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    I'm done with chemo, which is a tremendous relief. I won't know whether the cancer has been eradicated until I get some kind of imaging scan. I'm at an increased risk of recurrence for the next few years. Some of the chemo side effects are still with me, and may never go away. I'll just try to get used to them. Nothing too horrible -- as an example, I have constant tingling (and a bit of numbness) in my fingers and toes, making it harder than normal to type or to open jars or twist-off bottle caps. But those complaints are incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things. On the whole, I'm feeling very lucky and good.
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    Hi all. I never thought I would feel lucky to do something as simple as to post in a forum like this, but here I am. On Friday March 3rd, I started getting this pain in my guts. Sort of like the pain you feel after eating really spicy food. But if you know me, I love spicy food and I have an iron stomach. By March 7th, I'd had enough and I took myself to the emergency ward. The emergency doctors at Kaiser tried few tests, but could not find a cause and they sent me home with pain meds. By 6 a.m. on March 9th, my wife woke to me groaning in agony in bed and declared she was taking me back to the emergency ward. On the drive to the hospital I told her that I was definitely getting some surgery today for something. Thankfully, this emergency doctor insisted that I get a CAT scan. Finally, they discovered I had an appendicitis. Now, no one looks forward to surgery, but I couldn't wait! The surgeon informed me that he'd be doing emergency surgery, and that they probably only need two small incisions in my torso to complete the surgery. I awoke two see and 11 inch slice all the way down my torso and 20 staples to hold it all together. Not only that I have an appendicitis, but I had gangrene that was spreading to my colon. Had I waited another day or two I'd be dead. The doctors removed a fist size piece of my colon. What followed was six agonizing days in a hospital room. I couldn't eat because food smelled awful, my guts hurt like I was being punched constantly. I was in so much pain I literally wanted to die. I was in so much pain, I told my beautiful wife not to visit me. Let me say this, if you're doing any lifestyle like drinking or smoking that will eventually bring you to a hospital stay, I suggest you stop. I've never felt so close to hell as I did in that hospital room. I've been recovering for days now, and I don't have to go to work until April 10th. Thank goodness I have enough sick time to cover my pay. I've lost 18 pounds and my mom said well at least you lost some weight. Trust me, I'd rather gained 30 pounds and go through that torture again. It feels good to talk movies and football with you guys again. I know it seems trivial, but I sure did miss it.
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    Just won a charity tournament where the top prize was a seat at the WSOP this year. Pretty excited. I don't think I was ever close to the chip lead until the final 2. Just hung around all night. Probably only 120 or so entrants. Anyway, no real crazy story about how it went down or anything, but was definitely a lot of fun. I have a few questions for those who have played before and wanted to see who else would be playing this year. Do I have to pay taxes on the 10,000 value of the seat? How many days does this actually go for? Any advice/tips for a first time participant?
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    One high schoolish thing I thought of was this... The part of their house facing me has no windows, two story house with aluminum siding. My thought is to buy a dodge ball, and since I am a night owl, go out there twice a month and heave the ball against the siding. I can easily make it back in the house without suspicion. Like this post if you think this is brilliant.
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    My son finished the Crucible this morning. Transforming from a Recruit to a Marine. Incredibly proud. He persevered through pneumonia, viral gastrointestinal infection, and bronchitis. Can't begin to describe the pride I have for him. Thank you to all that served and the parents of those that served.
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    Murder is also enormous issue in society. To clarify, are you telling us to be respectful of a murderer? I will be respectful in not stomping on his grave or making one liners or jokes, but I do not agree that this is a sad ending. I didnt hear anyone refer to the guy who was on a run for murdering an innocent victim on camera "sad" so why is it "sad" that Hernandez killed himself, is he not a convicted murderer? Odin Lloyds ending is sad and the beginning of this tragedy. Hernandez ending is not sad. That is not a one liner or a joke, just how many will feel. I understand your request, but saying this is a "sad" ending is not the word choice I would have used. This wasnt an innocent man who killed himself like many who do, this was a murderer. I hope you are not comparing his suicide to other suicides that are truly sad. This whole sequence of events is a tragedy. I am sure many will have different views, but this is not sad ending for myself.
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    Years ago April 1 was like 80 degrees in Boston. I was outside doing yard work, kids (8, 6, 3 at the time) were in the house. I went inside and yelled "The ice cream man is coming!!!" They came running and I handed them each a dollar on their way out the door, then stayed inside and watched as they danced giddily around on the sidewalk waving their bills, looking left and right for for a truck that never came. They came back in after a couple of minutes, shoulders slumped, and I said "April fools!" They called me a liar, the little one cried, and they all kept the money.
