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    Awesome job juxt. Wow! As for me, you know what happened. Kicked ### for a good long bit, and the distance got me at the end. But, ended up about where I expected. Gave 4:15ish an honest effort for awhile. Full report later. Just ate an awesome Italian beef sandwich, and the course was damn flat. What a day. Way cool, and really pleased with my time. I think for me, I ran as good a race as I could for my first and only one. Thanks all for the support through the whole process!
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    lets be honest, Mexico has out played the US for the vast majority of the game.
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    I never really followed this at the time, nor during any of the numerous investigations. But, I do find it curious that he original investigation found: “systemic failures and leadership and management deficiencies at senior levels within two bureaus of the State Department (the “Department”) resulted in a Special Mission security posture that was inadequate for Benghazi and grossly inadequate to deal with the attack that took place.” In particular, the report said the “perimeter and interior security” at the temporary diplomatic facility was inadequate and its security equipment was “severely under-resourced.” Four senior staff in the State Department ultimately lost their job for this failure. Had this been a typical corporation - with this level of failure - the CEO surely would have resigned, even if there was no direct connection to decisions made by the CEO. Ultimately, the CEO is "responsible" for failing to mange the managers. I don't understand why Clinton should skate through on this, and the bungled post-event explanations, unscathed. She led the department, and allowed these deficiencies on her watch.
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    Juxt finished at 2:58:20, awesome job congrats. Damn you 40K timing mat for making me worry.
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    Little hazy this morning at the Polynesian Resort. Having a great time, but heading home here shortly.
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    Fully agree with NR here. The US is decidedly lacking in football IQ, something that was quite evident last night.
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    You definitely didn't overthink putting this in writing.
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    I told you the last few pages were a complete waste of time and absolutely worthless to this thread.
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    I think there's a scientific formula that proves you're better off streaming free agents.
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    GE trying to pitch themselves as a tech company is a sign we are in the middle of another tech bubble.
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    They are doing this to protect the kids. Numerous NFL players have said that a vast majority of 19 year olds aren't physically ready for the NFL. Yes Fournette is an exception but if you open it up for him how many kids who aren't ready will bolt for the NFL and end up being busts? It's a good rule that's been in place for years yet this has only been an issue a couple of times. AP, Clowney and now Fournette are the only 3 that I think were ready after year 2.
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    What does it say about your "mystery box" that he can't supplant a turd? Nothing, given that he's been with the team for four weeks. Let's revisit this at the end of the season. If he's still not playing, I'll concede the point. IIRC you were a huge McFadden believer when he was coming out of college, so I think maybe you're still clinging to that dream a bit. It is painfully apparent watching him play right now that he offers very little. You don't follow or read very well. I said just a few post ago I wouldn't want either.I guess I have to also remind you for like a 100th time that I was a big supporter of CM coming out of college as well. Means about as much right now. Plus, you're the one speaking in such hyperbole with terms like "turd." A turd should be able to get supplanted in days, not weeks or months. When did you become so insulting? What are you trying to gain from this conversation?
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    If Utah isn't good, I don't know who is.
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    another last thought... I noticed all game that Mex was getting a lot of lucky bounces, but also a lot of second balls- which means their spacing/shape was better. tactics. coaching.
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    The Bucs should be able to keep this game close. The Jaguars defense has been pretty good against the run, but I think they're pretty banged up on that side of the ball? Doug should get his 20 touches and have a 50/50 shot at a TD.
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    Smh Richardson in the NFL was an absolute ##### show, but that doesn't wipe out his college career. He was hands-down a more impressive college back than Lacy and Ingram and went #3 overall in the draft at a non-premium position in a top-heavy class. That he subsequently busted in spectacular fashion doesn't change the fact that he was unanimously regarded as one of the elite RB prospects of the past decade at the time when he was drafted. He even pulled a first round pick a second time in his career when the Colts traded for him, so obviously he was very highly thought of at one point in time. The "smh" is more about your incessant posting about how great Richardson was, and Chubb is, in what seems to be some sort of misguided attempt to discredit Todd Gurley. We get it, you didn't like Gurley. No reason to remind us in every single thread. It's akin to someone posting as often as possible about how great Mark Sanchez and Conner Cook are, to discredit Andrew Luck, because they were wrong about him. Yes the jury is still out on Gurley, but so far, it looks like you missed on that one. It's ok. You don't have to continue acting like he's not an elite talent. We all miss sometimes.
