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    Well it's been 13 months since the diagnosis, and 12 since the double mesectimy. 3 other surgeries later, and she's been clear off all cancer since. We've been working on reducing her recurrence numbers by taking ovarian repression treatments. Essentially, once a month she receives a shot that shuts down her overies, bringing on early menopause. Menopause blows She's bloated(she's always been athletic), has hot flashes, and is noticeably more irritable. But she knows it's all part of the deal She's one tough chick I would like to thank several fbgs(you know who you are)who have reached out showing your concern. It's amazing that a place that can so nasty, can also be so positive. You guys rock Love you guys ps: make sure your lady freinds get checked out. Early detection really is life saving
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    3.1 GPA and Dean's List 50% of my time there. (4 years...none of this 5 years+ crap) Also dropped 400 hits of acid, huffed airbrush prolellent, smoked anything but tool, was so beloved at a liquor store that they gave me a bottle of champagne when I told them I was moving, had a steady stream of snatch, was VP of my frat 3 years in a row and fell down a flight of stairs when I drunkenly mistook the door for the staircase for the door to the bathroom. Let's not forget a little car jacking incidnet that left me concussed and broken skulled. It's amazing I can still tie my shoes let alone spell adroitly.
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    Great news, Wrigs. My wife's past the five year cancer free mark.
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    Somebody on Facebook posted this in response to a Vice video/story about westerners joining Isis: "To be fair the first guy was a ginger and life is hard for them, you can't blame a ginger for wanting to watch the world burn."
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    Speaking of the track, while my glute issue isn't healed yet, I did go to the track today to see if I could lengthen the stride and hit some decent pacing. After a couple mile warm-up, I did 1,600m (7:54 pace), 1,200m (7:27 pace), 800m (6:57 pace) and 400m (6:17 pace). The 400m felt awkward since my stride is still tight, but other than that, all the pacing felt very comfortable.
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    Wait, the list of 100 Greatest Americans includes John Brown and Joe McCarthy? Seriously? WTF? If you said 100 Most Influential....... I can see it. Greatest? They don't belong anywhere near the list at all.
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    I wouldn't call him an intellectual so much as an ideologue. He believes what he believes with complete conviction and isn't hesitant to tell any audience why he's right and they're wrong (if they disagree). Kind of strident, kind of humorless, but such a refreshing alternative to both-side-of-the-fence politicians whose words and actions are driven by focus groups and polls.
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    I normally wouldn't say that 11 mile run with a 9:15 avg (150bpm) was something to be proud of but when the SI is 158, I'll call that a win.
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    What I've learned in this thread: Rousey supporters are delusional. Anti-Rousey folks are delusional. Neither group is on the level of delusion that Jarod is.
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    Sidebar: Alert the media ... Dazed and Confused won a game tonight to improve to 1-4, even more astounding, yours truly scored a goal! Of course, this simply means our opponents were really bad.
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    All clear on all fronts. Mrs Wrigs is resting and in good health/spirits. The hard part is over
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    I thought it might be interesting, to sort of get everyone's personal input of who they like in WWE right now. Sort of take the temperature of the thread so to speak, on both men and women, and separating in-ring and character work. In my opinion: Men's Top-5 in-ring 1. Seth Rollins, is basically another Shawn Michaels, other than poor booking, never has a bad match. I miss the curbstomp though, that was the best finisher. 2. Sami Zayn, if healthy this would be Daniel Bryan's spot, Zayn brings a lot of very similar things to the table. Great seller, and is the king of the 2.99 kick out. 3. Cesaro, best power wrestler on the roster, with enough quickness to produce great matches with smaller opponents. 4. Neville, maybe the quickest wrestler in WWE history. I think his reverse frankensteiner looks like the most devastating move in WWE right now. 5. Dolph Ziggler, I for one, love the overselling, makes a lot of basic stuff(like a dropkick) look devastating, and has a speed few have. Men's Top-5 characters 1. Brock Lesnar, is must see, even if he's squashing New Day. Just has an aura, and level of importance, that nobody else comes close to right now. 2. Kevin Owens, the best heels are the ones who are wrong, but can logically justify that they are right, he's the best at that since Punk. 3. Dean Ambrose, the never give up character done right. Always good for some funny weirdness on the mic too. 4. Bray Wyatt, might have topped this list, if he ever actually won a feud. It makes his threats ring a bit hollow, when he constantly loses. 5. Finn Balor, his entrance is a highlight of shows, that says it all. Also like the hints that the demon is something somewhat beyond his control. Women's Top-5 in-ring 1. Sasha Banks, pure excellence, ring psychology, selling, has very opponent specific matches, which is very rare these days. The total package. 2. Becky Lynch, excellent transitions between moves, and brings a lot of power moves to her matches. 3. Emma, similar to Becky, minus the power moves, but with better selling. 4. Paige, could have been as high as #2, but has Randy Orton syndrome, where she appears to be bored during matches, and just going through the motions. 5. Charlotte, is exciting, but really sloppy, still has several good moves, really like that kneeling neckbreaker, and that's enough for 5th. Women's Top-5 characters 1. Bayley, in my opinion, the best face in the company. She is the best role model for young girls, not just in WWE, but maybe all entertainment. Her road to redemption storyline on NXT is arguably the best story WWE is telling right now. If she improves in-ring, she's a potential face of the division. 2. Sasha Banks, always in character, I especially like how she tends to swipe moves, and taunts from her opponents. 3. Dana Brooke, is killing it on NXT as the entitled heel. Basically kind of similar to what the Bellas do, but way better. Hopefully the in-ring catches up. 4 and 5 Nikki and Brie Bella, when they aren't no-selling(which isn't often) they are very good heels, who can really get a crowd to hate them like few others.
