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    I'm using my executive judgement and entering [icon] and ditka into tonight's side pool using money they had pre-paid for future periods. They have authorized this in the past... That leaves eoMMan, who has no $ left to do this with...
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    I don't own Floyd in any leagues and haven't made any real efforts to change that, but I see him consistently rated well below other comparable prospects like Justin Blackmon, Josh Gordon, DeAndre Hopkins, and Cordarrelle Patterson. Is he underrated? He was a higher draft pick than Hopkins and Patterson. On paper, he seems to possess prototypical #1 receiver tools at 6'2.5" 220 with 4.40 speed and solid workout numbers. He was a consistently good player in college. He had a fairly modest rookie year, but Arizona's entire passing game was toxic last season. It's hard to blame that all on Floyd. I doubt Gordon or Blackmon would've fared much better in his shoes. Overall, he's a player whose draft pedigree/long term potential seem to be a little out of sync with his current dynasty rankings.
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    I'm thinking dynasty more than redraft. In redraft I think Roberts will cut into his numbers a little bit. Palmer will be a massive upgrade over the trash they had at QB last year, but he's not exactly Peyton Manning or Drew Brees either. Long term, Roberts is likely to walk after this year and Fitz is approaching 30. QB situation can only get better from where it was a year ago.
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    As you may know I was one of Floyd's harshest critics. That was originally based on where he was being drafted (top 5 in a loaded draft) but I've since started to view him as a value pick. Of last year's WR's I would still take Blackmon, Jeffery and Hill before him but he has too much potential to ignore completely. BTW, Rueben Randle is another guy who is criminally under-rated right now. If he was in this draft I'd have him as the #4 WR behind Austin, Hopkins and Patterson. He's younger than both Austin and Patterson as well.
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    I don't get this? Sure the Texans were 8th in rush offense, but they were 11th in pass yardage per game? Andre is mid 30's. Shaub is average (when healthy) but he's not terrible. That's a great opportunity.Andre is not mid 30s though. He is 31 and turns 32 soon and is coming off a monster season. He has 4 more years on his contract. Looking at the numbers, it won't be until 2015 when the Texans may have a tough decision on whether or not to ask him to restructure as his salary is low the next 2 years and even in 2015 isn't crazy high. He is likely to be a Texan for the next 3 years.So I think if you draft him, you have to be patient knowing that he won't be the #1 for at least 2 years, probably longer. So you are getting a #2 in an offense that runs a lot, throws a lot to the RBs and TEs and has a big time #1 WR. It isn't a terrible situation due to the numbers you mentioned, but it isn't great either in my opinion.Roddy White is 31, turning 32. Do you think people were complaining about how terrible the situation was that Julio found himself in? Just to remind you, here was Atlanta's situation: Atlanta in 2010 (the year before Julio was drafted) --Matt Ryan had 571 passing attempts --Roddy led all WRs with 177 targets --Jenkins was #2 WR with 73 targets --Gonzo at TE had 109 targets --Turner (28 years old) had 344 rushes for 1371 yards and 12 TDs Now, here's Houston: Houston in 2012 (the year before Hopkins was drafted) --Matt Schaub had 544 passing attempts --AJ led all WRs with 179 targets --Kevin Walter was #2 WR with 76 targets --Daniels at TE had 130 targets --Foster (26 years old) had 351 rushes for 1411 yards and 15 TDs Eerily similar down to QBs first names and the fact they finally went out and drafted a WR in the 1st round. So, what did Atlanta do the next 2 years: Atlanta in 2011 (Julio's rookie year) --Ryan had 566 passing attempts --Roddy had 191 targets --Julio had 102 targets --Gonzo had 122 targets --Turner had 301 rushes for 1340 yards and 11 TDs Atlanta in 2012 (Julio's 2nd year) --Ryan had 615 passing attempts --Roddy had 153 targets --Julio had 138 targets --Gonzo had 131 targets --Turner had 223 rushes for 803 yards and 10 TDs What happened? Atlanta's offense adapted to their new playmaker at WR. They also became more potent on offense and were able to run more plays while not having their RB carry 300+ times/season. They were easily able to support 2 top tier WRs and a top TE while having an established running game. In the end, if Hopkins is the goods, his situation in Houston is in no way, shape, or form a negative. In fact, given AJ's age, Foster's heavy workload, Daniels' age, it makes sense why they invested a 1st round pick on a WR. It's not to finally complement AJ. It's to join AJ and eventually take over much like Julio. Now, I'm not saying that Hopkins is the megastud that Julio is, but the point is that if you think he is a top tier talent (Houston does based on the fact he was the #2 WR off the board behind only Austin), you should be happy with his landing spot. Schaub is still only 32 years old. He won't be the #1 WR this year, but virtually no WRs come in and become the #1 WR in their rookie year (even guys like Julio or Dez or D. Thomas). But you could see what Julio was capable of after his rookie year despite playing alongside a WR that got 191 targets (holy cow) and knew he was going to get his. And he did in his 2nd year. If Hopkins is the real deal, he'll be commanding targets by his 2nd year when Houston adjusts their offense to get him the ball along with AJ. My $.02.
