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    2019 Chicago Marathon Race Report As I wrote earlier, I wasn’t really sure what to expect for this one. It was my 13th marathon (not counting three DNFs) but the first one that I wasn’t going to attempt a PR. Nagging injuries limited my training from pushing mileage and pushing speed like I would have liked to. I got close, but never quite there. I wanted to be fluid on a race plan and I didn’t really think about it much beforehand. However, I had decided I would try to hang with the 3:00 pace group to start and adjust faster or slower from there based on heart rate and how I was feeling. Weather was good -- 40s throughout. It was windy, particularly later in the race. The wind mostly came out of the west which we faced mostly in the middle of the race but there were some horribly strong wind gusts that we faced coming from the north during the last few miles. Going in, I was worried that I messed up my nutrition plan. I couldn’t stomach as many calories as I wanted to Saturday somehow filling myself up on 450 calories of creamer potatoes. I woke up at 3:30 Sunday morning to get more calories in but felt nauseous eating some raisin bran. During the race, I had a GU at 5, 10 and 15 miles and then a Gatorade gel that they handed out at 18.5. I also took Gatorade at about half the stops just to add more calories. It was cool enough that I wasn’t worried about hydration and the Gatorade would probably be enough. GPS doesn’t work well in downtown Chicago so I’ll give you official 5K splits. 5K 20:35 6:38 pace I didn’t warm up so it was difficult to run on creaky legs that first mile. Surprisingly, I still ran pretty fast. I had to pass a lot of people in the beginning because I wanted to find the 3:00 pace group that would be up ahead. I finally caught them around the 2 mile mark. 10K 21:14 6:50 pace There were lots of people running with the pace group so it was often tight quarters. I don’t like the stress of being constantly on guard of being tripped or nudged. I was also running tangents poorly and too often seemed to be on the outside making turns. On the other hand, it was nice to not be concerned with pace and just follow along. 15K 21:07 6:48 pace I was pleased that my heart rate was mostly staying a hair under 150. If it was much higher at this point, it would be a danger warning sign for me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t say I was feeling good but I wasn’t feeling bad either. 20K 21:05 6:51 pace About the same as previous 5K. 25K 21:35 6:57 pace This section included the halfway point which I clocked in at 1:28:50. Looking back, I’m surprised this is a slower 5K pace. I accidentally got ahead of the pace group but rolled with it. I wasn’t far ahead but I had assumed I was picking up the pace a little. This was largely an against the wind section so maybe they slowed a little accordingly? Maybe they felt they were too fast at the half? I don’t know. I was feeling my groin/abductor pain at this point but pain was at a manageable level. 30K 21:17 6:51 pace I stayed ahead of the pace group the rest of the way although they must not have been that far behind. My heart rate started to creep up in the 150s. I was concerned about that and I steadily felt more and more tired. I still felt reasonably OK but I was worried I’d bonk in the near future. 35K 21:13 6:50 pace I passed the 20 mile point here and still felt OK. I started seeing walkers and was consistently passing people who had started to slow. My heart rate got up to 160 here maintaining the same pace and I think my glycogen levels were about on empty. 40K 21:15 6:51 pace Here was the point that each mile seemingly took forever and was a real struggle. Heart rate went over 160 which is normally in half-marathon/tempo pace for me. Remaining 2.16K 7:08 pace As I mentioned, I ran into some terrible wind gusts here and it was really hard. I was definitely bonked. My pace slowed but I didn’t care. I knew I had time banked for sub 3:00 and that was fine with me. Final time: 2:59:10. Overall 1,829/45,962. 151 out of over 3,000 (can find official AG total) in age group.
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    at any Trump supporter who tries to make her lies in to something big.
