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    His value is so low I'm not surprised you can't move him for a top WR. To me he seems like the type of guy that has all these injury problems early in his career causing many to write him off, but at some point he'll figure it out and those that stick with him will be rewarded. Holding, or trying to acquire if the price is low enough.I'm in a fortunate position that I'm very strong at the position so in no hurry to dump him.I haven't seen him outside the top 10 of many rankings but as you say, his actual trade value right now is terrible.In startups at this exact time 1 year ago he was highly regarded as the #2 dynasty WR and being selected inside the top 10 overall ahead of the likes of AJ Green and Julio Jones. His stock has fallen fast and in the 2 leagues I have him I am going to hope he stays healthy and regains top 5 form. Very undervalued this year in my opinion.
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    While I agree...Tie Fighter was the better game overall. I played X-Wing far more. So that is why I took it. Sentimental value and it is an awesome game. Plus I like being a rebel pilot vs an Imperial.I thought the unique nature of playing as an imperial was so different than any other game I had played to that point. I mean what other game let you play the whole thing as if the bad guys were the good guys.