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    Just as talented as Blackmon and has a better situation. Also, if Crabtree had run at the combine I don't think he would have been any more impressive than Hopkins.How soon we forget. Blackmon was far and away the top WR prospect in 2012. Last year's class was superior to this one. And yet the 3rd best, at best, prospect in this year's class is just as good? Not hardly. Nothing I've seen of Hopkins leads me to believe he is anything better than a second option in any passing game. Blackmon jumps off the screen. Hopkins does not.I don't think last years WR class was superior to this one myself.Put me in the camp that believes Hopkins landing spot was average the next few years. Short term seems like a great place to post low end WR2 type numbers, bad place to post WR1 type numbers.In term of size and speed I think his best comp is actually Hakeem Nicks. they are similar size, speed, similar vertical. The underrated huge positive trait they both possess is TE like arm length and hand size. Both have arm lengths in the mid 33.5 range and massive 10"+ hands. When you combine this with Hopkins basketball background and what I've seen on tape I see a strong big handed WR who knows how to get position.He seems like one of the safest picks of the rookie draft to me, certainly safer than any other WR I just don't put his upside on the same level as guys like Patterson and Austin.
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    Makes for an attention-grabbing sentence, but to keep perspective Marino started nine games his rookie season. Tannehill started 16.1983 was a different time. The Bob Griese reference was even more shameful. Griese's rookie year came during a 12-game season. He started 10 games. The league-wide completion percentage that year was 47.6%. You mean Tannehill had more completions as a rookie? You don't say... Other than Griese and Marino, the only rookie QB to see significant playing time in Miami was David Woodley, who started 11 games in 1980. I'm shocked- shocked!- that Ryan Tannehill had better numbers than a trio of guys who started fewer than 66% as many games and played 30+ years ago.
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    Just as talented as Blackmon and has a better situation. Also, if Crabtree had run at the combine I don't think he would have been any more impressive than Hopkins.
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    Sorry guys lots of pics on twitter @msavard or on (I think that's it). I've not been able to sleep due to damn red bull. Gotta be at the river in an hour to prep for judging day. Some notes: Wings that tipsy and Courtney made were un ####### believable. Best I've ever had and I'm a Wing snob. The sentiment was shared among many in the booth. Two judges happened thru who had judged wings and said it was much better than anything on thier table. Tusken raider came by again... Great dude. Tried to break away for a bit to say hey down at his booth but it just got too crazy. We packed it in again. The mayor of Coronado, CA was partying with us all weekend. I threw him a shout out on FB and my twitter feed and the official city of Coronado twitter account retweeted it, F bomb and all which I found amusing. All the ESPN radio crew locally and Grizz announcers were hanging at our booth and when they were going on about certain teams to hit one referred to our booth as a must hit and "you can't miss it, it's like a small village" or some #### Not sure on rankings. Ill know later today. We sold out of everything. 60 handles of vodka gone. Out of our 22 kegs I think we have 1.5 left. I've eaten a lot of BBQ. Had a team member get in my face over some stupid #### and kept chest bumping and whatnot. Threw him down some stairs and popped him on the nose before it got broken up. He started yelling about him being "3 stars boxer" and "this isnt over". Whatever. My first "fight" in like a decade. So stupid. We're good tho now. Lot of chatter about what's up next year. Cat is out of the bag on me moving on. Love this team but its time to do something a little different I think. Tipsy as always killed it. Great food and just an awesome guy to hang with. Across the board tons of people (team and guests) were so happy he made the trip up again. I know I am. Right now he's manning our pit for game day. I hope he's got something tasty in there Lagunitas guys are awesome. Been invited to thier skunk train corporate outing in sept. involves a KOA in NorCal with kegs of everything they make everywhere and bottomless cups, BBQ, and weed. Then something about a train up into the mountains thru redwoods w open box cars with bars, bands, etc. night disc golf w glow in the dark frisbees on some ridiculous course. I dunno specifics other than sounds kinda fun. Okay time to get ready for judging day.
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    Makes for an attention-grabbing sentence, but to keep perspective Marino started nine games his rookie season. Tannehill started 16.1983 was a different time.
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    Gronk's camp is referring to the back surgery as minor. Sorry, there's really no such thing as minor back surgery. His back was the reason he fell in the draft to begin with. This should be a major red flag and hold for people. This concerns me a whole lot more than the arm thing.
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    Because people like you won't stop there. You'll find another thing to be offended by, and another, and another, etc.... It never ends. "People like me" even though you've never met me AND an incredibly bad slippery slope argument, all in about 20 words. You're like the Pele of awful arguments.
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    Even better is that the latest news confirms the leaked info back in June that showed the price is going to be $299.