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    This thread WAS pretty reasonable for a long time. Things come to an end, I guess.
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    On a lighter note, I hired a neighborhood kid to mow the lawn (not to lay mulch), and his mom texted me yesterday around 4:30 to say he was on his way. Never showed up, and I didn't get any response from her again all night. I was a little worried until this afternoon when she messaged to say that he claimed he'd mowed it. Yep, turns out he took care of a lawn two doors down instead. And the best part is that the owners just acted like they expected him and went ahead and paid him.
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    PICK 29.21 THE DOOBIE BROTHERS - THE CAPTAIN AND ME (1973) hooooo boy ...this was so important to me. What a run these guys had. Much different band after Michael McDonald (still liked them ...but pushing Tom Johnston out of the way was not cool). This album is so strong from beginning to end. I know I say it's hard to pick only two songs off these albums I love ...but that's what makes them such strong albums. Songs - China Grove - Evil Woman (you may recognize this one ...didn't get as much airplay ...but please give it a chance)
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    Reported and should be IP banned IMO.
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    You’re calling for a ban because the poster said he hopes people defend their property? Do you own property?
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    Pure bravery right there. Holy ####. That dude is my new hero.
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    For mph. Happy birthday, Emily! 🎂 29.18 - Allman Brothers - Brothers and Sisters (1973) Song choices: Jessica and Ramblin' Man
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    Easily my favorite photo from the rioting so far. There is hope
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    You're ridiculous and have really polluted this thread.
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    Will you guys ####### stop? Just for tonight. Jesus.
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    I know, the point is always Trump is bad.
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    I had an uncomfortable encounter with a guy out at the colony about 20 minutes ago. He stopped near the dumpster, and walked over to me (I was cutting a few vines before it was too dark). He was making small talk about the cats, which isn't usual for some people to do. Unfortunately, the cats are visible to anyone that drives beside the dumpster. A lot of people know they are there. Anyway, the guy kept stepping forward, and I kept taking steps back. I was about halfway down the gravel road. I pretended to call out to one of the guys that works at Owensby's, but he really wasn't there. I carry pepper gel with me that can shoot up to 18 to 20 feet. I just wonder at what point would I use it. I don't want to spray some harmless guy in the face, but he didn't need to keep getting closer to me when I could hear him just fine at his original distance. Anyway, I went over a cat bridge, and told him to have a nice night, and that i was going to go help Harold with something. He left in his truck. Afterwards I had a meeting with the cats and told them if anyone ever lays a hand on me out there, they are to totally attack that person. They yawned and scratched their fleas.
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    That's not exactly the truth. You start hopping fences at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue I'm guaranteeing you that you better hope it's JUST the dogs that get you. And that's going to be true no matter who's the chief occupant of the place.
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    This is just bull####. Stop painting the right as racists.
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    29.25 - Loudon Wainwright III - History (1992) I took his son’s album earlier today, and I knew all along I wanted both father and son. Not sure Rufus would approve, as last I knew they didn’t have a great relationship. Loudon is a harder sell than Rufus as a person – he’s possibly too cynical and acerbic even for me – but I’m not sure there’s anyone who writes more truthfully about actual everyday relationships. His songwriting is uncomfortably brilliant. Loudon had three successive records that I would love to have on my island, so it was tough to choose. I considered cheating with a live album, but the one available that covers these albums just didn’t do it for me. I made the tough choice to select this one in part because the songs were written and recorded just after his father had died. I’m thinking about my dad a lot in the past few days, and my next pick will probably be in honor of him as well, so these songs are particularly speaking to me today. In the aftermath of losing his father, Loudon is considering his own place in the world and not just the relationship he had with his father, but who he is as a dad now, too, and how he can develop his relationships with his own children. These songs are achingly personal and as a result are to me his most beautiful. 