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    Wait until spring and then tell everyone that your smoke is causing the trees to grow leaves again. You'll be hailed as some kind of voodoo shaman.
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    Distill it. Sell McClure's brand Liquid Smoke. Profit. When you make your first million, fly me out for some BBQ. I will bring beer. We will drink so much we will tandem vomit into the street. Your neighbors will sue again.
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    Yea, it is starting to feel like very bad news could be coming. The Pats obviously planned on him being ready by now so if he is not ready then something new is causing problems. New is not good. If Dr. Andrews confirms these reports, wouldnt NE basically have to IR him? I strongly suspect that Dr. Andrews has already given the Pats his report, but since the Pats are all cloak and dagger we will not know anything until Sunday. This week ends up like all the rest, wait and see what happens. He will play, not play or be put on IR at some point this season. With the Pats that is all you are going to get. I really don't know who BB thinks he is fooling if this is the case. The Saints have been practicing all week assuming Gronk will be returning. They are not buying any of the nonsense.
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    LMFAO I was going to read this entire thread and then reply,but this is far as I got! Seriously, who hears "redskins" and thinks of anything other than the Washington Redskins, if you do, maybe you have a few more skeletons in the closet than ya care to admit. The term "redskin" and its variants have been used by Indians and non Indians alike to describe the indigenous, good and bad. Consider it a "regional" word. Meaning that in some circles it is offensive and in others it's not. Some tribal chiefs and elders often used a variant to describe their people when talking to white devils people. That said,I'm in my 40's and a card carrying member of the Creek nation and I've never been called a redskin in my life. Drunk indian,chief weeble wobble......the list goes on, but never redskin. What kind of mental midget uses redskin to dis Indians? 1585 called.... btw after Roanoke you people got the message Hell, If it "redskins' was a t.v. show,it would've jumped the shark generations ago. Lets leave the negative connotations in the past where they belong as they are no longer relevant except to a vocal minority who refuse to acknowledge as a whole we have moved on and it's meaningless as a vehicle of hate to a majority of indians. It's simply a football team.........nothing more..BTW If I did I take offense I certainly would not glamourize it.If blacks are so offended, stop referencing each other with a racial slur and maybe the world will take you seriously. FWIW the onieda tribe are the kardashians of the indian world, love the spotlight. Just keep that in mind. Later,my redskin is calling......................
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    He brought most of it on himself with his aloof personality, but he seems to have matured and become an all-around smarter guy. Good for himI'd agree with this. He had many interactions here in Denver that were less than favorable. Maybe he's just matured? Maybe he's more comfortable in his own skin now? (He's married, settled down?). I was never a fan of Cutler, but would never say a person can't change. He's always had the skills, but maybe the intangibles are there now too? I hope he succeeds in Chicago. Lord knows he paid his penance the last few years with the OLine he's had. He hasn't changed his behavior at all. The only thing that has changed is your perception of him.
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    Hard to say, given that Witten is a substantially different player than Gonzalez. Gonzalez was able to mitigate his loss of athleticism late in his career (and thus his ability to separate) by using his massive catch radius. Witten is a tremendous player in his own right, but sometimes he plays like his elbows are glued to his sides.
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    Guys, I hate to be the one to say this because it's really ####### important, but I just saw an interview with Gilligan and he said he definitely DID intend it to be a dream sequence but it was three different dreams each one was a different possible ending. He also recommended a variable annuity and said Jesse was never on price is right and that was just the actor who played Jesse (I think his name was Ron Paul).
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    I do it with handles, which do not always fit in my liquor cabinet... I do it more with gin than with bourbon though as I tend to drink the bourbon fast enough that I don't like going in to the cellar to refill the decanter
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    I'm chalking it all up to the fact that I think this combination of basic stats is worthless. Thomas has never been top 10 in YPT over QB YPA. Not that it's a special list: Ted Ginn Jr., James Jones, Golden Tate, Malcom Floyd, Denario Alexander, Cecil Shorts...
