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    OK, I did a super short version of this one on page 2, but promised some day I'd flesh out the whole story. Some of this will be familiar to anyone who's read this thread, a lot of it is brand new. **The Key West Story - Full Sequence** Yams (from the Ox v. Yams videos), our friend Barry and I struck out on a fun but somewhat ill-fated trip down to Key West in late summer of 2002. Same two guys from the Orlando hooker story in post #21. We'd packed a few bottles of booze and a couple cases of beer in a cooler for the trip down and had an ounce of high-grade herb, reservations at a little Mom & Pop motel called the El Patio, and a few hundred bucks in spending money. We rolled into town around dusk on a Friday night, blasting metal, smoking blunts out the windows - we felt the need to let this sleepy island know we'd arrived. We dropped off our crap and immediately went out to Duval and started drinking. Aggressively. We were doing shots every 15 minutes, pounding beers back - it got ugly and it got ugly in a hurry. About 5-6 hours into this bender, we found ourselves in a bar called Irish Kevin's, so apropos of the theme, we ordered pints of Guinness and shots of Tullamore Dew. Knocked them back and a few minutes later, Barry got up to go to the bathroom. He took two forward steps, a sideways step, righted himself, took two more steps, then keeled sideways and SLAMMED into a table of young women enjoying their own pints responsibly. He grabbed the edge of the round high-top table to attempt to steady himself, but failed and went to the floor, knocking every beer on the table over in the process, most of them right into the laps of their owners. The girls shrieked and started freaking out, which instantly drew the bouncers, who descended en masse to see what the problem was. Yams and I sprinted over and hoisted Barry up, at which point the security guards made it clear that our presence was no longer required at Irish Kevin's. We dragged Barry out to Duval Street, and as it was still fairly early, Yams and I were keen to keep the evening going. We were trying to figure out what to do when we look to our right and see some random guy sprinting down a fairly steep hill (for Florida) toward the street. Now, we're on the sidewalk and between us and this guy, who is running perpendicular to the street from between two buildings on the next block over, there's a 3-4 foot concrete wall with a wrought iron fence on top of it. Behind this fence is the hill that this guy is running down, it slopes toward the fence. This guy is FLYING, I have no idea if he was running from cops, tripping balls on acid, trying to beat a taxi fare, etc. All we see is him approaching the fence and he is not slowing down. In full stride, he leaps, attempting to clear the fence. Whether or not he knew there was a 4-foot drop from the base of the fence to the sidewalk, I'm unsure. In any event, he makes a mighty leap.....and comes up a few inches short. His toe clips the top of the wrought iron fence and sends him flying face-first down the four foot drop and right onto his face on the sidewalk with an audible "THWACK." A gasp of "OHHHHHHHHH!" comes up from those who witnessed it. I thought the guy was dead. However, I took no more than one stride towards him when he pops up and sprints off down the sidewalk as if nothing had happened. Except for the fact that the impact was so severe that it actually knocked one of his shoes clear off, you'd never know anything was amiss. He just took off, leaving his shoe in the middle of the sidewalk. Key West. Anyway, we're still trying to figure out what to do with Barry, who's alternately drooling and collapsing on the sidewalk. We ultimately decide to shove him on a bike taxi and send him back to the hotel. We give the bike taxi guy $40 and tell him to get Barry back to the El Patio and make sure he gets into the room OK and the guy pedals off. Yams and I started heading back down Duval and as we're passing a strip club called Teasers, some haggard woman who may once have been hot enough to dance, but is now relegated to the street trying to drum up more business, starts "barking" her spiel in our direction. the following exchange is as close to verbatim as I can remember in my haze. Barker : "Come on up ! No cover, 20 all-nude females ready to entertain ! Guys, you want to come upstairs?" Yams : "Are you representative of the quality of women employed by this bar?" EG : "Ooof." Barker : "What do you mean?" Yams : "I mean... are