4 x 10 (just a beautiful melody) Sometimes I Forget The second song is the one I was sobbing to earlier, but at least there's a very cute kitty in the Youtube ( @simey). An ode to his dad: Sometimes I forget that you've gone You've gone, and you're not coming back And it's hard to believe that you're still not here What's left behind, disputes that fact And your bookcase still holds all your books It's as if all you've done is go out of town You'll be back soon, that's just how it looks But your suitcase is empty, it's right here in the hall That's not even the strangest thing Why would you leave your wallet behind Your glasses, your wristwatch and ring Your glasses, your wristwatch and ring Sometimes I forget that you've gone That we'll never see you again I think for a moment, I've got to give him a call But I can't now I realize that No we can't meet for lunch at the usual place The place where we always would go And there was something I wanted to tell you so bad Something I knew that you'd want to know I could go by myself to our old haunt That seems like such a strange thing to do The waiters would wonder what was going on Why weren't you there, where were you Why weren't you there, where were you Sometimes I forget that you've gone I remember and I feel the ache How could it have happened, how could it be It's not true, there must be some mistake Momentos, memories, tell me what good are they No they're not much to have and to hold And it's true that you're gone, And you're not coming back And this world seems so empty and cold But sometimes things happen, It doesn't seem strange You're not far away, you're near Sometimes I forget that you've gone Sometimes it feels like you're right here Right now it feels like you're right here
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    28.25 Doves - Lost Souls (2000) One of my favorites from that decade and one of my favorite debut albums. I don't think they ever topped this one. Here It Comes The Cedar Room
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    That guy was a good guy, and a stone cold stud. Said because he used his skills to ensure no one got hurt. As the saying goes, real strength is gentleness, gentleness is real strength. Not suggesting that was gentle, but there aren’t bullets in a corpse and he recovered the weapon.
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    1000%. My wife, who's was born and raised in Minnesota, showed me a similar picture. It’s great to see and thank you for sharing it. There’s no question the number of good people out there far outweigh those causing the trouble. She also was showing me pictures of a bunch of people (easily over a 100) that were sweeping up and cleaning the areas ravaged. It’s shameful the media isn’t showing more of that side. Between this picture and the successful SpaceX launch today it was a nice injection of some much needed positivity.
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    You're right. Pick 29 coming up... 29.14: Seal - Seal (1991) For the playlist: Crazy and Wild NEXT!
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    28.32 - Modest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2004) 1. "Horn Intro" 0:09 2. "The World at Large" 4:32 3. "Float On" 3:28 4. "Ocean Breathes Salty" 3:49 5. "Dig Your Grave" 0:13 6. "Bury Me with It" 3:49 7. "Dance Hall" 2:57 8. "Bukowski" 4:14 9. "This Devil's Workday" 2:19 10. "The View" 4:13 11. "Satin in a Coffin" 2:35 12. "Interlude (Milo)" 0:58 13. "Blame It on the Tetons" 5:25 14. "Black Cadillacs" 2:43 15. "One Chance" 3:04 16. "The Good Times Are Killing Me" 4:16
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    As usual, I will decide on songs longer, but after pouting about the Pearl Jam going near back to back I thought about it more, did some research, and forgot how much I like this album top to bottom: 28.xx: PEARL JAM - PEARL JAM (2006) Then I'll take one from my youth that also cooks from top to bottom: 29.01: VAN HALEN - 1984 (i think 1984?)
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    29.06 The Essential Django Reinhardt, Django Reinhardt (2011) This is how i start my day. Every damn day. It's the only reason i can put up with y'all. It's the only way I can get on track after beginning each day by wiping the hole i came out of and stuffing comestibles past the drool of the other end. I aint kidding. Django, Stephane Grappelli & la Quintette Hot Club de France is my xanax/speedball. By necessity it is a compilation cuz there simply wasnt albums, just 78rpms, when this music was made. I have another obscure compilation that i doubt Spotify has, so this. And i needs it. Djangology Minor Swing
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    I'll take 3 things that Trump had absolutely no control over for $500 Alex
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    Was he talking about protesters or "protesters"? There is probably a big difference there originally, but that line is over with now. Shut it down. Completely ridiculous that excuses/justifications are being made for this type of behavior.
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    You Trip Me Up - Jesus and Mary Chain - kickass Beginnings - Chicago - I always forget there was this terrific band called Chicago before the Peter Cetera years. Great reminder. Here Comes My Girl - Tom Petty - well, yeah. I am not a huge Petty fan but this song is ⭐ ⭐⭐⭐ Whole Lotta Love - did I ever mention here that in high school the very cool "dangerous" guy who rode a motorcycle and had an overnight DJ spot on a Louisville rock station nicknamed me "Bob" because my hair was looking like Robert Plant's?
