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    Ever since losing Riley, my family has felt incomplete. My wife and I thought long and hard about what we wanted to do and decided adoption was the right choice to complete our family. We are attempting private domestic adoption of a newborn. Justin is very excited to be a big brother again. Here's some more exciting news for you all. As you may know domestic adoption is VERY expensive. In order to help us pay for it we are using the funds from the GoFundMe you all started. I hope it makes you all feel proud that you are all responsible for allowing us the chance to complete our family. We started the process in October and have just been approved via home study. We are not currently going through an agency but have hired an adoption attorney. We have created a profile and our website should be done by the end of the week. Our attorney said to let everyone we know our adoption plans. All it takes is one person to make a connection. So I'm asking for you all for one more favor. I know it's a long shot but if anyone knows any birth mother or friend of a friend who are considering adoption please pm me and I will provide our contact info. Thanks all. I'll continue to keep everyone updated as you all have been through so much with me. .
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    As you all know this has been a horrible year for me and my family but I just wanted to tell you all you made it a little easier for me with the tremendous support I received. Merry Christmas and happy Hanukkah to all my friends. You really mean a lot to me.
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    So I joined a Facebook support group for people with this disease. They suggested contacting a doctor who used steroids in conjunction with anti seizure meds. I was going to come in today and tell that but apparently the neurologist read the same article because they started steroids last night and it seems to be helping. She's moving around a lot more than any day since this happened. Making sucking movement, moving her arms on her own, yawning. I'm trying not to get my hopes up but I think those are good signs. She's still sleeping but I'm feeling more positive today. Hopefully it isn't false confidence. I hope she proves everyone wrong. Also, the support group put me in touch with doctors that have special experience in this disease and I provided the names to our doctor to contact. I'm talking directly to the president of the foundation on Facebook.
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    I've been hesitant to make the final percentage update, but I think I'm going to go ahead and do so. We've discussed this thing being "a relationship" and I think it is, for both of us, regardless of what we label it or don't label it. We have mutually expressed non-interest in seeking attentions from other parties. She has referred to me, in gest.. (or was it?), as her "boyfriend" when talking with her dad, who had been giving her #### about me being her "boyfriend" even before the first hug took place. She text me that her 11yo, after noticing us sitting closely and talking a lot when they come over to our yard, asked her a couple days ago if "he wants you to be his girlfriend?" and she said she just dodged the question so as not to get grilled with more questions from the kids. I said "well, you can tell her 'yes, he does'" We haven't had the official discussion yet, but it's a technicality at this point. In fact, we may discuss this more this evening. We've talked, we've laughed, we've hugged, we've cuddled, we've kissed, we've exchanged several bodily fluids. This woman has rocked my world. What started off innocently as me being attracted to how she looked, has ended up with me being happier than I've been in a long damn time, and, I honestly believe it's the same for her. So I don't know that I will be updating any further after this (I'm still on the fence about a pic, but leaning more towards no), but thanks again to everyone who joined in the discussion here. It certainly made it fun. Woo: COMPLETE Oh, and I feel like I would be completely remiss in not saying, for the record.... YOU'RE ### #### RIGHT I DID!!!!!!!!!!!!!`!11~!1
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    My wife just called me. Riley got clearance to come home TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Thanks, everyone! I'll give the story as best I can. Fifteen days ago I had a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen along with fever, headache, and general malaise. Nine days ago I went to the ER. They did a CT scan and checked me into a hospital room. Skipping ahead a bit, it appears that I had a perforated colon that leaked into my abdominal cavity, causing infection and abscess. They were having a lot of trouble draining the abscess, but it appears to be finally draining okay now. The more important issue was: what caused the perforation? After several more CT scans and a colonoscopy, they're pretty sure the answer is colon cancer. So I'm having surgery Tuesday to remove part of my colon. After that, I'm probably looking at chemo and radiation, but that will be figured out after the surgery. I will probably make some funny posts on Tuesday night when I'm on drugs. I'm emotionally fine with it all. Thanks for all your thoughts, prayers, and good wishes.
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    Depression sucks. Mental illness is so draining and sucks too.Work has become too overwhelming and have talked to my supervisor about the situation. Its the hardest thing to admit when you need help too. I made the plunge and checked myself into a day program. Hopefully things will get better soon. ETA, thank you for the encouragement and support.
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    Got word yesterday that my ex-wife, the mother of my kids, was found dead in her apartment. She was 39. She had made some bad choices and had some struggles over the last several years and had just not taken very good care of herself on top of that. The kids have been with me the majority of the time since she and I separated about 8 years ago, and pretty much all of the last 2 years. I had made my peace with her situation long ago, and knew from the path she was on that this day would come sooner rather than later, but you're never ready for that phone call from a police officer. My heart breaks on behalf of my kids. My son turned 13 2 days ago and my daughter is 15. They didn't deserve this. I'm equal parts sad, frustrated, broken-hearted and, well, pissed off. I would appreciate thoughts and prayers and positive vibes for them (and for me). Thanks. Love y'all, man.
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    I'm sorry it took so long to fully respond to today's GoFundMe surprise. For one, I was simply blown away and needed time to gather my thoughts. Secondly, as has become the new norm, I was at the hospital all day and try and focus on Justin after picking him up from school at nights. I'll do my best to put how I feel into words but even this will not be enough to truly thank everyone. I've been on FBG since the Ol' Yeller days. I believe I was 24 years old. I've always been very open about my life. Most of you know I am an Actuary from Staten Island, with a wife who I love more than anything despite her spending habits, I have an almost 7 year old son (Justin) and now a beautiful angel named Riley. You know I am into the bigger chicks, root for the Yankees, and have a ####ty dad. Sometimes my stories have backfired (I'll never live the HOF story down) but usually when I ask for advice the non-shtick responses have helped me grow up to be a better person. I often get great opinions, advice, and expertise on several subjects and you all have helped me in my personal life. I just want to say how much you all mean to me. I truly do feel ashamed for times when I snapped at people or got suspended. You all deserve better. This community amazes me every day but this past week you blew everything I knew about you all out of the water. When I saw the GoFundMe account I welled up with tears and told my wife (who also got teary eyed). She said it was the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for us. She told my FIL who also was in tears. We are all extremely thankful. You have made us feel good in a time of great depression. Its not really the money but the fact that so many people are pulling for our beautiful daughter Riley. She has so many people pulling for her from all over the world. All our family and friends, people on Facebook, member of the Incontentia Pigmenti International Foundation (IPIF) support group, and members of this community. There are so many people rooting for her it almost feels like she can't fail. I truly hope to give everyone a happy ending. Now about the generous donations. I really don't know what to say. My brother told me over 100 people donated and I figured it would be $1000 which would have been amazing. There are no words. Of course, I have no clue what I would do with the money at this time because there are so many unknowns still. If the worst thing imaginable happens the donations obviously would help me out there. Even if she survives this she still has a long road ahead of her. While its true, our insurance should cover a lot of expenses, there is a deductible that I would need to meet when we switch over to my insurance or I can even use the money to pay for COBRA and keep us on our existing plan. This is enormous. We have also never been to Disney World. Anything is possible. One thing I DO know I would do with a large chunk of the money would be to donate to IPIF. Tuesday was simply the worst day of my life. I truly felt like dying. I hope there aren't worst days than that. I don't think I'd ever be truly happy if something happened to my Riley but for the first time since hearing the news, I do think I would be able to survive. You've all made that possible. I love you all and will continue to keep you updated. Vinny #teamRiley
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    I will give a Riley update. They have stopped her antiseizure meds. Her levels were too high which was causing her to be sleepy. Im still confused if she was in a coma or just sleepy due to high levels and maybe thats because doctors arent sure either. All i know is she opened her eyes today, we fed her (still through feeding tube) 55ml, and we held her for hours. She is a lot more active. I asked doctor if all these are signs of progress and he didnt disagree but he was hesitant to say anything more other than well see how she does without the phenobarbital. She is still on the steroids which imo was the key to her turnaround (and Justin wishing to Jesus). Im not a religious guy but if she turns things around i do think someone is out there. She is doing everything a baby should be doing on her own including eating, pooping, peeing, breathing, and even started little cries today. I really hope im not getting my hopes up here and i know she has a long tough road ahead of her but today was a good day. Vinny
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    I'm done with chemo, which is a tremendous relief. I won't know whether the cancer has been eradicated until I get some kind of imaging scan. I'm at an increased risk of recurrence for the next few years. Some of the chemo side effects are still with me, and may never go away. I'll just try to get used to them. Nothing too horrible -- as an example, I have constant tingling (and a bit of numbness) in my fingers and toes, making it harder than normal to type or to open jars or twist-off bottle caps. But those complaints are incredibly minor in the grand scheme of things. On the whole, I'm feeling very lucky and good.
