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    Next time send him to Lawyer-Camp, where each activity is proceeded by signing forms and waivers. At Lawyer-Camp, there is no pool, or lake, or ropes course, or campfires, or running, or open fields, or anything that might lead to any sort of injury. At Lawyer-Camp your son will learn how to: (1) codify common-sense, (2) look for situations on how to gain an edge due to things people normally assume, (3) wear a helmet at all times, (4) have fun1! 1Fun not guaranteed.
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    175 folks ate two whole pigs in 1.5 hours last night. The 1 year party was a huge success.
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    If your kid is injured at summer camp, the only reasonable course of action is to stalk the teenage counselors and kill them off in gory and creative ways one by one.
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    What the hell is a reverse cannonball anyway? Is it just a cannonball where you hit your head?
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    I wouldn't have the balls to ask for any compensation but that's just me. I let my son (~2 years old) walk through a sleepy's when we were shopping for a mattress. He was learning to walk, he tripped and face planted into a steel corner bed frame. Nice gash right on the side of his eye. Rushed him to the ER. He was fine. Went back to Sleepy's, not to sue but to apologize for not watching my son closer and buy a mattress.
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    Frank Linn is a good guy, funny as heck, and a talented pizzaolo. Started out with a wood burning oven on a trailer making neapolitan-style pizze in and around southern Montgomery County. Few years back, settled in at the Kensington Farmer's Market by the MARC Train Station near antique row (Saturdays 8AM - Noon). The space he's in now has been a hodgepodge of mediocre places over the last several years. I've actually looked at it twice, but the Ownership of the property itself is a little convoluted...IMO, was a better place to buy outright than lease, and they weren't selling at what I felt was a well researched and thought out offer. Oh, well. He makes a good pie and has wanted to do the brick-and-mortar thing for some time. Know he got mauled during the opening week. Cut back the hours, probably to give himself the opportunity to rest and recover, which is wise on his part. He's a solid cook, uses good ingredients, and will probably be doing some interesting food besides pizza eventually. Beer and Wine License, thoughful selection, not run-of-the-mill stuff, which is nice. Glad you like it (HULK), and the rest of you should check it out at some point. I haven't been in yet, probably will give him 3 months or so to get his feet under him before I check in to see how he's doing... ...thankfully, there's another Owner-Operated Pizza Napolitana spot right in our neck of the woods that everyone should know about if they already don't. My guys Ankur and John, on Rockville Pike behind Radio Shack across from Congressional Plaza, have been doin' it and doin' it and doin' it well for 3 years or so now at Pizza CS. (CS = Come Sempre). Bad-### woodburning oven, and Ankur is a real-deal VPN Naples-trained pizzaolo. Interestingly, they're doin' it well right across from local chain Matchbox. I know those guys too, and was a big fan when they first got started, but IMO they've declined from excellent to above average as they've expanded. When I'm out to eat high-quality pizza, personally, I'm not interested in 'the scene', and I'm not really interested in a menu so broad that it takes the focus off the pizza, but that's probably a personal thing. So, give John and Ankur/Pizza CS a shot if you're in the area, especially if you're a fan of the whole David vs Goliath thing, which isn't officially what's going on between them and Matchbox, but probably kind of is, anyway. I'm in and out of there probably once a week, if anyone ever wants to meet up, PM. So this is probably as good a time/place as any to list my best DC-Metro Area Pizzerias for anyone who's interested. FWIW, I prefer Neapolitan-style pizza: 1. Pupatella - 2. Menomale - 3. Pizzaria Orso - 4. 2 Amy's - 5. Pizza CS - see link above 6. Mia's - YMMV, but with nothing else to do between now and the start of football season, it's as good as any a topic to discuss. Happy to provide details and inside scoop for anyone interested, about these places or any other restaurants in the greater DC/Metro area.