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    I also haven't tipped uber drivers since they told me not to.
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    You DO NOT tip Uber drivers and they're not supposed to accept them. It's part of the appeal that all the costs are handled by the app. Just like with anything else, if you get good service you tip. I've been told this by many, many Uber drivers. I've never tipped and my wife and I both have a 4.9 rating. Same here...I've offered a few times and each time been told by the driver all fees are part of the service. So I've stopped offering. No no you see, DD doesn't believe you. You're wrong. That's pretty good schtick, DD Me not believing you doesn't make you any less of a toolbag for not tipping, or just assuming it's somehow wrong. I suggest you stop tipping at restaurants, hotels, really anywhere. Seems like it makes you feel you have the upper hand on the working man, well played.
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    Owning both Hill and Gio is annoying when you can only pick one. I've been right so far (except week 1) but don't know what to do this week. Leaning Gio.
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    Don't understand leaving Jones and DMB in when the attack, and two goals, including winner, came down that side all night and both guys were gassed at 60. Then when a sub finally comes on in the 110th it's for Fabian Johnson. But wow was that team not good at soccer tonight.
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    All they need is one college kid with the balls to file the lawsuit. One of them should do it. Hell, a good enough kid should do it and sit out the two years it'll take to go through the courts, then get drafted in the first round anyway and open it up for everyone behind him.
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    Nice goal. I know what Beasley was thinking but right then was not the time do try that.
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    A Journeyman? This is his first opportunity to start. That makes no sense. After Aaron Rodgers started his first 4 games, was he a "Jounreyman" - it's not altogether different, both had sat on the bench and watched the game. Now, perhaps he will become no more than a Journeyman, but it's his rookie starting year, which for an NFL QB, means something.
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    You made the right decision, you just didn't end up with the expected result. Alshon was taken ahead of Hopkins in virtually every draft. If Jeffery had been available where I took Hopkins I would have taken him ahead of Hop. Sometimes it's the players we don't get that end up making the difference between a good or bad season. I had Jeffery ranked 9th on my board to Hopkins' 13th. Alshon is still likely to be top 12 going forward from the time he's finally healthy. Great buy low for those who can find an impatient or desperate owner. I will say that I should have paid more attention to his injury and downgraded Alshon in my rankings prior to the draft. A lot of injured players went too high in the draft because their preseason injuries were not taken seriously enough. Well looky there, I think I just contradicted my opening remark.
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    Still the most insane post ever. Howard was smart enough to never reject an Eric call. The little guy made that show. However, one of the funnier bits was when he called in and they pretended that they couldn't hear him. almost all of Eric's calls were great. Now they have to resort to Jeff the Drunk and Bobo, they both suck so bad they had to bring in the lump and toupee to make them entertaining.
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    Ice and Fire is awesome, but not fast. Something quick? Of the stuff I've read lately I have enjoyed the heck out of The Martian, Ready Player One, and Red Rising. If you were a teen in the 80s and haven't read Ready Player One definitely put it on your list. The other two are also superb.
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    Most of us just get drunk and administer spankings, beatings, and barrages of verbal humiliation. That is way better than smoking weed, cause weed is illegal.
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    I will say...even if the Mets don't win another game this year and I know as a Mets fan you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop but it finally feels good to have an amazing bright outlook for the future especially in the SP department, With good SP you will remain competitive.
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    The media is rooting for Bernie IMO. Not because they prefer him but because they want a horse race. The media will always magnify every Sanders gain.If I wasn't actively seeking out poll numbers, I wouldn't have known Bernie eclipsed Hillary in NH (and in a couple IA polls as well). Seriously, the mainstream media is giving him virtually zero attention. It's all about Trump and Hillary, with tidbits of Bush and Rubio thrown in occasionally.
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    I think he has out scored every single player I have tried to trade him for. Might as well stick with it.
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    I understand what both parties are saying. Of course McFadden's value increases if he gets an expanded role. I think the point was that right now - NO one wants McFadden while at least a few people can speculate on Michael's future. You guys are basically on the same page - just arguing semantics.
