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    Groovin’ in the Grove 5K race report This certainly isn’t the biggest 5K (only 183 runners this year), but it’s an annual event going on for 26 straight years now so it’s well run and I like it. The start and end are on campus of a small local university but most of the race loops through the adjacent neighborhoods. This is the 3rd year in a row I’ve run it. I came in 8th in 2013 at 19:33 and 3rd last year at 19:02, so I hoped to have a good showing this time. I’m coming off my PR of 18:27 set in March and my goal was to best that meaning I’d have to run half mile splits around 2:58. Weather was fine. About 60 degrees and overcast. Wind about 7 mph which isn’t bad considering how windy it’s been this spring. It rained last night so there were a few puddles. Pre-race things were fine although I didn’t sleep all that well, as usual. This is going to sound conceited, but looking around at the start, I really only identified a few people that might beat me. I even lined up in the front row at the start. Usually I like to be two or three rows back but nobody seemed eager to move ahead of me. First half mile: 2:55, Average HR 153 Typical fast start by several people, but by the end of this split I was in 3rd. But I’d never been this close to the leader and the escort police SUV. I’m maybe 30 yards back. The lead guy is someone I assumed would be competition. He is an older, weathered tattooed guy but he has a runner’s body (turns out he’s 39 -- younger than me). Right behind him is a younger guy but he’s a little pudgy and I’m surprised he hasn’t dropped back yet. Second split: 2:53 HR 162 No change in place during this split. I’m feeling OK. Probably as tired as I should be but less tired than I was at the mile mark during my last 5K. I see that I’m around 5:47 at the mile clock which I know is 18:00 pace. I’m still about 20 or 30 yards back from the leaders but I tell myself to not worry about that and just focus on running my race. To 1.5 miles: 2:57 HR 167 Pudgy guy falls back and I pass him but I, in turn, get passed by a 35 year old who is making a move. I also saw him in the beginning but I’m honestly surprised he’s this fast. He then slows right behind the tattooed lead guy. I’m still a good 20 yards back. Still in third. Another runner catches up to me, a young guy, and starts running right next to me (which i find annoying). About half way through this split I look down at my watch and realize I’ve slowed to above 6:00 pace! I pick it up and ditch the young guy. To 2.0 miles: 2:55 HR 170 I close the gap to the two lead runners and then pass them into the lead. I look at my watch to check if I’ve stupidly sped up but I really haven’t. They have slowed. I felt very weird passing them thinking it will be humiliating if they pass me back. To 2.5 miles: 3:00 HR 172 OK, now it’s really hard. The wind is in our faces and there are a few rolling hills. Although I slow a little, so did the other two. The former tattooed leader is maybe about 20 yards back. I glanced back once and can hear his footsteps. The other guy is farther back and I’m no longer concerned about him. To 3.0 miles: 2:57 HR 175 My quads are starting to burn. There are some turns during this section which allow me to glance back a few times. My lead is about the same but I try to prepare myself to pick it up to a sprint if I have to. With about a quarter mile left I speed up a little in hopes it will discourage the other guy from trying anything. Last .10: about 0:31? (5:13 mile pace) HR average 177 but 182 as I crossed the finish line I have enough of a lead still that I know I’ve got it. I try to finish as hard as I can. I know I’m also fine as far as a PR goes. I see the clock tick pass 18:00 which would have been great to beat but, all things considered, no biggie. Passing the finish line is a surreal feeling as I hear the applause from the spectators knowing all eyes are on me. Final time 18:08. Second place was 18:14. This is the first time I’ve ever won anything in my life, even if it is just a small, local 5K.