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    1. There are two places that I like that are right off of I-70 on the way to the mountains from the airport. One is the Green Solution (at 4400 Grape St. off of the Dahlia/Holly/Monaco exit), which offers a really nice buying experience with a good selection of strains with Ipads that contain all the relevant info for each strain (strain type, indica/sativa, THC/CBD percentages, etc.) as well as very helpful budtenders. That is where I take my out-of-town visitors. I also like Dank (which is located at 3835 Elm St. off the same exit as Green Solution). Both Green Solution and Dank have a nice selection of edibles. Both of those dispensaries are located in a kind of weird industrial park area of Denver, but they are very conveniently located to the interstate on your way to the mountains. 2. There is a limit that you can buy at one time, but I think it varies a bit with edibles. I'm actually not sure exactly how that works. I think you should be able to purchase a sufficient amount of edibles. They don't track your daily purchases in any sort of online system, so you could always make two stops if you wished. There is also a dispensary up in Breckenridge, so you could always make a second stop there if necessary. However, I would recommend stocking up in Denver before going to the mountains just because there is a better selection and cheaper prices. 3. I haven't seen a sampler package, but you can buy small amounts such as a gram at any of the places I told you about. I would recommend getting a gram of a couple different strains, so that you can expereince the difference between indicas and sativas. If you are doing something active and outdoorsy up in the mountains, then you should use a sativa. If you are sitting around and relaxing at night, I would recommend an indica. Let me know if you have any other questions.
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    I think your time could be better spent teaching your dumb### kid how to do a reverse cannonball without banging his face off the pavement.
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    Just wanted to point out that Soulfly asked for my Paypal in order to make good on our bet, should I win. I asked him to forget about it as it was a silly attempt to stroke my ego at the time. He's caught a lot of flack in this thread, but he was willing to follow through, and shouldn't be questioned on that front.
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    If you live in a MMJ state, you will either have dispensaries (like in CO or WA) or there may be approved caregivers like what we have in MA. My provider sends out a weekly email every Monday with what is available for that week. They deliver to home or office. Yesterday's email, for entertainment purposes only:
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    That you remember gives me hope. I so want Riley, who turned 4 this month, to remember Connor. Connor was just an awesome big brother to have. Just a never ending ball of fun and positive energy. Hoping Riley can say that as the years pass! I know you probably already know this but just in case, keep sharing those memories with him. Include pictures and videos you have and if you have something to help him associate with the memory that's even better (example - that's the toy we bought on our way to Connor's game, etc). If you don't already it would also be good to talk to him about the bond they shared, let Riley know it was special and stronger than normal. The more the memories get reinforced, the better they stick. We definitely do this, and will continue to regularly. We'll set time aside on holidays and Connor's birthday to relive memories and look at pictures and videos. As a side note, I have it on good authority that Riley is going to grow up well protected. There is an army of 8 year olds that have pledged to have his back.
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    You may be more annoying than the actual Ned Ryerson.
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    Not sure of the backgrounds of anyone on these boards but for anyone with metrology backgrounds they know the first thing that you do in a testing process is calibrate your testing device and in many cases, depeding on how sensative the device is your calibration will fail. We don't know a thing about the actual metrology testing device but we do know the league ran two consecutive tests and got two different results. The entire point of the test in this case is to note exceeding an arbitrary threshold. The league isn't testing just to see who has weed in their pee its to see who has exceeded their arbitrary limit. Again, without know the metrology testing device but having a background in this field where two samples have been run with one exceeding a threshold and one failing the threshold the decision on what to do with conflicting results varies on what you are testing but in this case its a legal matter with dire results so the first thing the defense is going to do is call into question the metrology and how two consecutive samples could possibly get two different results. They'll go to the logs and I'm positive they'll find lots of evidence of false positive results due to poor metrology. It is a matter of exceeding a threshold not whether or not THC was in his system and the only evidence the league has rides on the unfailing accuracy of their testing proccess and it obviously has flaws if two consecutive samples produced two different results, one positive and one negative.
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    This should be an epic Friday thread.
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    Schefter is reporting that Gordon will argue his positive is from second hand smoke. and the NFL is on the record stating they won't ban for second hand smoke. ETA: LINK
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    Dude why are you yelling. Between this and you trying to sue the camp, you may want to look into anger management.
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    Could that suit have been any tighter on Josh when he proposed? Was waiting for a button to shoot off and kill a gaffer.
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    SO awesome. That pretty much made up an entire horrible season
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    I've heard he speaks of the pompitous of love.
