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    I need some help from the FFA here. I will be going to the game this year, and I need to figure out how to explain to my fiancee why I am bringing a sign that says "#CJK5H" or "#tournamentofhotdogs" without sounding like an insane person.
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    Another point of view I realised - I think it's safe to assume that the vast majority of sexual assault including rape is not nearly as bombastically hyperbolic as this story is. And a woman's life can be sent in a downward spiral of shame and depression with the more "pedestrian" assault that includes a huge swarth of date rape, assault by non-strangers and domestic rape (with a bf for example). By focusing on the most horrible of potential experiences does a terrible disservice to what happens so much more often with truly devastating effects. Let's be honest, my biggest concern for a daughter would not be the tiny chance of a gang assault or even getting assaulted in a dark ally but the far more ubiquitous assaults that tear at the fabric of so many women we know that keep their stories and struggles in the shadow.
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    When setting up rape rooms to initiate members into a fraternal organization I always follow the directives from the Mason's handbook on the subject.. Their first rule for setting up the room for a "rape-in" for new members is absolutely no glass coffee tables in the middle of the room where it is anticipated the rapee will be jumped. They recommend moving all glass coffee tables to the sides of the room, and, time permitting, to child-proof the corners of all furniture with foam rubber. Safety first, that's their motto.
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    I don't have the time right now but a simple reference to how we're getting the RUNAROUND about the parade should do it
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    I would say "rushing" HQs doesn't mean spending diamonds, but I think you can upgrade HQs without maxing out all of your other buildings, which goes against what most do in Clash Of Clans. It's what I did for the first 14 levels or so of my HQs. There are already some good tips in the thread, I'll try to add some tonight when I have the time.
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    Last year I stashed Harvin all year, this year Gordon. Im beginning to think stashing guys with long term absences is really stupid idea.
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    Oh my god, he was getting too many snaps in your 1 point loss? Goo call bucko.
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    How high are you right now?
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    :cheers: I've been burning through Boardwalk Empire this week and think I'd be happier if Prohibition were still in effect. I'll take a whiskey and a woman at a speak any day over the current typical bar scene.
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    i love this thread because i love rt2rc and i love seeing faust the robot shark pool awesomator machine posting updates fausto i thinik all of us owe you a big thumbs up for all of the aweomse updates man you were twooter before twooter was twooting take that to the bank bromigo
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    Can we shut down one of the other clans if this happens? Hard enough to fill for wars at times. We'd have to figure out what to do with the other clans if there is strong interest. It just seems like there such a big gap between the war-all-time-time and the casual play of Boog/Honda. I do know some Boogers are looking for more war, but I am not sure if there are some FBGs who are looking for less. I am also not sure if there are any Honda-ers who are looking for more. I know this bear has been poked a dozen times, but just convert one of the existing clans to 2/week and be done with it. The two clans do the exact same thing. Makes no sense. I would be fine with a 2 war a week clan. But if we do it my preference would be that the members take those wars as seriously as FBG1 does. I wouldn't like converting, say, Boog the way it is today. To give one example, several times each Boog war there are requests for attacking CC troops with something like "War troops". If we spin off a new multi-war clan, my preference would be that everyone in it would take the war seriously enough that they wouldn't be happy with random contents for their CC, ones that might not even match the type of attack they are doing. The last Boog war had someone use goblins in their attack. I don't mean to step on toes. Boog was always the mellow clan and during my time there I've tried to resist my admittedly over-competitive urges to try to get everyone else as to view the wars the same. I think having a place that doesn't take things as serious is a good thing. I just think a new multi-war clan should go with a more serious focus than what Boog has today. I do think we have enough people to pull it off. Any interest in cleaning house in Boog, like kick everyone (minus FBG legacy members), and rebuild into this?