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    This past week was tough. My wife and I had the grandkids for 6 days. Holy crap did that remind me how old I'm getting. Navigating a 2 month old and a 2 year old is draining. Especially when the 2 month old doesn't sleep through the night yet. Plus my wife came down with something half way through the week. It did provide some awesome moments though. One of the nights as I was sitting up at 3 am feeding my granddaughter I had a flashback in my mind to a similar moment with my daughter 26 years ago. Life comes at you fast and sometimes you don't get many opportunities to slow down and enjoy the moment. At that moment it was just me and these little blue eyes staring at me and her little hands holding onto my fingers. I never wanted it to end. My daughter in law has been pretty stressed recently as can be imagined. With the emotional roller coaster of having a newborn, chasing a 2 year old around and trying to run a household by herself we noticed she was become more short with her patience with the boy. He is a handful and as every other 2 year old, tries to find ways to kill himself pretty much every moment you take your eyes off him. My wife had a talk with the daughter in law and reminded her that we are here for her and to please, please don't hesitate to ask for help. She is a proud woman and doesn't want to take advantage of us. We have to remind her from time to time that she is not in this alone. My sons orders have changed a few times since he arrived on a base in the US before he shipped off. Drove my wife crazy as the rules and time frames for sending packages kept changing. At one point they said that it would take 2 months for anything to make it to him from US. Now I think it is down to a month. She wants to make sure that he gets packages intended for Christmas you know, before Christmas. My wife is amazing through all this. She really is. She breaks down to me every now and then, but otherwise she shows an iron wall of strength for the daughter in law. She made a "deployment" wall downstairs in the family room. It has a couple clocks on the wall one with "our time" and one with "His time". Pictures of him and his unit. A map with pins on it showing where we are, where he is.. She put together a couple large glass containers there. One is full of army guys. The other was empty. Our grandson goes down there every day to "move a daddy". When the one is empty, he has come home. I take care of his dogs... the lawn... his truck... Pretty much everything he can't. It takes a couple hours each week to mow our yard and our yard. I guess it's good exercise. The kids are over every day for dinner. Momma and them come over after work and stay until it is time for the little one's bed time. It's draining. And we are just getting started. I was at the store with my grandson buying some things for "daddy". When we were walking out to the car together he looked at me and said "Paw-paw? When dadda coming home?" It was hard to hold back the tears for the little guy. Hopefully he will be home in time for Thanksgiving next year. When I walked through his house today to let his dogs out I paused at the big wall decal they have on the wall. It reads: IN THIS HOUSE WE DO DOG TAGS WE DO REAL WE DO LAST MINUTE WE DO DEPLOYMENTS WE DO CARE PACKAGES WE DO MISSED OCCASIONS WE DO PATRIOTIC WE DO HARD TIMES WE DO SLEEPING BY THE PHONE WE DO HURRY UP & WAIT WE DO LOVE WE DO ARMY STRONG As I read through the this a tear rolled down my cheek and I was glad that I was alone. Thanks for letting me share here. I've never been good at sharing my feelings and emotions in real life..
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    Just a grab bag of things that jumped out at me this week: ***EDITED: In week 3 we had two games mislabeled in terms of their opponents, and this skewed the target share %'s for DET, HOU, LAC, and PHI (sent all players' shares artificially lower). All other data was unimpacted, but this did impact some of other players' rankings. Everything is corrected now below. These updates will be on the site shortly as well. Risers and Fallers Greg Olsen hoovered up a full one-third of new QB Allen's passes, a big increase from week 2's 20.8% market share Even better: the average accuracy of those Allen targets was 85.7%, whereas the Cam targets were only 47.4% accurate Deandre Hopkins has seen his target share fall every week: from 51.7% to 29.6% to 20.6% Michael Thomas saw his target share fall from 43.3% in week 2 to 28% in the first week of Bridgewater game plan Alvin Kamara meanwhile jumped from 10% target share in week 2 to 36% in week 3. Evan Engram's target share seemed unaffected by the Barkley injury OR the QB change. Sterling Shepard saw his target share rise with Jones, from approx 16% in weeks 1-2 to 25.7% in week 3 Darius Slayton went targetless in weeks 1-2 (did he even play?), and again in Q1 this week, but then drew 5 targets (14.3% share) Preston Williams was Josh Rosen's favorite target this week, and already has more Rosen targets than he does Fitz targets SOURCE: Overall Ranks Keenan Allen leads the league in target share with 36.9% Michael Thomas is still second - for now - with 34.8% share Hopkins is still third at 33.3% despite the 3-week trend Darren Waller is fifth in the league with an astounding 30.5% market share Adam Thielen is fourth in the league at 31.5% share - but on only 17 targets! (Compared to Thomas' 32 and Waller's 29) Devante Parker, Keenan Allen, and Mike Evans lead the lead in INACCURATE targets, at 13 apiece. Should we be considering this? Poor Devante Parker. 16 inaccurate targets and... 19 TOTAL targets. The man has been thrown THREE accurate passes! Of receivers with 10 targets minimum, Devante Parker DOES lead the league in median target depth (18.0) As median target depth goes up, accuracy of target unsurprisingly goes down. ...Unless you're Demarcus Robinson, that is (14.5 median depth, 83.3% accurate). Austin Ekeler leads the league in YAC (226). His Air Yards? -17. On obvious passing downs, the go-to receivers are Kupp and Golladay (17 tgts), Julio (15), Keenan and OBJ (14). SOURCE: I suspect I could find many more things share-worthy but I do have to get back to my day job If you find cool things though, share them in this thread! I'd love to see what others find. MODS: as I said in other threads, this is a side project/hobby, and I never intend to charge for it. It's (hopefully) good advertising for my company's business data consulting services, but there's no intention to make money off the football crowd. I'm a longtime subscriber (rcollie, look me up) and in all seriousness owe my career in data to Joe Bryant's VBD article many years ago. Much love.