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    Blog: The Genesis Day 0 Day 17: Praying to go to Target Day 20: The Long Descent Into Fatherhood Day 46: Finding the Meaning of Life, One Breadstick at a Time Stupid Baby Item of the Day A quick review of Disney World’s EXTREMELY Weird Avatar Land Stupid Baby Item of the Day: 5/16/17 Wow, you have GREAT insurance! Looking for names A Boy Will Lead Them Off to shopping So much to do! Grandpa's Story THE FINAL COUNTDOWN First 48 Hours One month in Meeting Santa, and the Long Descent Into Middle of the Night Madness Baby Cappy due date November 11, FSU v. Clemson night Wtf am I going to do, if I don't get 8 hours a night I'm useless.
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    I'll never forget the support I got from these boards. Thank you all.
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    I exec produced a film project late last year. I posted a few things here at the time, but mainly talked around it, as the crew wanted to minimize advance word until we finally got it in the can. Its a romantic comedy (if you have to classify it, which is hard), called Mustang Island. Its stars Macon Blair, who also starred in Blue Ruin and Green Room. He also won Sundance this year with his feature, I Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore (now on Netflix). I'm really proud of it. Its a good movie and I would like to invite all of my friends here at FFA to come to the premiere as my guest. We are also trying to get together an after party with the cast and crew. Please let me know if you can attend and I will get you passes. You are welcome to bring friends (SORRY SOLD OUT, but there is an added screening Sunday evening at 9:30).. Its in Dallas on 4/1 at 2:30 in the afternoon. I'm hosting a cocktail reception from 5-8 Saturday evening with the cast and crew. If you want to come, pm me for details. LINK UPDATE 11/19 After the festival premiere a lot of things started happening. Slowly and with tons of non-disclosure stuff, so I've stayed pretty mum. At this point I can say is Mustang Island is playing in Austin this week at the VIOLET CROWN CINEMA 434 W. 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701. Thus far its been sold out most showings, but I imagine early this week there will be seats still available. Right now it looks like everyone should be able to see it next year. I'm not attempting to be nebulous, but I am unsure when I can tell exact details, sorry. UPDATE 12/14 Netflix has announced it will be in their January lineup, beginning Jan 2, 2018
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    Trash day. Tell her you really admire her cans and ask if it would okay if you could look at them when you take your junk out next week.
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    I know. But hope is what will sustain you today, and tomorrow, and the next day. And if the downfall comes one day despite all efforts, you will be no worse off having been able to sustain yourself between this day and that. You'll actually be better for it because the days that you have between now and then will be filled with hope and positivity, rather than resignation and despair. Those days are going to mean the world to you and you will be glad to have made the most of them. She's going to make it Vinny. Hope.
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    I don't know your posts much; we probably don't inhabit the same threads for whatever reason. I suspect from the few I've noticed tonight that we are diametrically opposed, politically, but this isn't about that. I don't care about Donald Trump. I'm not angry at him. And I don't "know" that the story is true anymore than you might suspect it's not. But I just want to ask you - human-to-human - to do your best to set aside those feelings of suspicion to the extent you possibly can and re-read that story, focus on the words closely and especially on those that express the feelings of shame, of powerlessness, of the aftermath rather than the (alleged) actions themselves. You might not know me either, so I'll tell you just a little bit about me, if you would indulge me a minute. I went to a law school that was 65% male and chose to go into an area of law where I'm primarily dealing with men, and in many cases very powerful men - men such as one who was (might still be, don't know) #1 on the Forbes list. That's because, in my career, I became pretty powerful myself for a time, and while that seems like a brag, I'm not sure how to avoid its relevance to what I'm going to ask you to do. Anyway, couldn't tell you the number of times I've walked into a board room or a conference room of a couple dozen people and found I'm the only woman there. And while it's noticeable in the room, it never bothered me that I can recall - I get along well with men, in fact better than with women a lot of the time if I were being embarrassingly honest. It was just...a thing. That I dealt with and didn't really think much about. As I read this article, taking out the specifics of Trump or exactly what happened, I recognized almost every word, every feeling of it. This: "I was still in shock, and remained speechless." This: "Did he think I’d be flattered?" Particularly this: "I tried to act normal. I had a job to do, and I was determined to do it." This: "My shock began to wear off, and was replaced by anger. I kept thinking ...Why couldn’t I say anything?" Definitely this, oh definitely: "I’d been up all night worrying—had I done something to encourage his behavior?" This: "But, like many women, I was ashamed and blamed myself for his transgression." And oddly enough, most of all this: "I minimized it (“It’s not like he raped me…”)" Because honestly, until I read this, I knew I'd experienced some of this but still didn't think it was that big of deal, for this very reason. I not only wasn't raped, but I've never experienced anything nearly as severe as this writer alleges or the others today have alleged - no tongues shoved down throats, no hands shoved up skirts, just the kind of entry-level groping that I think most any woman would understand - squeezes, pinches, hands where they shouldn't be. The most notable being the General Counsel of a Fortune 50 company who out of the blue started telling me he and his wife had split up, though we weren't talking about him or his wife or anything but the Board meeting we had the next day, and he then made a physical move that I rebuffed but mild enough that I didn't feel threatened or assaulted or any of that, but instead just felt disappointed that I must not be giving off a professional enough persona, because if I had, he'd respect me enough not to do that. To his credit, he was so horrified by his behavior - or maybe he was scared of me - that the next day he made up an excuse to fly back to our home office, and when I found out he was leaving I asked him if this was the real reason why, and when he admitted it was, I told him not to worry about it, no sweat, and I continued to work for him for a couple of years, because I was a professional and I thought that's what professionals did. Plus on a "lesser" scale (words only): the partner at my firm who, when I stood up after a meeting with him, asked me if I'd left a wet spot on the chair. The 65-year-old married CEO of a client, whose IPO I had just completed and, after our closing dinner in NY, called me in the middle of the night in my hotel room to invite me over for some bellinis in his room (what an odd drink choice, by the way). And told me what he was wearing. Or more accurately, not wearing. The CFO of a different company with whom I had to share an office for a period of months because we were working so closely on his company's IPO, and he simply moved into my office and we worked pretty well together for a while though I had some hesitation - just little things like touching me too much or too intimately, which now I realize no touching should have been OK, or making some weird statements that I just laughed off because what else was I going to do - I was a professional and we needed to get the IPO done and I was the person who could best do it and that was my job, you know - and I continued to ignore until one day I accidentally exclaimed "####!" (f word) because of some obstacle we'd come to unexpectedly, and then immediately apologized to the CFO, because I'm a professional and that's not professional and this is an important client, and he said, in a soothing voice, something along the lines of "Don't worry. It's not a bad word. You know that can really be a beautiful word." and then proceeded to start telling me in detail about how and why it was beautiful and that was it. Cut him off - politely, gently, laughing it off as if I just thought it was a joke so that I