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    Just agreed on a price to buy a local restaurant, and we're aiming to close within the next 3 weeks. It's been here since 1970. Long story short. It's got a really nice local following, but things have been going down hill over the last few years. Absentee owner that's never there at all anymore. All sorts of problems trickling down from that. Many aspects of the business are a clinic in how not to run a restaurant. It still does solid business despite all the problems. Averaging $270K/year over the last 5. We're getting it really cheap for an operational restaurant already doing steady business. I'm no lifelong restaurant vet, and I'm absolutely no Tipsy. I was in sales for a long time until my wife's car accident and brain injury. The lifestyle change also led to a love of cooking and smoking meats. We started BBQ catering a few years ago and then started some roadside vending out of an old Airstream trailer. It was partially to give her something she could help with. Frankly, the location was terrible and way off the beaten path. Only open 1 day a week for lunch. We were growing and the property we were on need the space, so it was time to move. Small time, to say the least, but the reception has been great. We're the top rated BBQ in the area (True Q BBQ). With a very small sample size, mind you. Similar tiny, but loyal Facebook following. Anyway, we're keeping the name, all the staff (we hope) and most of the current menu (hot dogs, burgers, breakfast), but adding proper BBQ. Just Pulled Pork and Parmsean Crusted Mac 'n Cheese to start (those are the 2 products our current BBQ customers have to have), and we'll add more as space and demand allows. Would like to get brisket and smoked turkey in fairly quickly, but that's 3 months out at minimum. It's going to be process staying true to their current customer base while appealing to the younger base that this place will need (that our BBQ base is made of). This will be for now, and might always remain, a hot dog, burger, breakfast joint that happens to serve the best BBQ in town. I'm thrilled. And terrified. Will post updates as they come.
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    I have Beckmann and I'd do the same for a few more weeks. Beck ham looks special and Randle doesn't really stand out to me. I think as time wears on more will go to Beckham. I'm starting Becklam right out the gate. Randle will get lots of targets too, but Beak Hamm is a playmaker. Birkwam might just be this year's Queenan Awwen.
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    To combat those who think he's not some elite talent:
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    Huh? How was I condescending?Sorry, that wasn't directed at you.I should have replied directly to culdeus. I'm getting tired of you talking down to our clan and our members.
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    Their All-American kicker missed a 32-yard FG, a 19 yard FG and an extra point and they still should have won. It's all about execution and the young players and the kicker simply didn't do that. The play calling on their own one and then at the K-State one was bad, but the players also didn't execute on those specific plays. Outside the starting OL, this team is heavy in underclassman. They should have beat K-State by 20+ today, they just didn't because they made way too many mistakes. The talent is already there, the execution isn't.
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    Best PJ show I've ever seen. Not even close. And I've seen quite a few.
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    Ahhh...of course. The "you're racist" angle - the dying gasp of an extreme liberal who has nothing else to offer.
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    take away the tds and he's a 3-38 guy..he wont keep scoring like this..
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    FBG1 vs. (Korean letters) final score: 119 - 105 They rallied late but we still won.
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    Carolina seems like it would make a lot of sense.
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    fax me some potato skins In your BOC which you should see around Thanksgiving
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    Chicago: mustard, onion, tomato, pickle, sport peppers, salt, relish Get those from a Chicago distributor, actual Vienna beef dogs, and you can charge a premium
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    Yes Genesis King Crimson Rush Jethro Tull Kansas Moody Blues Todd Rundgren's Utopia I love em. I listen to them still - all the time. Not exclusively, by a long shot, but this stuff is still what I like to put on when I have want to get lost in the music for long periods of time.
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    You could pick up a Surface Pro 2 for about $500 on ebay.
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    Congrats and good luck on the business!
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    In regards to VMart, I don't think he'll ever have another season like this one but I'll be sad if he isn't with us next year.
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    Wow! Big move and congrats! Very exciting. I give anyone who has the guts to start their own business big props. I never had the balls or acumen. Are you going to be working there full time now?
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    You wouldn't be alone. It says something that they do this at some tiny arena in Moline, IL and not some hyped show at the Garden or Boston, etc. I'm actually happy for this in that regard.
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    Not sure I understand this. I thought fracking was for natural gas, and mainly in the USA. Why would it affect the worldwide price of petroleum?
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    23-17 Buffalo, Freddy, CJ, Woods and Watkins produce and the D creates a few turnovers. Go Bills
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    Eddie had some wine last night...