there a bunch of buffalo chicks in there?" Barker (now getting annoyed) : "What the f--k do you mean? You trying to say I look like a buffalo? You..." EG (jokingly, trying to defuse the situation) : "Heh heh.. no, he means chicks from Buffalo aren't very attractive..." Barker : "I'm from Buffalo !" EG (sighing) : "Of course you are......." Barker : "I rode a motorcycle down here after my parents kicked me out of their house.." EG : "What is this, a f--king A&E biography?" Yams : "Look, are the girls in there good looking or not?" Just then, two dancers come down the stairs. Barker : "See for yourself, this is Destiny and Amber....." Yams : "Those chicks are very, very..................average." EG (doing announcer voice) : "Teasers !! Home of 3 dollar Bud bottles and the world's highest concentration of herpes sores !! Look, she's got one right there...." Yams : "Listen, let's cut through the BS. Has anyone ever taken a dump on your chest?" Barker : "What? No......." Yams : "What if I slide back here when you get off work? I think I can hold this monster back until then. What time do you get off?" Barker (actually seeming interested in Yams at this point) : "2 AM. You're really going to come back for me at 2:00?" EG : "Holy s--t... is she even listening to you?" Yams : "She's drunk. That's right, toots, I'll be back at 2:00 and I'm going to hit you with a Cleveland steamer. I might even do a chili dog - you know what that is?" Barker : "You won't come back at 2:00 - you're full of s--t." EG : "He IS full of s--t - that's what he was just saying. You'll see-" Yams : "I am f--king coming back. I'm going to take you back to my hotel." Barker : "Yeah, right..." Yams : "I'm serious. You're coming back to my hotel tonight." (EG and Yams start to walk off) Barker (calling after Yams) : "I'm sure I won't see you again !" Yams : "You heard what I said. I'll be back at 2:00 and I'm going to take a huge f--king DUMP right on your chest. Bet on it !!!!" Barker : "I'm not going to hold my breath !!!!" EG : "I'd recommend you do........." Several hours later, probably around 4 AM, we finally strike off back to the motel, as all the bars are closing for the night. We walk into the room expecting to see Barry passed out on the bed, but no. He's nowhere in sight. We checked the bathroom, down the hallway, no sign of him. We have no idea what to do at this point. I don't really remember much of this, but luckily I started running my video camera, so we were able to piece some of it together later. Evidently, we decided the best thing to do was to start shotgunning beers and blasting Motorhead at max volume on our boom box. At 4:30 AM. The tape shows us screaming and BLARING the song "Goin' To Brazil" over and over and over again as we shotgunned beers and poured beer all over the tile floor and one another. Yams is also bleeding from the ear in this video, we never figured out what happened there. Not long after, we finally passed out. Cut to : 3 hours later. I'm blacked out when there's a pounding on the room door. I'm covering my head with a pillow, trying to make the sound go away, yelling "F### OFF !!", etc. After a minute, it occurs to me that it might be Barry, so I reach over, still in bed and supine, the pull the door handle, swinging the door open. The manager of the motel is standing there. Manager : "Good morning, gentlemen." EG : "Yeah, what's up?" Manager : "You have thirty minutes to get your belongings and leave this establishment." EG : "What? Why?" Manager : "Well, for one, we had 13 complaints on our answering machine this morning about excessive noise coming from this room. And I suppose it's no surprise that this individual that I found by the pool this morning is with you." EG : "Huh? Who?" Manager : "That guy!" (he must have been pointing, but my eyes are closed again.) "His pants were in a ball on the pool deck and...........his penis was out." I didn't know what the hell he was talking about, but this struck me funny and I started laughing uncontrollably. It was then that I heard Barry's voice for the first time in a while. Barry : "Who's penis was out?" EG : "Barry? Dude, where the f-" Manager : "Yours, sir." Barry : "Mine? My penis was OUT?" Manager : "Yes sir, it was." Barry (resigned) : "Oh...." Manager : "I'll expect you three to have vacated the premises by 8:30 sharp or I will be calling the police. Also, I have all of your names and any future attempts to reserve rooms at this establishment will be denied. Good day to you." I rolled over and pried my crusted eyes open and asked