play of Jeff Driskel killing any chance of productivity/garbage time stats (also known as "Bortles Time"). QB Brett Rypien (possibly related to @Deamon?) looked much better than Driskel did in his limited play and might have a better shot at productivity if he gets a start this week. Hamler probably isn't a play yet unless you're in a deeper league, but his arrow is trending up. That's all I have for now until I do some research.
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    Ran my 5K this morning. Wanted to do this, but wanted to do it for "real" rather than just checking the box and making it a training run. Between schedule and niggles, was concerned, but blah blah stop making excuses. Treated it as a real race where I could pick the course and wear headphones. Went decent - weather was meh, 60s and drizzle, which turned into a semi-downpour for the last 1/2 mile, but I gave it what I had. Stopped watch at 20:15, though if you look at the 3.11 point it was 20:12. Would have liked to be under 20, but for a race with no spectators or competitors, and not having done any speedwork since the FBG mile, I suppose I need to be realistic.
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    We wouldn't have as many injuries if we slowed down these MRI's.
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    She was already looking up plans, comparing elevations to other marathon courses, and talking about everything she will do differently next year. She also realizes that, if she had gone a little slower, she would have definitely had a better time overall, but she wouldn't have learned about that final 10K and been able to learn from it. Instead, it would have been disappointment missing BQ by a few minutes and then next marathon possibly missing due to not being prepared for the final 10K and knowing what it could feel like. As for me, this morning it's sinking in a good bit more. I didn't think about it at the time, but I KNEW that final 8 miles was going to be awful in the condition I was in at that point but I never even considered that I wasn't going to finish. I just knew it was going to take a long time. It was frustrating watching the time tick off and recalculating, seeing how bad it would end up being. But I think on it now and I'm glad I never once thought of walking off the course. As for me, I know there's no substitute for the volume to prepare for this. I know I can do the distance now. And I learned that, even if not a race with hills, I need to incorporate them into my running regularly because they make me stronger. I do feel like I learned a ton from my long runs, how to hydrate, how to fuel, and in general, how to be out there a long time and not fail except for not running at the pace of my training level. Anyway, feel sore but refreshed this morning. Especially mentally. Going to enjoy our last day here and then finally looking forward to the mental break of not training that we haven't had since December.
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    Mrs. and Mrs. @gianmarco both in good spirits and recovering. The better half did great through 17-18, and the rest was a true testament to the cruel mistress that is the marathon.
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    I just paid mine off. With the interest savings (I don't see us itemizing again, so interest savings aren't deductible anymore) combined with my savings rate I'll have my mortgage payoff amount back in the markets by end of 2021. We'll see what the markets do over the next 18 months to see whether I made out. I tell you, though, when I look at my balance sheet and see liabilities at $200 or whatever my CC bill is at the time is a nice feeling. I am completely paid off. Un-#######-touchable.
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    No real surprise, the tax returns show exactly what we already knew, that Trump is a fraud and a criminal. Also no surprise, his supporters will spin this as some sort of hoax or find a way to twist it into a positive. I'm ready to seize the means of production.
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    My dad committed suicide when I was 15. He was into some bad things and things were falling down around him. He was in a cab, shot the cab driver, shot his partner in crime, and turned the gun on himself. It was pretty tough at the time - it made headlines in all the local papers for three days and was all over the news. Makes it pretty tough to go back to high school. Things fell apart with my mom and me, and I ended up moving out when I was 17 and just starting my senior year. We didn't talk for five years, and I worked a bunch of odd jobs during that time just trying to stay afloat. Luckily I decided to go to college and repaired things with my mom and things are pretty good now, but still not quite right. It stays with me to this day. The knock on the door at 6 AM from the police letting us know what happened. The feeling of emptiness knowing I would never see him again. The sadness I often have had throughout my adult life when i just wanted advice from him. Knowing I'll never be able to sit in the back yard and have a beer with him while his grandkids play. It just sucks. Suicide affects so many people - forever. If you're struggling, please get help.
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    My 18 year old son is now a college freshman. The week before we were going to move him in, the two of us went golfing as one last father son outing before he left. I'm a hack and have a 20 year old set of clubs. The only club I have that is not is a hybrid iron a friend of my dad made and gave to me (he's since died of cancer, so I have an illogical attachment to the club). I use it a lot since I can't hit my irons very far. Play on the course was slow, so we had a few times we were just sitting in the cart waiting for the group in front of us. We had a few talks, women, alcohol, stuff like that. It was a good time. I slice a tee shot into the rough (again), and pulled out the trusty hybrid. I miss hit it again, and get back in the cart. My son looks at me with a thoughtful look on his face and says: "You know dad, when I'm older and married, I hope I am as forgiving with my kids as you are with that club."