could give him an out because I was a professional and this was an important client - and shortly after I made an excuse to leave my office and went to the senior partner's office and asked, without telling him what had happened - because I'm a professional - but just vaguely mentioning that CFO were having some trouble working together due to the proximity and that we might have a more productive relationship and get the IPO done better if we had some more space, and the partner told me that it would be great if I could just hang in there instead because we were only a few months from launching the IPO and surely I could just deal with it until then. And I did. You know why. I've never considered myself a "victim" of anything - which would likely be much to the consternation of many feminists, with whom I might be very aligned on most things but not on this. Nothing I just typed felt cathartic or "necessary"; I'm not traumatized nor am I "triggered" by any of these stories coming out. Never felt angry at any of these guys - including the partner who blew me off, because I blamed myself for not being assertive enough - or the "wet spot" guy, who is actually a Facebook friend of mine though as you might imagine not quite a friend, and maybe I should let him know that's not OK but I likely never will - and I never asked for or needed an apology but only wanted to figure out how to make it stop without making waves, because I'm a professional get it. Not for a second considered any "big" action, though I shared some of these experiences - and others - with friends whom I could trust, oddly enough all of them being guy friends. None of it makes me special or unusual or having particularly bad luck or anything. Believe me that I'm not enticing to men in any special way such that they just can't help themselves. I've just assumed all women experienced this (an assumption that is sadly seeming more and more true) and it was just some of the price we pay. After all, assuming I could get over the belief that it was my fault, I had to believe that if it was happening so much to me - relatively successful, perceived correctly or incorrectly as very strong, in a position to mess with careers of some fairly "important" people - I am alarmed to think how much it happens to those who are not in positions of any power, who are more vulnerable. In other words, if you think I'm posting something highly personal, my point in this regard is that it's not personal to me. Not at all. Again, I can't claim this particular woman's story is true. I don't think whether it is true is what's important, in the big scheme of things setting Presidential elections aside. What seems important to me is that we understand these things do happen, and the reasons why, and don't immediately start telling ourselves why they couldn't possibly have happened though it would be comforting to believe it, and we try to find common ground as to how to address it, outside the current politically charged atmosphere. Doesn't matter if you're D or R or liberal or conservative or even if you're a parent - I'm not - but this just seems so vitally important to me. And so I'm just hoping when you re-read this story (if you do) and later when you talk with your daughters about it - and I'm sure you're a good dad who will be doing that - you won't focus on its truth or falsity but will keep as much of the rest of this is mind as you can in framing your teaching to your children. Or if you can't maybe someone else can. Believe it or not, I haven't even had a single glass of wine tonight, so I can't blame drunkenness for posting this. Thanks for indulging me.
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    A quick health update (cross-posted to Facebook): It was close to a year ago that a cancerous tumor broke through my colon wall, partially invaded my abdominal cavity, and infected my blood stream. My wonderful surgeon cut the tumor out of me, taking a bit of my large intestine with it for good measure. This saved my life, but must have been a ghastly hardship for my surgeon and the other healthcare workers who were so mercilessly exposed to my colon. As punishment for putting them through the ordeal, I was sentenced to six months of chemotherapy. I served the full term and figure that the medical community and I are now basically even. Fast-forward to the present. I had a PET scan a couple weeks ago and got the results last week: I'm cancer-free. It's the result I was expecting, but my oncologist seemed a lot more relieved than I thought he should be. Apparently, based on my tumor's disposition when I was first diagnosed, my risk for recurrence within the first year was much greater than I'd realized. I'm still at an increased risk for the next few years, but I'm feeling lucky. Lucky to be alive, lucky for my recent clean imaging scan, and lucky to have such supportive family and friends. I hope you're all having a terrific summer!
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    Jack came home yesterday and got to sleep in his own bed for the first time in almost 2 weeks He's tolerating chemo very well so far. Just some fatigue. Hope this means he'll be able to power through with few side effects. His protocol currently calls for 3 different chemo drug combinations... he's already been through 2. The third is still several weeks off. He lost about 10 lbs while in the hospital, mostly due to a couple days of not being able to eat because of scheduled surgeries/procedures. The catheter has been removed which will make his quality of life significantly better. He is much more mobile now and I'm going to start working out with him (light cardio, body weight exercises, etc) to get him back on track. Continued Thoprawishes please...
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    We came home early today because NICU kept getting new babies and youre not allowed in there when they do or when they do rounds. We held her again this morning. Still sleepy but opened both eyes for a little while wider than yesterday. Doc said they are gonna check her phenobarbital levels again and they are gonna try and see if she takes the bottle. Thats huge IMO. They will eventually give her another MRI to see how things improved but too soon right now. I think im in a good place now with all the support and progress that i can take a breather and perhaps take Justin to see CA3 tonight. Dont get me wrong im still nervous as hell but I have a lot more hope thanks to you guys.
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    Surgery went very well. They removed the cancer mass and the perforated part of the colon, and while they had me open, they decided to reattach my colon rather than do the ileostomy thing, so I probably won't need another surgery. Because of the perforation (making spread more likely), I'm still looking at chemo and radiation, but the surgery couldn't have gone any better.
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    Hey Shady, The situation your family and Riley are going through really touched and affected a lot of people here at FBG. I know there have been a lot of people brought to tears, myself included, at everything you have shared with us, so we all thought we would come together to do what we could to help. Please click this link This money has been collected by the community here for you and your family to do with as you see fit. Whether it is for expenses, to cover time off of work, or to take Riley to Disney World or Land when she gets out, it's truly up to you. I am sure this is a bit of a shock and a lot to take in, especially with everything else going on, but we wanted to let you know now so there could be some more brightness to your day. While it can never hope to make up for the suffering you all have gone through, we wanted to do what we could to help a longtime member of the community out. I will PM you later today with more details.
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    Hate to say it...... It's over, folks. This place has the feel of a once very popular bar with regulars who made it great, but started leaving when new corporate owners took over and started making changes. Still the same bar, still the same location, decor similar...but the atmosphere is gone. Corporate owners serve different masters and it isn't the patrons that helped make it what it once was. I'm finding less and less to read here or reasons to post and I've been a message board nerd here since 2000ish. I just don't care anymore. It's so bland. The creativity is gone. The camaraderie has been replaced by political lines and back biting. The ability to be funny and work in the PG13 blue has been nerfed. It's sterile and no longer a must stop for me. Sad to say....i loved this place, but the party is over.