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    Ok. Thought it was time for an update in the Cheeseypoof saga. It's been a little over 9 months since my wife passed. Overall I think I'm doing well. My health is generally ok. My diabetes (diagnosed at the end of November) seems to be under control. My blood sugar is averaging between 105-110 (3 reading a day) and I've lost about 55 pounds since December 1st. Mostly through dietary changes and a little exercise. Work s going good. Have been given supervisory and "management" responsibilities in my group. Those 2 thing have helped to reinvigorate my attitude making it a little less of a grind mentally. My son is good. He just earned his associates degree from culinary school and has matriculated into the bachelors program. Should graduate in July of next year. Starting to get to the point where I'm looking for companionship/relationship. I mentioned earlier in the thread that I joined Match.com. Went on 1 "date" way back in November. She was a nice woman, but I quickly came to the realization that it was way to soon (it was around 20 weeks). After that I just didn't bother, although I kept my account active. I think I may have an opportunity to pursue a potential relationship with a friend that I've known for a long time. She currently is in a relationship with a guy. They are living together in her house but based upon what she told me last week, she is very dissatisfied with the relationship and is thinking of ending it. I've convinced myself that if she does break up with him I'm going to pursue a relationship. We've know each other for almost 28 years (we used to work together, she was in our wedding and we were in hers, etc.). From my perspective we've always had a very solid friendship, even if we didn't see each other very frequently, when we did it was always very natural. I've always been attracted to her but we've never been single and unattached at the same time. We had dinner last week where she related her issues with her current relationship. The tone and vibe I got from the discussion was just different than previous talks we've had (it's not really quantifiable, just seemed different to me). So I've been wrestling with many emotions over the past week (is it too soon, am I disrespecting my wife if I pursue this, what will other people think, and I reading to much into what's going on because I want ti, etc.) I've convinced myself to go for it if the opportunity arises and she breaks up with the current guy. Ultimately it came down to what have I got to lose. I'm no worse off than I am now if she says no. So I'm trying to be patient while she sorts through her own relationship issues. I'm cautiously optimistic that this will work out in my favor, but still trying to remain realistic. Of course the pace of this may make Nathan R. Jessup's Marissa thread seem like speed dating. LOL Thanks, Cheeseypoof
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    A plane catches on fire. Smoke inhalation kills both pilots and almost all of the passengers, and only four remain - with only three parachutes as they plummet to their deaths. The first passenger, Hillary Clinton, grabs a parachute and says "I'm Hillary G###### Clinton, and I am not dying today." She jumps out to skydive to safety. The second passenger, Donald Trump, says "I am the smartest, greatest, most amazing President in the history of this country, and the people need me." He jumps out to skydive to safety. The third passenger, Bernie Sanders, turns to the fourth, a teenage boy, and says "Kid, my life is almost over. You're the next generation who can fight for equality and peace. The world needs you more than it needs me, now" and hands him the parachute. The kid looks at Bernie and says, "Bernie, there's still a parachute for you. The smartest, greatest, most amazing President in the history of this country grabbed my backpack."
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    Guy # 7 -- that dude who has a $hit-habit rolodex of everyone at his job
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    I'll happily get dragged off my next flight for the lawsuit that is sure to come from this...
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    Take them to the Greyhound station and offer them to the sketchiest looking person you can find. "Take 'em, I can't do this anymore." My mom did that and it still makes me laugh all these years later. I wonder how she's doing.
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    Noticed doing taxes last night that my w2 was about 5.5% short of the salary we'd agreed upon when I started a year and a half ago. Brought it up with the owner today. He apologized profusely. Said he would make up the difference for the entire year and a half on my next paycheck. Also gave me an 11% raise on top of it and said things like "I am really lucky to have you and want to make sure you're happy" and "even with your health problems this last year you've done an outstanding job." Good times in the ninja household. Tonight we eat steak.
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    Suicide due to depression and deeply personal reasons is tragic. Suicide because you're too much of a ##### to face life in prison after killing someone else in cold blood is not.