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    When Adrian Peterson entered the league as a rookie... ... Tomlinson was turning 28 and had just set the touchdown record. ... Larry Johnson was turning 28 and had put up over 4,000 yards and 40 TDs in the previous two seasons. ... Steven Jackson was turning 24 and coming off a season with 2300 YFS, 90 catches, and 16 TDs. ... Brian Westbrook was turning 28 and coming off a 3-year run where he basically averaged 115 ypg and 75 catches a year. ... Clinton Portis was turning 26 and, while coming off an injury in 2006, had four straight top-12 seasons prior. ... Frank Gore was turning 24 and coming off a pro bowl year with 2100+ yards from scrimmage and 60 catches. ... Maurice Jones-Drew was turning 22 and coming off of a top-10 fantasy finish as a rookie in an RBBC. ... Reggie Bush was turning 22 and coming off a season with a ridiculous 88 catches, and still had his hype train in full effect. ... Willie Parker was turning 27 and coming off a 1700/16 season after a strong 2005. (Don't laugh, he was really a thing in 2007.) ... Joseph Addai was turning 23, coming off a top-12 fantasy finish as a rookie, and locked in as Indy's bellcow. ... Laurence Maroney was turning 22 and was, for some reason or another, a highly-coveted asset. (Remember, Corey Dillon was still fresh in everyone's mind.) Even guys like Willis McGahee, Shaun Alexander, and Ronnie Brown were getting some serious love at the time. And remember, too, in 2007 dynasty owners were far less concerned about age than they are today, so those 28s you see up there really were nothing. There wasn't really anything that could be called a "consensus" in dynasty then like there is today, but Peterson was absolutely considered part of that mix. Had Gurley come out in 2007, he wouldn't have been ranked in the top 3. He probably wouldn't have been ranked in the top 5. Aggressive rankers probably would have put him in the RB6-10 range. When F&L did his post-draft rankings in 2007, he had Adrian Peterson ranked 4th. (And, amusingly, he took a ton of crap for it from people who question the idea of ranking unproven rookies over "proven studs" like Fast Willie Parker before they've ever played a down in the NFL. Hindsight is rarely kind in dynasty.) Instead, Todd Gurley benefits greatly by entering the league in 2015. To illustrate the point, consider Jeremy Hill. Hill is a late 2nd round pick who is turning 23 and likely in a timeshare with a talented young back. He also put up 1339/9 with 5 fumbles and 5.1 ypc as a rookie. In 2007, MJD was a late-2nd round pick who was turning 22 and likely in a timeshare with a talented old back. He had also put up 1377/15 with 1 fumble and 5.7 ypc as a rookie. 2007 MJD blows 2015 Jeremy Hill out of the water as a dynasty asset. And yet Jeremy Hill is a slam-dunk top-5 dynasty back, while Maurice Jones-Drew didn't crack the top 10 in 2007. Steven Jackson was a more productive, more pedigreed Le'Veon Bell without the drug suspension, and yet he wasn't even the top back on the board in startups. Reggie Bush is basically Carlos Hyde, if Carlos Hyde was three years younger, hailed as one of the greatest RB prospects in history, coming off a 1300-yard season, playing in one of the top offenses in the league, and ending his season with a 100-yard receiving game in the playoffs. Todd Gurley ranking as high as he does in 2015 says as much about 2015 as it does about Todd Gurley.
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    One of the nuns at my university asked about Boston recently, and I described it by saying "I took it easy on the early miles, stayed steady through the middle, fought through the hills, then dug deep to finish strong." Her response to me was that it was like a homily of life. Good to hear your parents are still fighting with a positive spirit. -- Chief - shake off this race. Your training has been good, and you have a lot of the summer left to reap the benefits. -- Juxt, just to note: You tied my 5K PR! Keep up your training and you'll be down in the 17s very soon. -- A solid training day for me. With no particular logic to it, I put in 11 miles that included a series of decreasing tempo runs while holding the avg. HR steady. Rested in between until the HR came back down to 100-110. 4 mi. @ 7:33/mi., 163 HR (7:23, 7:25, 7:46, 7:40) 3 mi. @ 7:39/mi., 164 HR (7:27, 7:44, 7:45) 2 mi. @ 7:36/mil, 164 HR (7:27, 7:45) 1 mi. @ 7:27/mi., 165 HR
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    Madrid are just a horrible team, and Pepe is a disgrace.
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    Gonna hope this means he did good.
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    First really nice weekend of the year, 80+ degree temps. Decided on my Dos a Cero t-shirt. Went out to run some errands and ran into two separate guys wearing USMNT jerseys at like 9:30 AM. Soccer's come a long way in this country, folks.