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    Hi all. I never thought I would feel lucky to do something as simple as to post in a forum like this, but here I am. On Friday March 3rd, I started getting this pain in my guts. Sort of like the pain you feel after eating really spicy food. But if you know me, I love spicy food and I have an iron stomach. By March 7th, I'd had enough and I took myself to the emergency ward. The emergency doctors at Kaiser tried few tests, but could not find a cause and they sent me home with pain meds. By 6 a.m. on March 9th, my wife woke to me groaning in agony in bed and declared she was taking me back to the emergency ward. On the drive to the hospital I told her that I was definitely getting some surgery today for something. Thankfully, this emergency doctor insisted that I get a CAT scan. Finally, they discovered I had an appendicitis. Now, no one looks forward to surgery, but I couldn't wait! The surgeon informed me that he'd be doing emergency surgery, and that they probably only need two small incisions in my torso to complete the surgery. I awoke two see and 11 inch slice all the way down my torso and 20 staples to hold it all together. Not only that I have an appendicitis, but I had gangrene that was spreading to my colon. Had I waited another day or two I'd be dead. The doctors removed a fist size piece of my colon. What followed was six agonizing days in a hospital room. I couldn't eat because food smelled awful, my guts hurt like I was being punched constantly. I was in so much pain I literally wanted to die. I was in so much pain, I told my beautiful wife not to visit me. Let me say this, if you're doing any lifestyle like drinking or smoking that will eventually bring you to a hospital stay, I suggest you stop. I've never felt so close to hell as I did in that hospital room. I've been recovering for days now, and I don't have to go to work until April 10th. Thank goodness I have enough sick time to cover my pay. I've lost 18 pounds and my mom said well at least you lost some weight. Trust me, I'd rather gained 30 pounds and go through that torture again. It feels good to talk movies and football with you guys again. I know it seems trivial, but I sure did miss it.
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    Omg i cant believe this. My brother told me about this as i have been in the hospital all day. I am so utterly overwhelmed and crying as i type this. I told my wife as she didnt even know i posted my story on fbgs. I have no words right now, gimme some time to process this and respond properly.
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    Here is a pic of my beautiful angel today. I hope that works. Tried to do it from my phone I deleted the original link and just posted one pic
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    My Fab Four segment recorded 4/30: Full show Just my portions in case you want to skip the songs (but you shouldn't!) My intro to song #11 in the top 100 countdown You might have noticed my Beatles song countdown thread hanging around the first page for several months. Or you noticed all the music threads it spawned - sorry! SiriusXM has a Beatles Channel, and one of the segments on the channel is called My Fab Four, in which a celebrity or a regular schmoe plays four of their favorite Beatles songs. Kind FBG @Kilgore Trout sent the Beatles Channel people a link to my thread, and they asked me to do a My Fab Four. Usually when a regular schmoe does one of these, they tell little stories about why they love a song - "My favorite song is Being of the Benefit of Mr. Kite because my dad was a carnie" or "I like I Am The Walrus because I am actually a walrus." Whatever. That's not what I did. Instead, I tried to fit in as much thread shtick and as many FFA usernames as I could. And so, we're left with this, which I'm doing from memory because I didn't write scripts down or listen to my own segments: Song 1 - In my intro I talk about the thread and some schmaltzy stuff about communities. I worked in bits of two FBG names. This is the only song that was not in my top 10, but people who followed the thread will know why I chose it. Song 2 - Worked in bits of at least two FBG names (one of which has since been banned) and two repeated bits of shtick from the thread. This song is in my top 10 but was chosen for ability to get the thread shtick in there. Song 3 - While the song is in my top 10, I chose this over another one I would have preferred, only because I could get the most FBG screennames in my intro. I know there are at least four. This is where I went full-on schmaltz because it was the only way I could work those names in there. Don't believe anything I say. Song 4 - Brings the segment full circles back to the thread, some of what happened in the thread in terms of community, and at least one important piece of thread shtick. I started this new thread and am giving all this information here because, as the thread has died down, some of the regulars aren't popping in anymore. And this is the most important part: I did my segment in the way I did as a sort of love letter to the people who contributed to that thread, as well as to the FFA in general. You guys are the best. At the end of this post in a spoiler tag, I'm putting the screennames of everyone who contributed substance to the thread (in general order of when they appeared in it), and I want to thank each of them for making it work. In addition, the entire FFA community should be given an equal opportunity to make fun of me when this airs. After I did my segment, I was later asked by the Beatles Channel to record an introduction to a song for their countdown of 100 top songs voted on by listeners, which they'll be airing beginning next Friday at 2 pm PDT. They repeat this back-to-back throughout the weekend, so listen for me on song #11 there, too. With that massive intro (which no one read), here are the current airdates: Tuesday, April 30 - noon PDT - My Fab Four Thursday, May 2 - 10 pm PDT - My Fab Four Friday, May 3 - 100-song countdown begins at 2 pm PDT; I'll be at #11 throughout the weekend as they repeat the countdown a billion times Week of May 6 - more airdates of My Fab Four TBD If you don't have SiriusXM, I believe you can get a free trial. UPDATE: We will also post it here! My and thanks to the people below.
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    Jack had an ultrasound this morning that showed the mass has shrunk by about 1/3. Doctor seemed pleased about the reaction. Hopefully the last of the 5 day infusion protocol starts on Monday. After that it should just be one day a week. He has tolerated the heavy chemo well, for the most part. Only experiencing some fatigue and a little nausea. He is having trouble eating enough (just never feels hungry)... need to put some meat on his bones. Continued T&Ps please...
