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    So I had a decent little track session despite of a suck index of 140+ this morning. Hadn't done mile repeats in some time, so I thought do 3 x 1 mile. Warmed up 1.5 miles and did 3 strides. Mile 1 - 6:13 (180 BPM) RI - 3:15 Mile 2 - 6:04 (184 BPM) RI - 3:23 Mile 3 - 5:59 (189 BPM) 1.5 mile cool down. Now, that last interval was pretty painful but it was good mental boost to run a sub 6 minute mile. It's been a while.
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    On these rides you can just decide how you're feeling when the turnoff for the 75 hits. If it's 70 and cloudy your decision may be very different than if its 95 without a cloud in the sky. That said seeing the odometer roll over to triple digits is epic and awesome. If you're feeling good go for it. ---- On my end I'm just trying to rack up the miles here for my July excursion. Yesterday did my normal Tuesday ride and felt like puking half way through - riding balls out after being sick three days ain't a great idea. Who knew? So I went out today to do a nice tempo ride with a fast group. Turned out they wanted a climbing day. Oof. Wasn't expecting that. On top of things the suck index was at about 150 - pretty much swimming. Planned on just hanging in. Just goes to show that some days are good and come out of nowhere. So on this ride I managed to climb the biggest climb in Birmingham (550 feet, in case you're wondering) at a significant PR. The full climb, which I've only done a dozen times or so, was a 25 second PR. Also somehow set a PR by 10 seconds on the shortened version of the climb which I've done 40 times or so - doing that after doing the initial part of the climb was something I sure didn't expect. Oh, and set new power PRs from 5 through 10 minutes. 5 minutes now at 342w and 10 minutes at 317w. With these numbers if I actually lost 20lbs I could crack the top 10 on the long one. Too damn fat. An unexpected good day - I'll take it!
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    My daughter (6) put together a menu of play food for us to order from. She spelled some things right, but spelled 'cake', c-o-c-k. I told her to see if mom wanted to order that.
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    "I've wined and dined with kings and queens. Ive slept on the streets eatin pork and beans.." RIP Dusty.
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    Ugh. I agree that has to be my least favorite thing to do around a house. It's scary up there. I refuse to do work in the attic in the summer. Nope. Sorry. Not happening. Too hot, too many critters. My armor
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    Nice work, especially mile 3! buddy of mine wants to run 10 miles at noon - 86 degrees, 69 dp, 155 SI. Did the fit test this morning. It was the submaximal VO2, so I'm still reading up on what it all means. and then a few other tests. the basics: The bad: my grip is poor, back strength fair, I gained some body fat (5.5% now), The good: resting HR 51 bpm, lost 1/2" on my waist, flexibility suprisingly "good", aerobic fitness "superior". The key: training zones! fat burn: 99-118 bpm, endurance 119-150 bpm, treshhold 151-169 bpm, VO2max 170-182 bpm So, MAF is really close (147) to the top end of zone 2. I've been using 150 as a cap on the MAF runs anyway, so I'll take this as a sign to keep doing that.
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    24 briskets trimmed. 32 butts seasoned. 54 chickens brining. 200 burger patties made. 1000 buns ordered. 40 gallons of jambalaya prep done. Let's roll #####es.
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    At work I inherited a more "experienced" team. Nice people but some of them have a reputation for being difficult to manage. Overheard one today talking about printing something in "landslide". Also found out another one creates spreadsheets by adding up all the numbers on her calculator and then entering the value into a cell. So we're pretty much on the same level as the dude GM shared a mani-pedi with.
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    I hate the commercial of the guy that continually says he's never going to get married (and then does), never have kids (and then does), never move from the city (and does), etc. At the end of the commercial he is sitting on his couch with his sleeping wife & kids and says he is never going to let go. Logically the next scene should be the guy in a motel screwing some broad as his wife is banging on the door screaming & crying that their marriage is over.
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    This makes me ANGRY! This officer should not have had to resign. Im going to just go ahead and say it... the blacks are the ones causing the problems and this racial tension. I guess thats what happens when you flunk out of school and have no education. Im sure their parents are just as guilty for not knowing what their kids were doing, or knew it and didnt care. Im almost to the point of wanting them all segregated on one side of town so they can hurt each other and leave the innocent people alone. Maybe the 50s and 60s were really on to something. now, let the bashing of my true and honest opinion begin... GO! #imnotracist #imsickofthemcausingtrouble #itwasagatedcommunity​Yup...racism doesnt exist anymore I don't think any reasonable person needs proof that racism still exists. But THIS sort of racism is not something we need to worry about as a society. It's one person. She's angry, and making a fool of herself. I have a hunch that when she's had time to think about it, she will come to deeply regret what she wrote here. But even if she doesn't, it's an anecdote. Means nothing. It is institutionalized racism that we need to be concerned with. We have as a society managed to eradicate most aspects of institutionalized racism over the last 40-50 years. The only major remaining source is in the police forces of this country. That's what we need to work on. This.But this mindset as a group is what causes institutionalized racism. How many examples do we need? The "I'm not racist, but....." mindset is growing old and only perpetuates racist attitudes and actions that have been carried on over decades. Zero tolerance and calling out this bull#### is the only way to make a change.