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    I may be the only putz standing on this island, but I've said it in other threads (or maybe this one) and I'll say it again. Why do we need to evaluate each individual episode of a show like this? This show tells a long story. Critiquing a single episode to me feels like reading a book and talking about how a certain paragraph was boring. They have to get from A to B in a way that feels authentic in order to keep the viewer immersed. If Mike saw the note on his windshield, looked to the sky and muttered "Fring...." and then drove Los Pollos Hermanos, would that be ideal for you? No explanation of how he knew, but hey - it moves the story along faster! I can't figure out why someone who complains incessantly about the pacing is even watching this show. The beauty is in the details. The development that makes these characters memorable takes time. Before someone posts something like "Well, why not show Mike brushing his teeth for 2 full minutes, it would help develop the character?", there wasn't a wasted shot or overblown scene in that whole episode. They showed you exactly what you needed to see, nothing more, nothing less. If it thoroughly bored you, you really should be watching something else. Also, the faster we get to Jimmy becoming Saul, the sooner the show ends. Personally, I'm in no hurry to get to the finish line.
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    I have the ability to turn in the shower and face different directions.
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    The immigration issue is a canard aimed at low information voters so tax cuts for billionaires can continue apace.
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    Sad ending to a tragic story. Please be respectful with comments here. Sexual abuse is an enormous issue in society. Please do not use this space for jokes or one liners. Thanks. T
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    Yo dawg, I heard you like crows so I had a murder commit a murder...
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    Premiere went really well last Saturday. I've been talking with a major distributor every day since, Today we did a conference call with the Director, Producer and me on my side and the agent, the beancounter and the lawyer on the other side. They said they expected to get an offer to me this evening. First the first time ever, I am literally waiting with bated breath.
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    America gets more secular every day. The point that is coming is all religion will be seen as outdated and unimportant. Can't happen soon enough either.
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    OMG this worked so well just now. Almost too well. I told my wife about a few of the ideas in here and she thought this one sounded really funny, so we decided to try it out today. We both agreed she had to be the one, since she's more likely to yell and be upset that the last person didn't replace the tp. She screams out that there's no toilet paper and asks/demands for someone to get her some. I give my 17 y.o daughter an accusatory look (she does use a lot), she protests and claims to replace it every time, and I say, "Alright, well just go get her some, ok?" So she stomps off already grumpy. They make the transition, door closes, there's a pause, and then her soft voice... "Wait... what? What is... ummmmmm...... ewwwwwwwwwww." This is where I started feeling a little bad because she was being so nice. She obviously didn't want to scream and embarrass her mom. Then a panicked, "Dad?" and I hear her run off to the kitchen sink. This whole time I'm in the next room with my phone recording, but I can't come out and get a good picture of her because I'm cracking up. I peek out and she's furiously washing her hand, and it's when I hear her say "I got... on my... help!" that I realize she's crying. Wife comes out then and realizes it, too, and yells that it's only Nutella, it's only Nutella. I'm still cracking up and yell "April Fools!" but by this time, daughter is running upstairs crying, wife is chasing after her saying she's sorry and gives me a look that instantly conveys her regret for having done this, how she feels like an awful person and the worst mother ever, and how it's all my fault. All at once. I can't stop cracking up.
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    A lot has been made of Trump living out a poor person's fantasy of a rich person's life, down to the gold fixtures in his homes and his name in gold on everything he owns. But Trump becoming President is deeper than that. He's a dumb person's fantasy of how smart people think: all the "I know more about ISIS than the generals", "We're gonna get rid of Obamacare and replace it with something better", "I'm the only one who can fix this, believe me" and all that bull####. And to top it all off, he's a weak person's fantasy of how strong people act: all the bullying and name-calling, surrounding himself with generals and billionaires, wondering aloud why we haven't used all these nukes we've built, handing Germany a bill for all the money they "owe" NATO and all that bull####. That's how he got the underclass to carry his fake-### water for him, and since he's also a con man who conned them, it's one of the toughest relationships to break because getting someone to admit they were conned is really difficult even with a pile of evidence in front of them.