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    As suspected, it was one of these two. Now 14 and 16, they have been getting in a #### ton of trouble in 2020. We have had some serious issues with both of them. Both of them lie straight to our faces, even when caught in their lies. It's been a rough year all around, and in reality, the case of the missing rabbit is the least of our worries. Prior to company coming last Friday we were putting clean sheets on all the beds in the house. We found the rabbit, *and* the charger (😮) on the floor between the bed and the wall in the 14 y.o.'s room. This is new territory for me, so I (we) had no idea how to handle it. She has been at her mom's house since last Friday morning, right before we found it. My girlfriend was planning on talking to her when she came back (and she will) but in reality neither of us have any idea what to say. The 14 y.o. had lost all phone access until her mom gave it back to her yesterday in a limited capacity. So, being the awesome dad that I am, I took advantage of the opportunity today. LINK
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    Ran my Boston marathon. I’ve been running slow and pretty irregularly for the past couple months due to a glute strain. I’ve had one 10 mile run in the last couple months so i had no idea how it would go. i decided to run easy until i couldn’t run any more. I ran a 2:09 first half and 2:02 second half for a 4:11. I definitely could have run faster but I’m here and my glute is seemingly ok, so that’s a win. I’m more confident of being able to pace Harrisburg marathon in November. Any chance @pbm107 would run it just to run a real race?
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    Just a quick update: Feel really good. Yesterday I felt back to normal and legs finally weren't too sore. It was mostly my quads (stairs and toilet were a #####), but my right knee from my IT band was still wonky for the first 2 days. Leg kind of gave out a couple times over those first couple days but now it's all good. Mentally, I hate my time but I realize that it's ok and we finished a marathon. Similarly, my wife is happy and knows she gave her all. She just wasn't in shape to hit that time on that course. I'm glad she is looking at it the way that she is. I felt like I could go run yesterday but schedule just didn't permit it. It's so nice and relaxing to finally not have to worry about getting out for training. Over the next 2-3 months, I'm going to focus on getting weight back down to 190 (currently 202 this morning). In an attempt to stay fueled through all of it, I think I was too heavy for the race and feel much better at 195 or lower. Will also get back to lifting weights that I gave up over the last couple months as I focused on the race. Plus, I have my surgery coming up in a month that will shelf me for at least 2-3 weeks, so no point in trying to go crazy this month as I'm just going to lose it anyway. I'll probably get back out there at 20-25 mpw soon and then by mid November/early Dec start some base training again with some more MAF focus including hills.
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    I went through this thread and counted 67 entries to make @Joe Bryant noon ET cut off. Here they are, by page number of this thread: 1 - @dbc925 2 - @-OZ- @Milkman @Stray Doug @barackdhouse 3 - @Payne 4 - @Stinkin Ref 5 - @sg419 @Drunken Cowboy 6 - none 7 - @TheWinz @Deamon @Dacomish @Hot Sauce Guy 8 - @Mingooch @BroadwayG @da_budman @Solomon Grundy @reflint @cstruk @nightmare 9 - @Galileo @The Man With No Name @neal cassady @Steeler @GroveDiesel @Ignoratio Elenchi @coltsuperfan @Shaunz33 @Sweet Love @Longtucky Lemmings @bcnfinance @gobrowns33 @rockaction @Stephen Holloway @Genester @rick6668 @stuckinthemuck @Tha Guru @Raging weasel @Go DC Yourself @ajm27501 @mrmits @bro1ncos @Grid71 10 - @Brook Jacoby @IHEARTFF @zed2283 @Kujjie @apalmer @Maggot Brain @madzff @mphtrilogy @ConstruxBoy @Titans_fan @BillyJoeBob @4th&inches @QuizGuy66 @themeanmachine @Synthesizer @wombat104 @AwesomeAuger @Dreamer @fbomb @BassNBrew @scoobus @SeniorVBDStudent @Rhythmdoctor I did not continue on after Joe announced the timer had expired, so if you have changed your lineup since then, you are out of the running for the additional prizes. Did I miss anyone?