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    See, what you Trumpophiles (apparently still) fail to grasp is that when the President straight-up brags about manipulating foreign policy for his own personal gain, how can you ever be sure why he does anything? To unquestioningly assume something "is being done to help us long term" is hopelessly, dangerously naive. Remember that meeting with the Russian Ambassador way back in 2017 when he kicked out all the American reporters? We already knew he bragged about firing Comey and gave them highly-classified info (yes I know he can declassify anything he wants, the question is why), now we find out he also said their meddling in the election didn't bother him a bit ha ha ha.. Yes, that very same meddling that he's steadfastly denied ever happening until this week was just another lie tailored just for you, @Don't Noonan. Of course, anyone who expressed alarm at his canoodling with the enemy at the time was called a snowflake with Trump Derangement Syndrome making a big deal out of a nothing burger because Hillary lost the election, right? Riddle me this, If Trump knew the Russians had meddled in the election all along (as anyone with a brain concluded long ago), why did he (and does he) express doubt about Russia's involvement, most notably while standing right next to Putin in Helsinki? Was that "being done to help us long term?" Yet again, you and your band of America-Firsters laughed and mocked anyone who felt concerned, even after he kicked everyone out of the room to meet with Putin alone for two hours, which in and of itself a serious breech of protocol (for reasons that should now be obvious). You just now tried to pass off the ol' nothing burger "insult" again, repeating the well-worn Republican meme that Democrats should be ashamed of the Russia investigation, something that you'd like everyone to believe turned out to be nothing. It only turned into "nothing" because you and your ilk refused to take any of it seriously and aided and abetted Trump's attempts to lie and smear his way out of it. Congrats on helping a traitor get off so he could continue damaging the country, I guess. Did you miss the part in the (Trump-approved version of the) Ukrainian call where he laughed and boasted about his ability to act with impunity now that the Russia investigation was over? And how, now emboldened, he was free to use all the powers of the Executive to rig the next election as well? He even asked for emails again. Right in front of your face. Collusion in the flesh (though I'm sure you'll still deny it). Right next to the unedited Ukrainian transcript on the tippy-top secret server sit Volumes II and III: Vladimir and Saudi Arabia (and god knows what else). Which is more likely: Trump lifting Russian sanctions and excusing the murder of a journalist out of his sincere and long-held passion for rooting out corruption, or simply him getting paid? I'd suggest toning down the nothing burger language for a bit. You're only insulting yourself.
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    Our Motto - "We Know a Fraud or Two because We've Seen a Fraud or Two"
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    Imagine still trying to argue with those still defending Trump as though something you say is going to make them see the light after 2 years.
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    This isn't about winning or losing. If Trump is removed from office, Hillary doesn't become president -- Pence does. Maybe he runs in 2020, or maybe Republicans pick a better candidate this time on an abbreviated schedule. The issue here is that the president conspired with a foreign government to dig up dirt on a political rival. That's an abuse of office by anybody's standard. If that sort of thing doesn't warrant removal from office, then literally nothing does. Things like "How should we enforce our immigration laws?" and "What should be our foreign policy with regards to Yemen" are policy questions that we elect people to office to answer -- nobody who lives outside the distant fever swamps of the internet sees those issues as mixed up in the impeachment process. "How can I enlist the aid of a foreign country to undermine our electoral process?" is a fundamentally different issue, which is why impeachment is now on the table.
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    Agreed. Anyone who has dedicated their life to truth, justice, the rule of law, and has sworn an oath to the Constitution is anti-Trump.
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    Off to Hell! Michigan, that is, for the Dances With Dirt relay on Saturday with @2Young2BBald and the boys.
