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    cant wait for the package where vick geno and harvin are all in the backfield, triple option, dive, flea flicker to vick, lateral to harvin, TD, called back for holding
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    Just agreed on a price to buy a local restaurant, and we're aiming to close within the next 3 weeks. It's been here since 1970. Long story short. It's got a really nice local following, but things have been going down hill over the last few years. Absentee owner that's never there at all anymore. All sorts of problems trickling down from that. Many aspects of the business are a clinic in how not to run a restaurant. It still does solid business despite all the problems. Averaging $270K/year over the last 5. We're getting it really cheap for an operational restaurant already doing steady business. I'm no lifelong restaurant vet, and I'm absolutely no Tipsy. I was in sales for a long time until my wife's car accident and brain injury. The lifestyle change also led to a love of cooking and smoking meats. We started BBQ catering a few years ago and then started some roadside vending out of an old Airstream trailer. It was partially to give her something she could help with. Frankly, the location was terrible and way off the beaten path. Only open 1 day a week for lunch. We were growing and the property we were on need the space, so it was time to move. Small time, to say the least, but the reception has been great. We're the top rated BBQ in the area (True Q BBQ). With a very small sample size, mind you. Similar tiny, but loyal Facebook following. Anyway, we're keeping the name, all the staff (we hope) and most of the current menu (hot dogs, burgers, breakfast), but adding proper BBQ. Just Pulled Pork and Parmsean Crusted Mac 'n Cheese to start (those are the 2 products our current BBQ customers have to have), and we'll add more as space and demand allows. Would like to get brisket and smoked turkey in fairly quickly, but that's 3 months out at minimum. It's going to be process staying true to their current customer base while appealing to the younger base that this place will need (that our BBQ base is made of). This will be for now, and might always remain, a hot dog, burger, breakfast joint that happens to serve the best BBQ in town. I'm thrilled. And terrified. Will post updates as they come.
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    Arent the rumors that Darren Bevell didnt know how to use him? Wonder if a team traded for him to not use him? I guess its possible since the Seahawks traded for him to not use him. Percy was not being used in Seattle, so how could he have good numbers? When Percy was being used he was still explosive having 4 TDs called back this year on penalty. The odds say that the Jets plan to use Percy a lot with their lack of weapons. Really simple stuff actually. How can some think his value is lower after the trade when it couldnt already get any lower? Because of Geno? If I recall he did well with Ponder at the helm. Anyone looking to act as if his value is not getting an uptick has an agenda or is just not understanding how a players value work works with upside. Whats the point of having a good QB like Wilson if you are Harvin if they are not throwing to you or involving you. Harvin was being used in Sea. How people continue to believe he was not is a total mystery. He was getting 5.4 targets per game and 2 rushes per game. He led the team in targets and receptions.4.5 targets per game, not 5.4. Harvin was on pace to have 72 targets this year. In 2012 with Minnesota he had 84 targets in EIGHT GAMES. And the targets in Minnesota were more often further downfield as well. It's pretty self explanatory. Everyone expected Harvin to be a WR who was also used in gadget plays. Instead he was only used in the gadget plays.
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    I have Beckmann and I'd do the same for a few more weeks. Beck ham looks special and Randle doesn't really stand out to me. I think as time wears on more will go to Beckham. I'm starting Becklam right out the gate. Randle will get lots of targets too, but Beak Hamm is a playmaker. Birkwam might just be this year's Queenan Awwen.
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    Solid point. Seattle probably doesn't come close to even making it to the Super Bowl without Harvin on the team.
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    I think Adrian Peterson calls himself the "best" dad too.