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    I didn't see the guy. Cause I don't see race. You also don't see over the steering wheel.
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    if you have directv they have all the games on live, some weird 450 channels
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    I still haven't figured out how evangelical Christianity got all tangled up with political issues that don't involve sex or family issues, i.e. universal health care, defense, voting rights, etc.
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    I was in a grocery store recently. There was an extremely hot MILF shopping with her son, who I would guesstimate was around 12 years old. The boy was whining about wanting this treat or that added to their shopping cart. She told him he could have any item he wanted, so long as he could pronounce all of the ingredients contained therein, and define what they are. She said if he could not do so that he had to admit they might be poison for all he knew and he could not have them. The boy gave up after reading about three or four packages of things he wanted. Seemed to me she had a solid policy there. Given the evidence of her body it was a sound policy. She was insanely hot.
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    Every time I hear Bernie speak, I come away impressed. He oozes authenticity and sincerity, things I think we are sorely missing in today's politics. The clip above - about doing this for his children and grandkids, sounds so much more believable and authentic, than Clinton's contrived Dorothy commercial.
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    Any of us chumps meets Lebron on a court and he buries us shooting from anywhere. That is the case for 99.9% of the pickup basketball players in the world.
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    Just stay away from the wing of the chicken and the fries of the potato and you will have this.
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    I don't think Bernie is humorless but he is serious. And I applaud him going to Liberty. It shows balls and commitment. I like those qualities.
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    Just heard on CNBC "Goldman warns on Oil, still risk to the downside". Time to go long Oil.
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    Awesome DW - what is your goal weight? I was discussing with a buddy at work and told him I'm somewhat happy with the weight but not as happy when looking at my remaining gut. Granted I have 16 lbs to go to my ultimate goal weight but I'm at 186 now so I at least don't sound fat anymore. I don't know that I have a goal weight. Down 90 lbs.'s since Christmas. Just enjoying doing activities I have not done for a while. I clearly have excess weight on my frame right now. I am not dieting in my mind, rather I have adopted a different lifestyle. Or perhaps I have re-adopted an old lifestyle that involved more activity. I'm thinking of taking up regular aikido practice again, it has been 14 years since I was on a mat. At my age I am not looking for anything out of it except a bit of a workout and the relaxation which comes from the concentration of learning new physical skills and honing old ones. I'm also looking forward to being a bit more nimble on the ski slopes again.
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    I think they have come out with the best videos they had and nobody really gives a ####. I am not super pro choice or anything at all (If you could stop the skull crush abortions I'd be fine with that, but I think this represents a really small number) and nothing in these videos have shown me anything that disgusts me in the least. It's what I expect people to do with this tissue. Many modern medicines came from human tissue, insulin used now was sourced from a living braindead donor that was effectively killed in the process, a human donor that has gone on to basically give diabetics a normal lifespan. One that was cut short by decades before. I expect to donate my tissue, and I expect doctors to profit off of it and my family won't get a cut. I still don't get the outrage over selling baby tissue for a profit I just don't. Nothing here that's been said has changed that for me in the slightest. Women will always have abortions, may as well get something useful out of it.
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    Any videos of her catching a right hand to the kisser? Which FBG is going to supply said right hand to the kisser? No se. I'd just liked to see how she reacts to getting rocked. Maybe someone should take her to a haunted house and report back.