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    Anyone trying to make this about Trump just needs to stop. Can we have one Thread that isn't about it him. The issues at play here are SO much bigger. Let’s not pollute this extraordinary important situation with the same ole pro/anti Trump BS. Please.
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    The guy running against Trump was trying to dictate who is and who isn't black. Just stop.
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    how long do you continue to allow the burning and destruction of police stations and everything else in sight? Not sure I see the easy answer to this you do.
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    Can you please not come into this thread starting crap with everyone like every other thread? No one wants to read that mess tonight. Thanks
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    He makes cancer look like getting a hummer from Gal Gadot while lying in a hammock on Oahu. He's the worst thing in the world. Naturally, instead of calling for calm, he just tweeted about how the weak Democrat mayor in Minneapolis should have had this under control 2 days ago. What a piece of garbage.
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    Exercise minutes for May: 5/1 0 - 0 Total 5/2 60 - 60 Total 5/3 60 - 120 Total 5/4 51 - 171 Total 5/5 66 - 237 Total 5/6 60 - 297 Total 5/7 30 - 327 Total 5/8 45 - 372 Total 5/9 60 - 432 Total 5/10 45 - 477 Total 5/11 45 - 522 Total 5/12 45 - 567 Total 5/13 45 - 612 Total 5/14 45 - 657 Total 5/15 30 - 687 Total 5/16 45 - 732 Total 5/17 45 - 777 Total 5/18 73 - 850 Total 5/19 59 - 909 Total 5/20 45 - 954 Total 5/21 45 - 999 Total 5/22 45 - 1044 Total 5/23 45 - 1089 Total 5/24 45 - 1134 Total 5/25 30 - 1164 Total 5/26 0 - 1164 Total 5/27 45 - 1209 Total 5/28 45 - 1254 Total 5/29 45 - 1299 Total 5/30 30 - Total Minutes.
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    I've been on a 6 month hiatus from the PSF, but wanted to see what people are saying in here. Can't speak for any other cities, but Seattle has an organized group of agitators/anarchists (organized anarchists seems like an odd idea) that take every opportunity to hijack peaceful protests and turn them violent. It happens annually every May Day here on a smaller scale. We have also had a hyperagressive police force since the WTO riots in 1999. The violence, vandalism and looting that's happening in Seattle right now is a direct result of agitators and their intentional efforts. It's sad to watch. I've always been outspoken about gun control and my doubts about the effectiveness of concealed carry, but the guy that put the gun in that antifa dude's face and took his weapon--I have to respect what he did. Be safe, FBG's.
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    It's not. Ham is the king of conspiracy, the Dodds of the left. He just makes crap up and its irresponsible. Peacefull protest for equality injustice has been taken over by the opportunistic far left in the majority of the cases. Fact.
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    No, it's because he advocated killing people.
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    No, the ban suggestion was because he called the good natured looters and rioters names.
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    "All Lives Matter" he screams, before shooting an arrow at a protester.
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    Trump should resign. Country coming unglued, because of him.
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    Couldn't agree more. Brilliant work by him.
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    The powerful political right has always tried to falsely display themselves as part of the left and then caused trouble... antifa (it's why they always talk about them), pro-choice, black panthers, bernie bros, and more. Including military ops. Antifa has no place in the current black-police discussion. Except for the right wing.