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    Anyone needing easier duel victims can do a player search for FirmlyGraspIt (683 Gamora) or mcstim (643 Gamora)
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    Nothing says destination race like Columbus, Ohio.
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    Ran 5 miles a couple of days ago but that's all the running I've done in the last week. Swam a couple times and been lifting and doing the elliptical at the gym. Got a couple of nagging "injuries": - Back is still hurting when I run. The impact of the run aggravates the back so I've tried to limit running. It's better but it doesn't seem to be going away - doc prescribed muscle relaxer for when it's bad and an anti-inflammatory to help get it back to normal - Started lifting again after a few years of not doing anything with weights - I seem to have aggravated the xiphoid process (wtf is that?) from lifting. It's not bad at all but annoying and the fix is to stop lifting heavy objects (LOOK AT ME!). I'm self-diagnosing on this one but it seems to describe my symptoms exactly. Not sure is swimming will aggravate this also or not. These are just nagging things right now - the good news is I'm down to 198.6 from 240 and still making progress. I knew I wouldn't be able to do any serious training until I lost more weight so it's not really a setback in my mind. I'm mostly concerned with continuing to lose and staying healthy. Going to swim later today and hoping to do a leg workout tonight.
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    You gained 5.5% or you are now at 5.5%???? at 5.5% now. I hate you.
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    I played in a gol tournament last Friday with a buch of guys from college, the dad of our buddy at BC who died in 9/11 has 20 of us down to his club in Westhapton every year to get together with his brothers and some of his friends from home. My favorite day of the year, but missed it last year so had not seen most of them since my "transformation". Well, I was the daylong butt of many AIDS jokes and "I can't believe I used to be afraid of you" quips. Good times. I ran 7 very easy miles this morning, 8:54 average and I know my HR was in the 120s but the damn TomTom had me at 176 for the run, 196 for mile 3! So frustrating. Good news is I felt like I could have run that pace all day.
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    Long PT session yesterday. Apparently my original injury was not Achilles tendonitis, but a pretty bad calf tear, right above the junction with the AT. It's never healed correctly, so that's what they are working on. The hope is that fixing the calf might relieve the strain on the Achilles. I would have thought I would have noticed a grade two calf tear. Anyway, they were more optimistic about getting me back on the road by fixing the calf than if I was dealing with chronic AT tendonitis (which I might still have). Duck, that's so cool the way the ultra community works. The fact that a guy from England needs help and finds an experienced ultra runner to be his crew and pacer from a facebook post is awesome. Have fun.
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    Hit the "old" location last night for first time. You have a great restaurant Tipsy! Ordered 2 meat combo and then went across street to pick up some B's. Came back and enjoyed a feast. Everything was really good. My meal in order of what I loved: Sausage w/ Carolina sauce - phenomenal! That's the one that will want me coming back. Loved it. Jambalaya side - also just great. Couldn't stop eating it. Brisket - nice smoke ring Cornbread - tasted good. did not get to meet the portly self important owner, but the other staff was very friendly. Loved the eccentric art on the wall. would come back again.
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    Daughter went to Fla. this morning for a regatta. She is a coxswain and to communicate with the rowers she wears what is called a cox box (Homer don't start). She sent the following text to me and the wife this morning: Her: Just got a pat down by security and they rubbed my cox box with a weird stick. Wife: Gross Funny sense of humor those two
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    I hate every trailer for a Melissa McCarthy movie.