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    I agree if Floyd is on the ground he is in trouble. I think the likelihood of him going to the ground is somewhere in the ballpark of zero. Floyd has some of the fastest hands on Earth. He's a defensive fighter and although people in here make fun of his power, there's a reason nobody just eats all his shots and goes all out to beat him (even when down 9 rounds to 2 in the 12th). He can hit hard, I'd guarantee MUCH MUCH harder than any 135 pound woman RR has ever faced. This isn't a fat washed up James Toney we're talking about, this is speed and precision like most can't comprehend. Furthermore, I think a simple well-placed defensive counterpunch (and an argument that he doesn't land any is laughable) either stuns or more likely knocks RR out 30 seconds to 1 minute into the first.
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    I think most rational, open-minded people would agree that Planned Parenthood does a lot of good, but if you aren't sickened even a little bit by these videos, then there is something wrong with you. This should not be a left vs a right thing.
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    gian, and Dentist: who makes the Screen Filter app? The one I downloaded for iOS is garbage. It only works for stuff you have pulled up inside the app. Maybe I got the wrong one. Here's the link to the Google Play Store
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    I'm selling Krista, if you want to buy here so you can experience Kittenball and Meat Raffles and TRE in your bath tub.
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    "No word on where the blocking sled ranks against Sherman, Revis et al."
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    How is Sampdoria doing....? Oh, I know. Wasn't being a smartass...Europa league now has a more dramatic effect on countrys' coefficients. F****** Sampdoria; they were a "last minute" replacement for Genoa due to some legal oversight (ironic, huh?) Only in, what was my point again?
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    I guess Arian will not be praying for a speedy recovery...
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    HBO sent me a Rust Cohle mug. I'm easily bought. I got the beer can action figure set.
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    Well stated. I was at a Twins game and my dad was there with a bunch of friends in a suite and he got me up there for a couple innings. While up there the dessert cart came around. They had everything, and it was all huge. I wasn't even tempted. Down 27 lbs. since January. Feels good to watch those numbers tick down. Good job.
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    We need a new poll What is more likely: a) Rousey beats FM in a MMA rules match B0 Jayrod is a better shooter than LeBron in an NBA game setting As unlikely as choice A is, I think I would still choose it over choice B
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    My mother is having more health issues, so I missed running yesterday. I got a slow five in today. Garmin swallowed Tuesday's run, so I entered it manually. Nigel, I think your 1:40 goal is conservative, but my experience is that a negative split half is optimum. Start at 1:40 pace and by mile 8 or so you should be able to re-evaluate. Chances are you have enough juice left to hammer the last five miles and get well below 1:40.
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    I am definitely pumped to watch Bundesliga this season. It will be my No. 2 league for sure. I also have a growing love for Serie A and all those crazy Eye-ties. I'll try to up my search for the English language sites covering the continental leagues but I do enjoy those snarky pinko bastards at the Guardian. Let me know if you find a English-speaking Teutonic version of Barney Ronay
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    19. Cantaloupe More like - CAN-aloupe. Am I right? The GOOD: RULES The star of any fruit salad Goes great with cottage cheese and cottage cheese usually SUCKS. #### you Cottage Cheese! Easy to cut If warmed in the microwave for 11 seconds, serves as a great replacement for a ###### (female anatomy begins with a V) (make sure to de-seed first!) FUN FACT: One of my grading matrices is how easy it is to have sex with the fruit. Cantaloupe ranked 1st in this category. Also makes good fake boobs if you're going out as a cross dresser for Halloween (or just a random Tuesday Drag Night at your local gay-friendly drinking establishment) The BAD: Lacks versatility. Willie Neslon's blender is unable to process the skin so it can be absorbed whole into a smoothie. They get soft very quickly after being cut Skin is more coarse than honeydews in case you want to draw faces (or penises) on the melons Penis is ok but ###### is not on the message board here, huh? My tribute to Cantaloupe (Biddy Biddy Bop):
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    I didn't think you could make any adjustments to your team once the season starts. Just premium subscribers.
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    30-40% of RBs considered RB1 right now will completely flop from injury or timeshare or other reasons. If you are spending all your draft capital on early round RBs, you are taking GREAT RISK. This is especially true if you are going to draft before training camp is over in a best ball. Foster is the first to go down, there will be more ACLs, hamstrings, groins and concussions. The object of a best ball is not to play it safe and finish 4th. There is no playoffs here.
