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    I've found five games in which the starting QBs each had won two or more Super Bowls as starters. Three of them occurred in 1979: Janury 21, 1979/Super Bowl XIII: Pittsburgh/Dallas (Bradshaw 2, Staubach 2) October 28, 1979: Dallas @ Pittsburgh (Staubach 2, Bradshaw 3) December 30, 1979/Divisional Playoffs: Miami @ Pittsburgh (Griese 2, Bradshaw 3) The first such matchup was November 14, 1976: Miami @ Pittsburgh (Griese 2, Bradshaw 2) The final such matchup was September 22, 1985: SF & LA Raiders (Montana 2, Plunkett 2) Does anyone know of any similar matchup that I missed? Are any of these games incorrect? Brady and Roethlisberger are now eligible to become the next such matchup. Unfortunately, it can only happen in the post-season in 2009. Edited to specify SB rings in title on Nov. 4, 2012.
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    This new verizon commercial with the db going through the costume changes has me on the verge of canceling service.
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    Ohio St signing two more kids at a position of desperate need. DB's.
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    lol. Just take a break. I went through the same thing. You just need a break. The time you beat him will be when it takes almost no effort. Watch a couple of youtube vids to see the timing. AGAIN, JUST MY OPINION BUT DO NOT LITE THAT BONFIRE AT THE END - JUST WALK OUT THE WAY YOU CAME. It has been a long time since I played. What is the reasoning behind not lighting the last bonfire? I can't remember. Different endings. Lighting results in the "good" but very unspectacular ending. Not lighting the last bonfire results in the "evil" but mildly better ending.
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    Not sure if I asked it here, I'm slow today, but any recommendations for a digital antenna? In NYC area, if it matters. Eta: anyone ever buy the Mohu Leaf?
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    Offense was 6th in yards, but tied for 2nd in turnovers. Advanced stats will rank the offense a lot lower - DVOA puts the Lions 19th in offense and 14th in defense.
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    Just snagged an Ohana reservation, will be our first time. Leave in 7 weeks!
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    FACT: November 2013 was the warmest November worldwide in recorded history. FACT: November 2013 was the 345th consecutive month with global temps above the 20th Century average. The last cooler than average month worldwide was February 1985. I find data like these much more compelling than a boat stuck in the ice or a cold kickoff for an NFL playoff game. I will post the National Climatic Data Center's 2013 annual review when it become available on January 14. Through November, 2013 had been the fourth warmest year in recorded history. Currently, 9 of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 2002. I don't understand why global warming is a conservative vs. liberal issue. In fact, conservatives pride themselves on being unemotional, clear-eyed rationalists who make decisions based on data, not feelings. But for some reason, data seems to take a back seat to emotion on this issue. I really don't get it - is it just reflexive anti-environmentalism? Or unyielding support for fossil fuel companies?
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    The Last of Us. Never as an adult did I have to put down the controller,and turn off a game because of the emotional connection I had to a story. I just did that tonight. Not through with it yet...but damn what a game. You owe it to yourself to play this game if you have not done so.
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    Wearing my McClures shirt tonight as I stopped in for some delicious Popeyes Chicken due to this thread.