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    Maybe. It could be that Jackie suffered some other sexual assault that we don't know anything about. But we do now know with 100% certainty that the rape she describes absolutely did not occur. If she was attacked, it was some other attack that she hasn't described yet, not anything related to the Rolling Stone article. Don't we only know (1) that she wasn't attacked where she said she was attacked, and (2) she likely wasn't a bloody mess when her friends came to pick her up? I think it is likely, because of the stupid way the article was written, that the rape she describes didn't happen, but I'm not sure 100%. I think there is still a chance she was assaulted in some fashion (as you indicate in your last sentence -- I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you) There are other facts that seem curious as well. 1) She said the room was pitch dark so that she couldn't see her attackers, and yet over and over the action she describes makes it clear that the frat guys seem to be able to see, 2) She talks about initiation and it is made to sound like a pledge thing when frats pledge during the spring, not fall. There's just a whole lot of "facts" that don't add up and her actions seem odd even by rape victim standards. The strangest, IMO, involves the three friends that she called to come get her right afterwards. That whole interaction just seems totally implausible and the fact that she demanded the writer not contact any of those three to corroborate her story is a gigantic red flag. Neither of these bothers me. 1. You need a lot more light to make out faces than to be able to see where you're going and what you're doing 2. It's my understanding that while frats there do their actual selection for membership in the spring, the unofficial pledging is year- round. If the rest of the story were true neither of these would seem the slightest bit suspicious. They sound more like a lawyer's points of contention crafted to fuel reasonable doubt on a narrative at criminal trial than a logical point of contention from a common sense standpoint. I never trust anything a fraternity says about any social event, ever. I was in one. You wind up kicked off or on probation or suspended or if you're forthcoming. To trust a fraternity's calendar at its word is insane. Yeah, I didn't rob the liquor store that night because I showed a fake ID and all that jazz. This says nothing about my views of the case, just this particular fact. Another interesting tangent about fraternities- the legal defense teams they all have in place and ready to pounce are amazing. This article from The Atlantic from several months ago details the whole thing. It gets into the rape stuff but also discusses how they throw the frat members under the bus to protect the frat from liability through an elaborate set of rules and crisis response guidelines. Crazy stuff- when I read it I came away relieved that my oldest kid is more than a decade away from college. I wanted to read that until I got to to the byline. Caitlin Flanagan. Never has a conservative anti-feminist so irritated both my feminist and masculist sensibilities. Unbelievable, this woman. But ad hominem. Okay, I can do this. It'll be like Jadakiss in "Run." It's also super long. If it's any comfort my liberal father in law, a former professor who's been a college dean for a decade, said it's pretty much dead on. Good article until the end. Really informative. I loved the part about the wine coolers and the suggestion from FIPG about the M*A*S*H party. Why was it a good article until the end? Because my old friend, who I don't see anymore and who is exactly as Flanagan describes (he uses ze and hir) live right next to those fraternities at Wesleyan. And I mean a block away. I used to visit them all the time. So Caitlin picked a great example in so many ways, -- it's almost the perfect microcosm -- but she sort of betrayed her own opinions of fraternities by picking Wesleyan and the Beta Theta Pi House. Wesleyan, is, let's say…quite unique. Anyway, here was an FFA thread about Wesleyan's fraternities and this post that I've already commented on. The thread goes on and gets political, of course. I wish what we had to say was as interesting as Caitlin's article, but I know I've spent more time both on campus there than her, in the state than her, know the fraternity culture better than her, and have been to the fraternity houses there as a casual "ne'er do well" older guest. There's no surprise that even Wesleyan students don't support the University's stance on their own fraternity management, which is so odd, but not if you're there. Anyway, if you're interested: #5
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    That sound you hear is the deafening silence that comes with settling for what you can get instead of what you want
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    didn't think so, gmbacm's posts were way to coherent. thanks for the clarification
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    Players are required to show up at 11. He was there at 11. The rest, is 175% non story.
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    Leagues should be won by savvy owners paying attention to changing conditions, not by who got lucky at the draft. You probably also think that Texas Holdem should be decided after the first two cards are dealt, right?
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    While having a true #1 with speed would be nice, CK's has issues- inaccuracy, bad decision making and poor mechanics to name a few. You can not be a successful NFL QB with a QBR of 52.2. Well, at least his QBR is better than Alex Smith's. And VD has sub 4.4 speed and CP has not targeted him at all this year (even when healthy). VD should be getting Gronk/Graham/Olsen/Bennett looks. Maybe a new OC will help.
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    As a mid TH8 I'm starting to love Minions. Three zaps, 10-15 loons and the rest Minions will take out 60%-100% of most bases in silver/gold. Just make sure they have 750 or so DE with a few hundred k of gold/elix and its a profitable endeavor almost every time.
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    So much fail in one post. Bravo.
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    Would there be any interest in a new clan with the following characteristics: War 2x a week Disallow underdeveloped bases It would sort of be a mid-level clan between FBGs: Constant War and The Boog/Honda. A bit more commitment than the single war clans with open enrollment, but not constantly having to war. Will answer yours, TIA.
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    Straight Talk on AT&T has the same LTE as AT&T. On T-Mobile it has HSPA+42 which is decent. On Sprint and Verizon it is 3G only.
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    I'm all about vendors bribing me with free food.