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    6 PTS - Roberto Clemente. 37.57 pts. Very similar to Yaz in WAR and OPS+ and the same five Top10 WAR seasons. Did slightly better than Yaz on MVP balloting and MVP shares. 7 PTS - Rickey Henderson. 39.73 pts. Had 16 more WAR that Clemente and 7 more TOP10 WAR seasons that Yax and Clemnets. That made up for a general lack of AS games and awards compared to the rest of the field. 8 PTS - Reggie Jackson. 40.53 pts. OPS+ 12 points higher than Henderson. WAR was less, but not enough to offset that. Looks like the Mr October bump helped him out here. 9 PTS - Mel Ott. 42.51 pts. 155 OPS+ to Reggie's 139. His WAR was a lot higher than Reggie's, but no award or post season bump here for Ott almost cost him this spot. He did have second highest Top10 WAR seasons on the list with 16. 10 PTS - Oscar Charleston. 45 pts. That's what I give him. LOL. I'm comfortable ranking him ahead of those mentioned already on this list. Just not with the rest of the list. His seasons were much shorter, depth on teams and pitching much weaker. He's a stud, but so are the rest on the list. 11 PTS - Frank Robinson. 48.82 pts. He's in a group of four guys here that had 107-111 WAR for career. First on list with 2 MVP's. Also in a group of four at 154-157 OPS+. had 154. Used two Internet ranking lists. Very, very small weight, and Frank was first to do well on both. 12 PTS - Tris Speaker. 51.15 pts. WAR was 3rd highest, and had list leading 18 Top 10 WAR seasons. OPS+157. Had only 1 MVP. 13 PTS - Joe Di Maggio. 54.57 pts. 16 AS games and 3 MVP. Lost three prime years due to WW II and I did give hum an extra two seasons of Top10 WAR for that. Have to. Like Gwynn, rarely struck out. Won the World Series NINE times in 10 years. 155 OPS+ 14 PTS - Mickey Mantle. 57.00 pts. 172 OPS+. 110.2WAR. Had 14 Top 10 WAR seasons despite nagging injuries. 20 AS games and 3 MVP. (yes, I know they played two most years). Great post season stats. 18 WS HR. 15 PTS - Willie Mays. 59.66 pts. 24AS games and 2 MVP. 156.2 WAR. Had 15 Top10 WAR seasons. Post seasons not as good as Mantle. 156 OPS+. 124 more HR than Mick. 16 PTS - Barry Bonds. 69.41 pts. 14AS games and 7 MVP. 182 OPS+. 162.8 WAR. 14 Top 10 WAR seasons. #1 MLB ever in MVP shares by a huge amount.
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    29.35 Getting Ready - Freddie King (1971) I don't know that much about the Blues, but I know this rocks. King was a Texas Blues guitarist who played in Chicago, fusing the two styles. He died WAY too young. Songs: Going Down I'm Tore Down
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    I'm just waiting and watching to see how many of his supporters in government, all whom surely must know he's an imbecile, completely change their tune the minute he's no longer a threat to their own political aspirations. The stories are going to be epic. Also, to those individuals... I don't care what you say once he's gone. I won't ever forget what you said and did for these last 4 years.
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    What’s the alternative, burn these cities down? smh
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    GTFO. Tons of Trump bashing threads to cry in. This thread is for updates with what's happening with the extreme left riots. TIA
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    For some of my friends, I feel like the old Tony Campolo line speaking to a church audience. (and yeah, I'm circumventing the filter) I've got three things to say: 1. A cop choked a man to death in Minneapolis this week. 2. Some of you don't really give a s###. 3. Worse, some of you are more upset I said "s###" than you are about the man being choked to death. I wrote this today and linked to President Obama's post On one hand, the internet and social media don't need my one more thought on this. On the other, how does anything change if people stay silent? I talk a lot about "Empathy" and "We're all in this together". Both of those apply here. I'll never fully and completely understand what my Black friends go through and have gone through. What I can do is show empathy. To at least try to understand. What I can do is listen to them. And listen to others who are exposing parts of our world people of my race and people who live in my neighborhood may minimize. Or even ignore. We can't ignore this if we truly believe the second thing - "We're all in this together". Let's be clear - I don't mean "All of us that I like and that look like me and think like me and won't challenge me are all in this together." I mean all of us. In the South, we say "Y'all means all". That has to be the case here too. So if we're going to practice empathy, we'll see the news of a man killed in Minneapolis hits some of us "all" in a different and more profound way. And that matters a lot. Ram Dass said, "We're all just walking each other home at night". I believe that to be true. To my Black friends and People Of Color, in whatever this may look like, I'm with you. We're with you. Praying for peace and grace and strength and courage and wisdom to move forward here and make a change. Please God, we can't let this be normal.