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    Every answer he gave was 100% professional. Never blamed anyone for anything. Meanwhile I've read tweets today that Marrone went on the radio and bashed CJ for looking for the big play. Read another tweet that Hacket bashed CJ for something like "not taking 3 yards when it's there" or something like that. Shame the Bills coaching staff is such CYA mode they can't show the same class and professionalism as Spiller and have instead resorted to saying things in public they have no reason to say about a player. I know Spiller recently signed with an agent and I hope that agent is doing everything he can right now to let the Bills know this is a crappy way to treat a client heading into a FA year and by crappy I don't mean his playing time but spouting negativity about him in public. I hope this agent does all he can to get CJ out of town in the next few weeks. I used to think the #1 reason the Bills would not trade Spiller is because the current regime knows they need to win now. I believe now their #1 hesistancy to move Spiller is so they won't look so stupid and petty when a real coach utilized him properly.
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    Given that he went to FSU, I'm not real confident that he'll pass the questions.
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    When you join make sure you put fffa in the invite. tia
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    So this is the new werewolf, eh?
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    "In A World..." Really enjoyed this comedy. Went in with no expectations and was pleasantly surprised. Very clever writing, great cast, interesting subject.
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    Another first. Boog is so intimidating that our 40 member opponent for our war disbanded. Their clan is empty with 12 hours left on prep day. We will double check when the war starts, but it looks like we will be in full on loot mode soon as the war starts. #2 has his TH out too.
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    If West is inactive Ill probably start him over Quick at FLEX. If Benjamin is out I am flexing him regardless.
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    If Grandma Pack is trying to vote hundreds of thousands of times, we should probably lock her up and throw away the key.
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    some positives... Jones wasn't horrible back there. Still like Ream's ability to make nice passes out of the back. Jozy seems to continue his improvement at holdup play (a little) to go with his better ability to play the runners. Garza has been a revelation to me... knew him by name only previous to the last two games, but he has impressed me with his all-around play at LB. Looks very comfortable defending man and space, or with the ball at his feet. It's early yet, but almost a Dolo type of player if he can continue his consistency and work on getting forward better (and hitting the killer cross or pass as well... ok... he's got some work to do before he's Dolo level). Beez continues to look comfortable as the CB- and pairs well with whoever is playign next to him. Chandler has looked like a pro as well. When Bradley played the ball quickly with his head up (didn't happen as much as any of us would like), he did his usual smart, incisive pass. Mix obviously looks more comfortable in the middle of the park and not too far back. Threw himself into tackles and hit some nice balls from the deeper lying areas. I'd like to see him a hair quicker and more decisive with the ball in the attacking third.. but overall he stayed involved (mostly in the first half) and looked like he belongs. Some negatives... that field... ugh. Mix and Bradley and JK need to work out who's playing where. If they're going with 2 up front, they looked best when somebody from the wide areas got involved- didn't seem like either Mix or Bradley were in support of the forwards enough. That was really the area where the US lost their shape, IMO- otherwise the team looked comfortable (in the first half) even if they were playing most of the game on their heels. Did Bedoya play the whole game? Saw him make a couple of runs backwards to help on D, but otherwise he was pretty. pretty vacant. Bradley was too slow with his decisions and delivery, getting the ball caught underfoot and then forced to play balls back way too often, even when other options were on with quicker vision/decisions. Seems like he hit a few passes square that were intercepted and turned into dangerous counters deep in the US half. Zusi. Like I wrote last night- looked like somebody covered his cleats in vaseline... couldn't get a first touch all night. Also didn't do too well once he finally got hte ball under control. Very disappointed with him last night. Dempsey- one of those Dempsey doesn't give a #### games where when the ball isn't coming to him, he doesn't seem to want to work himself to the ball. Dempsey is at his best when the more touches he gets, getting his touch and swagger going. In the past, I've seen him sometimes drop deeper (ala Henry at RBNY) to go find the ball- either he was told to keep the higher team shape or it was just one of those games he didn't feel like trying (or so they appear to me).
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    Just to be clear Ivan, what Cletius means is remove the dome thermometer and stick it in boiling water. If it does not measure exactly 212, adjust it using the screw. You should do this once a season. Not to split hairs, but I'm pretty happy if its within 4-5 degrees either way. In general, dial thermometers are crap. I've not used one for many years. But digitals can also be off.
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    White girl wasted just reached a whole new level
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    This is where your mind went after reading that? I was imagining Lena Headley naked.