Barry what the hell happened. We were able to piece together an approximation of what occurred. Apparently, he pissed himself on the way back and was kicked off of the bike taxi. Urine-drenched and wasted, he managed to find his way back to the motel, but not all the way to the room. Near as we can figure, he laid down in a chaise lounge by the pool, pulled out Mr. Johnson again (presumably to whiz on the pool deck) and then passed out COLD. That's exactly how the owner of the hotel found him the next morning - soaked in piss with his penis flapping in the breeze, in full view of the entire establishment. By 8 AM, we were banned for life from the El Patio Motel. Yams slept through this whole episode, so we had to rouse him and tell him that we'd been kicked out and had to get the hell out of Dodge. He was in a foul mood, so I threw the camera on to capture his complaining, which ended up being gold because he was griping about all the "water" all over the floor soaking his feet, which was actually the beer that he himself was spilling everywhere a few hours earlier. On the tape, it happens in quick succession, so you can watch him making the mess and then complaining about it 30 seconds later, asking "What ###hole spilled water all over the floor ?!" Naturally, before we left, we had to burn one, so my brother rolls a fat joint using a page from the conveniently supplied Bible - thanks Gideons! We loaded up the car, Barry threw up, and we were just about to depart (it was about 45 minutes to an hour later) when the police cruiser rolled in. We ran out to the parking lot to meet him as we knew why he was there and didn't want him smelling the herb or finding the roach with bits of Isaiah 53:5 on it. Luckily, the cops in Key West are really chill, so he wasn't hassling us too hard when he saw we were leaving. Barry took the cop to the front office to apologize for his behavior to get him away so we could load out the rest of our crap and lock the room up before anyone smelled the ganja, so we did exactly that and by 9:30, we set out to find a new place to stay. This is not easy to do at 9:30 on a Saturday morning, but we found a place called the Southern Cross Motel right on Duval that had one vacancy left, so we snapped it up. The room wasn't going to be ready for a few hours, so we went to a restaurant across the street called Willie T's for breakfast. We watched the tape back and had a few laughs. At one point, Yams said to me : "You think the neighbors know 'Goin' To Brazil' by now?" to which I replied : "They know the lyrics to 'Goin To Brazil by now." When our check came, it read : Wings Wings French Toast Jager Jager Jager Jager To this day, we still call Willie T's bar & restaurant "Wingswingsfrenchtoastjagerjagerjagerjager" every time we see it. I had the French Toast and Yams and I both did two Jager shots to get things going again. Barry didn't do any shots, what a Nancy. So what if it was 10:30 AM. Unfortunately, as we were about to do our second shot, some drunk ### put his cigarette out in Yams' shot. Naturally, he drank it anyway. What a guy. We exit the place and notice right away that another cop is standing there writing Barry a ticket, he having illegally parked. Barry runs over and starts arguing with the cop (different cop) and ends up not only getting a ticket, but getting his name written down for the second time that day. It wasn't even 11 AM yet. Eventually, we get checked into the room and pass out for a few hours (I argued against this but was overruled.) Once everyone woke up and ate, there was a lot of grumbling about fatigue and stomach issues, etc. I'm trying to rally one guy who's 4 years younger than me and another who's 6 years younger. So, I did the only thing I knew how to do for stomach problems. A huge, warm shot of Captain Morgan with cigarette ashes in it. Yams had the video camera on and as soon as I knocked the shot back, I went right for the toilet (which was IN the room, there was no door or even a curtain between the toilet and the motel room - great for three guys with beer s##ts) and started regurgitating. Yams is filming me and cracking up as I'm alternately heaving and begging the Lord for absolution, when suddenly the sound gets to him. Still holding/running the camera, he starts barfing in the sink. Barry hears this and his stomach turns. He sprints over and begins heaving into the shower. The camera is panning back and forth around the room as this 3-part harmony of yorking fills the room. It's still one of my favorite pieces of tape ever, because