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    Inexplicable weight loss from yesterday to today. Down to 264.6. Has to be water weight. Still, it was an encouraging moment on the scale. At any rate I feel I am off of the plateau on which I was stuck for three weeks, essentially. That's good. Get this moving in the right direction again. 311 on July 4. 264.6 on October 18, 46.4 pounds. 65 to go, more or less. With any kind of consistent resolve I make that by Christmas 2020.
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    Giuliani doesn’t work for our government. What gives him the right to ignore a subpoena? Seriously, send his ### to jail. I’m sick of this ####.
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    OK, after reading the true #BMFs like @pbm107 and @gruecd talk about their killer training runs, I feel a little less proud of mine today, but I'll post anyway. TL;DR: New shoes, Naproxen, and less butt pain meant I unofficially PR'd a bunch of distances and had my best training run in months. Procrastinating at work version: It was a fantastic run. 5C (41F). Fairly strong wind (20kph/13mph) out of the west which messed with my paces a bit, but was great to keep me cool. As you guys know (I haven't shut up about it), my right glute (likely piriformis) has been giving me major issues lately. But on a whim I changed shoes, since my On Cloudflyers had 800K on them, and it was probably the one day a year had the narrow ("B") version of the Brooks Ghost 11 in-stock. And when I ran on those same model shoes (not the narrow version) in the past, I didn't have the butt pain. Correlation = causation, right??? So today was my second run with the new shoes and, combined with a Naproxen taken last night, things were grand. The plan was to go out with a quick warm-up and then go at HMP as far as my butt would take me. Turns out that was the whole run. Lately after 10K, my butt would be screaming bloody murder at me but this time it was only grumbling a bit at 20K. And no mid-run poop! Unoffical PRs for 10K, 10mi, 15K, & 20K. Had I run 700 meters more, I would have been very close to my 99.x-minute HM goal. For a training run. Starting to feel good about that goal now, especially if I do my taper right, load-up on Naproxen, and put in a good race effort. The other change I've made to my habits is that I'm targeting 150-200g of protein a day. Way up from my normal consumption. Bought some whey protein and trying to take in about 50-70g after every run now. Prior to that, I'd only take in 20g -- hours after the run. I'm hoping to build some muscle mass as that's been a lifelong challenge for me. So anyways, today I might be approaching @The Iguana territory in terms of training mania. You can now return to your regularly-scheduled #BMFery.
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    For those of you saying, well, it's just a tree... come on. A 50 year old tree is no joke. I'd be pissed as hell if my neighbor accidentally cut down my 50 foot oak tree that has been there since 1967.
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    I feel like I've provided more thought-provoking value to this thread today than a whole group of other posters (who shall remain nameless) put together, but I'm obviously biased. Nevertheless, I'll happily take the ban if it means the never-ending whining about biased moderation will stop. Who am I kidding it never will (see my post above), but embracing the possibility is the least I can do considering all the years of entertainment I've derived from this place. See ya around, fellas. Most of the time it was a hoot
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    The fact that the country cannot agree that the alleged act should, if true, lead to impeachment is so ridiculous I wouldn’t have believed it ten years ago.
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    The latest polls are in and I've got to admit, unfortunately, that they're looking good for trump.
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    Nailed my run this morning - 14.1 miles at 10:37. I’m tired but excited -get to my car, no car key . It must have fallen out during the run and I have no clue where. I’m supposed to be picking up my daughter in 10 minutes and my wife is 30 minutes away. So I start walking back to the visitor center at the trail I ran and there’s like 50 people in walking around - I’m pissed at myself and all of a sudden an old guy walks up to me and says, “did you lose a key?” Me: “YES!”. I’m stunned - he said he saw me running and thought it was me. MY GUARDIAN ANGEL! Now back to
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    I think most Democrats would view President Kasich In 2021 as a major victory for America.
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    Honestly the first mistake in his Presidency so I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.
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    "Ukraine’s president is being dubbed 'Monica Zelensky' at home"
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    You don't get to decide what everyone else discusses.... great job mucking up another thread with your attempts at another gotcha. You two are like a ####### miserably married couple of 50 years. Can you both just put each other on ignore please?
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    I am getting fit. Clicked off 8 miles last night and it was pretty smooth. 9:42 pace. 155 HR. Looked at a similar run from the same week last October. Did 7 miles. 9:55 pace. 155 HR. Weather was similar. Feeling pretty good overall leading into the half training cycle coming up. I have basically 6 weeks before I hit that program hard. It appears I am past the mental slog post marathon. I am finally wanting to run again. Another 30 mile week for this week, and that’s the plan until the end of November. Then, shovel time.