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    OK, the Preakness story is going to take forever to remember/write, so that one is going to kind of be the piece de resistance of this thread, but I have a few minutes today, so here comes : Daytona '02 : The Return of Barry (You may remember Barry from the Key West story, if not, feel free to go read that one again to refresh your memory and then come back. This story takes place within a few weeks of that one and involves the same cast : myself, Barry, and my brother Yams.) This one is what I would consider "B" material, but here goes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Not long after the Key West trip, Yams, Barry and I went out to Daytona for an overnight to see the band Tool at the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach. We drove out early afternoon from Melbourne and checked into our motel room and immediately begin drinking beers. We probably plowed through a 12-pack in about an hour and then struck out onto the "boardwalk" and started walking. Before long, we came to an arcade that sold 32 oz beers, so we went in and started playing Skeeball and drinking even more aggressively. At one point, a couple of quarts in, Yams suggested a 32 oz beer chug-off. Not wanting to back down from a challenge, I agreed to compete - Barry backed out. Barry gives us the "Ready......set.......go !" command and we're off. About halfway through chugging the beer, my stomach gives me the warning signal - "stop now or I'm not responsible for what comes next..." Just then, I hear Barry narrating : "I think [EG] is in the lead by roughly 4.5 ounces...." so I push through and keep chugging. I get about 3/4 of the way through it and the warning is now a blaring siren : "STOP DRINKING NOW." I stop for a moment and kind of throw my head back and wiggle around a bit like Joey Chestnut on July 4th, trying to create room and/or bring up air. As I'm doing this, Barry is yelling : "AND YAMS IS CATCHING UP ! YAMS MAY BE IN THE LEAD ! [EG] IS GETTING A STANDING 8 COUNT !" So naturally, I dig back in and finish the rest of the beer. I end up beating Yams by about a second and a half and am in the midst of receiving the spoils of victory when all of this beer decides to make a hasty escape from its prison and FAST. I run out to the boardwalk and begin vomiting up beer (still ice cold) into a large metal garbage can just outside the arcade. Now, it's roughly 3:30 in the afternoon - families with children are all over the boardwalk and people are sitting there at picnic tables eating cheesesteaks as I regurgitate merely feet away. I hear Yams and Barry laughing hysterically and Yams begins taking photos of it with his camera phone (a relatively new phenomenon back then.) He took about 15 pictures, which were fun to watch in a sort of time-lapse video later, especially with the horrified looks of parents in the background, picking up their families and food and moving to other tables. After this, we decide it's probably best to move to a new location, so we walk a few blocks off the main drag to a place called the Oyster Pub. We settle into a table there and I immediately order 3 beers and 3 Jager shots. Barry sighs in resignation as he realizes the trajectory this afternoon is taking. We eat a little bit and go through three rounds of pints and Jagers when the waitress comes by and asks if we need anything else. Simultaneously, Barry says : "No just the check" as I say : "Yes, 6 more Jagers !" The waitress just kind of looks at us, puzzled, and walks away. Barry says to me : "I wonder if she listened to me or to you..." I replied : "Well, let's see, one of us wants to close the check, one of us wants to inflate it by $30, which means roughly $6 more in her pocket. I wonder who she listened to." Naturally, it was me and 6 more Jagers land on the table. Barry, already half in the bag, reluctantly drinks 2 shots, Yams and I do the same. Barry mutters : "Jesus Christ, I am f#$%ing wasted.." We pay the check and depart. 10 minutes later, we're back on Atlantic Avenue and walking towards the venue where the show is. Barry is complaining frequently about his need to urinate, but apparently isn't seeing anywhere to relieve himself that meets his strict standards. Yams and I are just staggering down the sidewalk, already destroyed and nearly oblivious to his plight, when I look over my shoulder and see Barry walking backwards. Now, mind you, it's about 6:00 PM, broad daylight, at a crowded intersection with a huge hotel across the street, gift shops and surf shops open and crowded, the whole nine yards. People are everywhere. I'm wondering why he's walking backwards when I see it.... the trail of urine following him. This idiot has pulled his John Thomas out and is walking backwards down the sidewalk and pissing at the same time. I yell out : "Dude, WTF are you doing? You're going to get arrested !" He just moans in relief and continues. He must have left a stream of piss 200 yards long down the sidewalk. Luckily, no cops spot him and we get into the show without incident. The show is great and mostly uneventful. The highlight came about 2/3 of the way through them playing the "Lateralus" album in its (near?) entirety - during the latter half of the album, there's a lot of long songs with a lot of "jamming," so Barry and I go to round up some beers before the show ends. We get back to the seats and Yams is passed out COLD in his seat. We start laughing at him, then I squeeze his cheeks so his bottom lip juts out and we start pouring beer into his mouth, to the great amusement of the people sitting next to us. He comes to halfway through our doing this, jumps up out of his seat and throws his fists in the air and bellows : "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEER !!!!!!" so loud that you could hear it over the music. The people around us that are watching us are cracking up laughing, while the others surrounding our row are looking back with furrowed brows. After the show, we