you can hear laughter interspersed with the puking as the absurdity of this is hitting all three of us. The balance of that evening was fairly uneventful until about 2 AM, with the exception of two bachelorettes enjoying a last week of freedom rolling up on my brother and me, grabbing us and basically tongue-raping us for about 10 seconds before turning and just walking away. Key West. However, things took a turn right as we got back to the motel. We got back in the room and Barry decides he wants to get a CD out of his car. He leaves the room and Yams and I crack beers. Three minutes later, he bursts back in through the motel room door shouting : "My car is gone !! My car is GONE !!" I refuse to believe it and ask him where he was looking. Barry : "Exactly where we f###ing parked, that's where." EG : "About 3 blocks south?" Barry : "Yeah man, three blocks away, right where I parked. Someone stole my ###### car !" EG : "It seems unlikely. There are no chop shops on Key West that I've seen and the 150 mile one-lane low-speed burn to mainland Florida in a stolen car would be a bit rough. Are you sure you're looking in the right place?" Barry : "YES MOTHER##CKER ! I'm calling the cops, they already f##king know me for God's sake..." Long story short (too late), he called the police and reported his car stolen. The cops showed up and took his report; Yams and I walked outside with giant cups of beer and chatted with the cop as he took down all Barry's information. There's a picture of me with this cop in MEH's profile, unless she took it down. I asked the cop to pose for a photo with me, and he actually agreed, saying only : "If this turns up on the Internet tomorrow and I have a giant pair of ####, I'm going to find you and kick your ass." He went on to say that there was little doubt that the car had not been stolen and that we should call back in the morning if we still couldn't find it. As he was telling us this, I look over and Yams is rolling a joint on the hood of the cop car. I was trying so hard not to laugh and give him away, but he managed to get it twisted without being seen. The cop bids us good night and we eventually go to bed. The next morning, Yams and I wake up and Barry is not in the room. We walk outside and he's talking to a cop, gesticulating wildly and pointing towards where he'd parked his car. Yams and I rolled over and realize it's the cop from the previous morning that escorted us off the grounds of the El Patio. He made some crack about how he couldn't wait to go to work one morning and NOT see our faces. I told him I thought Barry might have been looking in the wrong spot for his car, and the cop said he was sure that was the case. I suggested we grab our bags and he pile us all in the back of the squad car and drive us around like prisoners to look for the car. Why, I have no idea, considering we still had almost a half-ounce of stinky weed in our bags, but no matter. He begrudgingly agrees and we start driving up and down some of the side roads off Duval. Just as we get to the street I think the car is parked on, Yams farts for about 3 seconds, a really aggressive one, the sound ricocheting off the upholstery and around the cabin. I started laughing and was dreading the scent when I hear him say : "Oh no, I might have just #### my pants....I'm not kidding." I completely lost it. I was up against the window in the back of a squad car turning purple laughing. The cop yells out "WHAAAAAT?" and quickly pulls over. I'm exaggeratedly pawing at where the door handle would be, yelling : "HELP !! HELP ! LET ME OUT !! CRUEL AND UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT !!!" The cop lets us out and sure enough - the car is 15 feet ahead on our right. Barry sheepishly apologizes to the cop. "You should," the cop says, "You've been here less than 48 hours and your name is on our blotter 4 f###ing times already and this guy just #### himself in my squad car." Barry tells him we're leaving right then and there and the officer says : "Good. Saves me the trouble of kicking your ###es out." We laughed and he advised that perhaps we try New Orleans next time around. He then proceeded to give us a police escort out of Key West. Literally drove right behind us all the way to to the end of the island and then turned off as we pulled onto the bridge between Key West and Boca Chica Key and flashed his cherries for about a second to send us on our way. -THE END- P.S. Yams didn't even bother to check whether or not he'd sharted until we hit the Wendy's in Marathon (he hadn't.)