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    Here is the eulogy: For those of you who may not know me, I am XXXXXXs cousin XXXXX. XXXXXXX has given me the honor to eulogize his beautiful daughter Riley through his words. Most of you know Riley’s story by now. Riley was born with a rare genetic condition called IP that can range from having mild to very severe complications. Unfortunately, our Riley had some very serious complications. On day 4 of her life, she suffered from seizures and strokes. She was given a poor prognosis for survival but she did survive. She was in the NICU for 7 weeks recovering and the day she was discharged was one of the happiest days of Riley’s family’s lives. She spent 8 weeks at home and it was the best weeks of mom, dad, and big brother, Justin’s lives. They knew there would be several challenges ahead but they also knew they could overcome them together as a family providing all the love and strength Riley would need to beat the odds. Unfortunately, hiding inside Riley was an unknown, even more rare complication of IP called pulmonary hypertension that proved to be too much for one little girl to handle. While Riley was only with us a little over 3 months, she inspired thousands across the world. From a bunch of anonymous fantasy football geeks on a message board who coined the phrase #TeamRiley to hundreds of moms on an IP support group who’s daughters also battled the same rare condition that Riley fought. Everyone was rooting for Riley. Riley went by many nicknames since she was born. Everybody had their favorite pet name for her from Ri-Ri to Smushy to Squishy to RileyBear to Supergirl. They were all cute names for her but our favorite nickname of all, the one that embodied her true spirit, was Riley the Warrior. She was a true warrior and fighter in every sense of the word. There are not many people that could go through the amount of procedures she went through looking more and more beautiful after each one. Despite being with us a short time, we all loved our beautiful Riley in our own special way. Riley was the little girl her mommy always wanted. Her mom and dad were shocked when she was born because of all her hair and eventually that hair started turning red! She was a spitting image of mommy and while mommy only got to dress her up in all her little outfits for 8 weeks we can all take solace in knowing how Riley would have looked like when she grew up. One just needs to look at her mother. To dad, Riley was his little princess he would always protect. He loved holding her little body in his arms and rocking her and he loved stroking her beautiful soft hair. Riley taught daddy how to be compassionate and tore away at his rough exterior to open up his heart to others. She changed him as a human being. To Justin, he was very happy to FINALLY become a big brother! He waited almost 7 years to become one and he adored her so much. He always begged to hold her, feed her, and was always eager to wake her up to eat her bottle and help with all her exercises. He was, and still is, the most amazing big brother his parents could ever imagine having and he would have protected her for his whole life. Justin’s mom and dad are VERY proud of the young man Justin has become. Riley had numerous developmental delays, one being tracking. However, EVERY time Justin spoke, Riley stared right into his big blue eyes and listened. They had a bond like none other. To the XXXXXXXXs, Riley represented hope during a very bleak time. Riley’s nanny XXXXXX was passing away from cancer and she represented the strength we needed when Riley suffered her stroke. After XXXXXXX passed, we all looked at Riley as the hope to get us through those dark times. She survived and she came home shortly after and she was now displaying the same strength to all of us to get through XXXXXXX’s passing. Riley’s passing will not be for nothing. Thanks to the great doctors that took care of Riley and the IP Foundation, they are currently in the process of updating the protocols to include screenings for Pulmonary Hypertension in all IP babies. We know these new protocols will not bring Riley back but we’d like to think if they save even one baby’s life, Riley will be smiling from up above. In closing, Riley the Warrior, was loved by and inspired more people in her short 3 months on Earth than most people do in their entire lifetime and we will forever be proud of her for how she fought and battled. It is not fair when a child passes at such a young age. People often say heaven got a new angel and that may be true but it is also ok to be selfish and want that angel for ourselves to be with us here. That is true about Riley. We all wanted her with us here. We may never understand fully why she was taken away from us at a very early age but we know why she was here. When Riley suffered through her first health crisis, Riley’s mom and dad found inspiration in a song called “Don’t Let Me Down.” Some of the lyrics of that song include the following verse: Crashing, hit a wall Right now I need a miracle Hurry up now, I need a miracle Stranded, reaching out I call your name but you're not around I say your name but you're not around I need you, I need you, I need you right now Yeah, I need you right now So don't let me, don't let me, don't let me down Riley was all of our miracles. She may be gone but she did not let us down. She was here to inspire us all to become better people. She was here to teach us again how to love one another. She was her to teach us how to fight and never lose hope. She was here to make Justin an amazing young man. And she was here to hopefully one day, save other babies. She was a true gift. Riley the Warrior, we will forever have holes in our hearts without you but we will never forget you.
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    Hi Shuke, I want to let you know about a change I've made to my life. One I'm guessing will not be popular with some. We will no longer have the "EAT-OFF" type threads. That means the polls or the threads where the intent is basically posting pictures or videos of grown men power eating unhealthy food and guys talk about the men eating. This is not the result of any incident or drama. It's something I've thought about for a while. Well before the recent #FatShaming events. I'm not mad at anyone and nobody's in trouble. It just finally hit me today that these aren't something we should be doing to ourselves or our legacies. And it's not an issue of moderating and taking out the grotesque videos. The entire idea of the EAT-OFF is something we don't want to have. And I'm sure there will be people who don't like this change. As I've always said here, I'm not sure our way is the right way. But it's the way we're going to do it. If an FFA without the "EAT-OFF!" threads isn't an FFA you want to be part of, I fully understand. And I realize this policy is super tame (or lame depending on your perspective) compared to the rest of the internet. No argument from me. I totally get it. I don't have any say in the rest of the internet. But this is my body here and I do have say in that. Which leads me to the second part. I apologize. I stood by and abused my body for years. And the buck stops with me. I'm responsible. We're a country that does things. And sometimes people do things that are wrong. But I believe it can be just as wrong not doing something and allowing something to happen. I did that here with those EAT-OFFs and I'm sorry. Thanks for being part of Footballguys. And thanks for helping make the boards what they are. G ********** General Malaise Owner - FatBodybyBud
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    Hitler reacts to NRJ's "lovemaking" (NSFW language and make sure you turn subtitles on, it defaults to off for some reason.) A collaborative effort between Gianmarco and myself.
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    Hello friends, I have been offline for a long time due to my ongoing health issues. In Sept 2016 I was told that I had NASH disease, and would eventually require a new liver. On Dec 8/16 I was put on the transplant list. I have not been able to work since Sept 16, due to the illness. Since that time, I have progressively gotten worse health wise. Muscle wasting, weakness, lethargy, pain, ascities, unsteady on feet, memory lose, fogginess, word dropping. It was aweful So, since Sept of this year, I was called into the hospital 2x for a potential liver, but both times I was sent home as the liver was not viable. This emotional rollercoaster takes it toll. I was beginning to think this may never happen. Then on Dec 6th, I was called to the hospital again around dinner time. There may be a liver for me, but they wouldn't know until after midnight. I was in my hospital bed, and at 4:45 am, a Dr came into my room and said I had to be in the OR in 1 hr. It was surreal. I was not scared, but am eerie calm fell over me. My wife and 2 boys were there with me, and walked with me to the OR. Approx 7 hrs later I was in the ICU. I was only there for 28 hrs, and then was transferred to the transplant unit. Physio started on day 3 post op, and I was up walking....very gingerly. Each day I got a bit better, and on day 8 post op, I was discharged home. I am back in hospital every 2 days for bloodwork to monitor my anti rejection medication. Yesterday I had half of the 70 or so staples removed from my incision. I have lost a lot of weight, as there is little appetite right now. Today is 16 days post op. I am a very lucky guy. What an incredible gift to receive right before Christmas. I am happy to answer any questions.....Its good to be back Parm
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    Put aside all our differences and have a hearty laugh at me, General Malaise, king of the idiots, lord of the stupid. As some of you know, I'm a 44 year old functional dolt who has somehow managed to procreate multiple times with TWO different womens. It's a crown achievement considering my horrible looks and inability to be good at anything. But I'm a damn good breeder and not long ago produced two boys at the same time who are now two years old and were sent to this planet to destroy me. On Thursday, I came home from work and was met by my wife who informed me she was going shopping with our daughter. Our older boys were gone, so it was me vs the twin terrors. To put this in context, this is like asking Mr. Magoo to play defense vs. Jordan and Pippen in their prime. So I grabbed a cold beer, sat the twins down and said "hey, let's play a game of hide and seek. You hide, I seek, ready......go". I counted to about 900 slowly, quenched my thirst, turned the TV on to the football game and finally began to go seek. Since the twin boys are about as quiet as heavy metal band, I found them with ease in their bedroom. They squealed in delight as I tickled their bellies and roared in their ears. Then it was my turn to go hide. So I ran downstairs, covered myself up with a blanket and waited. And waited..... And waited some more...... And, you know, I don't think they're coming for me. I went back upstairs and made my way towards their room, which was now shut by their door. And locked. From the inside. And do you know what I discovered on this fine day? We didn't have a key for this locked door. So these monsters, these horrible horrible monsters have locked themselves in their bedroom. Now, some of you know me, some of you don't. For those that do, you know I'm not a very handy man. For those that don't, let me further explain that not only am I not handy, but I'm not very smart either. I'm just a big, dumb animal that doesn't do very well under pressure. So here I am, 5:30pm on a Thursday night all alone trying to talk 2 year old twins into opening their locked bedroom door for me. I started out nicely, as any hostage situation might. "Hi boys, please open the door for daddy. Open the door for me and I'll get you some marshmallows." "OK!" I heard from the other side. *Fiddle fiddle fiddle with the door as they faked unlocking it*. "Boys, that's very funny, you faked unlocking it, ha ha, now please open it for real this time" "Okay daddy!" *More fiddle fiddle fake unlocking it met with uproarious laughter* "BOYS, OPEN THE &#&#&#&# DOOR RIGHT NOW!!!!!!" *crickets* This went on for over 30 minutes. And in that time, I could hear them throwing things in their room; their CD player, books; to them, this was a party with no rules. I tried everything to open the locked door - a pocket knife, nail file, coat hanger, paper clip, NOTHING would open this damn thing. They continued to fake open the door and then laugh and laugh at me. Every moment of anguish I expressed was met with their utter glee in return. Finally, I had enough. I went Jack Nicholson in The Shining on that door. When I finally broke in, they were butt naked and had destroyed their room. They thought it was hilarious. So did my wife. And all my other kids. And friends. And parents. You know who didn't find it funny at all? ME!!!!! TL; DR - don't have kids. Don't even have sex.