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    Still struggling to balance everything, but I think I've come to a workable schedule for the next month. M: Long Run T: Weights, swim W: Bike for speed (mostly intervals) T: Run F: Weights, swim Sa: Long bike Su: Bike, Run that gives me 3 run, 3 bike, 2 weight and 2 swim
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    Here is what my categories/rankings posts would look like as it relates to George Washington. A quick note. As I'm going through the raw score at the end it is not set in stone but a place marker for the initial ranking to work off of: George Washington (1789-1797) Public Acumen/Persuasion Washington is hard/easy/hard to rank in this manner because he was first – and that is a commonality in all the sub-categories for him. He was first because he was pretty much universally trusted by large groups of people in every walk of life in the new country. But we know this – because of that almost universal trust, his power of persuasion was pretty much the best you can have in a ranking system. At least for his first term. By his second term, his cabinet broke into factions for good, the country was still going through changes from colonies to a country, and there was blowback and criticism that thought impossible just a few years prior. But for the most part – when Washington talked, people listened. And when he commanded something it got done. His ability to persuade was basically the power of his presence. It was a towering presence. The greatest minds/leaders of the time submitted to Washington as did the people for the most part and in that he gets about as close to a perfect score here as you can possibly get. War & Crisis I would submit that you have to view Washington’s entire presidency as crisis management. The government was barely formed and it was his task to actually form one. So out of the ashes of a bloody revolution, he had to create the government that the Constitution envisioned. With his leadership and trust in Alexander Hamilton a national economy was formed. Jefferson assisted him when he created the Secretary of State. And on and on. Washington’s crisis of creating something out of nothing cannot be brushed aside. And he did a remarkable job. But he also had to deal with violent issues. The Northwest Indian War continued through the revolution and into his Presidency. 7 indian tribes in the northwest made ongoing war with the new country in roughly present day Ohio and Indiana. After a few hiccups Washington finally commissioned a force so powerful that it destroyed the Indian tribes there. In 1796 he signed a treaty with the tribes for America to gain that territory. Washington also had to deal with ongoing hostilities with England. When he sent John Jay overseas to try to forge a true peace beyond the end of the revolution it wasn’t easy. Jay’s Treaty resulted in Washington being attacked by the people of the country for the first time, but it did allow peace with England while the country was forming. The treaty also finally had England give up any claim to the lands Washington just won with the Indian tribes and America took all that land that became Ohio, Indiana and the surrounding states. Washington also had to deal with the Whiskey Rebellion. A loose riot/minor insurrection in Pennsylvania over taxes, it became bloody and problematic. In the first real test of his power as Commander in Chief within the confines of the country itself, Washington put together a force larger than his revolutionary army, and personally led the force to Pennsylvania to put down the rebellion. It worked. The sight of George Washington himself leading tens of thousands of men into the woods of Pennsylvania to protect government authority quickly stopped everything in its tracks. Finally, to be noted here was how Washington managed his cabinet. It is discussed below, but it was also a form of crisis management. Almost immediately the federalists and democrats formed along party lines and the two party system that we know and love now was formed (it was already formed but we see it in practical application here). Because Washington was Washington he managed to keep the sides working together as best as anyone could. But there were chinks in the armor. Jefferson eventually broke away completely and some of the grossest political infighting we’ve ever had in our history occurred over the next decade. But Washington himself, during his time in office, managed it well and deserves top accolades for it. Economy He created one. Well, Alexander Hamilton did, but Washington gave him the tools (namely Washington’s support) to do it. If our measure is “was the economy better when he left office from when he started,” the answer is a simple yes because there was no economy when he started. There were other hands in the deal to be sure, but during Washington’s administration a national economy was formed. Looking at his time projected out, future presidents ended up fighting over the economy he created, the national bank, taxes, duties, etc. but Washington started the process of having an actual national economy. The finances of the country were a disaster when he took office. When he left, there was an economy to build a nation. If we can hit Washington here the hit would be that the economy he helped to create created very much the breakdown in civility between the north and the south because of the nature of the system. The assumption of state debts was one of the main things that was fought over for the next 60 years leading to civil war, and the power of the national economy and then the national bank and how it worked within the economy was part and parcel of several economic panics well after he left office. But overall, for his time, and his economic legacy you can’t really do much better than what Washington did. Foreign Policy Washington had no desire to get the new country into a war with anyone. He successfully ended hostilities with England as best he could with the Jay Treaty. He remained as neutral as possible with the French Revolution and how it affected North America. He did support French armies in a rebellion in Haiti when slaves