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    Let me guess, they don't like helmet nachos eitherI bet we would get along really well in real life up until I killed you.
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    I don't care what anyone says. Timmy Chandler looks good in a dress.
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    Update to the Colorado info- Took a trip out there last week and made two stops. First was Organic Alternatives in Fort Collins and as you might guess by their name they were pricey. Top notch place, very nice. Paid $20 for a gram of 22.6% THC awesomeness. Cookies were $5 and were 10mg each. Second stop was Native Roots in Denver. Also very nice set up. Check in, wait to be called and head back. A bit cheaper here, similar grams were $15. Bought an nPen($25) that capes oil. Oil cartridges/drops were $40 and lasts 500 "puffs". Best.thing.ever. 10g cookies here were $25 for six, so a bit less again. Highly recommend the nPen, sleek just lights up with a drag. Greatness Now I need to go back
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    The Joique store called and they're all out of talent.
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    Sorry for the delay; Vines aren't my style. This kid is a serious ankle-breaker.
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    Kyle Martino's hair is about two weeks away from declaring itself an independent state.
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    Folks, let's just stop with the cousins might be the guy talk. Just stop
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    My shirt arrived today:
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    Don't think of getting another cat as a replacement of Chip in the bad sense. Lots of cats out there need rescuing and adopting one is nothing but a good thing.
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    Chelsea legend Mario Melchiot on fire this morning
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    He's exactly as advertised and showed at combine. Tons of moves, lateral agility, but long speed is average. So was Emmitt Smiths. You don't need to be a track star to be a great NFL RB. Move the chains, catch the ball, block in pass protect. Plenty of great NFL RB's with average breakaway speed. STIFF HIPS FOR THE $$$$$$$
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    Yeah, Niles Paul really messed up my TE strategy.
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    Well, the best value in the contest is now out for the season...
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    If he's going at 2.12 or higher in your draft, that should make you happy - better fantasy players are falling to you. I'm not bashing Abdullah at all, as I'd love to have him on a dynasty roster, but even his most adamant supporters can't be expecting second round fantasy production during his rookie season while splitting that backfield with Joique Bell. Bell is better than he's being given credit for and a grinder type back is a valuable asset in the way this offense is run. He looked great on those three runs - but no one should be getting carried too far away yet.
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    Well, for me, because he's been the best GL back at Nebraska for the last 3 years (and his backup was 6' 235lbs). He's short, but he's built like a truck for his size, he gets incredibly low, he's got incredible balance, his vision is top notch, and he never stops driving for more yards.
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    we shouldn't be expecting it for us anyway. This is probably the biggest fallacy going right now except for Patriots fans believing Tom Brady is not guilty. If social security goes away, the country collapses. It will be there for as long as I live, 100% sure.
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    Sounds like Cassel is hitting his stride. We can only hope he'll make the leap from horrible to mediocre.
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    Higher than average snowfall in the Sierra will be crucial in improving the water table.
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    Bowe also said the cheeseburger at Dairy Queen was " probably the absolute best burger I've ever eaten "
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    I don't care anymore! I'm building #### when I want!
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    is there a non dyslexic version?It's so I can chase Hillary's motorcade with it. Objects in your rear view mirror are closer than they appear.
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    It is in my mind. In a couple weeks, after an appalling 18 months of playing this game, I will have finally accomplished my primary goal of maxing out my defensive structures. I'll still work on heroes, traps, and walls, but I'm hoping to slowly pry myself away from this addiction and get to the point where I only do wars.Then..... TH11
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    I like how culdy just lets it roll off without missing a beat. Nothing like that 1:40 ratio whiner bucky.
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    Yeah, Niles Paul really messed up my TE strategy. Lol me too. Funny how no one was mentioning him previously. Many of us probably had him hoping folks wouldn't notice.
