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    Again, not if it's less prevalent in the shooters than it is in society.
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    Group 1: “We want to rid America of mud-people and Jews and feminists and liberals and gays. They’re subhuman and destroying White America.” Group 2: “We want to beat the #### out of Group 1.” Certain posters: “Group 2 really chaps my hide.”
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    This is like a socialist claiming that communism is the embodiment of capitalism.
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    Listened to the playlist on Boz's daytime walk. Van Halen, Tegan & Sara, Stone Temple Pilots, Petty & Ace Frehley. I may have missed one somewhere but it flowed surprisingly well. I'd forgotten how much the VH rhythm section could swing and that moment when the drums go nuts before the last chorus of 19. I'm going to be humming New York Groove later today.
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    Yep. And it works. Conning people while enriching himself off the taxpayers
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    I loved ITHOTN Its probably been 30 years since I have seen it. It really holds up.
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    And I'm sort of stunned by liberals that advocate political lawlessness in response to political assembly, no matter how odious. I guess when the rubber meets the road...
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    Yes, many act like thugs. Just like the Proud Boys, Patriot Prayer, and all the other right-wing nut job groups who attend. Extremism on both sides is disgusting. You name one as a terrorist organization, name them all the same way.
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    a four inch layer of smoke floating a few feet above the living room carpet while the whole family watches All in the Family.
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    No spoilers is title of this thread. Go here..
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    I haven't paid. I can leave or still pay. I posted earlier that I hadn't paid and that was followed by 7 days of nobody knowing what was going on so I just waited.
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    Holy ####. You’re being serious. Wow.
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    Never has a laughing rolling emoji ever been a more needed in a response.
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    If we got together in a group this is what we would want.
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    I believe there is a strong consensus of people who would agree that when somebody is offered something who has no means to pay for it that constitutes free. No need to wrap ourselves into knots here or attempt to polish a turd.
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    Agree with @Juxtatarot that sports drink with carbohydrate and electrolytes might be a better bet for you than plain water. That goes for the pre-run hydration as well - I use UCAN no-calorie electrolyte and start every single day with a pint of water with a scoop of that, then have my coffee. If you just drink a bunch of water (especially without food) it's easy to throw your electrolytes out of whack which can mess up your hydration. For long runs I'll bring a small ziplock baggie of Tailwind or GU Brew or whatever I'm training with (I find out what the course will have on hand and use that) with me to pour in my bottle when I refill, or many brands have single-serving sizes you can stuff in your pockets or belt. But that's part of what these long runs are for, to figure this stuff out and practice it.
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    I think that is safe to say. I think Groovus' plan would do a bit to limit death for the mass shootings that people usually think of - school, church, etc. Not sure how much it will impact overall gun deaths. On the flip side, I assume we cant do much more without reworking the 2nd, so people who would say that isn't enough would run into that wall.
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    I LOVE this move on several levels. Great guy to have in the locker room and film room with Wentz. And if disaster strikes for the third straight year, the team would not be dead in the water with McCown.
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    They certainly are living rent free in your head.
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    Thanks for the information. I do know what a one-state solution means, and I also asked ren about "right of return" because neither generally passes the pro-Zionist smell test. And I certainly have no doubt about what they'd do next. This is a culture that hides serious weapons under elementary schools and then run for the camera when their children get bombed. It's a sick, sick culture. By the way, I'm not Jewish.This sort of stuff irritates the most agnostic among us.
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    Wu Assassin is awful, but for some reason the Mrs. likes it.
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    Wife and I finished season 2 of The Sinner. It was good, Bill Pullman really has mastered his character’s socially awkward/uncomfortableness. The mom kept vacillating between oddly attractive and maddening because it sounded like she had marbles in her mouth
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    Since I would be going with a middle range receiver, and I figure there are gonna be a bunch of those left when I get my next pick, I ought to go with a better TE. 4.06 - TE - Zach Ertz - Philadelphia For music, Zach was born in 1990. (Was looking thru music from that year, and it was awesome.) Sinéad O'Connor - Nothing Compares to U
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    Welp, with this in mind... 4.05 - Melvin Gordon, RB, SD The Darcys - San Diego, 1988
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    I disagree. The preseason isn't just about getting the starters ready, it's about figuring out who will make the team, developing young players in actual game type play, getting game experience for backups, etc. It may not have a lot of value to entrenched starters/stars, but it does still have value, especially to the back end up the rosters.
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    Every year my friends grandparents would take all the grandkids to Kings Dominion. There would be 6-10 of us in the back of a ford pickup with a cab. So many good memories. Except for the time Kevin #### his pants at the beginning of the 4 hour ride home.
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    4.04 Adam Thielen WR Nineteen by Tegan and Sara I may not have any RBs or QBs or TEs but I think my WRs are pretty good @Northern Voice
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    I disagree. Tlaib made a big show about wanting to travel to Israel to see her grandmother, who she loves dearly. When Israel granted her request, she made a big show out of refusing to go because of her hatred of Israel. I don't know how to interpret that sequence of events in any way besides "I hate Israel more than I love grandma." That's certainly the most straightforward interpretation. Edit: Tlaib explicitly said in writing that she would accept Israel's conditions if she could just see dear grandma one last time. When Israel gave her what she wanted, she did a 180. That's just bad faith argumentation on her part.
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    The interesting question is what is Gordon fair value today...probably $18 plus or minus $10 Joking aside, if he doesnt catch another pass and stays clean I'll be happy for him. He's had a long life.
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    Jobim the mind, Joao the pulse, Astrud the voice of bossa nova - the dance that soothes the soul. RIP, Senhor Gilberto.
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    His album with Stan Getz is still one of my favorite jazz albums ever. The Brazilian singer and composer João Gilberto, one of the pioneers of bossa nova, died in Rio de Janerio on Saturday, according to Agencia Brasil, the country's official news agency. He was 88. The cause of death was not disclosed. Gilberto was a giant of bossa nova, and is often credited with helping develop the sound of the genre that brought Brazilian music to the world. The musician's famous collaboration with the American jazz saxophonist Stan Getz, "Getz/Gilberto," won album of the year at the Grammy Awards in 1965. It's still only one of a few jazz albums to do so, according to Columbia University's Department of Music, which awarded Gilberto an honorary doctorate of music in May 2017. Got me to wondering which other jazz albums won album of the year. Need to research that, but it must be pretty incredible company.