massacred their owners but it was done as a payment for war debts from the revolution. But as the French Revolution was getting worse more and more Americans(Jefferson their lead political head) wanted to support France in that revolution and its entanglement with a war on England. Washington wanted no part of it and issued the Proclamation of Neutrality stating that the United States would not take sides in any war between France and England. France tried to subvert him with a diplomatic mission by “Citizen Genet” but that backfired horribly and by the time Washington was ready to arrest and deport Genet news from France was that the revolution was so bloody that Genet would have been executed when he returned. So like any good diplomat Washington let him stay in America showing an honor that everyone knew he had. Washington also had to deal with Barbary Pirates, and settled a dispute there by paying them off because we had no navy to deal with them. He managed several agreements with Spain. These agreements don’t get enough love when we talk about Washington. Spain waived any interest in the Mississippi valley allowing American expansion west without having to deal with Spanish claims. But overall because of the weak state of the fledgling country, we basically lived through a few years of cold/hot/cold war with France and England that wasn’t resolved until well after Washington left office. His final act was his Farewell Address whereby he begged his country to remain neutral in the affairs of Europe so that his country could grow. He envisioned an America that would be a world power by the turn of the 19th/20th century and he was right. His ideal of neutrality was the backbone of how we dealt with foreign affairs for decades. In short, his foreign policy was both ideological, practical and successful. Executive Skills/Congress It’s hard to give Washington a grade here because he usually got what he wanted because he was Washington. His executive skills are top notch simple because he was the first to exercise them. In everything he did he set the precedent for how all future president’s acted and with that his actions define how we define the rest of the guys in the office. He also worked well with Congress. He got treaty’s passed, economic plans passed and his overall vision and plan for the country was pushed through Congress without too much pain. If you want to see a successful CEO president, there is maybe 1 or 2 others as good as Washington. Justice/Rights Washington signed the Northwest Ordinance of 1789 banning slavery in the territory. He signed the Naturalization Act which set up an immigration policy for people to become citizens – but it was limited to freed white persons. He signed the Fugitive Slave Act which we see in other administrations was a poison pill that was one of many causes of the civil war. If we look at him through the eyes of 2015 he was an awful President here. Almost all of them will be. And of course he was a slave owner. Though, to his credit he did free his slaves upon his death. For what that is worth. His Indian policy if you want to call it that was something tim would object to most likely. And we also have to give credit here for him stepping down. He could have been a republican king. But gave away power so that the idea of America could live on. In that single act we have the ideal that the people do truly lead this nation. We go back and forth in spheres of power in that ideal, but without Washington doing what he did in stepping down we don’t have the country we have now. Context Washington was the first President and with it every single thing he did set the precedent for how future men in the office would act, be measured, and be remembered. He came to power at the end of a revolution that ultimately changed the world. He was greater than his times in many ways and still in some ways greater than our times now. His failings, if we define them with our ideals today, were not failings at the time he served. He was a slave owner like many were. He never championed the right to vote for women or black people, and never dealt with any issue we deal with now. It’s likely that any true slave revolt during his time would have been put down in the bloodiest way possible if necessary. But he created and nurtured the systems that allowed for these changes in our country over the next 200 years. In the context of his times, George Washington was a great man by every single measure you can possibly use. And in that, he was also a great President. Conclusion Washington gets highest marks in almost every category save civil rights. For Persuasion he gets a 10, for crisis he gets a 10, for economy he gets a 10, for foreign policy he gets a 10, for CEO/Congress he gets a 9, for civil rights he gets a 5 and for context he gets a 10. With a top score of 70, Washington clocks in at 64. But with that all of his rankings/scores are skewed in that he was the first. That he was also one of if not the best also tells you that in the end, he was without question one of our greatest presidents. Every country, every people, should have their own George Washington. A man who was born to be a natural leader, who had a basic ethos that he pretty much never wavered from, who could stand against his enemies and his friends when they did something wrong, who could bring together rival factions in his own cabinet to help create a nation and who could stand against negative press, rise above it and do what he thought was right. That history has basically proven him to be right only bolsters his legacy.
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    Can you make animal look? Have you ever won burrito?
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    He'd displace a hell of a lot of water....
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    Panic has no k. But panicking does. What up wit dat?
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    People who write or say "dominate" as an adjective, when they should use "dominant". Example: "Felix Hernandez has been a dominate pitcher over the past five seasons." Great way to show off that the speaker/writer is a ####### moron.