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    This, coupled with the fact that JH was hiding his head and holding on to a leg for what felt like 12 minutes, coupled with the fact that Lawler found the blue pill power-up in the last round -- I feel the right call was made. Hendricks wanted no part of that fight at the end.
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    Well I didn't say he was a "high upside" dynasty play, I disagreed with you for calling him a "low upside" RB (there's a subtle difference there). What he did during Gio's absence to me show he's not "low upside" based on how I define "upside". His upside is clearly not low imo. I also think he's shown he's capable of pushing Gio aside eventually. It's starting to swing that way, and if that happens once again it would be hard to label him as a "low upside" running back. I apologize if you feel you were personally attacked, in part at least, by me saying that your keeping track of Hill's starts were biased in nature - but it's just the feeling I get, especially when you dig in your heel's and still cling to the position that Hill is "roster poison". I honestly can't see anyone making that stance and not being a bit disingenuous in doing so - I do understand the basis of your theory from it's outset, although I think many of the reasons behind that theory were a stretch (i.e. all of the Bengals other weapons, like Sanu and Greschem, as if many teams don't have that level, or better, talent) - and I think at this point it would be time to revaluate my stance, but you still seem entrenched in it.
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    He's currently on a pace to end the year with a receiving yard total of... 420
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    how many tds does DT have? Now how many does Gordon have?
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    Bummer for DT owners - that is a serious let down, because you drafted him late first/early second. Gordon? Sucks because having a WR3/4 with that much upside is playing with house money. You took a late round flyer on him or grabbed him off waivers late September or early October. Josh Gordon is not the linchpin of any championship FF team. He's just a piece. If you were counting on him you likely didn't have a good enough team anyway. I had Gordon in the lineup - feel compelled to start him every week after keeping him stashed on a short bench for months - but I'm moving on for other reasons. If Gordon has a good one next week or the week after, might be a difference maker. But I'm not really counting on it.
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    The dude from Blues Traveler is crazy (and replies to tweets - I mean like mention Blues Traveler without the @ and still he'll end up in your timeline and harrassing you) - anyway I bet he'd be game for some Hot Dog Tournament Action. Glad to see someone of the stature of UCF in there. -QG
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    This on Rotoworld: ESPN's Chris Mortensen is "hearing plenty of criticism" about Josh Gordon, including that he's out of shape. Gordon, who led the NFL in receiving last season, had his snaps reduced Sunday in favor of Taylor Gabriel and Travis Benjamin. Apparently the Browns aren't happy with his conditioning, route-running and/or grasp of the playbook. Of course, none of this came out over the last two weeks, so it looks like they're trying to save face after making the mistake of sticking with Brian Hoyer over Johnny Manziel. The Browns would have to be insane not to use Gordon as a full-time, featured player in a must-win game against Cincy in Week 15. The concern is that they are that insane.
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    Still think Harbaugh is better than McCarthy? 100%.How do you figure each of them would do if they were forced to swap QBs? The QB isn't the issue in SF. I keep harping on that, but then again, Raiderfan and who runs the Raider FO over the past futile seasons seem to have a disconnect.
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    Redskins are the East Coast Raiders organization wise.
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    I think I'm finally gonna join the crowd and get a vape. I need to reread this whole thread, may have some questions after that. I am excited.
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    Yeah, this guy is pretty terrible. Another failure in a long line of running QBs. Hopefully, teams will realize you need, y'know, actual talent to be QB in this league, not just legs for running. That's why you have "Running Backs" to do the running.
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    I honestly don't get the "Yeah, but Smith sucks too!!!" argument. How is that somehow a feather in the cap for this horrific QB?
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    of course it's not a's my opinion. fact is the Browns are likely out of the playoffs and Manziel will likely start the next game. You dont think JFF could've done better than 14/31 140 0 2? Cmon. Colt Freaking Mccoy lit these guys up.
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    "I don't know what were yelling about!!!" - Brick
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    you guys are blaming a SP poster for hyping a guy who was #1 at his position last year?
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    My grandma called it "angel dust". Never had the heart to tell her that name was already taken. If that's a real anecdote that's one of the most bittersweet things I've ever heard.
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    "we live in a culture that hates women" Stupid broads
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    Celebrity Apprentice cast looks amazing. Gilbert Gottfried and Sig Hansen? On the same show?
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    I keep getting an error when i put my protection in Something about Rec Yds are limited to 3 digits
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    Calling blow jobs "blowies". :looksatbelljr:
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    The refs unfairly robbed him of his second touchdown of the season, too. As opposed to "fairly robbed"?