  21. 2 points at the 6th from the top.
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    My fantasy football league is holding our live auction draft in New Orleans this weekend. Our group of 10 guys rented out a house in New Orleans that has a huge media room with a 108" projector screen to display the updated draft results and team budgets during the draft. The best part is that our draft day experience is going to be catered by McClure's! I'll be picking up an order of "All Meats, All Sides" for 10-12 people for lunch before the draft on Saturday. I can't wait to see this ridiculous smorgasbord of smoked meats and sides in all its glory. I am pumped to introduce my friends to the best barbecue in New Orleans. I'll upload a picture of our McClure's spread when I get back next week. It should be an absolutely epic weekend. Special thanks to Tipsy for helping make our destination draft weekend in New Orleans legendary.
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    I'll jump in here just to offer some insight from my end. I know this is Ham's thread, but this may be helpful to him as well. It had been nine months since Chance passed, and his room was untouched. It looked exactly as it did the day he died. It was a sad reminder of his passing every time we walked past the doorway, but it was also like a moment frozen in time. A moment we couldn't let go. We knew the day would come that we would have to clean out his things and repurpose the room, but the thought of it was just too painful. So weeks turned into months, and his room remained. Though an argument could be made that this was not the healthiest of behaviors, it is no doubt common. A week after my get together with Ham, I finally met up with a client of mine for drinks. His 13-year-old son had been killed in a tragic vehicular accident over two years ago, and he had reached out repeatedly with offers of support. The room topic came up, and he confessed that after two years, their son's room had yet to be touched. But a funny thing happened very recently. First, a little background. My wife and I have had numerous conversations with each other about whether we were done growing our family. Shortly after Chance's death, our 12-year-old son just destroyed us when, during a very emotional exchange, he told us "I don't know how to be an only child." So we talked about whether he would, in fact, live the rest of his life as an only child. At 43, my wife is probably beyond childbearing years without taking on some substantial risks. And while we're somewhat open to the concept of adoption, we have some fundamental differences of opinion on that front. So we had sort of tabled the discussion. One day, my sister-in-law suggested the idea of hosting a foreign exchange student. It was an intriguing option. It would give my now 12-year-old son a sibling of sorts that would be much closer in age, and it would expose him to a new and different culture. But more importantly, it wouldn't feel like we were just having another child to replace our dear Chance (and trust me, when you weren't planning to have any more kids, it's hard not to let those thoughts creep in). We scheduled a meeting with the principal of our son's school to inquire about whether they ever participated in an exchange student program. He said that they have done so in the past, if it's the right situation and the right family. So he was open to it, but didn't come across as overly enthusiastic. Again, we had a lot going on, so we tabled the idea, and the months rolled on. Then, just about a month ago, we received an email sent to parents of students at our school inquiring about hosting an exchange student. Apparently, completely independent of our meeting with the principal months prior, the school had been approached by the foreign exchange student organization about having a student attend there. They were looking for families to host. The three of us had a conversation about it and pretty quickly decided to respond with a request for more information. Things then started to move very quickly and on July 15, we were approved to host the student. She is a 15-year-old girl from a European country (will withhold some of the info for now to protect her identity) and she will be coming to live with us on August 14 through the beginning of July 2015. We are extremely excited and overjoyed about her arrival. So back to the issue of the room. We quite suddenly had a reason to work on Chance's room. We couldn't let her stay in there with all of his things - how horrible that would be. So we set out very quickly to convert Chance's room into our hosted daughter's room. I built shelves in one part of the house to display the many LEGO creations that Chance had filling practically every shelf in his room. We built a bookshelf in another tucked away part of the house to display all of Chance's trophies, prize possessions and photos. And over the course of less than two weeks, the room has been cleared out and repurposed for our new guest. It's a girl's room now. Was the process difficult at times? Absolutely. Tears were most certainly shed. But it wasn't as devastating an experience as I had imagined it would be. And I think the reason for this is twofold. First, we finally realized that the process of clearing out his room didn't mean that we were erasing him from our family. Far from it. Rather, we were able to relive so many great moments as we went through his things. And those moments are now on display and far more accessible than they were when they were stored in an untouched room. We will continue to celebrate those moments and cherish those memories. I think the second key element is that we had a reason for repurposing the room. A reason that is filled with joy and excitement and hope. Simply saying that "it's time to clear out the room" is not a sufficient reason to do so. That's why Chance's room was untouched for nine months and our friend's for two years. There needs to be a tangible reason, and it needs to be a reason that will bring happiness, rather than sadness. It doesn't have to be another child, though it could be. It could be turning the room into an art room or a music room. Something that will be fun and bring joy. I think our reason for repurposing the room is what has helped it be a positive and healthy experience for our family. There is much love and joy in our house, and I know that Chance would be so proud of us for sharing it with another child.