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    S1 Ep9 is a really good episode to go back and watch. Hobart (same actor) runs into Don and Betty, and tries to get him to McCann. Gives Betty the modeling deal with Coca-Cola. "If I ever leave this place, it won't be for more advertising."
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    Just perfect. Theres a comment on his youtube video? Acer posted this vid of him "singing" the song he can't find. (local HS hockey team uses it as their "goal song" Jamny posted "maybe this is where you heard it"
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    my HM PR has my name spelled wrong. no... really. Athlinks is terrible. They misspelled my HM PR too - 'Steve C.'. WTF?
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    Pogba returned today and scored off a deflection. More bad news for Real Madrid/good news for all that is good in the world.
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    juxt! Chief - take a day off, then schedule you next race. A 10k
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    Valencia doing the lord's work here.
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    the name of the app is marvel unlimited. Has a U as the icon. It will work on different devices. So far, I prefer to read it on computer monitor. I couldn't dl to ipad bc you have to have ios7
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    Great job Juxt, I am jealous.
  16. 1 point With due respect to the singing communist ghost of Bert Cooper, money is a nice thing to have. After last night's mid-season finale of Mad Men, with the expected sale of the firm to McCann, the partners at SC&P Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Joan Harris, Pete Campbell, Jim Cutler, Ted Chaough, plus whoever Bert's beneficiary is stand to make a load of it. If, like Roger says, McCann values Sterling Cooper & Partners at $65 million and buys 51 percent of the company, that would put the total sale price at $33,150,000. With the caveat that math is not our first language, here is our best estimate for how that would be split up. Joan: We know she owns 5 percent of SC&P, which by Roger's calculation would net her "a little over one and a half million." Or, more specifically, $1,657,500, which in today's dollars is about $10.4 million. Pete: He owns 10 percent of the company, which makes his take $3,315,000 or about $20.8 million today. Ted and Jim: According to Pete, Ted owns 20 percent of SC&P, which means Jim probably does, too. So they each made $6,630,000 in the sale. Adjusted for inflation, this is approximately $41.6 million. Related Stories The Stars Belong to Everyone: Mad Mens Best Song and Dance Moments Mad Men Mid-Season Finale Recap: The Moon Belongs to Everyone Roger, Don, and Bert's estate: Let's assume for our purposes that Roger, Don, and Bert owned equal parts of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce when the firm merged with Cutler, Gleason, and Chaough last season (and that Bert's ownership has not yet been redistributed). That would mean each owns 15 percent of SC&P, which would make their takes $4,972,500 each. Or, in 2014, $31.2 million. Harry: Since he didn't complete his paperwork in time, he owns a 0 percent stake in SC&P, which makes his share of the sale $0. (Adjusted for inflation: $0.)
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    All true, but man, Jags fans have to be so sick of already looking to next year before June.
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    Holy #### - Juxtatarot ####ing #### up in his 5K!!
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    The fight to avoid the Europa league has begun!
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    I don't think any of us will be surprised if Leicester beats Soton today. It's really interesting watching how teams react to relegation pressure. On the flip side, look at Newcastle. Mike Ashley has been pulling a Bob Irsay of late, contentedly raking in his profits with little regard to performance on the field; let's see how he likes life in the Championship.
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    This is the current state of the Tiger fans, no talk about how Tiger is back but asking Why is nobody talking about <insert other pro golfer that did worse than Tiger>. Well, he had a heck of a run while it lasted, perhaps the greatest stretch of dominance by a single athlete outside of Federer.
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    I'm interested to see where the fans will focus their whining if it happens. Some possible arguments: * English teams need to take Europa more seriously * The PL schedule needs to be more accommodating to teams in Europe (Mourinho's been on about this for years) * The UEFA coefficient sucks and needs an overhaul * UEFA hates England * This is somehow the English national team's fault You can be sure every angle except self-accountability will be covered...same as when the national team inevitably fails again at the next Euro's. It can NEVER be that they aren't quite good enough, oh goodness me no! The delusional English media/fans never fail to disappoint...
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    Weird how we talk about how Tiger just made the cut, but there's no discussion of Phil not making the cut.
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    Capella's dancing banana avatar is back. Balance has been returned to the universe.