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    You and @HellToupee should get to the bottom of this
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    Here is a pic of the big screen with them asking me the question, my neighbor snapped the pic. I didn't even know he was at the game and he was sitting on the other side of the stadium! Joe Mammy winning the Glasnow autographed ball for trivia.
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    I know this is the 10k thread but posting it here anyway. No running since Tuesday but that's because I've been off playing mountain man the last few days. Went up to the Appalachian Trail again but went backpacking this time for 3 days/2 nights. First day was hot, middle day was brilliant and relatively cool and then last night was kind of cold up on one of the mountains and then got rain/drizzle overnight and throughout today. Now it wasn't running but I got a hell of a 3-day workout. Day 1 - 13.86 miles; 3,353 ft. elevation; 6h 9m; 38,475 Steps; 219 floors Day 2 - 15.61 miles; 4,305 ft. elevation; 6h 42m; 41,373 Steps; 276 floors Day 3 - 11.14 miles; 2,507 ft. elevation; 4h 28m; 30,184 Steps; 198 floors Total - 40.61 miles; 10,165 ft. elevation; 17h 19m; 110,032 Steps; 693 floors I plan to post a write-up in the hiking thread for anybody interesting in hearing about me seeing a 20-something, severely smelly dude's grundle in the backwoods.
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    The "investigation" team consists of: The President himself, the Attorney General himself, Durham (who does not have a formal appointment inside the usual DOJ criminal division investigation system), talk radio host Seb Gorka, Fox news personality Joe DiGenova and his wife and partner-attorney for several people who were (maybe are) under investigation in the Mueller investigation Victoria Toensing. It's possible they are sharing information with Roger Stone's and Michael Flynn's attorneys. The President and his own AG are working against their own DOJ. That's not an "investigation".
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    I'm starting to think TerminalX is a VP at a construction company who just cut down his neighbor's tree.
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    Matt Taibbi has completely lost it.
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    Awards and notable teams of the week. Strongest Living Team: Last week’s leader, Entry 107906, cleared 200 points again in week 5 and now is averaging 229.47 points per week…which is only good enough for 2nd place. Entry 109548 took the lead by the tiniest margin with an average of 229.48. Strongest Dead Team: Entry 106112, dead since week 3, is averaging 205.31 points per week, good enough for 204th overall. Keep Your Day Job Award: Parrot Head (Entry 110903) had a pretty good week and escaped after a two week run here. The worst team in the contest (not counting 10+ QB gimmick teams) is Entry 105433, averaging a lowly 112.12 points per week. Safest Team: Entry 103256 has cleared the cutoff by at least 63.7 points every week. This is one of four teams that’s scored over 200 every week. Not surprisingly, each of those teams is in the top 20 in this category. Just Skating By Award: I looked at this award two different ways this week: (1) the living team whose BEST week cleared the cutoff by the smallest amount, and (2) the living team with the smallest TOTAL clearance (summing up their weekly clearance over the season). Turns out it’s the same team both ways: Entry 112425 has cleared the bar by a total of 14.40 points (nobody else is under 20). This team’s clearances by week are 2.55, 7.30, 3.25 and 1.30. There are four living teams that have yet to clear the cutoff by 10 points. Steady Eddie Award: Team 111553 is kind of amazing. Here are their scores: 152.95, 153.85, 153.25, 155.50, 154.50. That’s a standard deviation of 1.02, easily the lowest in the contest. Unfortunately, this team is dead because they missed the cutoff by 1.05 points in week 3. The most consistent living team (3rd overall) is MANLYMAN (Entry 108710), with a standard deviation of 3.09. Missed it by That Much Award: Team 111553 inspired this award: which dead team has come the closest to still being alive? Aaaaand it turns out we’re not really ready for this one. There are 7 teams that died by 0.05 points one week and would otherwise still be alive. I’ll revisit this when/if it gets more interesting. Icarus Award: Through 4 weeks, Entry 108717 was sitting in 60th place overall (by average points). But they collapsed to 123.30 this week and died. Nothing in particular brought them low (the zero from Mike Evans certainly didn’t help), just mediocre weeks from most of their players. Notable Teams: QBs: Last week, two of the 25 teams with 8 or more QBs were alive. This week, Entry 106359 died, leaving only Entry 107204 and their 11 QBs remaining. RBs: Sugarbears (Entry 100544), the last surviving 12-RB team, is still with us. WRs: We lost the last 13-WR team this week. Five 12-WR teams remain. TEs: Two of the three 7-TE teams died this week, leaving only Road Rage (Team 104111). PKs: The two remaining 7-PK teams both survived this week: Entry 107296 and Entry 112043. DEFs: Lots of 6-DEF teams still around. And me, you ask? I’m alive and doing great: I’m in 190th overall. More to come later...