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    It is hard to give much of a run down. You have seen him play probably as much as anyone else. He played at Toulon the same as he does for the senior side. Lots of mobility, no fear and all out energy. I linked his nice goal from Toulon earlier in the thread. Here is his goal against Mexico Here is a short piece that did on him Just who is Jordan Morris? Here are seven things you need to know about the USMNT’s hottest prospect: When he was called to his first national-team camp ahead of a US friendly in the Czech Republic last fall, Morris became the first active college player to play with the full national team in 20 years. How did he catch Jurgen Klinsmann’s eye? By showing well in a scrimmage against the US during their pre-World Cup camp, which was held at Stanford’s campus. A Seattle Sounders academy product, much has been made of Morris’s decision to turn down a Homegrown Player contract offer from the club this winter. The main reason Morris put his pro career on hold? A chance to further his Stanford education. Morris’s ties to the Sounders run deeper than his stint in the club’s academy. His dad, Dr. Michael Morris, has served as the Sounders’ medical director and orthopedic surgeon since their inaugural MLS season in 2009. Like another famous athlete with connections to Seattle, Morris always brings a bag of candy to his games. Unlike the Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch – who’s been known to celebrate touchdowns by eating Skittles – Morris has a medical reason for his gummy bear stash. The Stanford forward was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when he was nine, and he keeps the candy on the bench in case his blood sugar dips during a match. You may have noticed during Wednesday’s match that Morris has a tattoo on his right forearm. Thankfully, his ink isn’t frivolous. The tattoo – a medical symbol with “T1D” written over it – serves a necessary purpose, identifying Morris as a diabetic in case of medical emergency. While many have theorized that Klinsmann keeps selecting Morris in part to steer him toward a European career, Sounders fans can breathe easy; the striker has made it plenty clear that he wants to begin his professional days in Seattle: "Right now, I am definitely going to Seattle,” he told the Stanford Daily. Having scored the game-winner against Mexico, Morris was naturally in the running for the official Man of the Match award for Wednesday’s friendly. Unfortunately for him, the honor was sponsored by Budweiser, with the beer company’s involvement disqualifying the 20-year-old, who is still a few months shy of the legal drinking age.
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    Morris is #54 on the current ASN list. I assume that he'll rise quite a bit. Morris' best attributes are his speed, workrate,and fearlessness but he definitely has some skill. His individual goal against France in Toulon was superb. His dummy today was clever. And that audacious outside of the foot shot showed that he's not afraid of anyone. When Berti Vogts was rehired onto the USMNT staff he made a point of saying how good he thought Morris was, opining that he couldn't believe the kid was still in college. I suspect that AJ and Agudelo could both be more technically gifted, but Morris strikes me as a better bet to try to impose himself on the game no matter what. I think he's a real option to gradually replace Deuce.
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    About the Texas incident that we've been discussing the last several pages. Try to follow along, Todd. Then again, we don't expect a deep, nuanced perspective from the guy who uses "KooK' in most posts. See my last sentence above. How does proving that no white adult called a black a "black f*****" make the discussion about this event "more balanced"? General Tso, you should enjoy this article. Walter Scott, a 50-year-old unarmed black man, was shot in the back and killed by Charleston, South Carolina, police officer Michael Slager, Tim Wise (a white author who focuses on anti-racism) wrote this on his public Facebook page in response to those who insisted race had nothing to do with the tragedy: I know there are some well-meaning (as well as not well meaning) white folks who say how awful the killing of Walter Scott was "regardless of the racial element," but please... When we as white folks strip away the social context within which these things happen, or refuse to acknowledge the generations-long soul wound imposed by racism upon peoples of color, we speak as if history didn't happen, as if historical memory doesn't matter, as if every day is disconnected from the last, and patterns are irrelevant. We speak, in other words, as persons with the privilege of ignoring the backbeat of white supremacy, as persons who enjoy the luxury of viewing life as a collection of random experiences, and ourselves are mere individuals floating through that life. How nice. People of color have not the luxury of such a conceit ...
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    #### is finally getting real. Power coming on in minutes we were about to cancel friday but strings got pulled.
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    And as for Ms. Rehm who basically just cast a conspiratorial antisemitic slur on the man seeking to be the first Jewish president of the US, on national radio? - What of her? what was the anti-Semitic slur? Well let's see - I would say that accusations that JFK would be obeisant to the Pope back in 1960 were anti-Catholic slurs. And I'd say that Bernie Sanders' allegedly holding a dual citizenship implies that he would be obeisant to Israel, because you know... ["JEWISH"], not to mention the site where it was pulled from. A Jewish candidate running for president will need to answer that concern, just like a Catholic candidate had to answer that concern in the 60s. JFK handled it without an issue and was elected president. That's a "concern"? You think a Catholic or Jewish president's allegiance to his country is legitimately a "concern"? Every president has to answer all kinds of concerns that aren't valid. Not from NPR reporters or other supposedly legitimate journalists. It wasn't even a question, it was a bigoted assertion taken right off some dark corner of the internet. - Maybe she's a moron I'll grant you that, either way she shouldn't be in the job she is. She had misinformation and she promptly apologized. I don't expect any journalist not to make a mistake. She didn't make an anti-Semitic remark, she didn't accuse him of having allegiance to Israel. Maybe that's where she was going, who knows. I agree it was a stupid question.