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    Never heard of the show so I looked it up: Look, fella....if you've got a chance for the great Emily Ratajkowski to have simulated sex in YOUR house, you take it. You take it and you run with it. You do it for free. You do it for us! You go live in a box under a highway bridge if you have to, but you do it. Do you hear me?
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    Surreal moment. I'm sitting with a few of the other VPs at Capital Grille - the owner of our parent company flew in on his private jet and took a few of us to lunch as a "thank you" for another year. As we're sitting there waiting for our meals, he gets a text message from someone telling him that Sylvester Stallone is about to be named by the Trump transition team (or whatever they call it) as some kind of head of a new task force to stop piracy in the motion picture industry. I have no idea if this information is even public yet, but expect to see something about it. As he announces this to the table, I turn toward a few of my co-workers at the other end of the table and say : "I don't even know what's real and what's fantasy anymore." As I'm saying this, the owner of the company is calling Sylvester Stallone. Yes, he has Sly's number in his phone. Stallone's wife Jennifer is the spokesperson/co-owner of a product line we do business with. He begins talking to Sly, unbeknownst to me. After a few seconds, he puts Stallone on speaker phone so a few others at the table closer to him than I am can hear what Sly's saying about it. At that moment, I launch into a (pretty decent) Stallone-as-Rocky impression: "So, yo..... I mean, you know, I like.... hate piracy and everything, you know... but I don't know about being no CZAR of nothing, you know..." Apparently, it was loud enough that Stallone, who I still don't realize is on the phone, could hear it. All of a sudden, I hear : "Who is that in the background? Is somebody doing an impression of me?" I nearly crapped my pants right then and there. I spin around and the owner of my company is laughing his ### off. He holds the phone closer to me as if prompting me to say something. "Ummmm, yeah. Not too bad, huh? (nervous laugh)" "I've heard better. (no laugh)" "(bigger nervous laugh) I'm sure you have, Mr. Stallone." "I do like the idea of being the 'czar' of anti-piracy though. I wonder if I can have that title..." (Whole table laughs and the owner takes him off speaker phone and continues the conversation.) So, now I can cross "doing an impression of Sylvester Stallone FOR Sylvester Stallone" off my bucket list. Didn't even know it was on there.
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    And I'm out. 4 hands in dealt A10 suited. Went all in. Guy debated a call with similar stack. He called and flipped pocket 7s. 1 heart on flop, one on turn. Then nothing. On the way out I tapped Asani and told him good luck from me and the FBGs All in all a great expierence but not dying to play again. If I win my way in again, sure I'll play, but won't ever pay $10k now that I crossed it off the bucket list (unless I start making @chet money, then I'm in every year). Thanks for all the kind words, advice and cheering throughout.
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    My father suffered a massive stroke last Friday/Saturday. Spent a few days in the hospital basically just breathing (no machines, as per his own wishes for his entire life), and passed peacefully from this life Tuesday night. I wrote some words on my Facebook, but thought I'd share with my FFA family. T&Ps greatly appreciated. -------------------------------------------------- What can you say when your real-life hero is gone? What words will do justice to describe the greatest man you've ever personally known? I am truly blown away by the love and support my family and I have been shown over the last several days. I think it is a tribute to how many lives my dad touched and what a truly great man he was. I'm seeing and hearing so many kind words, that he inspired, from so many others that didn't even know him as well as I did. But you didn't have to know him well to know he was a great man. If I can be even half the man he was, I'll consider it an accomplishment. I've been flooded with memories since Saturday. I realized that it's a highlight reel of my life that just keeps replaying. And he was in every single one of them. I'm listening to him proudly tell someone how I made an awesome double play to end the last inning of the season, then made the all star team. I'm sitting in the deer stand on his lap as dusk falls and shooting my first deer. Cried a little on the way home. He didn't know that though. I'm watching over his shoulder at the poker table and remembering the day he slides me some money and said I could play and him grinning at me and winking and laughing at the older guys as I drug my first winning pot (and many more after that). We are spending countless hours at the shooting range. I can still smell the burnt gun powder and hear the shell casings bouncing off the concrete. I'm hearing his keys hit the kitchen counter as I'm in my room just waiting anxiously for him to get home from work so we can eat supper and I can race and try to beat my brothers to the table. I'm giving my salutatorian speech and glancing into the crowd and seeing that proud gleam in his eye. I'm holding the beautiful knife that he and his best friend made for me and thinking to myself, wow this man really can do everything. We are on the many long road trips to shooting matches over the years, as I graduated from the back seat to the driver's seat. We are catching fish in the pond. We are cheering on the Indians (and the Warhawks) and coaching from the stands. I'm working beside him at that pharmacy counter taking care of his customers all those years. I can remember friends calling him because they needed medicine on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. He would cuss a little, because that's just who he was. Then he would help them with whatever they needed. Because that's also who he was. I am honored to say I got to work with him on his last day of work last Friday. He literally worked until he couldn't work any more. He was without a doubt the hardest working man I've ever had the privilege of knowing. He wouldn't ever brag on himself much but he was so proud to get his 50-year certificate from the board of Pharmacy last year and we couldn't have been more proud of him. He was more than just my father. He was also my mother for a little while, before my step-mom came along and rescued him. A job that he took on fearlessly, courageously, and without hesitation. He was more than just my father. He was my shooting instructor, my ball coach, my therapist, my voice of reason, my encyclopedia, my financial advisor, my doctor, my hunting buddy, and so much more. He wasn't perfect, but to me, he was Superman. I love you, Daddy. I hope I made you as proud as you made me.