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    So awesome. Hey Beej, It seems you're mouthing off, and making some cracks, about my boy Mike Dolce, because he can't get back. As you distort all the facts, and reinterpret the past, when he worked so hard to save you from your own fat ###. Then after you took your beating instead of being a man you pointed at him and said it was his plan. As you flailed around, eating jabs and hooks you didn't blame yourself you blamed your cook. Which is really kind of like the bully you are You hog glory when you win but from blame you stay far. When a better fighter beats you, not once, not twice, but the same amount of times as those little blind mice. You got three chances to beat Frankie E and he mopped the cage with your legend for all to see. Now you sit in Hawaii contemplating your doom or beating up your friends in hotel rooms But nothing keeps you happy so you persist in seeking out glory you're a narcissist All you are is an image so now you must try to reacquire the spotlight narcissistics apply. By calling out a nutritionist or me, his friend to try to suck more fame before it all ends But look at it from my place as you light another joint Me and you fighting what's the point? Leaving you for dead won't move me up the ranks in your last dozen fights you absolutely stank You're defense is downright awful So's your attack You haven't looked good since we invaded Iraq You can't knock me out with a sock full of dimes and like Frankie from New Jersey I can beat you three times But what vacuum in my career can it possibly fill? To tool you up standing or take you down at will? See, fighting is my present and fighting is your past So calling me out makes you look like an ### Like the videos on YouTube I'm going to watch later You're like a cranky old man offering to fight a bunch of skaters A rusty old destroyer that can no longer sink ships Who gets beat up all the time like a World Star clip So save your idle chatter This poem should let you know I'm on my way somewhere you can no longer go So pack the bong and take a rip Spend your money's money but stop your boring blathering you fat old dummy.
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    Follow up on this:Pete Rose himself liked my tweet, lol I don't see where @peterose_14 favourited it, but it does appear you favourited your own tweet?
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    Cosjobs involved in a woefully underfunded and overambitious project? I, for one, am shocked!
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    I have seen several young black activists touting Bernie. It's a matter of getting the message out. He is making inroads with young Hispanics as well. Just needs some time and exposure.
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    I find their research to be complete bull####. What they want me to believe is that consumers who don't normally take their service at regular fares are lining up to pay almost 3x. And for some magical reason, the car is always 3-5 minutes away with surge prices, same as regular fares.If they want to hike the prices 50% during a high demand time, fine I get that. 200%? That's price gouging. I'm hopeful and reluctantly confident NYC will be putting a cap on this at some point in the next 24 months. I have no loyalty to the brand but I can tell you they are going to put traditional cabs out of business within five years. What you are experiencing in NY is not how it is in bmore/DC, I could tell you exactly when surges will happen here.We actually agree on this. Not the yellow cabs, or Dial 7/Carmel mega companies with all of the big corporate accounts (although I wouldn't be surprised if they figured out a model to go after the corporate accounts in the near future), but everyone else, yes.In other cities where cab services aren't efficient, there only competition will be from Lyft like competitors who are currently getting crushed, if they can even survive.
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    How does an aunt invite herself along? ####. That. ####.
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    Yet another female in a long and growing list of persons with whom I will never have sexual congress.
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    Today I hit 10,000mi running since I started this madness in Fall of 2010! Kind of fitting it was on my favorite workout - the tempo run (averaged 6:26/172). I had to take a brief break due to some sharp cramps, but finished it off strong. Hard to believe I've logged that many miles and I'm still in one piece. Here's to the next 10,000! GL to the racers this weekend. Do us proud, boys!
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    Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump 1h1 hour ago Just leaving Las Vegas. Unbelievable crowd! Many Hispanics who love me and I love them!
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    Lol you dork. What did he do to you? He's a Trump guy posting in the Trump thread.
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    Still alive with gronk, brady, big ben, dez bryant and josh scobee. Lol.
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    Redraft he's close to worthless. Arians won't lean on a rookie. Dynasty hold because he looks really good when he plays and he could be a 3 down back.
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    Ramp1 Ramp2 Ramp3 Ramp4 Ramp5 Ramp6 WTF? Ramp7 Ramp8 Ramp9 Ramp10 Ramp11 Ramp12 Ramp13 Landry Ramp15 Ramp16 Ramp17 Ramp18 Ramp19 Ramp20
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    That's where I got to, as well. With absolutely no physical evidence I just don't see how you convict here. CSI syndrome. I don't get why there was physical evidence, including fingernail scrapings from the victim, that was never tested. I'd think testing all physical/scientific evidence should be a requirement for any capital- or life-in-prison case.