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    Awesome job juxt. Wow! As for me, you know what happened. Kicked ### for a good long bit, and the distance got me at the end. But, ended up about where I expected. Gave 4:15ish an honest effort for awhile. Full report later. Just ate an awesome Italian beef sandwich, and the course was damn flat. What a day. Way cool, and really pleased with my time. I think for me, I ran as good a race as I could for my first and only one. Thanks all for the support through the whole process!
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    Juxt finished with a 2:58:20!
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    Great first 50k. Then the wheels came off. Thought about dropping at Mile 34, but pulled it together and grunted it out. Not too pleased with my time, around 11:39 or so, but happy to avoid my first DNF. 30 minutes spent with Medical while puking and cramping after the finish was not what I had in mind.
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    Slap a 26.2 sticker on your ride because you're a marathoner now, Chefs! 4:33:35
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    Up and at em. Enjoying a lovely breakfast before heading downtown in awhile. Actually slept pretty solid for 6 hours last night. Had a dream I was running a marathon but there were challenges about every couple miles. For example, one of them I had to catch 3 fish and identify the species. The other I had to walk a Bassett hound from a bar to a gas station and pick up the original recipe of the local bourbon. Anyway, thanks to Chicago traffic (and a wife who apparently doesn't give two craps about my schedule the day before my first marathon), we missed juxt at the expo. Missed him by maybe 10 minutes. Weather looks good - mid 50's throughout the race and warming up to 77 by mid afternoon. Should be beautiful. Can't wait to see Chicago this morning.
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    lets be honest, Mexico has out played the US for the vast majority of the game.
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    Why would anyone even roster DMC anymore? He'll be out of the league within 2 years and on the high end has another 3-4 TDs in him.Some people play in leagues where points still count in 2015 & 2016, not just 2017 & beyond.Yea, bc he'll prob score a lot points this season, maybe even more next year.He'll probably score more than CM, which is all that really matters.That's not necessarily what really matters in a dynasty league - I know you know that. Would anyone every really want to start McFadden? If not I'd much rather use the roster spot to take the chance on Michael amounting to something.Would anyone really want to start CM? That's a terrible correlation.We at least know McFadden has a role in the offense, even if it's limited. His role, like CM's is primed to expand. Probably more so. He's likely the 3rd down back now. Would anyone want to start CM today? No. Would anyone want to start McFadden today? No. Which of these two has a higher ceiling? Michael. So I'd rather have Michael not starting on my bench than McFadden. It seems rather obvious IMO.
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    Ride this train until it bucks you. Get Coleman if you can.
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    This is getting interesting. Got upgraded to Mack Daddy Level at Beach Club.
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    I envy Chief right now. He's experiencing his first "last 10K" which isn't necessarily fun, but it's certainly one of those life experiences you'll always remember.
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    I'm at the point where I agree... and I like what JK brought to the team. but tactically- the US seems a shambles... and that has traditionally been what has brought them through games like this. add in his player selection and subbing... I'm out.
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    Juxt finished at 2:58:20, awesome job congrats. Damn you 40K timing mat for making me worry.
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    McFadden takes over Dunbar's role as the 3rd down/passing down back Randle keeps his early down role C-Mike essentially taking over McFadden's old role. Anybody that doesn't see a clear path to 15+ touches a game for C-Mike is just trolling. Not saying he's a lock for that or anything but all he has to do is look better than Randle and he'll eventually be the first RB in the game. That's not a tall order.
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    Nice work Steve & Duck! A disappointing race for one of you guys is a lifetime dream for the rest of us. Had my toughest workout of my training cycle this morning and I'm pretty pleased with the result. Ran 17 miles with 14 at marathon pace. I averaged 7:05 (183). My heart rate was elevated early in the workout (probably because of lack of sleep), so that explains the high numbers but I had good legs for the most part. That's the part I'm most pleased with, as I finished up a 68 mile week today. I'm starting to think that I may be able to hold 7:15ish for 26 on fresh legs and with good weather. We'll see in a month I guess. Now, it's time to pull up a chair and wait for these results to pour in.
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    Little hazy this morning at the Polynesian Resort. Having a great time, but heading home here shortly.