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    Confirmation Number: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Placed on May 19, 2016 Purpose Donation amount Incontinentia Pigmenti International Foundation $5,316.00 USD Total Amount: $5,316.00 USD
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    Ok here is a more detailed update. June 24th will be 2 years since my wife passed away. June 17th will be 5 months since my surgery. Start with my son. He was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in October. He's doing very well managing his sugar. He is about ready to graduate Culinary School at the end of June/beginning of July. His class leaves for a week in England the last week of June (part of the tuition). He's going to a Gordon Ramsey Michelin 3 star restaurant for dinner/wine flight while there. If he has free time and can work it out, he wants to watch a World Cup game in an English Pub. Next step is for him to find a job. Claims he's looking. We'll see. LOL Now for me. Think I posted this, but I'll recap (don't feel like rereading the thread). In January I had Open Right Radical Nephrectomy (removal of the right kidney due to Renal Cell Carcinoma) and partial right Colectomy (removal of a mass in the right side of my colon, non cancerous). In and out of the hospital 5 days. Out of work for 5 weeks. First set of scans post surgery in April were good. No evidence of any remaining cancer. Next scan are in July (due to my increased risk of recurrence they are doing more frequent monitoring. Standard is every 6 months, I going every 4 for at least the first year). I'm feeling really good. Knock on wood. Work is basically the same. Good days and irritating days, but overall I enjoy going to work. Biggest change is in my personal life. After a failed attempt at dating in the fall (short 2 month relationship I thought was going well when she pulled the plug. She broke it off just as my health issues were emerging. Not sure it had any thing to do with it, or if it was coincidence. But that's neither here or there. Water under the bridge at this point). So after that, I was focusing on my health. With that being said, my son and I went to visit a friend in the hospital in NYC at the end of February. While in NY, we took the opportunity to drive out to Long Island and watch 2 of his friends (Maddie and Amanda) that bowl for their college in a tournament. After the tournament he and I went to dinner with the parents of his friends (the team went back to their hotel, so just the parents went out). Drove home after dinner and thought nothing of it. Got a text from Maddie's mother (Lisa) saying Caroline (Amanda's mother) was asking about me when they went back to their hotel after dinner. I've known Caroline for a couple of years as my son and Amanda have bowled together and against one another. The following morning I got another text from Lisa saying Caroline was asking about me again at breakfast. Maddie and Amanda's team was bowling in another tournament in South Jersey the following weekend. I thought about what to do that entire week and ultimately decided I would ask Caroline to dinner just to see if there was anything there. That Monday we went to dinner. It went well and we agreed to go out the following week. Well we've been dating since (3 months today). It's going very well. We just returned from a very short trip to Maine to attend the wedding of my brother's step son. First time traveling together. Spent 48 hours together and we're still speaking. LOL We've talked and we both like the direction it's going and have been introducing the other to our respective family and friends. We're moving a little slower than I would like, but admit it's probably better this way. So overall I really like the direction my life is taking right now. Just hoping the positive continues. I've had enough of the negative for a while. Cheesypoof
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    Tomorrow is my Mom’s 66th birthday. Today, she lays in a Hospice bed in her home of forty years, waiting for an aggressive cancer that has taken over her body to end her life. Mom graduated high school at 17, married my dad, and skipped her high school graduation ceremony to move to San Diego and be with him while he served his country in the Navy during the Vietnam War. She raised my oldest sister as a baby while Dad did three tours. That was the beginning of Mom living her life for her family. As the years went by, Mom and Dad had another daughter, then me. They loved us. There was never a moment when we doubted our Mom’s love for us. She may not have always liked us, but she always loved us. As we grew and got busier, Mom never missed a thing. My sisters did ballet, recitals, softball, and color guard. From the time I was seven years old, I did elementary school plays, speech festivals, t-ball, soccer, basketball, baseball, and football through high school. Through all of that, I can remember Mom missing exactly one event. During one particular football game, the rain and wind was so bad that the band, the cheerleaders, the student section, and most of the fans left. But at the end of the game, there was Mom. Dad coached high school baseball and football for twenty years. This was before the days of cell phones, so she never knew exactly when he would be coming home on game nights. Yet, she always had dinner waiting for him and kept warm. Don’t get me wrong: Mom was a great wife, but never a Stepford wife. There was a mutual respect between my parent and my father was always grateful towards her. He thanked her for the dinners. Mom had enough pride and individuality that if he would have ever barked at her about dinner, he would have worn it and it would have been the last time she cooked for him. He knew it, too. More years passed and she became a grandmother. And she was the best at that, too. She was an active and fun grandmother. She played and wrestled with her six grandsons. She brought them gifts, she spoiled them. She got them tired and gave them sore bellies from the chocolate and candy, then left my sisters and I to deal with them. She called it “payback” for the crap we gave her growing up, and she did it all with a grin. If we were ever in a pinch and in need of a babysitter, she was always available. A grandchild could wake up sick on a day when you had to be to work and no babysitter was available, and you could call Mom at 6 AM. She would hop out of bed and be there to help. And she never missed any of their events, either. She loved us. And until she takes her last breath sometime this weekend, somewhere in her, she will still love us. And we will always love her. They say that nobody is perfect and Mom wasn’t. But damn, was she close.
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    My drinking thinks I have a wife problem.
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    Thoughts and prayers to your family as you navigate these treacherous times.
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    Update: feeling a tad better doing a clinical program for depression at a local medical center. It’s hard finding a good therapist and right meds for depression/ocd. I took up hiking, cooking, yoga and painting in the meantime. Thanks for the support! You guys are an awesome community of people. Im hoping to get back to work ASAP doing archeology stuff.
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    I won't know for a while, but my final chemo treatment was a week and a half ago, the side effects are subsiding, and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thanks for asking.
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    Jack Update: Followup radiation complete on lungs, pelvis and foot. CT indicates some spots in lungs that are being attributed to radiation related inflammation. Baseline MRI today before his next 4+ month chemo protocol begins next week. He will graduate HS next weekend Summa Cum Laude. Planning to attend MSU in the fall. They are being awesome about accommodating Jack and his situation by giving him is own room in a centrally located dorm with 2 HS buddies as his suite-mates. Hoping and praying it all works out for him. Headed to Dana-Farber in Boston in a couple weeks for a 2nd Opinion/clinical trial options visit. They've already indicated that his current protocol is what they would likely recommend, but want to make sure we have all our bases covered. Thanks for continued prayers... really appreciate you guys!