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    Tiger Woods was 134 under in majors from 1997-2009, and 8 over from 2010-13. He is 33 over the last two seasons. (via @JustinRayGC)
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    Lol, so no crystal event after all? 1-day crystal even starts at 12:30 central. Weak rewards. A single +825 Tech Iso, 100 alliance, 500 battle chips, 2500 gold, and +10% attack/defense and +20% attack/defense boosts. If everyone cashed 20 arena crystals we hit the max.
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    I just think Christian Slater was his father and he really did die and now Elliott is envisioning Mr Robot as his father only he didnt realize thats what his father looked like until this last episode. And enough with the spoiler crap unless it really is a spoiler.
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    Best to google this, but in a nutshell: (Again, do homework here don't trust me) The distributions of the royalties are depletion based, so they go to deplete the cost basis of your security. Each year you send in a form for each security you own saying how much cost basis you are writing down, then you get to avoid taxes on the royalty payments.Some of the royalty payments are completely tax free and don't lower your basis. This is only like 10% of it. Varies. The amount you can write down changes the longer you hold the royalty. So the sweet spot is to sell after 2 years and get another one that is similar so you can continue to capture the depletion, sell at a long term cap gain, and pay low taxes on the dividends. The paperwork is a huge beating to do yourselfI think, but I'm not 100% sure that if you wanted to you can just pay taxes on these like they are ordinary dividends and move on with your life, but for gods sake do not quote me on this. Ask a professinalThe best ones to get are the ones with a decent blend of oil and gas, or ones that are pure oil or pure gas and balance your stake in each. That tends to smooth your volatility. I'm also not aware (but surely there is one) of a natural gas tracking stock. Interesting. THanks for taking the time to answer. We will probably retire in 5 years or so. I'm going to talk to my accountant about using this as a vehicle. I would use PBT and SJT and look at some big poil comapnies like XOM, CVX and COP for your oil and gas exposure with current income (and what I would consider safer type dividend payers). Also take a look at this fund for an actively managed MLP play without all the K-1's MLPOX (they have an A share and C share too but i use the Institutional share for my clients) At this NAV it is paying a robust yield north of 6% right now. Long term...great time to get in. They invest in the strongest and bigger MLP'S in the country.
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    Best to google this, but in a nutshell: (Again, do homework here don't trust me) The distributions of the royalties are depletion based, so they go to deplete the cost basis of your security. Each year you send in a form for each security you own saying how much cost basis you are writing down, then you get to avoid taxes on the royalty payments.Some of the royalty payments are completely tax free and don't lower your basis. This is only like 10% of it. Varies. The amount you can write down changes the longer you hold the royalty. So the sweet spot is to sell after 2 years and get another one that is similar so you can continue to capture the depletion, sell at a long term cap gain, and pay low taxes on the dividends. The paperwork is a huge beating to do yourselfI think, but I'm not 100% sure that if you wanted to you can just pay taxes on these like they are ordinary dividends and move on with your life, but for gods sake do not quote me on this. Ask a professinalThe best ones to get are the ones with a decent blend of oil and gas, or ones that are pure oil or pure gas and balance your stake in each. That tends to smooth your volatility. I'm also not aware (but surely there is one) of a natural gas tracking stock.
