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    This thread should be retitled to The Official Lamest Smack Talk on the Internet Thread.
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    I'm sure Phil would gladly trade his British Open win to get that HUGE Bridgestone Invitational win. LOLOL And Im sure Tiger would trade All of his majors just to impress a few in the FFA. Ahhhh, the good old days. Tiger winning majors. Seems like a lifetime ago. Still better than just competitive though isn't he? For sure. Best low-pressure golfer in the game today. Tiger Romo.
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    I am getting serious wood over this guy!
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    I know neil well in "real life" but actually still slip up and call him tipsy sometimes face to face
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    Arrived in town last night, drove by on Magazine this morning and saw a shadow walking in the restaurant hard at work. If not for a hungry kid and wife, would have stopped in, but will be hitting it this weekend before going home. Can't wait!! Tipsy, the restaurant looks awesome and what a fantastic location.
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    need to develop timing, learn playbook, etc... Not like Arian Foster who has been in same system for a few years
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    You guys should be embarrassed. Go back and read how childish you both communicate. Pathetic.
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    C'mon guys. Stop with the ridiculousness.
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    Is there away to block an entire thread? Other than just not reading it? Ha
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    'Fat' Eddie Lacy photograph sets off Twitter firestorm WATCH: That's not really BJ Raji dressed up as Eddie Lacy