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    why 'besides sankey'? Sankeys got the best chance because he's got the least competition that may be true but he's also got the worst situation. he'll get blown up every week behind that o-line, and they'll always be playing from behind with no talent around him. prior to last season, mojo had put up nearly 6000 total yards in the 52 games since fred taylor left town --- but he fell off a cliff just because he turned 28? meanwhile, hill is running behind an excellent o-line, on a pretty strong offense that has the talent around him to keep a defense honest, as well as a good enough defense of their own to get him the ball back. If there one thing the Titans line can do is run block. Roos/Levitre/Schwenke/Warmack/Oher is a good running blocking OL and Levitre/Warmack is one of the best run blocking guard duos in the league.
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    Hey, one of you lawyer guys should defend the camp from this frivolous lawsuit probono.
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    Silva vs Diaz is signed for Super Bowl Weekend, UFC 183
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    Are you a lawyer? If not, please keep your opinion to yourself.
  29. 1 point Here is why this is an unlikely win for Gordon. Sentence #7 Sentence #10 In my years of dealing with drug testing in the transportation industry, I can tell you that if one out of 10 labs came back positive, you're cooked because they will always err on the side of caution. No one wants to be answering the question on how a "technicality" led to a guy getting off and then it blew up in their face later. Granted, liability of playing football is not the same as liability hauling people or chemicals or other products but the theme is the same: You don't get a positive on these tests unless there is SOMETHING there and it is hard to toss out a test once determined something was there. IMO, as fantasy people we should be begging this thing holds up convincingly because if the shield loses when it is obvious its a gray line AT BEST and there is all this history with this guy, the perception is clear: Gordon won on technicality. If that happens, the shield will tighten this thing down like a wingnut and the next time a player drives a car that had pot smoked in it five weeks ago, they will be sent home for 4 games.
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    2 games. Try to do it off camera next time like Dez. Only 2 games if that camera man was a camera woman... And of course he'd have to marry her quickly Of course he could make homophobic slurs and get slapped for 4 games NFL needs to get a Kluwe (see what I did there)
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    If you're wondering what Gordon's legal argument will be, I'd say that it's going to be on the low threshold for THC in testing players. It is scientifically plausible that the level of THC in his urine was caused by foods like poppy seeds that contain enough of it to show up in small doses on drug screens. This article was very informative in my opinion: In all likelihood he was smoking to cause this, but at that low of a ppb threshold there are other possibilities.
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    Attention. Here's an update on tonight's dinner. It was veal. I repeat, veal. The winner of tonight's mystery meat contest is Jeffrey Corbin who guessed "some kind of beef."
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    so youre asking if you should sue the camp for your kid doing something stupid... bigger question is why does your kid not know the dangers of doing something like that? got to love people who are ####ty parents blaming their failures on others. do you get compensation without suing? threatening to sue and then settling? semantics really.
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    Ground the kid and take the money out of his allowance or future allowance.
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    Yep. When I heard the plop, I new exactly what happened. We didn't really need to see the Ken doll. Yeah I knew what it was too. Really could have skipped the whole Ken Doll thing. But the episode was named Gone Smooth. Interesting that they havent shown anything of the 4th survivor, the Lawyer that called the Secretary of HHS. They showed her at the club with the metal dude. Her eyes were going red and blood came out of her mouth. Yeah but we havent seen her since. She's a lawyer. Her family and colleagues probably don't notice any behavioral changes associated with vampirism.
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    what kind of camp doesn't have you sign a waiver first?