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    MCL sprain against Purdue in '14 knocked him out of the game. He was back next game and played through it with a brace until the USC game. Other than that, nothing that I can remember. No concussion history or major knee issues. As a 'Braska fan, what's your prognostication for Ameer this season in redraft leagues? I think Ameer is going to be overdrafted in redraft leagues if you play with people who fancy themselves "fantasy experts" (or, if he keeps making headlines, even among casual fans who can google for "sleepers"). I think he's got a legit shot to be the highest scoring rookie RB, but I've always been wary of rookie RBs in redraft and I'm not going to make an exception for my guy. As much as Iove his ceiling, you can't ignore that it sometimes take time to transition. On the contrary, however, Ameer is incredibly mature and reminds me, personality-wise, of Russell Wilson. He's acted like a professional since the day he stepped on Nebraska's campus as the lightly recruited 5'8" 175lb 3* nobody behind Aaron Green (4* top 10 rated rivals RB) and Braylon Heard (also a 4* who had academic issues and arrived a year late). He took that chip on his shoulder and proceeded to cause both Green and Heard to transfer in about a year because he clearly pushed them aside on the depth chart and on the field. Given that, if anyone among this rookie class was going to seamlessly step in and immediately play at a high level, I'd peg Ameer as the most likely to do it. As far as pass protection, pretty much a wild card. Nebraska almost never asked him to do it (they didn't run very many pass plays in general compared to the average and the ones they did usually required Ameer to run routes rather than block). Another complicating factor is that his RB position coach his entire career had never coached RBs before being promoted to doing so at Nebraska (he was a WR and TE coach before that) and had no playing experience at the position. Not saying that means he couldn't know how to teach pass pro, but it shakes one's confidence in the quality of instruction he was receiving there (that coach is now at Liberty University with Turner Gill). I'm confident he's got the skill, strength, and mindset to pick up blitz protections once he's got an NFL caliber position coach teaching him.
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    Dang, even Bernie isn't this big of a commie. Even so, your morning cereal must be pretty dry. Don't like baseball either.You add Apple Pie and Mom to that statement and we are going to rumble, GBI think I have made my love of pie clear over the years.
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    3rd round ADP in competitive leagues once the preseason is over.
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    Not bad. A really nice laptop for the same price as a week's worth of dog food is a steal.
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    ellin nordgrin should get to hit him with a driver in the face every six months or so legally but without warning so you never knew when it was going to happen then at least there would be some reason to watch him again because bam any minute elin could jump out and brain him with a three wood or something it would be so cool take that to the bank brohans edited for clarity
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    I usually respect FJ's call on RB prospects, but in this case I disagree. I don't see how you can question Ameer's fluidity or elusiveness. Those are two of his best traits. Not only that, but he's probably tops in the whole RB class in those categories. You can pull up pretty much any highlight reel of his college days and see multiple examples of him making people completely whiff in space. I think he's a better pure athlete than Gurley or Gordon. Are they bigger and faster? Yes, but I would say he is more athletic in general. The fact that he crushed every drill at the combine besides the 40 supports that. He reminds me of guys like Harvin and Beckham in terms of his fluid movement and explosiveness. Obviously he plays a different position, but he has that same effortless athletic style.
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    At this point you REALLY need to explain what you mean by "loose hips" because I feel like I'm not alone in having no clue at all what you're trying to imply beyond change of direction.
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    I'm almost always OK with an ex-champ getting an immediate rematch, especially if they've had some title defenses. Cain doesn't deserve an instant rematch based on his last performance and time off issues. It is incredible, this is who the guy has fought the last six fights: JDS Silva JDS Silva JDS Werdum And now Werdum again. Is this the heavyweight division or a circle jerk.
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    I was at practice today. Brown was targeted a lot and caught everything near him. He was thrown to all over the field, 2 nice deep balls, a couple slants, and a couple outs. He really looked good.
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    Johnny: I know people here have Done the typical guy thing and busted your balls about stuff, but you seem like a really good dude. The way you took care of your father was something that moved me and gave me something to aspire to when my parents reach that point. And how you've looked out for and taken care of kids with very difficult situations speaks a lot to your character and what kind of person you are. Not everyone always appreciates what you do for them and at times even we screw up, but from what you've shared, I'm pretty confident that you've made a huge positive difference in a lot of lives. Life can get really freaking tough and awful sometimes, but trust me, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel. There are lots of resources to help you see that light and get there, including this board. You're a good guy. You still have a lot to offer those around you and there are absolutely people that care about you.