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    How many Native Americans do you know? That's why. (In a nutshell - a few hundred years of killing off Native Americans and banishing the survivors to small patches of tribal land has resulted in an American populace that doesn't give a damn if "Redskins" is offensive or not.) ^^^This a million times over. The only ones that remain are p*** drunk (again, introduced to alcohol by whites) and relegated to the least financially profitable lands in North America, where the US government decided to take pity and offer them small sects of land where you can't farm jack s***. America has a lot of karma coming its way, from this among many other issues throughout its shady history. And the way this country is looking right now, I'd guess it's just beginning to come back at us. I think you are going to far off topic here. Every country on this planet exists because it has oppressed its neighbors. That's how it worked for a long time. It's too bad some won and some lost but that's how it was for a long time. I don't begrudge that. We can however at least not kick them while they are down by not naming sports teams after a mockery of them.
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    Player / Targets / Catches / Yards / Conversion Rate / Yards Per Target (2012) Fitz / 156 / 71 / 798 / 45%(!) / 5.1(!) L. Moore / 104 / 65 / 1041 / 62.5% / 10.0 See?
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    Brandon Marshall had on a sweet outfit after the game.
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    I don't think I can really add anything more without bogging down the thread, so I'll leave it at this: I actually agree with your post. Indians helped build Professional Football many decades ago, which is why we should pay attention to this issue and not swallow what Dan Snyder tells us without question. I'm really not trying to carry the torch for the name change. I just enjoy sports history and it's an insult to every fan when Snyder twists facts or flat out lies to get his way. If he wants to keep the name, fine. The stupid propaganda needs go, though.
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    :goodposting: :goodposting: that is awesome I read Warming Glow... I saw that post... but I skipped it. It rules, thanks for posting it here. It's brilliant. 75,000X better than the dream idiocy.
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    And if owners in your league think like this, then this is a perfect time to try and get Jeffrey.
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    The whole dream thing is idiotic. Thus sayeth the Homer.
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    Simpson isn't hurt like he was last season. He knows the playbook now. Patterson threatening his job lit a huge fire under him and he is playing great. Terrific blocker last season, not sure Patterson is up to that standard yet, Jennings has not been. Webb playing more because of his blocking is something I have heard mentioned. This matters to the Vikings. Having Felton missing and then Ellison injured makes this even more important that the TE WR block well. One of Ponders best plays statistically was off of him dumping the ball to the deep middle of the field that Simpson was amazingly able to adjust to and run down making a GREAT catch on the ball. Clearly not a pass you want your QB throwing consistently.. the QB needs to deliver a more catchable pass than this.. but nice to see a WR find a way to come down with the ball anyways. This is an area where Simpsons tremendous leaping ability comes into play. Simpson has played great. Could be even better if the QB play improves (Vikings don't play Ponder again). Patterson is not going to beat out Jennings or Simpson playing this well and Peterson is running the ball MUCH better with Felton playing again. There will be a FB in the game often. This reduces the opportunity to play 3 WR when you are playing a FB and 1 or 2 TE. This is what the Vikings like to do. Hopefully Ellison will be back healthy soon. Zach Line hurt the running game early on. Not that he isn't a nice prospect, he is. But that hurt the running game. What does all of this have to do with Patterson? Patterson doesn't play FB. He could play tail back in diamond though. I have complained about the dud runs to Peterson out of the diamond and the throw selection (dumping over the middle out of a 9 box due to diamond? ). That can be on Ponder but I also do not like the play design. That is unless these are dead plays for scripting later on. I think Patterson can be useful as a running option out of the diamond and also on flare passes (other RB pass routes as well). I do think the Vikings will do this, they have not gotten the ball to Patterson in this way much yet though. Better QBing may lead to more 3 WR sets. But even then Patterson has to compete/share time with Webb and Wright. This information is all contained in this thread already. Simpson playing as well as he has is an element that I didn't expect, but that is not a knock on Patterson in my opinion. Simpson has really played a lot better. The Vikings are leading the league in kick return yardage/return right now. Patterson was also named as NFC special teams player of the month for the 1st 4 weeks of the season. Cassel and Freeman are better QBs than Ponder. Freeman from what I have seen likes to throw jump balls to WR and is not shy about throwing over the middle. So I think that will be an improvement regardless of which one plays. Freeman has a lot of velocity on his throws which will give defenses less time to track the ball. That means better efficiency on out routes as well as less time for the defense to react to throws over the middle. That should help everything. It is not like Cassel doesn't throw some scary (almost interceptions/interceptions) passes, so the turnover risk (primary concern for coaching staff with all QB) is not really worse than Cassel in my opinion, once Freemen understands the playbook and audibles similarly well to Cassel (which might not be this season). The zip on Freeman's passes might make up for the gap in understanding the offense any ways. The Panthers are very good defense. Their main weakness is in their secondary. So I expect the Vikings to look at taking advantage of this with throws over the middle and possibly more 3 WR sets to try to get more defensive backs on the field.