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    To combat those who think he's not some elite talent:
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    Yeah because ATL and DET defense are exactly the same quality! I was going to say the same thing. The D's have nothing to do with the performance. It's all about who's blocking out of the backfield. That is beyond ridiculous. DET's defense is worlds better than ATL's this year but they aren't 12 QB hits, 8 sacks, 6 defended passes, 3 INT good. It wouldn't be fair to try and place the blame on any single person, as MIN's entire OL also #### the bed last Sunday but you'd also have to kidding yourself if you think McKinnon doesn't at least deserve some of the blame. It isn't ridiculous in the slightest. And how many of those are attributed to McKinnon? What % do you give to McKinnon if the OL looked like crap, the D is so much better, etc? If you actually go back and review the film, it’s pretty apparent that McKinnon’s pass protection struggles are egregiously overstated. In order to truly highlight how little Mckinnon’s “struggles” in protection contributed to the offense’s dismal showing, I took the liberty of creating a google doc with screenshots of each sack and int during the Detriot game (11 in all). To review; Mckinnon was in pass protection for just two of these game-changing plays; one int and one sack. Neither of which were even partially his fault, in fact in both instances he performed very very well stonewalling both defensive lineman despite a 100+ weight disparity and his obvious lack of pass pro experience. He was aggressive, decisive and fundamentally sound in each instance in which he was asked to pass protect. These observations make the following claims by PFF regarding Mckinnon’s pass protection (claims that were supported by many within the scouting and fantasy community) truly baffling. “His pass protection clearly needs shoring up though after allowing five pressures (-3.3). (PFF assigned McKinnon, One sack and four hurries).” Attributing five “pressures” to Mckinnon is beyond absurd considering my own analysis which is supported by “Film Review” articles posted on several major sites. All conclude that at worst he should be assessed 2 pressures but one seems appropriate and no assessment that I have read outside of the PFF one even mentions an apparent sack allowed. from weekly “Film observations of Vikings Offense” article: “ In his first NFL start, Jerick McKinnon was one of the only assets: McKinnon likely secured his spot as the starter with ball security after Asiata fumbled in the GB loss and bobbled a pass into an interception on Sunday. Game ball: McKinnon -- 82 combined yards on 17 touches against the Lions' stingy defense is something to be proud of for the rookie in his first NFL start. McKinnon even stayed in to pass protect on five plays, allowing just one pressure. It'd be surprising to see the Vikings go back to Asiata after McKinnon has totaled 284 yards from scrimmage in the past three games." This positive assessment of his pass protection was reiterated by the writers at Vikingsjournal in a post after the game, “His protection was good, though not ideal, when lined up one-on-one against blitzers. His identification was ideal, but he got blown back at least once, if not twice in keeping the pocket clean. That isn’t to say he let players get to Teddy Bridgewater, but he did allow pressures, even if he redirected the rusher out of the pocket after some time. It’s a work in progress, but he did a very good job with how far along he is expected to be.” And in another VJ post regarding the game: “He played relatively well in pass protection by showing a willingness to stick his nose into the oncoming rush of the Detroit front seven.” In comparison, the VJ writers added that Asiata was simply "OK," in pass protection, to go along with a dismal game in virtually all other categories: “Matt Asiata, on the other hand, wasn’t particularly spectacular, if only because of opportunity. He ran poorly and couldn’t create new yards—poorly equipped against the Detroit interior—but was OK in his very limited pass protection and was even better as a blocking fullback for Patterson. His receiving was the biggest problem—he caused an interception and arguably ended the Vikings’ best chance at a comeback.” Unfortunately the “data driven” approach applied by Pro Football Focus in order to create a “grade,” for each player on each play is wrought with issues particularly when it comes to abstract details of the game such as individual pass protection. There are so many ambiguous issues involved with pass protection breakdowns that trying to evaluate such events and place blame is nearly impossible for anyone to do outside of the players involved and those within the coaching staff that are informed about scheme, play call and responsibility. To this end, it would be difficult for even opposing scouts to evaluate without inside knowledge and thus a fools errand for a “PFF analyst,” with zero experience, training and little if any qualifications; this is a little known or discussed problem inherent to PFF, the one’s that actually collect the data are almost exclusively “rookie” interns at the website with virtually no experience if any at all. I know this because I was pretty close to accepting a position as one of the “interns” two years back. However, after researching the job and the duties involved my opinion of the site as a whole changed dramatically as it became readily apparent that the “backbone” ie the copious amounts of individual player data that the site champions as its differentiating asset is almost exclusively made up of assessments levied by “analysts,“ with no real experience or talent. A posting on the site regarding “analyst” job openings shows the alarming lack of any real qualifications or experience needed to perform film-driven player analysis, “ is seeking a number of highly enthusiastic and dedicated NFL fans to join their analysis team. If you’re a passionate follower of football, looking to expand your knowledge of the game and get a foot in the door of the NFL industry, then you could have what it takes to become a part of PFF. In working for PFF you will contribute to the analysis and statistics that make PFF so unique. Every person from CEO to newest member of the team has started off working on the collation of player participation data that can take upwards of 20 hours per game to collect initially and, although this does reduce considerably with experience, it is not for the faint of heart. Producing this data improves your knowledge of the game and put you in a position to represent the PFF brand through articles, etc. The successful candidate must have: Demonstrable knowledge of the NFL product and what PFF does, A very high level of enthusiasm and passion for the NFL and Pro Football Focus, Excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both written and verbal) Ability to meet deadlines, Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and excellent attention to detail, At least 20 hours of free time per week.” Ironically, Viking’s head coach Mike Zimmer made some waves this Huly as he opened a press conference with the following critique of PFF and their approach to player performance grades, "The last thing that I want to talk about before I let you guys go is this Pro Football Focus thing," Zimmer said. "I know everybody wants to get the scoop on this, but quite honestly there’s not really anybody... I look at the grades and I can’t tell you what a 0.7 is or anything like that, but I know that the people that are grading our games and our defenses and our offenses, they don’t know if the tackle gets beat inside, if we weren’t sliding out to the nickel or who our guys are supposed to cover. I guarantee they don’t know who is in our blitz package and what they are supposed to do. I would just ask everybody to take that with a grain of salt, including our fans. We as coaches get paid a whole bunch of money to do the jobs that we do, evaluate the players that we evaluate and grade them how we grade them and not based on someone else.”