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    Everybody feels hopeless at times. The truth of the matter though is that in the grand scheme of things nothing is insurmountable or cannot be recovered from.
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    HBO sent me a Rust Cohle mug. I'm easily bought. I got the beer can action figure set.
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    I have never been so affected in real life by a video game before - but the Show 15 has now seriously affected my demeanor and outlook on all things video game. My AA stud starter who has been standing on top of the world in AA for the Red Sox organization is doing well. Undefeated. Awesome stuff. Unhittable. I've maastered already the pitching dynamic of the game so that I can under throw and over throw pitches and get them to break more than they should and miss in good spots. I'd say over 90% of my pitches do what I want them to do. I'm just a phenom. In the middle of May game time I requested a trade for the 4th time. Not because my AA brothers aren't like family to me now. But because it's the Red Sox organization. I've been pitching well in spite of my prediciment. I loathe my organization and seriously will not be caught video-game dead in a Red Sox uniform. That is, until last night. Another strong outing. I get through the 6th inning without incident. Batters can't hit me. The ump is just calling strikes because he is in awe of my stuff. I'm on the mound and in complete control of everything. Starting the 7th inning I strike out the first batter on 3 pitches. Over 94 on the gun and the batter looks like a 4 year old with a whiffle ball bat. Next hitter come up. My pitch count is in the 80's. I miss the remote because I was holding a beer at the same time and throw a fastball down the heart tap dead center. He catches it and sends a long fly to deep right. But my guys bail me out and catch it. Whew. Ok, that was a scare but I'll get through the next guy. Click the button for the next guy to come up and the manager comes out to take me out of the game. W.T.M.F? I was livid. Real life livid. I yelled at my TV. My wife heard me. I wasn't getting any action from her after that. But I was just mad. Actually said out loud - these ****ers better trade me right now because this is BS. So I get out of the game, let the day run through and go and request a trade again. No dice again. Now I'm really really really livid. My wife is calling divorce attorneys. Ok fine, you don't want to trade me out of this crap organization that I despise I'm going to take a dive in my next game and walk everyone. So I click to advance to my next pitching day......... only to immedaitely get the pop up that the Red Sox have bought my contract from AA Sucktown are putting me on the 40 man roster and I am starting in 2 days. So this is why I got pulled out of the game early - I was getting called up. Skipping AAA altogether and going right to the show. FOR THE *** **** RED SOX! I am going back and forth with pride for my video game doppleganger and hatred for the fact that I have to pitch for the Red Sox. Can't demand another trade yet since the option isn't available so I am stuck pitching for the enemy. (good name for a pron movie by the way). Ok fine, I'll pitch for the Red Sox. First game against the Twins. First two batters hit my first pitch hard - line drives to the scum that are the Red Sox fielders so I get two quick outs. Joe Mauer up next. He takes my first pitch into the upper deck. Now I'm even more livid. I got hit. Got hit hard. And I'm pitching for the Red Sox. But I regrouped, managed to get through 6 solid innings and only won because of the offensive support I got. So I win my first MLB game. For the Red Sox. I'm a starting pitcher now for the Red Sox. Shortly after my start they traded some SP to obviously make room for me permanently on the MLB roster barring my skills. So here I am. Made the show by the end of May/beginning of June. No AAA time. Right into the bigs. For the Red Sox. I should erase the guy and start over. But I can't. I made the show. But I hate the Red Sox. But I'm a starter. But it's the Red Sox. But I get a year into my contract renewal time now. But I have to wear the Red Sox uniform. This is going to monopolize my real life thinking time far too much until I get traded. I hate this game.
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    Jayrod, SSRI's (ie celexa) do not help with motivation. Ask your MD about a SNRI such as cymbalta, effexor, etc. The norepinephrine helps that. They are more expensive and instead of being a $4/month med they would likely be $25/month cash. There are generics available and likely 1st tier if you have insurance. I take an SNRI. If you take one, you could have your #### together just like me!