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    I’m sick of old white heterosexual men being so angry and resentful. No group of people in history has had the benefits we have. Stop whining already; get the #### over it.
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    Hit the "Sign Up For A Marathon" button
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    64 next week; currently running 60+ miles a week in training for the Marine Corp Marathon in one month (s/b a qualifier for my fourth Boston Marathon in 2021). I have hopes of placing top three in my age group in the MCM. That said, marathons are a love/hate thing, as training becomes rather all-consuming. I still do an annual triathlon as I enjoy the swimming, biking, and all-around fitness from that preparation. Marathon training makes me a very skinny dude. (Just started a thread regarding the fundraising I'm doing at MCM on behalf of The Elk Institute, a non-profit that serves vets dealing with PTSD and other traumas.)
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    This may sound crazy, but I am extremely excited about the weather on Wednesday. Supposed to be 67 in the morning! This will be a huge difference from the usual 77. Thinking about doing my long run Wednesday before work to fully enjoy the benefits. It’s the little things.
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    Mental health problems, get outta here with that bs. I could come up with studies that show not smoking weed leads to mental health problems.
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    A burrito is rolled all the way around. The answer is simply no.
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    Just got back from our trip, I ran out of adjectives on day 3. Breathtaking stuff. I'll post pictures once I go through the 2,000+ the wife and I took. Day 1 - Flew into Phoenix, took the scenic drive through Sedona (Hwy 89A thru Oak Canyon) to Flagstaff. Probably 3-4 hours with stops. If you've never been through Sedona it will stop you in your tracks. Best way to describe it is every place you look is a postcard. Day 2 - On our own, went to Wupatki National Monument & Sunset Crater Volcano National Monument. From there to Meteor Crater National Park and finally off to Winslow, AZ because I was close enough to Stand On a Corner. Busy day but not rushed and was able to hit everything of note around Flagstaff. Finished the day with a trip to Buffalo Park to attempt some stargazing but picked the absolute worst time of the month for that with a full moon. Day 3 - Horshoe Bend & Antelope Canyon Tour with Grand Canyon Tours out of Flagstaff. Felt like it was a little pricey for someone to pretty much drive you around but worth it not having to coordinate everything. Also stopped off at Glen Canyon Dam along the way for lunch. Whatever your tip entails, these should be must stops along the way. Day 4 - Spent the day at the Grand Canyon. Walked the South Rim trail for a couple of miles then drove up to the Desert Watchtower before heading back to Flagstaff. Total of about 6 hours there, great trip for the day. Day 5 - Checked out of Flagstaff and into Sedona. Our hotel had a great view. Just bounced around town getting a feel for the area. Day 6 - Went up to Airport Mesa (right across 89 from our hotel) and tried to hike around some. Wife just isn't up for hiking so threw in the towel about halfway. Still got some good pics of the area but was a little disappointed as this was considered a moderate trail for the area. Day 7 - Given the hiking thing from the day before decided to just drive all over taking in the sites. Saw all the red rocks you could see without going off road. With a little research it doesn't take long to put together a quick itinerary and spend the day driving around Sedona. Stopped at the Chapel of the Holy Cross for a quick pic then off to Boynton Canyon and finally Red Rock Loop Road to get a last shot of some of the picturesque scenery from a different view. Just beautiful countryside almost everywhere you look. Really enjoyed it and was just the right amount of time at each location, never felt rushed and got to see everything on the list (except for the Milky Way but that was on me scheduling trip during a full moon ). Pictures just don't do it all justice. Couple of pics I uploaded earlier today, same spot (Chipolte in Sedona) different days Pic 1, Pic 2. Also my favorite from the Grand Canyon. Was walking the South Rim trail, you round a corner and this view just hits you like a ton of bricks, literally took my breath away. Again, pictures just don't do the majesty and size of the canyon justice.