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    holy crap. 275- 300 tonight easy. sold it all.
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    Gresham stars in Bengals' Oklahoma drill By Jamison Hensley | Excerpt: I am hoping that Gresham's dominance in the blocking assignments will lock him into that role while Eifert's snaps are geared heavily on the "move" option for the Bengals!
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    Early reports were that all the QB pretty much struggled. Tweet of the day yesterday from AP writer Mark Long: "Those NASCAR drivers complaining about bad passing at Indy should come see Jags training camp."
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    Happy to give you my formula (scaled to 100ml per batch)... 5.5 ml Honey Flue Cured Tobacco super-concentrated flavoring 2 ml Black Cigar super-concentrated flavoring 33 ml 60mg VG nicotine base ~59 ml nic-free PG I measure out the flavoring using a 3 ml graduated dropper and then eyeball the VG/PG. Takes about 3 minutes and costs roughly $6.50 to make a 100ml batch @ 20mg/ml. The roughly 2/1 PG to VG ratio makes for a thinner juice - I'm noticing I'm getting 7-10 days on an atomizer head before I choose to change it out rather than 4-5 days before it really drops off like it did when I was vaping the thicker Boba's Bounty (100% VG) through it exclusively.
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    I just mixed up a couple batches yesterday. I did 120ml of vanilla custard, 30ml of butterscotch and 30ml of pumpkin pie. They all tasted great, but they really need about a week for all the flavors to mix. I would have made more but I'm low on my bases (VG/PG)
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    S... T... F... U...
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    In a better offense, with a better QB. I like Eifert but no way Dalton is better than Romo.
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    Eifert has been tearing up training camp. Live in Cincy. Tons of buzz and chatter about this guy. He's going to be a difference maker. From what I've seen him run at camp, he's going to be a seam buster. His catch radius is just astounding. And he boxes out defenders so easily. There was one seam route where he was double covered, jumped and adjusted his body to catch a ball thrown outside the hash. It was beautiful.
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    What kind of donuts are you making?
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    congrats! are you guys better than famous dave's? they have a kill rib tips deal for 6 bucks during happy hour.
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    That DWD > Light > Sally > 2001 looks insane. Looking forward to that. But shoot, was hoping for Sally on Tuesday night. I think there's a good chance for PYITE and maybe YEM. the Undermind between DWD and Light may have been the highlight of the entire show. Undecided undefined, undisturbed, yet... Yeah overlooked the Undermind looking at the setlist. Bought both Gorge shows. Immediately played the light sally 2001. Worth the $20 right there.
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    I was happy to take Eifert 1.8 in a 32 team league that started this year and he was actually my target way back when we conducted the initial draft in which we drafted picks. Best skill player in the draft imo. Austin might be better, but he has more risk.
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    Was going to ask the same thing.I haven't carried cash in years. I don't know many people that do carry cash anymore. Hope not a long term thing. Really turning away a large portion of customers. Gotta at least have square or the paypal card scanner thing while i completely understand this from a business point of view, i don't get the "i never carry cash" crowd.
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    AFAIK? What mean this? Love Eifert as a prospect. Only Austin went higher in the draft. Love Kelce as well.
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    Here is a link to my set-up Kanger Protank with 1100 mAh eGo battery eGo-T with 650mAh eGo battery Smoktech Artemas w 650 mAh eGobatt Ego-C w/ 350mAh eGobatt So far I find the Protank to be a slightly better tank than the Artemas, but it's definitely airy. Think it needs some breaking in and the right flavors to really judge however. Are people using the Protank removing one of the wicks as some recommend? Pretty simple set-ups, different juices for different dedicated devices. I have 5 eGo batteries now and I'm not planning on getting anything like a VAMO or anything, these work great. I do like the Innokin itaste MVP, maybe go that route in a few months. Not sure. I have ordered a coupe of EVOD BCC tanks for my out and about device to replace the constantly leaking T tanks. Ordered some custom juices from this place, really impressive. Can't try some of them for a week or so because they need to be steeped, but the Fruit Smoothie is off the charts good. Bonus link for my fellow vapers, I'm sure you'll appreciate this.
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    Bradshaw is not unproven; he has done more with less opportunity (late pick who was not handed a starting job the way McFadden was) by a long shot. It is true that Bradshaw is on a new team and that could impact his production. It is also true that he is an injury risk, but unlike McFadden, Bradshaw plays hurt and plays well.Bradshaw: Attempts: 921 Yards 4232 YPC 4.6 TDs 32 Receptions 132 Receiving Yards1087 McFadden: Attempts 769 Yards 3334 YPC 4.3 TDs 18 Receptions 158 Rec. Yards 1449 Jonathan Stewart: Attempts: 818 Yards: 3836 YPC 4.7 TDs 27 Receptions 98 Rec Yards 859 So, why should McFadden be drafted in the third or early fourth, when you could get Bradshaw or Stewart many rounds later? His YPC on a similar number of carries--a statistically meaningful number--is significantly less. His TDs are far less. He catches more and could be more valuable in PPR, but it isn't enough to compensate for the lack of TDs. All three are injury risks. I think his injury history is factored into the price. In mocks where I take Graham in the 2nd you have your choice of DMC/Murray/Mathews as RB2-3's. It's pretty obvious why.This is kind of the problem I have with taking people like McFadden - a lot of projections are taking into account the likelihood of injury, but far fewer projections actually try to quantify that in terms of actual games played/touches received. Similarly with, say, MJD - how many projections are assuming a decline in production due to possibilities of the Lisfranc injury hanging around, and how much of it is that he's simply getting older? I'd much rather projections listed two lines, especially for running backs - one where everything is perfect, there's no injury issues affecting the player that'll cause them to miss time (obv accounting for minor dings that everyone will play through), and then adjust for the amount of time that they think will be missed due to injury issues. I think that'd help a lot to quantify possible upside
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    Needing to tell me to do stuff on Facebook. i.e. "Hug your children tonight", "Vote", "Remember our troops". Thanks Captain America but I can do those myself without you telling me I should do them. And the tons of "Likes" these get almost equally annoys me. Also on Facebook "Liking" things that make no sense to like. "Sorry fans but our game tonight is rained out" 47 Likes. Why on earth would you like that the game you were planning on going to was rained out? Also when bands order the crowd to do stuff like yell out "Oye! Oye! Oye!" or "Say Yeahhh!!!!" Does anyone really like doing this? Giving me a beer and not offering me a glass at a pub/restaurant. Look, I'm paying $6.00 for this damned beer, you can at least offer me a glass.
  20. 1 point what's with the hat? That's kind of sad - he's deaf and he can't run fast. Bunch of #######s for pointing it out though.
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    People in a big office environment that walk up and down the hallways snapping their fingers. You announcing yourself in the doosh-iest way possible, or joining a 1930's street gang? Stop it, please.
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    Sell sell sell!!! from the waiver wire?