walk back out onto Atlantic and towards our motel. We stop off at a pizza place to get a pie and there's one guy working there - the place is completely empty aside from us. We order a large plain pie and start talking to the guy working there about the show... he's got long hair and tattoos, so we figured he might be into metal. Turns out, he is... and has about 16 functioning brain cells. I mean, seriously - this guy was a clinical moron. (Save your comments here, Tanner/Rudi/OPM/McJose/Reg Llama.) He starts lamenting about how sober he is and how he'd give anything for a buzz, so we ask him where the nearest convenience store is, telling him we'll grab beer and bring it back there. He lights up and says if we bring him back a few beers, he'll give us the pizza gratis. We agree, and light out to the gas station/convenience store and grab a 6 pack. We bring it back and walk into the pizza joint and he's in back tending to the pie. We sit down at the table and someone puts forth the notion that it would be hilarious if we finished all the beer before he got back. So, we each grab a can and shotgun it, then grab another and drink that one quickly. Maybe 3 minutes elapsed and the entire sixer was gone. We put all the empties on the table and a few seconds later, he comes out with the pie. He excitedly sets it down and then notices all the empty beers (and no full ones) and lets out a low guttural moan of disappointment.. "Ohhhhhh man......" The three of us start cracking up, and Moron is not happy. He starts telling us that now we have to pay for the pizza, so to avoid this, we tell him that we have a bunch of weed at our motel and we'll come back and smoke him out. He loves this idea, we eat the free pie and head out. We go back to the Boardwalk and have another 32 oz beer and then Barry decides he wants to go on the Skycoaster. For those who may not know what this is, it's this thing, kind of like a cross between bungee jumping and a giant swing. Dozens of people are standing on the Boardwalk watching people ride it and swing over their heads. I tell him that I'm not sure that this is the best idea as I might yak if I go on the thing... which prompts an idea. Yams decides we should chug another quart of beer and then immediately go on so that we can try to throw up on the people below us. In our drunken stupor, we all agree that this is a capital idea, we each get another 32 oz beer and wolf them down as quickly as possible, then head right to the Skycoaster. We strap in, they slowly ratchet us up to the top of the thing, then Barry pulls the ripcord and we plummet to Earth, swinging out and over the crowd just before we get to the bottom. We swing out.....then back......then out...... and Yams expels about a gallon of beer from his stomach in one giant heave. I can hear screams of panic as spent beer rains down on the crowd, but I can't entirely enjoy it as the wind blew some of it back at us and I now have Yams' beer puke mist on my face. I'm disgusted and gyrating wildly trying to wipe it off with my left arm when I begin puking uncontrollably for the second time that day. Barry is laughing hysterically as the people below on the Boardwalk scatter like ants trying to avoid the vomit cloud descending upon them. Finally, now it's nearing 2 AM, so we head back to the hotel and finish off the beers we have left in the cooler. As we're doing this, Yams and Barry start playing "King of the Mountain" on one of the beds and are throwing each other around the room, knocking furniture over, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Right as I say "Well, looks like we're going to get kicked out of another motel" (referring to Key West), it happens. One of them goes off the bed and onto a round table, which tips over and shatters the front window of the motel room. Glass is everywhere. Not long after that, we pass out. The next morning comes and we're getting ready to leave when I remind these two that the motel has my credit card downstairs and that they need to go down and settle the window situation. Barry concocts a story that he's going to tell them, he's going to claim that someone threw a rock at our window and broke it. Before I can point out the obvious flaw in his story, he marches into the office and begins passionately telling the tale of the horror we endured when this rock came hurtling at he window and broke it, yada yada yada. He may have even used the phrase "hate crime", which made no sense as we are three pasty white, fair-haired Arian poster boys. Two of us even have blue eyes, for Christ's sake. The motel manager interrupts him : "That didn't happen. You guys broke the window." Barry : "No, we didn't ! Someone threw...." Manager : "We were up there. All the glass is on the outside of the room." Barry : "Ehrm...........That's because we grabbed a bunch of it and threw it outside so we wouldn't cut our-" Manager (interrupting) : "It's $37." Barry "feet, because then you'd have a..... what? $37?" Barry realizes the juice isn't worth the squeeze mid-sentence and just throws two $20 bills on the counter and marches briskly out of the office. I followed him out laughing my ### off as the manager gazed at me disapprovingly. After that, we drive home and Barry drops me off at my place. The last thing I heard as I got out of the car was Barry saying to Yams : "You know, we totally forgot to go back and get that f#$%ing idiot at the pizza place high...." -END- P.S. Forgot to mention that somewhere between the pizza place and the Skycoaster, we were shooting pool in a bar when these two 40+ year old, 200 pounders started hitting on us and fishing for an invite back to the motel. Yams pulled the Irish exit and took off, leaving Barry and me to navigate these dangerous waters. At some point, we went to the bathroom and ducked out a side door to give them the slip, which set off a fire alarm in the bar. We ran down the street and found Yams trying to take money out of the ATM using his hotel room key instead of his debit card.