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    Really? Would that have been an exchange with consequences?
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    I certainly have no use for Abomination. Too many Science champs as it is, plus…he's boring as hell to play even Awakened. To me anyway.
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    That sounds cool. If you want it to keep the wood finish, I'd do a few coats of Dewaxed Shellac then cover with a Spar Polyurethane. The Dewaxed Shellac is sort of a universal sealer. It brings out some of the natural color (more of an amber) of the wood, and seals it up. Since it was used as a butcher block, who knows what kinds of things seeped into the wood over the years. The shellac will keep them locked in, as well as give a nice even finish. Put a few coats on, and knock down any raised grain with 400+ grit sand paper after each coat. Once that's done, you should have a really smooth finish. Then, apply a nice Spar Polyurethane. Use as many coats as you can. Go one with the grain of the wood, then scuff-sand, then do the next against the grain, scuff sand, etc. If you want a really good finish, use an HPLV sprayer or something for the last coat. It'd take forever to do every coat with a sprayer b/c they don't offer as much build-up, and you want a nice thick finish, but for the last coat, a sprayed on finish will really look good. Thanks for this! I have some spar poly already, didn't consider a dewaxed shellac before it, though. I'll see if I can get some. It came with an extra, larger, removable top as well as the top that was original (which has the sink bay cut out). The larger top is just a solid butcher block. My first step is to get the original top set up as a bar. Once that's up and running, I might attempt to get the second top sanded down and able to be used as a "food prep" station for my BBQ grill. What would I need to do with that top to make it "food safe" if anything, aside from what you described above? Thanks again! Zinsser makes a pretty good pre-mixed de-waxed shellac that you can find in the box hardware stores. Rockler also has a ton of different kinds, including flakes in different hues. I think the Spar Poly would be enough to make it food safe. You just want something that's non-porous. The same thing that makes it good for weather resistance would make it fine for food as far as food tainting the surface goes. As far as the other way around, I think most all new finishes have to be "food safe" when fully cured, i.e. they can't taint the food. Went to my local HD yesterday and the only shellacs they had were the waxed kind, which says on the back not to use underneath spar poly. I do, though, have a buddy who thinks he had some of the non-waxed stuff in his shop and will lend me what I need. Just curious, what's the difference, and why use one under spar poly and not the other? Thanks again for all the help! One has wax, one doesn't. j/k I think in general, the dewaxed shellac has superior adhesion, both what it sticks to, and what sticks to it. I know you shouldn't put water-based stuff over regular shellac (non-dewaxed) because it won't adhere well and can orange-peel or crackle as it dries. I'm not 100% sure why this is, but I've experienced it as I tried to paint over some regular shellac and it crackled the sprayed latex finish. I'm not sure if it's due to hardness issues or what. I pretty much just use dewaxed and won't even buy the other stuff because dewaxed does everything waxed does and obviously is compatible with everything. It's kind of a miracle product for wood finishing. If you find Zinsser Bulls Eye brand "Seal Coat," read the label for ingredients. I've found some cans of dewaxed that don't even say "shellac" on them. I've also had luck at Ace Hardware if you have one nearby. It is in general not easy to find. It also has a limited shelf life. I actually bought some of the flakes and just dissolve it as-needed a lot of times so I can always have some on hand.
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    case for that is $10-$15 on Amazon.