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    Mexico deserves the win - we were hot crap most of the night.
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    Ugh, just brutal to see. I'm totally onboard with Fournette sitting out next year. And hopefully more people will follow suit until the NCAA/NFL get their act together.
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    How do you guys tolerate kids without weed?
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    It's people who get their opinions from Rush Limbaugh. This is ridiculous. I never listen to Rush Limbaugh, but Sanders is running to the be the CIC. His atrocious judgment during the Cold War is a fair issue. In my case it is a disqualifying issue.Similarly, if a presidential candidate had established a sister city relationship with a white enclave in apartheid South Africa, had honeymooned in said sister city, and had never really criticized apartheid, that candidate would never get my vote either. You do realize the honeymoon part was tongue in cheek right? You do know they took a delegation from Burlington with them as the trip was part of the sister city program right? You do realize that Burlington was not the only city who had a Soviet sister city right? You do realize that the sister city program was created by Eisenhower right? You do know Reagan served as honorary chairman during his terms right? And lastly you do realize that the first US-Soviet sister city was in 1986. Seattle was first. Get over it. Eisenhower and Reagan presided over the program itself. The vast majority of the relationships were with non-objectionable countries. My beef is not with the program, it is with the ideological statement made by establishing that relationship with a totalitarian enemy of the US. If the mayor of Seattle in 1986 was running for president now, I would be just as opposed to that person as I am to Sanders. So if someone was running for president that established a sister city relationship with apartheid South Africa or if the program had existed then, with 1938 Berlin, that person should also not be president in my opinion.
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    Ocelot Neverending Maze. I was out shopping for baby cribs at a couple of places close to Ocelot for a few hours this afternoon. I needed some beer after that; so, I decided to hop in there. I had a glass of Watch Me Disappear while watching the end of the Redskins game, and then got a growler of Neverending Maze (that I've since learned was filled by Sebowski) to go. Good beer and nice space. Need to get back again.
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    The train on the left signifies CJA while the one on the right is HIllman.
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    Yedlin's lack of skill, discipline, and understanding of team concepts are balanced by his willingness to run around like a super fast bull in a giant china shop. He makes the game ragged with his unbridled enthusiasm, and I think that's something the US needs when they face (all too often) teams that outclass them in skill. Plus, my kids love him.
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    Stephen Jones: "We're gonna ride the hot hand." Joseph Randle:
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    Fully agree with NR here. The US is decidedly lacking in football IQ, something that was quite evident last night.
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    Holy #### that is awesome. Good for you, Juxt! His training cycle has been insane. There was never any doubt that he'd break 3 hours. I doubted it the whole time! lol...I'm sure you did but I didn't! Congratulations! You are in a rare club now.
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    Holy #### that is awesome. Good for you, Juxt! His training cycle has been insane. There was never any doubt that he'd break 3 hours. I doubted it the whole time!
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    They are doing this to protect the kids. Numerous NFL players have said that a vast majority of 19 year olds aren't physically ready for the NFL. Yes Fournette is an exception but if you open it up for him how many kids who aren't ready will bolt for the NFL and end up being busts? It's a good rule that's been in place for years yet this has only been an issue a couple of times. AP, Clowney and now Fournette are the only 3 that I think were ready after year 2.
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    lots of good comments Floppo. I agree with almost all of them.
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    If Utah isn't good, I don't know who is.
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    The Bucs should be able to keep this game close. The Jaguars defense has been pretty good against the run, but I think they're pretty banged up on that side of the ball? Doug should get his 20 touches and have a 50/50 shot at a TD.
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    I also haven't tipped uber drivers since they told me not to.
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    You DO NOT tip Uber drivers and they're not supposed to accept them. It's part of the appeal that all the costs are handled by the app. Just like with anything else, if you get good service you tip. I've been told this by many, many Uber drivers. I've never tipped and my wife and I both have a 4.9 rating. Same here...I've offered a few times and each time been told by the driver all fees are part of the service. So I've stopped offering. No no you see, DD doesn't believe you. You're wrong. That's pretty good schtick, DD Me not believing you doesn't make you any less of a toolbag for not tipping, or just assuming it's somehow wrong. I suggest you stop tipping at restaurants, hotels, really anywhere. Seems like it makes you feel you have the upper hand on the working man, well played.