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    Right, and positional rankings are not overall rankings. I'm in the process of updating my overall rankings, but the last time I ran a full set, my RB2 wound up being ranked by my WR10, and my RB3 was around my WR14. So in that environment, ranking Gurley as a top-3 RB is not really more aggressive than ranking Cooper around WR12 or so, since both correspond to roughly similar places in the overall player hierarchy.
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    at your avatar. That thing's hilarious. Better than any emoticon on this site.
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    Same with households deciding to have one adult be a stay at home parent.
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    I know it's not new, but I've just started playing Crusader Kings II with The Old Gods expansion activated. I think being a viking is more fun than the standard ruler. It took a few false starts to figure out the raiding thing, but now I've got a good game going where I started out as the petty chief of Meddlepad. Not soon after a quick conquest of a neighboring Finnish county, I got subjugated by one of my neighbors. I bid my time for a bit, and lo and behold the Ragnar Lodbrok goes and takes over all of Sweden and makes me Duke of all Norrland. I've been raiding the heck out of Britain ever since. The money and the prestige really rack up via the raiding. I'm now planning my next move - either conquering some of Britain or some of the Baltic territories, maybe en route to establishing my dynasty as the Tsars of Russia. Good times.
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    Just saw the E60 documentary. Agree with comment above, in 5-10 minutes they made me care about 'Adam Rose' more than his year (?) on the main roster.
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    My favorite story on the interspaces today.
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    <<<< another reddit submission soaring up the karma charts today.
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    I feel like this bumper sticker that I saw today incorporates all of Tanners shtick quite nicely.
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    So you're saying that Don Draper will realize that he's a character in a popular tv series with only a couple of episodes left before it ends!?! Wow. So "meta". Here's another theory...Don ends up at a gas station with the hitchhiker, lights up when filling the tank, accidentally drops his lighter, blows up the gas station and most of his face in the process, and dies instantly. The hitchhiker is shaken but survives, goes through Don's pockets, takes his wallet and belonging and then assumes the identity of Don Draper.
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    This will be one that catches steam in a few months...
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    Nice list. However, you let draft slot affect your rankings too much... Trust your swing! Strong and DGB are going to be a better fantasy WRs than Dorsett...
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    My thoughts on the Ultron flick - Critics were right when they said it was too crowded. Too many characters vying for screen time. Some plots would have been better fleshed out and others dropped. It felt like an elaborate juggling act, one which must have exhausted Whedon to the bone; it's no surprise he's done after this film. They could have done without Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and been fine. While both actors were fine and their screen time ok, their inclusion felt like fluff and utterly unnecessary when considering how crowded the film was. The action sequences were good, sometimes a bit overdone (Hulkbuster fight), but good. There were true Whedon moments of both character depth (Hawkeye gets a nice and touching amount of development) as well as some funny feminist fun-poking at a very testosterone-driven genre. More of these moments would have been nice. Paul Bettany shined as The Vision - he absolutely nailed the character and really brought him to life, with both his delivery and especially in his facial expressions and eyes. He's going to be a joy to watch in future films. Lastly, for those of you who read The Age of Ultron comic series: this has NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING in common with the comics. They basically ripped off the name and villain for marketing purposes. That, in itself, was disappointing. If I had to describe the change, I'd say Disney/Marvel/Whedon decided to write a super "safe" story rather than really roll up their sleeves and try something challenging. I'm still conflicted on Spader's Ultron too. The major difference between the Spader version and the comic version is Spader's is, surprisingly, way less arrogant and super-intelligent, and instead more human and comic. Which was WEIRD. Grade = B- Not as good as Avengers 1 or some of the better solo films, but still worth seeing.
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    i've bought plenty of apps to remove ads and what not But when the apps move to a model whereby it's not a single pay system and moves to monthly installments, then I'm most likely going to be out. I've got no issue with $3-5 for an app I think is worthwhile.. i'd rather pay than have ads... but monthly pay? App is going to have to be indispensable.
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    I would never ever think about approaching a cop that way. When a guy acts that way towards the police it's a clear sign of having experience in that situation. Like most people who don't interact often with police I would have been frozen still in shock. So being nervous and twitchy and being calm and relaxed create reasonable suspicion?
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