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    If Gurley isn't the top rated back in 2015, something is seriously wrong in the world.
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    Bengals run a Tampa 2 type defense, don't they? Made famous by Derrick Brooks, a WLB. There's a tendency to funnel tackles to the WLB in that type of defense. Not sure you (or the Bengals) want Burfict to switch to MLB. I think Minnesota, Chicago, and Dallas all run a flavor of the Tampa 2. Note how the MLB isn't necessarily the best fantasy LB on these teams: Greenway > Henderson (until this year?), L.Briggs > DJ WIlliams (and now both out?), Burfict > Maualuga. It's not so in Dallas, but many though it would be. Bruce Carter just failed in his coverage duties and is splitting time with Ernie Sims now.
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    It's driving up the cost of coverage, not the cost of care. Those two are related, but not the same. If "gross profits" are now capped and the cost of care is not going up (at least due to ACA) how can the cost of equivalent levels of coverage be being driven higher by ACA? Not for specific individuals but for the coverage providing industry? You think you can magically cover more people (many of which are more costly to cover) without addressing the cost of care and then not have the cost of coverage increase for everyone?
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    And this is where I'll back up the Hawks. At some point in time the eye test has to come into play. Against Jax they gave up 51 yards rushing and had a 31-0 lead 3 plays into the second half. No wonder they gave up yards to Shorts in abundance. If the score had been closer, I doubt Jax would have accumulated 235 passing yards. True, Bass. So maybe we bump them up a bit - maybe even to the likes of 10th in the league vs. number 1s? Still a far cry from all the "best in years" or even "best in the league". And while we can back them up as far as "real world" pass defense with that rationale...the same logic would mean that FF wise, they do still give up points...even if in garbage time. Packers have done this as well (look at the games against Washington and Minnesota)
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    Here's the list of RB's with 400 or more carries in their first two years and less than 4 YPC. 1 Eddie George rb 1996--1997 32 692 2767 4.00 14 30 226 7.53 1 389.32 Marcel Shipp rb 2002--2003 31 416 1664 4.00 6 68 597 8.78 3 280.13 Julius Jones rb 2004--2005 21 454 1812 3.99 12 52 327 6.29 0 285.94 Antowain Smith rb 1997--1998 32 494 1964 3.98 16 33 188 5.70 0 311.25 Natrone Means rb 1993--1994 32 503 1995 3.97 20 49 294 6.00 0 348.96 Marshall Faulk rb 1994--1995 32 603 2360 3.91 22 108 997 9.23 4 491.77 Willis McGahee rb 2004--2005 32 609 2375 3.90 18 50 347 6.94 0 380.28 Anthony Thomas rb 2001--2002 26 492 1904 3.87 13 46 341 7.41 0 302.59 Curtis Martin rb 1995--1996 32 684 2639 3.86 28 76 594 7.82 4 515.310 Cadill Williams rb 2005--2006 28 515 1976 3.84 7 50 277 5.54 0 267.311 Kevin Smith rb 2008--2009 29 455 1723 3.79 12 79 695 8.80 1 319.812 Matt Forte rb 2008--2009 32 574 2167 3.78 12 120 948 7.90 4 407.513 Ricky Williams rb 1999--2000 22 501 1884 3.76 10 72 581 8.07 1 312.514 Ron Johnson rb 1969--1970 28 401 1499 3.74 15 72 651 9.04 4 329.015 Johnny Johnson rb 1990--1991 29 430 1592 3.70 9 54 466 8.63 2 271.816 John Stephens rb 1988--1989 30 541 2001 3.70 11 35 305 8.71 0 296.617 Johnny Roland rb 1966--1967 27 426 1571 3.69 15 41 482 11.76 1 301.318 Ronald Moore rb 1993--1994 32 495 1798 3.63 13 11 68 6.18 1 270.619 Errict Rhett rb 1994--1995 32 616 2218 3.60 18 36 229 6.36 0 352.720 Ron Dayne rb 2000--2001 32 408 1460 3.58 12 11 78 7.09 0 225.821 Rashaan Salaam rb 1995--1996 28 439 1570 3.58 13 14 100 7.14 1 251.022 Sammie Smith rb 1989--1990 29 426 1490 3.50 14 18 215 11.94 1 260.523 Karim Ab-Jabbar rb 1996--1997 32 590 2008 3.40 26 52 400 7.69 1 402.824 Curtis Enis rb 1998--1999 24 420 1413 3.36 3 51 360 7.06 2 207.3
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    *********Major spoilers here********* (evolution of jesse) - great stuff here. ETA: and here (evolution of walt) and here (evolution of mike) ####in A. These are some of the most in depth put together glimpses of these guys you'll see. i need to rewatch this show asap. as soon as i finish six feet under again.