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    Don't understand leaving Jones and DMB in when the attack, and two goals, including winner, came down that side all night and both guys were gassed at 60. Then when a sub finally comes on in the 110th it's for Fabian Johnson. But wow was that team not good at soccer tonight.
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    A Journeyman? This is his first opportunity to start. That makes no sense. After Aaron Rodgers started his first 4 games, was he a "Jounreyman" - it's not altogether different, both had sat on the bench and watched the game. Now, perhaps he will become no more than a Journeyman, but it's his rookie starting year, which for an NFL QB, means something.
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    You made the right decision, you just didn't end up with the expected result. Alshon was taken ahead of Hopkins in virtually every draft. If Jeffery had been available where I took Hopkins I would have taken him ahead of Hop. Sometimes it's the players we don't get that end up making the difference between a good or bad season. I had Jeffery ranked 9th on my board to Hopkins' 13th. Alshon is still likely to be top 12 going forward from the time he's finally healthy. Great buy low for those who can find an impatient or desperate owner. I will say that I should have paid more attention to his injury and downgraded Alshon in my rankings prior to the draft. A lot of injured players went too high in the draft because their preseason injuries were not taken seriously enough. Well looky there, I think I just contradicted my opening remark.
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    From Variety: After “True Detective’s” disappointing second season, “Fargo” could have sent its fellow limited crime series a gift basket for its role in helping to diminish expectations. Yet after watching four episodes of this encore, such thanks turns out to be unnecessary, since FX’s frost-covered drama appears to have equaled its splendid predecessor, capturing the same off-kilter tone while actually enhancing the comedy quotient. If the first series deftly approximated the spirit of its movie namesake, this one works in a cheeky Quentin Tarantino vibe, with results as refreshing and bracing as the region’s abundant snow.
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    Faber really needs to get over from being so butthurt with TJ leaving. At some point (and that may have already been reached), you'll get current guys leaving & prospective fighters declining not wanting to deal with the nonsense.
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    I find their research to be complete bull####. What they want me to believe is that consumers who don't normally take their service at regular fares are lining up to pay almost 3x. And for some magical reason, the car is always 3-5 minutes away with surge prices, same as regular fares.If they want to hike the prices 50% during a high demand time, fine I get that. 200%? That's price gouging. I'm hopeful and reluctantly confident NYC will be putting a cap on this at some point in the next 24 months. I have no loyalty to the brand but I can tell you they are going to put traditional cabs out of business within five years. What you are experiencing in NY is not how it is in bmore/DC, I could tell you exactly when surges will happen here.We actually agree on this. Not the yellow cabs, or Dial 7/Carmel mega companies with all of the big corporate accounts (although I wouldn't be surprised if they figured out a model to go after the corporate accounts in the near future), but everyone else, yes.In other cities where cab services aren't efficient, there only competition will be from Lyft like competitors who are currently getting crushed, if they can even survive.
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    Are you hiring? ETA I'm have a forklift license
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    The McDonald's commercial with everyone Social Media-ing about Breakfast after 10:30 makes me especially stabby
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    Never ceases to amaze me how fickle FF players (and people in general) can be. After a good week: "OMG! What a stud! I love this guy!" After a bad week: "OMG! What a turd! I'm cutting this guy!" There are very very very few players who produce great stats every week. That's just not the way this game works. Look at Jimmy Graham. A week ago the sky was falling and he was a total waste in Seattle. One week later and it's business as usual. If you aren't prepared to ride out both the highs and the lows, this probably isn't the hobby for you because the majority of good players aren't going to give you Antonio Brown-like consistency. Eifert is still really good and will finish high among all the TEs this season. BTW this is how close he came to scoring a TD this weekend:
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    Ramp1 Ramp2 Ramp3 Ramp4 Ramp5 Ramp6 WTF? Ramp7 Ramp8 Ramp9 Ramp10 Ramp11 Ramp12 Ramp13 Landry Ramp15 Ramp16 Ramp17 Ramp18 Ramp19 Ramp20
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