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    This tells us that physicians and hospitals have been preparing for this, they knew they would have people with zombie expressions wondering why the hell what they've been doing for years in terms of treatment and payment suddenly no longer works? The packet is there to serve as an FAQ to say, hey not our fault. Guess what, besides the 5 mill, there is more to come, how many people have coverage by their employers? By the way, in this situation you could typically simply get on your cell at the Dr's office and call your insurance agent or whoever manages the policy - if you got your plan through the website, who do you call? I agree it makes little difference asserting a 3% or 10% likely even with such certainty, yet here you are still doing it. I did? No, I did not. Willing to hang my hat on the 5 million number though, but that one's wide open to speculation too. I think the percentages are only interesting in guesstimating how much further we have to hack through in this morass. I think the main point of this round of stories is that the most recent shoe to drop is that of people showing up who think they have coverage via the site but don't, or they do and face huge OOP or deductibles they never expected. Admittedly this must be me right about now. If I missed a point glad to hear it explained. What happened in CourtJester's post, with the exception of the ACA packet happens every year in January. It is especially common in the situation described, the child is covered by the other separated/divorced parent's plan. Statistically speaking the child most likely is still covered by the father;s plan, the one he most likely receives via his employer and is likely mandated by family court to maintain. The mother just doesn't have the updated information. We don't know this for sure, but 15 million people have individual plans and 150 million have employer provided plans so if we must bet with no other info wouldn't we bet on the the 150 side? In addition of that 15 million with individual insurance we keep hearing about the 5 million who lost it. So do we bet even money on the 160 million side or the 5 million side? Now there is that ACA packet! So? Handouts to patients and potential patients aren't anything new either. The provider in this case either has packets of information on how to look into an ACA compliant plan that it hands out to those that don't demonstrate they have any insurance coverage (about 45 million people ) or they printed these up for those that specifically lost coverage due to the ACA (the 5 million number). While I don't know for certain I'd guess that they did this for the 45 and not the 5, or actually if the 5 was really accurate for the 50 rather than the 5. In fact I'd think that the 5 wouldn't need such a packet as they already have been exposed to all of this with the cancellation 90 days ago. So if we assume that the packet is for anyone without insurance, do you want to make your even money bet that the reason that this mother was handed a packet was because she was one of the 45 million already without insurance or because she (or her daughter) was one of the 5 million? Your replies keep betting on the 3% or the 10% side based on this ACA packet. That is a bad bet. And it is a bad bet no matter what your stance is on the ACA. And it will be a bad bet for each of those stories you are expecting to hear about in the coming weeks. Sure some will "hit" as being caused directly or indirectly by the ACA, but common annual occurrences such as this story are most likely just common non ACA events. To put another way, I assume that fitness clubs were crowded this week and it had nothing to do with Timmy suggesting that we should give out free gym memberships. Everything in that story is normal for a January.
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    Invited Mussolini to ally with him just because he wanted a pizza oven.
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    Isn't buying a 4k TV from Polaroid kind of like buying a gold plated Yugo?
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    This is very likely the case but I'm very much hoping that he does see quite a bit of time playing wr during the game. This could also go a long way towards answering the burning question that many fantasy owners have about how well Patterson can look with a "real" qb getting him the ball.
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    Yeah, I read something similar. Prices will presumably come down -- right now there are only 37 places licensed in the whole state and they have limited supplies. I'd certainly be home growing at those prices. It would nice to just buy an 1/8 to try out different strains and then buy clones for those strains to grow at home. I find it hard to believe that these places will be selling their clones. How does this system work? Are there growers that sell to the state sanctioned dispensaries? Are the growers regulated? Other folks on the ground said they do. I've only bought seeds, but clones would be awesome. According to an article the other day in the paper - growing from seeds is best as the cuttings are usually covered in mites and other bad things - you have to spray them daily for about a month. The experts from the article all agreed on seeds. I'll just unleash my lady bug colony on them
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    holy smokes brohans this guy was my favorite thing to watch in college football it was all razzle dazzle all the time with crazy runs and throws and escapes like he was james bond he would take the ball and throw a td and say my name is football jonny football and then grab a martini and talk to the papershakers while his d gave up half a hondo points and then still win bam right there brohans i hope that he goes to the packers and they freeze him until rodgers is done take that to the bank brohans
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    Why is 'bra' singular and 'panties' plural?
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    "Me and my buddy Bob from St. Louis and my other buddy Dr. Shuke from Detriot went out on my Bryant Boat.and tried these babies out. They are definitely worth 20k - I had them.appraised by another guy named Bob from Sacramento - Bob Sacamano. He'll vouch for me. I'm not taking a penny less than 20k Rick, you see this penny [shows penny to the camera]. Not a penny less. And speaking of pennies, if you aren't interested in these reels, I have some wheat pennies out in my car I could show you."
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    Your ramblings are barely comprehensible.
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    Rebecca's a hottie mchotterson. Totes McGotes. I hope she does get her own show. Especially if there's more stuff like that revolutionary war book. She was gushing over that thing. You could tell she was making her panties damp holding that book against her bewbs.