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    I'd go back farther than 10 days ago, but it seemed like the list was getting a little long.
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    Luckily for us we have the genius duo of Jared and Ivanka holding key advising roles in Trump's administration. I mean, mid-30's, born with silver spoons in their mouths, only work experience is in their daddy's company, can't think of better people to recommend policy positions. Just imagine the insight they'll have to offer for the mid-East conflicts, the plight of the middle class, our relationships with our remaining allies. Just could not ask for people more prepared. Thanks Donald!
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    So I took KanilJr (6yo) to the grocery store and we he went to ride the horse as I was paying. When I got done I went over to him and had this conversation: Me: When that ride is over, it's time to go. KanilJr: What if it's a super long ride? Me: Then I'll stop it with my mind so we can go. KanilJr: You can't do that! *I put my hand on my temple, ride stops* Me: Boom... let's go KanilJr: *gets off horse* We start walking out of the store and he goes: KanilJr: You didn't do that Me: Yeah I did... I have mind powers KanilJr: No you don't, it just stopped on it's own Me: Nope... Mind powers KanilJr: *yells* FAKE NEWS I about pissed myself laughing.
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    that only works in corn mazes
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    How anyone on earth could defend the airline here is incomprehensible. Legally, yes, they can do whatever they want, and they did. It's their plane and they used their security to drag a man off the plane. But what an absolute joke and a total embarrassment for the company. It's a horrible way to treat a paying customer. Perhaps the worst business decision I've ever seen. I guarantee a bunch of people on that flight will never fly United again. Same for many people who now see the video. And why? So they could get some EMPLOYEES on the flight???? Employees should ALWAYS come behind customers. Always. No exceptions. If you forget that, you don't deserve to stay in business. If it's an urgent, urgent matter, you offer 500, 1k, 2k, 3k, whatever it takes to get a seat open.
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    So fun. Seems to have been a hit. Thanks again for all the kind words and support. And a special shout to Koya, hell of a guy. First we ever meet IRL and it was like seeing an old college buddy.
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    One question we no longer need to ask is how flysack got his username.
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    Thank you for calling Fox News HR Department. For Spanish, Press 1. Just kidding. There is no Spanish line. Learn to speak American. If you are calling about your medical or dental coverage, press 2. If you have been sexually harassed by Bill O'Reilly, press 3...
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    Does the kid have a sister? Could be a safety thing or maybe he has a sibling that his parents encourage to hold hands. Seems really innocent for 7 year olds IMO. If this was freshman year of high school, then maybe you might want to say something.
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    I vented on Friday about my son's accident and Geico refusing liability and figured I'd stop in and provide an update. I spent the morning playing detective and went to the high school to see if they had camera's on the parking lot. Not only do they have camera's but I was able to watch footage of the accident. It only took Geico a few hours to accept liability after I brought this to their attention. This is especially sweet as I had a very short conversation with the kids father after the accident where he stated he believed his son's version of the accident and hung up on me. Take that you rude S.O.B.
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    Then pay attention. House bill 610, the new education funding bill, strips special needs/special education of funding and eliminates the entire IEP process for school children with special education needs by ending the IDEA. It also abolishes the Nutritional Act of 2012. Bob's kid, along with millions of others, needs an IEP and the special education system. He's rightfully pissed, including at Trump supporters. Because this is what they voted for.