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    How does this make sense? Up-and-comers there get no legitimacy by beating has-beens like this. So a younger, harder kid can KTFO a fat Rampage. So what? This isn't professional wrestling where guys get a 'bump' in popularity by "beating" an established star. Well, they kind of do. Look at Emanuel Newton, who nobody knew a thing about and now he is something of a name for beating King Mo. But beating Rampage isn't much of a bump though. Count me in as 100% on this Bellator show. I think the whole past week was a response to the abysmal ticket sales and preliminary numbers saying no one would buy this show. I have heard various people talk about it, but the truth is if Bellator wanted to run a PPV, it would have perfect sense to have King Mo bump up to the main event against Rampage, and then have Newton against Atillah Hun (the actual fight which should be occurring for that belt anyway). It was certainly the right move by Bellator though, everybody is talking about how the card is saved now and the fight between Alvarez-Chandler. If Tito-Rampage didn't get bumped, everybody would be talking about how bad that fight is, how ticket sales and PPV sales are going to be horrible, etc.
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    Here's the opening post of the thread. I think it's pretty clear what's being suggested.Argue semantics all you like as it relates to this thread, but the point is quite obvious. Top receivers aren't auto-benches against Seattle because of Sherman. The guys that made that post is a tool. Seahawks fans are regularly embarrassed by his over the top homer behavior. Arguing with a guy like ITS doesn't make you look any more intelligent. It makes you look stupid for attempting to engage him in any form of conversation. ITS isn't the only one ! Listening to the hawk fans in here you would think Deion/Revis/Lott/Reed in their prime are starting for the hawks. Which hawk fans are you referring to, BnB? Seahawk 17 I think that Seattle has the best secondary in the what? Sherman is one of the best CB's in the league and Thomas/Chancellor are the best Safety tandem in years. Browner is no scrub. Here is a quote from Sherman on the matter. Sherman considers himself the best left cornerback in the game, Brandon Browner the best right cornerback, Earl Thomas the best free safety and Kam Chancellor the best strong safety. “I think we’re the best in the game,” Sherman said. “We’ve got the best free safety in the game, probably the best left corner, best right corner — we don’t switch sides, so we can’t be like other guys who switch sides and do all that. But we can be the best right corner, best left corner, best strong safety in the game.”
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    Whoops, sorry RN !!!! Hopefully this will make it up: TECMO remix: Giovani Bernard
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    Ray Rice was more injured than he let on; now healthyBy Chris Wesseling Around the League Writer
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    Just paid $300 for two tickets in Los Angeles. Never seen Pearl Jam live even though they've been my favorite band since Ten came out when I was 13.
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    Maybe you can take this to the AC forum where it belongs.
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    I did and I did not care for it much. It was to much bravado for me. Lone Survivor was much better.
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    Not unless he gets traded to the Bucs. Because Greg Schiano is a total dick who likes leaking confidential information.
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    Do you guys have him rank higher than Blackmon the rest of the season?
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    rick noticed a handprint on the door. Kind of just put two and two together and just asked. he found something near one of the bodies, then followed the blood trails back to the door where he found a bloody hand print.He had already brought up the possibility that whomever killed them was doing it to save the group. Then watching her sacrifice her safety to get the water running led Rick to think Carol was the one. Interesting. I recall the bloody handprint, but had no idea why that could be tied to Carol. cuz it looked like a lesbian handprint
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    Again, in last night's episode, there's a zombie with moss growing on it and most of it's torso gone from decay. Yet its teeth were in perfect condition. None missing and working perfectly. I'm starting to think the zombie apocalypse will start with a new type of mouthwash that guarantees to keep teeth white and healthy for eternity. But the side effects will say: "WARNING!: May cause zombie."