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    buddy of mine wants to run 10 miles at noon - 86 degrees, 69 dp, 155 SI. WHY? Is he a sadist? He's doing IM Coeur d'Alene in a few weeks, so
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    My son brought home lice a few years ago. He was working at a haunted house around Halloween. Probably got them from sharing a mask/wig. And he gave them to his younger brother. We tried the Nix stuff and it didn't work. I found this treatment somewhere on the net. It worked perfectly on both kids. A couple of coworkers also used my method on their kids successfully. HOMEMADE, CHEAPO SOLUTION TO GETTING RID OF LICE. First stop is the dollar store. 1 or 2 bottles of blue or green mouthwash. Make sure it contains 20% alcohol.1 or 2 bottles of white vinegar.At least 2 shower caps. Probably disposable.If you can find them, but a pair of cheap swim goggles (optional).A bottle of hair conditioner (optional)I'd pick up some dish towels tooThen go to the drug store and buy a lice comb (you might already have one since you tried Nix). It's been a while so I don't remember the brand I bought but I remember that the all plastic kind suck. Shoot the lock off your wallet and by the kind with the metal teef. Also make sure you have something to occupy the kid. A favorite movie, video game, whatever. You'll see why later. And buy her her favorite cream, cookies, candy, beer, whatever. When all this is said and done she's going to deserve a reward. This whole process could take up to 2 hours depending upon how much hair we're talking about. Seems like a lot of work but the results are worth it. STEP 1: You're going to SOAK the hair with the mouthwash. This is the part that will kill the actual adult lice (and nits, I think). The alcohol content of the mouthwash is what snuffs the little SOBs. You're probably going to want to do with the kid leaning over the bathtub. Find a bath/beach towel that you're not going to mind tossing out and have the kid put it around their shoulders. If you bought the swim goggles your kid should hold them over their eyes (using the strap will probably make it hard to completely soak the hair). If you don't have the goggles have the kid hold a washcloth over their eyes to avoid stinging. Once the kid has their head hanging over the tub pour the mouthwash on to their hair. You're really going to want to soak it. Every strand of hair needs to be saturated with the mouthwash. Don't be shy about it. Be sure to muss up the hair while you do this so the mouthwash can get everywhere. Once you're sure the hair is totally soaked let most of the excess drip into the tub BUT DO NOT RINSE. Then gather up ALL of the hair and gather it in the shower cap. Make sure the kid keeps the towel around their shoulders since there will be dripping. And give them a dry wash/dish cloth so they can keep it from dripping down their face. STEP 2: Now you have to let the hair soak for at least 30 minutes. If the hair is long I'd go for about 45. This is the part where you're going to want the kid to sit (probably on the floor on another towel) and watch a movie or something. STEP 3: After 30-45 minutes go back to the tub. Take off the shower cap and throw it away. Now rinse all of the mouthwash out of the hair with warm water. Make sure you get all of it. You might actually see dead lice (they look like really small spider thingies) washing away into the tub. STEP 3.5 (optional). If your kid's hair is really long or tangles easily you can apply a bunch of condition after the mouthwash is rinsed away. I didn't do this with my kids because it seemed like just one more mess. Do not rinse out the conditioner. STEP 4: Now you have to use the comb to remove the dead lice and nits that didn't wash away. Follow the instructions that came with the comb. This part is a huge PITA for both the kid and the delouser. I did it with my kids sitting on a bar stool leaning over the kitchen sink. This way I could use the faucet to clean out the comb every minute or gets pretty nasty. STEP 5: Once you're sure you have combed out all of the bugs you now have to get rid of the eggs. Apparently the eggs stick to the follicles thanks to some sort of gorilla glue the lice make on their own. This is where the vinegar comes into play. The vinegar dissolves the egg glue so that you can comb them out. Go back to the tub and do exactly what you did before with the mouthwash but this time use the vinegar. Be sure to let it soak all the way down to the scalp since that where the eggs are going to be. Repeat the process where you let the hair drip-dry for a minute or two and then get it all under a new shower cap. Movie/video game yadda yadda for 30 minutes so the vinegar can do its magic. STEP 6: Back to the tub to rinse all the vinegar out. Apply conditioner here if you want. STEP 7: Another PITA round of combing to get the eggs. STEP 8: Let your kid take a shower or bath and wash their hair with the best shampoo you have. Let her use mom's $$$ conditioner too. Her hair is going to be stripped to hell. If you follow all of these steps your kid should be lice-free. Oh, and be sure to put any towels and shower caps you used in a garbage bag and take them out to your outside can/dumpster. Be sure to hang on to the little combs though just in case. I'd soak them in a cup of mouthwash if you have any left over. Good luck. yikes. when roverkid got them I took her to a place where they nuked her head under something that looked like one of those 50's beauty shop hairdryers, then used the comb to get everything out. it cost $300 but I didn't have to do it and it worked.
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    was that Larry the Cable Guy yelling "she did it again"?
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    first comment: Average Joe 3 hours ago It's hilarious to watch women try sports.
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    JFC. HS softball player dirty as F. (Sorry, Homer..not what you think).
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    Tri-man, Let's circle back to what we were talking about last night. I stand corrected, they should send Greene down to let him get right and use Ryan or Lobstein as the 5th starter. He's not doing us any good pitching like he has been but I think he has the stuff to be a middle of the rotation guy. Needs to work on his mechanics, release point is inconsistent.
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    Parading your flag around the opponent's stadium is just such a no-no. Even if you don't get killed it's just a dumb thing to do.
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    T&P to your nephew and his family.
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    My son (4.5) came with my to my office yesterday for the "Take your kids to work day" events we hosted. My boss is doing the introductions to what we do as a business and proceeds to ask each of the kids what they want to be when they grow up. He gets to my son and he replies, "Your boss!"