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    my kid (8) is having a friend sleepover tonight. her mom is a junkie and has been in and out of jail most of her adult life. good kid, just a ####ty mom.the kids were gabbing about Minecraft something or other. my kid misunderstood what was said and replied "oh, i thought you said Obama".the other little girl says: oh, no. but i don't like Donald Trump. i call him Donald Dump.mine: i don't like him either. i wanted Hillary Clinton to win.other girl: NO! not her! she's a criminal!mine: uh, like your mom?(silence)
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    The dilemma here is that everyone is painting everyone else into a corner. Jong-un can't be seen backing down to the US threats, or he will lose his grip on power - which may be good for the world, but its bad for Jong-un, and he knows that. Similarly, Trump can't be seen issuing the ultimatum, sending the fleet, and then ultimately doing nothing if Jong-un goes forward with the nuclear test. So in a classic game of chicken, we have perhaps the two worst contestants to ever play with global stability on the line.
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    I'm trying to do this without coming across as attacking, but you are just plain wrong about this. PLENTY of American's in the 1800's were appalled by the treatment of Indian Tribes. There was a lot of debate on the issue, Supreme Court justices weighed in. Government Officials weighed in (contrary to popular thought, not all government officials wanted to eradicate Tribes. Many, many government officials tried really hard to act in a humane way towards the tribes. This is all to say that the debate on how to best and most humanely address our conflicts with American Indian Tribes has been going for at least 100 years, and probably closer to 150 years. Ironically, some of the worst decisions about how do deal with the problems (Google the Dawes Act if you are curious) came about by American "do gooders" who thought they were acting in the best interest of tribes (along with people who just wanted to take from tribes, as well). The point is that this idea of a "liberal boogeyman" is really getting tired.
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    United and the air marshalls are idiots and deserved to be sued. If nobody is volunteering to leave, up the offer for someone to volunteer and eventually someone will. Dragging off and assaulting a customer is insane. Not sure why it matters that the passenger is a doctor though. Would it have been less bad if he was a bartender?
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    My boss likes to take laps around the warehouses we office in a few times a day. Today, he went for his laps and not long after, came back into the office and said "Forresto, get your jacket on, I need your help, you won't believe this!". I hop up, put my jacket on and he takes me to the side of the warehouse where a guy in an old, beat-up mini-van carrying two giant lllamas (sp?) in the back is over on the road. He pulled over because one of the lllllllamas spit on the other and when he opened up his trunk, he couldn't shut it. So my boss says "hang on, I got the right guy who will fix this" and of course he thought of me because I'm so mechanically inclined. I noticed that in addition to the two giant llllllllllamas, there was a small child in the car, so I recognized that despite the fact that in reality I'm a mechanical mongoloid, I had to fix this latch and shut this trunk. It was my true George Costanza pretending to be a marine biologist moment. I ran back to the warehouse, borrowed some tools from the guys who lease our space, returned and went to work. Son of a beach, I fixed it! Guy shut the trunk, latched it and then started complaining that his license plate was about to fall off. It was clinging on one bad screw and so I tried to fix that too. I gave it my best, then this guy opens the trunk to look to see if my handiwork would pass muster and I yelled out "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" as one of the grumpy llamas started to use this opportunity to back out of the damn trunk! Plus, i wasn't sure that I actually, you know, FIXED the latch well enough for repeated latching. So me and this hillbilly started shoving the back asssss of this freedom seeking llama while my boss watched on and laughed. Man, these things are heavy and their coats are frigging gross. Feel like I need a shower after pushing on his furry butt. We got him back in, latched the trunk and then hung his license plate with clear packing tape. What a day.
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    Felt great at 62.5. Was moving good and passing people. Stopped to get some foot work done and change clothes. About an hour break. Headed back out and it wasnt good, but was power hiking. At mile 70 the wheels fell off. Pace eroded from 18 min mile to 35 min mile. Training wasn't going to support more. Shower and sleep sounded better than a 9 hour death march. Still amazed at how quickly I went from good to barely able to move. Should have stopped at 50 as planned but I was feeling better at that point then I did early in the day
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    Go to the bathroom. Yell for your kid saying you are out of toilet paper and you need them to bring you some. When they come in with a role and you reach for it, "inadvertantly" wipe some Nutella on their hand. Hilarity ensues.
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    If you aren't changing them daily, you have issues.
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    Gonzaga and Oregon fans: Breathe it in. It's real. Your team is in the FINAL FOUR! Have fun with it all week. Your team earned its spot, and don't let anyone tell you any different. And of course, have a blast on Saturday. Cheer them on from the layup lines in warmups to the final buzzer. Win or lose, they played in the FINAL FOUR. Enjoy it. I'll be watching the games Saturday and Monday like I always do.