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    I haven't (and won't) share a lot of details here but FatGuy and some others can attest I have a lot of experience in this area. Here is my advice for this specific situation. Do NOT tell Cameron to tone it down. Your support means everything to him and he needs to know that you accept his male gender identity as intrinsic to who he is, 100% of the time, everywhere he goes. You don't accept him as a male except when it's inconvenient or might bother others. You accept him as a man. If you don't listen to any more of my advice, listen to this. Second, I would not let the chips fall where they may. What if things go really badly, and now you've exposed your 14-year-old kid to a difficult, potentially upsetting situation. Also, think about the religious family. This is probably going to be hard for them to grapple with, even in the best of circumstances, which would be that you (or your wife) call certain key family members, explain Cameron's situation, make it clear that you support him unequivocally, and that if they have any issues with that, they need to discuss them with you, not your teenager. For him to just show up as a guy without giving them any advance notice, particularly at a high stakes family gathering like a wedding, probably isn't going to go well. Even the best-intentioned family members would naturally wonder what's up. And less well-intentioned people might make a thing out of it. If this is a difficult conversation for you (or your wife) to have, which it often is, imagine how difficult it would be for a 14-year-old to have to explain it to an unsympathetic adult. Just my two cents. Feel free to Message me if it's at all helpful to talk more about this or any other issue. Sounds like you are doing an amazing job!
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    I honestly think Trump would be a slight favorite for reelection if he had taken covid seriously from the get-go. I know this is a morbid way of putting it, but this pandemic was a gift handed to Trump on a silver platter, and he screwed it up. Of course, screwing up the easy stuff is kind of Trump's MO so none of this should really be surprising.
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    Might as well give y’all a coupon code too. I know a guy. FBG10 will knock 10% off of your cart.
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    As promised, here are the pics of the shirts and swag sent by @krista4 Lake Chelan Hat, Stehekin Mountain Shirt & 6 month Onesie - Isn't she lovely Krista went a "most obscure location" quest to get this shirt, which is only accessible by a difficult hike or a ferry. Very cool. Jets Dress - Pic This is for 18 months so it will be ready to go for the 2021 season Pourhouse - Shirt & Glassware Slippery Pig - Front & Glassware / Back Freemont Brewing - Front & Slap-Koozy / Back Highside Distilling - Front / Back Valholl Brewing - Front / Back & Sticker Quimper Sound Records - Front / Back Rainy Daze Brewing - Shirt & Sticker Again, thank you for the thoughtful package, Krista!
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    Some random updates on my training: You may recall that I shut things down to zero activity during May and June. I packed on my COVID 19 on the scales wallowing in my injury and quarantine limitations. So, when I started cycling at the start of July it was nice just to be doing something and I continue to have appreciation for any activity I can do. Since July, I've been pretty regular about bumping up the mileage and I've also added in the elliptical which is good to be able to cross train and have something for rainy days. Calf/knee injury wise - the bad news is that I'm still pretty sure that I won't run again. I can feel pain within a few footsteps if I try running (which I never experienced last few years). Good news is that cycling and elliptical have pretty minimal impact on it. I still get sore and I'm aware that the joint doesn't like to go in certain directions, but on a day-by-day basis it's minor and not getting worse as I ramp up activity levels. Comparing running v. cycling: If I was 100% healthy, I'd probably prefer running. I like that there is no preparation with running - just you and the ground. Running also is more mentally relaxing as you are rarely worrying about braking, turns etc. But, I am finding that cycling can be more fun. In running, if I got into groove on a long run, it was an awesome feeling. Cycling has more of these moments - when you get the bike humming, it's a blast. What I loved about running was the satisfaction from pushing yourself more than you thought the body was able to. After several weeks now, I'm able to get this from the bike too. Another tough thing with the bike is that I have less natural ability than running, so I feel like I'm starting out as a rookie. I'm making some good progress for me. In July, if I had a single 5 mile lap at 20:00, I was happy that I was moving that fast. Now, 20:00 is a disappointment that I'm not keeping pace. Anyway, I know from running that you can drive yourself crazy having time goals, so it's much better just to have mileage aspirations knowing that times will fall. I've also noted that in running, lungs were always my rate limiting thing. In biking, quads are going to flame up long before my lungs do. When I was running, every single activity that you saw on Strava was the maximum that my knee would allow. Intrinsic motivation was never a limit. Now that the knee isn't a limiter, my activities are now how much I feel like doing vs. hours allowed in my schedule. I haven't gone full cyclist yet - no bike shorts, no obnoxious tight shirts and still using toe cage instead of clips. But, I do have gel shorts in my Amazon cart after having my ### go totally sore on yesterday's long ride. I also have already bought an indoor trainer before these things sell out. Sorry for my non-running ramblings in the 10K thread, but thought some might relate.