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    The OL is so much better. I recorded the game so I stopped and watched the protection every time the Giants blitzed....very rarely they made Cutler uncomfortable. Cutler finally has a TE, 2 real NFL WRs (not Johny Knox and Hester) and an OL and it shows that he is a elite Qb in this league. All you haters can go skrew yourselves. Brady and Manning has had great OL and weapons for years....
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    He brought most of it on himself with his aloof personality, but he seems to have matured and become an all-around smarter guy. Good for himI think a lot of the guff he got for his mannerism was bull. You don't go out and lead your team to a 60% win percentage while tallying up 148 sacks over 4 years without looking salty. Jay has always been a stand up guy he just doesn't act the way the media wants him to, and for that I say good for him.
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    He brought most of it on himself with his aloof personality, but he seems to have matured and become an all-around smarter guy. Good for him
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    My recollection of this thread is that it's always waffled back and forth between concrete player evaluations and abstract strategy discussions. I kind of get the impression that most of the people in here are just here to chat and will gladly go along with whatever topic du jour seems to be on the table.
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    I am willing to stay this point. I gotta believe he is going to get it going with The Colts. And get more involved in the passing game too. He is a tremendous pass catching back. I am willing to stay this point. I gotta believe he is going to get it going with The Colts. And get more involved in the passing game too. He is a tremendous pass catching back. That's the thing, he could be so good in the pass game, where is that? I don't know that it's accurate to call him a tremendous weapon in the passing game. Sure, the buffoons in charge in Cleveland last year fed him 50 receptions. But this year, the new Cleveland staff and the Colts have both used guys like silent G and Donald Brown ahead of him in those situations. We'll see moving forward, but my guess is that this is just another facet of his game that has been wildly overrated. Why throw the ball to a plodder who can't make people miss to generate big plays on the edge? His YPR was higher than McCoy's in 2011 and 2012.And? Do you really think that Trent Richardson is a more dangerous player in space than LeSean McCoy? And if so, rather remarkable that 2/3 of his professional coaches have seemed to go away from using him as a receiver, isn't it? Surprising that so many usually smart people just keep doubling down with new excuses for this guy. To be expected from some, I suppose, but the chances of a miracle turnaround are getting slimmer with each passing week. We passed "small" when he crapped the bed against Jacksonville -- we're in the "microscopic" range now. LOL. Man, your schtick is almost bordering on trolling now. Almost?
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    The reason he isn't more involved at this point is that he's been learning the same position that Jerome Simpson plays. Obviously, the Vikings weren't planning on ousting Jennings in favor of Patterson, so they taught him the playbook with Simpson's spot destined to be his. Well, Jerome has come out and been hands down the best WR on the Vikings team this season. He's made it impossible for the Vikings to bench him with his play and Patterson's snap % has suffered as a result IMO.
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    Could Walt have been referring to Elliott's penis when he talks about "a bigger knife"? Maybe the falling out was some kind of gay thing.
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    Bottom line is he got 15 targets in 2 games and 11/195/1 in those games. And an established red zone target. Who cares when the targets started to happen? The point is they happened. The argument about targets coming late is as silly as the guys who say, "well if you take away Adrian Peterson's 88 yard TD run, he averaged 1.5 ypc on 11 carries...he sucks". Ridiculous line of thinking.
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    Well I am the biggest Trent fan on planet earth and I just traded him. Probably means he's due to explode, but at least I still got pretty good value for him.
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    Hey, I got a new big screen TV for my room!!!
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    The name is a nice tribute IMO. If it weren't for sports teams named after them, we'd rarely even think about the Indians.
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    I would suggest changing it to the Foreskins and putting a cack on the side of the helmet in salute to Dannyboy Snyder.
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    No it should not be changed. There is way to much PC in this world.
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    i think wright could have a chance at being more productive this season, as he'll likely become the #1 target in tenn imo. however, it's my opinion jeffery will be the best WR in this class when it's all said and done, been saying it since pre-draft.