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    Was the accident due to negligence on the part of the counselors, or just a kid being a kid? Sounds like the latter to me.
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    Hitler once tried to inch his way through a crowd of Jews with a car at Auschwitz.
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    Les Snead is an Auburn grad from Eufala. Jeff Fisher's son Trent plays on the Auburn team. They know exactly what they drafted. Mason steals Stacy's cookies by week 5.
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    How is the guy who NEEDS an injury to see significant playing time in a better situation right now than the guy who has already earned it? That makes no sense.
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    Started binge watching with the GF.... On season 5. Quite good but seems to be stagnating a bit lately. Very well made/shot/acted show though....
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    Used to be an every day smoker, nowadays I do every once in a while, maybe once every few months, and when I do its just a couple of hits. My tolerance is so low that's usually all it takes.
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    We stay at Saratoga every year. If you don't already know, ask to be put in the Springs section of the resort. It's between both main pools and right by the main lobby area. We usually call a week or two in advance to request it.
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    I thought Man of Steel was pretty solid. A bit overdone towards the end with the fighting, but a solid flick. With super hero movies I ask three questions. 1. Am I entertained? 2. Is it a well put together, good story? 3. If I like the character, did it live up to expectations? GL got a yes to 1, a no to 2, and a N/A to 3 as I never really liked GL. I'd expect the same from a Hawkman movie. Man of Steel got a No to all three.
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    There are two arguments against the draft slot in this case. The first is that there was a diverse group of backs this year. Sankey was a good fit for a team that needed a complete back, because he's good at everything but unspectactular at any specific thing. There was a short list of guys who could fill that role, so it makes sense that he was the first taken. Hyde was a complete back, too, but a little bigger and he's not the same kind of receiver. Still, he's a great fit in San Fran, where they have a big o line that can open up holes, a mobile qb who can keep teams from bringing inside pressure, an athletic tight end who can stay in and block or run a solid route tree, and one of the best blocking WRs in the league. They're going to wear down defenses. A guy like Andre Williams is a perfect fit for Coughlin. He's worked with all kinds of backs, but he likes big backs. And he cannot lie. Sims is a good pass catching back who is a great complement to Martin and a good enough runner that he could take a part in a committee. Seastrunk was even more skewed towards pass catching, so he appeals to a team that has a solid runner and pass blocker but needs a package guy for passing downs. Freeman is a little bit smaller, so a lot of those teams weren't even looking at him. And he doesn't have great speed, so some other teams scratched him off their board. But he's a complete back. He can run between the tackles and get outside, he can catch the ball, he can pass protect, and he can score. He's a great fit for a team with an established passing offense that needs a back to take the pressure off their offense. If he's good enough to start - and the coach and GM talked openly about him being a lead back and a future three down guy - then he doesn't have to be good enough to carry a bad offense on his own. He doesn't need to break a 60 yard run. He needs to help them move the chains, get the easy yards when Ryan thinks the defense is soft, and he needs to be good enough at everything that opponents can't tee off on the run when he comes in the game. So the first point is that he was a good fit for the offense that ended up taking him, but a bad fit for some of the RB needy teams that picked backs ahead of him. The second point is that calling him a fourth round pick is kind of like calling Carr a second round pick and Bridgewater a first. It sounds like a huge dropoff, but in reality, it was only a couple picks, and it wouldn't be surprising to find out that Oakland liked Carr better than Bridgewater all along. Freeman was one of the first guys taken on day three, which is actually pretty meaningful in a deep draft - not because it means he's better than other fourth round picks, but because the guys who go early on day three are usually guys who slipped on day two, the guys who stand out on draft boards and everyone's jockeying to get them. The early picks in rounds two and four are every bit as interesting to me as the players who were taken at the end of rounds one and three. So while I do agree that it's meaningful that he got taken later in the draft than other backs, I don't think there's a linear relationship between draft slot and ability. I think guys in the early fourth are similar to guys in the third, and I think the guys taken in the third were all good backs with different plus attributes and different blemishes who ended up on teams that liked the things they were getting. But most importantly, I think Freeman was a good fit for Atlanta, and the comments from the coach and GM about him being their lead back and three down back in the future tell me that he's got an opportunity to be a quality fantasy starter early in his career.