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    Huh? How was I condescending?Sorry, that wasn't directed at you.I should have replied directly to culdeus. I'm getting tired of you talking down to our clan and our members.
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    Their All-American kicker missed a 32-yard FG, a 19 yard FG and an extra point and they still should have won. It's all about execution and the young players and the kicker simply didn't do that. The play calling on their own one and then at the K-State one was bad, but the players also didn't execute on those specific plays. Outside the starting OL, this team is heavy in underclassman. They should have beat K-State by 20+ today, they just didn't because they made way too many mistakes. The talent is already there, the execution isn't.
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    How big do you have to be to be a possession receiver? I think Welker is like 6'3 or 6'4. Yeah, you need to be a minimum of 6'3, 220 to be a solid possession receiver.
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    Best PJ show I've ever seen. Not even close. And I've seen quite a few.
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    What I find strange about this whole situation is that Bevell was Harvin's OC in Minnesota in 2009 and 2010. While his #s weren't awesome, Harvin was targeted downfield and his usage completely different. In addition, if Percy's indeed a monumental pain in the ###, wouldn't Bevell have tipped off management or Carroll to these things prior to them blowing their wad on trading for him?
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    How so? How so? 18 minutes after the trade every human being holding a media badge is Tweeting anonymous sources saying what a POS Harvin was. Weird that nobody was reporting that yesterday. It's nothing to feel bad about, this is standard operating procedure when teams get rid of a popular player to take the heat off the team. Hey, did you hear about DeSean Jackson's gang ties? Or how Wes Welker's agent screwed up negotiations with the Patriots?
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    FBG1 vs. (Korean letters) final score: 119 - 105 They rallied late but we still won.
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    fax me some potato skins In your BOC which you should see around Thanksgiving
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    Chicago: mustard, onion, tomato, pickle, sport peppers, salt, relish Get those from a Chicago distributor, actual Vienna beef dogs, and you can charge a premium
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    Anyone mention how awesome of a job it was by Seattle to have none of the SB drama leak before today?
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    You could pick up a Surface Pro 2 for about $500 on ebay.
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    Congrats and good luck on the business!
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    Wow! Big move and congrats! Very exciting. I give anyone who has the guts to start their own business big props. I never had the balls or acumen. Are you going to be working there full time now?
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    You wouldn't be alone. It says something that they do this at some tiny arena in Moline, IL and not some hyped show at the Garden or Boston, etc. I'm actually happy for this in that regard.
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    23-17 Buffalo, Freddy, CJ, Woods and Watkins produce and the D creates a few turnovers. Go Bills
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    Eddie had some wine last night...
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    I'm gonna say this right now and many here will probably disagree but Wilson has that weasel factor in him. In front of the TV screen he acts perfect and seems like everyone's friend but behind closed doors he's a complete different person. That's the vibe I get anyway.
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    Yes, changing your thread title and bumping it was necessary hours after another trade thread was started. What a tool.
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    Doubt that. I think Norwood and Richardson finally see the field. Been hopeful to see them both get some action.
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    As a Harvin owner - Its a very confusing time.
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    Given that he went to FSU, I'm not real confident that he'll pass the questions.
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    It's not like it could get anyway worse than it was in SEA.
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    Fantasy-wise, it isn't. He won't play this week, nobody will dare start him in his first game with the Jets, you can't trade him, and he gets ANOTHER bye week.He will essentially have three bye weeks this year The Seattle one that passed already The Jets one coming up This week
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    I am not feeling nearly as worried about dropping him this week in waivers. This cant be good. It seems to me that alot of high profile WR that change teams have a below average year the first year. Now you get traded mid season, no off season to adjust, new system, new language, new assignemnts? Can't be good.
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    When you join make sure you put fffa in the invite. tia
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    So this is the new werewolf, eh?
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    Another first. Boog is so intimidating that our 40 member opponent for our war disbanded. Their clan is empty with 12 hours left on prep day. We will double check when the war starts, but it looks like we will be in full on loot mode soon as the war starts. #2 has his TH out too.
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    If Grandma Pack is trying to vote hundreds of thousands of times, we should probably lock her up and throw away the key.
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    Just to be clear Ivan, what Cletius means is remove the dome thermometer and stick it in boiling water. If it does not measure exactly 212, adjust it using the screw. You should do this once a season. Not to split hairs, but I'm pretty happy if its within 4-5 degrees either way. In general, dial thermometers are crap. I've not used one for many years. But digitals can also be off.
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