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    Chapter Six The aftermath and “Where Are They Now?” EG – Had to go to work drunk/hungover on Monday. Got billed $500 for the broken painting and took a month to get remuneration from Jer-Mac. Otherwise unscathed. Now posts drinking stories in the FFA. Sports a genius-level IQ and a magnificent penis that all of you would kill your own mothers to have been born with. Kev – Also had to go to work hungover on Monday. Emerged unscathed. Continues to drink absurd amounts of beer. Now 47 and lives in Hoboken, still unmarried as multiple girlfriends have gotten annoyed at his life-long pattern of choosing to get hammered with his friends over maintaining relationships with women. Destined to die a bachelor with a keg of Budweiser hooked up to him through an IV. Works for a major brokerage firm in Manhattan. Chad – Slept all day Monday. Curtailed his drinking somewhat after this event and another one shortly afterwards where he kicked a wall in a fit of drunken pique and broke his foot in 3 places, then left the party he was at and drove blind drunk and woke up the next morning in Kev's older brother's driveway. That one was a wake-up call as he didn't remember getting there and was awakened by Kev's menacing older brother pounding on his hood telling him to get the f--- out of his driveway so he could go to work. He came to and drove straight to the hospital, where they put a cast on him for 6 weeks. No longer drinks and drives and is now a successful executive with a Big Pharma company and lives in a huge house on a golf course in PA. Married to Kev’s younger sister (that courtship was fun for us) and has a 10-year old son. Jer-Mac – Haven’t seen him in years. He got married not too long after this weekend, but his wife ultimately took off because he was so annoying (she literally said these exact words to me.) He made a ton of money working nearly around the clock for almost a year after 9/11 when the NYPD was giving unlimited overtime and now owns a house in North Jersey and a cabin in Vermont. He spends a lot of time up there snowboarding and is not on social media, so I very rarely hear from him anymore. Emerged unscathed except for the phone he lost and the $500 he had to give me for breaking the painting. Beef- also emerged unscathed. Is now married with 3 kids and living in Philly, where he is a renowned surgeon and one of the leading proponents of cutting-edge technology in his field. He’s the one I see the most out of everyone from that trip as he usually flies down to FL once or twice a year to spend time with my brothers and me. We’ve now known one another for 35 years and he has been designated the honorary “4th brother” of our family. We still say “You’re the one that fell” and “F—k the Governor and f—k you!” to one another every single time we hang out together, without fail. Rose – did not emerge unscathed. He faced a judge that Monday and was arraigned on multiple charges – indecency, assault, etc. He got himself a good lawyer and got a lot of the charges dropped, but still had to pay a hefty fine and serve probation for public intoxication and criminal mischief (or something to that effect) but no jail time other than the 2 days he spent in the Baltimore City lockup. I only saw him a handful of times again in my life after this, and not since I moved to Salt Lake about a year after this weekend. He probably wouldn’t even remember my name today if you spoke it to him. He’d remember this weekend though, that I can assure you. Whereabouts unknown to me. Dan-O – aside from being down a pair of suit pants, he got through the weekend fairly intact. Some of the pictures taken that weekend while he was passed out made the rounds and he was subjected to a fair amount of ridicule for years after this. I would have given almost anything for photos from inside the women’s room stall, but no one had a camera with them. Here are a couple of photos taken while he was awake: Dan-O in his broken sunglasses, visibly plastered, while Beef chugs next to him. This was taken before noon. Dan-O, drunk already and awake after passing out while Beef catches up Dan-O at night in his “suit.” The top of this suit became his pants after he s—t the bottom of it: Dan-O on the train in his "suit." Unfortunately, Dan-O is no longer with us. A few years ago, he suffered traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident in Tahoe and passed away after spending about a week in a medically-induced coma. I miss his crazy ### every day. Faz took it on the chin for this weekend worse than anyone. If only I hadn’t jokingly suggested making that one last stop, he would have come out of it none the worse for wear. He was ultimately convicted of assaulting a police officer, resisting arrest, and obstructing justice, even though (or maybe because) several of us showed up at his trial extremely baked and carrying hand painted picket signs that said “Amnesty for Faz!” (not kidding.) He spent a little bit of time in the hoosegow as a result of that night. Not too long after this, Faz quit his job with TWIB and traveled around the country for a few years playing bars (he was a singer/guitar player) to earn beer money. One night, he was in Virginia after a gig and went to sleep and never woke up. Apparently, his body just finally gave up and quit working. Here is the Almighty Faz at my wedding, doing what he loved most, drinking beer: Faz - The Great and Powerful I miss that crazy SOB every day too. In fact, part of the reason I wanted to really dig in and write this story is so that I could spend a few hours with my old friends, both the ones I still see and the ones I never will again. Part of the reason it took so long to do so is because this is possibly the last time I’ll ever tell/write the story of this weekend. Now I feel like Richard Dreyfuss at the end of “Stand By Me.” Next time you have a drink, tip out a sip for Faz and Dan-O – they may be gone, but hopefully their spirit lives on through my keyboard. Godspeed, gentlemen. - THE END -
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    For those here who don't remember, my middle son is now a freshman at a small DIII school in PA that recruited him to play ball there. As a freshman, he was warned that playing time would be hard to come by, but given that his baseball history is replete with such warnings, he has once again proven the naysayers wrong to rise in the ranks on his team, and due to an unfortunate injury to one of the starting outfielders, he was inserted into the lineup and has, today, hit his first home run ever, at any level.
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    So early in the evening, Marissa finishes up some work she had to do, and she and her girls finally make it outside, where my son and I are goofing around in the front yard playing whiffle ball. After a bit, she comes over and kind of whispers that they are begging her to ask if they can jump on our trampoline. So of course we all head around to my back yard, and the kids are all playing. Marissa stays in pretty close proximity to me most of this time. Eventually it begins to thunder and lightning ( ) and it was also starting to get dark, so we all head in. She texts me a bit later, asking if the rain might interfere with hug plans for the evening. I say hopefully not, let's just see what happens when kids are asleep. At this point, I am thinking ok she HAS to want me to kiss her, but I am still getting mixed signals with her body language, so I'm conflicted on this point. That conflict would soon be settled. She went a little deeper into conversation than I like to go in texting, but since she initialized it, I followed her lead. Basically she told me that she is trying not to complicate things in her head. She did mention the unfinalized divorce and not being "ready for a relationship" but also having an internal conflict because she really likes me and things feel so natural between us, with which I agreed. I truly believe that this conflict of hers was what was causing her body language to be a bit closed off the past few nights for Hugfest. She mentioned something about kissing (which said to me: yep, she has been thinking about what I said to her the other night...this is good) and how it was part of her conflict, which i had already deduced. I said well, if it's any consolation, I wanted to kiss you again, but you were kind of holding me back, but don't take that as me not wanting to kiss you, because I do. We have a little back and forth, and it's close to 1AM at this point. M: "well, if you want to come back over here real quick, we can just move on from this discussion. If not, we can wait. Up to you" NRJ: Give me 2 mins. I'm thinking are you kidding me!? There is no damn way I'm not going back over there, I don't care if we are in the middle of a hurricane and her entire back yard is on fire. I throw my clothes back on and put my contacts back on in a record time of about 23 seconds, and head over there. She is standing on her back porch and doesn't even let me get all the way onto the concrete and grabs my head and pulls me in and plants one on me. (aside: if you have seen the kids movie "Inside Out," then you know the part where it shows long term memories being stored, pretty sure this one was a long-termer for me. I wasn't thinking that at the time of course, but as I typed it out just now, it came to me) She pulls back a bit and we stand touching foreheads staring into each other's eyes not saying a word, then I kiss her again. And that pretty much went on for the next 20 minutes. She had to go in, because her oldest had already gotten up once since going to bed, so she was worried she might wake up again. One more quick kiss and I head back home. M: Glad we got that out of the way Lol NRJ: Yes good talk So if you saw the flashes in the night sky last night, it might have been the storms rolling through, or it might just have been some fireworks down in bayou country. PS- WHO DAT!!!