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    I doubt you deny the draft as a barometer of football talent, albeit imperfectly. Draft status tells how the NFL has evaluated said player. Anecdotes aside, it is easily the most accurate predictor of professional success. Once said player actually plays though, draft status goes out the window. Before a player actually plays games, the draft really is the best thing we've got. Additionally, draft status shows how teams value their current crop, although the messages don't always have clarity. You have the opinion Freeman indicts Steven Jackson, while I disagree. Atlanta waited till the 4th round to select a running back, which to me doesn't signal urgency. Most likely the Falcons want Freeman to replace Snelling as purely Jackson's back-up. I highly doubt this even ends up as a co-op. Snelling earned 11 carries in games Jackson played; Rodgers got 55. Do you think Freeman is better than either Rodgers or Snelling? Not me, at least not significantly. Nothing about this situation signals a change of the team's single back philosophy, which goes back to the days of Turner. So FF owners are smart enough to understand value, but NFL management teams have no clue? That's your position? Unless you saw the ATL scouting reports and draft board, you have no idea what value they put on Freeman. So supposing by using draft slot is inaccurate. A FF owner who may think Tony Romo is going to have a top 5 QB year but doesn't draft him in the 1st round because of the value QBs have and his perceived value by other FF owners - so he waits and drafts him in the 6th round and uses earlier draft picks on players with higher value because it makes for a more capable and competitive team. Do you honestly think that NFL teams don't make the same kinds of assessments - only with much more data and collective knowledge and experience along with investigation? You have no idea what value ATL actually put on Freeman, nor do I. To think that their drafting him in the 4th round only makes him a peripheral piece is a leap that I'm guessing you don't have near enough facts to support.
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    Hard for any RB to average under 4.0 yards a carry (almost no RB can) and keep his job at 31. And he's been at 3.8 over the past 2 seasons (28 games). What did the AMAZING Stacy average behind that superb St. Louis O-line last season? Furthermore, I don't think you will find many people gloating about how magnificent the Atlanta line was last year either... There is a difference between saying the guy looks like Adrian Peterson and saying he is better than what he showed last year. It was obvious he was running behind a crappy line and wasn't at 100%. Even at his advanced age, he is still better than Freeman at this stage in his young career. The Falcons know this. Do I expect SJax to run wild for 2,000 yards this season? No. But I don't expect Freeman to all of a sudden start running like a first round draft pick and unseat Jackson with NO experience as a feature back. The only people debating this are guys who drafted Freeman early and are counting on him to perform like Gio. Not going to happen...THIS year...UNLESS, injury or team implosion happen. I don't own Freeman. And I have owned Jackson in each the past two years. You are ignoring what happens in the NFL to older RBs that start falling off in production. At two different teams no-less. The statement "like a first round pick" wouldn't actually change a single thing about Freemans ability or Jackson ability. You mean Freeman's fourth round ability? I agree that SJax is declining. But so is Adrian Peterson according to this theory (he also has a rookie nipping at his heels!). A healthy SJax is still a better option than Freeman right now. Just like old Tony Gonzalez was still an option at TE. (He still would be if he hadn't retired). His prestine conditioning and valuable knowledge of pass protection will allow him to continue to play at a competitive level. Maybe he won't break the long ones but he will still command enough respect from defenses to keep them honest. Fred Jackson is proof positive that guys can still contribute in a big way despite having young bucks "nipping" at their heels. And I like Spiller a lot more than I do Freeman. Again, he will have his chance but I don't think it's as close as the media are making it out to be at this point. AP averaged 4.5 yards per carry last year. SJax hasn't averaged over 4.4 ypc since his rookie year. No idea how AP belongs in this conversation.
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    Interesting. This really puts a dent in the otherwise sterling credibility of tommyboy and the anti-Obamacare movement.
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    The government didn't do the site. A company that specializes in large government sites, CGI, did it. Not sure where the 50k hits thing came from. US News reported 17 million unique hits between Oct 1st and Oct 18. That's more like a million a day. And CGI has done work for the DoD, Dept of State, and several states that has been well received.